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Manila seminar
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Manila seminar


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  • These are our new part-time students of the class of 2012.
  • These are our new part-time students of the class of 2012.
  • Japan has work with other Asian countriesJapan has oldest companies in the world, stable work environment
  • Compare to singaporehongkong, short term
  • According to the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japanese companies serve more than 70% of the worldwide market in at least 30 technology sectors worth more than $1 billion a piece.
  • According to German academic, Stefan Lippert, Japan like many other countries, has numerous "Hidden Champions".  These are world market leaders who are known by only a handful of experts.  Their annual revenues range from a mere $50 million to some $3 billion.  Many of them have global market shares of over 50 percent; some hold as much as 70 or 90 percent. On average they are more than twice the size of their strongest competitors. They are the vanguard of globalization. Examples:In specialized engineering, Shimano earns around $1.5 billion a year by supplying 60-70% of the world's bicycle gears and brakes.  Around 75% of motors for hard-disk drives in computers come from a firm called Nidec, while 90% of the micro-motors used to adjust the rear-view mirror in every car are made by Mabuchi.
  • We also have professional seminars where you get to meet top business leaders in Japan.
  • We have over 50 venture companies in our portfolio at our venture capital arm at GLOBIS.
  • Subsiduaries in Asia or USA etc….
  • This is my class. We graduated last Sunday.Some of us are already working abroad, or have changed jobs recently.
  • Transcript

    • 1. GLOBIS MBA: Manila Info Session“Meet our Filipino students and graduate!” Monday, November 12, 2012 The MBA at GLOBIS is committed to developing“Visionary Leaders who create and innovate societies”
    • 2. Time Schedule19:00: Short Introduction to GLOBIS19:15: Speech by Mr. Roderick Enriquez19:30: Q&A with Mr. Roderick Enriquez20:00: Break20:15: GLOBIS MBA Information20:35: Admissions Details & Scholarships20:45: Q&A Session with MBA Admission Staff 2
    • 3. What is GLOBIS?
    • 4. 199220 students
    • 5. 2012Over 7,000 students
    • 6. About GLOBIS - History Began Accredited by Publishing the Japanese Government Original MBA Leicester (UK) English programFounded in Joint MBA open-enrollment in Japanese Part-time Tokyo Program courses (GDBA) MBA program 1992 1993 1996 1998 2003 2004 2006 2008 2009 2012 Osaka Ranked No. 1 in Online Campus Nikkei Career Magazine education Corporate Ranked No.3 Full-time Education in Nikkei Sangyo, MBA Nagoya campus, program Venture Executive education Capital 6
    • 7. GLOBIS is No. 1: Largest MBA in Japan8,000- Red = MBA students Blue = non-degree students6,000- Number of 437 MBA students 3504,000- 2502,000- 150 50 0 1992 2006 2000 2012 2006 2012 7
    • 8. Current and Past MBA students chose GLOBISNo.1 in East Japan and No.2 in West Japan Source: Nikkei Survey , July 2012 8
    • 9. GLOBIS President Yoshito Hori GLOBIS was founded by a man with a dream of a better Japan, a better world. Mr. Yoshito Hori 9
    • 10. President/ GLOBIS Founder Hori  Chairman and CEO, GLOBIS Group  Harvard Business School (MBA), Kyoto University BS (Engineering)  Founded Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) Japan Chapter, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Region  Author of many books, including  Visionary Leaders who Create and Yoshito Hori President, GLOBIS University Innovate Societies, and My Personal Managing Partner, Mission Statement GLOBIS Capital Partners 10
    • 11. Entrepreneur & Global Leader Speaker, Moderator at the World Economic Forum 11
    • 12. Entrepreneur & Global Leader Speaker, Moderator at the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul Lively debate with Mr. Masayoshi Son, August 2011 12
    • 13. Entrepreneur & Global Leader Philanthropist, volunteer, entrepreneur 13
    • 14. President Hori’s Mission Develop “Visionary Leaders who Create and Innovate Societies” 14
    • 15. To become a Visionary Leader, you need … Personal Mission Personal Business Network Skills 15
