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Fache enel

  1. 1. Smart metering & grids: Enel’s experienceand achievements Dominique Fache, Chairman of Board, Enel OGK-5 November 15, 2012
  2. 2. Enel: an International energy operator Italian Core. European Base. Global StrategyPresence in: Installed capacity:40 countries 97, 988 MWConnection Points: Annual output:61 mln 291.2 TWhListed on: Energy distributed:Milano SE (1,5 mln 434.1 TWhShareholders)EBITDA: UP-Stream Gas:17.7 bln € 984 MMboe* Reserves year-end 2011 680 MMboe* Resources Employees: 75,010 (< 50% in Italy) < 500 MW < 1.000 MW < 2.000 MW < 10.000 MW > 10.000 MW Representative offices, financial holdings, NG Prospective NG Reserves operative branches, commercial Resources *MMboe: Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent companies 1st utility in Italy, one of the largest in Europe by installed capacity. Present throughout the entire electricity and natural gas value chain 2
  3. 3. Uso: pubblico Enel Networks positioning Areas of presence in Distribution Businesses as of 2011 year-end •1,81 mln km lines •434.1 TWh Energy Distributed •61 mln connection points COLUMBIA • Second operator in distribution (24%)PERU • 2,4mln conn. points ROMANIA• Second operator in distribution (23%) • Second operator in distribution• 1,1 mln conn. points (30%) BRAZIL • 2,6 mln conn. • 5,6 mln conn. points pointsCHILE• First operator in distribution (32%) SPAIN• 1,6 mln conn. points ARGENTINA • First operator in distribution (35%) ITALY • Second operator in • 13 mln conn. points • First operator in distribution (16%) distribution (85%) • 2,3 mln conn. points • 31,6 mln active conn. points A global energy player with a leading position in strategic markets 3
  4. 4. Uso: pubblico Enel Network Management and Innovation Enel’s experience as DSO world reference Remote control in:  Satellite mapping of network  100% HV/MV substations assets (2.100)  Database of network events  <25% MV/LV substations (power outages, faults) (109.000) Network Asset  Optimization of network Advanced Neutral Grounding investments based on risk Automation Management analysis System Automatic fault clearing  Network maintenance procedures on 65% of Process optimization MV Lines reengineering  Over 32 mln in Italy Automatic  5.200 Enel teams connected Work Force via GPRS with GPS localization  13 mln new generation Meter meters in Spain Management  ENEL cartographic apps on  340 Mln/ year remote readings Management board  98% success rate  Mobile apps for all Field Operations State-of-the-art technologies and process optimization deliver value to our partners and stakeholders 4 4
  5. 5. Enel Operational Excellence: the Italian caseA 10 year path towards becoming the European benchmark • Quality of Services • Cost reduction • Customer Satisfaction • Efficiency in Maintenance • Optimization of Financial Resource Allocation 2010 (42 min, 48 €/Customer) 2011 QoS (minutes) Opex reduction: - 40 % Quality of service: +65 % 5
  6. 6. Smart Metering DeploymentKey Elements of Italian AMM Project 85 % of Electricity Distribution market in Italy Scope of Project 127 Regional operation units Over 32 Mln LV Meters in 5 years Devices 358.000 LV concentrators (LV-C) 8.000 palm-PC Used during massive replacement of meters Telegestore ® Project Team: 250 resources Resources 120 ICT Project technicians More than 3500 third-party installers Enel roll-out was a massive project requiring a strong and 6 dedicated organization
  7. 7. Uso: pubblico Enel Automatic Meter Solutions Italian pioneering and leadership for successful implementations 2001-today: Italy- over 32 mln Smart Meters installed and managed 2011-2015: Spain -13 mln Smart Meters deployment 403 Key Achievement:Remote activities & Readings 336 270 • 14 years ahead of EU targets(mln) 260 • 39+ MLN smart meters in 187 operation; 50+ MLN by 2015 142 • The largest AMM roll-out worldwide 96 19 15 • Flexible, reliable, field proven, 12 9 9 robust, secure 9 5.713 • Support to free Markets 3.50.9 • Smart Grids functionalities2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 9
  8. 8. Enel Automatic Meter ManagementCervantes Architecture PLC communication LV lines Head-end System MV/LV substation Control Center Public GPRS/GSM infrastructure
  9. 9. Main system features serving the DSODSO and Electric Power Systems •Remote meter reading •Remote work order management •Remote Load Profile reading and load limiting •Bad payers management •Tailored tariffs and TOU tariffs •Support of free market development – trader switching in real time and effective billing •LV quality monitoring and service quality data collecting for network management •Energy Balancing •Fraud detection tools (both onsite and from remote) •Modular: allows to chose only the functionalities needed •Scalable: adaptable to any size New tools for effective distribution operations management 9
