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Best of tanzania
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Best of tanzania


Best of Tanzania …

Best of Tanzania
Promoting Trade, Development, Tourism and Cultural Relations across the world

Published in Travel , Business
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  • 1. Proudly AfricanBoosting inter-trade & culturalrelations across the
  • 2. International Group Publisher Sven BoermeesterSADC Group Publisher Thapelo LetsholoBest of Series Publisher Gia BischofbergerBest of Tanzania Publishing Partner Carlos IdeiasManaging Editor Rebecca EbSales and Marketing Carlos Ideias, Clara Comberti,Pedro FigueiredoProduction GVPedia Communications ccCreative Direction iMedi8 CreativeWebmaster Liam DobellContent Manager Agnes Sikhethile ZabaPrinting Creda CommunicationsContact details:P.O. Box 391, Paulshof, 2056Tel: +27 11 705 2097 | Fax: +27 86 586 1999Email: | www.GVPedia.comGlobal Village Partnerships info@GVPedia.comwww.ProudlyAfrican.infoDisclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the informationin The ‘Best of Tanzania Vol.1. Neither ‘Best of Tanzania Vol. 1’, nor GVPediaCommunications cc assume any responsibility for errors or omissions. The editorreserves the right to amend and alter copy and visual material as deemed necessary.All rights reserved: No part of this publication shall be reproduced, copied,transmitted, adapted or modified in any form or by any means. This publication shallnot be stored in whole or in part in any form in any retrieval system.The Majestic Tanzania“Best of Tanzania successfully promotes and showcases Tanzaniaas a bountiful land of many opportunities, endless beauty, majesticbeasts, rich natural heritage and culture and diverse landscapes. Inthese pages we exhibit the very best of Tanzanian business, industryand tourism through an impressive display of images”.Designed with the inspiration of the Tanzanite stone, this is a visual celebration of Tanzania’sachievements and successes. Not only does Best of Tanzania capture the history of the land and itsgrowth journey, but it offers a glimpse of the country’s future through its Vision. The bright colours ofthe landscape seem to be telling of an equally bright future. We hope to capture some of this colourthrough a showcase of the pride of the nation.The timeless pages of history of ‘Best of Tanzania’ will forever form a tangible reminder and visualcelebration of the melting pot of the country and its most premium offerings. Tanzania’s landscapeleaves all who witness it spellbound. A small part of this magic is captured here to share with the world– looking beyond the awe of the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar.Tanzania’s relative isolation from global markets helped it survive the effects of the global economicdownturn, presenting an environment conducive to opportunities. Mercy Tembon, World Bank ActingCountry Director for Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi, said that if Tanzania continues to commit to humancapital investments and business development facilitation, it can reach its growth target. This stabilityhas seen the World Bank forecast Tanzania’s 2011/12 growth at six percent. This success of Tanzaniancompanies and individuals is worthy of celebration.Our sincere thanks must go to the participants showcased in our very first edition; representing the“Best of” in their respective fields. We profile these individuals, companies and organisations with muchpride and celebrate their success – which in turn helps us to promote Tanzania throughout Africa andthe world.This yearly publication is part of the “Global Village Partnerships” publishing model that now extendsacross 45 countries. To complement the readership of our print model we are also present on and the portal where millions of international readers haveaccess to a virtual copy of ‘Best of Tanzania’. The newest addition to this is the VIPedia app where thebooks can be downloaded for e-Reading.‘‘Best of Tanzania’’ will document Tanzanian achievements and all that Tanzanians have to be proudof. We will showcase these on the world stage, relying on the fact that Tanzania will see immensegrowth in the years to come.We thank you and trust that you will enjoy and treasure this gem – ‘‘Best of Tanzania’’.Thapelo Letsholo Sven Boermeester Gia BischofbergerTanzania Team (L-R):Carlos, Clara and PedroProudly AfricanBoosting inter-trade & culturalrelations across the continentwww.ProudlyAfrican.infoBest of Tanzania | 1
  • 3. President Jakaya KikwetePresident Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete is thefourth President of the United Republicof Tanzania, first sworn in to office on 21December 2005 after winning 61 percentof the vote in the general election. Nowin his second term, he also served as theChairperson of the African Union from 31January 2008 to 2 February 2009.Kikwete attended Msoga Primary Schoolfrom 1958 to 1961, followed by LugobaMiddle School from 1962 to 1965. Thisfollowed with his O-level education atKibaha Secondary School from 1966 to1969. His advanced level education wascompleted at Tanga Secondary Schoolfollowed by a degree in Economics at theUniversity of Dar es Salaam from 1972 to1975.Kikwete’s grandfather Mrisho Kikwete was alocal chief and his father became a DistrictCommissioner in colonial Tanganyika,Regional Administrative Secretary, and thenan Ombudsman in post-colonial Tanganyikaand the United Republic of Tanzania. Helearnt much