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SVR Technologies is the leading IT Software Online Training Institute. We provide all the benefits of online training from your pace. Our customer support services 24/6 and they assists you in any sort of problem. We also provide a free demo session. Online sessions conducted through (Skype/WebEx/Go to Meeting). We give 100% cash back guarantee including some terms and conditions.

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SVR Technologies
Contact: +91 988 502 2027

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  • 1. Contact: 091-988 502 2027 Email:
  • 2. Course Name: ASP.Net Trainer: Poornima Duration: 25 sessions Each Session: 1 Hour
  • 3. Session 1-3: ASP.NET Syllabus • Web Programming Introduction • Understanding role of Web Server and Web Browser. • Brief about HTTP Protocol. • HTTP request structure. • Form Tag and comparison between Get and Post methods. • HTTP response Structure.
  • 4. Session 4: HTML and JavaScript • Understanding HTML Form Tag and elements within it. • Javascript using Sample Programs.
  • 5. Session 5-7: Introduction to ASP • Introduction to ASP. • Types of Path. • Examples using Response object of ASP. • Working with FORM tag. • Important Points about the FORM submission. • Few more examples. • Problem with ASP.
  • 6. Session 8-10: ASP.NET Introduction & Sample Programs • How to create and run the first ASP.NET application. • Understanding the code generated by VS.NET. • Example Programs. • Understanding AutoPostBack. • Types of Server Controls a. HTML controls. b. Web Server Controls. c. Exploring Server Controls.
  • 7. Session 11-15: Validation Controls • BaseValidator • ValidationSummary • RequiredFieldValidator • CompareValidator • RangeValidator • RegularExpressionValidator • CausesValidation Property of Button • Grouping controls for Validation.
  • 8. Session 16: Themes and Styles • Working with CSS • Working with Themes
  • 9. Session17-19: ASP.Net Architecture • What is AppDomain • Life cycle of a WebForm when requested by a client. • How does a control manages its state • EnableViewState property • Event Handling in WebForms • Writing / Using Custom Classes in WebApplication
  • 10. Session 20: Page Navigation • Response.Redirect • Server.Transfer • CrossPagePostBack property of Button a. Accessing controls of PreviousPage b. Accessing Properties of PreviousPage c. PreviousPageType page directive