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Mike Alcorn presentation

  1. 1. U.S. Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security Office of Antiterrorism Assistance Program Michael C. Alcorn – Cyber Training Program Manager
  2. 2. DS/ATA Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 3 Created by U.S. Congress in 1983 Provide antiterroism assistance to strengthen bilateral ties between U.S. and foreign allies. Provide training and equipment to deter terrorism. Trained over 57,000 people from 151 countries since 1984 Implemented by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Operates through U.S. Embassies
  3. 3. Course Offerings Response Management Investigations Major Case Management Terrorist Crime Scene Investigations Fraudulent Travel Documents Intro to Digital Forensics and Investigations Investigative Information Management Border Control Management Critical Incident Management Senior Crisis Management Combatting Domestic and Transnational Terrorism Executive Seminar on Digital Investigations Explosive Incident Countermeasures Canine Explosive Detector Course Crisis Response Team Training Weapons of Mass Destruction Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 4
  4. 4. Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 5 Enter your own text here ATA Cyber Training Program
  5. 5. ATA Cyber Training Mission Provide skills-based investigative, policy, IT security training and equipment to partner nations that culminates in a tangible and long-term increase in their ability to mitigate cyber threats from terrorists and criminals. Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 6
  6. 6. Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 7 Jordan Thailand Kenya Turkey Kazakhstan Morocco Trinidad Colombia Senegal Uganda Egypt Indonesia Malaysia India Pakistan Georgia
  7. 7. ATA Cyber Training Timeline Office of Antiterrorism Assistance Equipment grants and capacity building became the norm. Regional information sharing and terrorist use of the internet conferences began. Program started with single cyber terrorism overview course. Cellular forensics, Internet and audio/video forensics courses developed. Program shifted to become more hands-on in nature. 8
  8. 8. Create and enhance awareness among top level government and law enforcement executives. Provide expertise in the prosecution of cyber crime. Promote regional and global information exchange and collaboration. Provide first responder and incident response training. Provide guidance on basic investigative skills and evidence preservation. Progress country from basic to advanced computer forensics. Establish professional networking among international peers. Assist with staffing, training, and operating procedures. Nexus between CERTS and law enforcement. Provide fundamental IT Administrative and network security training. IT Security Three Areas of Focus Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 9 Law Enforcement Executive and Policy Level
  9. 9. ATA Cyber Training Process Step 1 Conduct cyber assessments and establish relatinships. Establish senior level awareness and buy-in to broad training strategic plan. Step 2 Deliver courses related to basic evidence recognition and seizure. Establish train-the-trainer program. Provide enabling equipment grant - operationalize Step3 Provide basic, intermediate and advanced technical skills – Hands-on forensics, investigative skills, network security. Cyber unit management training. Step4 Provide prosecutorial training. Professional networking and regional integration. Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 10
  10. 10. Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 11
  11. 11. Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 12
  12. 12. Executive Seminar on Digital Investigations and Security Cyber Awareness Seminar for Prosecutors Regional Conference Terrorist Use of the Internet Cyber Unit Management Consultation – Washington D.C. Identification and Seizure of Digital Evidence Introduction to Digital Forensics and Investigations Proactive Internet Investigations Course Cellular Communication Forensic Consultation Digital Forensic Grant and Consultation Advanced Digital Forensic Consultation Cyber Unit Management Consultation Encase and FTK training and certification courses Audio/Video Forensics Consultation Fundamentals of Network Security Information Security Technology Consultation CERT and Law Enforcement Forum ATA Cyber Courses IT Security Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 13 Law Enforcement Executive and Policy Level
  13. 13. Regional Conference on Terrorist Use of the Internet Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 14 Three-Day Event – Senior Law Enforcement, Legislators, and Government Officials Create and foster regional relationships among the participating countries. Emphasize the importance of regional and eventual global multilateral collaboration in combating terrorist use of the Internet. Suggest and discuss specific regional policies and strategies essential to disciplined information sharing, building of critical relationships, investigatory and prosecutorial cooperation and resource sharing.  Develop a useful, cost-effective model that can be replicated in other regions, and that can contribute to an eventual globally-connected network.
  14. 14. Sustainment Establish productive and trusting relationships at all levels. Provide channels of communication to key law enforcement and U.S. based corporations. Provide organizational advice and global perspective on cyber issues. 15
  15. 15. Questions & Answers Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 16
  16. 16. Thank you! Contact U.S. Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security Office of Antiterrorism Assistance Michael C. Alcorn Cyber Training Program Manager Phone: 1-571-236-3272 Email: alcornm@state.gov 2230 Gallows Road Dunn Loring, Virginia 22027 USA Office of Antiterrorism Assistance 17
  17. 17. Cybercrime A Global Overview of the Role of “Borderless Partnerships” in assisting Law Enforcement and Public Safety efforts.