of his leadership skills fromthese two hugely influential men in hislife. During school, Kikwete was naturallyelected for leadership, which effortlessly ledto TANU and CCM party youth movementsafter school.He became active in student politics andwas elected Vice President of the Dar esSalaam University Students Organisationand de-facto President of the studentgovernment at the Main Campus in1973/74. In this capacity, he was at theforefront of activism in liberation andanti-apartheid politics. He representedAfrican University students at internationalconferences, such as the InternationalYouth Population Conference in Bucharest,Romania in 1974.After graduating, Kikwete joined the rulingparty. Kikwete served in the Tanzanianmilitary, becoming the Chief PoliticalInstructor of the Tanzania People’s DefenceForces in 1984. He also rose through armyranks to become a political instructor in themilitary academy and retired as a LieutenantColonel in 1992. He has been in the cabinetsince 1988 and was previously Ministerof Finance and Minister of Energy andMinerals.Kikwete was a foreign minister between1995 and 2005. His tenure as chairman ofthe African Union was seen as successful,as in 2007 he played a significant rolein finding a solution to the post-electionchaos in neighbouring Kenya. In his role asPresident, Kikwete has continued with theefforts of his predecessor to make Tanzaniaa free-market economy. He has also beenseen to pay delicate respect to the socialistpolicies of Tanzanian founder Julius Nyerere,whilst still keeping a grip on Chama ChaMapinduzi (CCM), the ruling party.Kikwete pledged to implement a numberof ambitious economic projects, prioritisescientific research and development,augment tourism and actively fight poverty.The recent significant offshore gas findingsby Norway’s Statoil, U.S. group ExxonMobiland Britain’s BG Group and its partner OphirEnergy in June, brings Tanzanian reservesTanzanian politician and President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, was born on 7 October 1950 inMsoga, Bagamoyo District in mainland Tanzania (then Tanganyika).2 | Best of Tanzania
  • 4. up to 28.9-trillion cubic feet with expectedearnings of up to USD3-billion per year,according to the World Bank.In order to protect future earnings, Kikweteannounced government’s plans to set up asovereign wealth fund. He described this asa way of putting excess reserves to betteruse, while learning from those who alreadyhave such funds in place. Kikwete is usingthese models to show how to better managerevenues of gas findings, and by setting upTanzania’s own fund, similar benefits for thecountry can be ensured. Kikwete’s intentionis to see that natural gas revenues are usedto speed up development.Since 1954, 61 wells have been drilled foroil. Although no oil has been struck out ofthose, natural gas was found in 22 wells.Gas exploration has escalated since thefirst gas discovery in 2010 in the southernparts of Tanzania along the Indian OceanCoastline. Exploration drilling is set tocontinue into the second half of 2012through to 2013, so Kikwete believes theremay be more gas discoveries to come.Kikwete hopes that cheap access to gaswould encourage the construction offertiliser plants and boost power generation.His target of generating 3,500MW ofelectricity by 2015 largely depends onnatural gas. As a result, he is working ona new national gas policy, gas utilisationmaster plan and legislation to regulate thefast-growing industry. This is sure to beone of his most significant impacts for hiscountry during his presidency.President Kikwete is a keen sportsmanafter having played competitive basketballat school and was a patron of the TanzaniaBasketball Federation. He is also a strongsupporter of Young Africans, one of thecountry’s top football clubs. He has eightchildren with wife Salma Kikwete.www.jkikwete.comPresident Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete meeting withthe World Trade Center, Cape TownPresident Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete receives acopy of the Best of South AfricaBest of Tanzania | 3
  • 5. Hotels, Lodges and ResortsDining and NightlifeDécor, Design and InteriorsTravel, Tours and LeisureTanzanite and JewelleryTraining and EducationChapter142Chapter380Chapter598Chapter270Chapter486Chapter6106CHAPTERS4 | Best of Tanzania
  • 6. Medical HealthcareInsurance and InvestmentMining and MineralsBankingEnergy, Oil and GasChapter7116Chapter9142Chapter11166Chapter8128Chapter10156Best of Tanzania | 5
  • 7. Industry and ManufacturingSecurity SystemsTransport and LogisticsElectrical, Engineering and ConstructionBuilding, Architecture and Real EstateCourier ServicesChapter12180Chapter14202Chapter16220Chapter13186Chapter15210Chapter17230CHAPTERS6 | Best of Tanzania
  • 8. Automotive and MotoringTechnology and CommunicationsCorporate Profiles and EntrepreneurshipFood and BeveragesPrint, Media and MarketingChapter18236Chapter20254Chapter22290Chapter19246Chapter21278Best of Tanzania | 7
  • 9. Tanzania at a glanceTanzania is the largest country in East Africa and its vast land surface varies from rollingplains to dramatic mountains, and from immense lakes to a crisp turquoise ocean gently8 | Best of Tanzania
