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  • 1. The idea for the concept started some years ago when I lived in Copenhagen.
  • 2. To avoid the city's crowded and busy streets when jogging in Copenhagen, I often took my bike and rode to my favorite jogging place - around the lakes in Copenhagen. Here, I could run in peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings.
  • 3. I prefer to jog alone, listening to some good music without really having to worry about anything else. When I jog, I want to feel carefree – it has to be uncomplicated. But when I go for a run, I would also like to bring
    some different necessary things with me. Things that I cannot do without either before or after my run, but which I do not want to carry around during my run.
  • 4. my alternative is to leave things at home or to bring a backpack, which is annoying to run around with. I could also attend a fitness center which offers the convenience of a locker room. But the last solution costs money and forces me to jog indoor.
  • 5. therefore I have designed a solution to this problem. The FitLocker. A box where you can store your valuables while enjoying a carefree run. FitLockers are placed in different places around the lakes, and you can choose the one nearest to your starting point when you arrive in the area.
  • 6. The box is activated using a fingerprint reader. The jogger places his thumb on a scanner, an unused box opens and remember the user. Then you put your stuff in and close the box, which automatically locks. And you're ready to run! Easy, carefree, uncomplicated – with no strings attached
  • 7. you run around the lakes – you choose either the long or short route. But just because you feel freer and unrestricted by anything, you have just a little more energy to run a little longer.
  • 8. When you are finished jogging, you return to the box and place your thumb on the scanner again, unlocking the box. Then you can get something to drink and perhaps some fruit while you stretch and recharge. To keep you warm on the way home you put on the extra sweater you brought and stored in the box.
  • 9. Running in the open is a very popular form of exercise in Denmark. It is FREE and noncommittal and is well suited to the modern lifestyle. For the same reason various jogging groups are established around the country.
  • 10. The potential sites for FitLocker are not only by the lakes in Copenhagen. The potential is large and the target audience is anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle without too many complications. This concept can also be exported to other countries and become a global concept.
  • 11. Other similar concepts are luggage boxes at train stations. Here you can "buy" storage space for your luggage in a limited period of time. Another example is the city bikes, which can be "borrowed".
  • 12. inspired by these concepts, I have solved some problem areas in my design concept. To prevent people abusing/misusing the boxes by using them as stock, a time controlled mechanism is installed in each box, automatically unlocking the box after 3 hours.
  • 13. The given municipality may be reluctant to install large boxes out in the public domain. So it is important that the product signals values such as health, exercise and wellness. Values that can support the municipality's image as a responsible and caring city if they choose to support and buy the concept.
  • 14. The financing of FitLockers happens by joining forces with the municipality and commercial businesses such as energy drink manufacturer or sports utility manufacturers. The box can be combined with a machine, providing soothing drinks to the thirsty jogger. Also, advertisements for sportswear can be placed on the boxes.
  • 15. Revenue is generated charging a certain amount of money per box installed. The more boxes set out the more money I earn. Additionally, the boxes can be used as ad platforms. Companies who want to be associated with healthy lifestyle can buy advertising space.
  • 16. In order to produce these boxes a manufacturer which creates storage boxes for for example train stations may be used. Such a company would have the necessary knowledge about the use, durability and manufacturing method.
  • 17. The inspiration for the structure of FitLocker came from the shape of a beehive. FitLocker could also have had a more traditional form, but in order to create a new and functional expression I have chosen to work with the hexagon.
  • 18. Here you can see FitLocker in its context. This image shows Sct. Jørgens lake in Copenhagen. The design is however a simplified sketch version and each FitLocker should be designed so it fits into the specific context based on the use of color and motifs.
  • 19. The next step in my business plan would be to contact VæksthusetNordjylland, where you can get up to 16 hours of free advice and perhaps some financial help to create a prototype. A helping hand to go from idea to reality.