  18. 18. Since we are dealing with human beings-LET’S NOT FORGET… The Seven Deadly sins of Anger, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony and Lust all exist in the ‘online’ world and have been automated and magnified……basically the GLOBALIZATION OF CRIME over the Internet has occurred….and is accelerating. There are almost no ‘new crimes’ under the sun….just new twists….like exploiting trust electronically…
  19. 19. Would YOU click on this email if it were sent to you from a “Trusted Source”-like your lawyer?
  20. 20. If you did, your bank account details, then your money, went on a world tour...all in 10 minutes. Ukraine Ghana Seychelles No Cyber crime law or extradition treaty for Cyber Crimes exists in many countries but GREAT Internet Connections and Electronic Funds Transfer networks are everywhere!
  21. 21. FBI Threat Focus Cell model used to leverage global co-operation Largest computer intrusion threat to US financial industry – past 21 months Financial Threat Focus Cell Pending cases: 390 Attempted losses: $220 million Actual losses: $70 million Trident BreACH – three prong approach - Virus/Malware creators - Malware exploiters / Core organizers - Money Mule organizations
  22. 22. Global Reach of ACH Fraud 390 $220M $70M 300+ 3500+ Total FBI cases: Attempted loss: Actual loss: Victims: Mules: mule organization malware coder/malware exploiters victims Law Enforcement Response To Date: United States: 92 charged and 39 arrested United Kingdom: 20 arrested and 8 search warrants Ukraine: 5 detained and 8 search warrants A classic case of Global Co-Operation.
  23. 23. Excellent Multi-Agency Partnerships IC3-www.ic3.gov-Internet Crime Complaint Center, a collaboration between FBI, Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National White Collar Crime Center. DHS-US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) and the G-First portal FBI-Department of State Anti-Terrorism Assistance Cyber outreach and training initiatives globally. U.S.S.S. Electronic Crimes Task Forces in 24 regions around the the U.S.
  24. 24. The worlds Electronic Economy and communications networks have become fully borderless. ….Yet all criminal and civil laws of every nation state are defined by national borders…. High Speed-High Bandwidth Internet connectivity is expanding rapidly to all corners of the earth. Second and Third world nations have jumped past landlines and are installing 3G and 4G wireless networks-Africa is on the cusp of the Internet revolution….
  25. 25. Remember when Africa seemed really, really far away…. Don’t worry, Africa is coming to you and can instantly be in your ‘electronic’ back yard…or living in your computer at work or home.
  26. 26. African Undersea Cables Latest update: 17 Aug 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  27. 27. African FBI Legal Attaches
  28. 28. How many FBI Agents do you think are posted on the entire African Continent?? On a good day…maybe 20. Add to that maybe another 10 Other U.S. Government Law Enforcement Agency personnel….to cover 56 countries in Africa. Geography and mathematics alone dictate that ‘we’ must work closely with local law enforcement agencies and develop effective and efficient partnerships.
  29. 29. The Virtual Jihad: Terrorist Use of the Internet
  30. 30. Exploitation of Internet-Based Technologies Why terrorists use the Internet Fast Easy access Broad audience Little or no regulation or censorship Rich multimedia environment Inexpensive Anonymous Internet is a battlefield in the Global War on Terrorism Internet tools and services enhance terrorist capabilities Communication Command and control Propaganda and psychological warfare Radicalization and recruitment Training Operational planning Fundraising
  31. 31. Successful U.S. led Global Coordination efforts The established group of 8 (G8)- 24 hour/7 day a week network contact list links national police agencies or Justice ministry officials-currently 54 countries out of 187 countries represented by Interpol actively participate. DHS-USCERT has taken the lead in coordinating with over 20 national CERT’s globally to share actionable intelligence, threat vectors and mitigation strategies. FBI has 62 Legal Attache offices worldwide, staffed with between 2 and 6 Agents. They are the liaisons for US and Interpol law enforcement requests. USSS has 17 offices overseas.
  32. 32. Americas
  33. 33. Asia
  34. 34. Eurasia
  35. 35. Europe
  36. 36. Middle East
  37. 37. American Law Enforcement and Public Safety authorities cannot succeed without the active support, cooperation and technical assistance of other Law Enforcement Agencies around the world.