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3. Saga Of Ramasimhan & Mattumal Narasimha Temple
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3. Saga Of Ramasimhan & Mattumal Narasimha Temple


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The sad and chequered history of an ancient Hindu Temple in Malaparamba and how Tipu Sultan and his jihadi Muslim army destroyed it in 1794. …

The sad and chequered history of an ancient Hindu Temple in Malaparamba and how Tipu Sultan and his jihadi Muslim army destroyed it in 1794.
127 years later the shattered remnants of this Temple were again savagely attacked in the Moplah Rebellion of 1921. The author describes the heroic role played by Ramasimhan (a rich Moplah Muslim Uneen Sahib who returned from Islam into the fold of Hinduism) in the reconstruction of Mattummal Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple. The saga of Ramasimhan and his martyrdom for the deathless cause of Hinduism will continue to shine across centuries on the pages of Hindu cultural history, serving as a beacon light of hope, faith and inspiration to the bruised and battered Hindus of India.
Tipu Sultan (Ruler of Mysore from 1786 - 1799) invaded Malabar and Coorg in 1792 and his Islamic depredations continued till 1798. The atrocities let loose by him and his jihadi army against the Hindus of Malabar — the author calls it HINDU HOLOCAUST — have become an inseparable and deathless part of the abiding cultural consciousness and collective memory of the race among the Hindus of Kerala today. These thoughts and memories about the brutal persecution of the Hindus of Malabar and the organized jihadi destruction of innumerable Hindu Temples in Malabar by Tipu and his army in the 18th century can never be erased on confiscated by any government today, either by the Islamic Marxist Government of Kerala or the Islamic / Christian UPA Government of India.
In this four-part article Sri V. Sundaram describes in graphic detail the destruction of Mattummal Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple at Malaparamba, near Angadipuram, in Malappuram District during TIPU SULTAN’S JIHAD AGAINST THE HINDUS OF MALABAR; the heroic role played by Sri Ramasimhan and his family in rebuilding the Temple; the dastardly mass murder at midnight of Ramasimhan along with his family and retainers in their sleep by a pack of blood-thirsty Muslim Moplah marauders and the repeat destruction of that temple at the hands of those frenzied savages on 17 August, 1947. Tipu Sultan and his Muslim army had destroyed the major portions of this Temple in 1794. What ever remains/ruins that remained unmolested at the site were totally destroyed by the Moplah Muslim marauders during the Moplah Rebellion in 1921. Sri Sundarma also narrates the treacherous efforts of the Communist-Congress combine to aid and assist the Moplah Muslim murderers of unarmed Hindus in a cold, calculated, cynical and inhuman pursuit of oppressive, manipulative minority vote-bank politics after 15 August, 1947 till date.
To help the Sri Narasimhamoorthy Trust in its reconstruction efforts, a galaxy of Hindu spiritual luminaries and leaders formed a large Reconstruction Assistance Committee on 30 November, 2007. On 16 January, 2008, Kanipayyur Krishnan Namboothiri, a renowned expert on tachchu-shastra and the art of temple building, in the presence of a large gathering of devout Hindus laid the foundation of the main temple for Malaparamba Matummal Sri Narasimhamoorthy. The Temple Trust has recently created a website This site is worth a visit. The reconstruction of Mattummal Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple should not be viewed has a mere temple building activity. This humungous sacred effort has brought together not only the people of Malappuram, but also the concerned Hindus in all other parts of Kerala and the rest of India. There is no doubt that with this reconstruction, Mattumal Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple would become a formidable Hindu religious and social organisation that can help to organise and invigorate the Hindus and revitalize Sanatana Dharma. The clarion call of the Temple Trust to all the Hindus of Malappuram, Kerala and the rest of India is this: ‘Hindus of Malappuram, Kerala and India unite! You have nothing to lose bur your pseudo-secular – Congress, Communist, Islamic, Christian – chains!!’

