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  • Volume 4 GVPedia.com
  • Foreword Welcome to Chairman & International Group Publisher Sven Boermeester Managing Group Editor Best of Egypt Lisa Durante Chairman & Publisher Volume lV Khaled Eissa Editor In-Chief Sherif Ibrahim Managing Editor “If present trends are anything Reham Yehia Khaled Eissa to go by, the sky is clearly the Deputy Managing Editor Doha Niazy CEO One2One Media only limit . . .” Sales & Marketing Director Rana Shahin With the launch of this fourth edition, this moment has moved us to a state far Senior Marketing Executive beyond being just proud. By means of the editorial development of over time, it Samer Ali has become the peak of an editorial period, which has demonstrated the best of Administrative Assistant what Egypt has to offer in terms of innovation, lifestyle and heritage. Four years Yasmine Kamel ago we began our “Best Of Egypt” series, and it is time to say that the many people who have made an effort, have made an effort to success. Art Director Amir Zaher We are now producing annual 'Best of…' Books in over 45 territories; from BO Graphic Designer America, Britain & Australia to BO Denmark, Italy, South Africa and many more… Ahmed Zaki Hand in hand with dedicated partners across the world by their belief in our Web Designer publishing concept that is yet propelling in growth of our business network that Ramadan Mohamed is formed by the diverse range of companies across economic sectors, each celebrating their success to a global leadership. Office Manager Abeer Sweilam Egypt is an overwhelming country that brings out wonders, while this edition Financial Advisor traces testimonials of our cultural heritage and progress, interlaced with culture Abdel El Halim Amer and innovation demonstrating the power of the emerging Egyptian economy in full swing. We consider our Egypt edition to be a landmark book for GVP and Financial Manager Emad El Sotohy one that stands as a benchmark for the series itself. Accountant These are challenging times and I'm thankful for the 'Best of Egypt' team, clearly Islam Farouk this would not have been possible without their dedication and day-to-day vivid approaches. Alongside the loyalty of all our editorial participants who continue Distribution Manager Hamed El Shitehy to believe in our publishing model as it evolves. Domestic Distribution Today, with divers sectors of specific books in the fields of economy, finance, real Al Ahram Distribution Company estate, religion and traditions as well as training and education that is being International Distribution developed in conjunction with the Best Of series, our efforts to build a reader Global Village Partnerships friendly atlas of corporate stories is gradually growing worldwide. This serves as a foundation for the creation of an exclusive portal called Gvpedia which will allow Contributors companies and entrepreneurs to upload their own content, videos and updates Ashraf Abdel Fatah Rabei Khalaf connection with each other to explore new opportunities. It does not end there, Hassan Ahmed it will also serve as an online platform to build an ethical CRS component which will showcase stories of top nonprofit organizations worldwide which everyone Photographers will be able to read about and donate at the click of the mouse. Dany Eid Wadie Azmy We look forward to joining forces with you in our joint efforts towards making the Printing global village a reality to everyone. On behalf of our team here and worldwide, International Printing House - Free Zone. we would like to thank you for taking this leap of faith with us and celebrating building a world class atlas of success, sustainability and culture together. Website www.Gvpedia.com E-mail Egypt@gvpedia.com Khaled.Eissa@gvpedia.com Published by REGIONAL HEAD OFFICES: Bangalore . Brussels . Cairo . Casablanca . Copenhagen . Dubai . Johannesburg One to One Media- under authority of London . Santiago . Singapore . Sydney . Washington DC. Global Village Partnerships FZ LLC Address Cairo Office: 9 Saudi Co. Buildings, Nozha St., Cairo, Egypt. Tel: 202-2414 2820 / 202-2418 7407 Fax: 202-2415 5313 Best of Egypt is registered under the ISBN# 05385969- London-Uk. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in Best of Egypt vol.4 publication. Neither Best of Egypt nor One to One Media LTD take any responsibility for errors or omissions. All Rights reserved: No part of this publication shall be reproduced, copied, transmitted, adapted, or modified in any means. This publication shall not be stored in whole or in part in any form in any retrieval system.
  • Contents Table of Contents Best of Egypt Hotels & Hospitality 24-57 58-81 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Travel & Tourism Resorts & Leisure 9 0 - 111 82-89 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Dining Out & Nightlife Mall Destinations 11 2 - 1 2 5 126-137 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Fashion & Jewellery Health, Beauty & Body Treatment 138-145 146-157 Chapter 7 Chapter 8
  • Interiors & Designs Property & Real Estate 158-169 Chapter 10 1 7 0 - 1 8 3 Chapter 9 Banking & Finance Corporate Company Profiles Chapter 12 1 9 2 - 2 1 9 Chapter 11 1 8 4 - 1 9 1 Training & Education Media, Events & Exhibitions Chapter 14 2 2 8 - 2 3 7 Chapter 13 2 2 0 - 2 2 7 w w w. G V Pe d i a . c o m
  • 22 Best of Egypt
  • Best of Egypt 23
  • Chapter 1 Best of Egypt
  • Arab Republic of Egypt Best of Egypt Country at a Glance Natural Features & Geography Egypt is the world's 38th largest country of 1,001,450 square kilometers, making it approximately the same size as Central America, twice the size of Spain and 4 times the size of UK. Egypt is divided into 26 provinces, which include the main 4 city governorates: Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said and Suez. Also included are the 9 governorates of Lower Egypt in the Nile Delta region, the 8 governorates of Upper Egypt along the Nile River south from Cairo to Aswan, and the 5 frontier governorates covering Sinai and the deserts located west and east of the Nile. Egypt is mainly desert with an area of only 35,000 square kilometers only 3.5 % of the total land is cultivated and permanently settled. Covering only about 5.5% of the total land of Egypt, the Nile Valley and Nile Delta are the most important regions, being the country's only cultivable regions and supports about 99% of the population. Climate & Atmosphere There is not much rainfall in Egypt except in the winter. In the South of Cairo, rainfall averages only around 2 to 5 mm per year and at distance times. On the northern coast the rain can be as high as 410 mm per year with most of the rainfall between October and March. Snow never fell in Egypt but does on Sinai's mountains and some of the north coastal cities such as Damietta, Baltim, Sidi Barrany and rarely in Alexandria, frost is also known in mid-Sinai and mid-Egypt. Religion & Spirituality Ancient Egyptian religion includes various religious beliefs and rituals practiced in ancient Egypt for over more than 3,000 years. Egypt hosts two major religious institutions; Al-Azhar Mosque, the first Islamic University in Egypt and the main Egyptian Church the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country with Islam as its main religion. About 90% are identified as Muslim Sunni. A significant number of Muslim Egyptians also follow native Sufi orders and a minority of Sh'ia. There is also large minority of Christians in Egypt, who make up the remainder of the population. Over 90% of Egyptian Christians belong to the native Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. There is also a very small community of Jews available as well.
  • The Egyptian Flag The current Egypt Flag was adopted on 4 th October, 1984. The Egyptian flag has three equal bands of red, white and black, respectively from top to bottom. The three bands are placed horizontally to each other. The 'Eagle of Saladin' is the national emblem of Egypt which is symbolized on the flag of Egypt. It is placed at the middle of the white band of the Egyptian Flag. The shield also bears the name of Egypt inscribed in Arabic. The colors of the Egyptian flag are very significant. The red color refers to the period in history when the power of the deposed King Farouk was taken over by army men. White stands for the beginning of the end of monarchy while black is symbolic of the end of cruelty faced by the people of Egypt at the hands of Egyptian monarchy and British rule. The Egyptian currency The Egyptian pound or gineih, is the currency of Egypt. It is divided into 100 qirsh, pronounced irsh, piastres in English, or 1000 malleem (milliemes).The code is EGP. Sports & Competition Football is the most popular national sport in Egypt. The most common Egyptian soccer clubs are El Ahly, El Zamalek, Ismaily, El-Ittihad el Skandary and el Masry making them the top teams. The great rivalries keep the streets of Egypt energized as people fill the streets when their favorite team wins. Since soccer has been around for over 100 years, it makes Egypt rich in soccer history. The country is home to many African championships such as the African Cup of Nations with a top score of extraordinary 7 times, including two times in a row in 1957 and 1959 and a unique 3 times in a row in 2006, 2008, and 2010 setting a world record. Squash and Tennis are other popular sports in Egypt. The Egyptian squash team has been known for its intense competition in international championships since the 1930s. The Egyptian Handball team also carries another record; throughout the 34 times the African Handball Nations Championship was held, Egypt won first place five times with a record of 5 times second place, 4 times third place and came in 4th place twice. The team won 6th and 7th places in 1995, 1997 at the World Men's Handball Championship, and twice won 6th place at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. In 2007, Omar Samra joined Ben Stephens (England), Victoria James (Wales) and Greg Maud (South Africa) in fixing together an expedition to climb Mount Everest from its South side. On the 17th of May, Omar became the first and youngest Egyptian to climb 8,850m Mount Everest. Later also became the first Egyptian to climb Everest from its South face, the same route taken by Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing in 1953.
  • Best of Egypt Art, Architect & Festivals The Egyptians were one of the first major civilizations to ad codes to design elements in art and architecture. The wall paintings carved in the service of the Pharaohs followed a rigid code of visual rules and meanings. Egyptian civilization is popular for its colossal pyramids, colonnades and monumental tombs. Ancient Egyptian art refers to the style of painting, sculpture, crafts and architecture developed by the civilization in the low Nile Valley from 5000 BC to 300 AD. Paintings and sculptures were used to express ancient Egyptian art & were both highly stylized and symbolic. Much of the surviving art comes from tombs and monuments and thus there is an emphasis on life after death and the preservation of knowledge of the past. Serving as the main performing arts venue in the Egyptian capita is the Cairo Opera House. Egypt's media and arts industry has prospered since the late 19th century, today with more than 30 satellite channels and over 100 motion pictures produced each year, Cairo has long been known as the Hollywood of the Middle East. With its annual Cairo International Film Festival film festival it has been rated as one of 11 festivals with a top class rating worldwide by the International Federation of Film Producers Association. Music & Media The music of Egypt has always been an essential part of Egyptian culture ever since ancient times. Music formed an important part of Egyptian life, and musicians occupied a variety of positions in the society; Finding its way into many contexts in Egypt such as temples, palaces, workshops, farms, battlefields and tombs. In ancient Egypt, music was an integral part of religious worship, there were even gods specifically associated with music, such as Hathor and Bes. Musical instruments ranged from very simple, such as percussion instruments, to very complex, such as harps. Some instruments were strictly Egyptian, while others apparently came to Egypt from the Near East. All the major categories of musical instruments percussion, wind and stringed were represented in Pharaonic Egypt. Highly developed Music was an integral part of religious worship in Egypt, and had a central role in the religious rituals, hymns and prayers. The Egyptian media today is experiencing more freedom that was not available in the past. There are several Egyptian talk shows like “90 Minutes” and “Al- Ashera Masa'an” that operate on private channels. There are also the state television programs such as “El-beit beitak” constantly criticizing the Government; this was banned before due to intense controlling by the Government. However the public currently is allowed to see and feel the freedom that the Government allowed for media. Overview & Conclusion Egypt acquires one of the most developed and diversified economies in the Middle East, with sectors such as tourism, agriculture, industry and service at almost equal rates in national production. Consequently, the Egyptian economy is rapidly developing, due in part to legislation aimed at luring investments, coupled with both internal and political stability, along with recent trade and market liberalization. 28 Best of Egypt
  • Religious Diversity of Egypt Best of Egypt Understanding Beliefs... Art & History of Islam Religion in Egypt plays an essential role in most Egyptians' lives, controls many aspects of social life and is legitimate by law. The majority of Egypt is predominantly Muslim which is about 80% to 90% of a population of over 80 million Egyptians. The Qur'an states that all Muslims must believe in God, his revelations, his angels, his messengers, and in the "Day of Judgment.” There are five essential observances that all practicing Muslims accept and follow… These pillars represent the core that unites all Muslims. The Declaration of Faith (shahadah); A Muslim testifies that “there is none worthy of worship except God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God." This tribute is a foundation for all other beliefs and practices in Islam. The Prayer (Salah); Muslims pray five times a day: First at daybreak, then at noon, then mid afternoon, then sunset, and finally evening. It helps keep believers think of God despite the stress of work and family. Resetting spiritual focus reaffirms dependence on God and putting worldly concerns within the perspective of the last judgment and the afterlife. The Compulsory Charity (Zakah); Islam teaches that wealth is something given by God for the benefit of humanity and therefore is something to be shared. The zakat is not charity but is considered a religious obligation requiring an annual contribution of 2.5 percent of a Muslims wealth and assets. Nevertheless, meets the needs of the less fortunate members of the community to support the poor, the needy and to help those in debt. The Fasting of Ramadan (Sawm); Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar which Muslims spend fasting. From dawn to sunset, Muslims withhold food, drinks and sexual activity. Fasting develops spirituality, dependence upon God and brings identification with the less fortunate who live with fewer supplies in their everyday lives. the Fifth Pillar is the Pilgrimage or (Hajj) to Mecca; every year over two million believers from a diversity of cultures and languages travel from all over the world to the sacred city of Mecca. Every adult Muslim who is physically and financially fit is required to sacrifice time, wealth, status and ordinary comforts to make the Hajj at least once in his/her lifetime, putting themselves totally at God's service. A mosque is a place of worship for followers of Islam which carries a great social and spiritual place in the lives of the Muslims. Muslim architecture has developed drastically since the open-air spaces that were the Quba Mosque and Masjid al- Nabawi in the seventh century. Although many old mosques still stand perfect today. Egypt has some very notable, as well as important mosques, some of which may be visited while others are not open to touristic visits. The Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun, located in Cairo, is arguably the oldest mosque in the city surviving in its original form, with 26,318 square meters in size it is the third largest mosque in the world. The mosque was commissioned by Ahmad ibn Tulun who was at the Abbasid governor of Egypt from 868-884 and was built over a period of three years with mud brick. known as al-Basatin district, with a tranquilizing atmosphere unlike any other mosque in the city. The entire complex of the Mosque of Ibn Tulun is surrounded by a wall covering more than 6 acres, built to establish a new capital known as Qataia, between Cairo and Fustat. The arches of the courtyard galleries are decorated with beautifully carved stucco which is also the first time this medium was used in Cairo. The mosque's original decorations presenting in both stucco and wood the most valuable and best preserved examples of the Samarra style, are of considerable 30 Best of Egypt
  • importance from the standpoint of Islamic art/history. The stucco decorations are found both inside and outside the mosque and the soffits of the arches were decorated with bands of stucco ornamentation, although they have been restored many times. In addition to its historic importance, Ibn Tulun mosque is considered as one of the leading buildings having a significant impact on the development of architecture beyond the Muslim boundaries. Its architectural richness exceeded the expectations of medieval architects, especially Europeans, henceforth becoming a show case for them to imitate and admire. The Mosque of Sultan Hassan is considered stylistically the most compact and unified of all Cairo monuments. It was built between 1356 and 1363 by the ruler Sultan Hassan, the son of the great Mamluk Sultan; who ruled Egypt not once, but twice. First time was in 1347 when he was only 13 years old, but he was dethroned by the other princes and generals. His second rule of Egypt began in 1356 and lasted until 1361. It is one of the masterpieces of Sultan's architecture. It also falls under one of the largest mosques in the world, measuring 150m in length and covering an area of 7,906 square meters. The walls rise to 36m and its tallest minaret to 68m. The Sultan Hassan Mosque remains the most important monument of this period. Sultan Hassan imported engineers from throughout the world to build his great monument. The building was commissioned in 1356 AD as a mosque and religious school for all four juristic branches of Sunni Islam. Visitors enter the complex through a tall portal that is itself a work of art. A dark and relatively low- ceilinged passageway leads to the brightly lit cruciform-plan open courtyard. As seen from the Citadel, the Sultan Hassan mosque of today is quite irregular. The domed square of the mausoleum protrudes on three sides and is also particularly high, at over thirty meters. At its top is a projecting stalactite cornice in carved stone running along the facade, which has no parallel in any other Cairo mosque. The El-Hussein Mosque was built in 1154 and located in Cairo, Egypt, near the Khan El-Khalili bazaar. Lying at Midan Hussein in Islamic Cairo and is one of the several ancient mosques lying at this junction of Cairo city. The El-Hussein mosque belongs to the Fatimid period and was constructed in 1154 A.D. It sits on the site of the cemetery of Muhammad's grandson Hussein Ibn Ali, whose head and body is believed by some to be buried on the grounds of the mosque. The mosque was built on the cemetery of the Fatimid caliphs. Earlier this century the remains of the cemetery were discovered while work was being done on the mosque's foundations. There are forty-four white marble columns that support the wood ceiling. On one side of the mosque is the mausoleum which is the oldest part of the complex which was built in 1154 and then modified in 1236. In the mausoleum are the remains of El-Hussein. A cupola with a ceiling that is decorated and inlaid with gold surmounts the tomb. There are two minarets at the complex. The one on the southwest side is from the same period as the mosque. The other is modern in style as is the tomb. The mosque was subject to many changes and seems to have little left from the original building as later dynasties altered and raised the mosque. The Mosque houses some very sacred items like the oldest believed complete manuscript of the Quran and has vast amount of value to Muslims'.
  • Best of Egypt Art & History of Christian Coptic The word Copt is derived from the Greek word Aigyptos, which was derived from "Hikaptah", one of the names for Memphis, the first capital of Ancient Egypt. The modern use of the word "Coptic" describes the unique art and architecture that was developed as an early way of expression of the new faith and of course it describes the Egyptian Christians and the last stage of the ancient Egyptian language. The Coptic Christian populations in Egypt are of the oldest and largest Christian community in the North Africa & Middle East. Saint Mark brought Christianity to Egypt in the first century during the Roman Emperor Nero. The Coptic Orthodox Church was recognized in the name of Jesus Christ in the city of Alexandria based on the teaching of Saint Mark. He wrote the oldest canonical gospel and was one of the four evangelists. The religion spread throughout Egypt within half a century of Saint Mark's arrival in Alexandria. Christians completely integrated into the modern Egyptian nation and have survived as a strong religious entity taking pride in them on their contribution to the Christian world. The Coptic Orthodox Church is considered a strong defendant of Christian faith. The Church believes that the Holy Trinity: God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit are equal to each other in one unity; and that Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world. Very little changes have taken place in the Coptic Church than in any other church whether in the ritual or doctrine aspects. The Coptic Orthodox Church recognizes the Seven Sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion (Eucharist), Penance, Marriage, Unction of the Sick and Holy Orders. The Coptic prides themselves on the Apostolicity of their church and on the fact that Egypt is the only land in the world to be blessed and honored by the Holy Family visit. The Church produced thousands of manuscripts, biblical and theological studies which are important resources for archeology. The Holy Bible was translated to the Coptic language in the second century. Every day in all Coptic Churches located all over the world, Coptic pray for the reunion of all Christian Churches. They pray for Egypt, it's Nile, its crops, its president, its army, its government and above all its people. They pray for the world's peace and for the well-being of the human race. The Monastery of St Macarius lies in Wadi Natrun, the ancient Scetis, 92 kilometers from Cairo on the western side of the desert road to Alexandria. Found in 360 A.D. by Saint Macarius of Egypt, who was the spiritual father to more than four thousand monks of different nationalities. From its foundation in the fourth century up to today, the monastery is continuously occupied by monks. A mass is still held on that day in this ancient church. In 1969 the monastery entered an era of both spiritual and architectural renovation with the arrival of twelve monks with their spiritual director, Fr. Matta el-Meskeen. Before reaching the Monastery these monks had spent the ten years living together completely isolated from the world, living in caves in the desert area known as Wadi el-Rayyan, which is about 50 kilo-metres south of Fayyum. To their arrival at that time there were six aged monks were living in the monastery and its historic buildings were on the verge to collapse. Nevertheless, the new monks were warmly received by the abbot of the monastery, Bishop Michael, Metropolitan of Assiut, who through his wisdom and humility was able to create an atmosphere favorable to the renewal they hoped for. Up to the present time the community has spent about 5 million Egyptian pounds on restoration and construction. The monastery receives large numbers of Egyptian and foreign visitors up to as many as 1,000 in one day. St.George Church… The image of St George as a Roman soldier mounted on a fine Arabian horse and spearing a dragon is a familiar one throughout Old Cairo, where there are two facilities dedicated to him. Throughout the Christian East, Saint George is undoubtedly the 32 Best of Egypt
  • most popular warrior-saint, and in the Coptic churches of Cairo there are now more than twenty relics of the equestrian saint. The Coptic biography of Saint George does not mention his flight with and victory over the dragon. Hence, scholars believe that around the fourteenth century this theme was a transferal from the biography of St. Theodore Stratelates to Saint George, though it is also possible that the Copts adopted this tale from the Western Christians. The origin of he monastery of St. George (Deir al-Banat), located in Old Cairo, is obscure, but it is believed that the foundation of the structure dates from the seventh or eighth century. Today, the monastery is actually home to between thirty and forty religious women. Only the chapel which is dedicated to St. George and the large room with an anteroom offer any historical and artistic interest. The chapel is said to have originally been a palace dating from the Mamluk period, which was transformed into a church probably in the fourteenth or fifteenth century. Here, St. George's icon is venerated. The large room with an anteroom is separated from the chapel by a double door of surprising height measuring some seven meters. Animal figures adorn the door. The nuns in charge of the chapel offer for the veneration of the faithful an iron collar and chain. This wonder-working chain, some 4.2 meters long, is attached to the south wall of the inner room of the shrine. Normally the chain is applied to women, though men sometimes seek the blessings of the saint through the chain. Whomever places the halter of the chain around his neck and winds the chain around his body, kissing the chain piously and offering prayers to Saint George, is considered to be in a state of exceptional grace. The origins of the Coptic attachment to the chains of Saint George are in the Byzantine tradition. Since the seventeenth century, the chains of Saint George in the Greek Orthodox Convent of Saint George have been used to tie up those suffering from nervous disorders, anxiety neuroses, conversion hysteria, obsessional neuroses and even schizophrenic psychoses. Today, large numbers of Copts and even Muslims visit the Shrine of the Chains of Saint George in the Convent on Fridays and Sundays. The "Coptic chains" have assumed the function of the medieval chain-cult. At the convent, Greeks from Greece, Lebanon, Cyprus and Egypt used to assemble for the panegyris of Saint George on the night of April 22 to behold the apparition of the celestial rider on his white horse above the dome of the old church. Apparently the nuns of the old convent have continued the age-old cult. Although Old Cairo contains a concentration of Christian churches and monuments, most of the really ancient Christian churches of Egypt are to be found in the isolated monasteries of the Eastern Desert. It is believed that there was a settlement as early as the 6th century BC. Later, the Romans built a fortress here which we know today as "Babylon". Some of these Roman walls still exist today. After the spread of Christianity throughout Egypt, it became a Christian stronghold, with as many as twenty churches built within an area of just one square mile. Now only five remain, along with the earliest mosque ever built in Egypt. After the fall of Jerusalem in around 70 AD, the area saw an influx of Jews, and it's here where Egypt's oldest synagogue, Ben Ezra is located. Several of the old Christians churches are built into or on the walls of Fort Babylon…. These include El-Muallaqa (the Hanging Church) and the Greek Church of St. George. A number of other Coptic churches are nearby. The area is called Old, or Coptic Cairo (Masr el Atika), for this is indeed the oldest part of the city, and the remains of the fort are Cairo proper's oldest original structure. Indeed, Cairo owes its existence to this fort. However, the ancient Egyptians were conscious almost from the start that this region, on the borders of Upper and Lower Egypt and originally two independent kingdoms, was the most strategic site in all of Egypt. Of course, ancient Memphis, which was just south of modern Cairo, existed from at least the beginning of the unification of the two kingdoms, and was considered the "balance of the Two Lands". Though various rulers at different times moved the capital of Egypt to different locations in Egypt, it always seems to have returned to this strategic location.
  • Best of Egypt Art & History of Judaism Judaism is an Abrahamic religion, a faith which recognizes Abraham as a Patriarch. Although Jews comprise only about 0.2% of the human race, Jewish influence on the world has been vast and far more than their numbers would indicate so. The background of the Jews in Egypt cannot fail to capture one's imagination. Those interested in genealogical pursuits will find that, in this century alone, many interesting events have passed through Egypt. It was probably not until the wars of Ptolemy I against the rival successors of Alexander the Great 320-301 BC that the first scale immigration of Jews into Egypt. In 1979, the Egyptian Jewish community became the first in the Arab world to establish official contact with Israel. Israel now has an embassy in Cairo and a consulate general in Alexandria. Egyptian Jews were never considered Egyptian in Egypt; although they were considered Jews, they were perhaps more strongly considered Europeans. Currently the few remaining Jews are free to practice Judaism without any restrictions or harassment. The Jews of Egypt which are about 500 of the population remain of a once wealthy and powerful community. Those who remain are nearly all elderly and most now retired. The Ben Ezra Synagogue located in Cairo just behind the Hanging Church was once a church itself which also used to belong to the hanging church.. According to local tradition, it is located on the site of where the pharaoh's daughter found Moses in the bulrushes. The Ben Ezra Synagogue was originally a Christian church and was purchased for 20,000 dinars by Abraham Ben Ezra, who came from Jerusalem during the reign of Ahmed Ibn Tulun. Through the centuries, the Synagogue had gone through extensive restorations and renovations until it reached its present state. The present building dates back to 1892; the original one had collapsed and a new one was built, reflecting the original structure. The Synagogue is no longer used for religious events but is purely a breathtaking tourist site. The Synagogue of Ben Ezra has a rectangle plan and two floors; the lower 1st level for men and the 2nd upper level one for women. 1st floor measures 17m in length and 11.3m wide. It is divided into 3 elements divided by steel bars painted in a marble-like colour. The largest portion is the centre which is 4.75 meters in width. There is a platform located in front of the sanctuary, where the rabbi stands to read the Torah. The lector platform is in an octagonal shape and is made of marble. A copper fence is situated on the 8th side of the platform, where the Torah, and its rolls, is rested. There is a memorial Stella located in front of the platform. In the middle of this Stella is a top part consisting of 2 semi-arches carried on 3 pillars, with a height of 85cm. There are 2 rooms on each side of the Holy Ark on the 1st floor. The Geometrical Decoration is clearly seen on the side halls with patterns such as, star patterns, pentagonal patterns and rectangles; the style goes far back to the Turkish Period. Today Ben Ezra Synagogue is a historical monument and the most- visited Jewish site in Cairo. Be prepared to pass through security in order to enter the synagogue. At the back of the temple, there is a very deep well, where the coffers in which Prophet Moses as an infant was placed by his mother, was reportedly found. 34 Best of Egypt
  • Culture & Traditions Best of Egypt Egypt Society & Customs Egypt… A Nation with Diverse Cultures I'm sure you've heard the phrase “Culture shock” before, when anyone heads to a new country with new aspects and point of views; they go through Culture shock... Every nation has its own traditions, customs and rituals that just suites that specific spot on the globe. Egypt on the other hand may vary a little bit; beyond our walls lays a nation with diverse cultures. Each city in Egypt has its own tradition & routine that may have come from the times of the Pharaohs or may have been inherited by different invaders throughout the centuries. The disagreements and differences that come between Egypt and the other Middle Eastern countries are actually what make Egypt a further advance and unique place. To many travelers, Egypt is considered to be the most attractive country in the region. Our customs and approach tend to present extreme kindness to visitors and foreigners. Egyptians of all class would never hesitate to offer help, offer warm hospitality, invite strangers to their homes, get out of their way to assist and of course despite their knowledge of an outsiders' language, they will always figure out a way to articulate the right dialogue! The Egyptian population has reached about 78 million people; each with different lifestyles, talents, customs and religions. Religion garners great respect in the country, whether Muslims or Copt, the Egyptians are moderately religious and spiritual principles are quite noticeable in their daily lives. Egyptians form a society of a mixture of Middle Eastern family standards taken from different religions. Each family member is responsible for the honesty and wisdom of their aspects, causing family ties that are far stronger than the west and develops an environment that may be envied by many people from other countries. Thanking the media that perfectly draws unkind & untrue stories that usually bare no relation to reality; many countries believe that Egyptians and Arabs in general have aggressive and terroristic manners. But those who take the so called risk and visit Egypt, are opened to another part of the world far from the stories told. In general Egyptians are very accommodating and gladly go out of their way to help or respond to any questions a foreigner may have and would most likely even draw a crowd, discussing which the correct answer to a question is. Talking about cultures & habits, many may require little space during a conversation and would stand just inches from you... That ofcourse is understood to cause discomfort but when you live in Egypt you soon realize that it is all done with good intentions! Despite the awkwardness or discomfort that may have been caused due to our traditional behavior, travelers still end up returning to their home country with a good feeling about Egypt and its population. The most priceless picture in Egypt is of the generosity from the people of all ages along a foreigner's pathway. The culture in this country, whether spoken or written always manifests itself in everything and every way. 36 Best of Egypt
  • Tanoura & Darawish... Dance and Music at its Best One of the things that must be on your agenda if you ever decide to visit Egypt is to watch a Tanoura & Darawish performance. Tanoura is an Egyptian folk dance derived from the spinning dance performed as a Sufi religious practice; the dance has been performed for over 700 years. The Darawish is the dancer AKA (dervish) he wears a black robe which symbolizes the grave and a tall camel's hair hat that represents the headstone. Over that they wearcolored patterned skirts (Tanoura) that produce hypnotic patterns when spun around in circles. Religion wise; the twirling goal was to reach inner purity and manage to reach god's satisfaction. The Darawish could spin up to for 45 minutes continuously, varying their pace to match the music, then stop and be absolutely fine and in balance. The word "Tanoura" may refer to the dance, the dancer, or the large skirt used in the performance. Whether the performance is by a true Sufi or simply a performing artist, it is nevertheless entertaining and utterly amazing.The Darawish are the highlight of the show, but the enchanting music and beautiful singing do not disappoint. Furthermore, there is a unique particular group of performers in Cairo named "Al Tanoura Dance Troupe.” The Troupe was formed in 1988, which specializes in reviving and renovating the inherited artistic and cultural themes that have been endangered or are about to diminish. Outline of the Show The show beings with the Musical Interlude known as the 'Tahmeila'; where the musicians perform alone. This folk break magnificently displays the skills of each musician and the capabilities of the instrument itself. The band consists of the folk fiddle (rebaba), the flute (ney), the shawm (mizmar), the frame drums, the cymbals (sagat) and the oriental doumbek drum (tabla). Second part of the show brings the Tanoura dance, having very special characteristic as it relies heavily on the dancer's unlimited moves in circles. This begins with a singer chanting and singing religious material. Then on a group of about six dancers enters, playingan instrument called (mazhara) it's basically a large version of the tambourine. One senior dancer known as the 'Lafife” enters the center of the stage and immediately begins spinning in place for about an extended 40 minutes. The third and final portion of the show consists of another Tanoura dance performed by three junior artistes known as the 'Hanatia' all simultaneously spinning to the rhythmic intonation of the Tambourines. They are not professionally trained but rather inherited this art spontaneously from their fathers or family members. The performers implement many folkloric moves, such as throwing the skirts in the air, spinning the skirts at different levels and angles, and spinning the skirt while lying down. This particular type of Tannoura dance is a very popular folk Egyptian dance rather than a religious one of which is concerned with the direct religious ritual. This dance is also a reflection of the marvelous quality of the performed action and the integration of the mental and intellectual skills of the dancers. The History Since there is a lack of actual information as to how the Tanour began, we are bound to go by the most practical story.The Mevlevi Sufis travelled to Egypt and practiced the whirling Sema there. The Egyptians picked up the practice for both the devotional purposes (as practiced by the real Darawish) and as a folk dance. The Tanoura then evolved to include the bright patterned skirts, specific movements and music, folkloric introductions… The revolving and whirling practice is quite ancient and occurs in many cultures until this day. However, Sufism is just as old as Islam in the wide sense of 7th century mystic practice, with formal theorists also occurring around the 9th century. It is therefore reasonable to suppose that both the Mevlevi Sama and the Tannoura derive from a single, preexisting tradition. In the end, the Tanoura dance in both levels of religion and folk dancing is set to be an amusing and mesmerizing process.
