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Small game design
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Small game design


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  • 1. GameDesignproject by:Kanika GoyalSagar ShastrySwadha Jaiswal
  • 2. e a m iewG rv veO Concept ProMania is a board game to bring awareness in students about various professions in the society and how much essential it is to have a mixture of professions and balance for a society to sustain. It will also help students understand various educa- tional background/ degree required to be accepted as that professional.
  • 3. e a m iewG rv veO Goal of the game: The goal is to make students aware of the different Professions and become one and how they together serve the Society. Be the first player to complete the given tasks to win the game. In the process, improve your awareness!
  • 4. e a m iewG rv veO Game contents: Board Pawns Dice 4 kinds of cards : Task,Professional, chance & Ques- tion cards Currency amount
  • 5. e w amvieG r veO Genre : Board Game, Educational Game. Number of Players : 4 Age Range : 13 to 16years
  • 6. s ey th K ng reSt What is new? Its a game where kids go away with retaining knowledge which makes them aware about existing professions and its eligibility! Why the market needs it? Market needs it because there is scarcity of such educational games which are good for their immediate future!
  • 7. s ey th K ng reSt Selling Points : High retain value Triggers Group discussions Memory skill increases Develops Responsibility factor Reality of life Awareness about eligibility of various professions Inculcates management & organizational skills Increases visualisation power Reduces stage fear Confidence level boosts
  • 8. l ay ep amG Players actions & controls : Rolling the dice, moving clockwise on the board, picking & keeping cards, distributing currency, acting, speaking, picking up Luck , profession & ques- tion cards.
  • 9. l ay ep amG Player objective : Player objective is to finish the given task by collecting professionals and be the best student in his society/school. Challenge : Its basically a luck game and with that children have to retain profession so that they can answer the ques- tion, that’s a challenge!
  • 10. Game Contents :Task cards : Each player is distributed with 2 task cards eachin the start of the game. The task card tells the player whichprofessionals he needs to collect while playing the game.Profession cards : A player needs to collect the professioncards of people mentioned on his task card by paying theamount (mentioned on the profession card) to the governmentbank. He can do so whenever he land on that profession on theboard.A player can buy any number of profession cards and sell it laterto the player who needs that it, in double the amount than itsoriginal value.
  • 11. l ay ep am Chance cards :G Chance cards contain misfortunes and good luck! There are activities mentioned on them which a player is supposed to perform. Failing to do so he either needs to pay some amount to the bank/ or the opposite player and vice-versa. Question Cards: Question cards contain question related to different professions mentioned on the board. On answering the right question player gets some money amount and failing to do so leads to loss of money for him! Penalty/Bonus : Player has to give/take money from Bank in case of Penalty/Bonus
  • 12. Game flow Start Play a dice Lands on a tile Professional Question Chance Bonus/Penalty tile tile tile tile Pick a card Read it & Collect/Pay Dont All professionals do the needed from/to the bankBuy Buy collected opp player asks question End answer dont answer Collect Give money money
  • 13. e e m ur a tG ucs tr Game mode : multiplayer (4 players) Length & Duration : 1 hour 30 min Replay Value : This game gives them the freedom to buy and sell things which they really like doing! This game gives kids to feel like a responsible kid. Makes them feel like the head boy/Head girl of their school which motivates them a lot. There is a lot of fun and competition factor in the game, every kid wants to be better than the other kid, this game hits on this nerve and make them feel this! And the best part is that along with having all the fun they end up learning about pro- fessions which is good for their immediate future.
  • 14. e am kG ris Handling money in the game can make it less learning game and treated more like a business game. Parents might not want to buy it , in fear of exposing their kids to professions like dancers, actors, models etc. Keeping in mind the psyche of indian parents, they generally don’t appreciate such professions for their kids.
