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  • 1. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFEImproved Agriculture Through DBIHarsha Trust
  • 2. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFEABOUT THE ORGANISATION• Mission:“To Improve the quality of life of rural poor”.• Approach: Improved livelihood through– SHGs, Co-operatives• Interventions:NRM, Improved agriculturePoultry & Goat farming• Outreach: 5 districts ofOdisha 20,000 families.• Strength: 60 staffs,
  • 3. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFEOld Schemes• Total 14 schemescovering 230 families• Command area coverage140 acres• 11 schemes areoperational in Kharif andRabi season
  • 4. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFEOld Schemes• Crops taken: Vegetable, fruittree plantation• Average area under vegetable:30 decimal/farmer• Average area under fruit treeplantation: 50 decimal/farmer.• Average income Rs5000/farmer
  • 5. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFECurrent Project 100 schemes in Koraput and Rayagada Districts incollaboration with two partner NGOs Pragati and OPDSC. First year 20 schemes- 5 Harsha Trust, 10 Pragati and 5OPDSC. Implementation work is in progress in all the sites.
  • 6. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFEComponents of the Project• Infrastructure• Command area development and livehedge• Promotion of improved agriculture.
  • 7. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFECoverage• Harsha Trust: 5 schemes covering 106families irrigating 55 acres• OPDSC: 5 schemes covering 218 familiesirrigating 117 acres• Pragati: 10 schemes covering 251families irrigating 332 acres
  • 8. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFEPlan for Agriculture in DBI Sites(HarshaTrust)• In two villages, vegetable cultivation withdrip irrigation with 45 families• 70 families in vegetable cultivation and 36families in paddy cultivation• Live hedge with Glaricidia
  • 9. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFEImproving Agriculture through DBI• Focus on vegetablecultivation from Kharif itself• Drip has worked better toreduce the fear of watershortage• Horticulture plantation withconvenience of watering theplants.
  • 10. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFEProgress in Agriculture• Covering 500 families under Drip irrigationin DBI sites: 400 families in all the DBI’simplemented by Pradan in Balliguda.• Introduction of vegetable cultivation afterfruit tree plantation• Alternate material for fencing are availableand can be mobilised throughconvergence.
  • 11. IMPROVEDQUALITYOFLIFELearning• Moving to high value crops motivate farmers-vegetables and fruit tree plantation.• Drip can enhance water use efficiency to greatextend, DBI is feasible in villages earlieridentified as not suitable.• Fencing has been a major road block inprogressing first generations farmers to higherlevel.