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  1. 1. The development of transport logisticssystem of the Republic of KazakhstanYerkhat IskalievVice – President of Logistics of National Company “KTZ” JSC March 27, 2012
  2. 2. The Republic of Kazakhstan main indicators Kazakhstan’s area – 2 724,9 thousand km² Population – 16 674 thousand people Population density – 6,12 people/km² GDP per person – US $ 11,3 thousand Transport component in GDP – 7% Investment in TCC – US $3,3 billion Length of: motorways – 96 thousand km; railways – 14 795.4 km; airways – 78 000 km. Kazakhstan’s transport sector main players FREIGHT FORWARDED TRANSIT PRODUCT TURNOVER IN 2011 (bln ton) (mln.ton) (US$ BILLION) 28 2,7 113,2 2,2 export import 1,9 16,3 15 50,1 28 28,8Kazakhstan CIS Europe Asia 2009 2010 2011 2010 2011 2020 Agencies Тterminal Trucks Shipping Aircraft network network Divisions Division division JSC «NC АО НК КТЖ «KTZ» 2
  3. 3. The Republic of Kazakhstan transport logistics system Master-plan – developed withthe technical assistance of and Key elements Definition of the Master-plan at the of the Republic of Kazakhstan level of strategic programs strategic documents pyramid Vision / By the RK Government Strategy THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN TRANSPORT LOGISTICS order the Master-plan of SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT 12 STRATEGY (MASTER-PLAN) the RK transport logistics Kazakhstan’s Development system by 2030 was Strategy by 2030 developed 1 Kazakhstan’s Development Strategic Plan by 2020 ■ The Master-plan of the RK Programs transport logistics system is defined as an interdepartmental 1 5 State Program of Forced Territorial Development Industrial-innovative industrial program Program by 2020 Development (SPFIID) and other state programs 16 45 Territories Master-plan development programs Industrial programs Strategic documents of the bodies 33 Development institutes 342 Strategic plans of state & national companies Development strategies of bodies strategies regional bodies Number of documents Position of the transport-logistics strategy (Master-plan)АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 3
  4. 4. By the analogy with the best practice, for the offer of a complex logistical product onthe basis of NC KTZ the transport logistical company of the world level is created Creation of the transport Income*: logistical company on a world wide level 109 thousand wagons 3,4 thousand 25% Railway locomotives (4 №1 in Europe 415 million tons of Billion cargoes Euro) Мультимодальность и Multimodality and the международное 2,5 thousand wagons international presence Motor transport 81 million tons of присутствие №1 in Europe cargoes 52 planes Приобретение Acquisition of foreign Air transport 1225 flights зарубежных активов и № 2 in the world 1,2 million tons of actives and competences, cargoes компетенций, сеть 75% a network of alliances and альянсов и (12,5 partnership Billion партнерств Sea transport 62 vessels № 3 in the world 1,6 million TEU Euro) The center of competences Contract 5,3 million in sq. m and the best practices in Logistics TLC and hubs in 50 Eurasia countries of the world № 5 in the world * the Data is resulted only for a direction of freight trafficАО НК «NC «KTZ» JSC КТЖ 4
  5. 5. To realize the potential, Kazakhstan needs to create an effective transport-logisticssystem on every stage (New Silk Road especially) Manufacturer Transport-logistics Transport-logistics Consumer center center Sorting, packing, storage, Sorting, packing, storage, labeling and others Formation of parts labeling and others Distribution «Door-to-door» decision, freight tracking Supply Chain Management Working with key clients, promotion of key routes Problem solving where different transport types join each otherАО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 5