  • Best of Egypt El Sawy Culture Wheel... Preserving the Egyptian and Arabic Identity What was once nothing but a dump yard and a shelter for homeless and drug addicts is now one of the most important cultural venues in Egypt. In 2003, Engineer Mohamed El Sawy established El Sawy Culture Wheel. It is a distinguishing cultural center laying on an area of 5,000 m2 right under the 15th of May bridge on Zamalek Island at the heart of Cairo, Egypt. Mohamed El Sawy named his center in honor of his father's -Abdel Moneim El-Sawy; an Egyptian novelist and a former minister of culture. While the name'El Sakia' or 'The Waterwheel' comes from the five-part novel series called “El Sakia/ Waterwheel” which is written by Abdel Moneim El-Sawy. Because the Sawy center is based on culture, the word 'water' was replaced with the word 'culture' leading to the famous name “El Sawy Culture Wheel.” The Sawy Culture Wheel provides an ethical environment to help people expand and strengthen their philosophy through enlightenment, art and of course creativity. The main branch has 8 halls: The Wisdom Hall, The River Hall, The Earth Hall, The Word Hall 1 and 2, The Garden Hall, El Naseeb and Bostan El Nil. Each Hall is equipped with cinema screens and all types of audio-visual aids. In addition to that, there is a children's library, a general library, a music library and finally an electronic library. It also has a number of educational departments teaching the ethics and values of art in all its branches. Three more halls are available to hold workshops and seminars. The Culture Wheel values humans regardless of classification; everyone is treated equally despite their social, official and economic status. Visits in El Sawy range in an average of nearly 500,000 people a year, counting about 1,500 to 2,000 people per day… It operates all year seven days a week from 8 am to whenever the last show ends, presenting 2 to 4 events a day. In 2009, 25 festivals and contests were organized, including an annual theatre festival, the Sakia animated film festival, El Sawy culture wheel festival for documentaries and El Sakkia conference for Arabic language and Poet Laureate Ahmed Shawqi. Hosting art exhibitions of well-known artists as well as being a platform for those unknown optimistic students and beginners. Comprise seminars for initiating conversation on different subjects on current and long-lasting subjects with value thinking and the freedom of thought. Many Awareness Campaigns have taken place, where each year is focused on a specific topic; this year it is to be “ The year of light” efforts were directed towards Enlightenment, Knowledge, Visual Arts, Energy and Plants. Aside from the concerts, art exhibitions, plays and seminars there is also a number of workshops teaching principles of art in all levels from beginner to advance. The main center in Zamalek provides a library rich in possessing a wide range of books for children and adults in Arabic, English and French. Everyone is allowed to access the library, pick a book and read it. Members of the culture wheel are permitted to even borrow the books and read them at home. In 2007, El Sawy Culturewheel embarked its bi-monthly integrated culture magazine known as “El Sakia el Warakeya” it is written in standard Arabic, intended for the youth. The magazine provides information about all fields of culture and covers news of the El Sawy Culturewheel as well as other cultural centers. In 2009, The Sawy launched its very own online radio station called “Sound of Sakia.” They have a mission to enrich the cultural scene in Egypt through expanding the reach out of local artists, workshops and speakers to audience not only in Egypt but also worldwide. Since children are first of the Sawy's priorities, a program called “Let Me Think” was initiated. LMT is a workshop created to teach children to think, imagine and develop solutions and ideas for virtual situations and issues. 38 Best of Egypt
  • The program is purposed to demonstrate to children that thinking could actually be a fun activity by doing it informally thought mind games and exercises. Further branches are New Generation School, Qena, Smartvillage and Helwan. The Sawy has maintained its reputation with its smoke free environment, keeping the principle that smoking is not allowed in any section of El Sawy Culturewheel, including the garden. This led them to being the creator of The White Circle, which is a sign for a smoke free environment. The World Health Organization uses the white circle in 22 countries. It is targeted to change the Egyptian society's cultural image, by focusing on new generations to integrate culture, creativity and aspiration in their personalities. Also preserving the Egyptian and Arabic identity and replacing the inherited negative ideas by innovative ones. Never ending trials to set new measure to spread awareness and enhance thinking by supporting arts & creativity. Finally, committed to excellence and presenting the best, El Sawy Culturewheel Constantly tries to offer a wide variety of programs from the best that Egypt has to offer to everyone. Cairo International Film Festival... Celebrating the fine art of Cinema Egyptians love arts in general and has enjoyed a strong cinematic tradition of filmmaking was first developed in the early 20th century. With progression of active theatre scenes of old times, the cinema rapidly evolved into a vast motion picture industry. Cinema together with old musical tradition has raised Egypt to become the cultural capital of the Arab World. The influence of Egyptian cinema has earned Cairo the title of Hollywood of Middle East. Egypt is an a origin of Arabic literature producing some of the 20th century's supreme Arab cinema writers such as Taha Hussein, Tawfiq Al Hakim and novelist Naguib Mahfouz. With consideration to these credentials, it was clear that Cairo should begin to aim higher and hold their very own film festival. It was not long before that dream came true and ends pleased the hearts of millions. On Monday August 16th 1976, the Egyptian Association of Film Writers (headed by Kamal El-Mallakh) launched the first Cairo International Film Festival. The festival features about 100 films from 33 different countries, along with 14 movies from 14 different countries in the competition. The Cairo Film Festival proved its daring and flexible year after year effort and ability, with intentions to continue acting as a meeting point. Their objectives are not only for filmmakers and critics but also for writers, intellectuals and other artists. For the first 7 years the Egyptian Association of Film Writers and Critics managed the festival until 1983. In 1985 the Egyptian Association of Film Writers and Critics joined with the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Artist's Syndicates to form a joint committee that would improve the quality and financial state of the festival. The festival began a new era under the control of the prominent play writer Saad El-Din Wahba, an eminent writer and proficient executive appointed by the Minister of Culture. It was not long when the Festival became an independent organization. During his first year of responsibility, he contacted the FIAPF(International Federation of Film Producers Association) and in May 1986 it was acknowledged that the Cairo International Film Festival as a non-competitive event. In 1990 the FIAPF made a study of the top three most important non-competitive film festivals in the world, and the Cairo International Film Festival was ranked second, right after the London Film Festival and the Stockholm Film Festival came in 3rd place. With these achievements in consideration the President of the Festival contacted the FIAPF with the request for including competition at the 1991 Festival and the request was granted. Sadly the last of Saad El Din Wahba's work was a press conference, which he gave just two days before his death on November 9, 1997, to announce the detailed arrangements for the 20th Cairo International Cinema Festival. In 1998, the Festival took place under the presidency of one of Egypt's leading actors, Hussein Fahmi, who was appointed by the Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosni. Four years later, the eminent journalist and writer Cherif El-Shoubashy became president. For 33 years, an annual celebration and examination of the state of cinema took place where Egypt hosted international superstars like, Nicolas Cage, Jhon Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Cesar Badillo, Gabrielle Union, Elena Zakharova, Sergi Mateu, Raul Di Blasio and Nicolas Alejandro, Quincy Jones, Harvey Keitel, Matt Dillon, Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina, Jane Birkin, Omar Metwally, Maryam d'Abo, Jason Felmyng, Aimee Mullins, Laura Harring, Nurgul Yesilcay,Souzan Najmeldin, Sana Kassous, Suheir Hammad and Sanaa Mouziane. The 33rd Cairo International Film Festival took place last year under the presidency of the actor and musician Dr Ezzat Abou Ouf along with the international superstar and honorary President Omar Sharif. Being the oldest festival in the Middle East and highlighting the international communication and understanding between nations has been an inspiration to several other potential festivals and people. Moreover, Egypt is the main support for all civilizations with its strategic geographical and political positions. This is not only in acting but also as leading country in the Middle East and an essential portion of the Mediterranean, but also as one of the most important countries in the African continent. The Cairo International Film Festival will continue to focus on African cinema and has already dedicated a unique section known as the Black Pearl to feature films from all over the African nations and presenting the abilities of Africa that is yet to be discovered. The Cairo Film Festival has proven that this is the right direction to achieve the dream of developing and enhancing the Egyptian, Arab and African Film Industry to the rest of the world.
  • Tourism in Egypt Best of Egypt Observe and Sense Genuine Cairo Khan El Khalili Bazaar... The Ultimate Bazar Every country has it special tourism spot and attraction, the Khan El-Khalili now more commonly known as the "Khan," is one of the most interesting bazaars, not only in Egypt, but also in the whole Middle East. This place is purely amazing, narrow streets with all sorts of shops crammed with just about everything imaginable; from clothes shops to coffee shops tucked away in back allies yet still chock full of people, making your way around the market takes a lot patience. Shopping in Khan el-Khalili is an experience all on its own. You observe the art of bargaining become almost a sport and getting a good deal is parallel to a gold medal. Khan El Khalili was once known as the Turkish bazaar and named after Emir Djaharks El-Khalili, he was one of the powerful Princes in the 14th century. It is the best known shopping area in Cairo; this place is famous for its unusual oriental souvenirs and handmade crafts. You will find pretty much any Egyptian product you can imagine here as well as an impressive amount of imported goods. The market represents Egypt's core since trade was Cairo's earliest source of wealth. Khan El Khalili is in one of the oldest Cairo neighborhoods in existence and is considered to be in the center of the city. The traditional market together with the labyrinth layout of the streets, give every visitor a pleasure and glimpse into what it was like centuries ago. Between the never ending stream of narrow alleyways, small shops, cafés, historic buildings, foreigners and the persistent sellers, you'll need to set aside at least half a day to properly take part in the Khan el-Khalili experience… Start at one end of the market, and just lose yourself amongst the array. Besides shopping, the Khan el Khalili is known for its historic cafés. El Fishawi Café and Naguib Mahfouz are of the very old and famous ones available; offering drinks like Hibiscus, Karakare, Helba, or any of the various typical Egyptian beverages. It is a very pleasant experience for visitors; it gives a real tasteful experience. For smokers, you are not forgotten; there is of course the very famous Shisha or water pipe that must be tried. Visiting the Khan El Khalili can be a overwhelming experience, but with so much to do and see, it is an essential part of any trip to Cairo and believe it or not, it is worth it. As important as it is to shop at the khan, equally important is just observing the culture and local life you can see going on all around you. Every visitor can and should take the opportunity to enjoy the walk through the narrow streets of El Khan. This Bazaar is the place where art and commerce come together to give a unique and remarkable, harmonious experience. Khan El-Khalili is recognized as being one of the most remarkable markets, not only in Egypt, but in the whole Middle East. Although it may not be the average shopaholic's expectations, it is an ideal place for those who want to experience genuine Cairo. The things that are rarely seen in today's modern day world are still norms in classic Cairo. No matter which part of Khan el Khalili you choose to explore or how much u manage to wonder around, this will be a trip well worth your time. 40 Best of Egypt
  • Best of Egypt Dr. Zahi Hawass For me, archaeology is not a just a job. It combines everything that I could want - imagination, intellect, action, and adventure. Dr. Zahi Hawass is a world-renowned Egyptian archaeologist and is the current Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and directs ongoing excavations at Giza, Saqqara, and in the Valley of the Kings. Zahi Hawass originally intended to become a lawyer but he studied Greek and Roman archaeology at Alexandria University and obtained a Bachelor's degree. He achieved a diploma in Egyptology at the University of Cairo. He finally received his Master of Arts Degree in 1983 and his PhD in 1987 from the University of Pennsylvania. The highly respected Egyptologist has written numerous academic articles and books. Over his long career, he has provided with numerous awards and honors. One of his most recent awards in 2009 was a Medal of the Spanish Order of Arts and Culture by the Spanish Minister of culture (Cesar Anotnio Molina) in recognition of his assistance to world culture and his warm relationship with Spain. In addition to that he is known for his charming personality and ability to reach out to the public, raise awareness of archaeology and the conservation of Egypt's valuable heritage. Dr. Hawass has shared his knowledge about ancient Egypt along with the thrill of his discoveries in his vast amount of books for general readers and authored several books for children. The specific book about his great discovery at Bahariya Oasis, The Valley of the Golden Mummies, became a bestseller and has been published in five languages. He also writes regular columns for Al-Ahram Weekly and the in-flight magazine of Egypt Air Horus, and has contributed articles to GEO, along with many other popular magazines. It does not end there, Hawass has been a mentor for several documentaries, films, television specials and magazine stories throughout the years of his career. He has taught courses and given lectures in both Egypt and the U.S. and holds several committee appointments. Hawass has appeared on many television specials on channels such as the National Geographic Channel, BBC, The History Channel and Discovery Channel. He also appeared in several episodes of the U.S. television show Digging for the Truth, discussing mummies, the pyramids, Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, and Ramesses II. BBC chose him for a profile representing Egypt in the New Millennium, and was featured by CNN in a short profile in 2008, while National Geographic has produced a film on his life and work. Dr. Hawass is the spokesman for CNN on archaeological news in Egypt and has also been featured on many TV shows in Europe and Japan. A documentary called “Egypt's Ten Greatest Discoveries” was created and hosted by him along with some of the world's leading Egyptologists. Dr. Hawass has made a number of major discoveries over the course of his career, including the Tombs of the Pyramid Builders at Giza and the Valley of the Golden Mummies at Bahariya Oasis. He has discovered two previously unknown Old Kingdom pyramids, one belonging to a queen of King Teti at Saqqara and one near the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza. The pyramid of the 6th Dynasty queen Khuit, along with another pyramid that determined belonged to the 5th Dynasty king at Saqqara were rediscovered by him. Being currently involved in several important archaeological projects, made him authorized to lead the search for the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony on the premises of a Ptolemaic temple near Alexandria. Alongside of that he is also searching for the tomb of Ramesses VIII and the tombs of the queens of the 18th Dynasty in the Valley of the Kings. Dr. Hawass plans to reveal the secrets of the hidden doors found inside the Great 42 Best of Egypt
  • Pyramid soon and is supervising a search for missing obelisks and statues in the Nile waters. One of the most important research efforts that Dr. Hawass is currently leading is the Egyptian Mummy Project (EMP), which is using modern forensic techniques such as CT scanning and DNA analysis to answer questions about human remains from ancient Egypt. An important discovery that Dr. Hawass has made through the EMP is his identification of the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut. The project is currently focused on the search for the family of King Tutankhamun. Dr. Hawass is well known to be an archaeologist who is deeply concerned about the conservation and protection of Egypt's monuments. He has supervised major conservation projects for the Great Sphinx, along with the Serapeum and Step Pyramid at Saqqara. Responsible for the development of the site management plans for a number of important historic areas, which also includes the Unfinished Obelisk Quarry in Aswan and the temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Dendera. Currently, he is overseeing the completion of site management plans for the West Bank of Luxor, Giza, and Saqqara. He has also initiated the construction of nineteen new museums throughout Egypt, including the Grand Egyptian Museum that will be built near the pyramids at Giza. With Dr. Zahi Hawass's dynamic personality and extensive knowledge, he has sparked vast amounts of global interest in ancient Egypt. He set the world of the pharaohs into the homes and hearts of people all over the world through his numerous appealing media appearances. In 2006, Dr. Hawass received an Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for a special on ancient Egypt produced by KCBS in Los Angeles. He has appeared in three live prime-time productions for Fox Television - the first aired in March 1999, with Maury Povich; the second aired in May 2000 with actor Bill Pullman and host Hugh Downs; and the third was a look behind the hidden doors inside the Great Pyramid through the use of a robot equipped with a fiber optic camera. For the first time in decades Dr. Hawass has been amazingly helpful in sending exhibitions of the treasures of King Tutankhamun abroad. One exhibition is touring London along with eight American cities, while the second will visit seven cities in the U.S. Dr. Zahi Hawas's Most Amazing Discoveries Mummy of Egypt's Greatest Female Pharaoh and was contacted by the Discovery Channel with a request for him to appear in a documentary on Queen Hatshepsut to shed new light on one of the most remarkable women in history. In March 2nd, 1996 The Valley of the Golden Mummies at Bahariya was discovered. This discovery is considered one of the most amazing sites to Dr. Zahi and is considered very special to him giving him a feel of privilege to be a part of this story. March 22nd, 1993 A Mystery of the Hidden Doors Inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu has fascinated people for millennia. It is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing today, and its monumental size and the precision of its design astound thousands of visitors each day April 15th, 1990 The Cemetery of the Pyramid Builders was discovered. Although many people have claimed that the pyramids were built by slaves, it was actually ordinary Egyptians who constructed the great monuments. With the discovery of the Cemetery of the Pyramid Builders Zahi was finally able to reveal the truth to people around the world.
  • Best of Egypt Experience the Cairo Tower...Where millions of twinkling lights come to life It is a fact that the higher up you are the better visual you gain. In Cairo one of the best views you may ever get, would be on the Cairo Tower, also known as Borg al-Qahira. The perfect view shows this great city with its very modern, very ancient districts that Cairo offers. The Tower began to be built in 1956 and was finally completed in 1961, with the help of the Soviet Union and about 500 workers and of course the guidance of Naum Chebib. The tower features a curious blend of Pharaonic and communist details. It was designed with its partially open lattice-work to resemble a giant lotus plant. The design is inspired by the lotus flower since it is one of the most revered plants in Egyptian history. It stands 187m tall, about 43m higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is located on the Gezira Island, Zamalek, just north of the Museum of Modern art, offering a perfect panoramic view of Cairo. The Cairo Tower in Egypt has hosted several important public figures and is popular for as dining venue. At that restaurant there is a special book that contains the signatures of all the important people who visited the tower. For the Late President Gamal Abdul Nasser the tower restaurant was a favorite place to dine out with his family. Located on the 59th floor, the restaurant offers an array of international cuisine. Along with breathtaking panoramic view of the City with the option of enjoying an exquisite dinner, is an unnoticeable rotation making 360 ° in 20 minutes. On the 60th floor is the Garden Coffee shop having a more casual dining atmosphere. The new VIP Restaurant and Lounge features luxurious furnishings and an elegant upscale menu. The Tower now also has space for meetings and conferences. Finally; there is a viewing room with telescopes for everyone to get closer views of all that breathtaking scenery. The best time to visit the Cairo Tower is just before sunset as you get to view millions of twinkling lights come to life around the city and more upwards into the sky. Cairo awaits you at the top of the tower and that is not as sight anyone should miss. Last but certainly not least you can see even more twinkling lights with a belly dancing performance at the bottom of the tower at the “Legends” nightclub! The tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Cairo along with the pyramids and sphinx of course. After all the; tower is the tallest of Cairo's buildings and required to be a highlight of the fresh city. 44 Best of Egypt
  • Nature in Egypt Best of Egypt A Tropical Paradise… MarsaAllam... Comfort and Serenity MarsaAlam just 132km from Al-Quseir also known as the fishing village is situated where the Arabian Desert meets the Red Sea, currently seeing speedy popularity as a tourist destination and development following the opening of MarsaAlam International Airport in 2001. A number of other planed tourism projects and many new hotels, is rapidly turning it into much more than just a fishing village. Although remaining a fairly small tourist town, it is expected to see substantial development in the very near future. The airport is actually part of a larger development project premeditated to generate a state of the art resort area in Port Ghaleb. This includes both a marina and port with a dockside harbor, yacht club and spa, along with a highly dynamic town and a cornicheall around the marina area. On the corniche there will be shops, galleries, boutiques, restaurants and bistros, nightclubs and a casino. In addition, there will be a conference center and festival hall and links golf course. The private marina is not only the largest in the Middle East, but is also an international sea-gateway for yachts to visit Egypt. With a mass amount of tourism projects planned;MarsaAlam is set to equal other resorts in Egypt such as Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. It is a tropical paradise appearance full of palm trees, mangroves and sea coasts fringed with barrier coral reefs makes it exclusive. It has already gained a strong reputation among divers because of its numerous stunning diving sites that sit both along the coast and offshore. For those who undertake its waters will have a good chance of sighting spinner dolphins, dugongs and hammerhead sharks.At MarsaAlam, you can relax knowing you've chosen a place to suite your comfort, safety and enjoyment. No matter what level of diving you're at, you're bound to have a fabulous time diving at the ideal base for a fishing holiday. One of the primary diving sites in the area is the Elphinstone Reef. MarsaAlam also has some inland attractions, such as the Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti I at Khanais.It is a village with a small harbor and stone quay & nature reserve stretches from here to Gebel Elba in the south.Various attractions range from natural wonders to ancient Egyptian sites. The mountains surrounding the region had gold and emerald mines. During Ptolemy II's rule a road was constructed to link MarsaAlam and Edfu. Some of the major MarsaAlam Tourist Attractions are; Quseir Fortress,which is an ottoman fortress, constructed to protect the trade routes to India.MyosHormos, was the main North African harbor during the Roman Empire.Bir Umm Fawakhir, a complex gold agreementestablished between the 5th and 6th century. Temple of Seti I, is a gorgeous rock cut temple built by Set I between 1305-1290 B.C. The temple chambers feature sketches of Seti's life. In recent years, MarsaAlam has seen a splurge of development. There are now many 3 and 4 star resorts along the beach, with five star facilities soon to open. MarsaAlam is one of the fastest growing holiday resorts in Egypt, popular with wind surfers, divers and sun worshippers fortunate enough to have discovered the resort's remote tranquility. 46 Best of Egypt
  • Basata….Heaven on Earth When people think of a getaway, most think of a nice hotel, room service, a clean pool, and every other kind of luxurious accommodation that has all the elements of metropolitan city life, but without worrying about what awaits them from the boss the next day! Tourists can easily find such luxury facilities throughout Egypt. However, there is this spot that takes people to the days when one artificial source of light was considered a luxury, and trusting people with payment was the trend. Here, we go back to the simpler days, at a place literally called, Basata. Basata was the first tourist project in Sinai, established in 1986 . Basata is only 24 km to the north of Nuweiba, but it is about 450 km from Cairo, located between Taba and Nuweiba on the Aqaba Gulf of the Red Sea. It is situated in a small bay in an area of a sandy beach a little way off the main road. Its accommodation varies according to preference. There are a few buildings and chalets or bungalows built of clay and natural stone, with an Arabian theme that compliments the Sinai Peninsula and the surrounding landscape. For a simpler approach, one can find huts made of bamboo and reeds scattered across the beach. And those who like a camping style of life can just march in with their tents, or even just a sleeping bag. The main focus of “anything” such as food, electricity, or just having a group gathering is the main Hut located almost in the middle of the area. It's the largest hut and the only one with food, and electricity (the only reason for it being there is to operate the fridge where dairies and juices are kept). From corners to corner, Arabian rugs carpet the floor and there are nicely stuffed cushions to rest your back against. However, no one gets in with shoes or slippers. Got to keep it sand-free, just as much as the sand is kept free of cigarette butts. At night fall, people gather in the main Hut for dinner. For those who like more privacy, they can light a fire and gather round it. Time moves slowly here, in this pristine seascape so very distant from the crowded cities, and when sleep knocks, why fight it. There is really very little to do at night except visit with your companions and enjoy the campfire. Sleep comes easy in this quiet, detached, and very relaxing atmosphere. can rest, rejuvenate and recuperate from their stressful daily lives. It is a place where one can get back to nature, and back to basics. Here, one may think and reflect against a backdrop of sand and surf east along Suez Road traveling under the Suez Canal trough the Tunnel. From there head further east across the Sinai Peninsula to the Naqab Airport. Then go downhill to the seaside and turn south to Basata. Red Sea Diving... An Eco-Diving Adventure Egypt's Red Sea coast flows from the Gulf of Suez to the Sudanese border. Its mineral rich red mountain ranges inspired the ancient mariners to name it “Mare Rostrum” or the Red Sea.It cannot be considered anything but a diver's paradise, with the warmest of warm seas, very little wave action and incomparable visibility. The Red Sea is a very special location offering hundreds of unique &breathtaking sites. While everyone has their own point of view, some would say that Sharm El Sheikh has the best of what the Red Sea has to offer. The legendary dive location ofRas Mohammed is easily accessible from Sharm El Sheikh. Sprinkled with at least 10 other interesting wreck sites, the area is also surrounded with big fish such as barracuda, turtles and eagle rays.For bored divers who have seen it all, the further south you go, the better the quality and discoveries. Hurghada and MarsaAlam offer you a starting point from which to explore the Abu Nuhas wreck system and extremely rich sites and pelagic shark action at The Brothers, Elphinstone and Zabargad,which always satisfy even the most experienced divers. The Red Sea is considered to be one of the underwater worlds 7 Wonders, harboring more than 1,000 species of invertebrates and over 200 soft hard coral species. This forms the basis of a marine eco-system, which includes 1,100 unique species of fish, of which 20% of these fish species can only been found here. One of the Main Factors that make the Red Sea So interesting is the high level of endemism. The crystal clear waters of the Red Sea offer unmistakable opportunities to spot tropical marine life ranging from sharks and dolphins to gorgonian fans and feather stars. Turtles wander the sea while manta rays float over the cleaning stations while devil rays cruise over the reef.Away from the reef, there are schools of barracudas as well as grey reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, nurse sharks and leopard sharks which all patrol the sea. Your Egypt dive holiday can include shallow patch reefs, drift dives and walls, or a collection of some of the most interesting wrecks you are likely to find anywhere. In other places vibrant reefs stretch far into the ocean and form intricate labyrinths of plateaus, lagoons, caves and gardens. Divers who swim under the sea level are guaranteed an unforgettable experience with the rich coral reefs and fish. Adiver may be enjoying a labyrinth of coral gardens and quickly change to a sheer wall plunging thousands of feet into dark ocean depths. The Red Sea's great quantity of marine life and pits of the reef are a thrill that many divers confirmed to be unbeatable.
