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Cauve HRM User Document

Cauve HRM User Document






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    Cauve HRM User Document Cauve HRM User Document Document Transcript

    • <br /> Cauve Human Resource Management<br />Installation & User Document<br /> <br />VersionLicenseAuthorDate0.0.1OBPLSupport Team14-07-2010<br />Prepared By<br />Cauvesoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd<br />Description<br />CauveHRM, will assist you in managing your company's most important asset - human resource. CauveHRM, which is applicable to diverse business industries, is a perfect platform for re-engineering your HR processes and redefining the workflow operations of HR professionals, paving the way to a new level of HR Management.<br />Table contents<br />Executive Summary 3<br />Objective 3<br />Overview 3<br />Introduction 4<br />System requirements 4<br />Downloading CauveHRM 5<br />Using CauveHRM 7<br />
      • Admin Module 8
      • PIM Module 12
      • Leave Module 14
      • Time Module 16
      • Benefits Module 17
      Database CauveHRM 19<br />1.0 Executive Summary<br />1.1 Objective<br />Cauvesoft developed CauveHRM. This document will help to analyze our project with installation process and screen shot and also map their functional overview.<br />1.2 Overview<br />CauveHRM gives as a comprehensive solution for the efficient management and development of your Human Resource. It will assist you in the complex and strategic process of managing this crucial resource of your enterprise. Based on modular architecture, it facilitates a vast range of HR activities, with features that reflect the main HR management activities. It comes as a web-enabled application and considering the available flexibility<br />CauveHRM is based on modular architecture and consists of the following modules:<br />
      • Admin Module
      • PIM Module
      • Leave Module
      • Time Module
      • Benefits Module
      Admin Module<br />The part of the system where the HR Manager or other appointed personnel perform all system administration tasks. This includes defining company structure, pay grades and other information that serves as the backbone for the rest of the system. Security issues are taken care of through this module as well by defining user rights.<br />PIM Module<br />This core module maintains all relevant employee related information, including different types of personal information, detailed qualifications and work experience, job related information etc. Picture of employee is included as well. Information captured in this module is utilized by all other modules,<br />thus eliminating data redundancy.<br />Leave Module<br />A comprehensive leave management module with extensive possibilities of defining leaves types and more. It caters for all application and approval processes and is able to display information on leave entitlement, balance, history etc. Thanks to the web-enabled and self-service concepts, it significantly streamlines all leave related procedures, eliminates paperwork and saves costs.<br />Time Module<br />The module automates time tracking related processes. It helps to efficiently organize labor data and improve the workforce management. Time module allows employees to define and submit their timesheets, which can be approved / rejected and modified by their supervisors. The module has the<br />functionality for the tracking employee attendance, as the employees can enter there punch in and punch out times. Through the time module employees can specify the time events related to the particular projects, they are working on and administrators of the projects can manage the projects<br />easily through the functionality offered by the project reports menu items.<br />Benefits Module<br />Integrated platform to manage benefit-related tasks. Covers medical and welfare benefits‚ with possibilities to define new benefits‚ by type‚ provider and several other areas. Assigning benefits to employees happens in a variety of ways‚ individually‚ designation-wise or other. Benefits history and other information can be displayed through rich reporting capabilities.<br />Features:<br />Define HSP<br />Employee HSP Summary<br />HSP Payments Due<br />HSP Expenditure<br />HSP Request<br />2.0 Introduction <br />A CauveHRM provides you with maximum deployment flexibility and full control over human resource management.<br />3.0 System requirements<br />Make sure that the following services have been started<br />
      • Apache,
      • MySql and PHP
      <br />4.0 Downloading CauveHRM<br />Steps<br />
      • Take the files from Sourceforge and copy it to your local host
      • Now take the database file and put it in your MySql Server.
      • Open your web browser and enter the Url address for CauveHRM
      • e.g. http://localhost/cauvehrm
      -8034127885<br />Fig. Localhost<br /> <br /> Shown below is the screenshot indicating CauveHRM from the local host.<br />41910103505<br />Fig. Cauve HRM in Localhost<br /> Login to CauveHRM by using the login name and password.<br />Fig. Login-Cauve HRM<br /> 5.0 Using Cauve HRM <br />22363105845<br />Fig. Index-Cauve HRM<br />After logging in to the system you will see the screen showed above in the figure. From the top menu you can select which module to enter i.e. Admin Module, PIM Module, Leave Module, Time Module and Benefits Module.<br />Start by clicking on Admin Module in order to setup the system and define the information matching your needs.