  • 10. Major attractions include Africa’s highestmountain and the highest freestandingmountain on earth – the snow cappedMount Kilimanjaro, the Great Lakes andthe forested shores of the worlds longest,second-deepest and cleanest freshwaterlake – Lake Tanganyika, Ngorongoro crater,the Great Migration at Serengeti NationalPark, and the picturesque islands of Pembaand Zanzibar. Tanzania is truly a land ofastonishing natural beauty, vibrant andancient culture, and a heritage spanning tothe beginning of time.Tanzania is also a beacon of stability ina turbulent world – notably through thetolerance of her people.Full Name: United Republic of TanzaniaCapital: DodomaLargest City: Dar es SalaamMotto: “Uhuru na Umoja” (Swahili)“Freedom and Unity”NationalAnthem:“Mungu ibariki Afrika” (Swahili)“God Bless Africa”President: Jakaya Kikwete (2005)Prime Minister: Mizengo Pinda (2008)Area: 342,100 sq mi (886,039 sq km),364,898 sq mi (945,087 sq km)Provinces: Tanzania is divided into 26 regions(mkoa), 21 on the mainland andfive in Zanzibar (three on Unguja,two on Pemba)Population: 41,892,895 (2% growth rate,2010)Main Languagespoken:Swahili and EnglishMain Religions: Christianity, Islam, and IndigenousbeliefsMain exports: Coffee (largest), tea, cotton,cashews, sisal, cloves, pyrethrum,gasNaturalResources:Minerals (gold, diamonds, coal,iron, uranium, nickel, chrome,tin, platinum, coltan, niobium,tanzanite (endemic), natural gas,and tourismMonetary unit: Tanzanian ShillingHISTORYTanzania’s land is known to be one ofthe oldest inhabited places in the worldevidenced by the fossil findings from overtwo-million years ago unearthed in theOlduvai Gorge. One of the region’s mostimportant Archaeological sites is Engarukain the Great Rift Valley, with ruins whichmap out an ancient system of irrigation andcultivation. It was thought to have beenpopulated by hunter-gatherer communitieslapping white sandy beaches. Tanzania’s unique beauty and natural variety make it anexciting wildlife and safari destination – and one of Africa’s premier tourist destinations.Best of Tanzania | 9
  • 11. 10 | Best of Tanzaniasuch as the Cushitic and Khoisan people.Bantu-speaking people arrived from WestAfrica 2000 years ago and up until the 18thcentury, Nilotic pastoralists immigrated tothe area.The region became known for its steelproduction, beginning with the Haya people2000 years ago. Since the first century AD,merchants from the Persian Gulf and Indiavisited what was then called Tanganyika– as well as the Zanzibar islands. Islamhas been practiced on the “Swahili Coast”since between eighth and ninth century AD.Zanzibar today refers to Zanzibar Island,or “Unguja” and the neighbouring islandof Pemba. Zanzibar fell under Portuguesedomination in the 16th and early 17thcenturies.The coastal strip was then claimed byOman Sultan Seyyid Said who subsequentlymoved his capital to Zanzibar City in 1840.As a result, Zanzibar City became the centreof the Arab slave-trade and between 65and 90% of locals were enslaved. One ofthe most famous traders was Tippu Tip,who amassed substantial wealth and statusthroughout Eastern Africa in the late 1800s.His nickname came from the sound of hisguns rattling wherever he went.German East Africa and British MandateImperial Germany conquered the regionsof Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi in thelate 19th century. During World War One,an invasion attempt by the British wasthwarted. After the war, the League ofNations Charter designated Tanganyika as aBritish Mandate. British rule ended in 1961with the transition to independence.Formation of TanzaniaThe Tanganyika African National Union(TANU) was formed by Julius Nyerere in1954, in pursuit of national sovereignty forTanganyika. Nyerere subsequently becamethe first Prime Minister after independence.The Zanzibar Revolution of 1963 overthrewthe Arab dynasty. On 26 April 1964, themainland of Tanganyika merged withthe island nation of Zanzibar to becomeTanzania – the name being a portmanteauof Tanganyika and Zanzibar. This unionstill allows the Zanzibar governmentconsiderable local autonomy.In 1967, Nyerere turned leftist throughthe Arusha Declaration’s commitmentto socialism, pan-Africanism andnationalisation.
  • 12. The economy of the 1970s suffered amajor slump which saw the introductionof Chinese investment into the region.One of the great projects of this time wasthe TAZARA railway from Dar es Salaamto Zambia’s copper belt – eliminatingTanzania’s dependence on Rhodesia(Zimbabwe) and South Africa.Nyerere merged TANU with the Zanzibarruling party, the Afro-Shirazi Party (ASP)of Zanzibar to form the CCM (Chama chaMapinduzi-CCM Revolutionary Party), on5 February 1977.Tanzania declared war on the Soviet-backedUganda in 1979 after Idi Amin invadednorthern Tanzania in an attempt to annexKagera. Tanzania followed the expulsion ofUgandan forces with an invasion of Uganda– enlisting the help of Ugandan exiles. IdiAmin was forced out of the capital Kampalaon 11 April 1979, signalling the end of theUganda-Tanzania War.In October 1985, Nyerere handed overpower to Ali Hassan Mwinyi.The country’s first multi-party election washeld on 23 November 1995, which sawBenjamin William Mkapa sworn in as thenew president of Tanzania. In December2005, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was electedthe fourth president for a five-year term.Kikwete was re-elected in 2010 with the nextelections scheduled for 2015.Best of Tanzania | 11