  10. 10. Telegestore Figures Remote readings and operations Electronic Meters remotely Over 32 M Installations of Low managed Voltage connections Concentrators installed 372 K in MV/LV substations READINGS Monthly based 403 M Peack up to 10M/day Load profile 46 M Successful remote readings 99%* Switching 2,9 M OPERATIONS Contract management 3,6 M Peak up to of 300.000 /day Bad payers management 2,8 M Successful remote operations 95,1%* Total 9,3 M*Yearly Data Final ‘11 10
  11. 11. Impact on Business Low savingsYearly savings and quality of service High savings Field Operations and Logistics: • Average annual failure rate leading to meter substitution reduced to 0,3% (70% reduction) • Reduction of on-site interventions thanks to 99,7% success rate of remote operations and parameter modifications. • Manual activation and deactivation reduced by 99% • On-field readings reduced by 99% • Logistic costs reduced by 80% due to standardization of models (only three) Energy Losses: • Energy balance for ~25% of LV transformers is performed through a meter, positioned in areas as needed and sending antitamper signals for a focused and accurate fraud contrast. Credit Control and Management: • Remote deactivation of bad payers prohibits customers from continuing illicit consumption and increasing their own debt • Monthly readings improve correctness of energy balance and optimize cash flows Strong operating benefits delivering yearly savings of ~15 € per p.o.d. and only 2€ yearly opex per p.o.d. 11
  12. 12. ReferencesEnel Technology is the worldwide benchmark 4M meters (Italian DSOs) 175 k meters (Montenegro) > 32 M meters (Italy) 0,2 M meters (The Netherlands) Pilot Test (Russia) 0.8 M meters (Spain) Pilot Test 13 M meters (Hong Kong) (Spain) Pilot Test Pilot Test 0.25 M meters (Romania) (Brasil) (Malta) 12
  13. 13. Other Italian DSOs System Users from 2006Telegestore®: Promotion & Sales in Italy Utility Customers AEM Milano 950,000 AEM Torino 580,250 Trentino Servizi 575,000 ASM Brescia 294,250 Hera Modena 250,000 AGSM Verona 173,177 Acegas Trieste 140,510 Enia Parma 124,830 Deval 120,000 AIM Vicenza 75,020 AEM Cremona 47,015 Others 218,053 Over 32,000,000 (ENEL) TOTAL 3,548,105 + 3,500,000 (Others) = Standard de facto in Italy
  14. 14. Smart Grids in the WorldWorlwide initiatives for Smart Grids deployment Main Initiatives: ISGAN, launched by Major Economies Forum to keep high level government attention for technologies capable of cost effectively reducing GHGases. Italy co-leads with South Korea and the USA. GRIDWISE Alliance international forum aiming for a sustainable energy future through Smart Grids EDSO for Smart Grids international non-profit association of DSOs committed to the development of Smart Grids in Europe Green-eMotion international consortium of DSOs and research center developing an analytical method to evaluate the impact of a large scale introduction of EV and PHEV on the grid Address large-scale Integrated Project co-founded by the European Commission aiming at enabling the Active Demand in the Grids http://www.thefuturewillfollow.com/en/ 14
  15. 15. Enel Smart Grids VisionBuilding a smart Energy future Multi-directional ‘flows’ Storage and management Plug & Play technologies End-user real time information and participationElectric Vehicle charge system Central and distributed Intelligence Peaks shaving Smart equipment and power electronics LED Public Lighting Central and distributed resources integration Interact intelligently with all connected parties in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supply 15
  16. 16. Low Voltage Electronic Meters Type Description Certifications MID CERM1 Single phase meter equipped with 80A latching relay GOST CERT1 Polyphase meter equipped with 80A latching relay MID GOST ongoing Polyphase meter for semidirect connection (current MID GOST CERS1 transformers). ongoing Used for power higher than 30 kW, up to 400 kW.
  17. 17. CERM GOST Certifications CERM1CERT1 &CERS1(ongoing)
  18. 18. Consultancy Services Sharing our know-how in network technologies Enel is now putting its Smart & Metering vested experience in AMM network asset EV Recharging infrastructure management to use by offering consultancy services to other DSOs interested in optimizing Network Operations revenues while reducing operation costs. Public & Artistic Lighting & Remote Control Asset ManagementEnel is also engaged in many best practice sharing initiatives aimedtowards affilliate DSOs in Romania Spain, and Latin America. This hasgiven Enel the opportunity to comprehend other network practicesand contexts and transfer expertise. 18
  19. 19. Executive Summary  Enel is a global player and the European benchmark for efficiency, view and technologies  Enel is committed to efficiently delivering a sustainable, economical and secure electricity supply  Early deployment of Smart Meters has given Enel a competitive advantage in Smart Grids - there can be no smart grid without smart metering  Enel is leading the way towards Smart Grids pioneering and implementing innovative solutions  Enel leads international standardization bodies for Smart Grids Growth, innovation, global leadership 19