How effective feedback can improve your software


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Getting early feedback back into your development is essential for quality and acceptance of your application. Stop talking about what your software can do and start listening more to your customers, testers and stakeholder. This way you can find if you’re gonna ship the next killer feature or a dud. Let your customers decide what ideas would be awesome to implement and what features you should remove again to avoid feature creep.

Learn how we at Atlassian captures effectively feedback and incorporate it into our software development process. Find out how we use Innovation Games to collect ideas from users and try them out by building prototypes in just 24 hours. See how we use our cloud based services to test the adoption of new features before we role them out to all our customers. Stop endless discussions and reach out to your users!

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How effective feedback can improve your software

  1. Stop TalkingStART LISTENING How Effective Feedback improves your software
  2. That‘s me Sven Peters Atlassian Ambassador @svenpet
  3. Users Developers New Project ManagementOperation
  4. Lets go
  5. Budget Features Project Lead Time
  6. They dont know but we Im missingwhat they want showed it to functionality customers
  7. EOP
  8. no real data Why did this happen? Test Users not representative not listening
  9. GettingReal
  10. must  read
  11. ideasLearn Build ProductData Measure
  12. EffectiveFeedback
  13. Stage Fake it 1 til you make it
  14. p er p e sD o pa ot y Pr o t
  15. p er p e sD o pa ot y Pr o t
  16. San FranciscoSydney
  17. MockOn
  18. Protoype Tools
  19. SHAREIdeas
  20. MAkeit lookPretty
  21. Protoype Tools
  22. Protoype Tools
  24. Faking Recipe1 Make a Screenshot2 Mix IT in Keynote3 Link It & Animate it
  25. Stage Get ready 2 for Feedback
  26. Fast Feedback Slow Releases
  27. Devops Little bit weird Pulls levers & turns knobsSits closer to the boss Easily excited Thinks too hard Yells a lot in emergencies
  28. automate Delivery
  29. one Click Release afraid  of  releasing?  
  30. Tool
  31. Stage 3 No Barriers
  32. Go Public
  33. You get Hatersfeedback Fanboys
  35. in the Face
  36. Make it Simple
  37. Make it Simple
  38. InApplication Feedback
  39. 2012 400 10002011 Responses Responses
  40. Tool
  41. Stage 4 Make it an Experience
  42. Simple
  43. Simple but boringWill  I  do  this  again?
  44. Make People want tocome back
  45. Dont be boring
  46. Make it fuN
  47. gameficationmake  it  personal
  48. Feedback Campaign
  49. Thank You
  50. HelpStage 5 if you can
  51. Can you please give me yourTelephone NumberBirthdateSocial Security Number...
  52. captureAutomatic
  53. A picture Says more than 1000 words
  54. Were not
  55. Nothing Found on
  56. Stage Developers and 6 Feedback
  57. ProtectDeveloper
  58. The Sh*t umbrella 425  Million  user 100  developer
  59. Were not doing
  60. Everyone on theFront line
  61. GetPersonal
  62. developers
  63. WEHaveDoS Developer  on  Support
  64. Stage Dont Rely On Opinions 7
  65. your codeyour App What are you testing? your Infrastructure your Test
  66. PrototypesDo you test your ideas?
  67. Do you test your users?
  68. so far... Opinionsf*%! bigger not work greener more faster
  69. A B testing
  70. A B
  71. A B
  72. Tools
  73. DarkFeatures
  74. Measureusage
  75. Considerremoving features removed  from  iOS
  76. EffectiveFeedback
  77. 1 Fake it til you make it 2 Get ready for Feedback 3 No barriers4 Make it an experience 5 Help if you can BRing in Developers 6 7 Dont rely on opinions
  78. The small things 10 improvements Jeff Atwood
  79. Stop Talking Start Listening
  80. Thank