  • 13. 12 | Best of TanzaniaTIMELINERift Valleyinhabited by Australopithecus, Homo andeven other hominid genera, as evidencedby fossils at Olduvai Gorge.East Africa populated byKhoisan hunter-gatherers seen in rockart in central Tanzania. Periodic contactmade between Ancient Egypt and theEast African coast is established in2500 BC.Tanzanian interiorpopulated by Iron Age Bantu-speakers.Phoenicians explore the coast in 600 BC,trading with Rhapta port – probably thePangani or Rufiji estuaries in modern-dayTanzania.Trade betweenthe Swahili Coast and Persian Gulfestablished by the 9th century AD, whenEast Africa’s earliest known Islamicbuildings were built.Kiswahili (simplifiedBantu language with Arabic elements),spreads along most of the coast betweenSomalia and Mozambique – trade routetransporting Zimbabwean gold.Persian navaltechnology improvements push maritimetrade further south, establishing centralSwahili city-state, Kilwa Kisiwani insouthern Tanzania – a gold-readingemporium visited regularly by Arabic andAsian merchant ships.The Portuguese capture Kilwa,Mombasa and several other coastal ports.Gold trade collapses and the economystagnates.Sultan Said of Oman makesZanzibar his East African base, due
  • 14. to its access to the caravan route toLake Tanganyika. Several Omani cloveplantations established.Said and Omanis control all localtrade, dominated by export of slaves fromthe interior – some 40,000 were sold fromZanzibar yearly.Ngoni exiles from Zululand (SouthAfrica) attack resident tribes in southernTanzania with Zulu military tactics. Localchiefs use similar tactics to forge largerkingdoms – extracting taxes and gunsfrom Arab slave traders. In 1848, Germanmissionary Johan Rebmann is the firstEuropean to see Kilimanjaro, and isridiculed for his report of a snow cap onthe Equator.Scottish missionary DavidLivingstone stumbles across LakeNyasa-Malawi and strongly criticised thewidespread slave-trade. Richard Burtonand John Speke are the first Europeans tosee Lake Tanganyika.Livingstone spends the last sixyears of his life wandering between thegreat lakes. Livingstone’s funeral catalysesthe anti-slaving lobby, and SultanBarghash of Zanzibar outlaws the slave-trade in exchange for British protection.A church is built over Zanzibar’s slavemarket.The Scramble for Africa seesBritain and Germany negotiate a territorialpartition identical to the modern borderbetween Kenya and Tanzania. In 1888,the German East Africa Company placesagencies at most coastal settlementsnorth of Dar es Salaam. In September, asugar plantation owner, Abushiri ibn Salimal-Harthi, leads an uprising and Germanagents are killed or driven away. In April1889, German troops capture Abushiri andhang him in Pangani.The German colony populationdecreases due to a cattle plagueepidemic, an outbreak of smallpox,destructive locust plagues, and famine.The Hehe successfully ambush a Germanbattalion in 1891. Hehe chief Mkwawashoots himself when facing Germancapture in 1898.The southeast rises againstGerman rule in the Maji-Maji Rebellion.The rebellion is quashed and Germansinduce a famine leading to 250,000deaths. Public outcry in Germany seesnew administration create an incentive-based scheme for African farmers, leadingto a threefold increase in exports leadingup to World War One.The Allies capture German EastAfrica. The League of Nations mandatesthe Ruanda-Urundi District (now Rwandaand Burundi) to Belgium and the restof the colony, re-named Tanganyika, toBritain.Tanganyika has no directinvolvement in World War II, but benefitseconomically as rocketing internationalfood prices lead trade revenue to increasesixfold between 1939 and 1949.100,000 indigenous Tanganyikanswho fought for European democracy inWorld War II call for independence afterreturning to racist and non-democraticpolicies. In 1954, 34-year-old graduateof Edinburgh University Julius Nyererebecomes president of TANU, advocatingpeaceful transition to self-government.Tanganyika is granted fullindependence under Nyerere on 9December 1961 in a bloodless transition.Zanzibar is granted full independence inDecember 1963. A month later, the Arabgovernment of Zanzibar is toppled in abloody coup. In April 1964, Tanganyikaand Zanzibar merge to become the UnitedRepublic of Tanzania. TANU will latermerge with the Zanzibari ASP to form theCCM, which still rules Tanzania.A staunch socialist,Nyerere embarks on a policy ofvillagisation, encouraging rural formationof Ujamaa villages and collectivefarms. By the end of 1975, 65% of ruralTanzanians lived in Ujamaa villages. Wateror food supplies were mostly inadequate,and the policy was abandoned as a costlyexperiment.Nyerere pulled out of anOAU conference in Idi Amin’s Uganda in1975. Following Amin’s annexation of partof northwest Tanzania, Nyerere invadedUganda in 1979 and toppled Amin.Tanzanian economy sufferedafter drought, Ujamaa, rising fuelprices, lack of foreign aid, corruption instate-run institutions, and the war withUganda. Nyerere retired in 1985 andwas succeeded by Ali Hassan Mwinyi,who abandoned socialism and adopteda three-year Economic Recovery Plan inalliance with the IMF. Tanzania has sinceachieved a real-term average annualgrowth rate of around 4%.The first multi-partyelection took place in October 1995, withBenjamin Mpaka receiving the majority ofaround 75%. Mpaka was succeeded byJakaya Kikwete in 2005.Best of Tanzania | 13
