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Top 10 Ways to Roll out New Products Successfully
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Top 10 Ways to Roll out New Products Successfully


Top 10 Ways to Roll out New Products Successfully to your Field by …

Top 10 Ways to Roll out New Products Successfully to your Field by
Kathleen Gogan at SVPMA Monthly Event January 2002

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Top 10 Ways to Roll OutNew Products SuccessfullyKathy Gogan, VP Marketing
  • 2. Why This Presentation?Recent Study of nearly 300 companies 93% of Marketing department responsible for product launches (89% control budget) 88% use multiple face-to-face meetings to rollout products 69% of companies spend >3 months to launch products (42% over 5 months) 66% of companies launch 5 or more products/year (45% - 10 or more)Source: Eloquent Market Survey, 2001 © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 3. Critical Issues Reducing Time to Market Communicating a consistent message to channels worldwide Ensuring the organization understands and assimilates new information Reducing product launch costsSource: Eloquent Market Survey, 2001 © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 4. Product Management Is this ConstantlyNeed New Launching Products You? Products Field Fire Drills © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 5. Why Does It Matter?Eroding Margins Less time New to sellinnovations More channels More, Increased Complex Competition Products © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 6. #10 Start Yesterday!
  • 7. 10. Start Yesterday! Market Product Product Product Assess. Req’ts Dev’t Launch Today Market Assessment Product Req’ts Product Development Product Launch © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 8. 10. Start Yesterday!Develop the Launch Plan EarlyInclude rollout as part of the overall product development process – Building consensus on key messages – Leading indicator of market acceptance – Sales tools need lead time  White papers, demos – Technology, solution partners play a larger role today – Set expectations for budget early © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 9. #9 Leverage Cross-Functional Team Expertise
  • 10. 9. Leverage Cross-Functional Team ExpertiseIt takes a village to raise a child or launch a product! Development Product marketing Sales (U.S., Int’l) Technical sales Strategic partners PR, MarCom Customers Support © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 11. 9. Leverage Cross-Functional Team Expertise Launch manager – Oversee process Subject Matter Experts – Author white papers, presentations, webcasts to ensure message consistency Sales management, “friends and family” analysts, customers and partners – Bullet-proof launch messages, content, and delivery prior to general release – Early indicator of product success in market Pre-define roles and responsibilities for all © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 12. #8 Get to the Point - Fast!
  • 13. 8. Get to the Point – FastWhere’s the beef? Summarize key messages – Develop a meaningful theme for internal, external messages – No more than 3 key sub- messages – Repeat throughout the content (mnemonics) – Supporting sales tools should reinforce message © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 14. #7 One Size Doesn’t Fit All
  • 15. 7. One Size Doesn’t Fit All Different needs for: – Domestic and international launches – Field sales, inside sales, channel partners, distributors, technical sales, service and support – 76% of companies tailor messages For each audience – Customize the message to what they care about – Tailor delivery with a blend of tools © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 16. Example Direct Support © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 17. #6 Go “Ugly” Early
  • 18. 3. Go “Ugly” Early Continually improved versions 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 ,…. Make changes based on user feedback before “go live” Publish version 1.0 © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 19. #5 KIS – Keep It Simple
  • 20. 6. KIS -- Keep It Simple for Users Tailor content to different learning styles – Searchable, prescriptive, – Text-based, rich media, virtual classrooms, live © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 21. Tools Used to Communicate “Fly-ins” Ad Hoc calls Conference calls Regional Interactive Demos Meetings High Webcasts Touch Intranet/ Portals Rich Media PPT Slide Deck .pdf broadcast Datasheets emailBased on info from Insight Technology, 2001 High2002 Tech Inc © – Eloquent, Convenience
  • 22. 6. KIS – Keep It Simple for Users Tailor content to different learning styles – Searchable, prescriptive, – Text-based, rich media, virtual classrooms, live Create a comprehensive self-service launch information center – Accessible online and remote – Plan for peak usage, not average – Based on typical user desktop, no special requirements Don’t expect the field to learn a new process easily © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 23. © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 24. #4 KIS – Keep It Sane
  • 25. 4. KIS – Keep It Sane for theLaunch TeamToday’s Launch Processes Challenges Fly-Ins & Road shows Teleconferences Phone Webinars Internal Marketing Web Sites Sales/Channel Virtual Classrooms Email LMSs Complex Process Delays in Selling Not Always Engaging Inconsistent Messages No Structured Feedback High Total Cost © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 26. 4. KIS – Keep It Sane for theLaunch TeamWhere Launches are Going Outbound Content Content Mktg/Ops/ Production Delivery Sales/Channel Training Follow-Up Results Measurement Inbound Outbound: Flexible, integrated, repeatable delivery Inbound: Tracking to improve effectiveness © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 27. #3 Learn From Your Experience
  • 28. 3. Learn From Your ExperiencesLaunches --NOT an event – but a process.  Post Mortem  Planto refresh the content throughout the product life cycle  Monitor usage and feedback. Take actions. © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 29. Closing the Loop Sales Rep New Product ..and those that Training Score 100 can oceanfront Learning Delivering Results in Objective: 80% Successful Arizona complete Certification % New Customers with score of Business 75% or more Objective: 65% Closed New Customer 65 Close Rate Data shows training correlated with performance Data pinpoints individuals needing Other Issues Unprepared mgmt attention 30 Other competitive, 30 product issues? 75 100 © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 30. #2 Practice What You Preach
  • 31. 2. Practice What You Preach Reinforce your own process. – Otherwise, you encourage ad hoc calls, fly-ins, etc…. Use the same communication tools, -- located in the same repository. – Continually refresh the info with new demos, updated competitive data, etc. – Make it easy for SMEs to update their own content. – Take actions based on the usage, performance, feedback information © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 32. #1 Promote Your Products Internally
  • 33. 1. Promote Your Products Internally “Build it and they will come.” -Field of Dreams © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 34. 1. Promote Your Products Internally Special “Go-to-Market” Plans internally as well as externallyUse incentives as a way to entice attendees to participate Tracking/follow up - powerful tools to monitor performance and evaluate rep readiness © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 35. Top 10 Rules - Recap10. Start yesterday!9. Leverage cross-functional team expertise8. Get to the point – fast7. One size doesn’t fit all6. Go “ugly” early5. Keep it simple for users4. Keep it sane -- use integrated communications tools3. Learn from your experiences2. Practice what you preach1. Promote your new products internally © 2002 Eloquent, Inc
  • 36. Questions?
  • 37. Thank You! 650-294-6563