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Rails On Spring
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Rails On Spring


Published on

A look at the impossible, the marriage between Ruby and Spring. …

A look at the impossible, the marriage between Ruby and Spring.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Rails on Spring Using JRuby as the Secret Sauce Brian Sam-Bodden
  • 2. Agenda The State of Java and JEE Ruby on Rails to the Rescue Ruby makes Rails possible The Spring Framework
  • 3. Agenda JRuby - Ruby on Steroids JRuby on Rails JRuby for Rapid Spring Prototyping JRuby on Rails and Spring
  • 4. The State of Java and JEE
  • 5. Java & JEE the most prevalent language the most complete enterprise platform a rich ecosystem of web frameworks a vibrant open source community
  • 6. Java & JEE plagued by mediocre web frameworks not well suited for rapid prototyping in need of a dynamic language web framework one level of abstraction too low for the web
  • 7. Who could help Java on the Web Tier?
  • 8. Ruby on Rails a revolutionary web framework complete MVC solution fast prototyping killer AJAX support
  • 9. Ruby on Rails a DSL for the web leading the pack on the web 2.0 front born from a product, not a committee a vibrant open source community
  • 10. Ruby makes Rails possible
  • 11. ✓Object-Oriented ✓Elegant ✓General Purpose ✓ Multi-paradigm Ruby ✓ Interpreted is... ✓Reflective ✓Dynamic ✓ Garbage-collected
  • 12. The Spring Framework A breath of fresh air for Java
  • 13. The Spring Framework is a layered Java/J2EE application framework is a lightweight IoC and AOP framework is one level of abstraction up from JEE is the leading framework to build enterprise applications
  • 14. The Spring Framework let’s you use all of the power of JEE integrates seamlessly with Hibernate POJO-based development keeps your code clean harnesses the power of IoC and AOP
  • 15. The Spring Framework Spring 2.0 supports dynamic languages support for JRuby, Groovy and BeanShell beans can be backed by dynamic languages scripted MVC controllers
  • 16. JRuby Ruby on Steroids
  • 17. JRuby 100% pure-Java implementation of Ruby brings Ruby to the JVM started in 2002, now under Sun’s auspice open source with a growing community
  • 18. JRuby call Ruby from Java or Java from Ruby lots of sub-projects emerging better scalability with native threading native unicode support
  • 19. JRuby specialized JRuby offerings are appearing...
  • 20. The good gets better
  • 21. JRuby on Rails the agility of rails - the scalability of Java JRuby likely to surpass Ruby in speed sneak Ruby and RoR into the enterprise!
  • 22. JRuby on Rails
  • 23. JRuby on Rails
  • 24. JRuby on Rails JEE servers are good at scaling up no more multi-process management use JRuby “multi-VM” support leverage the maturity of the JVM and JEE servers
  • 25. JRuby on Rails deploy your Rails app as a WAR leverage JDBC from ActiveRecord
  • 26. JRuby For Rapid Spring Prototyping way of sneaking Ruby in through the back door
  • 27. JRuby+Spring RAD a simple example by the folks at jobster use JRuby for rapid prototyping Spring controller that delegates to a JRuby controller JRuby controllers live alongside your JSPs
  • 28. JRuby+Spring RAD Simple JRuby controller
  • 29. JRuby+Spring RAD JSP view provides input to the Ruby controller
  • 30. JRuby+Spring RAD JSP view provides input to the Ruby controller
  • 31. JRuby+Spring RAD this experimental library supports: ✓access to Spring beans from JRuby code ✓ access to Hibernate queries
  • 32. The Perfect Pairing for a Java Shop JRuby on Rails + Spring
  • 33. JRoR on Spring Chris Nelson’s work ✓use rails-integration plugin ✓ expose WebApplicationContext in a RoR controller ✓include Spring - Spring plugin for JRuby
  • 34. JRoR on Spring ✓install goldspike rails-integration plugin on you JRoR app ✓ rake war:standalone:create to package a WAR with: ➡Your RoR app ➡JRuby and Rails libraries
  • 35. JRoR on Spring rake war:standalone:create in action:
  • 36. JRoR on Spring generated WARs work on many servers: ✓Tomcat ✓Glassfish ✓Jetty ✓JBoss
  • 37. JRoR on Spring ✓ add Chris’ Spring module:
  • 38. JRoR on Spring ✓ Expand the generated WAR ✓Add Spring application ➡ Application Code ➡ Libraries (Jars) ➡ Config Files
  • 39. JRoR on Spring ✓ access your Spring beans from a RoR controller
  • 40. JRoR on Spring ✓add a new face to your Spring applications ✓ leverage thousands of open source projects ✓leverage the good parts of JEE like JDBC and JMS
  • 41. Resources JRuby JRuby Rails Integration RAD Spring Prototyping with JRuby Chris Nelson’s Work
  • 42. Books by Integrallis Yes, they are all Java books :-(
  • 43. Thanks!