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About Svenska Spel in English



From: Mars 2012

From: Mars 2012



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About Svenska Spel in English Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome to Svenska Spel -The number one gaming company in Sweden
  • 2. Svenska Spel in summary (2011) – Started in 1997. – 100 percent state owned company. – Mandate: AB Svenska Spel is to meet consumer interest in offering a reliable alternative to illegal gaming operations. Social Anitra Steen, Chairman of the Board welfare must be prioritised. – Svenska Spel has a preventative responsibility regarding problem gaming. – Market share: 50 percent of the Swedish known net gaming market (2011).
  • 3. Svenska Spel in summary (2011) – Main office in Visby on the island of Gotland. – Appr. twenty different games are distributed via shops, associations, svenskaspel.se, mobile phone, restaurants and casinos. – Average no of employees: 1 774. – Four casinos – in Sundsvall, Göteborg, Malmö and Stockholm. – 6 210 retail outlets all over the country. – 6 600 Vegas (VLTs) in more than 2 200 restaurants and bingo halls. – Svenska Spel has 130 000 subscribers of lotteries.
  • 4. Svenska Spel in summary (2011) – 2011 net* gaming revenue: Appr. SEK 9 700 million – 2011 profit: Appr. SEK 5 000 million to the Treasury. – Svenska Spel is one of the most important sports sponsors in Sweden. – Appr. SEK 12 000 million paid out to winners. 350 winnings amounted to SEK 1 million or more. – Winning record: SEK 214 million in March 2010. * After paid-out winnings
  • 5. Our stakeholders Svenska Spel 2011
  • 6. Why is the Swedish gaming market regulated? – Most European countries have a regulated market because: – State-owned gaming companies shall show a gaming responsibility, lessen the risk for frauds and illegal gaming and also meet consumer interest. – The profit from gaming shall be allocated to the state. – Gaming operations shall be safe and reliable. The gaming market review called ”Gaming regulation in the future” was initiated by the Ministry of Finance in 2007. The result was presented in 2008. In 2009 the review was dispatched to authorities concerned.
  • 7. The Swedish known* net gaming market 2011 The known* net gaming market in Sweden, appr. SEK 19 500 The regulated Swedish net gaming market, appr. SEK 17 300 million (including foreign internet gaming companies) million (exclusive foreign internet gaming companies) Foreign internet Restaurant NGO games Restaurant companies casino 1 % and lotteries 21 casino 1% 11 % % NGO gamesand lotteries 18 % Svenska Spel 50 % Svenska Spel 56 % ATG horse racing 22 % ATG horse racing 20% *There is also an illegal market with substantial unknown revenues.
  • 8. Our mandateSocial welfare is to be prioritised in the development of gamingforms and throughout the business as a whole.Our visionEvery stake is important in a country like Sweden where gamingpleasure and social welfare go hand in hand.Our missionGaming pleasure for all!Our goal areasCustomers – Responsibility – Business integrity - Employees
  • 9. Our legal structure– In 2010 Svenska Spel acquired Playscan AB, a company that sells Svenska Spel’s gaming responsibility tool PlayscanTM to gaming companies in other countries. AB Svenska Spel 556460-1812 Svenska Spels Casino Cosmopol Förvaltnings AB AB 556597-7278 556485-4296 Casino AB Svenska Spels CC Casino AB Svenska Spels Cosmopols Playscan AB Internetservice Restaurant AB Servicecenter Fastighets AB 556801-1935 556485-4320 556586-7016 556240-7881 556598-3409
  • 10. Our organisation – The organisation contains three business areas, and staff units. Risk manager and Compliance, and Project, report directly to CEO, but are parts of some of the staff units. Svenska Spel Board Lennart Käll, CEO Chairman of the Board Internal audit CEO Finance & Security Risk manager Corporate brand and Compliance Law Project Strategy Communication & CSR HR Business area Business area Business areaSport games & Lotteries Casino Cosmopol Vegas IT
  • 11. Our values– Available– Caring– Committed
  • 12. Our environment policySvenska Spel works with environmentobjectives and policies regarding:– purchases– demands on suppliers, retailers and business partners– developing new productsWe strive to:– reduce CO2– decrease travelling, use of paper, and use of electricityEmployee training programmes are conducted.
  • 13. Our games –attractive new games and popular classic games
  • 14. Our marketing – a part of responsible gaming Triss, Tia Some games are riskier than others. Bingolotto Lotto – Some of the biggest games of the market – Lotto, Triss etc. - have no obvious connection to problem gaming (green circle) Oddset – Could lead to problem gaming (yellow circle) Restaurant casino Keno – Strong connection to problem gaming (red circle) Casino PokerGaming via internet is in general riskier Gaming machines irrespective of game Vegas Bingo
  • 15. Svenska Spel and sports– Svenska Spel is one of Sweden’s biggest sponsors of sports.– Main sponsor for Swedish football, ice hockey, bandy, indoor bandy and handball on federation and club level.– Special projects in cooperation with sports movements for development of talents, diplomas and scolarships.