<br />5.1 Admin Module<br />When entering the Admin Module you will start by seeing the screen for the basic information on the company shown in figure below. Start by clicking Edit and enter the information. Once you click edit the button changes to Save button <br />From the left side menu of the Admin Module you can select the areas you want to define for your company, for example Company structure, Job titles, descriptions, pay grades, Skills and Qualifications, Customers, Projects, etc. The security of the system is also being handled through Admin module, as it allows defining users, grouping them into groups and assigning user rights for the access to the CauveHRM modules.<br />-1739483296 <br />Fig. Admin Module<br />Company Information<br />-15331133433<br />Fig. Company Information<br />Job Title<br />You will then see the pop up screen shown in figure above. Enter the Job Title Name, Job Description, Job Title Comments, Job specification and the Pay grade. On Clicking the ok button we will obtain the following screen showing the Job title Details as shown in the figure below.<br />3175024765<br /> <br />Fig. Job Title Details<br />Adding Job Title<br />We will show the general principle by one example. Move the cursor to Job in the left side menu and click on Job Title and you will get the screen shown in figure. Click on the Add button in order to enter a new Job Title.<br />3175024765<br />Fig. Adding Job Title<br />5.2 PIM Module<br />In the PIM Module start clicking Add Employee in order to enter the information of an employee.<br />See screen shot in figure below.<br />190543815<br />Fig.PIM Module<br />Add Employee<br />After adding new employee details, click on the Save button. For resetting the details a Reset button is also provided.<br />3175079375<br />Fig. PIM-Add Employee<br />Employee Details<br />This is the main screen of Employment details showing Employee ID, Employment Name, Job Type and Employment status.<br />3175076835<br />Fig. PIM-Employee Details<br />5.3 Leave Module<br />The HR Admin can:<br />
      • View Leave Summary for each employee and entitle
      • Leave days of each available type
      • Define Days Off – Weekends and Specific Holidays
      • Define Leave Types
      • Assign Leave for any employee
      • Scheduled Leave for any employee
      • List of Taken Leave for any employee
      The administrator can Assign Leave for any employee. If the leave is being assigned by administrator or the supervisor of the employee, the leave does not require approval. The screen shown in the figure below will be used for leave assignment<br />-762028575<br />Fig. Leave Module<br />Administrator must select the Employee, by browsing through the list of employees, select the leave type, and the From and To Date for which the leave is being required<br />Assign Leave<br />Fig. Assign leave<br />5.4 Time Module<br />The Time module automates time tracking procedure. It allows employees to register and submit their timesheets and punch in/out times, supervisors can review / edit / approve or reject employee timesheets and monitor the employee activities through the help of employee and project reports.<br />The HR Admin can:<br />
      • Define Timesheets period
      • Print timesheets
      • View / Edit / Approve / Reject employee timesheets
      • View any employee’s time reports
      • View project reports for any project undertaken by the company
      • Define a Work Shift for a individual/group of employees
      4224143208<br />Fig. Time Module<br />5.5 Benefits Module<br />This module illustrates on the company’s Health Saving Plan policies. This allows the administrator of the system to define the suitable health savings plan policy for the organization, ESS users to make requests on health savings, administrator to approve or reject the requests and the systematic monitoring of the user accounts on health savings. The following types accounts have been configured in the CauveHRM benefit module and the operation of the accounts differ as follows<br />Functions of Benefits Module<br />
      • Insurance
      • Pay Roll Schedule
      5.5.1 Insurance<br />Assigning benefits to employees happens in a variety of ways‚ individually‚ designation-wise or other. Benefits history and other information can be displayed through rich reporting capabilities. It consists of the following features<br />
      • Define HSP
      • Employee HSP Summary
      • HSP Payments Due
      • HSP Expenditure
      • HSP Request
      5.5.2 Pay Roll Schedule<br />The administrator can define the pay period for a given HSP plan. Other details regarding the payment to the employees will also be mentioned in the module. It consists of the following features<br />
      • View payroll schedule.
      • Add Pay period
      Benefits <br />10160043180<br />Fig. Benefits Module<br />6.0 Database Model CauveHRM<br />The typical flow tables are added in CauveHRM:<br />TablesDescriptionhs_hr_companyinfoList of companieshs _hr_comp_propertyProperty detailshs_hr_customerCustomer detailshs_hr_educationQualification of Employeehs_hr_ eecEmployee code decriptionhs_hr_employeeEmployee Detailshs_hr_empstatEmployee language knowhs_hr_ emp_dependentsLicense type of Employeehs_hr_emp_emergency_contactsEmployee contacths_hr_emp_passportEmployee membership detailshs_hr_emp_pictureEmployee summary reporths_hr_ethnic_raceEmployee salary detailshs_hr_ job_specEmployee skill descriptionhs_hr_ job_titleList of special holidays hs_hr_languageEmployee salary tax detailshs_hr_ leavetypeEmployee work experience detailshs_hr_ licensesCurrency master table hs_hr_locationEqual Employment opportunityhs_hr_membershipMaster employment statushs_hr_membership_typePay grade master tablehs_hr_nationalityJob specification master tablehs_hr_projectMaster table of Job title hs_hr_project_activityEmployee Leave tablehs_hr_skillLeave status of Employeehs_hr_specificDefine day OFF detailshs_hr_weekendsType of Leave (Master table)<br />Fig. Database Table<br />