  • Best of Egypt Siwa... Protected Status In 2002, the Egyptian Government declared 7,800 square km in and around the Siwa Oasis a protected area, in recognition of Siwa's cultural, biological and environmental value. The new status prohibits all activities that damage or deplete the natural environment, including indigenous flora and fauna, and has bolstered the movement to preserve Siwa's invaluable resources. Siwa is one of the world's last remaining pristine oases, home to spectacular natural landscapes, ancient historical ruins and unique cultural traditions. Famed as the location of the Oracle of Amon, whom Alexander the Great consulted before continuing his Persian conquest, Siwa exists today much as it always has. Majestic rock formations, lush groves and brilliant salt lakes that have nurtured and inspired its people since they settled here 12,000 years ago continue to enchant all who set foot in this secluded idyll in Egypt's Western Desert. Thousands of years of isolation in a vast and unforgiving desert have allowed the Siwa community to develop unique cultural traditions, building techniques, styles of embroidery and systems of agricultural production that are remarkable for their beauty and harmony with the natural environment. Natural wonders: Thousands of years ago, rocky plateaus cradled and protected this lush depression. Over the course of time, sandblasting desert winds have carved reliefs from the plateaus, resulting in a unique terrain. Ranging in size from boulders to mountains, these sedimentary sculptures punctuate a dramatic landscape - a landscape where the Great Sand Sea converges with fresh water springs, glistening salt lakes, lush vegetation and significant biodiversity. Culture The Siwa Oasis enjoys a unique cultural heritage and a society rich in native custom and tradition. Descendents of the Berbers, or Imazighen, North Africa's original inhabitants, Siwans share more with cultures to its west than with Egypt. Siwa is the easternmost reach of Berber culture, and the oasis features rites, traditions, dress, tools, and a language distinct from the other oases of Egypt's Western Desert. While most Siwans speak Arabic, Siwan children first learn to speak the Siwan language, called Siwi. Siwi is a dialect of the northern branch of Tamazight (the Berber languages) and is closely related to dialects spoken in other Amazigh (Berber culture) communities in Libya Algeria ans Morroco. Desert adventures One of the most popular tourist activities in Siwa is the desert safari, arranged by many hotels and independent operators. Climb into a 4-wheel-drive jeep at the top of a towering dune, gaze at the endless plane of sloping dunes, then clutch the seat as you feel the jeep tip into a steep, exhilarating descent. Pause to discover marine fossils imbedded in the sand and rock - leftovers from the Tethys Sea which some 40 to 50 million years ago reached far south of the existing Mediterranean - before coasting down a sandy slope on the back of a sandboard. Excursions also include visits to Siwa's natural and historical attractions and offer the option to spend the night in a desert tent. Those who do will dine “Abou Mardam” style, on mutton or chicken roasted over charcoal in tins buried under the sand, and sleep soundly under clear desert stars, untainted by the lights of modern civilization. Siwa art project Every two years, Environmental Quality International (EQI) invites an internationally renowned artist or team of artists to design an installation that showcases Siwa's rich culture, history and natural environment, and engages Siwa's schoolchildren in its assembly and exhibition. So far, Siwa has hosted two installations, the first by Chinese artist Cai Guo Qiang entitled Man, Eagle and Eye in the Sky (2003), and the second by Russian-born artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov entitled The Ship of Siwa (2005). 48 Best of Egypt
  • Economy and Egypt Best of Egypt Winds of Change Economy on the Nile...Cruise through the World's Oldest Civilization Egypt resides in the northeast corner of the African continent; most economic activity takes place where the fertile Nile valley divides the country. In the last 30 years, the highly centralized economy inherited by former President Gamal Abdel Nasser has been completely rehabilitated by the government. During the 1990s, Egypt improved its macroeconomic performance with the help of a series of International Monetary Fund arrangements that coupled with immense external debt relief resulting from Egypt's participation in the Gulf War coalition. The pace of structural reforms which include finance, monetary policies, privatization and new business legislations all helped Egypt to move towards an economy that is much more market-oriented ever since the turn of the new millennium, encouraged the increased foreign investment. Since the reform program is still a job in progress, the government will need to continue its insistent pursuit of improvement in order to maintain the spike in investment and growth and thereafter begin to improve the economic conditions for the broader population. Egypt's export sectors are particularly gold and natural gas whichboth have vivid prospects. The International Monetary Fund(IMF) has rated Egypt as one of the world's top countries in terms of economic improvement, a statement that is supported by 25% annual capital growth, 7-8% annual GDP growth and a total annual FDI input of over $11 billion which latest figures available. As the GDP growth rate and the country's official funds increase and national debt falls, the country only looks to be getting richer. Recent economic success is attributable to the privatization of definite sector industries and new developments introduced by the government to customs, income and tax. Egyptian cotton has been the secure crop, however it is no longer essential as an export, production in 1999 was 243,000 tons. Egypt is also a large producer of corn, sugarcane, wheat, corn, fruit and vegetables, hay and rice. A substantial quantity of wheat is also imported from countries like the United States of America and Russiain spite of the increase in yielding since 1970. Rice is also exported in substantial quantities, while the main fruits are citrus, dates, and grapes. There is a large amount of exercises by government made to control agriculture, not only to ensure the best use of irrigation water but also to restrict the planting of cotton in favor of food grains. However, the government's ability to achieve this objective is limited by crop rotational constraints. Because Egypt depends on the single Nile River, irrigation plays a major role in the country. The Aswan high damn is one of the most impressive of all the irrigation projects. A report indicated by the National Council for Production& Economic Affairs had indicated that the dam proved to be success in controlling floodwaters and ensuring recurring water supply. Several precious landswere lost below the dam due to the flow of Nile sludge that was stopped and therefore increased salinity causing a major problem. In 1996, the level of water behind the High Dam and in Lake Nasser had reached the maximum level ever since the completion of the dam. Despite these unusual loads of water supply, Egypt can only utilize 55.5 billion cu m (1.96 trillion cu ft) per year. This is according to the Nile Basin Agreement signed in 1959 between Egypt and Sudan. Egypt has not only been the cultural and informational centre of the Arab world but Cairo is also the region's largest publishing and broadcasting centre. In 1998 the telecommunications liberalization process started and is still on going yet at a slow pace. Private sector companies operate in mobile and Internet access. By August 2007,there were 10 million fixed phone lines, 31 million mobile phones, and 8.1 million Internet users. 50 Best of Egypt
  • Egypt is the world's oldest civilization that emerged from the Nile Valley around 3,100 BC and is one of the most populated countries in Africa and the Middle East. The great majority of its estimated 77.4 million people live near the banks of the Nile River, in an area of about 40,000 square kilometers where the only arable agricultural land is found, while the large areas of the Sahara Desert are thinly inhabited. About half of Egypt's residents live in urban areas, with the majority spread out across the heavily populated places of greater Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities in the Nile Delta. It is much more than Pyramids and historical monuments, with its Red Sea scuba diving, hot nightspots, luxury hotels and five star restaurants. Delightful romantic cruises down the Nile on cheerful river boats, a night at the grand opera and it is a cultural experience like one you have never experienced. For thousands of years, it has been the playground of emperors and kings. Egypt is a country bustling with life, sound, visual beauty and excitement being heavily into music and dance. The country's belly dance has gained recognition across the world. Apart from the unique dance, there are troupes that specialize in modern adaptations of folk dances. Crisis Effect on Egypt Maybe the West doesn't always get it right… It is never possible for a country or region to be isolated from a financial or economic shock that originates in another part of the world. Contrary to some point of views, the Middle Eastern countries are most likely to be affected in diverse ways and degrees by the financial crisis and the related downturn. In the Gulf, the very wealthy can easily brush off this crisis, however the stock markets have fallen by as much as 40% making savers and many middle class families poorer after placing savings in the stock market. The Independent Wealth Funds have invested abroad and the values of their holdings have heavily depreciated. The Gulf countries, like oil-exporters, have faced a significant drop in oil revenues because oil prices are bound to be much lower than they were in early 2008. Egypt, on the other hand is a small oil exporter yet a big gas exporter and there is likely to be a loss of revenue from gas exports. The stock market has lost about 30% of its peak rate, but this affects fewer people than in the Gulf. A deep world downturn could reduce revenues from the Suez Canal and tourism and lead to the restoration of money from the Gulf. A decline in the rate of economic growth will make the millions of poor Egyptian even poorer. The crisis hit many countries, including Egypt during a period they had just started to join international efforts to strengthen the connections for migration and development. The economic crisis is very much expected to deteriorate implementation of such initiatives. Despite the fact that Egypt still lacks sufficient data to evaluate the full economic crisis impact, it is expected that this phase will have a severe consequences for transfer of funds, unemployment, internal migration, migration and development initiatives as well as migrants' rights. However, the crisis also draws attention to possible positive outcomes: migrants may return to Egypt with their cumulated savings, knowledge, and experience. These features represent the gains from migration which when recognized would be put to good use and may lead to strengthen economic development in Egypt. Therefore government policies that support the inclusion of return migrants in development tactics are essential. Nevertheless, the economic crisis may also be an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills of the national labor force and prepare them for the competition on the international labor market after the end of this crisis. For the last decades, unemployment has been one of the major problems in Egypt. Towards the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 there has been an additional increase of unemployment rates. Egypt is one of the top fund receivers worldwide and the premier receiver among Arab countries. Egyptian migrants dispatch an amount of 9.5 Billion USD in year 2000,which represents about 6% of the Egyptian GDP. In August 2009 a report on Egyptian transfer of funds signified that the migrants' remittances to Egypt decreased from 2.285 billion USD in the first quarter of 2008 to 1.738 Billion USD in the beginning of 2009 with an total decrease of about 550 million. The Egyptian remittances can be expected to decrease by more than 20% until the end of 2009 if this trend continues. The vast increasing rate of unemployment continuously holds back poverty improvement efforts and puts additional burden on the Egyptians living below the poverty line. There is no data that can show a direct connection between the increase of unemployment rates, return migration and declining of job opportunities in Egypt and abroad as well, however is it safe to say that the global financial crisis is of the main factors for the increasing of unemployment rates.
  • Best of Egypt The Suez Canal... Man Made Sea Level Waterway The Suez Canal is synthetic waterway in Egypt that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Gulf of Suez and then to the Red Sea. Modern ships mostly use the canal because it is the fastest route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean and therefore shortens a lot of time required for trading. It is one of the world's most heavily used shipping lanes being 163 km long with various width and 60 meters at its narrowest... Although taxes paid by the ships represent an important source of income for the Egyptian government the Suez Canal is not only important to Egypt but is also one of the most important waterways in the world with almost fifty vessels traveling through the canal daily. The canal cuts through 3 lakes; the Lake Manzala, in the north which is protected from the canal with bedding on its western side, the Lake Timsah in the middle, and the Bitter Lakes further south, which is also 30 km of the total length It took three separate periods to finally complete the Canal. The first efforts to build the modern canal came from the Egypt expedition of Napoleon Bonaparte, with intentions to create a devastating trade problem for the English. Though this project begun in 1799 by Charles Le Pere, a miscalculation had estimated that the levels between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea were too great including the fact that the Red Sea was about10 meters higher than that of the Mediterranean Sea and therefore project was quickly suspended. In 1833 a group of French intellectuals known as Saint-Simoniens arrived in Cairo became very interested in the Suez project, despite the problems in sea level differences. Unfortunately, at that time Mohamed Ali had little interest in the project and apparently in 1835, the French were overcome by a plague outbreak therefore many of the engineers returned to France. In Paris, the Saint-Simoniens created an association in 1846 to study the truth about the possibility of the Suez Canal once again. In 1847, it was confirmed that there was no difference in the levels between the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Finally in 1858 Vicomte Ferdinand Marie de Lesseps (Founder of the Universal Company of the Maritime Suez Canal) built the canal. It was completed about a decade of construction after in 1869. Its ownership remained largely in French and British hands until Egypt nationalized it in 1956, causing an international crisis. The final completion of the Suez Canal was an event to be celebrated but nevertheless, many issues and turmoils caused the closure of the canal for intermittent times. Between the Suez Crisis and later wars the canal was extensively damaged and was not fixed for several years after 1967. However, on June 5th, 1975, the canal was finally opened and since then has been modified and enlarged. The canal stretches over 163 kilometers from Port Saed and the Mediterranean Sea to Suez, the Red Sea. The famous canal (known as Qana al-Suways) of the modern era is now one of the greatest engineering nobel acts of modern record. At its narrowest point it is about 300 meters wide. It is wide enough to allow ships with a maximum draft of 16 meters. The canal can accommodate ships as large as 150,000 tons fully loaded. To many tourists the Canal Zone makes an interesting visit. It can in fact be a very easy day tour, since Cairo is only about an hour and a half away. On the other hand, it could also be visited as part of a longer tour, including the Eastern Desert Monasteries and other site seeing. 52 Best of Egypt
  • Aswan High Dam... 50 years of Celebration 50 years ago an Egyptian dream came true…Today we celebrate the high dam which saved millions of Egyptian people and lands from deadly floods. The Aswan High Dam is one of the most impressive sights of modern Egypt. For centuries Egypt had experienced serious issues regarding yearly flooding of the Nile River, damaging the local environment and farming communities. Each summer substantial flows of water from East Africa would cause serious flooding along all areas of the Nile. Some years the local farmers would watch their crops be completely washed away. Overall every year the Nile River floods had deposited about 4 million tons of nutrient-rich sediment, which enabled agricultural production. As the population along the river grew there came the need to control the flood waters to protect farmland and cotton fields. The British began constructing the first dam in 1899 and completed it in 1902. Apparently that dam nearly flooded again in 1946 when the water in the reservoir peaked near the top of the dam proving that it is insufficient enough to hold back the water of the Nile. When the dam almost overflowed it was decided that a second dam would be built. The second Aswan Dam encountered a number of serious problems and having been initiated in 1954 it was not completed until 1970. At first the United States & Britain had agreed to help finance the construction with a loan of $270 million but the offer was withdrawn in 1956. The Egyptian government intended to continue the project alone but luckily in 1958 the Soviet Union stepped forward with both finance and practical assistance in creating an enormous rock and clay dam and a significant challenge to engineers. Construction began in 1960, and the High Dam was finally completed on July 21st 1970. Located in the middle of the Egyptian Desert it is one of the largest dams of the world, it is 3,800 meters long, 980 meters wide at the base, 40 meters wide at the crest and 111 meters tall. It literally contains 43 million m_ of material, at maximum, 11,000 m_ of water can pass through the dam every second. However, they say nothing is perfect and apparently the High Dam was not, causing a number of environmental issues. Mediterranean fish stocks are impacted by the dam and with the subsidence of the Nile Delta will lead to outpouring of northern portion of the Delta with seawater in areas which are now used for rice crops. The delta itself no longer renewed by Nile silt, has lost much of its fertility. Even farmers have been forced to use about a million masses of artificial fertilizer as a substitute for the nutrients which no longer fill the flood plain. Although there are many negative and positive issues with the two Aswan Dams and the fact that some of these issues appear to be getting worse as time goes on, the positive impact on the region makes it worth it. The Aswan High Dam in particular produces a large proportion of Egypt's electricity and proves to be very useful with regards to watering for farmland in the region. While there is constant criticism about the building of these two projects there is no doubt that without them, those in the region would have a very different lifestyle to the one they have at present. The Aswan High Dam is such a massive creation is has also become a tourist attraction and is included in most Aswan tours.
  • Best of Egypt The Men Who Make It All Happen Power has been called many things; the ultimate adrenaline, absolute corrupter, the mistress, key to success maybe but its true nature remains indefinable. In this issue we publish our list of the most powerful people in Egypt. This is not a list of the richest or most materially successful because there's no room for the self-proclaimed world's happiest man. The people mentioned here are powerful because they either worked hard or in many cases, helped to create the most authoritative projects and developments in our country. Gammal Mubarak Head of Policies Secretariat in the NDP & president of the Future Foundation Gamal Mubarak is recognized as a proponent of democratization, economic liberalism and technical reformer, playing a leading role in the National Democratic Party. With many efforts to stress on the importance of continuity in social programs and increasing spending rates in encouraging credit needed to finance projects. He is also the Head of the Future Generation Foundation, which is a political organization aiming to prepare the young Egyptians for the job market and increase their political awareness. Tarek Nour Chairman, Tarek Nour Holdings The definite leader of Egypt's advertising industry with a career span of more than 30 years is without doubt Tarek Nour. all the way through three decades of listening to local consumers, nobody has developed a deeper understanding of regional and local markets. He also made an indelible mark on TV production with the launch of his tv channel “Al Qahira Wal Nas” which is only for Ramadan. Ahmed Ezz Chairmsn & CEO Ezz Steel Ahmed Ezz is not only the Chairman and CEO of the largest steel producer in Egypt 'Ezz Steel' but has also been a member of the Egyptian parliament since 2000. The company has posted as biggest gain among Arab equity markets. Ahmed Ezz continues to stress on the importance of structuring a united negotiation with the world suppliers of the raw materials to get the best prices and indicate the importance of strengthening the Arab co-operation.He also continues to apply significant political influence as a member the NDP and the head of the influential Budget committee in the parliament. Ibrahim El Moallem CEO, Dar el Shorouk & Head of Arab Publishers Union Dar el Shorouk is the world's leading Arabic publisher and distributor, National Printing Company and one of the largest printing companies in the region. Ibrahim El Moallem has succeeded in modernizing management and production system, pushing its position further to the forefront of Arab publishing companies. Under his leadership, the company witnessed remarkable growth in both capital turnover and annual sales records. Dr. Magdi Yacoub Heart Surgeon& Founder of the Chain of Hope Foundation Sir Magdi Yacoub is also notable for saving many lives by pioneering a technique for switching' the heart vessels of babies born with a congenital heart defect, which means they are the wrong way round.Having retired from performing surgery for the National Health Service at the age of 65, Sir Magdi continues to act as a high profile consultant and ambassador for the benefits of transplant surgery. He continues to operate on needy children through his charity, The Chain of Hope. Mounir Ghabbour Chairman, Mirage Group & Mirage City Sakkar Tours is what began Mounir's business empire and now managed by his son. His success was later followed by the Sonesta Hotel and cruise boats in Egypt. His business interests have expanded gradually and now include JWT Marriot Hotel & Mirage City, and AIG Insurance Company. It does not end there; Mounir Ghabbour is also a Chairman of the National Egyptian Heritage Revival Association and a member of the EU-Egypt Council. 54 Best of Egypt
  • Naguib Sawiris Chairman, El Wataniya Steel & CEO of Orascom Construction Industries With a record of # 62 in Forbes list, he continues to solidifying his reputation as one of the region's gutsiest business man and brains his new holding company; Weather Investments, Italian Telecom Companydoes not end there. He continues to expand his ventures throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, making impressive profits with absolutely nothing to do with the economic downturn. Since joining Orascom, Naguib Sawiris has continuously contributed to the growth and diversification of the family business that began in 1979, into what it is today.He also seeks growth within the regional media production market with his successful TV channels as well as a popular Ramadan talk show host on his OTV channel. Farouk El Baz Director, Remote Sensing Centre at Boston University The Egyptian American scientist worked with NASA to assist in the planning of scientific exploration of the Moon. This included making history in the selection of landing sites for the Apollo missions and the training of astronauts in lunar observations and photography. He is still very busy heading a major research centre in Boston University as well as devoting his energy to strategic problems in Egypt, where hopefully his proposal for a Desert Development Corridor would solve Egypt's development problems. Amr Moussa Secretary General, Arab League For over 2 decades, Amr Moussa has been a force full figure ever since he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1991. Respected by millions across the globe, his skillful diplomacy as foreign minister brought an improved energy and figure to the League of Arab States ever since being elected as its Seceratry General in 2001. Moussa played a major role in the drafting of the Arab Initiative for peace unanimously approved by the Beirut Arab Summit.He also constantly tries hard in order to strengthen and promote peace and dialogue on a cultural and political level. Ahmed Zewail Nobel Prize Winner The key work of the Third Nobel prizewinner has been as the pioneer of femtochemistry, recently named a member of the USPresident's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. He also became one the first US science envoys to Islam, visiting Muslim-majority countries from North Africa to Southeast Asia, alongside in the same year, he was named the First United States Science Envoy to the Middle East. Mansour Amer Found & Chairman, Amer Group Mansour Amer is the founder and chairman of Amer Group, a holding company that entitles some of the largest resort developers in Egypt including Delmar and Tropicana companies. The projects include Porto Marina, Golf Porto Marina, Porto Sokhna, Cancun and upcoming Porto Cairo. Mandour is also responsible for brining in some of the most famous international food franchises to Egypt like, Jhonny Carinos, Chilis, Alain La Notre and many more. Farid Khamis Chairman, Oriental Weavers & Member of the Shoura Council for National Democratic Party With the direction of the bigtycoon Farid Khamis, the world's number one Carpet manufacturer has managed to maintain its lead in the market. He stated that the Oriental Weavers' performance was remarkably resilient in the face of the prevailing global economic condition.Farid constantly tries his best to enhance projects in need with his generous charitable ventures across Egypt and with the UN's Global Impact. Mohamed El Baradie Nobel Prize winning Secretary General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed El Baradie's high profile non-proliferation issues including the inspections in Iraq after the invasion and tensions over the nuclear program of Iran. ElBaradei and the IAEA itself were announced as joint recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize for their "efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes and to ensure that nuclear energy, for peaceful purposes, is used in the safest possible way. Best of Egypt 55
  • Best of Egypt Pharaoes African Cup Celebration for being the African Champion for the 7th time The African Cup Tournament finally came to an end on Sunday 31st January, 2010 at the November 11 stadium in Luanda, Angola. Contrasting previous tournaments; this Africa Cup of Nations was not so much a football festival but was far more different. This year's tournament will be remembered for Egypt's treble history-making; confirming that the Pharaoh reign is officially the highest in Africa! They added an extraordinary trick to a matchless score of Nations Cup goals, appearances and record participations with the final. Egypt is known to be the utmost successful nation in the cup's history, being the only team to win the tournament with a record of seven times after beating Ghana 1-0 in a very tense final in Angola. The Pharaohs have also set a record of 19 straight unbeaten competition matches. Throughout the tournament's history of the Nations Cup, three different trophies have been awarded to the winners of the competition. In 1978 the first original cup entitled “Trophy Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem” was made of silver and named after the first CAF president, the Egyptian Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem. Ghana was the first winner of three Nations Cup tournaments and was qualified to permanently hold the trophy. The second trophy was awarded from 1980 to 2000, and named “Trophy of African Unity” given by the Supreme Council for Sports in Africa to the CAF prior to the 1980 tournament. Cameroon won the Unity Cup after they became three-time champions in 2000. The third trophy was revealed in 2001, a gold-plated cup designed and made in Italy. Egypt won the cup indefinitely after they became three- time champions in 2010, with an extraordinary achievement by winning three consecutive continental titles. One of the new records was by the Egyptian captain Ahmed Hassan who became the only player to have won 4 editions of the tournament in 1998, 2006, 2008 and 2010. The 30 year old captain also had his 170th cap for his nation in their match against Cameroon at the quarter final stage, becoming world's third most capped player in history. After a draw during the final 80 minutes, it was expected that the final would be decided on extra time or on penalties. Astonishingly, Gedo who is the best scorer of this Cup broke the deadlock on a nice one-two combination at the top of the penalty area with Mohamed Zidan. This was the amazing fifth goal of the tournament for him. He also finished as the Cup of Nations Golden Boot winner, had perplexed the expectations of over 40,000 viewers assisting the match and millions of listeners by scoring the only and final goal of the game. Gedo's performance is perhaps among the strongest but certainly the most surprising in recent international memory. Marked by the outstanding tactical attitude of both teams, this match recorded moments of joy and a class of two teams that knew how to honor the last challenge of the 27th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations. Globally speaking, football may not always be fair in many circumstances; this game seemed to be with the agreement of everyone that Egypt is one of the best teams of this championship. The 60 year old Egyptian coach, Hassan Shehata is the only coach to have led three successive titles at the African Cup of Nations in the years 2006, 2008 and 2010 making him a veteran & the first African nation to achieve this record. Hassan Shehata has won several glories for his country, his club and the teams he managed as a coach. Truly proving to be a record setting coach while the next edition is full of expectations while the world waits to see old records broken and new ones created. It has officially been stated by the Nigerian authorities that they want the Egypt national team coach Hassan Shehata to take their team to the world cup 2010 in South Africa. The coach's response depended on the Egyptian government due to a contract with the African Champions that runs until 2012. Apparently, the Egypt Football Association has refused to allow its coach to consider taking over the vacant job in charge of Nigeria. For 53 years history, Egypt is on the longest unbeaten run in the tournaments. With these 19 matches that have stretched across the 2006, 2008 and 2010 victory, they have also broken into Fifa's top 10 teams in the world. The remarkable and impressive performance in Angola has delighted Egyptian men and woman. The performance of the national team was not only a sporting achievement; but a sign of national commitment between all Egyptians that united in celebrating. 56 Best of Egypt
  • Chapter 2 Hotels & Hospitality
  • Hotels & Hospitality JW Marriott Cairo Cairo’s Only Corporate Resort JW Marriott Cairo, an award winning property nestled in the prestigious Heliopolis district just 7 minutes from Cairo's International Airport and close to attractions. It's Cairo's only corporate resort offering a unique combination of relaxed elegance with gracious and personalized service where all guests can indulge in It's Cairo's only corporate resort the ultimate luxury. offering a unique combination of relaxed elegance with gracious In a setting of calm focus and exclusivity, JW Marriott Cairo boast's one of the largest banqueting ballrooms, offering Cairo's most comprehensive and advanced and personalized service where meeting facilities to deliver a productive and successful outcome to all executive all guests can indulge in the guests. The function space reflects an atmosphere of residential luxury. ultimate luxury. The 1734 square meter, pillar free Tutakhamun ballroom seats up to 1800 people for a gala dinner and 2200 for conferences and can be divisible into 3 sections, one of which with an open air foyer. For smaller meetings, we offer more than 18 additional meeting rooms that can be divided into smaller rooms to fit your requirements. In addition to 800 square meter exhibition area. Whether you would like to host a cocktail reception by The Beach or conduct an intimate focus group, our meeting rooms can accommodate all your requirements. An open air terrace sets the scene for festive celebrations for up to 400 guests. Our dedicated meeting professionals ensure flawless proceedings from start to finish and ensure the most productive use of your time. 60 Best of Egypt
  • Your Bold Alternative to a Conventional Meeting The JW Marriot Cairo takes you away from your typical office environment to the elegance of its meeting facilities. Whether is a seminar, workshop, board meeting or training, our venues are ideally suited to exceed your exceptions. With a choice of more than 18 conference rooms accommodating up to 2,000 guests, tastefully decorated furnishing, themed conference packages and a dedicated associates, the JW Marriott is fully designed to attend to all your business needs. You can stay connected whenever… wherever, as we offer wireless internet access in all meeting rooms and public areas of the hotels and high speed internet access in all rooms & suites. Your corporate meeting will not only be a success, but also a memorable experience in one of Egypt's most luxurious hotels. Where you've always wanted to go and never want to leave.SM IT’S THE MARRIOTT WAY. SM Best of Egypt 61
  • Hotels & Hospitality JW Marriott Cairo The Ultimate Destination of Choice! JW Marriott Cairo, a remarkable award winning property located in the prestigious Heliopolis district. It is Cairo's only corporate resort, an ultimate travel destination in and of itself, offering a plethora of possibilities to discerned travellers. The 436 elegantly appointed rooms and suites acclaimed as the most spacious in the city are designed for the comfort of guests, offering spectacular views of either the golf course or the swimming pool and lively beach with its waves and sandy shores. JW Marriott Cairo stirred up the local culinary scene with 12 restaurants, bars and The JW Marriott Cairo invites you lounges, catering to the needs of cosmopolitan clientele. The Hotel's numerous to spend a memorable dining facilities encompass a board selection of International cuisine. experience, far away from all the Guests are literally spoilt for choice, featuring homemade Italian pizza and pasta, noise and pollution of the city. Lebanese mezzah and grills, American steaks, authentic Japanese sushi, enticing Asian cuisine and fresh French patisserie. The on site Mirage City Golf Club designed by European architect Peter Harradine, a 27-hole championship golf course challenges golfers of all skill levels to an unforgettable round. A full golf academy staffed by qualified PGA professionals. The tree lined fairways, countless lakes, stream waterfalls turn a barren desert into one of the most enjoyable golfing experiences in the Middle East region. The Clubhouse caters to its dedicated golfers, an appealing venue for gatherings or celebrations. Guests enjoy extensive offerings, which include the state-of-art Health Center and the exceptional Mandara Spa. The Health Center offers a haven of recreational facilities including a fully equipped health club, outdoor pool, sauna and three tennis courts and an extensive fitness zone offering group exercise sessions. The Mandara Spa, 2500 square meters, a paramount of tranquility and relaxation with unrivalled personal care, offers 30 exotic treatments. The resort is the first in Cairo to offer its own themed water park, “The Beach.” Children will enjoy playing in a variety of pools and the exciting bumper cars, play stations and arcade games featured in the Kids fun club” Dream Ship”. 62 Best of Egypt
