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живулин Big data_for_telco_overview

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM CorporationApril 25, 2013IBM Big Data Overviewfor TelcoPavel Zhivulin pzhivulin@ru.ibm.com
  2. 2. © 2013 IBM Corporation2Challenges facing Communications Service ProvidersData Growth Device GrowthInvestment Required Data ProfitabilityMobile as a Platform Enterprise and ConsumerMobile networks becoming a platform for applications.Android, HTML 5, iPhone,“By 2015, mobile Web technologies will haveadvanced sufficiently such that half of the applications thattoday would be written as native apps will be, instead,delivered as Web apps.” - Gartner 2009• Future Wireless enterprise applications require SmartApps at the edge of the network (Latency, QoS)• Smarter City, Smarter Healthcare• Smarter UtilityTransition from voice todata challengesprofitability, OTT servicesslice into profitabilityIndustry budgetsover $120B innetwork upgradesover the next 4yearsSmart Phone and MobileEntertainment applicationswill drive >10 to 30x mobiletraffic in next 6 yearsMachine to Machinecommunication hasbecome a multi-billion fastgrowing market, and willcontinue to grow 4x in 5years
  3. 3. © 2013 IBM Corporation377%of consumers interact withbrands on FacebookVolume Velocity VarietyBig Data Presents a Huge New Opportunity forCommunications Service Providers – if they canHarness itAnalyze social mediadata to improve adeffectiveness, researchand deploy new productsand servicesAnalyze entire Call DataRecord volume to deliverreports and ad-hoc analysison revenue, margins,network traffic and qualityAnalyze all types of customerinteraction information tomake retention offers thatprevent churnare images, video, documents…80% datagrowthcall detail records per day25billion**Average volume for a CSP with 40 million subscribers
  4. 4. © 2013 IBM Corporation4You could drive operationalinsights faster and scale upanalytics infrastructure withlower cost of ownership?You could identify networkbottlenecks faster to drive highernetwork performance and lowernetwork operating costs?You could predict which customersare likely to churn and take pro-active measures to retain them?Service Providers are Turning to Advanced Analytics toHarness Big Data to their AdvantageWhat if…T-Mobile did!What if…Bharti did!What if…Cablecom did!• Savings of over $6m+ annually oncost optimization of network• Savings of between $1m to $2mannually from just in time capacityinvestment• Complex Call Detail Record(CDR) analysis on 8B+ dailyrecords reduced fromhours/days to seconds• Reduced supportinginfrastructure to 1/8 thefootprint• Predicted consumer behaviorwith 78% accuracy• Reduced churn rate from19% to 2%IT / Business Analysts Network Operations Customer Service &Marketing
  5. 5. © 2013 IBM Corporation5ImprovedAnalyticsStructuredStreamingIBMStreamsReal Time Scoringand Response• Real time metricsanalysis and modeling• Ad targeting• Real time next best offer• Fraud detectionStreaming Structured or UnstructuredUnstructuredReportingand AnalyticsBig Data Architecture Map• Subscriber analysis• Network analysis• Financial reporting• Customer segmentation• Campaign managementFoundationalETL/ELTIBM NetezzaSalesPartnersContentEmployeeNetworkHandsetBandwidthServicesLocationSubscribersAMPUReporting and AnalyticsReportingand AnalyticsNetworkQueryable ArchiveStructuredImprovedAnalyticsExploration/DiscoveryUnstructured Data AnalyticsWebSocialCall CenterUnstructuredIBMBigInsightsBigSheetsNetworkWeb/social• Sentiment analysis• Location basedmarketing• Behavioral analysis• Micro customersegmentationReportingand Analytics
  6. 6. © 2013 IBM Corporation10BelgacomReduce campaign cycle time and time to marketChallengeBelgacom was experiencing severe performance issues on UnicaNetInsight related to underlying Oracle database that hadn’t beenresolved for months. Additional users couldn’t be catered for andthe operator was starting to question the Unica investment.SolutionConfigured the Unica platform to work with Netezza in one day.Loaded 7.5 months’ worth of data in started running reports. Dataloads reduced from 8 hours on Oracle are now taking only 90minutes on Netezza and all reports which were taking between 1 toto 3 hours to produce on Oracle now ran in under a minute.ResultsPerformance gain allowed new high value, high complexity queriesto be run that were previously impossible and train of thoughtanalysis has become possible. Users who were previouslyreluctant to use NetInsight because of poor performance are nowenthusiastic users and new complex queries which weren’t evenattempted on the previous platform are now available.Improving OnlineMarketing• Can now monitor each userinteraction with the portal,and assign a value to themarketing program thatbrings the visitor to the site• Better and faster targeting toimprove online interactions• New analytics that businessusers were only dreaming ofhave now become feasible
  7. 7. © 2013 IBM Corporation12European Wireless ProviderReal-time geo-fencing to deliver advanced data monetizationChallengeOperator had deployed targeted, SMS and MMS messaging-based“media” (including “branded content” and, more recently, mobilecoupons) to customers and wanted to extend this with geo-fencingadvertising capabilities. This will provide historic location data toenhance the existing service, and storage of location data for internalanalytics.SolutionIBM Streams will be the engine that discovers and reacts to location-sensitive events in real-time and the Netezza EDW will perform the at-rest analytics needed to determine the best models for the customer;the combined solution, along with other third party platforms willenable the operator to go beyond simple reaction to truly monetiselocation events and data.ResultsA future-proof platform that can be extended to support multipleadditional monetisation use cases which have the potential to delivertens of millions of Euros in significant and growing new revenuestreams over a few years.• Geo-fencing is just the start• Additional use casesleverage the ability toanalyse URLs in real timewith complex models foradvertising and customersegmentation and respondto changes in usage• The combination of real timeand at rest analytics givesoperators the ability tocreate and deploy newdifferentiating revenueearning models quickly, atscale and at low cost.