  • 15. 14 | Best of TanzaniaTanzania is unique in African politics aseven though the mainland has undergonea series of political transitions – fromcolonial dependency to independence, fromsocialist state to free-market economy, fromsocialism to democracy – there has neverbeen resultant sustained civil or ethnicunrest. This is something Tanzania takespride in and uses this stability to continuebuilding a sturdy economy on.The Republic of Tanzania truly is united as itnow enjoys the benefits of a democracy anda free-market economy. The CCM (Chamacha Mapinduzi-CCM Revolutionary Party)has been in power since it was formedbetween the governments of Zanzibar andTanganyika in 1977. The development ofthe organisation has been one of matureprogression, as it came to terms with itsearly socialist errors and reformed in thebest way possible.The Government of the United Republic ofTanzania is a unitary republic consisting ofthe Union Government and the ZanzibarRevolutionary Government.Since independence in 1961 withoutfail, Tanzania has held Presidential andParliamentary Elections every five-yearperiod. H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete wasfirst sworn into office after results from theGeneral Elections of 14 December, 2005,becoming the fourth President of Tanzaniaon 21 December, 2005 for a five-year term ofoffice. Since 1985, Tanzania has followed atwo-term limit for the Presidency.President Kikwete’s campaign slogan was“New Vigour, New Zeal, and New Speed:Promoting Better Life for all Tanzanians”,inspiring the majority of Tanzanians. Allformer Presidents, Vice Presidents, andPrime Ministers live in Tanzania and areaccorded respect. On 25 June, 2006President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete waselected Chairman of the ruling political party
  • 16. (CCM) by its General Congress and re-elected as President for his second term on31 October 2010.Public AdministrationAll state authority in the United Republic isexercised and controlled by the Governmentof the United Republic of Tanzania and theRevolutionary Government of Zanzibar. EachCentral Government has three organs: TheExecutive; Judiciary; and The Legislature,that have powers over the conduct of publicaffairs. In addition, Local GovernmentAuthorities assist each central government.The Government of Tanzania has authorityover all Union Matters in the United Republicand over all other matters concerningmainland Tanzania. The RevolutionaryGovernment of Zanzibar has authority inZanzibar over all matters excluding UnionMatters.The President is the Head of State, the Headof Government, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The Executiveof the United Republic comprises thePresident, the Vice-President, President ofZanzibar, the Prime Minister and the CabinetMinisters.JudiciaryThe Judiciary in Tanzania consists of threeorgans: the Court of Appeal of the UnitedRepublic of Tanzania, the High Courts forMainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, the JudicialService Commission for Tanzania Mainland –Magistrates Courts and Primary Courts.The Tanzania legal system is based oncommon law. The Tanzania Law ReformCommission is responsible for the review ofthe country’s laws.Dodoma is the national capital of Tanzaniaas well as the capital of the Dodoma UrbanDistrict. Meaning “It has sunk”, Dodoma hasa growing population of around 350,000.Plans were made to move the capitalto Dodoma from Dar es Salaam in 1973as Dodoma was chosen as being moreaccessibly positioned in the centre of thecountry. Tanzania’s National Assemblymoved there in February 1996, but manygovernment offices remain in Dar es Salaam– which remains the commercial capital.Dar es Salaam is the commercial capitaland major sea port for the mainland, alsoserving neighbouring land-locked countriesMalawi, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda,and Eastern DRC. Dar es Salaam Port’sgeographical advantage, presents itself asthe gateway into East and Central Africa,significantly adding to Tanzania’s reputationas a logical investment destination.Formerly known as Mzizima, Dar es Salaamis Tanzania’s largest and wealthiest city. Itis also an important economic centre in theregion. Apart from the city, Dar es Salaamis an administrative province of Tanzaniawith three local government districts. Dar esSalaam lost its official capital city status in1974, but it remains the centre of permanentgovernment bureaucracy and serves as thecapital for the surrounding region.Best of Tanzania | 15
  • 17. 16 | Best of TanzaniaZANZIBARZanzibar is an archipelago made up ofZanzibar Island, Pemba Islands, andseveral islets. It is about 25 miles fromthe Tanzanian coast in the Indian Ocean,and 6° south of the equator. The biggestisland, Zanzibar Island or ‘Unguja’ locally,is 60 miles long and 20 miles wide. Mostnotable on Zanzibar Island, apart from itsmagnificent beaches and coral reefs, is thehistoric Stone Town – the only functioningancient town in East Africa. Attractions inStone Town include the sultan’s palace, theHouse of Wonders, the Portuguese fort andgardens, the merchants’ houses, and theTurkish baths.Also known as the ‘spice island’, legendsabound on Zanzibar and its legacy is knownall over the world. As the highlight of thisIndian Ocean coastline which is studdedwith pristine beaches and intriguing ruinedcities, Zanzibar is steeped in centuriesof maritime trade with Asia and the Arabkingdom. The abundance of sea-life presentaround the numerous coral reefs and islandsprovide an arresting offshore adventurewith sightings of whales, dolphins, turtles,sharks, giant coconut crabs, and a multitudeof brightly coloured reef fish.EconomyThe main economic activities for localsrevolve around fishing and agriculture. Alarge portion of the world’s cloves oncecame out of Zanzibar, which are still a mainexport along with coconut products andspices. Tourism is growing to become theprimary foreign exchange earner, with anincreasing number of visitors every year.
