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Here is the 2010 Lacrosse team of Huntington Park High school. This year they made history by winning 7 games and losing 3 of the in tier session.

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  1. 1. Here we have the 2010 Huntington Park Lacrosse team. All committed to put their heart and soul into this sport. Here we have Richard a senior that is playing lacrosse this year. He has left his mark here on this sport and that is something that everyone is going to remember in the team is that he would always go in and play with all his heart and gave it all he had. He we have Gus he is one of the Defense players this year and he is going to go on next year playing in the sport for Huntington park and hopefully he trains the other defenders well for next year. He we have max one of the craziest player in the team. He was one of the crazies because it did not matter how bad he got hurt or beat he would charge right in and try to score. He we have Angel and Miguel both were in charge of different areas of the team. Angel was in charge of all the attack men that had to score so he made sure that their shots were fast enough and accurate. Then we have Miguel who was in charge of the whole team. Here we have Jr. and Jon both brothers and they both work hard through the season and they both but time and effort to make it to the tame. Then here we have the couch Jimenez he made sure that every one was doing the drill right and made sure that we had a very good practice and that every one gave it their all. Then here we have Freddy one of the players that had to quite because of family matters he had to take care of but we still considered part of the team. Here we have Ivan and we always wonder what type of person he is and we found out that he is a very mellow person and when he wants
  2. 2. to try. Then we have he Juan, Screech, and Silva working hard and looking good doing it. Here we have some of the team just hanging around the fence just doing nothing but posing for the camera. Then here we have the 2010 Huntington Park lacrosse team Challenging future generation to beat the record of 7 and 3 and try to score more then 19 goals in a game against south gate and Jordon high school.