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The real Breaking Bad: Underfunded, underutilized and undervalued, non-profit communications disaster recovery. Find out how to clean up other people’s failed efforts and get on to the job at ...

The real Breaking Bad: Underfunded, underutilized and undervalued, non-profit communications disaster recovery. Find out how to clean up other people’s failed efforts and get on to the job at hand. Learn how to clean up the mess, build strategy and get buy-in, in 60 minutes or less. Learn from feedback from non-profit marketing and communications leaders from across North America.



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    June 9 MarComForum presentation June 9 MarComForum presentation Presentation Transcript

    • @stevevirtue
    • Non-Profit Disaster 
 Communications Recovery @stevevirtue
    • the real Non-Profit Disaster 
 Communications Recovery @stevevirtue
    • I do not, nor have I ever participated in the development, distribution or marketing of methamphetamine or similar substance Quasi-Legal Disclaimer @stevevirtue
    • Is this your communications 
 program? @stevevirtue
    • the crowd Cory Richards ! c/o Mashable
    • ! ! 1. brand rebuild 2. c-suite buy in 3. plan, execute & measure the promise @stevevirtue
    • @stevevirtue
    • the resume @stevevirtue
    • @stevevirtue
    • It’s not about me It’s about you Turn around, meet someone. This isn’t wisdom, it’s just my experience. This podium is yours next year. You’re here, you have a problem. Commit to fixing it.
    • @stevevirtue
    • resourceful adaptive dynamic skilled ! ! Cooking is Art! creative responsive perform under pressure Meth lab = Communicators? @stevevirtue
    • Legionnaires Disease Hostage Situations Labour Relations Issues Salmonella Poisoning Lead in the Water Student Injuries Streptococcus Labour Relations Bell Times Meningitis Bomb Threats Predators Hepatitis A & B Lumber Jacking Stolen Candy Flood Rabid Bats Fire Student Deaths Mould Bus Accidents • Suicide School Closures Construction Delays • Murder Crumbling Buildings Sexual Assaults • Accidental EQAO Misappropriation of funds • Medical Abused Students Environmentally sensitive land sale @stevevirtue
    • the
    • the 1) break out into small groups (3-5) 2) talk about your biggest challenges 3) what are the most important things you do 4) define your allies & antagonists
    • the @stevevirtue
    • Communications was operated off the side of the desk   There was no strategy Website was all about the organization but needed to promote the sector No effort to prepare and share key messages to support members No outreach to other groups who could be useful for intelligence 
 gathering and collaboration the experts What did you inherit? @stevevirtue
    • the experts What did you do? I talked to stakeholder groups to gain a sense of what they thought Evaluated whatever data I had or get get my hands on Determine priorities I think achieving a culture shift internally about how we needed to communicate and who and why we needed to communicate with was a bigger challenge than the external effort @stevevirtue
    • ! who you have what you have what you want what you need Evaluate your surroundings ! your allies your detractors your parameters your authority @stevevirtue
    • If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito. - Anonymous
    • Little brands, big brands me, us, we, them
    • @stevevirtue
    • Brand: ! “it’s what they say about you when you’re not in the room” @stevevirtue
    • there was no brand completely derelict no one knew what brand was there was a brand strategy, but no one adhered to it I would rather have started from scratch than the place I was in the experts What was the state of your brand? @stevevirtue
    • the experts What did you do? talk to everyone you can start with the basics of brand management and rebuild it took a huge effort to explain the value of branding but people needed something to hang on to - and the brand strategy was it we paired our brand strategy with a strategyc planning process that aligned well - it wasn’t easy but it in the end, the effort was totally worth it @stevevirtue
    • the boardroom @stevevirtue
    • the Challenge inform & protect ! what we do is easy ! strategy - not products @stevevirtue
    • “Communication is everyone’s panacea for everything.”
 - Tom Peters ! @stevevirtue
    • “We just didn’t market this properly” “That reporter is a hack, clearly biased.” “How do we make this go viral?” “Why didn’t we get in the Globe/Post this week?” “Let’s make sure we review and edit quotes before the piece is published?” @stevevirtue
    • Your role isn’t to create press releases, social media and website content. @stevevirtue
    • Your role is to add value to corporate imperatives and provide strategic counsel @stevevirtue
    • the experts I tested messaging and strategy on the executive team. Mostly I had to sell them on taking a new approach  ! I think achieving a culture shift internally about how, with who and why we needed to communicate with was a bigger challenge than the external effort ! To make others believe in the 'should be' you first have to start internally. Once you've gathered support, lay out a step-by-step plan of action for execution ! Program metrics are invaluable to your success @stevevirtue
    • Link strategy to objectives Know their agenda Use metrics Set timeline expectations Be an expert Win in the Boardroom @stevevirtue
    • THe Path Forward! The Path Forward @stevevirtue
    • "Edison’s electric light did not come about from the continuous improvement of the candle” Oren Harari @stevevirtue
    • There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. - Peter Drucker @stevevirtue
    • Stop ! Start ! Continue the plan @stevevirtue
    • What needs to Change?
    • redefine execution @stevevirtue 1,500 = $20.00 250,000 = $ 00.12
    • No one has enough money.. ! Divide your audience into segments to ensure your program is as effective as possible - and to use your resources wisely. define segments @stevevirtue
    • @stevevirtue
    • Improve your Assets Step up your game Change the communications paradigm Improve your content Focus on quality, credibility and authority
    • @stevevirtue
    • @stevevirtue
    • @stevevirtue
    • @stevevirtue
    • the experts The most important thing we did was undergo a real strategic planning exercise on our mandate from members, and how we should be delivering it ! There has been a tendency to build plans around issues and how to address them but not planning that looks at who we are and why and how. ! You will always have an element of reactive communications but take time and do some real, substantial planning for proactive messages. @stevevirtue
    • Find the green lights ! Think big, even with small 
 budgets! Avoid the toxins! Build a plan, share the plan,
 measure ! Be at the table when the money
 is being divided ! ! final ideas @stevevirtue@stevevirtue
    • summer reading @stevevirtue
    • @stevevirtue
    • @stevevirtue! ! about.me/stevevirtue! !