  • 18. HistoryZanzibar’s earliest visitors were Arab tradersin the 8th century – trading ivory, slavesand spices for centuries. Zanzibar’s oldestbuilding is a mosque at Kizimkazi built in1107. The Assyrians, Sumerians, Egyptians,Phoenicians, Indians, Chinese, Persians,Portuguese, Omani Arabs, Dutch andEnglish all landed in Zanzibar at some stage.The Persians and Omani Arabs settled andruled, influencing Zanzibar’s Islamic majorityof today. The Persians intermarried with thelocal Africans, giving rise to a distinctivecoastal community and the Swahili languageformed by a mixture of Arabic.GovernmentZanzibar is an island state within the UnitedRepublic of Tanzania, and has its ownsemi-autonomous government made upof a Revolutionary Council and House ofRepresentatives. The present governmentis led by the island’s President, AmaniKarume. The government body responsiblefor tourism promotion is the ZanzibarCommission for Tourism.Best of Tanzania | 17
  • 19. 18 | Best of TanzaniaTerrainTanzania’s spectacular landscape includesthree main physiographic regions: theislands and the coastal plains; the inlandsaucer-shaped plateau; and the highlandsin the north and south. The Great Rift Valleyruns from north-east of Africa throughcentral Tanzania, creating another notablelandmark of scenic splendour.ClimateTanzania’s tropical climate is a result ofits location directly south of the equator.Temperatures in the highlands rangebetween 10°C in the cold season and 20°Cduring the hot seasons. The remainder ofTanzania is rarely cooler than 20°C. Thehottest season is between November andFebruary (25–31°C) and the coolest is Mayto August (15–20°C).Major rainfalls happen from Decemberto April (in southern, western and centralTanzania), October to December, and Marchto May (in northern Tanzania). The long rainsof March to May are known as ‘Masika’, andthe short rains of October to December areknown as ‘Vuli’.THE PEOPLEThe Tanzanian culture is especiallysignificant in Africa, even though there are120 different distinct tribes, this diversity hasseldom led to modern conflict. Tribes rangefrom the iconic Maasai pastoralists of theRift Valley, to the Hadza hunter-gatherersof the Lake Eyasi basin, to the industriousChagga agriculturists of the Kilimanjarofootslopes. The most populous tribes arethe Sukuma, Haya, Chagga, Nyamwezi,Makonde, Hehe and Gogo, each comprisingless than 10% of the total population.The varieties of tribes offer a myriad ofinterchanging folklore, traditional post-harvest festivals (“ngoma”), dance, anddress. The most well-known dance is that ofthe Maasai, as they leap simultaneously tothe rhythmic chant of their deep voices.Maasai warrior men dress in light drapedcloth accompanied by traditional weapons.The cloth used is commonly red, addingan imposing air to their already impressivetall stature. Maasai women are renownedfor their jewellery which they layer aroundtheir necks, arms, legs, and ears in anarrangement of colourful beads and metalornaments.As a result of the numerous tribes present inTanzania, there are 128 different languagesspoken. In an attempt to achieve unityafter independence, Swahili was made thenational language through introduction intoPrimary schools. English is the other officiallanguage and is a stipulation in Secondaryand Tertiary, so as to avoid having totranslate textbooks.
  • 20. Most languages in Tanzania unfortunatelycannot receive equal linguistic rights whichplace them in jeopardy of extinction.Notable Swahili writers include ShaabanRobert, Edwin Semzaba, and EuphraseKezilahabi.Although no official government statisticson religion are available, it is estimated byreligious leaders and sociologists that thenumber of Tanzanians who practice Islamand Christianity is relatively equal in sizewith a share of 60 to 80% of the population.The remainder consist of other religions,including indigenous beliefs and thosewithout religion.ArtThe popular Tingatinga style of using enamelpaints on canvas is evident in unique Africanpaintings. These paintings usually colourfullydepict animals and flowers. Tingatinga wasstarted by Edward Saidi Tingatinga, whowas born in south Tanzania and lived in Dares Salaam. He died in 1972 and since then,the style has been widely adopted acrossTanzania and the world. One of Africa’s mostfamous artists is Tanzanian-born, GeorgeLilanga.MusicNumerous reputable musicians create musicin varying genres, ranging from the modernR&B, pop, and dance music, to the moretraditional Zouk and Taarab.ECONOMYUnder the presidency of Kikwete, theGovernment of Tanzania is pursuing soundand consistent macro-economic policies,keeping inflation low. These policies arebeing built on the sturdy foundations leftby his predecessor as well as increasingimplementation more efficiently.Focus is on the promotion of private sectordevelopment and creating new sectors withgood economic potential. In turn it is hopedthat this will spur investment, create jobs,and expand exports.Key to this is the promotion of sustainableshared economic growth. Governmentis committed to the pursuit of positiveinvestment and growth policies as wellas promoting public-private sectorpartnerships. This partnership is to behoused under the umbrella of the TanzaniaNational Business Council (TNBC). ThePublic Expenditure Review (PER) isdesigned to promote greater participation inpolicy discussions.Tanzania is an ideal investment destinationdue to its national unity and socialcohesiveness solidified through its nationalconsultative process. As a result, Tanzaniaenjoys peace, security and stability. Addedto this are its vast natural resources,geographical advantage, large domesticmarket and labour force. This climate iswelcoming to Foreign Direct Investment,tourists, joint ventures, and public-privatepartnerships.The reforms being undertaken affecteconomic sectors such as reforms inforeign exchange, investment and tradepolicy, agriculture, finance, and the