  • Hotels & Hospitality InterContinental Cairo Citystars Standing for Excellence The stunning décor, brings the rich tradition and heritage of Egypt into an elegant new hotel. All of the hotels public areas have been carefully & tastefully designed; hand painted lobby ceiling, crystal chandeliers and splendid spiral cases are all part of the hotels stunning décor. The luxurious hotel is part of the spectacular Citystars project which is the largest retail and entertainment centre in Europe and the Middle East, with 630 shops, 21 screens cinema complex, an in-door roller coaster, a replica of Khan El Khalil Bazar for Egyptian souvenirs, and a gold souk all under one roof. InterContinental Citystars Cairo Situated just 7 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, 10 minutes away is indeed, the ideal place to stay from the Cairo International Conference Centre the hotel makes everything within easy reach for all travelers. while on holiday or business in Egypt with 790 rooms, one of the InterContinental Citystars Cairo hotel also features wide-ranging leisure facilities most beautiful hotels in Cairo. through LifeStyles Health club and Spa InterContinental; such as multi-purpose Sports Court (Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball) Tournament Seating, Billiards Room, Aerobic Studio, Gymnasium, Jacuzzi, Beauty & Sports outlets, Sauna & Steam Rooms, Whirlpool, Blitz Showers, Luxury Lockers, In-door Hydrotherapy Pool, Physiotherapy, Yoga, and Thai Therapy. All guests staying at the InterContinental Citystars Cairo are assured a blend of comfort and style. Accommodation options include Regular Rooms, Executive Rooms, Suites, Garden Wing Poolside rooms and Studios to suit all needs. The spacious rooms are elegantly furnished with beautiful mahogany vanities, standard amenities in addition to: Individually controlled air conditioning, Free High speed Internet connection of 40MG, Soundproof rooms, In-room safe, Writing desk, Tea & Coffee making facilities, secure door lock mechanisms. 64 Best of Egypt
  • In addition to the regular floors, the hotel has exclusive Club InterContinental floors with rooms, and suites all have access to the Club Lounge, providing office support & separate check in area. A complimentary buffet breakfast and cocktail hours are part of the special treatment provided for our guests. Club InterContinental rooms are queen, king or twin bedded. Club suites feature a separate living working area and a master bedroom. InterContinental Residence Suites, located on a separate yet connected building from the hotel. All guests at staying at the InterContinental Residence Suites have a separate private entrance with an instant check-in desk and a specially dedicated parking area. Accommodation options include one, two, or three bedroom suites and a five bedroom penthouse all with their own kitchen; guests will also have full access to all of the Hotel's facilities and services including the restaurants, LifeStyles Health Club and Spa InterContinental. For the long staying guests, InterContinental Residence Suites is the place to be to feel at home. Tel.: 02 24800100 Fax: 02 24800200 Email: mail@interconticitystars.com Best of Egypt 65
  • 66 Hotels & Hospitality Best of Egypt
  • Hotels & Hospitality Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel The Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel is an exclusive resort by the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea in Egypt. Part of the renowned Steigenberger Hotel Group and under German management, the hotel boasts 388 rooms, including 16 suites, such as Junior, Deluxe and the fabulous Spa suites, which come complete with your own spa & wellness retreat, with free-standing spa bath tub from which to enjoy uninterrupted The Steigenberger Al Dau Beach views of the Red Sea and a massage table for treatments in the quiet surroundings Hotel is an exclusive resort by of your own room. Guests looking for that little bit of extra attention enjoy the Elite the crystal clear waters of the rooms, offering personal check in/check outs, daily free minibar refills, free access Red Sea in Egypt. Situated at the to the Thalasso & spa centre, and other perks. Rooms are at least 50sqm in size southern end of Hurghada, only - including balcony and most with sea view - with separate dressing area, satellite- TV, safe, minibar and an individually adjustable air conditioning/heating. The large 6 km from the international airport bathrooms feature separate bath tubs and rain showers. The theme of the design and 5 km from the city centre, the is Swahili: Light and dark colours form inspiring contrasts; clear lines and expensive hotel is a haven of sophisticated timbers combine to form a harmonious total. For the exclusive private accommodation, luxury, offering a wide range of the property includes two villas, located separately from the main building, directly facilities. at the golf course, and also the opulent Presidential suite, spread over three levels with its own private spa, gym, rooftop bar and pool. All rooms feature wireless Internet access; in fact, WIFI is available across the entire property. The fabulous and well rounded-off all inclusive package offers local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages around the clock, daily a-la-carte lunches at the pool and the beach, choice of fine dining with sophisticated four course menus for dinner, as well as unlimited daytime tennis, daytime golf, billiard, bicycle rental, pedal boat & canoe, as well as free gym and Jacuzzi Island access. Other meal plans offered are bed & breakfast and half board. Fun in the water is guaranteed with the large, partly heated, pool landscape with small islands, a 500m lazy river and a 400m private, sandy beach. The pool landscape measures 5000 m3 and as such is one of the biggest in Hurghada. Kids from 4 to 12 years of age will have fun at the kids club with pool (heated in winter) while the vast landscaped gardens invite you to relax. The hotel has several restaurants and bars. The main restaurant "Tamarind" offers daily changing buffets and the Steigenberger special buffet on Sunday nights. The à-la-carte restaurant & bar, "Alexanders" is situated directly at the beach with a view out to the Red Sea and onto the golf course. Its motto is "The Art of Fine Dining" and it is open for dinner. Guests can further choose between a beach restaurant and bar, a pool restaurant with grill and bar, a café, the lobby bar and lounge and in the evening the Arabian-influenced Dewan Café offering traditional water pipe 68 Best of Egypt
  • of different flavours, and the fun pub with disco. All outlets offer outside terraces. For conferences under the sun, there is a choice from seven conference rooms over a total area of 1.120 sqm, most with daylight. Besides the standard equipment, high speed wireless internet access, video camera and beamer are also available. The biggest meeting room has a stage and direct access to a large outside terrace, spanning the whole length of the room. The hotel's business centre offers a full range of secretarial services and two rooms for meetings on a small scale. For the supporting programme, organisers have an extensive choice, such as golfing, water sports, and diving, themed dinners at special locations, for example a sandy island, desert excursions, or pampering treatments at the "Algotherm Red Sea Thalasso & Spa". The "Algotherm Red Sea Thalasso & Spa" extends over an area of 1000 m2. The French beauty experts of Algotherm were one of the first who specialised in Thalasso products and packages. The Thalasso & Spa offers 10 treatment and massage rooms, Turkish bath, saunas, heated saltwater pool with whirlpool as well as a gym and aerobics classes. Be spoilt by the health and beauty experts who invite you to experience massages of the world, hydrotherapy treatments or special packages tailored to your every need. The hotel is currently also partnering with a personal fitness trainer from Germany, offering free sessions of Yoga, Thai Chi, Pilates and Aroha in special combinations at sunrise, sunset and at the heated saltwater pool to hotel guests. Golfers find a challenging 9 hole par 3 pitch and putt golf course with many water hazards. The course, nestled on the beach and overlooking the Red Sea, is floodlit at night. An aqua- driving range helps the enthusiast to improve their game, and a professional teacher is available to coach and advise. Equipment can be rented at the well-stocked pro shop, located inside the Club House. Introductory courses are available for beginners. For divers and water sports enthusiasts, the Steigenberger Al Dau Dive Club & Aqua Center, Ilios, is located directly on site. With a private marina, the Dive Club offers two lecture rooms and the most modern diving equipment. Under German management with more than 20 years of experience, the highest of standards and professionalism is guaranteed. The Dive Club offers diving courses at all levels and to the standards of PADI, Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel Yussif Afifi Road Hurghada, SSI, CMAS and HAS, as well as kids' diving and also Red Sea, Egypt. handicapped diving. Tel.: +20 65 346 5400 Fax: +20 65 346 5410/3 Cairo Sales Office 8 Mansouria Road Al Ahram Giza Egypt Tel.: +20 2 3741 8421/2 Fax: +20 2 3389 1477 Come and be embraced by Egyptian traditional hospitality at redsea.aldaubeach@steigenberger.com this haven of sophisticated luxury. www.steigenbergeraldaubeach.com Best of Egypt 69
  • Hotels & Hospitality Travco Group Your Stay Made Memorable at Any of our Properties in Europe and the Middle East Steigenberger Grand Hotel They own and manage a growing collection of 146 hotels and resorts across Europe and the Middle East, with 22 more under construction, under the group’s hospitality brands: Steigenberger, InterCity, Jaz, Iberotel, and Sol Y Mar Hotels and Resorts. The hospitality arms extend to Travcotels, Travco Group’s Travco's hospitality arms, Nile Cruise company that owns and operates Egypt’s most sophisticated fleet of Steigenberger Hotel Group and 21 cruise ships, in addition to two exclusive Dahabeyas. Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises, With a vision to create complete resort experiences, Travco has also masterminded exemplify the group's pioneer four large-scale destination resorts in Madinat Makadi in Hurghada, Almaza Bay spirit of constantly developing in Mersa Matruh, Madinat Coraya in Marsa Alam, and Mirabel Resort in Sharm El Sheikh. The developments feature hotel, retail, golf, and tourist facilities, as well new destinations and offering a as extensive residential developments. diverse range of services. Having achieved extensive market coverage in Egypt, Travco Group expanded its presence in the region upon opening its first five-star property in the United Arab Emirates, with further plans in other Middle East destinations. By 2012, the company will have established a series of new hotel properties in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Southeast Asia. As for further expansion plans in Europe, contracts for eleven hotels with around 2,400 rooms have already been signed and further hotels are at various stages of planning. In 2010 and 2011, InterCityHotels is expected to open in five new locations in Germany; at the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport and in Bonn, Darmstadt, Mannheim and Ingolstadt. 2011 will also see the opening of two grand hotels of the Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts brand; in Leipzig and on the island of Usedom. Steigenberger Hotels AG Building on its far-reaching experience in creating memorable holidays for its clients, and its ever growing network of partners, Travco Group acquired Steigenberger Hotels AG taking its strong regional presence to an international level. Steigenberger is the stepping-stone of Travco’s worldwide presence, as well as its entry into the city hotel business, particularly in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, and will further strengthen the company’s positioning in the quality segment. The complementary businesses of both companies will allow for cross-selling opportunities across the brands and further economies of scale. Steigenberger Hotels AG, based in Frankfurt, employs over 6500 employees and operates 81 hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Egypt. The umbrella of the Steigenberger Hotel Group covers two individual brands: Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, with 50 four and five star hotels, and InterCityHotel, which has 31 hotels in the upper mid-range. In 2008, the Steigenberger Hotel Group generated revenues of €494.9m. The acquisition makes Travco Group one of the largest international operators of diversified groups of hotels in Europe and the Middle East with over 142 hotels, resorts and cruises and 25,000 guest rooms in unique geographical locations, and an upward spiraling expansion planned to introduce 14 new projects in the year to come. 70 Best of Egypt
  • Jaz Crystal Resort Jaz Orienal Lobby Bar & Reception Jaz Crystal Lobby Jaz Makadi Golf Hotel Jaz Resorts was created in 2006 to reflect a growing demand for high-quality holidays at five-star properties. Jaz Resorts add elegance and exceptional personality to the renowned qualities of Travco brands, and offer guests a unique blend of luxury and leisure. Carefully crafted to appeal to discerning, well-traveled guests, the Jaz brand was developed by a team of hospitality experts. Guests can experience an upscale atmosphere in contemporary and elegant architecture which is designed to impress. Jaz currently owns and operates 10 hotel properties in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Mersa Matruh, and Ain Sokhna, with more to follow across Egypt and the Middle East, in addition to 10 Nile Cruises. Each Jaz property will offer luxury accommodations with a true sense of discovery, and Jaz Crystal Bedroom designs to showcase its distinct surroundings. Best of Egypt 71
  • Hotels & Hospitality Iberotel Aquamarine Lobby Sol Y Mar Sharks Bay Guest Room Iberotel IL Mercato Hotel Iberotel Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary company of Travco, is part of the well reputed hotel brand operating internationally Iberotel Aquamarine Lobby Bar under the umbrella of TUI, the largest integrated travel group in Europe. At Iberotel, going beyond customers’ expectations is what makes our hotels the place for outstanding holidays – like no where else. The successful blend of traditional hospitality featuring a high degree of comfort, hygiene and safety, together with well-trained employees, gives our hotel brands a distinctive character. Iberotel now owns and operates hotels and resorts in Cairo, Sinai, the Red Sea, and the North Coast areas, as well as the UAE, in addition to two Nile Cruises. Sol Y Mar Resorts are designed and operated to provide customers with beach vacations in Egypt, offering a host of recreation, leisure, entertainment, wellness and sports facilities. Focusing on distinction and guest satisfaction, Sol Y Mar Resorts exude vibrant energy – a combination of sun, sand, sea and fun-filled holidays for young families, friends and couples, and offer the latest in modern day amenities throughout its network. In addition to its presence in the famed tourist destination of Sharm El Sheikh and Taba, Sol Y Mar has branched out into the virgin territories of Taba, Marsa Alam, Mersa Matruh, Madinat Makadi, Safaga and the Western Desert – allowing visitors to experience a greater range of Egypt’s natural wonders and allowing Travco to continue to geographically diversify its portfolio. 72 Best of Egypt
  • Jaz Omar El Khayam Jaz Omar El Khayam Restaurant Jaz Omar El Khayam Royal Bedroom Travcotels Jaz Omar El Khayam Spa Egypt's leading and most prestigious River Nile cruise company, owns and operates a fleet of 21 Nile cruise ships, with more underway. As the largest Nile River cruise line, Travcotels' fleet of 5-star and 5-star deluxe ships of all categories and sizes meets the requirements and needs of the international holiday maker; whether for an individual traveler, an exclusive special interest group or a tour operator. Our commitment to our guests, added to the scale and variety provided by the fleet, guarantees our undisputed position at the head of the Egyptian Nile cruises excursion market. A cruise along the River Nile is undoubtedly the most enjoyable and relaxing way to experience the sights and wonders of ancient Egypt. The land stretching from Luxor to Aswan, in the south of Egypt, is home to many of the world's most impressive monuments of the famed pharaonic civilization. As you cruise on the magical waters of the Egyptian River Nile, you can look around you and see lush greenery along the river Nile banks. Suddenly, an ancient pharaonic temple comes into view and takes you back in time! Journey with us and you will be awed by sights you have only been able to imagine before - The majestic pharaonic Temple of Queen Hatsheptsut, the vast splendor of the Valley of the Kings, where the most famous Pharaoh of all, King Jaz Omar El Khayam Lounge Tutankhamen, was buried. At night, you can attend a Sound and Light Show at the pharaonic Temple of Karnak. Best of Egypt 73
  • Hotels & Hospitality Almaza Beach Resort Resorts & Leisure Travco Properties is considered to be the first in changing Jaz Oriental Shisha Egypt's coastline and beach fronts by providing prestigious luxury homes and resorts for foreign families, as well as Egyptian ones, who wish to indulge in blissful beach-like lifestyles at any time of the year. What makes us, Travco Properties, amongst the leaders in the industry is our experience and devotion to what we do. It's our duty to make a difference and create escapades that are entirely private and classy to complement your requirements and comforts, and comply with your expectations. When Travco Properties introduced its concept of real estate, it took into consideration the lifestyle and standard of its privileged clients, aiming to maintain and develop it by means of introducing luxury homes and resorts. Travco Properties has made certain that its guests and home owners enjoy a delightful and soothing experience by offering a master planned community with a variety of residential alternatives. One can enjoy an enchanting view of the beautiful coastal beaches and panoramic landscapes through fully finished haut monde townhouses, villas, apartments, or studios of international standards. These include fully finished villas, townhouses, apartments, or studios are all with fitted kitchens and AC's. Our exclusive properties are all overlooking either the outstanding beaches of the North Coast or Red Sea, enchanting championship golf courses, picturesque gardens, beautiful lagoons, and a yacht marina. Aiming to accommodate all needs, Travco Properties also provides shopping areas, spas, health centers, recreational facilities, an Aqua Park, restaurants, and bars; ensuring that all your needs are only a few steps away. Not only do we provide accommodation, but also full assistance throughout the stay including travel and limousine services, 24-hour security, and retail shops, in addition to a variety of Jaz Almaza Beach Indoor Pool F&B outlets. Almaza Bay Resort is a 6.2 million square-meter project located 38 km East of Mersa Matruh and 25 minute drive from the airport; ideally located on one of the most extravagant Jaz Oriental Suite Pool Mediterranean beaches in existence. Its most pictorial sea front with white soft shell-beach sand is complemented by the clear turquoise water, making it an unbelievable imaginary picture, only it's more than real. Designed by the internationally acclaimed Tom Krause, Almaza Bay residence will surely provide you with what are looking for. From villas to townhouses to apartments and studios, as well as the six world-class hotels, your desired comfort is now at your fingertips. Over and above, it offers a wide array of recreational facilities such as a golf course, a vast Marina, a water park, a tennis academy, a shopping mall, a world-class Spa, wellness center, horse back-riding areas, and a movie theater. 74 Best of Egypt
  • Madinet Makadi Overview Due to its pleasant climate, Almaza Bay Resort is an ideal all Iberotel Makadi Palms Living Room year round destination for tourists and individuals alike. It provides all kinds of leisure activities to accommodate residents and ensure satisfaction and contentment. Madinat Makadi Resort is just as beautiful with its sublime beaches and spectacular reefs, all spread on five million square meters of land. It is fused so romantically with tasteful Arabian opulence and a styled elegance that best symbolizes Egypt. Having a gigantic 18-hole Championship Golf Course with a layout that works its way through existing sand dunes and offers superb views of the hotels, the Red Sea and the mountains on the other side, a shopping village, a Spa and several entertainment facilities at close proximity to all, the resort is considered to be a completely entrenched destination. Offering 3500 residential units, from extravagant villas to spacious apartments, Madinat Makadi hasn't obliterated a single detail. In fact, it also offers Souk Makadi (Makadi Center), which is located at a walking distance from the residential area Madinet Makadi Golf Course and consists of multiple shops, the wellness centre, and a variety of cafes and restaurants with different appetizing cuisines. As a step towards tapping the country’s huge potential in Residential Tourism, Travco Properties has also stepped up efforts with construction fully underway for state-of-the-art residential units in Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. Golf The Madinat Makadi Championship Golf Course is designed to accommodate the highest caliber international Championships. With over 7,500 yards from the Championship tees, this course will challenge the best players in the world. The course has also been designed with six sets of tees to accommodate all levels of golfers from beginners to touring professionals. Each hole at Madinat Makadi is strategically designed with risk/rewards shot-making opportunities through the course. Madinet Makadi Spa The front nine is distinctly different than the back nine, being flatter with a series of ponds and creeks to challenge the golfer, whereas the back nine is routed through the hills and wadis in the desert. The challenge on the back nine is due to the natural topography that was utilized in the design. The overall golf experience at Madinat Makadi is designed to challenge the best golfers while allowing the average players and beginners to enjoy their day on the course Travco Centre 26th July Corridor, 12588 Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October City, Egypt. Short Number: 16161 Tel.: +2 02 38541111 Fax: +2 02 3854 1099 Email: info@travco.com www.travcogroup.com Best of Egypt 75
  • Hotels & Hospitality Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo The Pleasure of Business and Leisure, One of the Leading Hotels in Cairo The hotel has 320 rooms including 18 suites, the executive suites provide total comfort & relaxation, with different facilities such as DVD. The rooms are equipped to assist the communication of business travelers. All rooms, suites & public areas have broadband internet access with Wi Fi technology. The hotel has Pool Side Rooms equipped with comfort for a day around the pool or staying over night. The restaurants offer a variety of international & local cuisines; “Silk Road” Restaurant Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo, serving lndian & Chinese food, “ltaliano” Italian specialties. “Le Marquis” Lounge is one of the leading luxury hotels and Lobby Bar, where you can enjoy fresh brewed Coffee, French & Oriental pastries, in Cairo. The hotel is identified “La Veranda”, from May to October an outdoor arena serving a variety with it’s classic image & georgian of cuisines “lndian, Chinese, Lebanese & ltalian” with live entertainment. “Bar Sushi” a fresh sushi & Mediterranean mezzahs with live entertainment & the best pop architectural style, with the singers in Egypt every Tuesday & Friday with daily DJ. “Café Jardin” 24-hour addition of an elegant international food, “Petit” Pool Bar, and Testa Rossa Café where you can enjoy contemporary touch. the Italian Coffee blend. There are 10 meeting rooms for your banquets, meetings & conferences. Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo uniquely has a “Glass Squash” court & “Equestrian Training School”, in addition to Fitness Center, “Tennis Courts”, a movie house with 3 Cinemas, equipped with the latest AV. a Beauty Salon and “Mid way Casino”. 76 Best of Egypt
  • Concorde El Salam Hotel Cairo 65, Abdel Hamid Badawi St., P.O.Box 5614 Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt Tel.: +20 (0) 2 2622 4000 Fax: +20 (0) 2 2622 6037 emailus.cairo@concorde-eg.com concorde-hotels.com Best of Egypt 77
  • Hotels & Hospitality Alex West “Mother Company” The First Fully Integrated Touristic & Residential Community in Alexandria Alexandria, “The pearl of the Mediterranean,” has been chosen as the capital of tourism in the Arab world for year 2010; as well as being the second capital of Egypt, puts the gorgeous city on the top list for tourists to explore. The city is extending its beauty towards the west, and seeing a bright opportunity, Alex West is a mixed use project Alex West has chosen a prime spot to locate itself on the North Coast from one combining a wide variety of side and on the new access high way to overlook Marriott Lake from the other. Alex West is at a few minutes drive from downtown Alexandria as well the new projects, touristic, real estate, Borj el Arab International airport making the location even more unique. sports, commercial, medical and Touristic Area “Alexandrina” educational. Alexandrina is the pumping heart of Alex West, holding five Stars hotels, Business Park, commercial Central Park, mega mall and hypermarket and five stars conference centre. 1) Radisson Blu Hotel The world wide known 5 Stars hotel has started operating since 2008 with 283 guest rooms and suites offering a stunning panoramic view of Marriot Lake and the vast greenery of Alex West's golf course. All rooms are equipped with the latest technologies of communication and TV systems and are serviced around the clock by luxurious guest rooms' amenities. The hotel has an “All Day Dinning” restaurant serving buffet breakfast and the most delicious a la carte dishes. In addition to in and outdoor specialty restaurants & bars serving good variety of international cuisine to suite all appetites. There are executive lounges and business center to provide business travelers with special services and facilities during their stay. Radisson has conference and meeting facilities including a main conference hall plus 4 other rooms suitable for all kinds of events. The guests can enjoy the fully equipped Spa & fitness center to relax and unwind after enjoying their regular exercise on the open air jogging track and gym. There is a heated adults & kids swimming pool allowing guests to have a joyful swim any time of the year. 2) Holiday Inn Intercontinental Another five stars hotel in Alexandrina, with 327 rooms and all fasciitis, construction is estimated to start early 2011 and will take about two years. 3) Conference Center One of the biggest conference centers in Egypt managed by IHG (International Hotel Group). The conference center 78 Best of Egypt
  • has 3 big halls, the main hall is 2,500m2 large that could fit up to 3000 persons, and it is dividable into smaller halls and is supported with the latest technologies. Construction is finished and the operation will start fall 2010. 4) A third five stars hotel, Mega Mall & Hypermarket They are estimated to be a huge project holding a massive variety of international designer brands for an ultimate shopping experience. 5) Business Park It is going to be a state of the art business park that will become one of a kind building supporting the latest technologies and giving business a fortunate start in Alexandria city. 6) Commercial and Entertainment Park A recreational area of 65,000m2 surrounded with shopping Residential area, in/outdoor restaurants and cafes, cinemas and amusement Alex West has three residential villa zones, Antoniadis, Saint park. The park is planned on creating a new experience of Catherine & Pharos. Each of those areas is planned and entertainment with dancing fountains and laser lighting to give designed on different elevations to ensure optimum privacy leisure at its best. and wide space for each villa. With only 18% buildings from Golf the total land area, the greenery is wide spread, and the living experience will become incomparable. Making Alex West a beauty in green, an 18 holes golf course is extended on more than 400,000m2 based on International Educational Golf Association standards with a driving range and lakes. The To ensure the absolute services for Alex West clients needs first four holes and driving range are around Radisson hotel there will be International and National schools from nursery are already finished and fresh green. It is estimated that the to secondary. first round of the golf to be ready by the end of 2010 with nine holes. Medical Sports and Social Club There will be an International medical centre to complete the integrated project and promise comprehensive fine health for On 200,000m2 a creatively planned sports and social club, the whole Alexandrian community. holding in and outdoor activities will create a new gathering hub for the top of Alexandrian community. There will be a hotel Show room, in front of Carrefour, beside International linked to the club to serve the campaigning sports teams from Garden, Alexandria, phone 19710 and 010-855-0001 around the world. www.alexwestegypt.com Best of Egypt 79
  • Hotels & Hospitality Safir Hotel Cairo Enjoy a World of Hospitality Location The Safir hotel Cairo is ideally located at the City Center, in the immediate vicinity of the River Nile. 22km from Cairo International Airport, few minutes away from downtown, the Egyptian Museum, Sakkara Pyramids, the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx. The Safir Hotel Cairo offers Accommodation The hotel boasts 284 renovated guest rooms and suites, with modern amenities visitors to Cairo the ultimate in to guaranty guest's comfort luxury and service. Ideally suited Standard Queen to the business traveler, provides Deluxe Rooms easy access to the bustling centre Executive Rooms One Bedrooms Suite of Cairo and its plethora of tourist Two Bedrooms Suite attractions. Dining and Entertainment For the Dining & Entertainment, we present a wide variety of specialized restaurants, featuring international, Asian & Oriental Cuisines. Our gifted Chefs and their team prepare exquisite specialties. Asia Boutique Restaurant : Offers a wide variety of delicious Asian dishes including Sushi and Tappanyaki. Blue Pool café : Enjoy light snacks, shawarma, Bar-B-Q, a wide variety of refreshing cocktails and drinks. Chit Chat Café : Enjoy your afternoon tea or different menu items from snacks to the meal of your day. Shisha with your favorite choice of tobacco flavors. Corporate Café : 80 Best of Egypt
  • Enjoy a wide variety of snacks, French pastry, ice cream and drinks in a gracious atmosphere. Gazirat Al Dahab Oriental Restaurant : A true taste of Lebanese Cuisine with a touch of our Lebanese Chef. From charcoaled items to the finest fresh appetizers, all in an ambience of Middle Eastern entertainment. Gossips Lounge : Enjoy a wide variety of beverages on the tunes of light music. Piano Lounge : Order your favorite snacks and drinks while our pianist and flute player entaertain you in a pleasant atmosphere. The Palm's Coffee Shop : International cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. Open 24 hours for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks Breakfast from 6:00am till 11:00am Lunch from 12:00noon till 4:00pm Dinner from 7:00pm till 11:00pm Conferences & Meetings : Safir Hotel Cairo proudly presents four impressive meeting rooms accommodating from 10 up to 300 people with optimum comfort and convenience. Multi purposes meeting rooms to serve a variety of functions Four meeting rooms with audio visual equipments Conference equipments Outside catering for all events Wedding Packages : Ballroom for memorable weddings, capacity up to 250 persons Recreation Facilities : Swimming Pool :Heated in winter season Fitness Center : Fully equipped Fitness Center including gymnasium, Spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Massage female and male sections. El Missaha Square, Dokki, Giza, Egypt. Tel.: +20 (2) 3748 2424/3748 2828 Fax: +20 (2) 3760 8453 Business Center Email: ressce@safirhotels.com.eg Ready to serve all needs for business frequent travelers. www.safirhotels.com Best of Egypt 81
  • Chapter 3 Travel & Tourism
  • Travel & Tourism Travco Group Enjoy your Ultimate Vacation with Travco Group!! Travco Group Headquarters Our duty is to make a difference and create entirely private and classy areas to complement your requirements and comforts. Travco has been the receiver of the annual award presented by the Ministry of Tourism for being the number one travel company in Egypt for the last 13 consecutive years. Over the past three decades, Travco, a name synonymous with quality, has become What makes us the leader in the a regional leader in the travel leisure industry. Travco Group has proven itself a industry is our experience and strong presence in the travel market in Egypt for the last 30 years because of its devotion to what we do. integrated privately owned companies covering all sections of the trade; in addition to an innovative and creative approach to travel coupled with a modern and a global business attitude. Travco holds all effective success factors to be the most qualified tourism facilitator in the Egyptian travel market. The company employs more than 24,500 professionals worldwide and through its expansion agenda, and owns assets exceeding L.E 10 billion and authorized capital exceeding L.E 4.1 billion. Travel and Tourism Travco group has been providing a very strong presence in the travel market through its integrated privately owned companies covering all sectors of the inbound and outbound tourism trade. The companies provide a host of services including hotel and resort developments and operations, Nile cruises, travel related services, restaurants, transportation, aviation, and retail outlets. The company is set to operate a total of over 50 hotels by the end of 2010 to complement its 21 Nile cruise ships, and fleet of more than 1200 vehicles. Travco's network operates through the head office in Egypt, nine service offices, thirteen retail branches and ten international offices in Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Syria, Japan and China, with further expansion planned in Jordan, in addition to representation offices in the UK and Germany. Additionally, Travco is managing and operating the largest fleet of 21 Nile cruises, 146 hotels and resorts in the best tourist spots in Europe and the Middle East, in addition to tourist transport vehicles, car rental, stretch limousines; as well as charter jets, airline representations, ticketing, and ground handling services. 84 Best of Egypt