    • 16. Personal MissionDiscover your true purpose in life and your career path to realize it. We call it “kokorozashi” in Japanese We believe that the personal mission you willdevelop at GLOBIS will bethe compass for your MBA journey and life after that. 志 16
    • 17. International Student BodyMeet ourStudents 18
    • 18. A true Global Environment in Tokyo 19
    • 19. A true Global Environment in Tokyo Part-time MBA Class of 2012 20
    • 20. A true Global Environment in Tokyo Full-time MBA Class of 2012 21
    • 21. Beyond a Business SchoolExecutive/Corporate Education
    • 22. Beyond a Business SchoolVenture Capital 23
    • 23. IMBA Curriculum: Proven School Beyond a Business Success 1,300,000 24
    • 24. The GLOBIS DifferencePersonal Mission Entrepreneurship Practicality 25
    • 25. Speech byMr. Roderick Enriquez 26
    • 26. Time for a Break! 27
    • 27. Time Schedule19:00: Short Introduction to GLOBIS19:15: Speech by Mr. Roderick Enriquez19:30: Q&A with Mr. Roderick Enriquez20:00: Break20:15: GLOBIS MBA Information20:35: Admissions Details & Scholarships20:45: Q&A Session with MBA Admission Staff 28
    • 28. 29
    • 29. 30
    • 30. 31
    • 31. Is it easy getting ajob in Japan? Expect many challenges… it’s not as easy as it sounds! 32
    • 32. Very hard to get work visas in mostJapan (paperwork, legal issues..)Very competitive to find a well-paid jobs(Local competition, Korean, Chinese,…)Many employers require you to speakJapaneseCompanies require exceptional skill-sets 33
    • 33. How can youget a footin the door? 34
    • 34. An MBA can! 35
    • 35. The many benefits of the MBA- Gain new skills- Expand network- Reinvent yourself- Break glass ceilings- Earn more salary- More responsibilities- Access to new industries- Find jobs worldwideMake use of the many benefits of the MBA! 36
    • 36. An MBA in Asia?Where? 37
    • 37. This isJapan! 38
    • 38. Facts about Japan? Largest developed economy in Asia Leading Nation for Innovation & Technology (Global Tech Index, Global Economic Power Index) Third most peaceful country in the world (Global Peace Index 2011) 39
    • 39. Why Japan?Most experience doing business in AsiaKnowledge center, innovation hub of the worldManagement principles used worldwideHighly-efficient transportation system andinfrastructureThe first developed country in Asia, major contributor to Asia’s past & future growth 40
    • 40. Home to theoldestcompaniesin the world.Stable, andpeaceful. 41
    • 41. The average lifespan of a company listed in theS&P 500 index of leading US companies hasdecreased by more than 50 years in the lastcentury, from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15years today. In Japan, there are more than 20,000 companies that are more than 100 years old, with a handful that are more than 1,000 years old. Tokyo Shoko Research.
    • 42. Japanese valueharmony, look at thingsfrom a long-termperspective.They focus on a centralbelief or credo that is nottied solely to making aprofit. 43
    • 43. One ofthe mostadvanced,creativecountries inthe world! 44
    • 44. Japan’s Hidden Champions  Annual Revenues $50 million to $3 billion  Many have global market shares over 50%  Some hold as much as 70 or 90%  Twice the size of strongest competitors  Over 200 companies discovered!
    • 45. Old Japan New Japan- Electronic Goods - IT Industry- Car Industry - Consumer Goods- Trading Companies - Travel Industry… … Entrepreneurs
    • 46. The rise ofentrepreneurs-The earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear disaster thatfollowed compelled many Japanese to take anincreasingly uncertain future into their own hands.- Sprouting seeds of entrepreneurship back in Japan,cultivated by the emergence of Tokyo-based incubators- More foreign entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs fightingsocial challenges Japan is going back to its entrepreneurial roots!
    • 47. Japan is atrendsetter,a window tothe future!
    • 48.  Matured Economy Aging Society Declining Birthrate Post-modern Economy, SocietyAdvances in robotics,healthcare, pharmaceuticalIndustry etc.
    • 49. See the futureof Singapore,Hong Kong,Taiwan andothers in JapanLearn from Japan’s failuresand successes
    • 50. A fantasticcountry tolive in! It’ssafe, clean,friendly, andefficient.