publicsector.Agriculture is the foundation of theTanzanian economy and accounts forhalf of the national income. It is a sourceof food and creates employment for 80%of Tanzanians. Smallholder farmersdominate the agricultural industry inTanzania, relying on rain-fed agriculture,while the agricultural workforce is largelymade up of women.Agriculture is dominated by food cropproduction with 85% of the annual 5.1-million hectares cultivated. Governmentrecognises the role the agricultural sectorcan play in economic growth and povertyreduction. The key to stabilising this sectoris with irrigation. This in turn will increasefood security for the country. Higher valuecrops such as vegetables and flowers couldthen become a focus for the agriculturaleconomy.The macro-economic reforms will continueimpacting significantly on Agriculture, mostnotably through outside influence frominfrastructure, finance, land ownership, andgood governance.Best of Tanzania | 19
  • 21. 20 | Best of TanzaniaThe mining sector adds 2.3% to the GDP.Development Vision 2025 projects this tobe 10% in the next 13 years. Mining is aleading part of foreign exchange earningsgeneration – of non-traditional exports. Theemployment opportunities in the miningsector have great potential.Tanzania’s mineral capacity is largelyuntapped, with potential to recover largequantities of gold, base metals, diamonds,ferrous minerals and a wide variety ofgemstones. Tanzania is known for itsunique and alluring gem, the tanzanite –which is found nowhere else in the world.Gold and diamonds have always been atthe centre of the country’s mineralproduction.Tanzania produces coal, uranium, soda,kaolin, tin, gypsum, phosphate, anddimension stones at appealing rates.Gold was discovered in recent years ingreenstone belts located in the east andsouth of Lake Victoria and southern andsouth-western rock formations. Base metalswere found in a large belt running acrossthe country. Gemstones are found largely ineastern and western belts running from theKenya border in the north, to Mozambique inthe south.The Mineral Policy of Tanzania focuses onprivate sector-led mineral developmentwith government regulation, promotion, andfacilitation.Trade and InvestmentTanzania’s manufacturing sector activities areconcentrated on simple consumer productssuch as foods, beverages, tobacco, textiles,furniture, and wood products. Regardlessof its relatively small size, the manufacturingsector is still significant to the country’seconomy as it is a reliable source of revenue,making up over half of annual governmentrevenue collection.Manufacturing’s contribution to overallGDP has averaged 8% and is the thirdmost crucial to Tanzania’s economy afteragriculture and tourism.Therefore, with this in mind, a number ofmeasures were taken to increase both thecompetitiveness of the local industries andtheir ability to penetrate the export markets.In the early 1990s, measures were taken toincrease competitiveness of local industriesand their entry in export markets. Onesuch measure was a program designed toprivatise public-owned enterprises. Thisresulted in use of capacities rising from 20%to 50%.The industrial development of Tanzaniahas been explained in the ‘SustainableIndustrial Development Policy – SIDP’. SIDPpromotes a market-led economy and thatTanzania’s industry sector can have successwith increased private sector participationin the decision making and implementationpractices.Williamson Diamond Mine
  • 22. Tanzania’s government will continueproviding a welcome, attractive, stable, andencouraging environment for investors.Petroleum, hydropower and coal are themajor sources of commercial energy inTanzania. Biomass energy, comprising ofwood and charcoal, accounts for 93% ofthe total energy consumption. Petroleum isimported and is mostly consumed by thetransport sector. Tanzania has its own naturalgas reserves, which is likely to replace oil.Tanzania’s electricity is generated mainlyfrom hydropower. As this is vulnerable tothe effects of drought, some thermal powerstations have been built. In order to boost theelectricity supply, the national grid may beconnected to Zambia and Uganda.TransportTanzania’s transport sector contributeseffectively to social and economicdevelopment. Growth in performance isdue to investment in road rehabilitation,telecommunications expansion,modernisation of port services, and marine,rail, and air transport improvement.TOURISMNational ParksThe abundance of wildlife in Tanzania isthe defining factor in its reputation as acompelling safari destination. The world’slargest game reserve is the Selous in theBest of Tanzania | 21
  • 23. 22 | Best of Tanzaniasouth of Tanzania. Also in Tanzania isAfrica’s most famous park – the Serengeti,with all its glory of sweeping plains. TheNgorongoro Crater could be considered asAfrica’s most dramatic park. Gombe Streamand Mahale Mountains in the more remotewest are home to chimpanzees. The coastalbelt in the east is abundant in its diversity ofendemic birds, monkeys, chameleons andflowering plants, most notably in the EasternArc Mountains.Tanzania is home to the world famousNational Parks and Game Reserves of:Ngorongoro Crater, Selous Game Reserve,Gombe Stream, Tarangire, Lake Manyara,Mikumi, Arusha, Ruaha, Saadani, UdzungwaMountains, and Mkomazi Game Reserve.Other Game Reserves include: Amani,Kigosi, Lukwika-Lumesule, Maswa, MonduliMountains, Msangesi and Ugala.Otherwise known as the “Greatest showon earth”, the extraordinary annualGreat Migration of herbivores across theSerengeti-Mara ecosystem of Tanzania andKenya is truly a magnificent spectacle ofwildlife in unprecedented volumes. Over2-million herbivores make this annualjourney in search of grazing pastures andfollowing the rain. This epic journey seesabout 200,000 zebra, 500,000 Thomson’sgazelle and over 1.5-million wildebeest or“Gnus” battling elements and predators, andhaving to cross two major rivers in their trek.
