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Ajsa kalahandi

  1. 1. Enhancing Livelihood ThroughDiversion Based Irrigation InKalahandi (Odisha)
  2. 2. Combating water Scarcity and socio-economic deprivation,Through theeffective use of Water resourcesin Dudkarenga and Barbandha villages ofKalahandi (odisha)Supported ByImplemented ByPresented By-Banshidhar BeheraMaheswar Pattnayak
  3. 3. Improve the livelihood of the tribal and rural people of Barbandha andDudkarenga Villages Of M.rampur Block in Kalahandi district throughDiversion Based Irrigation initiative addressing food security and climatejustice.•Creating employment opportunity during each succeeding year i.e. @ 120 mandays at average per acre coming double crops. Boosting food production at leasttwo folds in the same land. (I.e –khariff & Rabi)•Striking at the very root cause of migration in the locality. As well as improving thesocio-economic condition of the people which mainly depends on agriculture•To provide irrigation facility to the un-irrigated and waste lands and to develop andconserve natural resources of the nearby developing small irrigation structure andto improve the water management skills of tribal farmers by indigenous way.•To make action research to develop new intervention strategies for socio culturaland economic and agricultural development of the downtrodden people of thedrought prone area.Objectives Behind The Project
  4. 4. VILLAGE BLOCKPOPULATIONCOVEREDTOTALLAND(In Acres.)LANDCOVEREDBY DBINo. OfBeneficiary’s(Farmer’s)NAME OF THEWUABARBANDHAM.RAMPUR602 358 132 42BabaRameswarWUADUDKARENJAM.RAMPUR329 314 204 39SinghabahiniWUABeneficiary Details Of Madanpur.rampurBlock of Kalahandi,OdishaBefore AfterTotal Irrigated Lands in all seasons (In Acres.)1. Barabandha 290 4452. Dudkarenja 222 278Major Crops Cultivated Paddy, Maize Paddy,Pulses,maize,Ground peanutsand Vegetables(Tomatao,Brinjal,Lady finger,Beans,etc.)
  5. 5. Capacity BuildingSeveral Capacity Building events were organized in 2 project locations whereYouth Participants, SHG leader’s, VDC (Village Development Committees) andfarmers have participated as the key participants to strengthen their leadershipquality.
  6. 6. Agriculture Promotioni. 2 G.P Level Training were Organised on improved agricultural practices i.e-SRI Cultivation, Kitchen Gardening and Vegetable cultivation in collaboration withagriculture and Hurticulture Department of Kalahandi,Odisha.ii. Different Vegetable seeds were distributed to 122 potential farmers ofdudkarenja and barabandha.iii. 2 exposure visit were conducted by AJSA- 26 farmers and SHG Leaders havevisited to DBI field area to study the functioning of Diversion based irrigationchannel and its uses on agricultural activities ,by Water User Association’s(WUA’s).
  7. 7. Some Glimpses Of Our Work
  8. 8. Some Glimpses Of Our Work
  9. 9. Some Glimpses Of Our Work
  10. 10. Some Glimpses Of Our Work
  11. 11.  Planned for 20 nos. of new DBI sites. SRI Promotion programme in projectvillage Promotion of Organic Farming Diversified Cropping and MarketLinkage. Development of Grain Bank in DBIVillage Establishment of Farmers Federation.
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