  8. 8. © 2013 IBM Corporation18European Triple Play ProviderReal-time video QoE management to improve satisfactionChallengeThe heavy usage of video in internet traffic consumption continues togrow; this triple-play service provider in France servicing millions ofADSL TV subscribers understood the importance of providing a betterQuality of Experience to their video customers and become moreproactive and efficient in their operations.SolutionThe operator acquired InfoSphere Streams to gather data from over2.5m set-top boxes at a rate of 10000 messages per second. UsingStreams to analyze the data, the results are then published to Cognosdashboards.ResultsThe operator is now able to identify and proactively act on issuesimpacting quality much faster than they could previously. KPIs areobserved in real-time such as audience by channel, MPEG error ratioby channel and network node enabling fast determination if problem iswith the encoding, a firmware or hardware issue with the set top boxor a problem with the network. Impacted customers are also identifiedfor action before the customer complains. By proactively managingthe environment in real time the operator is able to deliver a bettercustomer experience and improve customer loyaltyBy 2015, video is set torepresent 90% of internettraffic. CSPs need to:• Optimise their networkto lower networkinvestment costs andenhance QoE• Look at monetizingcontent deliverycapabilities andguaranteed QoE withOTT Service providers• Implement their own« TV Everywhere »strategy to increaserevenues and improvecustomer loyalty
  9. 9. © 2013 IBM Corporation19VerizonReal-time access to all customer and product data forhighly efficient call centersChallengeIn order to capture customer insight, steer the customer relationship,identify and capture new target customers and increase the value, callcenters must manage call volume efficiently, minimize average handletime (AHT) and enrich every customer interaction under increasinglytight operational budgets.SolutionVerizon quickly integrated Vivisimo’s Velocity Platform into all of theircall centers to seamlessly connect multiple data repositories andprovide agents with quick, one click fluid access to all organizationalinformation in a single unified view from one access point.ResultsVerizon’s 51,000 call center agents now do not answer any inboundcalls without first logging into Velocity and assuming one of theapproved roles as assigned by their supervisors. Agents only provideanswers that they retrieve directly from the call center applicationpowered by Velocity. With greater access to accurate, real-timeinformation, agents are more efficient and achieve a higher quality ofservice.• Delivered a scalable andreliable solution• Established 99.99% up timeand high performance atevery location• Connected customer dataacross multiple applicationsand sources• Improved customer service• Increased agent productivity• Ensured compliance with theindustry’s policies andregulations
  10. 10. © 2013 IBM Corporation23Challenge– Solution to store and analyze over 2 years worth of Call DetailRecords (CDRs), switch, billing and network event data for over30 million subscribers to identify and address network bottlenecksSolution– Analyze over 17 billion events per day to provide business userswith network Quality of Experience (QoE) analytics, trafficengineering, dropped session analytics as well as voice and datasession analytics.– Business users can perform ad-hoc network and traffic analysis toidentify performance issues in seconds and address them fasterResults– Ability to get network performance and customer insight acrossentire network (2G, 3G, 4G) in minutes and on demand– Unlocked monetization and cost reduction value in network dataacross the enterprise (Marketing, Customer Care, Finance,Network, etc.)– 8:1 reduction in data warehouse administrative staff– Data quality improved to 99.99+%Building Smarter Networks at T-Mobile“We load 17 billionrecords a day and wehave 150 thousand ELTprocesses a day serving1,300 customers withdirect access through aweb interface, and all ofthese things aremaintained by a tinyteam under the umbrellaof T-Mobile.”– Christine Twiford, Manager ofNetwork Technology Solutions
  11. 11. © 2013 IBM Corporation24Entry Points to the Big Data PlatformBI /ReportingBI /ReportingExploration /VisualizationFunctionalAppIndustryAppPredictiveAnalyticsContentAnalyticsAnalytic ApplicationsIBM Big Data PlatformSystemsManagementApplicationDevelopmentVisualization& DiscoveryAcceleratorsInformation Integration & GovernanceHadoopSystemStreamComputingDataWarehouseVolume, VarietyInfoSphere BigInsights• Cost-effectively processand analyze any type ofdataVelocityInfoSphere Streams• Analyze data-in-motionto produce insights inmicro-secondsVisibilityIBM Vivisimo• Understand, find, andnavigate federated bigdataVolumeLogical data warehouse• Purpose-built offerings• High-performanceappliances and softwareVeracityIBM InfoSphere• Trusted information• Parallel processing forhigh-volume integration
  12. 12. © 2013 IBM Corporation25Communications Service Provider Big Data analytics solutions andcapabilitiesLearn More ...Deliver smarter services thatgenerate new sources of revenueTransform operations to achievebusiness & service excellence• Social Media Insight• Customer Profile Monetization• Next Best Action• Optimized Service Assurance• Fraud Detection• Revenue Leakage Prevention• Network Intelligence• Network Analytics &OptimizationBuild smarter networks
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