  6. 6. The Map of the Transeuroasian Routes (Kazakhstan – New Silk Road)ИСЛАНДИЯ RUSSIA Хельсинки Saint Petersburg 1 Moscow Omsk Yekaterinburg 2 Petropavlovsk Pavlodar 3 ASTANA Brest Lokot 7-2 7-3 Ozinki Уральск Karagandy Semey Naushki Uralsk Ukrain Aktobe KAZAKHSTAN Zabaykalsk 7-1 Mongolia Chop Shubarkol Shalkar 8 Zhezkazgan Saksaulskaya Dostyk Beineu Almaty Nahodka AKTAU 4 Shymkent Khorgos Urumchi Poti ГРУЗИЯ Тбилиси Georgia 5 KYRGYZSTAN Saryagas Baku h Ablyk 6 Kashgar TURKEY Antequera CHINA Lianyungang Pusan Sarakh Серахс Hakata s ТУНИСА Route Distance, km Building of a railways line Zhezkazgan – Beineu Lianyungang – Riga – Krasta exp. 9 754 Lianyungang – Brest – Severny exp. 9 654 Length – 988 km; Lianyungang – Chop exp. 10 184 Cost – 3.9 bill. USD Lianyungang – Poti exp. 9 195 Volume of transportations to 2020 – 13 Lianyungang – Ablyk 6 128 mln.t/year Lianyungang – Sarakhs exp. 6 721 7-1 Nahodka exp. – Brest – Severny exp. 10 504 Reduction of distance of a route Dostyk st. – Aktau st. on 1200 km; 7-2 Zabaykalsk exp. – Brest – Severny exp. 7 739 7-3 Naushki exp. – Brest – Severny exp. 6 981 Beginning of implementation – December, 2012АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 6
  7. 7. Transportation of containers on routes through Kazakhstan (US dollars) GRS / ORS Flexible reaction of The Republic of Kazakhstan Route 1 TEU FEU to market condition loaded loaded Lianyungang – Riga – Krasta exp. 3 055 5 878 GRS / ORS* Route 2 TEU FEU In immediate prospects it is supposed to establish loaded loaded competitive door-to-door tariff rates Lianyungang – Brest – Severny exp. 3 104 5 964 GRS / ORS Route 3 TEU FEU Creation of the common multimodal logistics loaded loaded Lianyungang – Chop exp. 3 054 5 859 operator Will allow to carry out a complex of services and to organize container service on GRS / ORS Route 4 TEU FEU routes loaded loaded Southeast Asia - Europe Lianyungang – Poti exp. 3 158 6 129 GRS / ORS Realization of the project of a container train Route 5 TEU FEU Chungking - Duisburg loaded loaded Lianyungang – Ablyk 2 498 4 753 GRS / ORS Route 6 TEU FEU Ozenki– Krasnoe Total distance – 10 769 km Distance – 2058 km loaded loaded Average speed – 605 km/per day Krasnoe Speed– 792 km per day Travel time – 17,8 days Lianyungang – Sarakhs exp. 2 474 4 895 Duisburg Brest Time – 2,6 days Ozenki Chungking– Dostyk Krasnoe– Brest Dostyk Distance – 3777 km Alternative route Brest– Duisburg Distance – 609 km Speed – 641 km/per day Distance – 1 300 km Speed– 1015 km/per day Time – 5,9 days Speed– 500 km/per day Time – 0,6 days Time– 2,6 days GRS / ORS Dostyk– Ozinki Trans-Siberian route Distance, km TEU FEU Distance – 3025 km loaded loaded Speed – 890 km/per day Time – 3,4 days7-1 Nahodka exp. – Brest – Severny exp. 10 504 1 230 2 227 Chungking7-2 Zabaykalsk exp. – Brest – Severny exp. 7 739 1 255 2 2587-3 Naushki exp. – Brest – Severny exp. 6 981 1 216 2 190 Near future 12 days for transportation *GRS – The Government Rolling Stock New Silk Road *ORS – The Own Rolling StockАО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 7
  8. 8. Air transit Trans-Siberian route Tariff $ 127,1 Trans-Kazakhstan route Single tariff– $ 92 South route China $ 111 Kyrgyzstan $ 65 Uzbekistan $ 99 Turkmenistan $ 84 Azerbaijan $ 106 Shanghai Hong Kong Beijing Tariff rate in other countries ($): Zabaikalsk Shenzhen Chita Xiangtang Spain – 267 Xi’an Ulan-Ude Ulan Bator Lanzhou Germany – 289 Grate Britain – 219 Urumqi France – 270 Novosibirsk Turkey – 124 Reykjavik Karagandy Astana Aturau Almaty Moscow Saratov Warschau Hamburg Kiew Pardubice T’Bilisi Baku Mumbai Wien Kars Teheran IstanbulAll tariffs are given for the B-747, 300 to 400 tons АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 8