  • Limousine Service Safari Jeep Travco Services With agencies throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia, Travco Transport Travco caters to a range of domestic and international clientele - emphasizing quality service, and capitalizing on Egypt's reputation as a first-class destination. Travco Travel Company of Egypt Travco Travel, the group's flagship company, organizes the most comprehensive array of travel packages to Egypt. Combined with Alpitour Egypt and Touring International, they possess the largest market share in those markets that bring the most inbound tourism to the country, comprising more than 1.3 million tourists per year. The company's years of collaboration with major airlines and hotels in Egypt, in addition to the group's extensive experience as owner and operator of various tourist facilities and services, has enabled it to customize virtually every type of tour and group incentive package; from desert safari trips and enticing resort holidays, to special creative packages that highlight cultural, recreational and truly adventurous experiences. Travco's Touring International was created as a sister company of ability to match the most sought-after destinations with traveler Travco Travel in a major effort to instigate a sense of competition. demands results in a steady stream of satisfied customers. With the office in the heart of Zamalek, one of Cairo's most central districts, multilingual professional staff handles several Alpitour Group Egypt, a subsidiary and joint venture incoming tour operators in the European and Asian markets. They have agency between Alpitour Group Italy and Travco, commenced their own independent targeted market and marketing plans, its operations in November of 2003. At present, Travco Group ranging from luxury tailored programs to adventure economy is exclusively handling all operations of Alpitour in Cairo, Luxor, tours for young individuals. In addition, its wide price range and Aswan, Sinai and the Red Sea region. suitability to different markets results in a consistent increase in demand and a consistent increase in repeated visits. Best of Egypt 85
  • Travel & Tourism Air Arabia Prestige Cars Top Aviation, a subsidiary of Travco Group International, is travel and tourism sector as well as offer a larger base of an aviation services company founded to provide airlines and customers' best value for money air travel. Travco Group will charter air carriers with a full range of solutions, including flight utilize its extensive network of tour operators to strategically supervision and handling. position and market this airline as Egypt's first low-cost airline. It is the second largest of only 14 companies authorized to conduct this in all Egyptian airports. Its scope of services Limo 1 includes representing clients at the Civil Aviation Authority, With a modern fleet to accommodate all road conditions, terrains obtaining the necessary traffic rights and negotiating airport and purposes, Limo1 offers business and leisure travelers with slots, providing discounted fuel, catering and filing ATC flight short and long term rentals. plans. Limo 1 operates throughout Egypt including Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Madinat Makadi, Marsa Alam, Luxor and Travia is the Aviation Agencies Company of Travco Group. Aswan. The brand continues to grow its presence in the Through the company's extensive experience, the network of transport service market by providing highest standards of offices and the equity of the Travco brand, coupled with it's service and professionalism, and ensuring a positive rental modern global business attitude, Travia has gained the experience. confidence of numerous aviation and travel related companies, and was appointed as the General Sales Agent. Travia currently Prestige Cars acts as the GSA for selected major international airlines, namely Always on a mission to expand its business opportunities, Fly Dubai, Kabo Air, Royal Brunei Airlines, British Midland Travco launched Prestige Cars to carve a niche in the deluxe International, Air Berlin, Jetairfly, Aegean Airlines, King Fisher chauffeured limousines market. Airlines, and Pakistan International Airlines. The brand serves leisure and business travelers with a fleet of luxury limousines, complemented with experienced bilingual Air Arabia Egypt chauffeurs, which are readily available in most of Egypt's prime Travco Group launched Air Arabia Egypt, a new low cost carrier, tourist spots, and soon in other areas nationwide. in a joint venture with Air Arabia, a leading low-cost airline in the Middle East, flying to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Travco Transport owns and operates a luxury bus fleet exceeding 800 vehicles with a wide range of sizes and features, The new airline will follow the successful low-cost model allowing maximum comfort and safety on exclusive group pioneered in the Middle East and North Africa by Air Arabia, excursions and other corporate requirements all over Egypt's and will contribute to the on-going development of the Egyptian touristic areas. 86 Best of Egypt
  • Tiffany & Co. First Mall Dining Imperial Boat Being one of Cairo's trendiest destinations with its unique setting on the Nile, the Imperial boat boasts a large variety of indoors and outdoor outlets, which offer an eclectic dining and entertainment experience including Lebanese, Thai, Mediterranean, and Japanese cuisines; as well as 2 state-of- the-art ballrooms that could accommodate up to 1000 guests for large business conferences and special events. Retail Fifth Avenue The sole agent of Tiffany & Co. in Egypt, Fifth Avenue has always delighted customers with its beautiful line of fine jewelry, sterling silver gifts and crystal collections. The company has recently extended its line of products to include a broader variety of exclusive accessories by an array of designers Rosenthal Versace, Robbe & Berking, Zanetto, Eichholtz, Greggio, Richard Ginori, Le Perle, Royal Zilverstad, Porcellana Travco Marina Valentina, Roberto Cavalli, Cacharel, and Dibbern. Currently, the three branches are located in the elegant shopping district of Mohandesin, First Mall at the First Residence in Giza, Marina Services and City Stars. Travco exclusively operates the only Marina in Sharm El Sheikh, and the largest in the South Sinai governorate. The services Souvenir Shops provided by the Marina include a fuelling station for all yachts Always on the move to stay ahead of its competitors, over the and boats in the Sharm El Sheikh region, providing water and years, Travco opened 6 souvenir boutiques under the name sewage extraction, docking facilities for 30 yachts on the jetty of Aegyptus Papyrus. The current branches in Cairo, Luxor, and 260 yachts in anchor, specific maintenance services, and Aswan, Mersa Matruh, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh are exclusive embarkation and disembarkation points. known for their superior quality papyrus products. Another addition to the Travco family is the Kyphi perfume store with Travco Centre 4 branches in Aswan, Luxor, Mersa Matruh and Sharm El 26th July Corridor, 12588 Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October City, Egypt. Sheikh, which feature a wide variety of natural essences made Short Number: 16161 Tel.: +2 02 38541111 from Egyptian flowers, in addition to handmade glass perfume Fax: +2 02 3854 1099 bottles and flasks. Travco’s souvenir lines are well known for Email: info@travco.com their quality and affordability. www.travcogroup.com Best of Egypt 87
  • Travel & Tourism Concord Royal Travel Travel in Style Our mission To build up the reputation of Concord Royal Travel by providing the ultimate in convenience in truly luxurious surroundings with completely bespoke services that is highly personalized to the differing needs of our clients. For reaching this pinnacle target and staying there, we are continuing in innovate and invest in all assets and services relevant to this industry. Our vision Concord Royal Travel to be the most admired brand in our area by providing ultimate services in contently, efficiency and luxury that exceeds the superior expectations of our discerning clients, and VIP's. Concord Royal Travel to be one of the a key role players in developing Egypt as We'll make your whole year a pioneer touristic destination into an international markets. Our royal & definitive Collection has been handpicked to offer you the most lavish experience possible. These are no customary experiences; Concord Royal Travel promises superlative luxury, exceptional glamour and total indulgence in each and every experience selected. 88 Best of Egypt
  • Our Royal Collection Charter Flights Luxury Transportation Fleets Spa Ultimate Luxury & VIP packages Holidays packages Golf Excursions Safari M.I.C.E Discover the World Hajj & Omra Tailor Your Package 11,26th July St, Lebanon Square El Mohandessin Tel: (+202) 33452691 / 2 / 4 (+202) 33025519 Fax: (+202) 333452695 E-mail: crt@concordroyal.com www.concordroyal.com Best of Egypt 89
  • Chapter 4 Resorts & Leisure
  • Resorts & Leisure Grand Rotana Resort & Spa, Sharm El Sheikh Experience the Difference with the Grand Rotana Resort & Spa Sharm El Sheikh Let your eyes be enticed by the The Grand Rotana Resort & Spa is a breathtaking resort which will leave you with beach and endless desert memories you will always treasure. The Resort is offering a unique coastline, landscapes, which contrast with embraced by the spectacular land and seascapes of Mother Nature. With diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and other water sports, horses and camel riding, desert the crystal clear blue water at the safaris and great nearby antiquities attractions, there are endless exciting experiences Grand Rotana Resort & Spa, awaiting you at this resort. Sharm El Sheikh. Located on the idyllic shores of Sharm El Sheikh, a truly inspiring seaside destination, the property has its own 450 meters stretch of private beach, a stunning pool surrounded by a lush tropical landscape with over 2000 palm trees. The luxury beachfront resort is 8 Km away from the International airport and 2 minutes from Sharm El Sheikh International congress centre as well as the center of Na'ama bay with easy access to the many tourist attractions of the region. The Resort offers 526 luxurious rooms & suites 64 Club Rotana Executive rooms and suites and 8 Grand Rotana Suites, 9 villas with four & five bedrooms each with a private swimming pool for each villa. As for the Club Rotana Executive Floor, it comprises luxurious accommodation together with sophisticated communications; meeting facilities and personalized service await the discerning executive and leisure traveler. Private reception, Exclusive Club Rotana lounge, Library in the Club Rotana lounge, Complimentary breakfast, Complimentary evening cocktails, Stunning views on the shores of Sharm El Sheikh from the balcony lounge, High speed Internet connection, Deluxe in-room amenities, Pillow menu and Private bar. rotana.com 92 Best of Egypt
  • For Dining & Entertainment, the Resort offers Seven Food & Beverage outlets catering to every taste expertly blended with the highly acclaimed award winning Rotana standards. In what concerns meetings and conferences, the Grand Rotana Resort & Spa has a passion for its details from ideas to execution. It is set to take its place as Sharm Al Sheikh's most sophisticated luxury incentive hotel. A flexible and state-of-the- art ballroom for 500 persons along with 3 meeting rooms equipped with ultra-modern digital technology and cutting-edge audio and visual communications equipment. For incentive groups, the Resort offers innovative solutions for high-performing delegates that take full advantage of the destination and the resort, with creative team challenges and outdoor adventures which makes it a favorite venue for the discerning MICE organizers. rotana.com Best of Egypt 93
  • Resorts & Leisure An equipped Spa: “Zen the Spa at Rotana” created to pamper the body and the spirit. The exquisitely designed 8 treatment rooms and relaxation areas, in addition to a VIP Suite for couples, entice you to sample the face and body therapies. The Spa treatments menu includes: Holistic Therapies from around the world including the four hands massage, traditional Thai massage, Body wraps and Hydrotherapy. Other signature treatments include; sea scrub body polish, after sun soother, the Cleopatra bath and Aroma deluxe facial. Internationally trained Therapists use rhythmic grace providing complete relaxation for the guests. Romantic treatments in our specially designed couples suites and cabanas ensure you and your partner have a memorable Spa experience. rotana.com 94 Best of Egypt
  • A State of the art Bodylines Fitness Centre, plunge pool, sauna, steam room and beach massage. A 450 meters Private Beach, a magnificent Pool, lagoon style, with a size equivalent to 3 Olympic pools , Tennis court, Kids' pool and Kids' club, diving in the globally renowned coral reefs of the Red Sea & a games room including billiard and ping-pong. With diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and other water sports, horse and camel riding, desert safaris, antique attractions, excursions trips, there are endless exciting experiences awaiting you. At the Grand Rotana all guests enjoy lots of privileges that differentiates the resort than its competitors, for instance free access to the private Beach of the Hotel and all recreation facilities including the Games room, complimentary transportation to and from the City Centre of “Namaa Bay”, through organized Shuttle Bus trips, Complimentary in room coffee & tea making facilities with large bottle of water as well as wired and wireless High speed Internet Access at competitive prices. P.O. Box 296, Shark's bay, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai – Egypt Tel.: +2 069 360 2700 Fax: +2 069 360 2711 E-mail: res.grand@rotana.com Website: www.rotana.com rotana.com Best of Egypt 95
  • Resorts & Leisure InterContinental The Palace Port Ghalib Resort InterContinental The Palace Port Ghalib Resort is Ideally located at the heart of the new exciting destination of Port Ghalib, the resort artfully integrates lavish landscaping, water features and cascading greenery that transports guests into another world for a true taste of paradise. Overlooking Port Ghalib International Marina, Corniche & Khan and the reserved coral reef of the Red Sea and situated only 5 kilometers from Marsa Alam International Airport, 210 kilometers from the city of Hurghada and 370 kilometers from the city of Luxor. The resort offers 309 premier rooms, including king rooms, family rooms, twin rooms, 14 suites and 3 disabled rooms, all overlooking the Red Sea, the saltwater lagoon or the exquisite gardens. All beautifully appointed rooms features the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The Resort offers a variety of indoor and outdoor dining outlets, bars and cafés with superb views of the Red Sea, pool or Port Ghalib International Marina: The Olive restaurant, offers Arabian and Mediterranean dishes as well as an enticing breakfast buffet. The Lebanese Budour’s Court located First Class Service on the Corniche, the Look Out Bar serving morning coffee and evening cocktails with fascinating views of the lagoon and live entertainment in the evening. The relaxed, informal Harbour Café located With A Smile on the International Marina and the Pool Deck serving deli sandwiches, salads, snacks, as well as seafood delicacies from the Red Sea every night. In addition to the special themed entertainment program and extensive 24 hour room service. Shopping & Leisure The resort is a five minute walk from Port Ghalib International Marina which offers a half kilometer stretch of retail outlets on the Corniche, a traditional Egyptian Khan and bazaar. The resort also offers the best and widest range of land and water activities on the Red Sea, including safaris, snorkeling trips, scuba diving, submarine and boat cruises and much more. 96 Best of Egypt
  • Six Senses Spa Port Ghalib International Convention Centre The spa, operated by world-renowned Six Senses Spas, The largest hotel banquet venue on the Red Sea, situated provides an ideal option for guests looking to relax, reduce only few minutes from Marsa Alam International Airport. The stress and balance the senses. The spa occupies 1,700 square Centre offers a meeting space of 1,950 square meters which meters and includes 16 treatment areas including three couples is able to seat 2¨000 delegates in an extraordinary ball room, rooms, two Thai treatment rooms, and one wet treatment room 16 break out rooms and dignitary salon. All supported by a with classically designed stone beds. The spa includes extensive team of dedicated MICE professionals on site to assist with heat experiences such as traditional hammams and a separate supplying stage designers, simultaneous translation, flower wet room offers a steam, shower, and a state-of-the-art ice arrangements, courier services and photography. room. The impressive spa facility serves the three luxury hotels of IHG Port Ghalib Resort. P.O. Box 23, Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt. Tel.: + 20 65 336 0000 Fax: + 20 65 336 0023 ICPalace.PortGhalib@ihg.com www.intercontinental.com/portghalib Best of Egypt 97
  • Resorts & Leisure Crowne Plaza Sahara Sands Port Ghalib Resort Crowne Plaza Sahara Oasis Port Ghalib Resort Crowne Plaza Sahara Sands Port Ghalib Resort & Crowne Plaza Sahara Oasis Port Ghalib Resort are ideally located adjacent to InterContinental The Palace Port Ghalib Resort. Crowne Plaza Sahara Sands Port Ghalib Resort, located along the western shore, is styled in distinct desert tones of white, amber, ochre and tourmaline. While Crowne Plaza Sahara Oasis Port Ghalib Resort, located along the man-made saltwater swimming lagoon, is styled with limestone floors, mosaics and arched windows which accentuate the ambiance. Both hotels sharing lobby and food outlets are relaxed and casual, offering informal yet delightful accommodation. Crowne Plaza Sahara Sands Port Ghalib Resort offers 347 premier rooms, while Crowne Plaza Sahara A Get Away For Oasis Port Ghalib Resort offers 292 premier rooms, including king rooms, family rooms, twin rooms, All Occasions suites and disabled rooms. All rooms overlook the Red Sea, the man-made saltwater lagoon or the exquisite gardens, and offer the ultimate comfort. The Resort offers a range of shared dining options through its three restaurants and two bars: Souq Al hana, the main restaurant serving open buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner and famous for its International live cooking stations (Asian, Indian, Arabic & Italian). Cardamom, overlooking the Red Sea and its private swimming pool, serving à la carte Italian favorites for lunch. Shamlula’s Fast Food Court, the resort’s casual fast food restaurant is perfect for a quick lunchtime meal. The Pool Bar located right by the glistening pool offers a range of snacks and cocktails, and the Lobby Lounge & Bar overlooking the saltwater swimming lagoon serves drinks and Shisha. In addition to the special themed entertainment program and extensive 24 hour room service. Shopping & Leisure The resort is a five minute walk from Port Ghalib International Marina which offers a half kilometer stretch of retail outlets on the Corniche, a traditional Egyptian Khan and bazaar. The resort also offers the best and widest range of land and water activities on the Red Sea, including safaris, snorkeling trips, scuba diving, submarine and boat cruises and much more. 98 Best of Egypt
  • Six Senses Spa Port Ghalib International Convention Centre The spa, operated by world-renowned Six Senses Spas, The largest hotel banquet venue on the Red Sea, situated provides an ideal option for guests looking to relax, reduce only few minutes from Marsa Alam International Airport. The stress and balance the senses. The spa occupies 1,700 square Centre offers a meeting space of 1,950 square meters which meters and includes 16 treatment areas including three couples is able to seat 2000 delegates in an extraordinary ball room, rooms, two Thai treatment rooms, and one wet treatment room 16 breakout rooms and dignitary salon. All supported by a with classically designed stone beds. The spa includes extensive team of dedicated MICE professionals on site to assist with heat experiences such as traditional hammams and a separate supplying stage designers, simultaneous translation, flower wet room offers a steam, shower, and a state-of-the-art ice arrangements, courier services and photography. room. The impressive spa facility serves the three luxury hotels of IHG Port Ghalib Resort. P.O. Box 23, Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt. Tel.: + 20 65 336 0000 Fax: + 20 65 336 0023 CPSands.PortGhalib@ihg.com CPOasis.PortGhalib@ihg.com www.crownplaza.com/cpsaharasand www.crownplaza.com/cpsaharaoasis Best of Egypt 99
  • Resorts & Leisure Sheraton Soma Bay Resort Soma Bay has it all! Where else could you play a round of golf in the morning, scuba-dive in the Red Sea in the afternoon and still have time to relax by the pool before sunset? Soma Bay is an exclusive holiday resort, set 45 km south of Hurghada, Egypt's premium Red Sea coast. The Sheraton Soma Bay is a spectacular resort built on a peninsula surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters, soft sandy beaches and magnificent reefs, an ideal get-away far from the crowds where time and luxury are a prerequisite. It is your ultimate escape to a world of dreams where you can Blending the splendors of Ancient taste the true meaning of privacy, combined with the luxury and warm feeling of Egyptian architecture with beauty and mystery. It's spacious guest rooms and suites are carefully designed for a refreshing, relaxing, modern amenities, the tranquil yet elegant décor, where each room is facilitated by a range of amenities including and secluded Sheraton Soma Bay high speed wireless internet access, individual climate control, coffee and tea tray, is ideal for families, and more services to suite the guests' needs. For uniquely exotic meetings and banquets, the Sheraton Soma Bay Resort is an honeymooners and serious golf ideal place to combine business and leisure. Offering sufficient meeting and fanatics. conference facilities in addition to a wide selection of coffee breaks, gala dinners and theme parties. The Cascades, Golf Courses The world-class cascades golf course is easily accessed by Sheraton Soma Bay's guests. It is an 18-hole par 72 and the 6,864 yard championship course designed by the famous Gary Player. At the Cascades the playing environment is superb with the course lying between the Red Sea coastline and the desert landscape. Les Thermes Marins des Cascades, Spa Les Thermes Marins des Cascades is the region's largest and most comprehensive facility for Thalasso-therapy. 100 Best of Egypt
  • Sheraton Soma Bay's guests have immediate access to the nearby centre which features an 800 square meters Aquatonic Pool, fitness and nutrition programs, a variety of hydrotherapy treatments, in addition to seaweed wraps, underwater massages, "sea mist" room, beauty care, and post-natal recuperation programs. Watersports Diving and snorkeling are the two most popular choices. A fully equipped diving center offers PADI courses for the novice and experienced diver. A beautiful house reef lies just in front of the resort where the legendary Red Sea fish and fauna live. In addition, just a few minutes from the shore, seven pillars of coral rise nearly 20 meters from the sandy bottom, providing a unique diving and snorkeling experience. Above the water, partake in windsurfing and sailing, with both catamarans or laser boats and water skiing is also available. Fitness Gym Health Club: Features a well-equipped gymnasium including technogym, cardio-equipment and sauna. Also offers Thai or Egyptian massages, daily gymnastic exercises and fitness activities. Sports and Games The Resort features an array of choices: 3 tennis courts, a squash court, a croquet court, beach volleyball tournaments, mini soccer, table tennis, darts and billiards. No Mummies kids club Children always love the Sheraton Soma Bay Resort. That's because parents aren't allowed where all the fun is! Kids can safely partake in supervised and exciting daily programs of activities, games and parties. Dinning The resort's guests experience a full variety of international culinary delights that please any taste, ranging from International, Italian, and Oriental cuisines. L'Abydos Brasserie This relaxed, popular restaurant, with an outdoor setting overlooking the pool and courtyard, is a hub of activity - featuring international cuisine and sumptuous buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Copper Crescent Restaurant 45 km from south of Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt. Cool breezes mingle with exotic aromas at this popular lunch Tel.: +2065 354 5915 / 845 spot - an open-air venue featuring Middle-Eastern cuisine, Fax: +2065 354 5885 including a lunchtime grill buffet and pizza from the wood fire E-mail: reservationssomabayegypt@sheraton.com oven. Website :www.sheraton.com/somabayresort Best of Egypt 101
  • Resorts & Leisure Premier Hotels and Spa All You Need to Experience is Luxury at Sahl Hasheesh The lavish services include a large 400 square meter gym, modern step programs which are easy to follow with a personal trainer and a set of fitness machines in a round-shaped setting. Your luxury experience surely won't end here, as you're bound to enjoy sauna, steam, Jacuzzi, relaxation room and a tantalizing variety of massages, including the renowned Thai foot massage. Furthermore, the hotel cuisine offers a diet corner, of which you would be instructed to follow healthy nutrition plans during your stay. The hotel includes a professional beauty salon as well, offering the latest hair dos, facial care, manicures and pedicures assuring that your beauty needs are met at Premier le Rêve Premier Le Rêve Hotel & Spa ( Sahl Hasheesh , Hurghada) Premier le Rêve Spa is luxury Premier le Rêve 5 stars deluxe lies like a mirage direct on the Seacoast. Luxury, beyond your expectation. The 228 rooms, 10 suites, 5 restaurants, 2 bars, executive lounge, international Spa and Entertainment. 1800 square meter-spa offers a range of pampering treatments by a staff of internationally trained Royal Grand Azure Hotel ( Sharm el Sheikh) specialists and Thai masseuses, Royal Grand Azure 5 stars deluxe Hotel lies like a mirage direct on the Seacoast, allowing you to unwind and tap 6 kilometers north of Sharm El Sheikh International Airport and 18 kilometers from into your inner serenity. Na'ama Bay. Total number of rooms 335, 6 restaurants, 3 bars, executive lounge, 15 pools( 10 Private ), international Spa & entertainment Premier Romance Boutique Hotel ( Sahl Hasheesh , Hurghada) Premier Romance 5 stars deluxe lies like a mirage direct on the Seacoast, 22 kilometers from Airport, and 25 Kilometers from down town. Luxury, Bed & Breakfast, 78 Units, 51 Deluxe, 16 Standard rooms, 9 Suites, 02 Royal Suites & international Spa. 102 Best of Egypt
  • Cairo Office : 7 Al Moshir Ahmed Ismail st. Masakn Sheraton Tel.: 02 22678560 / 5 Fax: 02 22678566 Web: www.premieregypthotels.com Best of Egypt 103
  • Resorts & Leisure Tropicana Hotels and Resorts A Warm Memorable and Comfortable holiday in all our Hotels Each hotel is considerately equipped with facilities catering for families and singles alike. Restaurants, health clubs, kids clubs, family rooms, swimming pools and great locations make booking through Tropicana the most relaxing decision you can make. Since 1992, Tropicana hotels & Tropicana hotels and Resorts are constantly inspired by its goal to welcome guests to a warm, memorable and comfortable holiday in our hotels. As a forward-thinking resorts has offered their guests group, our aim is quite simple, to achieve customer satisfaction of the highest level. great value deals on hotels in the Red Sea Riviera, placing it firmly Families are well catered for with special family rooms and family facilities, including as one of Egypt's top ten hotel a kids club. But for anyone wanting to escape the humdrum of everyday life, Tropicana has the solution - from swimming pools to health clubs, restaurants to chains. bars and beaches to sunshine. All our hotels and resorts are equipped with a range of facilities that blend the perfect recipe for a holiday. Stuff is skillful in creating an atmosphere, that guests want to return to time and time again. Tropicana Grand Azure Resort 5 Stars resort, located in Napq Bay Sharm EL-Sheikh. Total number of rooms 808, shopping arcade, 3 outdoor & 1 indoor swimming pools , 5 restaurants, 7 bars , Kida Club ,Entertainment and aqua park . Tropicana Rosetta & Jasmine Hotels 4 Stars hotel, located in the heart of Naema Bay Sharm EL-Sheikh. Total number of rooms 293, shopping arcade, 4 swimming pools, 4 restaurants, 4 bars, entertainment and discotheque (Black House). Tropicana Azure Club 4 Stars hotel, located in Napq Bay Sharm EL-Sheikh. Total number of rooms 364, shopping arcade, 1 swimming pool, 3 restaurants, 3 bars, entertainment and mini Aqua Park. Tropicana Sea Beach 4 Stars resort, located in the heart of Napq Bay Sharm EL-Sheikh. Total number of rooms 365, shopping arcade, 2swimming pools, 3 restaurants, 4 bars, entertainment, Kids Club and Aqua Park. Tropicana Tivoli 3 Stars hotel, located in the heart of Om el Seed Bay Sharm EL-Sheikh. Total number of rooms 114, shopping arcade, 1 swimming pool, I kids pool, 1 restaurant, 1 main bar, 1 pool bar and parking Area. 104 Best of Egypt
  • Cairo Office : 7 Al Moshir Ahmed Ismail st. Masakn Sheraton Tel.: 02 22678560 / 5 Fax: 02 22678566 Web: www.tropicanahotels.com Best of Egypt 105
  • Resorts & Leisure Royal Savoy Precious Time... Designed to cater for those who prefer to stay in a more intimate and secluded location, this select club wing enjoys a private lounge and an outdoor sun terrace with two magnificent, adjoining swimming pools. An exclusive beach area, reserved solely for the Royal Savoy clientele, overlooks the spectacular sands of White Knight Beach. Situated within idyllic grounds, From the generous comfort of a standard room to the spacious opulence of the embraced by lush tropical foliage suites all the accommodation at the Royal Savoy offers sophistication and the height of luxury. Aesthetically and elegantly furnished with attention to the finest detail, and diamond waterfalls, The the mark of every room is the exceptional combination of style and function. Marbled Royal Savoy offers unparalleled bathrooms, four-poster beds and expansive balconies are just a few of the indulgences service, guaranteed privacy and awaiting Royal Savoy guests. Breathtaking views of the picturesque hotel gardens peace. or the majestic Red Sea and Tiran Island are a standard feature of every room. Sixteen newly opened honeymoon suites have been designed to provide a unique, romantic ambience, enhanced by indirect, discreet lighting from the ceiling. Near the bed is a two-person Jacuzzi. The large marble bathroom includes a bidet, two hand-basins, a big bathroom mirror and a connecting door to the bedroom. International, European and local TV programmes are available on plasma screen TV sets. The honeymoon suites include all the amenities of the Royal Savoy rooms. A high standard of service and consideration of individual needs, gives The Royal Savoy its unique edge. Professional and efficient Service Staff treat every wish, however small, as a priority. Clients can expect private limousine pick- up and a personally assigned butler service for the duration of their stay. It is hotel policy to replenish rooms daily with exquisite, fresh flowers and succulent fruits. A babysitting service and medical clinic are on hand for clients' comfort and convenience. Royal Savoy guests are welcome to entertain business associates and friends in the private lounge area where they can enjoy a variety of complimentary food and drink around the clock. A comprehensive list of imported beverages perfectly complements an impressive menu, offering authentically cooked, international cuisine with the exclusive choice of in-room dining. In addition, an extensive array of superb dining locations is set within the grounds of The Savoy. The Royal Savoy plays exemplary host to business travellers, honeymooners and eminent holidaymakers alike. Every guest is regarded as a VIP. It is an ideal location for corporate or informal occasions, with the added benefit of three multi-purpose banquet rooms and a main conference hall. A wide range of first-rate leisure facilities and activities are available, including a state of the art gymnasium. For the ultimate in relaxation 'The Spa and Wellness Centre' offers a vast range of divine body treatments designed to rejuvenate, relax or simply pamper the client. 106 Best of Egypt
  • With easy access to major tourist destinations such as St. Katharine's Monastery and Mount Sinai, The Royal Savoy is the perfect base for those keen to explore South Sinai's majestic deserts. Alternatively, guests can take advantage of this excellent opportunity to discover the underwater wonders of the Red Sea or simply to unwind and relax in the idyllic, all year round, Sinai summer. Facts 1- Total of 34 Rooms,16 honeymoon Suites & 6 suites . 2- Private heated pool. 3- Private beach sun terrace area. 4- Free Health Club facilities. 5- All Guests of the Royal Savoy have the option to wine and dine at the adjoining Savoy and Soho Square Outlets ( at a discounted menu price ). SAVOY SHARM EL SHEIKH P.O Box 169, White Knight Beach, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt Tel.: ( +20-69 ) 360 2500 / 2 Fax: ( +20-69 ) 360 2777 email: mail@savoy-sharm.com www.savoy-sharm.com Best of Egypt 107
  • Resorts & Leisure Dimora Feel serenity in a place where you can find yourself… on a charming www.dimoraegypt.com 108 Best of Egypt
  • Best of Egypt 109
  • Resorts & Leisure Concorde El Salam Hotel Sharm El Sheikh Being there Makes it Truly Different! The hotel has 725 rooms & suites, 3 Royal Suites with private jacuzzi, 32 Family Suites accommodating up to 6 persons & 2 Junior Suites, 5 swimming pools including one outdoor pool with built in gym, one indoor & three outdoor heated pools, a beauty center and 2 Health Clubs, in addition to a diving center & marine trips. Concorde El Salam Hotel Sharm Restaurants are serving a wide variety of food, “Laguna” & “Waterfalls” for international El Sheikh, has a unique location cuisines, “Italiano” for Italian specialties, “Cheval Café”, “Oriental Café”, “Normandy entirely overlooking a magnificent II” discotheque, “Lobby Bar”, “Piano Bar”, “Pool Bar”, “Beach Bar” and “Island Bar”. view of the Red Sea, with a long stretched private beach, 10 The hotel features 6 meeting rooms for your banquets, meetings & conferences, minutes away from the airport. Wireless high-speed internet service is also available. Concorde El Salam Hotel Sharm El Sheikh boasts a fully equipped Sports Center featuring an “International size football court”, 3 “Tennis Courts”,2 “Squash Courts”, 2 “Equestrian Tracks”, “A Multi purpose court” and an Ice Skating Center. 110 Best of Egypt
  • Concorde El Salam Sharm El Sheikh White Knight Beach, P.O.Box 91, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt Tel.: +20 (0) 69360 1460 Fax: +20 (0) 69360 1560 emailus.sharm@concorde-eg.com concorde-hotels.com Best of Egypt 111
  • Chapter 5 Dining Out & Nightlife
  • Dining Out & Nightlife InterContinental Cairo Citystars Dining options from Lebanese to Japanese and everything in between To discover the art of exciting Italian cuisine, take a trip to Maestro Italian Restaurant, where food, culture and history are beautifully combined as one and enjoy the opulent décor in a relaxed atmosphere that enhances the presentation of authentic and delicious Italian cuisine. Maestro is open daily for dinner. At Fayruz Lebanese restaurant, you can discover the real mouthwatering tastes and stimulating world of Lebanese cuisine where we know how to satisfy your culinary delights. There is a variety to satisfy the palate of everyone, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Lebanese mezzahs, salads, main dishes and fresh breads are skillfully prepared by Lebanese Chef Bassam. Live oriental entertainment and belly dancer in the evenings. Fayruz is open daily for lunch & dinner. The luxurious InterContinental Whether you are looking for fine dinning or a quick bite, Esplanade Café restaurant Citystars pays great attention to offers a great selection to delight each and every taste bud. Open 24 hours a day the dining facilities and this is for the guests' convenience, Esplanade offers an unparalleled range of International cuisine and a rich variety of local specialties. why it offers a spectacular variety of restaurants and entertainment If you happen to be looking for a quick cappuccino, stop by Esplanade lounge, venues for its guests. located in the warm comfort of the lobby lounge, open also daily for 24 hours. At Shogun Japanese restaurant you can enjoy our Sushi, Teppanyaki, Sashimi, and much more, you can be seated on one of the Japanese live-cooking tables, or at the Sushi Bar where spectacular culinary skills are performed by Chefs Subin and Suphap. Shogun is open daily for dinner. If you want to be a part of Cairo's exciting and outgoing nightlife you can visit the Bellini Cocktail Lounge, the perfect 114 Best of Egypt