    • 51. Where shouldyou go in Japan? 52
    • 52. What is Tokyo?Largest Metropolitan area of the world(35,000,000 people)Largest Urban Economy in the world(2008 GDP = US$ 1,479 trillion)Has the most Fortune Global 500 companies(Hosts 48 companies)Third largest Financial Center in the world(3rd largest stock exchange by aggregate marketcapitalization) International Financial Centers Development Index
    • 53. A uniquemetropolis 54
    • 54. Tokyo Sky Tree (tallest tower in the world)ModernSafeClean 55
    • 55. Shop, eat,relax, andhave fun inTokyo’samazingcities! 56
    • 56. How do I get there? 57
    • 57. GLOBIS can help you with your future career in Asia, Japan. 58
    • 58. CurriculumThe GLOBISMBA  Curriculum  Faculty  Students  Activities, Services  Career 59
    • 59. The GLOBIS Curriculum 60
    • 60. The GLOBIS CurriculumBuildyour foundation Critical Thinking Business Presentation Quantitative Analysis for Business 61
    • 61. The GLOBIS Curriculum Basic & Applied Courses Marketing & Strategy Organizational Behavior & HRM Accounting & Finance 62
    • 62. The GLOBIS CurriculumSpecializeyourself  Creation: Venture Management  Innovation: Strategic Reorganization  Global/Asia: Global Perspectives 63
    • 63. The GLOBIS Curriculum Develop your personal mission Leadership Development Ethics & Values Entrepreneurial Leadership Keiei Dojo (Focus on developing your inner self) 64
    • 64. The GLOBIS Curriculum Exchanges with the Japanese MBA Exchange up to 12 credits Same curriculum for both programs Expand your network! 65
    • 65. Faculty with Practical Experience Meet our Faculty 66
    • 66. Faculty: Passion and Excellence Top Business Professionals • Relevant and substantial business experience as international leaders • Many have MBA degrees from top business schools Excellent Facilitation Skills • Enable students to cross the line between “knowing” and “doing” Passion for Students’ Learning • Dedicated to students’ growth and success 67
    • 67. Events& Activities 68
    • 68. Activities to Develop Your Personal MissionTopSeminars Tina Seelig What I wish I knew John Wood when I was 20 Room to Read 69
    • 69. Activities to Develop Your Personal Mission Norio Murakami Former President Google JapanProfessionalSeminars 70
    • 70. Activities to Develop Your Personal Mission Nik Gowing BBC World News G1 GLOBAL Conference 71
    • 71. Activities to Develop Your Personal Mission ASKA Conference 72
    • 72. Networking ActivitiesExchanges withTop B-SchoolsCEIBSDarden Business School (U. of Virginia)Columbia Business SchoolHaas School of Business, University ofCalifornia Berkeley 73
    • 73. Networking ActivitiesNetworking Events 74
    • 74. Networking ActivitiesClub activities GINOBUS International Leadership Genki Kids Club GLOBIS Kids Club Business Japanese & English Dojo Club MBAs for Tohoku 75
    • 75. How can we helpwith your career? 76
    • 76. We help you acquire new skills 77
    • 77. InterviewsCV WritingNegotiationFacilitationPresentation Language! 78
    • 78. We give you job opportunities 79
    • 79. Jobs Research ProjectsInternships Special Courses 80
    • 80. Career SupportOur Career Serviceswill support you in finding your ideal job!Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4Examine yourself, and Research industries, Experience various Decide where youlearn how to market companies you’re companies, find out want to workyourself interested in what you like Career orientation Career fairs Internships Resume review Business presentation Company Introductions Research Project Personal Career Counseling / Mock interviews etc Courses related to developing personal mission (Leadership Development etc)
    • 81. What companies could you work for? 82
    • 82. Strong connection withJapanese leading companies 83
    • 83. Strong connection with Venture Companies in JapanStrong Ties With Venture Companies 84
    • 84. Partnerships with Western and Japanese CompaniesPartnerships with Western Companies 85
    • 85. How did we obtain these partners? Corporate Mentorship Program• On-site visits• Special courses• Corporate research projects• Campus Job Fair• Internships and job opportunities 86