  9. 9. International automobile corridor Western Europe - Western China (New Silk Road) Total length of the corridor - 8 445 km Helsinki RUSSIA The length of the corridor in RK - 2 787 km Stockholm St. Petersburg to be reconstructed - 2452 km I technical category - 1391 km (border of China - Kyzylorda) Posing 2-line - 1062 km (cement concrete - 76 km II technical category - 1061 km (Kyzylorda - border of theMalmoe Zilupe Moskow Russian Federation) the estimated speed - 120 km / h Petropavlovsk POLAND Poznan Warsaw By 2020, the volume of cargo transportation increased by Kostanay Brest Ozinki ASTANA 2.5 times (from 13 million tons to 33 million tons per year) 2010 - 417 km Krakow Наушки Uralsk Karaganda UKRAINE 2011 - 780 km Забайкальск Aktobe KAZAKHSTAN МОНГОЛИЯ Chop 2012 - 700 km Харбин Aralsk Zhezkazgan Dostyk 2013 - 263 km Kyzylorda Alashankou 2014 - 292 km Aktau Almaty Shymkent Khorgos Urumqi Poti Beyuk-Kyasik KYRGYZSTAN Beijing GEORGIA Т Baku Khodzhdavlet TADZHIKISTAN TURKEY Farap CHINA Tabriz 4- line - 1390 km (cement concrete - 1 003 km) Mazar-i-Sharif Lanzhou Lianyungang SYRIA IRAN Shanghai IRAQ Chengdu Vuhan Hangzhou AFGANISTAN АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 9
  10. 10. Within World Bank LPI index of logistics systems effectiveness Kazakhstan takes 62nd place as of 2010 LPI General Simplicity of the Customs Quality of organizing Competence in Possibility to track Keeping to terms Rating of international Effectiveness infrastructure logistics cargoes of delivery Kazakhstan transportation 1 Germany 1 Luxemburg 1 Germany 1 Singapore 1 Switzerland 1 Switzerland 1 Luxemburg 27 China 27 China 27 China 29 Kazakhstan 29 China 30 China 32 China 36 China 50 Uzbekistan 62 Kazakhstan 55 Azerbaijan 57 Kazakhstan 63 Uzbekistan 68 Uzbekistan 70 Uzbekistan 73 Kazakhstan 79 Kazakhstan 79 Ukraine 77 Ukraine 89 Azerbaijan 83 Uzbekistan 85 Kazakhstan 86 Kazakhstan 94 Russia 107 Uzbekistan 83 Russia 88 Russia 84 Ukraine 91 Azerbaijan Russia 115 89 Uzbekistan Russia 97 100 Azerbaijan 117 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 96 Russia 91 Ukraine Ukraine 104 112 114 Ukraine102 135 Ukraine Source: Connecting to Compete Report 2010, LPI World Bank АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 10
  11. 11. The volume of trading operations between neighboring countries will increase 1,5 times and reach $1 bln by 2020 which will create Kazakhstan`s transit potential The neighboring countries external trade volume by 2020 year, bln USDThe global transit air freight withthe direction China – Europe isforecasted to reach 17 mln TEU Russiaby 2020 (170 mln tons), in 2010-11,7 mln TEU (117 mln tons).The growth of freight - 45%. European UnionKazakhstan is aiming to attract Kazakhstan8% of this cargo flow (1,5 mlnTEU, 15 mln tons) Middle Asia China External trade volume, bln, $ 526 China - EU 781 59 India Russia - China 155 Volume data of external trade between EU and China 4 ~$1 trillion by in 2010 bln $Russia – Middle Asia 6 2020 Source China ЕU ЕU China Total 6 China – Middle Asia UN Comtrade (UN external 10 299 113 412 trade data) 8 2010 Russia - India WTO (World Tade 22 2020 376 150 526 Organization) Source: UN Comtrade; AECOM * According to the estimations of International Monetary Fund, international trade volume between Europe and South-East Asia countries in 2020 was 932 bln. US D АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 11
  12. 12. Transit cargo flow forecast The volume of transit cargo flow through the RK is expected to grow about 3 times and reach 46 million tons by 2030 Directions «West - East», «North - South» and «China - CAR» Corridors «West - East» and «South-East Asia - form the base of the RK transit cargo flow CAR» will be the most overloaded Forecast of the transit through the RK, 2010-2030 , mln tons The Kazakhstan key transit corridors1 Share in the total cargo flow, 2030 50 45 China-RF-China 17% 40 China-EU-China 16% 35 30 RF-Uzbekistan-RF 13% 25 Corridor «North-South» 1The line width corresponds to RF-Kyrgyzstan-RF 8% Corridor «West-East» cargo flow in 2030 20 RF-Tadzhikistan-RF 8% Corridor «South-East Asia - CAR» China-Uzbekistan-China 10% 15 Volume of transit cargo flow by corridors China-Iran-China Freight 10 7% Corridor Freight volume Freight volume increase in 2010, mln tons 2030, mln tons 2010-2030 5 Others North-South 7 295 18 350 2,5, times 22% West-East 2 571 17 293 6,7 times 0 South-East Asia 1 440 8 207 5,7 times 2010 2015П 2020П 2025П 2030П - CAR Others 2 668 3 965 1,5 timesSource: UN Comtrade, Strategy Partnership / AECOMThe «Others» category includes cargo flow RF-Iran-RF, EU-Korea-EU, EU-Japan-EU, RF-Korea-RF, Korea-Uzbekistan, RF-Japan-RF, Korea-ТТК, Japan-ТТК, Japan-Uzbekistan and others.АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 12
  13. 13. The RK transport-logistics system requirements: calls, tendencies, forecastsKazakhstan’s transport logistics system development should consider keytendencies in the development of neighboring countries (specially China) Factors allowing for transit growth through Sintszjan-Uigur Independent Area - China-Kazakhstan border the region of active growth in China "Big Jump" Uniform Transport Strategy and «Go West» Program of Accelerated Development of the Western Provinces will accelerate the development of the Western provinces ■ Scale projects on building transport infrastructure, building new roads and rail ways ■ The country development politics is directed to cut the distance between economically developed coastal regions and underdeveloped Western regions in China by means of: ‒ Infrastructure development ‒ Investments in new manufactures ‒ Foreign capital attraction China’s external trade volume, bln USD 2 972 ‒ The environment protection 2 173 2 559 2 205 strengthening 1 760 1 578 1 421 1 428 1 201 Export 969 1 217 ‒ Education development and professional 761 Import 791 956 1 131 1 004 1 394 660 workforce attraction 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 13
  14. 14. TRANSIT ROUTE MAP (KAZAKHSTAN – NEW SILK ROAD) At the end of 2012 plans to build railway line Zhezkazgan - Beineu length - 988 km; the cost – 3.9 bill. USD ICELAND Traffic volume by 2020. - 13 million tons / year beginning of implementation - December 2012  increase in the volume and speed of traffic;  straightening and reducing the distance the route of Dostyk station - port Aktau on the 1,200 km;  development of the regions adjacent to the route. Helsinki Stockholm Saint Petersburg RUSSIA Moscow POLAND Petropavlovsk Hamburg Pavlodar Warsaw Kostanay London ASTANA lokot Brest Arkalyk Uralsk Qaragandy Semey Zabaikalsk UKRAINE Paris GERMANY Aktobe KAZAKHSTAN MONGOLIA Shubarkol Kharbin FRANCE Shalkar Zhezqazgan Saksaulskaya Khorgos Urumchi Aktau Beineu Erlyan Nakhodka Qurquduk Shymkent Almaty Узень Urumqi GEORGIA Rome Tbilisi KYRGYSTAN Beijing Istanbul Akhalkalaki Baku Osh Dalang Tensing Seul SPAIN ITALY Kars Bukhara KashgarLisbon Astara Turkmenbashi Bereket TADZHIKISTAN Cordoba TURKEY Ashkhabad Antequera Tebriz CHINA Lianyungang Pusan Kazvin Gorgan Женгжоу Serakhs Mazari Lanzhou Hakata Sharif SURIA ТUNISIA Gerat Shanghai IRAN IRAQ Chengdu EGYPT LIVIA PAKISTAN ALGERIA Bandar Abbas In order to develop the transit potential in 2011, completed the railway Guangzhou Kaohsiung lines: ARABIA SAUDI UAE INDIA MYANMA Shenzhen 1. Khorgos - ZhetygenOMAN length - 293 km; LAOS traffic seven million tons by 2020 y. PHILLIPINES 2. Uzen-state border with Turkmenistan length - 146 km; TAILAND АО НК КТЖ traffic volume by 2020 year, 6 million tons. IEMEN 14
