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Digital Media and Consumer Electronics Trendspotting
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Digital Media and Consumer Electronics Trendspotting


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Slides illustrating my lecture on digital media and consumer electronics trends. Most photos were from CES and NAB 2013.

Slides illustrating my lecture on digital media and consumer electronics trends. Most photos were from CES and NAB 2013.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Digital Media Tech Trendspoting Stuart W. Volkow Presented to the Merage U.S. Israel Business Leadership Institute, June 2013 CES 2013
  • 2. TV Smart, Connected, Ultra Anytime,Anywhere,Any Device
  • 3. Incredible 4K quality picture
  • 4. OLED has incredibly good contrast ratios because unlike LED, which is backlit, OLED emits its own light. The New Apple?
  • 5. Samsung Smart Hub A giant Tablet? Stuart W.Volkow Samsung Smart Hub - Programming Guide Samsung Smart Hub - On Demand Directory, Recommendations Samsung App Store
  • 6. Sony Near Field Communications
  • 7. The story in the remotes: The Interface must evolve Hisense Remote Apps As Second Screen and Remote
  • 8. Prolonging The Life of Physical Media Portable Power
  • 9. Portable Solar Portable Fuel Cell
  • 10. From Platforms and standards to Ecosystems The Open Dashboard and the 4th Screen
  • 11. The End of This Proprietary Sync Protocols
  • 12. Copyright 2012 Stuart W. Volkow, Smart Everything “...we view the mobile Internet, and related device proliferation, as one of the biggest opportunities in the history of the technology industry. The opportunity to connect the 4+ billion mobile device users to the Internet is arguably 40x the opportunity to connect 100 million PCs to the Internet in the 1990s.” MORGAN STANLEY RESEARCH NORTH AMERICA, Apple Report, May 2009 2020 “The connected society” Ericsson CEO HansVestberg
  • 13. Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO, Qualcom “6.4 billion mobile connections worldwide. One million new smartphone users added daily.” “More in China then anywhere else” Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO, Qualcom WIRED June 2013 Nearly 700 million new smartphones shipped last year, most of which can communicate with nearby sensors via multiple wireless languages. At the same time, the staggering scale of the smartphone market has spurred sensor manufacturers to miniaturize and innovate, driving the cost of all the wireless chipsets (both sensors and receivers) down to a pittance. WIRED June 2013 .......formerly unnetworked items that now deliver simple information to your phone, and from there to the cloud— at a relatively minimal manufacturing cost.
  • 14. Home Automation & The Internet-of-Things Ericsson M7400 4G Chipset Snapdragon Quad Cord 800 two-chip LTE/HSPA+ modem Massive Mobile Power
  • 15. Mobility, Connectivity, Community Video, Video, Video % Internet Traffic (Bandwidth) from Video 2015 90
  • 16. Medialink CEO Michael Kassan (2nd from left) moderates "CSI"-creator Anthony Zuiker; Machinima CEO Allen DeBevoise; Google VP of marketing Lucas Watson; GroupM North America CEO Rob Norman; and T-Mobile VP of advertising Peter DeLuca. 18,914,654,949 Network Video Views 76,624,785 Network Subs DSLRS Cannon EOS C300
  • 17. 2.5K $2,995 4K $3,995
  • 18. Sony CineAlta F5-F55 4K $14,000-$80,000 Arri Alexa $50,000 Digital Image Transfer System
  • 19. Drones
  • 20. Wearables & Body Sensors
  • 21. Withings
  • 22. Health Monitoring, Full ECG
  • 23. Body Sensors Everywhere Apple Store March 2013