    • 86. Current List of CMP PartnersAEON Co., Ltd. Omron CorporationA.T. Kearney K.K. ORIX CorporationBayer Holding Ltd. PfizerBoehringer Ingelheim PHILIP MORRIS JAPANCyberAgent, Inc. K.K.Eli Lilly Japan K.K. PwC Japan TaxGE Japan Corporation Rakuten, Inc.Hilti Corporation Ricoh Company, Ltd.Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. Co., Ltd.Johnson & Johnson K.K. Sumitomo MitsuiLawson, Inc. Banking CorporationMcKinsey & Company Van Cleef & Arpels 87
    • 87. Where will you be working? Japan? Asia? EU/USA?You decide, we support you… 88
    • 88. Some of our Alumni Before Before Manager at Sumitomo Sales Executive in Recruiting Corporation in Japan Agency in Japan After After Dispatched to Malaysia Head of Operation of a new international business Before Before Worked for an Architect in Nigeria IT Company After After Project Manager at a Founder of his own construction firm in Nigeria business And many more students are working globally and contributing to society! 89
    • 89. Graduating Class of 2012 90
    • 90. Curriculum Students Faculty Activities & Services91
    • 91. Time Schedule19:00: Short Introduction to GLOBIS19:15: Speech by Mr. Roderick Enriquez19:30: Q&A with Mr. Roderick Enriquez20:00: Break20:15: GLOBIS MBA Information20:35: Admissions Details & Scholarships20:45: Q&A Session with MBA Admission Staff 92
    • 92. Discover ourFull-time Program 93
    • 93. Our MBA Programs Part-time Full-time Part-timeFormat (evenings and weekends) (daytime) (evenings and weekends)Launched in 2009 2012 2006Start Date April September AprilDuration 2 years 1 year 2 yearsLocation Tokyo Tokyo TokyoStudent 41 23 373Intake 2012 94
    • 94. MBA Programs & Tuition Part-time Full-timeFormat (evenings and weekends) (daytime) 2 years 1 yearProgram Length (maximum of 5 years) (maximum of 2 years)Entrance April, 2013 October, 2013Students Intake 45 35 36 48Credits (approx. 24 courses) (approx. 32 courses)Enrollment Fee JPY 22,000 JPY 200,000Tuition JPY 2,826,000 JPY 3,600,000Net Tuition after Study Grant JPY 2,848,000 (US$35,600)* *Exch. Rate: 80 yen = 1 USD 95
    • 95. Class Schedule: Full-time programCourses are offered every 1.5 months (A total of 7 terms per year).To graduate in 1 year, students will be taking 4 or 5 courses per term. January Mon Tue Thu Fri AM PM AM PM AM PM AM PM 1st week Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 2nd week Day 2 Day 2 Day 2 Day 2 Day 2 3rd week Day 3 Day 3 Day 3 Day 3 Day 3 4th week Day 4 Day 4 Day 4 Day 4 Day 4 February Mon Tue Thu Fri AM PM AM PM AM PM AM PM 1st week Day 5 Day 5 Day 5 Day 5 Day 5 2nd week Day 6 Day 6 Day 6 Day 6 Day 6 •No class for full-time MBA students on Wednesdays and Weekends 96
    • 96. Year Calendar Pre-MBA Module 0 Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 June Sep Oct-Nov Nov-Dec Jan-FebOnline Courses Career Session CV President’s Mock Job Workshop Session Interview Session Interactive Entrepreneurial Learning Program Leadership Course Information Session Module 4 Module 5 Module 6 Module 7 Feb-Mar Apr-May May-Jun Jul-Aug Career Day Field Trip Interactive Graduation Reflection Learning Ceremony Session Program (including internship) Internship Job Search Period Internship Period
    • 97. MBA Application Requirements Qualifications: - Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year university or equivalent - Three or more years of work experience - Be at least 22 years of age Process: 1. Document Screening - Essays - Letter of Recommendation - Diploma & Transcript - English Test Score - Other forms/materials (see website) 2. Online Interview and Logical Thinking Examination 98
    • 98. Full Scholarshipsfor overseas students 99
    • 99. 2013 MBA Scholarships GLOBIS Scholarships for Overseas Students- Up to 100% of the total MBA tuition- Screening Criteria: a) Extensive international business experience b) Strong academic background c) Potential contribution to the MBA student body d) Native-level English proficiency e) Financial need JASSO and other Scholarships- To help you cover some of your living expenses 100