  15. 15. Best Practices: hubs and terminal network in Germany has allowed it to become Europes largest freight distribution center European network of logistics hubs and terminals The network of transport and logistics hub is a DB Schenker strategic asset • Hubs are located on key transport corridors in Europe, covering the freight traffic of the North (Malmo), South and South-East (Salzburg), West and South-West (Paris) • The central hub of Friedewald hubs outside of the united Germany into a single unit, providing efficient distribution of goods Malmoe • Hub network provides multi-modal nature of the proposal DB Schenker, integrating various modes of Friedewald transport Paris Zalcburg • The strategic location and well-established processes allow the company to pull over freight traffic throughout Western Europe • Cargo traffic in the company in 2010 was as follows: • w / e: 415.4 million tons • Air: 1225 tons Transport and logistics terminals and terminals DB Schenker partners • Marine: 1647 thousand TEUs Transport and logistics hubs DB SchenkerSource: DB Schenker Annual Report 2010, www.dbschenker.comАО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 15
  16. 16. Map of Kazakhstans positioning strategicKazakhstan will be a powerful transport and logistics hub in the Eurasian spaceby 2020 - New Silk Road Murmansk By 2020 it is planed to achieve the following indicators:  total cargo turnover– 283 million ton-kilometers; Arkhangelsk reverse traffic (including SPFIID projects realization) Kandalaksha  transit cargo increase – 28 million tons, including container s- 1.5 million TEUs. Saint Petersburg Helsinki Ust-Luga Tallinn Krasnoyarsk Ekaterinburg Riga N.Novgorod Klaipeda Moscow Omsk Kaliningrad Novosibirsk Ulan-Ude Berlin Chita Samara Duisburg Minsk Astana Semey Vanino Warsaw Kiev Qaragandy Khabarovsk Aktobe Praha Ulan-Bator Kishinev Dostyk Odessa Ussuriisk Budapest Bucharest Rostov-na-Donu Khorgos Konstanca Aktau Vladivostok Novorossiisk Urumchi Alma-Ata Поти Quryk Beijing Burgas Shymkent Sofia Bishkek Tashkent Tbilisi Turkmenbashi Pyongyang Seoul Istanbul Baku Dushanbe Ankara Gorgan Sarakhs Kuandzhu Ashkhabad Pusan Amirabad Tehran Changzhou Liayungang TLC and hubs on Chingqing Gravity cargo for the territory of the Bender-Homeini Deli distribution RK Bender-Abbas Kunming TLC and hubs in the Dubai The direction of traffic TC after the distribution Dhaka TLC and hubs in foreign countries Direction of reverse Yangon traffic Agent network Transcontinental corridor "Western Europe - Bangkok Transport and Logistics Western China" ClusterАО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 16
  17. 17. Compliance with the key principles of logisticsThe effectiveness and attractiveness of transit routes are defined according to fiveprinciples of logistics Principles of logistics: Speed + Service + Security + Cost + Stability Speed Service High speed and stable High level of service allowing to timing of passing minimize the involvement of a through the whole consignor in the process of route transportation Stability Provision of key parameters of the route directed to increase the effectiveness of freight forwarding Security Cost The security of cargo provided Service cost cutting as a by the traceability of goods result of cutting the through the whole unproductive expenses transportation route (minimization of ineffectiveness)АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 17
  18. 18. Best Practice: Effective customs - one of the key factors in the development of Singapore as a global trading hub Factors of success Description Customs efficiency in • Customs is an active and valuable partner for Singapore The partnership of trade trading company to support the unity of the1 and logistics companies trading system and development of Singapore as a global trading hub Preparation of Implementation of • Duty-free exports to the countrys free trade shipping documents2 preferential tariffs partners. Support for producers in the design documentation for export / import: 105 $ и 1 day • Integration of different information systems The use of integrated (TradeXchange ®, New TradeNet ®, eCustoms)3 information solutions trading and logistics companies to government Passage of customs