Weblogic Server Online Training by Real Time Experts by SVR Technologies


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Weblogic Online Training free demo on 18th Feb 7am IST..... Interested.....

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Weblogic Server Online Training by Real Time Experts by SVR Technologies

  1. 1. WEBLOGIC SERVER TRAINING Shiva, (shiva4weblogic@gmail.com) shiva4weblogic@gmail.com)
  2. 2. Introduction to Weblogic Server • Web Server and its origin • Application Server: Origin, Benefits • Distributed Architecture • What is Weblogic Server
  3. 3. Introduction to Weblogic Server…… • Architecture of Weblogic Server • Installation of Weblogic Server: GUI, Console, Silent Mode Installation • Common issues related to the weblogic server installation • Overview of directory structure, post installing weblogic server
  4. 4. Stepping in to the Weblogic Server • Introduction to Domain • Domain creation: GUI, Console mode • Domain file system and its importance • Overview about license.bea file, serialisedSystemIni.dat file, registry.xml, boot.properties file • Administration Server: Syntax to start/stop • Managed Server: Create, understanding, Syntax to start/stop • MSI mode
  5. 5. Stepping in to the Weblogic Server… • Overview about Admin Console • Node Manager: Creating/starting/Stopping of servers using admin console • Admin Console security: user groups and roles • running-manged-servers.xml • Overview of license.bea file • Common issues
  6. 6. Clusters • What is cluster • Types of clusters • Creation of clusters • Cluster constraints • Cluster communication: IP Sockets, Heart Beats • Cluster features: high availability, fail safe, maintainability • Implementation of clusters in J2EE Applications • Session Replication failover techniques • Common issues and problem determination related to clusters
  7. 7. Deploying of Application on Weblogic Servers • Types of packaging of application: jar, war, ear file system • Different ways of deploying the application in weblogic server • Hot and Cold Deployment of applications • Targeting of applications over clusters • Staging modes • 2-phase deployment • Common issues related to weblogic server deployment
  8. 8. Web Server and its Configuration • What are Web servers? • List of Web servers supported by weblogic • Configuration of Web servers with weblogic • Deploying and accessing applications with the Web server • Understanding the general flow of the dynamic URL’s • Common issues related to the Web Servers
  9. 9. Connection Pools, Multi-Pools • What is connection pool, Data source, multi-pool • Process to create connection and multi-pool • Parameters required to define the connection pool size • Common issues
  10. 10. Working with Weblogic Security • What is weblogic server security • Making weblogic more secure • Configuring of User roles inside weblogic server • Types of certificates • Installation of SSL certificate on weblogic server
  11. 11. Performance Tuning in weblogic server • Importance of performance tuning • How and when we do the performance tuning • Performance tuning levels: 1) OS level 2) Network level 3) JVM level 4) Database and JDBC performance tuning 5) Application level 6) weblogic Level 7) JMS Performance tuning: Bridge, JMS, Stores 8) Threads 9) Recommendations
  12. 12. Standard issues/Miscellaneous • Thread management/Thread Queues • Difference between weblogic server 8x,9x,10x • Basic trouble Shooting (includes: analyzing of server Hang, Crash, OOM)