    • 100. Application Periods for Full-timeKey Dates for AdmissionPlease note that all the necessary information needs to besubmitted online by 6:30 pm JST of the deadlinedates. Please read the Admission Guide carefully fordetails. 101
    • 101. GLOBIS Online Admission Please create a new account 102
    • 102. Living in Tokyo,Japan 103
    • 103. Living Cost in Tokyo Category Expenses Single Family of 3 Rent 60,000 100,000Housing Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water) 10,000 15,000 Food 40,000 80,000 Internet 5,000 5,000 Mobile Phone 5,000 10,000Living Recreation (including networking, 20,000 30,000 eating out) Insurance (National Health Insurance, 3,500 10,500 JEES) Course Materials/Books 2,000 2,000School-related Transportation 8,000 8,000 153,500 260,500 Total (≒$1,980) (≒$3,360) 79,370 pesos 134,697 pesos 104
    • 104. Support for Living in Japan Before  Visa Support  Family Support  Housing Assistance  Health Insurance  JEESInternational During your stayStudent Services  Career Service  CMP  Language Support  Orientations  Other Services After  Alumni Services
    • 105. Don’t wait any longer,apply today! Begin your MBA journey in Tokyo! 106
    • 106. GLOBIS Social Media: Facebook International MBA at Globis 107
    • 107. GLOBIS Social Media: Twitter Look for GLOBIS_IMBA 108
    • 108. GLOBIS Social Media: YouTube Look for GLOBIS.JP 109
    • 109. GLOBIS Social Media: Linkedin Look for GLOBIS MBA Community 110
    • 110. GLOBIS.JP! GLOBIS’s own media site! 111
    • 111. Thank you for your cooperation! Questionnaire Sheet - Questionnaire - (Tuesday May 19, 2009) IMBA Open Campus Graduate School of Management, Globis University Dear Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Thank you for attending our IMBA Open Campus. Please fill out the questionnaire so that we may serve you better in the future. What are the reason(s) why you chose to attend this open campus? (Please check all that apply) IMBA Program: please select (IMBA / Pre-IMBA), (Individual / Corporate Sponsored) Trial class □ Course □ Lecturer Other Globis program(s): Please specify ( ) Globis in general □ Others ( ) 2. How was the Open Campus today? Overall: □ Very Satisfied □ Satisfied □ Ordinary □ Not Satisfied □ Dissatisfied Introduction: □ Very Satisfied □ Satisfied □ Ordinary □ Not Satisfied □ Dissatisfied Trial Class: □ Very Satisfied □ Satisfied □ Ordinary □ Not Satisfied □ Dissatisfied Please comment further if you wish. 3. What is important to you when choosing an MBA program? (Please check all that apply) □ Reputation □ Faculty □ Students □ Curriculum □ Teaching/Learning methodology □ Program Length □ Tuition □ Location □ Others 4. Please let us know your level of interest in our International MBA program (IMBA). 1. I will definitely apply to IMBA. □ 2. I would consider applying to the IMBA. 3. I am only slightly interested. □ 4. I am not interested at all. 5. I have already received my MBA. □ 6. I would like to start from taking Pre-IMBA If you chose 1 or 2, please select the admission round you would consider applying in. I’m hoping to apply for the year 2010 in; September Round (2009 Sep. 19~26) □ November Round (2009 Nov. 7~14) January Round (2010 Jan. 16~23) □ I’m hoping to apply for the student year 2011 or later. If you would like to sign up for the following events, please check the appropriate box. (*Please refer to the leaflet for event details) □ (Tue 5.26) IMBA Trial Session: "Essentials of Finance" □ (Mon 6.15) President & Dean Seminar: Speaker - Yoshito Hori, President & Dean, Globis University □ (Wed 6.17) Special Seminar: “Will Business Schools really make you happy?” Speaker: HBS Alumni Mr. Philip Delves Broughton and Mr. Daisuke Iwase If you have any questions or concerns regarding the IMBA admission process, please share them with us in the box below. We will contact you via e-mail. 112
    • 112. Always happy to assist you! 113
    • 113. Thank you for your attention! We look forward to seeing you in Japan! Please feel free to ask any questions to our staff 114