control procedures: information and analytical systems 31$ и 1 day Simplification of customs • Logistics park operators can seamlessly import and export goods produced on site or paid a tax4 procedures for companies of airport logistics park on goods and services on the territory of the SEZ Clearance at the port for shipping : • Granting of preferences in the form of rare cargo 180$ и 1 day Certification of "trusted" inspections for companies that meet the5 members of the market for a few checks requirements in terms of risk of cargo across the borderАО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 18
  19. 19. Control model of transport processes through the transportation management center(Timing) AMS Logistics (Automated System Е-WINDOW Management Contract & Approval: Customs Control Committee, Ministry of Agriculture, Commercial Work) Ministry of Emergency, Ministry of Health (SES), Ministry of Exchange Innovation and New Technologies, Ministry of Transport and JSC "KTZ" Report Communications, Ministry of Environment Protection Opening transaction certificate t1 t1 Report Handling of an application t2 Application for transfer of funds, SWIFT Transportation plan coordination t2 Giving the rolling stock t3 tlim TIR Carnet Obtaining an export license t3 t4 Loading t4 Obtaining a certificate in CT Chamber of Commerce t5 Formation of bill of lading t5 Establishing Obtaining a certificate of quality t6 the rules for the ongoing Filling in the customs declaration processes Obtaining a certificate of conformity in accredited t7 t6 organizations Checking through the phytosanitary, Obtaining a phytosanitary certificate t8 veterinary, sanitary-epidemiological, t7 Influence on the customs, border control Kazakhstan’s Obtaining permission to export with a veterinary t9 rating certificate Release t8 Getting the sanitary conclusion from SES t 10 LPIEvaluation of KPI and taking actions Evaluation of KPI and taking actionsby the JSC “NC ”KTZ” management Doing by state agencies management Business Fixing Consideration of the Identification of Deviation from tlim Taking Action in ACS Logistics incident responsible personsАО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 19
  20. 20. Technology of the registration of documents on the border "Electronic train“ on the “New Silk road” 1st stage KAZLOGISTICS WEB-PORTAL ASM logistics ASM CCW 1. Sending of ADVANTAGES OF THE TECHNOLOGY e-documents to the portal 2. Transfer of e-documents for checking 4. Sending of e-documents for correction It will allow to reach internationsl specifications on 3. ERROR FOUND Sending of receiving - sending of trains of the OCRKAZAKHSTAN e-documents to the portal 5. Sending of e-documents with corrections 1 MINUTE ON LINE/AXIS OR APPROXIMATELY 2-3 6. Sending of HOURS ON TRAIN (STRUCTURE) e-documents to the agent It will provide unobstructed pass and exception of delays of trains DOSTYK 1. Registration of documents for cargo sending It will cut expenses connected with registration and idle ALASHANKOU time The worker of station Cargo sender 7. The forwarding agent Controlling bodies Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, (KTS) prints the corrected It will allow to accept the necessary information from Customs control committee of the Ministry of Finance documents China, minimizes contacts and corruption The customs representative (Broker) 8. The agent transfersdocuments CHINA REALIZATION OF THE FIRST STAGE APRIL - MAY, 2012 2nd stage INTEGRATION OF SYSTEMS WORK WITH APPLICATION OF CIM/SMGS - APPLICATION AS THE TRANSIT DECLARATION ASM logistics ASM CCW ASM CCW Electronic train State bodies: • Customs control CLIENT committee Agency •Ministry of network Industry and New and other countries Technologies •Ministry of PROVIDER OF SERVICES Agriculture •Boundary service NSC REALIZATION OF THE SECOND STAGE RK 2012-2013 АО НК «NC JSC КТЖ «KTZ» 20