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  • 1. | Monday, 10 August, 2009 | Home | Nation | Tamilnadu | Chennai | World | Business | Sports | Entertainment | Special Report | Archives SAGA OF RAMASIMHAN & MATTUMAL NARASIMHA TEMPLE – III By: V SUNDARAM Monday, 10 August, 2009, 04:21 PM In these columns on Wednesday, 5 August, 2009 and Thursday, 6 August, 2009, I had detailed the heroic role played by Sri Ramasimhan and his family in rebuilding the Mattummal Sri Narasimha Temple at Malaparamba, near Angadipuram, in Malappuram District. Tipu Sultan and his Muslim army had destroyed the major portions of this Temple in 1794. What ever remains/ruins that remained unmolested at the site were totally destroyed by the Moplah Muslim marauders during the Moplah Rebellion in 1921. The premises of Mattummal Sri Narasimha Temple as it exists now. In the above photograph, we can see across the road on the right side a large bluish multistoried building which today houses the M E S Medical College. Ramasimhan’s rubber estate bungalow once stood there. After the mass murder of Ramasimhan and his family at this bungalow on the midnight of 2 August, 1947, the Mattummal Sri Narasimha Temple was again razed to the ground in the third week of August 1947. The Muslims occupiers of this bungalow found it terrifying to live there due to unexplained recurring disturbances and unforeseen calamities happening from time to time in their families. Taking note of this disturbing factor, the Muslim owners of this bungalow decided to hand over the land with Ramasimhan’s bungalow for the construction of a medical college. Even after the bungalow has been demolished and the coming up of the medical college, on many nights, medical students, patients, medical staff and watchmen etc are still experiencing spine chilling incidents by way of heart-rending screams of a woman being murdered, followed by loud roaring animal noises. Some residents of the medical
  • 2. college building have continued to experience the sock of sudden physical attacks by invisible assailants. In front of this medical college, a Mosque has been constructed just across the road from the original temple premises, with the sole Islamic intent of humiliating the Hindus. Inside the temple premises now there is a small red coloured building which is the baalaalaya or the temporary temple where worship is conducted. This temporary temple will house the deity while the main temple is being re-constructed following the clearance given by a court of law in 2003 for the re- construction of the Mattummal Sri Narasimha Temple at this spot. To go back to the sad story of martyrdom of Ramasimhan and his family at his own bungalow on the midnight of 2 August, 1947. Within two weeks of martyrdom of Ramasimhan, the savage Moplah Muslims demolished the beautiful Mattummal Sri Narasimha Temple and its side walls. They then threw the divine moorthies into Temple wells and Temple ponds. The Malabar District Police took immediate action to arrest the murderers of Ramasimhan and his family. A remarkable police detective called Keshava Menon apprehended the 9 murderers after collecting the necessary incriminating evidence and filed charge sheets against them. He was successful in retrieving the murder weapons from the pond in which they were dumped. Four of the murderers were sentenced to death by the District and Sessions Court at Palghat. The Moplah Muslim community rallied behind the marauders by raising a large sum of money for their legal defence on appeal in the High Court of Madras. Hon’ble Justice Horwill J of the Madras High Court, in a judgement he delivered on 19 January, 1949, acquitted all the accused for want of credible evidence. The Hon’ble Justice Horwill observed as follows: ‘It is unfortunate that such a grave crime organised by the Moplah Muslims against the Hindus of the area has not been detected; ... if the police were unable to obtain more evidence it was because the Moplah community largely succeeded in maintaining secrecy.’ Very much like the Islam-embracing Union Ministers belonging to the Congress Party today, a Congress Minister in the then Madras Government, Sri Kozhipurathu Madhava Menon (who was a Minister in the Madras Government) allegedly collected bribes from the rich and influential Moplah landlords and business men and took an active part in the appeal proceedings filed by the Moplah murderers in the Madras High Court. All the State Advocates were specially instructed to water down the legal presentation of the case in the Madras High Court. Congress leader and advocate U Gopala Menon used under-hand means to get the case dismissed by the Madras High Court. Solid pieces of evidence were destroyed and prosecution witnesses were harassed and coerced into silence. Finally the case was dismissed on the grounds of lack of evidence. Thus the murderous Moplah Muslim jihadis were set scot free. The Hindu population of the area felt let down by the Congress leaders of the time and by the State. Ramasimhan’s manager, Narayana Menon, (retd.) DySP, also became a traitor, collecting bribes from the Moplahs. He handed over the guardianship of Ramasimhan’s sons Fateh Singh and Jorwar Singh to Ramasimhan’s estranged father-in-law, UnniKammu who then forcibly reconverted those two kids to Islam. When Ramasimhan’s (Uneen Sahib’s) two sons embraced Hinduism, at the Arya Samaj Temple at Calicut, they were given the names of Fateh Singh and Jorwar Singh (names of the two martyred young sons of the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, who were put to death by Aurangazeb in 1705). After the brutal mass murder of Ramasimhan and his family, his two surviving sons Fateh Singh and Jorwar Singh were forcibly reconverted to Islam by their maternal grandfather UnniKammu. Even after this coerced conversion to Islam, the two boys remained acutely aware and conscious of their transformed Hindu identity. They later told the local Hindu leaders that they would have reverted back to Hinduism, if only the Hindu community
