Digital Film Distribution


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Digital Film Distribution

  1. 1. Presented by: SVITLANA LUTZ @SvitlanaLutz UCLA /Digital Entertainment Media
  2. 2. Your Tour Guide… WWW.SVITLANALUTZ.COM
  3. 3.  Who are we making a movie for? Is the potential audience large enough to return a profit?  How do we convince them to watch it / buy DVDs / buy a download? How and how much would it cost to reach out our target audience?  What is our sales & marketing strategy? What is our movie sales funnel? How many sales to break even? [Study sales projections: Know what the market is paying.]
  4. 4. Movie Website
  5. 5.  - People share interesting web pages with other Stumblers as well as Facebook and Twitter friends. - StumbleUpon Paid Discovery System allows you to target the right audience and deliver the traffic directly to your site.  - Users share their favorite websites across the web. If someone bookmarks your website or trailer, chances are good that your movie may be discovered by other people.
  6. 6. Traditional standard theatrical release models as well as DVD sales channels are being replaced by video on demand platforms.
  7. 7. TRANSACTIONAL VOD (TVOD) (iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, PlayStation) SUBSCRIPTION VOD (SVOD) “all you can eat preposition” (Netflix Watch Instantly, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, HBO) AD-SUPPORTED VOD (AVOD) (Youtube, Dailymotion,Vimeo,Hulu, Metacafe) CABLE VOD (Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications)
  8. 8. Use online aggregators. iTunes has some of the highest standards for encoding. iTunes pays out to filmmakers quarterly. ONLNE AGGREGATOR
  9. 9. Sign up for a free account at INDIE FILM DISTRIBUTION ENTERPRISE DVD On Demand Amazon Instant Video CreateSpace for Film Studios Sell as: VOD rental, VOD download, DVD or combination of all three. Disc On-Demand Program
  10. 10. NETFLIX MOVIE REQUIREMENTS GETTING YOUR PRODUCT ON NETFLIX Critique & Audience Appeal Buzz Over 60 minutes Potential for a wider audience appeal Distribber The whole process takes about two weeks. The filmmakers retain all rights for their film & get 100% of the revenue from the Netflix license, usually a one or two year contract.
  11. 11.  Hulu makes money through ads and by selling $8 per month Hulu Plus subscriptions.  They pay filmmakers a portion of the advertising revenue.  Hulu is good for promoting a documentary or a niche specific title.  Getting your title in this platform requires working with an aggregator who can make a pitch to Hulu on your behalf.
  12. 12. SEARCH: GOOGLE LOVES VIDEOS Post trailers, clips, teasers on Google +. Create your own YouTube Station:  Market videos and integrate with call-to-actions.  Sign up for YouTube Partner Program (It’s free). As a YouTube Partner, you will join a global community.  Get an AdSense Account. This account allows you to place advertisement on your website.
  13. 13. HAVE STRONG AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT AND HEAVY, TARGETED INTERNET TRAFFIC? SELL PRODUCTS FROM YOUR WEBSITE. The platform has a strong social media component. It promotes word of mouth advertising and social sharing. Whenever someone shares a movie, they are also sharing the online shop where you can: pay to watch the full movie immediately, order a DVD, buy a download, find out where you can see the film in your local cinema, and share the shopping experience.
  14. 14. splits sales 70/30. With 70% going to the filmmaker and 30% going to iTunes. For example, when iTunes sells a film for $9.99, $7 of that goes to the filmmaker. Note: The aggregator may take a portion of this depending on their business model or they may just charge you a flat fee for getting it up there. pays the filmmaker 50% of what they collect. You get paid by direct deposit every month. purchases a license for your film for 1 or 2 years. They can play your film as many times as they like during that period of time. Licensing fees vary on a film by film basis. streams films for free but 50% of the advertising revenue goes to the filmmaker. You set the price for viewing of your content over a rental period and upon clicking a person is offered the opportunity to stream your film at a cost. They do a 70/30 split similar to iTunes.
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