Gurupurnima Celebrations Chennai


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Why do we need a Guru in our life?

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Gurupurnima Celebrations Chennai

  1. 1. GURUPURNIMA CELEBRATIONS Ashadh Pournima, Mithunam - 23 (Tuesday, 7th July 2009)
  2. 2. The meaning of Gurupurnima Gurupurnima is the pure full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of Ashadh (usually coincides with July of the English calender). This day is celebrated every year to express gratitude unto the Guru Principle. Guru, Sage Vyas (founder of the Guru- disciple lineage), is worshipped on this day. So this day is also known as Vyasa Purnima / Guru Purnima.
  3. 3. Sanatan Sanstha cordially invites you for Gurupurnima Celebrations @ Venue : Sri Adi Sankara Auditorium, Sri Ayyappa Seva Samajam, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 40 Date : Tuesday, 7th July 2009 Time : 5pm Phone : 9884224668, 9382854613
  4. 4. Why is Gurupurnima celebrated?  Gurupurnima is the day to worship the Guru and to express complete gratitude for what we have received and have been receiving from Him.  On Gurupurnima day, the Grace, Blessings and Non-Verbal (subtle) knowledge endowed by the Guru Principle is thousand times more than that on any other day.
  5. 5. Why do we need a Guru in our life ? What if children were told to educate themselves in modern sciences without any teacher or any access to prior knowledge gained over centuries ? We would have to reinvent the wheel in every walk of life, without having access to knowledge that was already available from authorities in the field. If this were the case, we would spend a lifetime trying to educate ourselves without making much headway or perhaps even going down a wrong path. In the same way, a guide is very much required in our spiritual journey too. It stands to reason that a guide in any field needs to be an authority in that particular field.
  6. 6. Who is a Guru?  According to Spiritual Science, a person who is an authority in the field of Spirituality is known as a Guru.  Guru is the Teaching Principle of God!  Guru is the One, who leads a person from darkness (Ignorance) to light (Knowledge). With a highly activated sixth sense, the Guru is the totally ‘seeing’ person in the Kingdom of the spiritually blind and ignorant.
  7. 7. Need for Guru’s Grace -  Guru’s Grace is instrumental in bringing about one’s Liberation.  Guru’s Grace helps one in underataking Spiritual practice in a spiritually unfavorable environment.  Guru’s Grace gives one the strength to withstand worldly problems. The Guru’s grace is essential not only for our personal, spiritual and worldly progress, but also to transform today’s spiritually impure environment to a pure, progressive and Blissful society. .
  8. 8. Difference in Spiritual Guidance between a preacher and a Guru A Preacher A Guru Planned Spontaneous Artificial Natural Arises from the Intellect Arises from the Soul (i.e. the God within) Relies heavily on quotes of other Based on the knowledge received famous Saints & Holy Scriptures from the unmanifest Teaching Principle of God At superficial level. So listener is Speech laden with divine bored in short time. consciousness. Listener feels like listening for long hours. Mostly ego is present Ego is never present
  9. 9. How can one participate in Gurupurnima celebrations? Surrendering everything one has, including one's mind, body, wealth and life itself to the cause of Sat (God) is the real offering to the Guru (Gurudakshina). One can start this process by taking small steps towards this goal, as follows. By Body :  Decorating the altar and venue for Gurupurnima.  Setting up the stage for discourses on Spirituality  Organizing the seating arrangements for the attendees  Display of spiritual publications for exhibition.
  10. 10. How can one participate in Gurupurnima celebrations? (contd… ) By mind :  One can encourage others to attend the Gurupurnima celebration by explaining to them the importance of this day. One can take responsibility or assist in planning and executing the plan for the celebrations. By wealth: One can offer money (wealth earned by righteous means) for Guru's mission of spreading Spirituality. One can sponsor travel, accommodation or food arrangements of participating seekers.