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Jazmin Ledezma’s College/University Research Project
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Jazmin Ledezma’s College/University Research Project


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just in case

just in case

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  • 1. Jazmin Ledezma th 6 Hour December 18, 2012
  • 2. Parsons,The New School For Design 66th Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 212-229-8989
  • 3. History of Parsons William Chase Parsons was orginally called The Chase School. • • William Merritt Chase founded The Chase School in 1896.• It was ment to be a rebellious gesture ; He led a small group of drop-outs from Art Students League of New York. • In 1904, Frank Alvah Parsons joined the school as an art educator. Six years later, he became the sole director. Therefore, changing the name of the the school to Parsons. • Parsons started a series of programs that were the first of its kind in the US. Which included : - costume design Frank Parsons -interior decoration -commercial illustration
  • 4. Tuition and Required Fees• Tuition (Flat rate per term) : $19,640 (12-19 credits)• Tuition (Per credit) : $1,335• University Services Fee (per term) : $130• Academic Supplies Fee (per box) : $95• Student Senate Fees (per term) : $5 fall / $8 spring
  • 5. Degrees Offered • Bachelor of Arts (BA)• Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) • Bachelor of Science (BS) • Master of Architecture (M.Arch) • Master of Arts (MA) • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) • Master of Science (MS) • Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
  • 6. Major Program I plan to study Fashion Design andultimately get a degree in Bachelors ofFine Arts or possibly a higher degree if I feel like it.
  • 7. Curriculum of Fashion DesignThroughout my 4 years of studying Fashion Design, Ill have totake a whole lot of classes that are too much too name on this small slide. So lets just say : • 8 classes during my Freshman year. • 9 classes during my Sophmore year. • 8 classes during my Junior year. • 6 classes during my Senior year. Totaling up to 31 classes and 120 credits.
  • 8. Other Informations •Marc Jacobs (American fashion designer) graduated from Parsons. • Parsons is located in New York. Which is pretty awesome. • Featured on Project Runway.
  • 9. Why? I would like to attend Parsons because : • Located where I want to live. • Has the degree I want to pursue. • Good reviews.• Has a lot diversity and different types of people. • Freedom of expression and creativity.
  • 10. Where I Collected My Informations •• • • • •