Maintaining Market Leadership through Customer Focus


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Maintaining Market Leadership through Customer Focus by Susan Wheeler at SVPMA Monthly Event February 2004

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Maintaining Market Leadership through Customer Focus

  1. 1. Maintaining Market Leadership Through Customer Focus Susan Wheeler SVPMA February 4, 2004
  2. 2. Pathfinder Background Founded 2000 Three principals Process improvement through focused business strategy Target Customers Software, engineering, hardware Non-profit
  3. 3. TopicsUnderstand What Customers ValueDefine Types of Market LeadershipIdentify Customer-Driven Market AnchorsAchieve Market Leadership by DeliveringValue
  4. 4. Don’t Lose Sight The role of Product Managers Focus on the business Once successful companies Case-in-point: Gateway
  5. 5. Customer ValueCan you be everything to everyone?Who are the right customers?Does it pay to fire customers?What do customers value?
  6. 6. Customer Value ReflectsBenefits and Costs Costs Benefits Value = Costs - Benefits
  7. 7. What is Value?In the mind of the customer, a product or service is of value if what is delivered is Worth What Was Paid How do you know what customers value?
  8. 8. Value DimensionsOperational Excellence Starbucks DellCustomer Intimacy Nordstroms IBM of the ’60s and ’70sProduct Innovation Intel Nike
  9. 9. Value DimensionsMastery of oneProficiency in two What is your value focus?
  10. 10. Customer-Driven Market Anchors Anchors – lens Guiding principals Enable autonomy
  11. 11. Success - StarbucksPremium Pricing Focused advertising Lo cat i on , lo cat Aggressive growth ion , lo cat ion
  12. 12. Market Anchors - Starbucks Convenience Location Easier ordering Quality/consistency A latte in Cleveland is like a latte in Sacramento Driven by Company Culture
  13. 13. Success – Dell ComputerConvenience der o-or Bu ild-t Integrated logistics Manufacturer direct
  14. 14. Market Anchors - Dell Price Integrated logistics Convenience Online ordering Build-it-yourself Payment options Online problem solving
  15. 15. Gain Market Leadership Relation between anchors and market leadership What are your market anchors? Using anchors to move towards market leadership Where are you now? Where are you relative to your competitors?
  16. 16. Where are You on theValue Continuum?
  17. 17. Value Chain Analysis Systematic approach to analyzing activities that create and build value Product Management can influence or control many value chain activities Primary and Support activities
  18. 18. Primary Activities Inbound logistics Operations Outbound logistics Marketing and sales Service
  19. 19. Support Activities Procurement Technology Development Human Resource Management Firm Infrastructure
  20. 20. RecapGain deep understanding of what yourcustomers valueIdentify your key value dimensionDetermine how well you deliver value