Program rvw and assessment pp final pres


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Program rvw and assessment pp final pres

  1. 1. Sue Volkmar’s Spring 2012 Practicum Program Review And Assessment Supervisors:Marya Choby, Academic Coach And Counselor – Services For Students With Disabilities (SSD) & Martha Glass, Associate Director Of Administration For Assessment – Division Of Student Affairs (DSA)
  2. 2. The Plan: Objective 1: Assist in the evaluation of the DSA administrative areas; Finance, Communications & Marketing, Human Resources, Assessment, and Emergency Preparedness Objective 2: Assist with SSD program review
  3. 3. Achievements:1. Became familiar with SSD services2. Assisted with organizing and facilitating meetings with the program review committees3. Served as point person for all communications between SSD steering committee and subcommittees4. Assisted with organizing and analyzing findings for Communications & Marketing and Human Resources surveys
  4. 4. Personal Contributions: Knowledge: -Experience working in higher ed -Mother of children in college Skills/Experience: -Prior course work in student theory andassessment -Research completed in area of students with disabilities -Some work experience interacting with students Disposition: -Apprehensive of working with students with disabilities
  5. 5. What Did I Gain From My Practicum?
  6. 6. Knowledge Gained an understanding of what disabilities students deal with Improved understanding of ADA related to students in higher ed Learned about the many ways SSD provides support to students with disabilities Knowledge of many departments in DSA Familiarity with survey tool, Campus Labs
  7. 7. Skills More confident working with students with disabilities Improved skills relating to report writing and summarization Increased knowledge of program review and CAS standards
  8. 8. Disposition Confirmed that I would like to continue to work in higher ed Want my work to involve interaction with students Enjoyed the assessment and program review process; necessary, but rarely boring Feel more confident that I could coordinate an assessment review independently
  9. 9. What will I do differently? Learn a new area in Student Affairs Possibly work more directly with students More manageable project
  10. 10. Future career desires Work in an administrative role that involves working with students in some capacity Use my business background Interaction with students
  11. 11. How experience has helped me prepare Learned about DSA and SSD organizations Assessment and program review knowledge Knowledge about law regarding students of higher ed with disabilities Gained knowledge of the type of disabilities students have and the services VT can provide to these students
  12. 12. Do I have a competitive edge?  Definitely!  Assessment and program review experience and knowledge -Worked with diverse groups, i.e. academic faculty, student affairs practitioners, and students  Learned about the inner workings of two organizations at VT  Networking opportunities in Student Affairs
  13. 13. Thank You!!Marya and Martha for providing me thisopportunity and for all your support this semester.