Bollysholly : A service design concept


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A service that screens old bollywood classics in your society and the revenues collected from it goes to an organisation which supports bollywood.

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Bollysholly : A service design concept

  1. 1. understanding the stages of the service
  2. 2. understanding the stakeholders involved
  3. 3. understanding the stakeholders involved
  4. 4. service ecology iteration1
  5. 5. service ecology iteration2
  6. 6. service ecology iteration3
  7. 7. service ecology iteration4
  8. 8. service ecology iteration5
  9. 9. 1.Film Star / Crew member : are contacted to come & give some movie bites to the audience 2. Customer / User : 5. Vendors : 6. Volunteer : 2. Head of organisation : 7. Investors : BOLLY- SHOLLY ECOLOGY 3. Manager : 1.Professional bodies :I 2. Press : will be involved in promoting the cause!CE
  10. 10. Service provider Volunteer Volunteer Designer Volunteer Volunteer Investor Printers Govt VendorsGovt General public Vendors 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Promo Set-Up Sell Donating MovieApproval of venue. Browsing the Getting designs. Arranging equip- Tickets are sold at People browsing Equipments are The funds collection of old ments. the venue. bollywood products packed back in the collected inCross checking films. Forming a promo van. the donationcopyright issues. strategy. Setting up the Tickets printed in A pre-screening box, by selling Checking FB for equipments at the old style. talk by the guest Place cleared up. goodies & byCalling contacting user polls. Putting posters in venue. artist. ticket fare isa star/crew of a locality. transferred tofilm to come & Manager taking a During interval, a the NGO.deliver a talk final call Sending bulk NGO film played toduring the day of sms-es. make audiencescreening aware about who this service is for. Post screening star talk.
  11. 11. blue print rough
  12. 12. evidence ON E BILL SCREEN ads MIT AD welcome ADMIT ONE poster TICKETS poster Website, Ads, poster, facebook Facebook, phonecall Welcome signage, poster, ticket bills, product display, card swipes Sharing of talks, mic Screen takeaway product catalog SEES TELLS ARRIVES SHOPS LISTENS TO SITS DEPARTS PROMO FRIENDS & BUYS TICKET STAR TALK & WATCHES FILM is very excited to watch a film with an old friend friends/ customer actions line of interaction POSTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA SELLS TICKETS & SELLS FACILITATES SCREENS FILM Distributes PUT POSTERS IN PUBLIC HELPS THEM FIND PRODUCTS GUEST & catalog at SPACES SEATS ADDRESSES exit. COCLUDES EVENT AUDIENCE front stage service line of visibility Marketing plan, Printers, Product vendors, Bollywood Database, Catering service, Volunteer’s Facebook, Volunteer Volunteers, Cab service, Cab service Recruitment, Database of contacts for sms, Recruitment. Designers, Hotel tie-up. Printers. Printers, Printers. Space planners. Designers. support system
  13. 13. customer journey rough
  14. 14. SERVICE JOURNEYADVERTISEMENT / PUBLIC RELATIONS SERVICE JOURNEY CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENTservice proposition is communicated by the Rewards for coming with an old friend.service provider using social media, putting up 1 2 3posters in the community/society’s common Goodies for watching all movies consecutivelyspaces. Seeing Invite / tell Arrive & screened in the month. promo friends buy tickets Like / Post things on FB.SOCIAL MEDIAFilm date, venue, timing would be accessible to 4 5 6people on the service’s FB page. Shop Sit & Listen to SOCIAL MEDIA bollywood watch film star talk merchandise (pre-screening) Suggestions of movies to be screened next week via public poll etc. Share FB link on friends walls about the movies being screened on the weekend.. Post pics clicked with the crew / star they met.WORD OF MOUTH 7 8 9 Post about being associated with a serviceFriends, colleagues & family would talk about Watch Watch a Listen to which help the people associated withthe service showing old classic films on the big movie short film star talk bollywood. (post-screening)screen all over again. And about taking them about the NGOback to re-live old memories by creating such a (during interval)nostalgia. WORD OF MOUTH They’ll tell friends/family about the star they PAST EXPERIENCES 10 met & the stories shared by them.PAST EXPERIENCES They’ll invite their close old friends to re-watch Donate & an old film together.There is no such service which screens old leavebollywood films & lets them indirectly help an The feeling of helping an organisation thatorganisation which takes care of the old & supports bollywood.needy people associated with bollywood.EXPECTATIONS EXPERIENCES SATISFACTION / DISSATISFACTIONTake me back in time. Would love to watch an old favourite film on the big screen all over again May not be satisfied by the infrastructure when with an old friend / family. comapared to the current existing theatres/Make my weekend fun. May like to collect bollywood merchandise as souvenirs. multiplexes. Would be satisfied by meeting a star of the film that they love.
  15. 15. 2 Customer 3 7 6 11 10 4 8 1 9 5Sees promo. Invites friends Arrives Buys Ticket Browses/buys Listens to pre- Film screening Interval Film Post Makes(in street, sms,or FB) (phone or FB) (at the venue on (at the venue on (a short film about bollywood screening the NGO which continues screening donation the venue, at the the venue, at the day of screening). day of screening). goodies. star talk bolly-sholly star talk & leaves supports is played)1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  16. 16. Service Design forSocial Entrepreneurship :Bolly-Sholly :