  • venue to meet friends and enjoy refreshing beverages and light bites. It is the ideal place for a favourite drink, or untraditional cocktail, or even a simple juice with a wide selection of wines, offering nightly live entertainment with a popular jazz band. Mondial Café is Informal dining at its best; this international casual dining venue offers an enticing à la carte breakfast. It also features an international menu for lunch and dinner. Located at InterContinental Residence Suites. In a casual atmosphere on the pool enjoy your tasty snacks, fresh cocktails and aromatic Shisha at Breeze Café. The Pool Bar is the place to relax on one of our beanbags around the pool in a tropical style casual atmosphere and enjoy fresh fruit juices, a full range of beverages, snacks, and aromatic Shisha. The Arcade is an authentic open air outlet with air-conditioning designed in a very unusual ambiance with candle light and soft chill out music. Try our upscale contemporary finger food, salads, snacks and sandwiches, along with your choice from the extensive beverage menu with cocktails and a variety of wines. Al Bustan a restaurant with an exceptional identity offering a wide range of authentic and international dishes. The outdoor atmosphere, great food and aromatic Shisha will add extra flavor to your lunch or dinner. The Lounge is a unique and impressive outdoor lounge and night spot and is the first of its kind in Cairo. With an Asian style charm, this venue is the hottest place this summer for all the latest sounds through its world class sound system and discreet comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy the Asian food concept offering tantalizing flavors, along with Mediterranean snacks Tel: 02 24800009 and tapas as well as an extensive selection of cocktails and Fax: 02 24800200 wines all with great music. Email: fb_reservations@interconticitystars.com Best of Egypt 115
  • Dining Out & Nightlife 35 Restaurant & Bar Lounge Cuisine: Sushi, Thai and French Dining out does not get hipper than 35 Restaurant & Lounge Bar. Widely known as “Club 35”, the restaurant has maintained its reputation for being Cairo's trendiest nightspot, entertaining only Cairo's A+ clientele list. Located beside The First Mall's main entrance and part of the elegant First Place complex, “35” has created a new food concept in a trendy yet informal “Dining out does not get hipper atmosphere. Featuring a than 35 Restaurant & Lounge Bar. “fusion” of Widely known as “Club 35”, the tastes where French cuisine restaurant has maintained its is reputation for being Cairo's complimented trendiest nightspot, entertaining by Thai and Japanese only Cairo's A+ clientele list.” flavours, not only does the bar offer a wide range of cocktails and shooters but is also known for serving the widest selection of fine wines and liquors in Cairo “35” has become a regular hangout for regional celebrities and internationally recognised figures where every night local and guest DJs turn it up a notch to accompany the partygoers. 116 Best of Egypt
  • Indigo Cuisine: Asian Fusion With a fresh and innovative interior concept, and wild and excellent cuisine varieties, Indigo offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The multi-ethnic restaurant gives guests the opportunity to indulge in several dishes inspired from different countries, combined with an exceptional interior design in one unique menu. Located on the second floor of the First Mall, guests will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Nile along with the mesmerizing “With a fresh and innovative interiors created interior concept, and wild and by internationally excellent cuisine varieties, Indigo renowned Didier Gomez. offers a one-of-a-kind dining The gastronomy experience”. of Indigo brings you the scrumptious cuisine of the Asian region including a vast sushi menu. Vegetarians will also be delighted to find special meat-free dishes. The dessert menu is wild and exotic, offering sweet dishes from several origins. The dishes at Indigo are adaptable; guests can make up their meal according to their own culinary desire at the very moment of ordering, choosing The Firsl Mall, from a vast range of flavors. Everything is oriented 35 Giza St., Giza, Egypt towards your freedom; from creating your own Tel.: +202 3571 7803 / 06 combinations of ingredients and techniques. www.firstmallcairo.com Best of Egypt 117
  • Dining Out & Nightlife La Gourmandise Cuisine : French and Mediterranean La Gourmandise Brasserie was established to provide the upper echelon of Cairene society with the highest possible level of food quality and service. Centrally located in the atrium, surrounded by 61 high end shops and surrounded by stained glass domes and pyramids- where fashion shows and recreation functions are conducted, La “La Gourmandise Brasserie was Gourmandise is the pride of the First Mall at Giza. established to provide the upper The Brasserie offers its visitors a dining experience of utmost elegance and echelon of Cairene society with sophistication. French and Mediterranean cuisine are the restaurant's specialty the highest possible level of food together with a wide variety of the most delicious French bread and pastries, in addition to a healthy menu, having the highest demand in Cairo along with an quality and service”. unparalleled reputation of excellence throughout the Capital. La Gourmandise is the meeting place of top businessmen, professionals and socialites with a guarantee to meet their highest standards. It's the place where you can see and be seen. 118 Best of Egypt
  • La Maison Blanche Cuisine : French La Maison Blanche arrives at First Place Cairo to break the stereotype and educate food lovers, offering an unparalleled French cuisine experience in an exceptional modern interior design. “La Maison Blanche arrives at International First Place Cairo to break the interior design superstar Didier stereotype and educate food Gomez has lovers, offering an unparalleled taken an French cuisine experience in an outstanding design direction exceptional modern interior with the creation design”. of this restaurant. The trendy setting is very eclectic and ultra-modern. The oversized fireplace adds coziness while the large sofas are designed for extreme comfort. The unique design blends several influences from the thirties, to ultra modern, to art deco. The venue is divided into several areas including a long bar, a cigar lounge and a VIP area. While each room has its individual identity, the one link that connects the stunning scope is the fact that the furniture is all imported from France for a decidedly French feel. The Firsl Mall, The spectacular cuisine includes high-end French 35 Giza St., Giza, Egypt specialties guaranteed to keep guests coming back Tel.: +202 3571 7803 / 06 for more. www.firstmallcairo.com Best of Egypt 119
  • Dining Out & Nightlife SOHO Square Superb Restaurants and Bars S OHO Square, situated adjacent to the Savoy International, is the #1 wining and dining experience in Sharm El Sheikh, where the finest cuisine is presented at a cluster of restaurants no more than a few minutes' walk from of each other. The choices are extensive. The chefs are specialists in their particular meals. other. SAFFRON offers the finest Middle Eastern dishes from Lebanon to Morocco. RESTAURANTS MAI THA is the hottest, newest restaurant in Sharm El Sheikh serving authentic Thai cuisin such as spicy appetizers, including the famous Tom Yum shrimp and chicken soup. Our international chefs ZEN's traditional Cantonese meals are created with Oriental herbs and spices that have been prepare the finest cuisine imported especially for SOHO Square guaranteeing a distinctive and authentic flavour. from the four corners of BOMBAY's gourmet chef Tilakraj demonstrates his whole hearted devotion to Indian food, the world, served in spiced curries or succulent meats cooked in the tandoori ovens. impeccable style. L'ENTRECÔTE is a classic French Style brasserie restaurant offering the finest imported beef, cooked on an open grill, cooked to your liking. SUSHI BAR & TEPPANYAKI offer a huge range of Japanese dishes complete with a central conveyor belt,so you may choose your dishes at your leisure. MANDARIN BAR is a chic and stylish lounge bar offering a great venue for evening drinking. Much NIGHT CLUB AND BARS focus has been placed on ambient lighting, that changes and blends throughout the night, creating a very cool ambience. Unique, sophisticated, exciting and ICE BAR is the first and the coolest Ice Bar in Africa. The walls, bar, seats, tables and even glasses fun, SOHO Square hosts some of the are made from Ice. For those that need it, cold weather clothing is included. best venues for dancing and THE OXYGEN BAR is the place to go to perk you up after a night on the town, or to prepare yourself socialising in Sharm El-Sheikh. for an evening's dancing. FONTANA BAR is at the heart of SOHO Square, to be close to concert stage and the ever-changing, colourful fountain. Tables are arranged outdoors for guests to see and be seen. QUEEN VIC BAR is the British 'local' pub showing football matches during the season. There's plenty of room with a long bar and indoor tables and chairs and booths. FASHION LOUNGE Inspired by leaders of the world of fashion, the Fashion Lounge reflects the buzz and excitement of the catwalk scene. The ambience is electric, a perfect place to see and be seen. Sip Champagne or relax with a cocktail and browse the fashion on display. World’s leading PANGAEA is Sharm's first internationally staffed nightclub with British management, UK resident DJ Family Entertainment and European hostesses. Four award winning barmen from London entertain throughout the night with Centre 2009 their bottle “fire juggling” and cocktail mixing. 120 Best of Egypt
  • SOHO Square Sharm El Sheikh, Sout Sinai, Egypt Tel.: (+20-69) 360 2752 Fax: (+20-69) 360 2753 Email: mail@soho-sharm.com www.soho-sharm.com Located between SAVOY Hotel & SIERRA Hotel Best of Egypt 121
  • Open Daily From 08:00 am To 04:00 am
  • Open Daily From 08:00 am To 04:00 am
  • Open Daily From 08:00 am To 04:00 am
  • 128 Mall Destinations Best of Egypt
  • Best of Egypt 129
  • Mall Destinations SOHO Square Sharm's “Smash Hit” “SOHO Square opened officially in April 2009 after all the restaurants and bars were completed and already it has outshone our wildest dreams” says Mr. Emad Aziz, chairman of Savoy hotels & Resorts International. “It is drawing tens if thousands of new visitors to Sharm El Sheikh and is proving to be one of the top attractions for holidaymakers and residents in the Red Sea region. The interest is fantastic.” SOHO Square - a pedestrian SOHO Square, has quickly established itself as “the World's leading Family Entertainment mile with some of the Middle Center”, attracting large crowds enjoying concerts by Top international artists, and the East's finest cuisine, bars, cool club set at night. shopping and entertainment The ice rink attracts young and old, culturama panorama is an innovative harmonized for visitors from all around the mix between a wealth of cultural and natural heritage information and there's a popular world- is set to become one 10-pin Bowling Alley. of the hottest destinations on Located between the 5-star deluxe Savoy and the family-oriented Sierra Hotel, SOHO Egypt's Red Sea. Square is designed with careful consideration to protect and enhance the environment, with extensive garden fauna, solar-panel heating, water recycling and waste management. The seven sensational restaurants offer cuisine from all over the world, attracting rave reviews from restaurant critics and diners. Among the six bars, the Ice bar is the 1st in Africa. The Fashion lounge is a big hit as is the popular Pangaea Nightclub, Sharm's first internationally staffed venue with British management, British promotion, UK resident DJs and European hostesses. World’s leading SOHO Square also includes shopping for intriguing gold and silver jewelry from some Family Entertainment Centre 2009 of the oldest souks in Arabia while offering the latest accessories from Italy and fashions from Turkey. Specialist shops offer leather bags, purses, Persian rugs, souvenirs and T- shirts. Future expansions will include six new bars and restaurants and a workshop corner with traditional crafts such as weaving, metal work and painting. 130 Best of Egypt
  • SOHO Square Sharm El Sheikh, Sout Sinai, Egypt Tel.: (+20-69) 360 2752 Fax: (+20-69) 360 2753 Email: mail@soho-sharm.com Located between SAVOY Hotel www.soho-sharm.com & SIERRA Hotel Best of Egypt 131
  • 134 Mall Destinations Best of Egypt
  • Best of Egypt 135
  • Global Urban Planning Compan - GUPCO Whatever you want .... Whenever you want The pleasure of being sure, every thing you need is there for you .. New Cairo’'D5s latest luxurious malls 90th mall is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the middle east, the mall is completely different than any other place, it's a combination of work ,life, shopping ,dining, entertainment components. Shopping at 90th mall is really a great pleasure, there is nothing you seek that you will not find. Its truly a magical experience…so why don't you try it..? 16617
  • Chapter 7 Fashion & Jewellery
  • Fashion & Jewellery EGO The Exclusive Fashion EGO has established a unique fashion venue in the heart of Heliopolis, Which is one of Egypt's most vibrant cities. It was founded in 2005 as a stock company with a paid capital of about 7 Million Euros. The members of board of EGO have a combined experience of investment in EGO caters to the fashion desires different sectors. They are all successful businessmen and well established in the of both men and women, and Egyptian society. The Managing Director of EGO, Mr. Hesham Ouf has about 20 aims to provide a perfect look in years of experience in the field of fashion. He has been well exposed to the industry classic wear, casual wear, beach and enjoys a special relationship with the major brands. wear, lingerie, and above all Located in 46 El Orouba st., EGO is built on around 3000sq. meters and beautifully accessories and leather goods. designed by a genius Italian designer, called Marco Costanzi. The design of the All outlets are owned and store and the display system have resulted in an exclusive shopping atmosphere managed by EGO. with a small, relaxing cafeteria which serves shoppers with Sushi, Japanese Meals, fresh and unique light meals. everywhere including all society Elites, Celebrities and famous characters. Ego's first season has been a great success, as it carried many popular brands. The store is also equipped with a state of the art sound system and plasma screens, and is secured by a special security system and professional personnel. Total look is our aim first line, Classic casual, Jeans, beachwear, and above all accessories and leather goods. All owned and managed by EGO. Ego now carries: Women: Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga ,Chloe,Balmain, Azzaro,Marc Jacobs, Armani, Givenchy, Zagliani,Barbara Bui, Galliano, Iceberg, Sergio Rossi, Marchesa and many other brands. Men: Berioni,Smalto, Armani,Ralph Lauren,Canali, Cortigiani, Palzileri, Boss, Bikkembergs, D&G, True Religion, Just Cavalli, Cesare Paciotti and many other brands. 142 Best of Egypt
  • 46A El Orouba St, in Front of Le Meridian Heliopolis Hotel. Ladies Dept: 012 99 33 032 Men Dept: 012 99 33 035 Tel.: 02 241 777 27/25 Cust, Service: 012 5000 800 Best of Egypt 143
  • Chapter 8 Health, Beauty & Body Treatment
  • Health, Beauty & Body Treatment Al Sagheer Group For almost three decades our unmistakable mission is to bring the true essence of the beauty industry to Egypt with all its luxury and finesse. Al Sagheer Group: Our clear vision is to celebrate and promote the supremacy of the Mohamed Al Sagheer Brand in the hairstyling business, ensuring a full-fledged range of services that supports the concept of beauty centers, with all their related services, to enable superior products to reach a wider cross-section of customers, and to increase our range of products. History: Established in 1980,Al Sagheer Group initially began as a chain of salons under the brand name "Mohamed Al Sagheer". The group was set off with a single branch in Sheraton Heliopolis, as the first Egyptian managed hairdressing salon to open inside a hotel franchise. As one of the leading beauty Subsequently, the group opened two further branches in Mohandeseen and the companies in Egypt, ‘Al Sagheer Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel. In October 2002, Al Sagheer Group launched Group’ now runs 18 branches the first grand beauty center of its caliber in the region. The center, located in between Cairo, Dubai, and Doha, Zamalek-Cairo, is a striking five-storey building, where the crème de la crème can utilizing the expertise and artistry find all their needs under one roof, since it encompasses a deluxe hairstyling salon that caters for both ladies and gentlemen, with an exceptional nail lounge, exclusive of over 400 highly trained spa and plush boutique. professionals. Striving for an edge above the market this year Al sagheer opened at City View compound the latest top of the art club house that includes a mixed spa for both men and women, beauty salon, gym, bookstore, swimming pool and nursery, to fulfill the utmost satisfaction of a trendy family. Bringing Egypt’s elite, the best that the beauty industry has to offer also required the establishment of Al Sagheer Import & Marketing Co. to facilitate high-end beauty brands to the country. In 1995, J.F. Lazartigue was brought to the market followed by Keune in 1996; today the AL Sagheer Import & Marketing Co. is the sole agent for four more leading brands namely LCN, Make-Up Studio, Hairdreams and Pevonia Botanica. The group also owns a chain of ritzy boutiques, an academy for teaching the arts of cosmetics, hairstyling and an exclusive Club House soon to be established at Cairo’s prestigious City View. Al Sagheer Cosmetics: 18 deluxe beauty salons throughout Cairo and its surroundings, where our clientele, ladies or gentlemen, are served by highly trained individuals in an ultra-luxurious ambience, where they can enjoy the experience of being well and truly pampered. 148 Best of Egypt
  • Al Sagheer Salons: Hairdressing: Ladies and Men’s Cutting Ladies and Men’s Styling Ladies and Men’s Permanent Colour Ladies and Men’s Re-growth Ladies and Men’s Complete Colour Makeover Ladies and Men’s Highlights and Lowlights Permanent Hair Straightening Specialist Hair up Deep Conditioning Oil Bath Hair Treatment Human Hair extensions Make-Up: Daytime Make up Evening Make up Wedding Make up (In Salon or Home service including trail) Esthetic Tattoo- Eyebrows, Eye & Lip liner Al Sagheer Spa The Spa offers a unique approach to beauty, based on nature. Since skincare is an important part of the overall feeling of wellbeing, we offer visitors an array of re-mineralizing, balancing and relaxing services including; massages, body treatments, facials, waxing and exclusive wedding day treatments. Al Sagheer Nail Lounge: Classic Manicure and Pedicure Spa Manicure and Pedicure Shape and Paint Paraffin Wrap Acrylic Gel Al Sagheer Boutique: Our high-end chain of boutiques is designed to complement the beauty-center concept it has pioneered in Egypt. We stock a full range of makeup, perfumes, accessories and hair products from some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Al Sagheer Academy: The academy was originally established to train and maintain staff to the highest professional standards, ensuring that they keep abreast of the latest beauty techniques. Moving beyond that, Al Sagheer Group now pursues a mission to train a whole new generation on a scientific and methodical basis, to advance Tel.: 202 3736 3501 the standards of the beauty industry in Egypt. www.mohamedalsagheer.com Best of Egypt 149
  • Health, Beauty & Body Treatment A&A... Ahmed and Abdou Your Beauty... is Our Goal The Ahmed & Abdou Beauty Centers corporation was established in 1987 with opening of its first branch in Heliopolis (15 El Sheikh Aly Abd El-Razek Str., El Hegazz Square). This branch was limited to offering the traditional hair care (coiffure and coloring). However, to cope with the constant development in the hairdressing fashion, the center started to enlarge its services. The Ahmed & Abdou Beauty centers were granted several certificates of merit in different Arabic and European Festival and pictures of their hair designs were issued in many European publications. Furthermore, the Center participates annually in many international festivals, such as the festivals in Versailles, Ahmed & Abdou Salons staff Bologna, Rome and Bulgaria, which has helped in placing the salon in the top of the list of the word's best hairdressing salons. consists of 203 workers this includes hair dressers for women In August 1997, a new branch of the Ahmed & Abdou Center was opened in 11 as well as men, the administration, Nadi El Said Str., Mohi El Din Abou El Ezz-Mohandessin. This new center offered beauty specialists and trainees. the latest in hair fashion and make-up. It also took part in many international fashion shows by presenting the latest hair styles which were highly appreciated by the specialized committees in Europe and were classified as the latest styles in the world of hair fashion. In Mai 2005, the Center launched its third branch in the city Stars Centre - the shopping Center of the Intercontinental Hotel in Heliopolis - which offers the mall visitors as well as the hotel residents the best service qualities that are suitable for five stars hotels. WOMEN'S SALON Our objective is to provide you with the best experience offered in the field of women's hairdressing and Make up. 150 Best of Egypt
  • The beauty salon Ahmed & Abdo is designed for your comfort and pleasure . You will feel it as soon as you set a foot inside. WOMEN'S HAIRDRESSING -Hair cut. -Blowdrying. -Hair up. (evenings and weddings) -Hair lights and Low Lights. -Hair extensions. -Manicure. (The new acrylic nails) -Pedicure. -Shampoo treatment. -Oil Bath hair treatment. -Brazilian keratin. MAKE-UP -Day make - up. -Evening Make - up. -Wedding make - up (trail). -Tattoo. -Facial treatment before wedding. -White Eclat Mask. -Installation of eyelashes. In addition to women salon we also have kids corner & men's salon BRANDS Furthermore, the Ahmed & Abdou Beauty salon has many dealerships of international trade marks in the field of hair care and hairdressing, these include: the equipment of hairdressing “Quick”, the tolls of DB as well as “HAUTE COIFFURE” for hair care and coloring. Currently the salon is planning on acquiring dealerships of some major German trade marks for hair implant, hair removal as well as skin care equipment. We believe that education and constant training are the best way for expansion and development. Accordingly, Ahmed & Abdou beauty Salon's main aim today is to build a hairdressing and styling academy that would help bringing new stylists as well as new hair styles into the world. The academy will focus on training stylists and salon's owners to be creative, to express their own ideas in a professional manner and to manage successful salons. Mohandessin: 11 El Seid Club St. Tel: 37609937 - 33389176 Mob: 0102668442 Helioplolis: 15 El Sheikh Ali Abd El Razak st, El Hegaz Sqr., Tel: 26242697, 26242698 City stars Center: 3rd floor. Tel: 24802220 Mob: 0105197431 El Salam Hotel: Direct, 22931122 Hotel: 26224000, 26226000 Mob: 0168842087 Sharm El Sheikh: Maritim Jolie Ville Hotel & Resort Tel: + 20693604200 (7175) Mob: 0121882564 Porto Marina: Mob: 0167566666 Soon Alex: City Center: Mob: 0105197055 Katameya Dawn Town Mall
  • Health, Beauty & Body Treatment Royal Spa The First International Nail, Hand & Foot Spa Institute in Egypt. Not just a salon but a vast premises built on 600 SQ.M -the Royal Spa has been converted into a unique space combining design, high-tech and quality provider. Thanks to the vision of Global Sports partners in viewing the conquest of Spa future steps in the Middle East. Royal Spa- Cairo- a house of beauty for body-Hand-Nail-Feet For your hands don't reveal your real age & Hair Spa. It's like you are in a vast futuristic space-craft, white& minimalistic, powered by pulsing mechanical heart. An innovation in anti-ageing technology. A break through from alessandro researches - stiletto and Nail Spa are high effective combination of active ingredients:(Sandal wood ,shark liver oil, Allentoin, camomile, Mango butter ,potassium Hydroxide) known for their total affinity with natural constituents of hand ,foot, nail skin & surface nature respectively. George Nadi (General Manger of Global Sports, Royal Spa) Said: A new star in Diagnostic beauty will be born in Hadayek El-Mohandessin -sheikh Zayed next to Gold's Gym -continuing to mention that we wake up every morning believing in our huge responsibility & liability towards the qualitative well-being of our clients; however it's more about creating chilled moods in human beings. 152 Best of Egypt
  • This trend was the impulse for Alessandro International to create a new individual series of care products for legs and feet. The result: Stiletto - the first lifestyle series for well taken care of, sexy legs and feet! Comprehensive, with a sense of luxury, as well as function, and the right proportion of sex appeal! Today's customers are confident women who know exactly what they want: Branded products that are functional but also innovative and convenient. They want products that entice with their aesthetic packaging, seduce. TOE NAIL POLISH Sexy nail polish colors in beguiling red, frivolous lilac or seductive burgundy are the focal point of beautiful feet and a must for every trendy woman! The special. PERFUME FOR LEGS Stiletto Perfume for Legs! A unique fragrance that quickly develops its seductive effect. Its intensively sweet and fruity top note ) fragrance noticed first) of black currants is especially captivating applied to the back of the knees. The middle note is a more reserved flowery scent before the base note emerges with warm and woody tones. The first leg and foot perfume in the world. SUN KISSED BRONZING SPRAY The perfect and quick solution for sexily tanned legs. Stiletto Sun Kissed Bronzing Spray gives skin a natural tan shortly after spraying the bronzer directly on skin without sun exposure. The additionally contained self- tanner provides a long-lasting, natural looking tan. GLITTER POWDER PUFF The powder puff dusts a sexy shimmer onto legs for a glamorous and fabulous look. Commercial center ,Hadayek El Mohandessin, Gate 7 ,El Sheikh Zayed Tel : +202 -385-078-72 Mob: +02 -011-936-5600 E-mail :- royalspa@global-sports.org Best of Egypt 153
  • Health, Beauty & Body Treatment Gold’s Gym For Elite, Executive and Celebrities Since 1965 Gold's Gym has been the authority on fitness, dating back to the original Gold's Gym in Venice, California. Early on Gold's Gym quickly became known for serious fitness and as “The Mecca of Bodybuilding.'' In 1977, Gold's Gym received international attention when it was featured in the cult movie favorite, It is a pleasure to introduce Gold's “Pumping Iron”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. From that first Gym as the largest gym chain in location in Venice, California, Gold's Gym has become the largest co-ed gym chain the world, recognized for its in the world with more than 610 facilities in 42 states and 30 countries. unique history and expertise in fitness and health. Today, Gold's Gym has expanded its fitness profile to offer the latest equipment and services including group exercise, personal training, cardiovascular equipment, spinning, Pilates and yoga, while maintaining its core weight lifting traditions. With nearly 3 million members worldwide, Gold's Gym continues to change lives by helping people achieve their individual potential. Gold's Gym Zayed is licensed under Global-Sports Co., established in 2005. Joining Gold's Gym under the Global Sports umbrella is the “Equilibrium Academy” and the “Royal Spa”, all dedicated to improve health and fitness standards throughout Egypt and with a view to expanding its branches throughout the Middle East. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a special welcome offer to Gold's Gym Zayed. It would be our pleasure to invite you to take a tour of our facilities at El-Sheikh Zayed City. On accepting this offer you, or one of your company representatives, will also be eligible to have a free trial of our facilities including a workout session with no obligation and at no cost. 154 Best of Egypt
  • Gold's Gym Zayed- Features and Privileges Convenient operating hours from 6am to 12am (midnight). Convenient 24 hour parking. Green healthy non-polluted location with green view. Easily accessible location in a 'stand-alone' facility. Separate ladies workout area. (Women only gym) Large mixed gender workout area. Two aerobics room. Latest training machines covering cardio, strength, flexibility and toning. Over 100 top of the line exercise equipment and machines from the USA. Latest aerobic tools and machines, including spinning bikes. Free weights, full range of dumbbells and barbells. The latest in cardiovascular equipment, selector-zed equipment and plate loaded equipment. Personalized “Cardio-Theater”, watch news, sports &movies while you workout. Best of Egypt 155
  • Health, Beauty & Body Treatment Heated Hydro-massage pool for water therapy and post workout Accessibility to visit and workout in Gold's Gym branches world- relief. wide. Membership freezing options whilst traveling. Private men's & women's lockers, conventional sauna, steam and Jacuzzi. Platinum Annual Package. Supervised nursery for children & infants (1 year and over). Relaxing massage rooms with latest massage beds. The following is in addition to all gym features & privileges Large variety of massage techniques. mentioned above: Beauty salon with the latest body treatments. Full unlimited access to all the facilities in the gym for 12 Latest health and fitness assessment machines. months. Body analysis and body composition measurements tools. 12 health and fitness assessments during the year. 13 personal training sessions during the year (two in the Prepaid personal training sessions. beginning, one each Month). Prepaid tailored nutrition sessions. 12 written exercise programs with a professional certified trainer Physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs. (one each Month). Prepaid massage sessions. 6 nutrition counseling session and lifestyle assessment (one Nail and beauty salon. each 2 Months). In-house doctor for emergencies (CPR and first aid). 1 complete blood investigation (Alfa lap). Floor trainers supervise your workout and offer free tips Full day accident insurance coverage from (AIG) throughout the day. 4 months freezing during the year, with a minimum of 1 week. Daily aerobic classes, step, dance, funk, martial arts and other 14 visits for each Gold's Gym branch world-wide. popular classes. (3) Successive days pass for 7 persons (subject to Gold's Gym Kids classes starting form 5 years to 12 years of age. regulations & policies). Youth programs starting from 12 years to 16 years of age. Hydro massage pool, infra-red Sauna (ladies only), conventional Enjoy your morning coffee, read the news or watch it in our Sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi. comfortable café. Full access to all non paid Aerobics classes. Costa Café features weight loss drinks and shakes for pre and For free WI-FI at Costa Café. post workout. First hour is free at the Kids Club'. Sports café featuring healthy food alternatives. Pro shop featuring famous Brands and Gold's Gym brands, Gold Annual Package. fitness and sports wear. The following is in addition to all gym features& privileges Sports nutritional supplements for enhanced performance mentioned above: during workout. Full unlimited access to all the facilities in the gym for 12 Invite your buddy to workout with you. months. 156 Best of Egypt
  • 6 health and fitness assessments during the year (one each (3) Successive days pass for 3 persons (subject to Gold's Gym 2 Months). regulations & policies). 7 personal training sessions during the year (one each 2 1 free pass for the hydro-massage pool. Months). 1 free pass for the infra-red sauna (Ladies only). 6 written exercise programs with a professional certified trainer Regular sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, Kid's club (Nursery (one each 2 Months). service), Costa café. 4 nutrition counseling session and lifestyle assessment. Full access to all non paid Aerobics classes. 1 complete blood investigation (Alfa lap). For free WI-FI at Costa Café. Full day accident insurance coverage from (AIG). First hour is free at the 'Kids Club'. 3 months freezing during the year, with a minimum of 2 weeks. 14 visits for each Gold's Gym branch world-wide. (3) Successive days pass for 5 persons (subject to Gold's Gym regulations & policies). Hydro massage pool, infra-red Sauna (ladies only), conventional Sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi. Full access to all non paid Aerobics classes. For free WI-FI at Costa Café. First hour is free at the 'Kids Club'. Silver Annual Package. The following is in addition to all gym features& privileges mentioned above: Full unlimited access to all the facilities in the gym for 12 months. 4 health and fitness assessments during the year (one each quarter). 5 personal training sessions during the year (one each quarter). 4 written exercise programs with a professional certified trainer (one each quarter). 2 nutrition counseling session and lifestyle assessment. 1 complete blood investigation (Alfa lap). Accident insurance coverage from (AIG) inside the gym. 2 months freezing during the year, with a minimum of 3 weeks. 14 visits for each Gold's Gym branch world-wide. Best of Egypt 157
  • Chapter 9 Interiors & Designs
  • Interiors & Designs White House A Different World Whether you need a single piece of furniture to give the final touch to your reception or a completely new room setting, you will absolutely not be disappointed at White house. Homes today are all about getting the refined, good looks you’ve always wanted without having to sacrifice the casual comfort that you deserve. Your home and how you furnish it is a true mirror image of the lifestyle and personality of yourself. Your home must reflect something that is builds into your personality and life style. Our top quality furniture adds charm and elegance to the room. Our interiors represent who we are and your chic sense of style is a perfect match for us. Professionalism is our primary goal from the beginning of concept to a prefect completion. White House is one of the most established and trusted names in the furniture Every room in your home is industry. For many years furniture shoppers that look for moving, superiority furniture basically a mirror and reflection and home decor and at the best prices have decorated their homes with our products. It takes more than just the ability to make good furniture to become the #1 selling of your lifestyle and must be brand of home furniture in Egypt. Every company’s strength lies in its ability to something you are proud of. execute and using our experience we have sourced a wide variety of high quality furniture that will upgrade your living space. At White House, we have perfected this methodology. Our success relies on a perfect equilibrium between creativity, manufacturing expertise to create or enhance the perfect space for you, your family, and friends. White House focuses on its clients understand their objectives and strategies taste and seek to add substantial value to their enterprise through our work and services. From design through fulfillment, we continuously strive to provide the best product at the best prices accompanied by the best service in the industry. Being the best and bringing the best to you is our ruthless pursuit. 162 Best of Egypt
  • 4 El Marwa Street –Roxi Phone: 02 245 11 235 Factory: Kilo 18 Misr Ismalia Road Phone:02 269 700 71/2 Best of Egypt 163
