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Digital green bhubaneswar

  1. 1. digitalGREEN
  2. 2. Agricultural Systems?Low literacyin locallangNo bank accountExpensive creditNo unique IDPoor roadsCredit cardComputing device and connectivity not enough!farmer expertQuantitybuyersPoor qualitycontrolMarket
  3. 3. 33Agriculture Extension“Training & Visit” extension popularized by the World Bank in 1970s– Face-to-face interactions of extension officers and farmersExtension officer “commuting” between farms
  4. 4. IT & Indian Agriculture• Kiosks with Internet accessfor farmers• aAqua– Pull-based Question and AnswerKrithi Ramamritham, IIT Mumbai• eSagu– Push-based Expert Review of Digital PhotosKrishna Reddy, IIIT Hyderabad
  5. 5. 5??Main source of information about new technology andfarm practices over the past 365 days (India: NSSO 2005)Agricultural Social Networks5
  6. 6. 6Six months in field trying various combinationsOver 200 days of surveys, ethnographic investigation, and iterative designBackground of actors in video, Types of content,Location and timing of screening, Method of dissemination,Degree of mediation, Background of mediator, etc.Background of actors in video, Types of content,Location and timing of screening, Method of dissemination,Degree of mediation, Background of mediator, etc. 6Early ExperimentationParameters VariedEarly Experimentation
  7. 7. 721 villages in Karnataka:– Language: Kannada– Crops: Ragi, banana, mulberry, coconut– Population: 50-80 households– Irrigation: 10-20 households with access– Television: 15-20 householdsMetrics:– Knowledge: Before-and-after– Attendance: Farmers at each screening– Interest: Intent to take-up a practice– Adoption: Number of households taking upeach new farming practice or technology7Experimental Set-UpPreliminary EvaluationExpertExpertExtensionOfficerExtensionOfficerFarmingCommunityFarmingCommunityFarmingCommunityFarmingCommunityFarmingCommunityFarmingCommunityResearch AssistantResearch AssistantLocal MediatorLocal Mediator Local MediatorLocal Mediator Local MediatorLocal MediatorPoster Green(3)Same as Digital Green with localmediator, but no TV/DVDMediator makes posters and holdsregular group sessionsClassical GREEN (8)Same as usualDigital Green (9)3 sessions per weekCost:Rs. 9,500 ($240) for TV/DVDper villagePC / camera costs sharedExtension officer sharedMediator salaryAccountability:Daily metrics and feedbackOfficial extension staff15-monthstudyAudio Green (1)Same as Poster Green withMP3 audio tracks from videos
  8. 8. 87 times more adoptions over classical extension815 months:13 villages, 3 nights a week, 1,000 regularsSustained local presenceMediationRepetition (and novelty)Integration into existing extensionoperationsSocial homophily between mediator,actor, and farmerDesire to be “on TV”Trust built from identities of farmersand villages in videosDigital Green: Early Results
  9. 9. 9System Cost (USD)/Village/YearAdoption (%)/Village/YearCost/Adoption(USD)Classical GREEN $840 11% $38.18Digital Green $630 85% $3.70Poster Green $490 59% $4.15Cost-Benefit9Note: Decreasing amortized cost of hardware with time and scaleDigital Green is at least 10 times more effectiveper dollar spent than classical extension!
  10. 10. 10Participatory Content Production10Digital Green SystemIntroduction to innovations– Standard extensionprocedureRough “storyboarding”– Repetitive pattern; easy tolearn– Minimize post-productionLocal farmers on their own fields– Reduce perception of“teachers”– Promote “local stars”
  11. 11. FarmersFarmersKnowledgePartnersKnowledgePartnersPartners
  12. 12. 1313Digital Green SystemVideo DatabaseOnline video database(>2500 videos of 8-10 minutes eachQuality-control, minor video editing,Indexed by type, topic, locale,season, crop, etc.Distributed via memory card
  13. 13. 1414Digital Green SystemMediated InstructionLocal mediator– Performance-based honorariumHuman engagement– Field questions, capture feedback,encourage participation– Balance gendersOn-demand screenings– Choice time and place– Not “stand-alone” kioskSupport and monitoring– Daily metrics and feedback– Official extension staff
  14. 14. 1515Digital Green SystemStructured SequencingGroup ParticipationPracticeswithlonger-termvisiblerewardsPracticeswith short-termvisiblerewardsCommunityAssessmentCommunityAssessmentAudienceAwarenessSeasonLocationTime
  15. 15. COCO | Connect Online, Connect OfflineDigital Green
  16. 16. AnalyticsDigital Green
  17. 17. @ digitalGREEN
  18. 18. 20
  19. 19. 21
  20. 20. WHERE WE WORKDG Offices DG ResearchDG Partners
  22. 22. Thanks!
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