  • 15. o rs e tit pC om Funskool Gotcha
  • 16. o rs e tit pC om
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  • 23. n g1 i e stt
  • 24. ew viRe 1st UT Players : Our team played - Eliminated danger area - More Surprises should be there. - NO storyline (as in no connection in the tasks cards, why players is collecting professions) - Time management has to improve. - Reward should be there after completion of 1 task, to BOOST the game. - Need to introduce any superpower in the task. - Players was landing up on the profession which is needed by other player. Need to introduce some Rule. - Money transaction has to be increased. - Probability of winning was low. - Need to write Money on board and card
  • 25. in es ng r yC ha to s Each player is a responsible kid of his/her school society, and everytime there is a problem he is approached by his family or school head to take up certain responsibility. The whole game revolves around him, and his urge to fulfill the tasks he is asked to perform!
  • 26. n g2 i e stt
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  • 28. ew viRe Players Age : (21-25yrs) Observations made after testing : - Players were taking long time. - Color coding is disturbing - Seems like its buying & selling rather than learning. - What is the Bank for? - Players have multiple questions like: Is necessary to buy profession if I land on it and I need it? - Penalty & Bonus write in rules. - And also they get tired in 45min - Players were taken taken in very calculative manner - Few Rules were bit ambiguous - They were not reading stories/ scenarios on task cards
  • 29. n g3 s tite
  • 30. ew viRe Observations after testing : Target Audience: Age: 13-16 yrs Lower Middle Class Kids - Problem in understanding Rule like: "earned it". - Players dont player that have to play a chance after getting"6" - While playing game, in between money get shorter and they were not able to buy required professions - Less amount of Surprise Cards and name is not very appropri- ate as they were not accepted BAD LUCK in this card. - Money circulation should be more - There could be options in the answer. - No one finished 1 task till 1:10 min - Students thought that its a business game. - BAD LUCK is too much. - NOT BORED
  • 31. n g4 s tite
  • 32. i ewRev Target Audience Age: 12-15yrs Middle Middle Class Kids - More profession & surprise needs to be added - Time Management needs to be improved more, as it taking too long. - More surprise and fun eliment needs to be there. - font correction
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  • 36. ? 1200 1200 2000 ? start 800 1500 a turn card 800 1500 penalty manager chance agent farmer nutritionist miss chef manager Event Travel designer hotel agriculturist1200 sports coach 1500 ? ? bonus actor chance labourer director agriculturist driver chance 1000 card card 500 1000 1200 900 gardner pharmacist800 miss bonus nurse a turn miss a turn 500 1500 sports Architect chance gardner cards nurse bonus 2700 coach 1500 1500 800 pharmacist chance bonus director miss chef500 card a turn 800 1000 hotel miss labourer doctor writer script900 driver manager a turn 1000 500 3000 2000 engineer architect penalty electrician1000 editor refree 1500 2000 2700 500 penalty script copy electrician doctor writer writer editor 2000 500 3000 1000 1000 designer copy Travel ? nutritionist ?1500 writer agent 1500 1000 1200 Event chance ? refree chance farmer manager cards engineer penalty actor card 1500 800 1200 1000 1000
  • 37. ? ? 2000 800 800 500 1000 1500 a turn card editor chef farmer labourer penalty writer nutritionist miss surprise agriculturist1200 ? refree ? 1500 2000 800 800 500 1000 1500 a turn card editor chef farmer labourer penalty writer nutritionist miss surprise agriculturist bonus 1200 refree 1500 actor 1000 bonus actor 1000 gardner800 a turn miss gardner 800 a turn miss surprise 1500 card nurse surprise 1500 card nurse pharmacist pharmacist bonus bonus500 500 manager hotel 900 driver 2000 manager hotel900 driver 2000 engineer surprise 1000 card engineer surprise1000 card electrician penalty 500 electrician penalty designer 1500 writer 1000 copy 500 Lawyer Event Travel surprise miss sports designer manager agent card doctor Architect a turn director coach doctor 30001500 ? 800 1200 1200 3000 2700 1000 1500 Event Travel surprise copy miss sports manager agent card Architect a turn director coach writer start? ? 1200 1200 1000 2700 1000 1500
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  • 47. thank you!