  • 172 Property & Real Estate Best of Egypt
  • Best of Egypt 173
  • Property & Real Estate Rooya Group Building your dreams Our mission Throughout the development phases of our project, we make sure to put our clients best interest as a priority and we believe this is the guaranteed way to succeed. Consequently, our mission is to present the best possible levels of service to our Rooya group is a company clients, combined with the best possible standards in our real state developments. dedicated to its clients. we believe that profit is measured At Rooya group, we believe in developing and constructing living spaces that cater to people"s need. During the design phases of all our projects , every aspect of through client satisfaction and daily life is carefully taken into consideration. The needs of individuals within their loyalty, not only through sales homes are carefully studied and living solutions that perfectly answer these needs figures. are created. This is corroborated in our vision, We consider ourselves advisors to our clients. At Rooya Group, we make sure to which is to maintain and improve find you a living space that matches your needs and your lifestyle. We believe in the levels of trust between us and creating partner based relationships with our clients and consider the delivery of the living space as the beginning of tailored to suit these locations. our clients. Our group currently owns and develops 4 different projects in Egypt. The location of each of these projects has been meticulously chosen, and the projects themselves have been perfectly tailored to suit these locations. Rooya’s projects are diverse and vary from residential living spaces to seasonal resorts , all designed to further complement their strategic locations. Rooya Group succeeded in integrating unique real state projects with exclusive locations in a perfect blend. 178 Best of Egypt
  • Our projects are spread over New Cairo City,Al-Ain Al-Sokhna, Marsa Alam and the North Coast. We are currently working on the creation of four different landmarks in Egypt. All of those are owned by Rooya group in meticulously selected locations, with each landmark tailored to fit its specific setting. The group’s project vary from residential living spaces to seasonal resorts designed to complement the scenery of its surroundings a major achievement for the group ,blending unique real state projects with exclusive locations. Not withstanding the dire need for office-space in Egypt, the group has embarked on a ground-breaking office tower complex that can both, be purchased or rented. Whether you are on the North Coast,in Al Sokhna,in Marsa Alam or in Kattameya in New Cairo ,our landmarks enable you to combine the right character for the neighboring environment. Best of Egypt 179
  • Property & Real Estate Telal -Al Sokhna Situated in Al Sokhna, Egypt’s premier beach community, only one hour away from Cairo, extending over an exceptional piece of land on the red sea. Telal Al Sokhna covers an area of 286 feddans (1,200,00m),and is a very popular destination for the elite of the city and only recently became an international destination. Ain Sokhna has earned a wonderful reputation for its pristine beaches and coastal waters . The beaches are very well kept, the water is crystal clear. The closeness of the place and the fantastic weather allow it to be an all year-around hot spot destination. With a six kilometers beach front, the master plan of Telal - Al Sokhna was creatively designed in a new way that would allow each and every residential unit to enjoy a spectacular sea view. For the ultimate relaxing holiday ,making privacy and comfort a priority Telal -Al Sokhna also grants you the opportunity of a 5 stars and a 3 stars hotel, the Marina ,cafeterias restaurants and swimming pools all tailored to maximize your diverse needs. Canals Vilage -Marsa Alam Situated on the west coast of the Red Sea ,790 km south of Cairo ,Marsa Alam is one of the fastest growing holiday destinations in Egypt. Although until recently ,a small fishing village ,the introduction of an international Airport in 2001 and the international Marina have seen Marsa Alam’s popularity grow, so much so that it is soon expected to rival fellow Egyptian holiday Resorts: Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, with the added value that it is only two hours away from Luxor-home of Al Karnak temple an the Valley of the kings and Queens and one-day excursions are easily made to significant ancient Egyptian monuments in the area. Canals Village is located on the southern end of port Ghalib development in Marsa Alam ,only four km away from the airport, covering an area approximately 312 feddans (1,311,052m) ,and is directly adjacent to the core area where the international Marina is situated along the entertainment island. A variety of restaurants and cafeterias as well as shops, townhouses and hotels. Accordingly, the district acquires unique atmospheres and qualities from its proximity to this vivacious center of activities. 180 Best of Egypt
  • Stone park Located in one of the fastest growing and most attractive suburban areas in Cairo.Stone Park is a fascinating new addition ,built over an area of 2 million m with a total investement of over EGP 6 billion. This unique addition ,in Katameya in the district of new Cairo, enjoys fabulous year round weather and clean ,unpolluted air. Only 20 minutes away from Cairo international airport,Stone Park is directly located on the ring road in the southern entrance of the district and is truly unique. The petrified tree,called the Stone,is part of the remains of the petrified wood in the vicinity ;in fact this is where the name of the compound originated. Standing in the midlle of an 80 meters wide piazza, the Stone will act as a gathering point for residents with sitting areas,restaurants,cafeterias as well as classy shops and outlets. The piazza will be coupled with a private club where residents can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere or take on their favourite sport. As for kids ,they will have their own fun zone with a swimming pool and play areas. Stone towers Rooya Group's Stone Towers is a mixed use commercial development integral to the company's Stone Park residential and commercial project. Located in Egyptian city of New Cairo, the Stone Towers project comprises state of the art office, retail and hotel facilities spread over 525,000m2. The site is located between the high-speed ring road and the residential component of Stone park. Stone Towers aim’s to meet the increasing office space needs of office buildings, one on the northern edge adjacent to ring of the rapidly growing city. The 170,000m2 development also road and the other on the southern edge adjacent to Stone includes a central landscape named the 'Delta'. Park's residential development. Stone Park is a EGP6bn real estate development spread over Nine buildings make up each of the north and south edge more than two million square metres in Katameya, New Cairo. office spaces. Access roads are planned near both the edges The project includes 1,430 residential units in 1,932,000m2 to provide connectivity. While Delta, the central landscape and the commercial development Stone Towers. plaza, accommodates retail including stores, cafes, water features and event space. A 200,000m2 parking area has been Stone Towers structure provided. Each edge has provision for three levels of car "Stone Towers is a monolithic structure made up of 18 buildings, parking (B0, B1 and B2). The area below the landscaping which rise from a single basement excavation." features an additional two levels of car parking (B1 and B2). Master plan 1160/4 Al Akademya El Baharia St. The master plan includes construction of a business-class Sheraton Buildings,Heliopolis ,Cairo,Egypt. Tel.: + (202) 226 845 00 five-star hotel, which will also feature serviced apartments. Fax: + (202) 226 688 13 Office space, the project's main feature, will consist of two sets Website: www.rooyagroup.com Best of Egypt 181
  • Property & Real Estate Trenta... Offers you the most prestigious properties, an unfailingly professional approach and the most attentive service. Under Trenta umbrella there are two different activities, developing and marketing, Trenta develops buildings and compounds in new areas such as 6 October…etc. Also, because of our marketing experience, we try to understand the client needs and reach to the goal together. On the other hand, Trenta offers you the most prestigious properties, an unfailingly Our aim is to make the whole professional approach and the most attentive service. process of buying or renting a property as smooth and hassle- Trenta is highly successful Egyptian real estate company which was established in 1994, and is now one of the fastest growing companies in the field of Real estate free as possible. and marketing, now Trenta have 6 branches: Mohandiseen, Zamalek, Heliopolis, 6 October, New Cairo and Dream Land. We have consolidated a very large share of the local market, as evidence by our impressive list of clients. Our staff spares no effort to ensure that our clients are able to make what may be a very important choice in an atmosphere of friendliness and complete trust. Lot of attention in particular on the rapidly increasing number of new properties within huge new residential developments, where many buyers may be seeking a lucrative investment. Trenta staffs have a wealth of experience in this area, so they can guide the prospective buyer through all the complexities of different purchase plans, in order to help them make the best choice. 182 Best of Egypt
  • Trenta also offers the following: - Extensive wireless database. - Search and view properties to rent or buy. - Direct contact with owners. - Easy interface website. - Constant updating of site reports and checking of e-mail requests. - Standard images per property. - Rental availability calendar. - Facilitation of company office location needs. - Provide you with the best advertising for your property and put you in touch with the prospective buyer or lessee, or help you find your dream-home! 31 Zamalek Sports Club Passage, Gammet El Dowel El Arabia Street, Mohandessin Tel.: (+202) 33475100 – 33463040 Fax: (+202) 33458358 51 Beirut Street, Heliopolis, Cairo. Tel.: (+202) 26909951-2-3 Fax: (+202) 26901948 E-mail: info@trenta.net www.trenta.net
  • Chapter 11 Banking & Finance
  • Banking & Finance Arab African International Bank The Gateway for International Business into the Region With a history of solid tradition and modern banking, since its establishment, Arab African International Bank (AAIB) is Egypt’s fastest growing bank in terms of size and profitability. This growth rate substantiates AAIB's vision to be the leading financial group in Egypt, providing innovative services with a strong regional presence, being the gateway for international business into the region. This growth rate substantiates AAIB's vision to be the leading The Bank's growth was given further impetus in 2008 with the establishment of financial group in Egypt, new subsidiaries: Arab African Investment Holding (AAIH), Arab African Investment providing innovative services Management (AAIM), Arab African International Securities (AAIS), and Arab African International Fund Management Administrators (AAIFA). with a strong regional presence, being the gateway for Arab African Investment Holding has the vision of being one of Egypt's leading international business into the investment institutions that establishes companies covering different sectors, it region. started with establishing both companies: AAIM and AAIS. Arab African Investment Management is a specialized asset management firm that covers the MENA region. Building on a heritage of innovation and cus¬tomer service from its parent company AAIB, AAIM has brought together tradition and innovation to develop a market-led approach to wealth creation, across some of the world's fastest-growing, emerging markets. Another subsidiary, Arab African International Securities, covers the local market and enjoys strong business relations with regional and international players. Currently AAIS acts as a brokerage firm, offering a wide array of services, including online trading, same-day trading, short selling, margin lending and other related services. AAIB is a major contributor to the Egyptian debt capital market with a powerful role in structuring, managing, book- running and successfully closing syndicated loans. This has further consolidated AAIB's core competency in investment 188 Best of Egypt
  • and corporate banking, and the traditional bonds market. The bank is a high-end service provider of innovative and customized solutions to leading local and regional corporates and international investors. Regional expansion is another pillar for AAIB's growth strategy; the bank led a number of major syndications in the fields of infrastructure and construction, which has further strengthened its position as a leading investment bank in the region. Enjoying a strong customer base and an active corporate strategy. AAIB has full fledged commercial banking operation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Regional office in Dubai acts as the focal hub for the group's corporate business across GCC countries and is the launch pad for the future expansion of branch network, within the Gulf countries. The principal focus of our business in UAE and across the Gulf remains Corporate Banking and Trade Finance activities. With only 10% of Egypt's population dealing with banks, AAIB sees retail as a viable growth area and a fertile field for introducing innovative products and services to the market. AAIB is the first to introduce credit cards to Egypt in the eighties and the chip technology in 2003 through its capacity as both issuer and acquirer. In 2007, AAIB launched a variety of innovative products and services. With the Visa Mini Card, it introduced the smallest credit card to the Egyptian market following its earlier introduction of smart technology cards. Merchants also benefited from technology enhancement as AAIB introduced GPRS points of sales where the Bank maintains its leading market share through the migration of all its merchants via their websites. The program is securely coded by international POS to accept cutting edge smart card technology at highest MasterCard and an authorized license by Visa (VBV). security standards. The Bank also strengthened its Merchant Program by launching merchant loans availing optimal financing In 2008, AAIB's mandate to add value to stakeholders was to expand size and scope of their business activities guaranteed institutionalized through establishing a CSR Unit with the by the value of total electronic payment transactions settled objective of enacting professional adherence to codes of between the bank and the merchants, thus eliminating the need conducts and ethics in dealing with stakeholders. This inclination for collaterals or personal guarantees. Along with this, Click2Shop is enforced through AAIB's engagement within international complements AAIB's merchant portfolio, being an internet organizations that enlighten and substantiate its CSR policies. payment gateway enabling merchants to accept online payments AAIB is a member of the UN Global Compact which focuses on human rights, labour standards, the environment, and anti- corruption. AAIB has also joined London Benchmark Group (LBG), a London-based organization that provides standard parameters measuring the effectiveness of corporate contribution to community development. Recently, AAIB has adopted the Equator Principles, a banking industry framework for addressing environmental and social risks in project financing. In January 2007, and with a track record at the Cairo Pediatrics specialized hospital since 2004, AAIB launched its foundation for social development, “We Owe it to Egypt”. Although established by the bank, its scope and objectives extend far beyond the bank's identity with its primary goal to enact a nation-wide initiative that inspires and mobilizes the corporate sector towards making a fundamental and positive difference in the fields of public health and education in Egypt. It is now at an advanced stage of expanding its CSR into the Gulf countries, replicating, where possible, the experiences it has gained on the home turf. 5, Midan Al-Saray Al Kourba, Garde City, Cairo P.O. Box 60 Magless El Shaab (11516) Cairo - Egypt Tel.: +202 2794 5094 / 5 / 6 +202 2792 2881 / 2 / 3 Fax: +202 2795 8493 Best of Egypt 189
  • Banking & Finance Allianz Egypt Insurance and Financial Services from A to Z Allianz Egypt has a long, proud history in Egypt. Formally Allianz Insurance Company and Allianz Life Assurance Company, Allianz Egypt is the new name for Arab International Insurance. The latter was established in 1976 as the first private, joint venture insurance company. This armors Allianz Egypt with an Allianz Egypt combines in-depth excellent combination of global expertise and strength coupled with local presence knowledge of local needs and a and in-depth understanding of local needs and challenges. Allianz Egypt achieved commitment to the Egyptian a lot of outstanding goals since its official foundation in 2001 to be Egypt's #1 society with the strength of being insurance company for life sales in the country in 2006. part of Allianz Group, one of the largest financial service providers Allianz Egypt provides a comprehensive range of innovative programs which were in the world. exclusively tailored to address the needs of the local market. The company's programs include life and non-life products, which suit all our customers' needs at the different stages in their life. Customer focus is what drives Allianz whether locally or globally. On the other hand, we pay a great deal of attention to our employees, who have always been our greatest asset. The company's main programs are divided into three categories: Personal Insurance (Life and Non-Life Products): We tend to spend time dreaming about our goals - a successful marriage, a healthy family, a comfortable home, a productive and meaningful life, an enjoyable retirement - rather than focusing on the actual costs and steps required to realize them. The programs to realize your dreams are Rabea Al Omr, Hemayat Al Omr, Hadeyat Al Omr, Marahel Al Omr, Hana Al Omr, Sanad Al Omr, and Health Plus. The Non-Life programs include Home Plus, Safety Plus, Motor Plus, Business Plus, and Travel Plus. Every single program is exclusively tailored to address a certain need of our client at home, on the road and in his office, factory or even his workshop. Corporate Insurance Allianz Egypt understands that one of the key success factors for any organization, large or small, is its people. This 190 Best of Egypt
  • is particularly evident in an emerging economy like ours, where the demand for qualified employees who can make a difference is increasing faster than the available supply. That is why Allianz Egypt focuses on creating a diversified package of programs to serve various needs of corporate clients in every way possible. The Corporate products include Group Life Insurance policy and Group Retirement plan. Bancassurance Allianz Life of Egypt has partnered with a number of the country's leading progressive banks and together offering a wide range of Life Assurance products through their network of branches. Through these partnerships, you can receive on- the-spot advice from one of our qualified specialists whilst conducting your banking business. Premium installments for your bancassurance plans can be paid through direct debit from your account, adding to the ease and convenience of our services. Allianz Egypt partnered with 9 key Egyptian banks, enabling it to deliver its outstanding programs and services Customer Service Centre 8th Floor Saridar Building, 92 Tahrir Street, through more than 270 branches nationwide. Dokki, Cairo, Egypt. Hotline: 19909 Tel.: +202 3333 5208 E-Mail: info@allianz.com.eg www.allianz.com.eg Best of Egypt 191
  • Chapter 12 Corporate Company Profiles
  • Corporate Company Profiles Allianz Egypt Insurance and Financial Services from A to Z Established in 1890 in Munich, Germany and based in Berlin, the company has proven to be a key financial player. Now with nearly 155,000 employees worldwide, the Allianz Group serves approximately 75 million customers in about 70 countries. Providing services in three main lines of business: Insurance, Asset Management, and Banking. In fiscal 2008 the Allianz Group achieved total revenues of over 92.5 billion euros. Allianz Egypt is a key insurance Allianz is also one of the world's largest asset managers, with third-party assets services provider in the Egyptian of 703 billion euros under management at year end 2008. Beyond the quality of our financial performance, a number of other activities and market providing a factors are important for the sustainable growth of our competitive strength and comprehensive range of Life and company value. These include, but are not limited to, our global diversification, Non-life Insurance programs to the reduction of complexity, our value-based management approach, and our satisfy the various needs of our crucially important employees. customers locally. Our goal is to be the most trusted financial services company throughout the world. We intend to make even greater efforts to achieve our goal of becoming the most trusted global financial services provider. In our pursuit of this goal, we are guided by our fundamental principles and management priorities. Fundamental principles We are convinced that we earn the trust of our customers and partners by offering the highest level of expertise, integrity and sustainability. Expertise: Our services set the standard in our markets. Our highly qualified employees enjoy the respect of customers and competitors and we are successful in our efforts to achieve continuous improvement in the Allianz Group through a combination of global capabilities and local entrepreneurship. Integrity: For us, integrity means more than just keeping our promises, it means only making promises that we can keep. We maintain a strong focus on securing our financial stability in all circumstances, which is especially important in the current environment. In addition, we review our services regularly to ensure the appropriate balance between 194 Best of Egypt
  • the needs of our customers and distributors and the interests caliber teams. Allianz Egypt's CSR initiatives emphasize the of our shareholders. company's vision in supporting the under privileged categories Sustainability: We achieve sustainability primarily by taking in Egypt. advantage of the major growth opportunities that present On the business front, Allianz Egypt's financial results exceeded themselves to Allianz. The current environment is confirmation the most optimistic of expectation by achieving LE 713 million in both the Life and Non-life premiums, making us #1 in the that the need for robust and highly ethical investment and life business in Egypt. insurance services will continue to grow strongly. For too long, the growth dynamics generated during the financial bubble that is now bursting have obscured the increasing systemic risk in our interconnected world: For example, no sustainable model as a solution to the growing problem of global warming and increasingly frequent natural disasters has been developed yet. The same holds true for the growing retirement and health care system deficits faced by aging societies, and for the lack of capital and risk transfer systems in young, rapidly growing economies. Allianz launch in Egypt In 2000 Allianz bought 80% of Arab International, the first private joint venture insurance company established in 1976, in 2004 Arab International becomes Allianz Egypt. Allianz Egypt is comprised of two sister companies: Allianz Insurance Company and Allianz Life Assurance of Egypt. Providing an excellent combination of global expertise and strength coupled with local presence and in-depth understanding of local needs and challenges. Allianz Egypt provides a comprehensive range of innovative programs which were exclusively tailored to address the needs of the local market. The company's programs include life and non-life products, which suit all our customers' needs at the different stages in their life. Customer focus is what drives Customer Service Centre 8th Floor Saridar Building, 92 Tahrir Street, Allianz whether locally or globally. On the other hand, we pay Dokki, Cairo, Egypt. a great deal of attention to employees, and that is why Allianz Hotline: 19909 Tel.: +202 3333 5208 Egypt has launched the Training Academy, which conveys the E-Mail: info@allianz.com.eg company's commitment to develop local talent and build top www.allianz.com.eg Best of Egypt 195
  • Corporate Company Profiles InterContinental Cairo Citystars Conference and Banqueting available in small, medium and extra large InterContinental Citystars is Cairo's leading venue for international meetings, conferences and exhibitions, product launches, seminars, workshops and a variety of special events including concerts, award ceremonies and weddings. Twenty three versatile function rooms combine beauty and technological sophistication to make any business meeting, social event or private celebration a more-than-special occasion. The hotels boasts a large range of sizes of meeting rooms with floor space from 50 to 2200 square meters and its latest addition of a brand new Exhibition Hall with a capacity of 8000 people spread over 10,000 sqm. All meeting rooms are equipped with advanced communication infrastructure; the rooms are available for use as hospitality suites, boardrooms, pressrooms, organizers' offices and speakers' reception rooms, as well as for conferences and seminars. When you need to host a Due to the increasing demand on meeting space, the hotel added 5 new state of Conference, Exhibition or the art meeting rooms to its already existing large inventory of conference & meeting Business Meeting, there is always rooms. These smaller breakout rooms are located on the first floor of the hotel with easy access by lifts. These rooms can each accommodate between 10 and a professional location to 100 people. choose... InterContinental Cairo communications requirements with state-of-the-art audio-video presentation Citystars equipment, automatic control of light, audio visual and curtains to suit guest requirements, sound, projection and lighting equipment, advanced multimedia facilities, digital signage, built in screens, LED lighting & WiFi. From its polished minimalist décor to its prestigious gourmet coffee break stations, the new meeting rooms offer a distinctively modern setting for intimate business gatherings, offering butler style service and creative themed coffee breaks. The hotel also has a separate dedicated entrance to its Conference & Banqueting facilities supported by 7 additional guest elevators and two large conference elevators from lobby level to all conference and banquet areas. Stand alone VIP entrance and VIP lounge, where royalties and officials can be greeted and welcomed, a dedicated 196 Best of Egypt
  • VIP elevator is also available to take guests to either one of the hotels beautiful suites or directly to the banquet rooms ensuring maximum privacy and enhanced security. Al Saraya Ballroom, the largest hotel banquet hall in Cairo has an impressive 2200 square meters of column-free exhibition space, across 4 interconnected halls. The air-conditioned halls are all located on a single level, and can be directly accessed from the loading areas through a series of vehicle entry doors. The Al Saraya Foyer provides event planners with the perfect venue for cocktail receptions, luncheons, dinners and parties. An additional floor with 10 smaller meeting rooms, with interconnecting facilities and networking area also exists for workshops and seminars. Most of the hotels meeting rooms have flexible room layout and seating to ensure we can meet our guests meeting room requirements. InterContinental Cairo Citystars offers all meeting solutions, dedicated in-house meeting planner's attention to detail and personalized service at its best. For the conference and meeting organizer, the hotel comfortably fulfills the technological, capacity and quality criteria of almost all event requirements. More importantly, it achieves this within a format which is enticingly unique InterContinental Citystars Cairo is located only seven minutes from Cairo International Airport and just ten minutes from the Cairo International Conference Centre. The hotel also provides a unique service of checking - in at the airport allowing guests the comfort of going directly to their room when they arrive to the hotel. Also available on request is the Limousine airport transfer, and the airport Meet and Assist Service, where a team of experts assist guests and conference delegates with the formalities. Cairo Convention and Exhibition Centre - 10 minutes by car Championship golf courses - 15 minutes by car Downtown Cairo - 25 minutes by car Pyramids - 45 minutes by car / tourist coach Tel: 02 24800223 Fax.: 02 24800200 Email: catering_sales@interconticitystars.com Best of Egypt 197
  • Corporate Company Profiles Number one British investment GSK made the strategic decision of taking the lead and to be a step ahead of all others by the GlaxoSmithKline plc acquisition of the mature Egyptian brands of Bristol Myers Squibb and their state-of- the-art facility in Giza. GSK believes that Egypt is a key emerging market with a huge number of untapped potential and yet to be fulfilled promises. As a consequence, the great emphasis and large investment placed by the GlaxoSmithKline plc into GSK Egypt placing it as the number one British investment in the pharmaceutical industry in the country and the market leader with a share of approximately 9%. The Company’s turnover is £115 million comprised of 56% GSK brands, 29% locally acquired brands, 11% vaccines, and 4% licensors. Reaching this prestigious spot was not an easy feat, but a long journey of hard work that started as far back as 1901. This was when Wellcome had its floating laboratory on the Nile. Constantly seeking to improve its abilities, expand its operations, and upgrade its facilities. The Company went through a series of GSK Egypt is proud to boast mergers and acquisitions, the latest in October 2008. The Company expanded its receipt of a number of certificates pharmaceutical portfolio entering four new therapeutic areas and obtaining twenty and awards recognizing superior medicines that are well established effective leading brands in their own right at performance, compliance with affordable prices. environmental standards and Now, GSK Egypt possesses and provides medication for nine out of the ten disease requirements, and the provision areas in Egypt, targeting ailments that range from diabetes, asthma, cancer, liver of a safe and a healthy work viruses, and gastrointestinal problems, to infections, allergies, coughs and colds, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, anti-depressants and cardiovascular disorders, environment. and many more. Improving the quality of human life is a GSK global quest and as such it places the best interest of the patient as a priority, driving all its operations. Being the number one in market share is not what matters to GSK Egypt; but being the number one in providing the best service to patients, certainly is the case. To us, best service translates into: best quality, best technology, best suitable price, the best match to the needs of the local market, and being the partner of choice to all our stakeholders. The Company, with the last Bristol Myers acquisition, has two manufacturing sites, one situated in Cairo and the other in Giza, in which are the largest in the Middle East and North Africa region, producing 141 million units per year. 198 Best of Egypt
  • The production covers a wide profile of products ranging from tablets, capsules, liquids, topical, cephalosporin, soft gelatine and sterile. While the majority of the manufactured products are consumed locally, at least 15% of the total production is exported to 29 international markets, led by Romania and Nigeria, with total exports at LE 105 million. The Company is currently the number two exporter in the field, and has bold plans and strategies that will lead to the number one position, which will be made even more reachable with the latest acquisition that will enable the Company to produce and export at double the current pace. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is vital to have a strong pipeline in order to have enough medicines in development, to ensure the availaibility of new and improved treatments to face the ever more challenging diseases. Using the most modern technology, GSK scientists strive to understand the complex mechanisms that cause disease, helping them to develop medicines that are more effective and better tolerated. GSK is mainly a research based company, spending £8 million on research and development every single day. It should be noted that it costs over £500 million and takes an average of 12 years of dedicated and diligent work to produce one new medicine. Boomerang Building P.O.Box: 41 Building no. 46, Block (j) Fifth District, GSK Egypt is proud to boast receipt of a number of certificates New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt and awards recognizing superior performance, compliance Tel.: +202 2618 5000 with environmental standards and requirements, and the Fax: +202 2618 5001 provision of a safe and a healthy work environment. www.gsk.com Best of Egypt 199
  • Corporate Company Profiles Concord Services A Professional Aviation and Tourist Service Company It was established in 2001 as a private Egyptian share holding company ,its chairman and senior management are aviation professional over 18 years of experience in this field ………. We can fullfill and match your needs for domestic or International flights, we could help in domestic flights by taking individuals, groups or charter flights and that's because of our Commitment as a full charter or allotments guaranteed all year around between concord services and most of the Egyptian and foreigner carrier and Egypt air as well, we can offer you good rates with long term contract yearly or seasonally to achieve your stability and good materialization in the Egyptian market Concerning the international flights we can offer you a Competitive charter rate with flexibility of capacity and terms of payment Concord has been providing charter services Fast and secure service for VIP corporate and leisure travelers in the Middle East. In addition we assist Offering a great savings on your with sourcing aircraft charter requirements from regional and International aircraft Last minute operations… charter brokers. Concord Services is specialized in aircraft rental and character. It offers a variety of service among ,which is chartering ,Rental , Selling , Purchasing, Leasing and Charting an allotment basis also Concord Services provides a wide range of Domestic regional and International charter flights on several types of aircrafts such AB 320 &310 ,AB 737-200 ,300&800 , TU-204,DC-9,MD-83 ,DASH-7&8, Cessna Citation 550 . Flight itineraries can be customized to meet the need of not only the tourist. Enjoy our Services At Concord Services , our dedicated stuff will personally supervise every aspect of your charter, as they are available 24 hours, seven days a week to arrange your flights, even in as little as 3-4 hours before your trip. Our dedicated team will ensure that every detail is tailored to your desire and the only concern left for you is your business or vacation. 200 Best of Egypt
  • Our Destination Map Schedule with Charter Concept Limousine’s Renting Cargo Services VIP Services Air Ambulance Services Charter Groups Hotels Booking 45 El Batal Ahmed Abd El Aziz St, El Mohandessin, Giza, Egypt. Tel.: +202-33-455-316 Short no.: 19165 Mob.: +2-010-5399-407 www.concord-s.com Best of Egypt 201