  • 3. in the area had been powerfully organised into a closely knit society. Not only that; they went a step further and even expressed their total willingness to transfer the lands belonging to the demolished Temple back to the Hindu community in the area for management and control. A decade later, the shameless Communist traitors of Russian and Chinese vintage tried to white wash the deadly jihadi assault on Ramasimhan and family that had taken place on 2 August, 1947. 28 December 2008 issue of Mathrubhumi Malayalam daily newspaper carried the letter of EMS Namboodripad justifying that carnage. EMS Namboodripad, the Chinese stooge and Marxist traitor in Kerala justified the murder of Ramasimhan and his family and used the dialectics of Karl Marx to portray his murder as arising from “economic causes”, implying that the Hindu Ramasimhan was a ‘class enemy’ who justly paid his price for ‘exploiting the poor labourers’ of his rubber estate. In addition, he chose the typically devious communist stratagem when he blamed the Hindu organisations for the carnage. EMS Namboodripad (EMS) was a political scoundrel who in all his actions, speeches and writings presented a confused communist mixture of half-truths, smears, innuendos, non- sequitrs, contradictions, presumptuous judgements and wild fanciful obiter dicta. Sri C P Janardhanan, President of the Temple Trust told me: “Mahatma Gandhi let down the Hindus of India at the national level. It was EMS who was responsible for destroying Hindu religion, Hindu society and Hindu Culture in Kerala after independence.” The sheer inability and impotence of the Hindu community in the area to reclaim the lands belonging to the Mattummal Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple resulted in another tragedy. The 600 acres of Temple lands were alienated and sold off to different categories of Muslims. The concerned portion of the land which constituted the Temple premises was declared by the government as disputed land on which land levies remained in arrears for nearly fifty years. On 2 Aug, 1992, exactly 45 years after the martyrdom of Sri Ramasimhan, under the guidance of the Malappuram Organiser of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Sri P. Radhakrishnan, VHP Prakhand Pramukh Sri Manikantan, RSS activist Sri M. Gopala Krishnan a large group of ardent Hindu followers reached the premises of the destroyed Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple. They offered floral tributes and salutations to the martyred Sri Ramasimhan and family and took the solemn pledge to rebuild the Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple even at the cost of their lives. These Hindu leaders and activists were arrested by the police. It is a known fact that in both Congress and Communist government in Kerala, Hindu leaders and Hindu organizations are harassed by wilful and arrogant police and bureaucrats who encroach upon their traditional religious rights in a planned brutal manner. Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Kerala gave a petition to the RDO to allow Hindus to conduct worship on the ‘Disputed Land’. They engaged Advocate Suresh Lal to represent them. In 1995 the Hindu activists formed a Committee to conduct a peaceful struggle to liberate the temple from non-Hindu control. A Temple Trust, consisting of leading citizens of the area, was constituted with C P JANARDHANAN as president to take necessary action to reclaim control of lands for the re- construction of the Mattummal Sri Narasimha Temple.
  • 4. P Parameswaran, director of Bharateeya Vichara Kendra and President of Vivekananda Puram (4th from the left). Sureshji Joshi (Bhaiyaji Joshi), Sahsarkaryavah of RSS (6th from the left). C P Janardhanan, president of the Temple Trust (8th from the left). In this context, I would like to record the bold and courageous leadership provided by Sri C P Janardhanan, the Temple Trust President, in uniting the terrorized and demoralized Hindus of the area with total focus on achieving the supreme objective or re-construction of Mattummal Sri Narasimha Temple. Sri C P Janardhanan, an acknowledged expert in traditional martial arts of Kerala, was the RSS Zilla Prachaarak in Calicut and Trichur. He is the Palghat Division President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Member of The Advisory Committee of the famous Tirumandham-Kunnu Temple at Angadipuram, Founder-Member of Sree Valluvanad Vidya Niketan and is also the president of the Mattummal Sri Narasimha Temple Trust. The energetic and purposeful action now being taken to re-construct the Temple under the inspiring leadership of C P Janardhanan has to be told in greater detail. (To be contd...) (The writer is a retired IAS officer) e-mail the writer at