  • 16. Our customers– 84 % of the adult population, more than 5 million people, play in a year.– 73 % play with Svenska Spel.– Most of them choose to play in retail outlets.– The total Swedish net revenues on internet in 2011: Appr. SEK 4 000 million.– On svenskaspel.se the number of players increases, and their stakes in 2011 amount to SEK 1 000 million, 25 % of the Swedish gaming market on internet.
  • 17. Our winners– 350 winnings of SEK 1 million or more in 2011. A total of SEK 12 billion to the winners in 2011.– The biggest winning ever i Sweden occurred in March 2010: SEK 214,6 million on the Dream Winning (seven correct on Lotto plus at least two correct on Joker on the same ticket)– Daily Triss scratch in TV4’s morning news programme.
  • 18. Problem gaming– Problem gaming unchanged through the years. ? Are there more game addicts in– 1-2 percent of the Swedish Sweden than elsewhere? population are estimated to have problems with their gaming – and No, Sweden has relatively 0,3 percent are game addicts. few game addicts than other countries. This fact is established for example in a– The internet competitors have four British study made by the times more problem gaming than National Center for Social svenskaspel.se. Research.
  • 19. Our mandate – responsible gaming Responsible gaming is the base for all Svenska Spel gaming operation. We offer less risky alternatives to certain products. 78 % of the adult population think that state-owned gaming companies take on more responsibility. 86 % have a positive attitude towards regulation of the gaming In 2008 Svenska Spel’s work with responsible gaming was market. rewarded by the international gaming association World Lottery Association (WLA).
  • 20. Our work is preventative– Svenska Spel works with preventative actions like age limits, information and training.– Retailers and business partners become certified in responsible gaming after training.– All Svenska Spel employees are trained in responsible gaming, which also is a part of the introduction process.– Treatment is provided by experts, not by Svenska Spel.– Social authorities are responsible for the financing of treatment.
  • 21. Spelkortet – our loyalty card Appr. 1,2 million users. Age limit of 18. Compulsary on svenskaspel.se. Appr. SEK 60 million in pay-out to winners who had not got their winnings without Spelkortet. Important for the retailers: – Commission – Chance to aim marketing to specific target groups Important for the customers: – Winning control free of cost – Security – nobody else can collect a winning – Promotional offers – Access to svenskaspel.se and responsible gaming tools, i.e. PlayscanTM
  • 22. We inform about the Support Line – The Support Line was established in 1999. – It is manned by the Gaming Institute on behalf of the Swedish National Institute of Public Health. – Information of the Support Line is printed on all lottery tickets, gaming coupons, gaming tickets, Oddset programmes and in connection to games at the casinos, retailers and restaurants. – The Support Contact is another service for people with problem gaming and their relatives financed by Svenska Spel.
  • 23. Responsible gaming at svenskaspel.seSvenska Spel’s ”Spela lagom”(”Play in moderation”) conceptforms a strategic base, forexample at svenskaspel.se:– Gaming budget– Closure of account– Stake limit– Identity check– Information on support– PlayscanTM – voluntary tool for the player that helps him keep gaming under control
  • 24. Responsible gaming on Vegas VLTs– Age verification, age limit 18 years.– ID control on all customers 23 years or younger.– Printed information about gaming responsibility.– No gaming on credit.– Regular controls that the business partners follow regulations on age control.– Information on Support Line.– Screen clock. Broadened actions on VLTs It is Svenska Spel’s responsibility to help the business partners to take their ! gaming responsibility. Gaming must only be a complement to food and beverage in the restaurants. The VLTs must be placed in restaurants with service permit and bingo halls with bingo permit. The characteristics of the products.
  • 25. Responsible gaming at our casinos– Age limit 20 years.– Information on support.– Dialogues with associations of gaming dependency, the Gaming Institute, social services etc.– Proactive responsible gaming, for example dialogues with guests showing signs of problem gaming. Broadened actions at Casino Cosmopol The foundation for a healthy gaming environment is ! the social casino, where gaming is just a part of a total experience with good food, entertainment and sometimes dance. The casinos offer programmes for voluntary suspension. Guidelines for alcohol in combination with gaming.
  • 26. Responsible gaming at our retailers– Gaming on credit is not permitted.– 18 year age limit on purchase of all Svenska Spel’s games and lotteries.– ID control on all players 25 years or younger. ID control before pay-out of winnings over SEK 1 000.– Information material on responsible gaming in connection with the games.