  • Corporate Company Profiles Canada Egypt Business Council Blending Cultures The Vision of CEBC is: To be recognized as a world class association with a positive impact on Egypt/Canada relations and a valuable contribution to the economic development of Egypt as well as the proficiency of Egyptian business community. CEBC is a non-governmental CEBC Strategic Goals are: organization aiming to foster the To help members develop their relations with their Canadian counterparts and provide means of communication between business communities in both countries. development of relations between To support, promote and encourage trade, investment, technical and economic Canada and Egypt, to support its cooperation between Canada and Egypt. members in their pursuit of To provide capacity building services to members with the aim of enhancing their opportunities for bilateral competitiveness and capabilities to do business on the international level. relations and to offer a unique To provide members with reliable business information about Canada and Egypt. set of business upgrading Activities: services to Egyptian enterprises. Events: CEBC hosts more than 12 special events such as luncheons, dinners and roundtable discussions which allow our members and guests to hear the views of major political and business figures. CEBC also organizes international business and economic conferences, and hosts breakfast briefings with visiting dignitaries and local officials. 202 Best of Egypt
  • Committees: CEBC's 15 committees, each focusing on a particular sector or area of interest, provide a forum for CEBC members to raise issues from the business climate, all aiming to encourage trade and improve the Egyptian business environment. Trade Missions: CEBC Trade missions to Canada (Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto) represent a cornerstone of CEBC's proactive approach. The goal of our missions is to portray the business atmosphere in Egypt to the Canadian side, attempting to find ways to increase bilateral trade, also to establish and reinforce the relationship between the two countries. CEBC Website: An attractive channel for reaching your potential customers from an audience of high-quality and business-oriented viewers. We offer Ads placement with competitive prices and special discounted rates for our members. CEBC Newsletter: A bimonthly publication that covers a broad spectrum of political and economic subjects of relevance to Egyptian and Foreign investors. It is distributed mainly to CEBC members, guests, different business arenas such as banks, hotels, embassies, ministries and governmental agencies in both Egypt and Canada. Best of Egypt 203
  • Corporate Company Profiles CEBC Directory: All members and members' companies are featured in this complete cross referenced directory, providing data, corporate descriptions and other useful information published annually and referred to by thousands of Egyptians and international users. CEBC Membership: Our activities focus on the needs of our members, who are drawn primarily from the private sector. CEBC conducts orientation meetings to familiarize new members with CEBC's full range of activities and benefits, Quality Benefits Program where member companies receive special services or preferential discounts to fellow CEBC members, hotels, restaurants and airfares. 82 Merghany St., 6th Floor, Heliopolis, Cairo, 11341, Egypt. Tel.: 02 22913675 / 22914975 Fax: 02 22917075 Email: cebc@canadaegypt.org www.canadaegypt.org 204 Best of Egypt
  • Corporate Company Profiles The French Chamber Of Commerce In Egypt ( CCFE ) Mr. Mahmoud El Kaissy Dr. Herve Majidier Mrs. Hosna Rachid Mr. Jean Pierre Hansen Co-president Cairo Section Co-President Cairo Section Co-president Alexandria Section Co-president Alexandria Section CCFE was established in November 1992 with the purpose offers and specially negotiated discounts in both Egypt and of developing economic and commercial cooperation France. between Egypt and France. To expand your network through a vast number of meetings, Receptions and galas organized in Cairo and Alexandria. CCFE can be considered to be one of the main providers of help in the establishment and development of relations between The Vision of CCFE Egyptian and French SMEs. Is to boost Egypt, industrially, economically, socially and CCFE is a member of the French Union of the Chambers of politically, make use of the best available resources within the Commerce and Industry Abroad (UCCIFE), this membership Franco-Egyptian business community, to transform Egypt into has strengthened its capacities as a bilateral Chamber. a business-oriented country, all the way from education and training of the potential work-force, up to mediating in large- The Mission Of CCFE scale international business ventures, investments and global involvement. Is to provide services for its members, and the business community in general, based on their needs, in order to increase Our services are expressly designed to facilitate the development of bilateral French-Egyptian business their profitability and competitiveness as well as to represent cooperation. We concentrate on market information, trade and support their interests in the business environment both shows and missions, and offer the following services: in Egypt and France. Welcome desk and company orientation Why become a member ? Partner selection (tailor-made and targeted contact lists, To build firm relations through a network of closely basic market information) interconnected French and Egyptian enterprises in a wide Matchmaking for Egyptian and French potential business variety of economic and commercial sectors. partners To keep in the swim by participating in lunch-debates, and Organization of individual or group trade missions seminars hosted by speakers who are leading lights within the business or political domains. Advice on business practices To receive a free copy of our Members' Directory with Contact with local business communities, authorities, and contacts of major French and Egyptian Companies. service companies To prepare for the future by providing your company with a Facilitation of trade fairs and exhibitions stream of business opportunities, either in Egypt or France, Domiciliation, logistics and assistance in the setting up of a based on our expertise and experience in customized company commercial support for SMEs, and the organization of trade missions featuring major contact details of French Egyptian companies member. To benefit, personally and directly, from exclusive special 206 Best of Egypt
  • Corporate Company Profiles The Egyptian European council The Civil Society Organization that Promotes Close Links Between Egypt and the European Union The Egyptian European council is a non governmental organization for the Egyptian civil society. The council's target is to enforce the relationships between Egypt and the European Union countries, the Egyptian European association and organizations. The council's activities take different shapes between seminars, conferences, The Egyptian European Council workshops, performing exchanged visits, listening to points of view and hosting works actively to champion the European responsible to discuss the common interests in investments and projects, cause of closer relations between transfer technology and exchange experiences. Egypt and its European friends, through its political, commercial The council includes the elite of the Egyptian society such as, diplomats, advocates, and Civil Society networks. businessmen, legislator and investors, and the membership is available to all the European Union ambassadors and the European organizations. The Egyptian European council welcomes any suggestions and opinions in order to enhance and actualize these relations, and this is done through Egypt's declared policy with the European Union. 5 mokarar, El Shaheed Sayed Zakaria Khalil St., 4th Floor, Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Post Code: 12 16 Tel.: +202 2269 3777 / 888 Fax: +202 2269 4777 E-mail: info@egyptianeuropeancouncil-eg.org Website: www.egyptianeuropeancouncil-eg.org 208 Best of Egypt
  • Corporate Company Profiles INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT GROUP (IFG) Let it be complex or just simple we have the right answer that will meet your needs. The Key to our relation is mutual trust and respect. The IFG Network of independent, licensed Agency entrepreneurs has always focused on designing services that meet the specific needs of their customers. In meeting these needs, they rely on one of their greatest competitive strengths–the quality of the Network. IFG has the one single objective to give all our customers Personalized Solutions with Best quality and lowest cost available. If your cargo is at any place at the world, we provide consultancy study and then apply a full Standard Operating procedures that can specially fit your requirements. IFG builds a strong relationship through honesty and respect providing a fast, safe & cost- effective delivery to our clients. IFG has IFG has been established in 1997, selected a network of agents that we trust to maintain the same high industry it is a leading Egyptian company standards; this allows us to offer a consistent & satisfying service level to our clients. and one of the reliable providers IFG provide a number of different services to their customers including:- of high quality transportation & Air Freight: Fast, Reliable Delivery Worldwide shipping your freight by air with IFG logistics services in Egypt and will keep goods moving at optimal speed and efficiency along the supply chain. the Middle East. IFG takes pride We have contracts with the world's major international carriers that secure space in offering the finest specialized on thousands of flights each month and we offer charter flights internationally, as well as for your larger shipment. We provide global tracking as part of our standard services available in the capabilities. Our global, door-to-door services include customs clearance and transportation industry for over forwarding to interior points, as well as coordinating with our ocean operations for fifteen years. on forwarding cargo in the most cost efficient manner. Ocean Freight: Cost Efficient and quality service IFG is a single-source vendor that can handle your ocean shipments from any point on the globe to another. We offer regular liner facilities and schedules, multi-modal shipping, global tracking and worldwide logistics capabilities, all at competitive rates. Land Transportation: IFG provides customers with a full range of inland transportation services. If you need to move full container loads (FCL), less-than container loads (LCL), small/big airfreight shipment, or sensitive equipment, IFG makes sure that your goods are delivered safely and in the most cost-effective way. 212 Best of Egypt
  • Warehousing & Distribution: IFG provides customers with the offering a whole new level of specialized solutions for your Distribution service. Using IFG warehousing and distribution freight forwarding and distribution needs. services enable customers to convert their fixed cost into a Our philosophy is straightforward. Our goal is to be the leader variable cost. No need for buying your own warehouse, hire of the transportation industry through a national network of staff & train them, buy software, manage your inventory, etc. agencies, some say is the best in the business. Our "Without IFG manages all of this for you; your cost would be only for Fail" structure gives you greater flexibility and more options the time and space your cargo occupies. i.e. you will only focus for customization than you ever dreamed of. Combined with your investment, time and efforts in your core business. an entrepreneurial spirit that is unmatched, we can make any shipping headache disappear. Getting what you need from Cargo Insurance: The probability of sustaining a loss on goods here to there safely, on time and stress free. It is what you in transit is greater than customers may think. For example, deserve. That is what IFG clients like best about us; imagine on average, a ship sinks every day. Long voyages, extensive a team so dependable, and so easy to work with, anything moving and shifting of cargo and bad weather all adds becomes possible. We deliver, anywhere you need us to go. substantially to the potential for loss or damage. Many customers That is our promise to you. are misled into relying on the carrier to pay for their losses in visit us online: www.IFG.bz transit which can be a big mistake. Carrier liability is very limited. Also, most carriers are not responsible for losses which are unpredictable or beyond their control. IFG works with you to design the policy that meets your unique transportation needs. Among the many options we offer: Custom Brokerage: SGL's professional and reliable customs brokerage staff possesses thorough knowledge, understanding of customs regulations, tariff and documentation. With SGL integrated services including customs clearance, we let you focus on marketing and selling your items, and we take care of the rest. Cargo Management: IFG's vendor consolidation service is a cost effective way to move customer's cargo from a single or multiple vendors at the same origin into one shipment. This is a sophisticated service, where we follow up on customer’s orders once the purchase order is put with the vendors till orders are in customer's stores at destination. A long but well organized process starts; follow up on the purchase order ready date, cargo booking, pickup, inspection, document collection, load planning, consolidation, shipping, document preparation and distribution, cargo tracking and tracing, reporting, etc. IFG customers are offered a comprehensive and a customized cargo management per their Head Office (Cairo & Sokhna) needs using their preferred carriers or IFG's recommended 115 Sakr Koreish St., Villa 9 Sheraton, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Tel.: +202 2267 7753/8/9 ones. Fax: +202 2266 0357 Mob.: +2 010 6661 203 IFG gives you what you need: While others are still saying +2 010 6661 205 "what," we can say "here's what we should do." We are IFG, E-Mail: adm@ifg.bz Best of Egypt 213
  • Corporate Company Profiles Egyptian Co. for Entertainment and Tourist Attractions Luxurious Management is our Passion More than 340 stores, 2000 m2 Nile view food court 2000 m2 Fun Planet Indoor theme park, 18000 m2 indoor garages. Since 1999 A challenging selective Egyptian businessmen elitism agreed to put all market experience and creativity to establish the concept of "Family Shopping And Entertainment Centers" to be the pioneers in this industry in Egypt. With market escalating requirements to manage such complex and integrated projects, ECETA tailors its management more demands raised to have a property management method which became wider technique to assure the best as facility management. value, control, saving and profit. Facility Management is not a new business; as it started in England in 18th century and was updated later to be an ordinary system taken and implemented in Europe and nowadays worldwide. Facility Management system targets to add value and increase productivity, add value to assets by keeping investment in projects in its best conditions and functions by outsourcing the following up process, and increase productivity by enlarging the business space instead of operation tasks that are considered extra tasks to management. Integrated Facility Management in Egypt The FM term came to surface in Egyptian Market for a decade but it was restricted only for security, maintenance and housekeeping services. Our Clients varies from single item project up to complex projects. ECETA runs the facility management to more than 1,882,000 sqm projects consists of Residential Compounds, Tourist Projects, Office Buildings, Banks, Sports Clubs, Commercial Centers and Theme parks. 214 Best of Egypt
  • Corporate Company Profiles Green Line International We provide you the best services We provide our clients with the best services keeping the highest level of customer delight. Our main services include: Air freight, Sea freight, customs clearance & Door to Door services "world wide". Part of our services that we can go on for any kind of formal procedures in any Green Line international ltd. ® governmental issues such as: (Ministry of public Health -Ministry of Foreign affairs founded in 1992. -legalizations-……etc.). We are a member of: Green Line aim is to provide a full and completely integrated service for it’s customers, FIATA (International Federation enabling them to outsource their entire logistics operations if so desired. of Freight Forwarders Our resources allow us to combine the very latest physical handling and information Association). management techniques. E.I.F.F.A (Egyptian International Freight forwarding association). Our international transport and distribution services use every possible type of physical handling procedures. IATA (International Air Transport Association) . All this calls for special skills and, equipment and we have invested in both continuously, to ensure our operational standards remain world - class. 216 Best of Egypt
  • GREEN LINE International Ltd. ® Coverage Area & facilities 1-Forwarding: We are covering most of the countries that have trade to or from the Egyptian market all over the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Middle & Far East). 2-Customs clearance: We are clearing all kind of shipments & working in all over Egypt ports such as: A: AIR PORTS (Cargo village & all other locations in Cairo & Alex) B: SEA PORTS (Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, El-sokhna & Damieta). C: DRY PORTS (10th of Ramadan, 6th of October, El-Obour, El-Zahraa – Sosdy) D: FREE ZON (NASR CITY) 3- Packing: We offer original packing solutions and can handle sensitive, unpacked products & personal effects with the optimum raw material to insure the optimum &safe delivery of shipments. 24, El Nozha st. Ard El Golf, Cairo - Egypt Tel.: 202 24156578 - 202 26901661 Fax: 202 24152378 E-Mail: greenl@starnet.com.eg www.greenlineint.net Best of Egypt 217
  • Corporate Company Profiles Company Profile: Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd. is the official publisher of Yellow Pages print directories, Yellow.com.eg website, Mobile Yellow and is the exclusive owner of the Yellow Pages & Walking Fingers trademarks in Egypt. Company Credentials: Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd. headquarters is located in Maadi - Cairo. Yellow Pages has built its success through a dynamic team of over 400 professionals in 14 regional offices throughout Egypt. “Yellow Pages continue to lead The commitment, integrity and technical competence of our employees the way in Egypt and worldwide have contributed in turning our business into the largest and most in providing the most granular successful directory operation in Egypt. local search results in print, online and mobile platforms.” Brand Origin: First appeared in 1883 when an American printer ran out of white paper and decided to use yellow paper instead to print the, traditionally white pages, alphabetical phone directory. Users at the time found the black ink easier to see on a yellow background and hence the brand was born. 218 Best of Egypt
  • Company Activities: Yellow Pages Ltd. first appeared in Egypt in 1991 and has experienced tremendous growth since by offering exceptional advertising value and return investment for its advertisers while providing buyers with an accurate, complete and easy-to-use databank of business listings categorized by activity. All Egyptian based businesses are entitled to one free regular entry in all of our products in Arabic and in English. All of our products are offered to users for FREE. Yellow Pages print directories: Print directories have enjoyed impressive growth in the last few years, from 40,000 copies in the year 2000 to 370,000 in 2010. Yellow.com.eg: Yellow.com.eg is a searchable database of all businesses in Egypt. With 20,000 searches per day on average, Yellow.com.eg is truly Egypt's official local search company. Mobile Yellow: Yellow.com.eg website is now accessible by any mobile device in Egypt and around the world that has the ability to access the Internet. Corporate Social Responsibility: Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd. is always eager to participate in putting a smile on the face of the underprivileged. Over 500,000 L.E. worth of advertising every year is donated to different charity organizations while an employee payroll deduction plan brings tens of thousands of LE to the Children's Cancer Hospital every year. Environmental Awareness: Our printing is done with environmentally conscious print houses and we recycle old directories through a recycling program. Best of Egypt 219
  • Chapter 13 Training & Education
  • Training & Education Future University in Egypt 222 Best of Egypt
  • Best of Egypt 223
  • Training & Education THE CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF EGYPT CANADIAN EDUCATION IN THE HEART OF EGYPT! The Canadian International School of Egypt (CISE) is a private, Pre-K to Grade 12 international school. It opened its doors in September of 2002 to fewer than 30 students as an international school approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education and authorized by Ontario's Ministry of Education to offer courses leading to the Secondary School Diploma. Now in its eighth year it has a student population of approximately 600 students. The Canadian International School of Egypt offers French Second Language and Arabic language to all students and has an elementary French Immersion Program which will 'grow' into the secondary school within the next two years. THE CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL With the graduation of its fourth Grade 12 cohort in June of 2009, CISE has sent SCHOOL IS BLESSED WITH THE over 100 of its students to study in universities in Egypt, Canada, the United States BEST STUDENTS, PARENTS, and in several countries in Europe TEACHERS AND SUPPORT Currently CISE employs over sixty teachers and administrators assisted by an STAFF IN EGYPT - TOGETHER Egyptian support staff of two hundred. The teacher complement is 80% Canadian WE MAKE EDUCATION HAPPEN! with the majority of teachers from Ontario. The Canadian International School of Egypt is administered by a Director, Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal and Elementary Vice-Principal who collectively have over 150 years of experience with the Canadian education system. The School is situated on an attractive campus in an area of the city known as New Cairo. It has regular and specialized classrooms, a Kindergarten Pod, an Auditorium, Library, Cafeteria, Swimming Pool, Soccer Fields, Tennis and Squash Courts. 224 Best of Egypt
  • The Canadian International School of Egypt is fully internet- enabled and has begin construction of an additional classroom facility for the 2010-11 school year with further additions planned for each of the subsequent three years. Next year the school will introduce the Primary International Baccalaureate Program with the Middle Years and Diploma Programs to follow thereafter. What makes CISE a Canadian School? The Canadian International School of Egypt is the first of its kind in Egypt. It is without question, fully a Canadian school for the following reasons: Its authority to grant secondary school credits and a a daily basis about school. Where parents need information Canadian graduation diploma is based on its approval by a or have a concern, we want them to call and then visit the Ministry of Education in Canada; school to clear things up. It is often said that Canadian schools Well over 80% of its teaching staff are Canadian educated, do not just accept students - they enroll families! Student teacher trained and professionally certificated in Canada; learning is always most effective when the home-school All of its administrative staff are Canadian; partnership is strong. The curricula used in the School are the same as those currently employed in schools in Canada; How do I know if CISE is right for my child? Its textbooks, instructional materials, teaching and classroom Attend one of our many Open Days or, if that isn't convenient, management approaches are the same as those you would call us and arrange to visit. Look around - ask questions of find in Canadian schools. students or teachers and talk to one of our administrative staff. Then you can decide with confidence if the Canadian What is so special about Canadian education? International School of Egypt is to be your child's place to grow Teachers at CISE work to educate students so that they learn and learn. to learn! That means that students are able to use their developing academic and intellectual talents to analyze, synthesize and problem solve. Certainly facts are important but the ability to use knowledge gained and skills developed to deal with new school and life challenges is essential. Canadian education teaches students to think and to apply their learning in effective ways to novel situations. It is this fundamental ability that makes students with a Canadian education so successful in post-secondary schools and in their adult life. Learning often takes place co-operatively and in activity-based ways. That means that the teacher provides students with information and certain skills and then challenges them to develop their learning further through related and increasingly demanding activities. Canadian International School Of Egypt El Tagamoa El Khames, behind New Cairo City Council, Parental involvement in student learning is also very important. 4th District - Zone No.6 Parents are expected to talk to their sons and daughters on Tel/Fax: (202)26174500 - 26178111 - 26178222 www.cise-eg.com E-mail:info@cise-eg.com Best of Egypt 225
  • Training & Education Modern English School “To say the least, we believe that MES Cairo is one of the most outstanding schools that any of us have visited in our professional careers.” Accreditation Team, 2007 Currently there are more than 1700 pupils aged 3 to 18 representing more than 30 nationalities at MES Cairo. The school provides a continuous education offering a portfolio of educational choices. Students in the Foundation stage focus on Early Years’ Goals followed by the Primary department where a full academic programme is based on the National Curriculum of England with slight adaptations to reflect the international setting. For the first four years of their secondary education, students follow either a British or American curriculum, both based on the IB MYP approach and philosophy. The British section leads to IGCSE, A/S and A Level examinations where the results are significantly higher than those in the United Kingdom. The American section has a typical college Preparatory High School programme including AP and Honours courses leading The Modern English School Cairo to an accredited American High School Leaving Certificate. Students from both was established in 1990 as a British and American sections may apply to study the last two years in the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) section of the school. coeducational day school and has at all times remained true to As befits any international school, there is a provision for all students to study Arabic its mission statement. at a level appropriate to their background. Egyptian students follow the Egyptian Ministry of Education Arabic programme as well as the Civil Studies, Religious Studies and Social Studies programmes thus fulfilling the requirements for acceptance at Egyptian universities. Their leaving certificate is recognised by the Egyptian Ministry of Education and the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. While many MES Cairo graduates choose to remain in Egypt for their University studies, a large portion go abroad to universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, Spain, France, Qatar, Kuwait and Japan. At MES Cairo there is ample evidence of very high academic achievement in all sections. However MES Cairo is also recognised as having a rich extra curricular programme. There is an all inclusive programme of sporting activities as well as many thriving and exciting drama and musical presentations. More than 200 students look forward to taking individual instrumental lessons weekly. Field trips both locally and abroad including MES Cairo representation at the Model United Nation Conferences are encouraged. Additionally, students represent their school most successfully in a variety of international sporting tournaments. Involvement in Community, Action and Service projects including local charity work and membership of the National Honor Society are also emphasised. MES Cairo is particularly 226 Best of Egypt
  • noted for its quality musical and drama productions which regularly involve the entire MES Cairo faculty of teachers and students. The highly qualified and experienced staff, which includes more than 130 foreign recruited teachers, teach in an impressive landscaped campus located in a developing area of New Cairo. The Katameya site has two swimming pools, a huge sports hall, three multi-purpose halls, two drama studios, a design and technology suite, a 400-seat theatre, three libraries, five computer suites and an athletics track. These facilities complement the art and music suites, the nine science laboratories as well as the faculty suites and family designed year group pods. Transportation is also available by a fleet of air conditioned buses with routes to all areas of Cairo and the suburbs. MES Cairo is the only school located outside of the UK to have earned the prestigious Naacemark award for outstanding work in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Additionally, it has been granted the accolade of Model Accredited School by CITA. The school is regularly inspected and evaluated by various accreditation teams, most recently by CITA. - IBO WORLD SCHOOL - DEPARTMENT FOR CHILDREN, SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES (UK) NUMBER 7036316 - FULLY ACCREDITED BY MIDDLE STATES ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES (USA) - FULLY ACCREDITED BY THE NORTH CENTRAL ASSOCIATION - CIE FELLOWSHIP SCHOOL - MEMBER OF BRITISH SCHOOLS IN THE MIDDLE EAST (BSME) - FULLY ACCREDITED AS AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BY THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, EGYPT - CAMBRIDGE BEACON SCHOOL AWARD - ASSOCIATE MEMBER OF EUROPEAN COUNCIL OF New Cairo, South of Mubarak Police Acadamy, Cairo, Egypt. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS Tel.: +202 2617 0005-11 Fax: +202 2617 0020 - MEMBER OF NEAR EAST SOUTH ASIA COUNCIL OF E-mail: mescairo@mescairo.com OVERSEAS SCHOOLS (NESA) www.mescairo.com Best of Egypt 227
  • Chapter 14 Media, Events & Exhibitions
  • Media, Events & Exhibitions Egypt International Fairs Introducing Intergas The biennial event runs for three days and deliver an all encompassing commercial event: an international exhibition, a strategic conference, technical sessions and opportunities for companies to meet directly their target audience. INTERGAS is held under the high patronage of H.E. Eng. Sameh Fahmy, the Minister of Petroleum in Egypt and has welcomed several regional and international energy ministers: Over the last decade INTERGAS H.E. Mohamed Bin Za'en El Hamili, Minister of Energy, U.A.E has grown from strength to H.E. Sheikh Ahmed Fahd Al- Sabah, Ex-Minister of Petroleum, Kuwait strength and is now established H.E. Sheikh Ali Gerrah Al Sabah, Ex-Minister of Petroleum, Kuwait H.E. Viktor Khristenko, Minister of Energy & Industry, Russia as a leading event for the oil and H.E. Natig Aliev, Minister of Petroleum, Azerbaijan gas industry in the Middle East and North Africa region. INTERGAS has without a doubt become the most prestigious and outstanding international event attended by 437 exhibitors from 52 countries, over 1000 conference delegates and 12500 visitors. The event receives the full support from all the national state-owned companies in Egypt and International Oil & Gas companies. National Companies: The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation EGPC, Egyptian Holding Company for Natural Gas EGAS, Egyptian Holding Company for Petrochemicals ECHEM, Ganoub El Wadi Petroleum Holding Company Ganope, Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority EMRA, Petrojet, ENPPI, EMC, PMS, Misr Petroleum Company, COOP … etc. International Companies include: BG, BP, Cepsa, Credit Agricole, Dana Gas, Enel, ENI, Halliburton, Melrose Resources, OMV, Petronas, RWE, Schlumberger, Shell, Union Fenosa. The Exhibition The International Exhibition is the perfect setting for companies to showcase, endorse and promote their products and services in one of the most lucrative oil & gas markets. The INTERGAS Exhibition is the commercial platform of the event which delivers: − Access one of the world's most important oil & Gas markets − Meet face-to-face with senior government and state companies 230 Best of Egypt
  • − Network with high-profile delegates attending the Conference Yemen LNG, Herman Roos, Head of Sustainable Development − Strengthen your relationship with existing customers and Lender Compliance. − Make 1000s of new business contacts and direct sales leads HSBC, Darren Davis Managing, Director Head of Project & − Generate sales leads at the highest level Export Finance, MENA. − Introduce new products, latest technologies and services EFG-Hermes, Simon Kitchen, Chief Economist. − Be part of the industry event where business is done Oriental Petrochemicals Company, Hesham Raafat, Chief − Keep up-to-date with new project development Executive Officer. − Reinforce your commitment to the marketplace Wood Mackenzie, Craig McMahon, North African Lead Analyst. − Take advantage of ideal networking opportunities throughout the event. The Strategic Conference enables to: − Initiate contacts with Egyptian government officials The Strategic Conference − Learn from regional and international expert speakers With a proven track record of over 10 years, the strategic − Hear the future plans of the Egyptian energy industry conference highlights business opportunities, best practice − Understand how to set up business in Egypt and industry updates throughout the MENA region. − Cement and establish potential partners and investors − Participate in exclusive networking functions and enjoy the Speakers in the past have included: delights of Cairo OAPEC, H.E. Abbas Ali Naqi, Secretary General. ECHEM, Eng. Hany Soliman, President & Chairman. Technical Sessions EGAS, Eng. Mahmoud Latif, Chairman. This valuable feature of INTERGAS enables executives from Ganoub & EGPC, Senior representatives. the international and national energy sector and the scientific Shell Egypt, Ahmad Atallah, Country Chairman & Managing community to discuss the latest developments and challenges Director. linked to technology, nurturing human resources and protecting Schlumberger, Murat Aksoy, Vice President & General Manager. the environment. Once again over 200 participants attends International Energy Agency (IEA), Dr Kamel Bennaceur. this series of presentations designed to enhance levels of The World Bank, Emmanuel Mbi, Regional Director for Egypt, specific expertise within the oil and gas industry of Egypt. Yemen & Djibouti. BG Group plc., Ian Hewitt, Senior Vice President, North Africa. BP Egypt, Hesham Mekawi, Chairman. Japan Bank for International Cooperation Mr.Moriyuki Aida, 127 Al Tawfik Bldgs. Nasr City 11371, Cairo, Egypt. Chief Representative, Dubai. Tel.: 02 2405 1919/2405 1818 Fax: 02 2403 3475 StatoilHydro, Philippe Mathieu, VP for Natural Gas, MENA. Email: intergas@eif-eg.com Best of Egypt 231
  • Media, Events & Exhibitions Dany Eid Photography The Truth Behind the Image Dany Eid, a Lebanese photographer based in Egypt specialized in travel & street photography. Participant and winner at the 1st photography competition organized by the Delegation of the European Commission in 2008 and Grand Prize winner at the Cannon Middle East “Celebrating Cultures Competition” in 2008. In every picture I shoot, I see a story… Pleasure & happiness fulfill me, while wandering with my camera capturing the beauty of all day scenes that are usually overlooked and maybe even ignored… Uncovering the dust & rust from unseen beauty in everything surrounding us, even when one might perceive this “ beauty” as ugly and not of interest… And this where the story starts, reaching its climax when the light goes through the shutter, capturing a PICTURE, manifesting that the measurement for beauty differs and stating facts in a picture through street photography. “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer” by Ansel Adams…. For me it's storyteller and a “VIEWER”…. 235 Best of Egypt
  • Best of Egypt 235
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