  • 24. The Serengeti is the greatest place to viewthis spectacle of nature.Mount KilimanjaroKilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africaand the highest freestanding mountain inthe world. It’s impressive and imposing airis partly due to the spectacular contrastof its snowy peak to the expanse of plainsemanating from its base. Kilimanjaro is oftenshrouded in a wreath of cloud – giving it amysterious feel. The mystery of Kilimanjarois also in its name – possible meaningsinclude Mountain of Light, Mountain ofGreatness, or Mountain of Caravans.This summit of Africa rises to a height of5,895 metres from the coastal shrubland.As the most accessible of the world’s highsummits, Kilimanjaro – and its year-roundcap of snow – is a magnet for tourists andclimbers. The crater rim can be reachedwithout excessive climbing equipment andclothing. Reaching the summit – UhuruPoint – or Gillman’s Point on the edgeof the crater, earns climbers their officialcertificates, as well as life-changingmemories of their great accomplishment.Ascending the mountain is a uniqueexperience as it takes climbers from thetropics to an arctic-like landscape – and thevarious climes in between. The footslopesbelow the national park boundary of the2,700m contour transform into lush forestwhich is home to elephant, leopard, buffalo,Best of Tanzania | 23
  • 25. 24 | Best of Tanzaniaand the rare Abbott’s duiker. Further above,is the moorland area of giant heatherinterspersed with the alien-like giantlobelias. At 4000m before reaching the roofof the continent and its ice and snow, is analpine desert which is home to only resistantlichen and moss.Lakes and riversTanzania has enough water resources,including surface and underground, tomeet most of its present needs. About 7%of total land surface is covered by threefresh water lakes bordering Tanzania – LakeVictoria (second largest fresh water lakein the world), Lake Tanganyika (second-deepest lake in the world), and Lake Nyasa(otherwise known as Lake Malawi). InlandLakes include Rukwa, Eyasi and Manyara.Tanzania’s major rivers are Pangani, Wami,Ruvu, Rufiji, Mbwemkuru and Ruvuma, withpeak outflow occurring from March to May.Underground water is also an importantsource of water for both urban and ruralsettlement areas.Tanzania Tourist Board’s Top 10 places1. Ngorongoro Crater2. Serengeti National Park3. Zanzibar and Pemba4. Tarangire National Park5. Lake Manyara National Park6. Mt. Kilimanjaro7. Selous Game Reserve8. Ruaha National Park9. Mafia Island10. Mt. MeruFactsstsouth of the equator and is bordered by
  • 26. Kenya and Uganda to the north, Rwanda,Burundi and the Democratic Republicof the Congo to the west, and Zambia,Malawi and Mozambique to the south.2, Tanzaniais one of the largest countries in sub-Saharan Africa, covering an area greaterthan Kenya and Uganda combined – andmore than four times the size of Britain.million. The population of Dar es Salaamis estimated at 2.5 million – more thanthe next 10 largest towns combined. Indescending order, these are Mwanza,Zanzibar Town, Morogoro, Mbeya, Tanga,Moshi, Dodoma, Arusha, Tabora, andIringa.Tanzanian economy but the country is alsothe third-largest gold producer in Africa(after South Africa and Ghana) – and theonly known source of the tanzanite gem.Tourism has increased tenfold since 1990,generating nearly USD1-billion in annualforeign revenue.collapsed volcano, while Ol Doinyo Lengaiin the north is thought to be the mostactive volcano on mainland Africa.official conservation status, supporting anestimated 20% of Africa’s large mammalbiomass.www.tanzania.euwww.zanzibar.netwww.tanzaniaparks.comwww.tanzaniatouristboard.comwww.tanzaniainvest.comBest of Tanzania | 25
  • 27. Tanzania Trade DevelopmentAuthority (TanTrade)Tanzania Trade Development Authority(TanTrade) was established by Act No. 4 of2009 with the overall objective of Developingand Promoting Trade both in domesticand foreign markets. Her establishmentfollowed a repeal of the Act of ParliamentNo. 15 of 1973 that created the Board ofInternal Trade (BIT) which was responsiblefor Domestic Market Development andthe Act of Parliament No.5 of 1978 thatestablished the Board of External Trade(BET) that was responsible for ForeignMarket Development. The mandates of thetwo defunct institutions are now vested onTanTrade which builds on the knowledgeand vast experiences accumulated fromthe past. To cope with major changes in theeconomic spheres, TanTrade has developeda clear and coherent strategic direction toensure that the development and promotionof trade both in the local and internationalmarkets is achieved.TanTrade is committed to become a world-class focal point centrally positioned tosupport national economic excellencethrough trade development and promotion.Service offered by TanTradeTanTrade undertakes various researchstudies in order to determine marketcharacteristics, market potentials,customer needs and obtain any otherinformation for use by the businesscommunity. Research findings help inaddressing challenges and harnessingopportunities domestically, regionally andinternationally.ServicesTanTrade aims to introduce brand identifyand the slogan of Tanzanian products andservices in order to promote Tanzanianproduced items locally and internationally.Once the process is launched, TanTradewill encourage the business communityto participate in the branding initiativesfor proper identification of Tanzanianproducts and services in the internationalmarkets.TanTrade conducts Capacity BuildingProgrammes to the Business Community.Special attention is paid to SMEs toenhance their capacity through training,consultancy, mentoring, and coaching,role modelling and benchmarkingservices to enhance their ability toproduce and trade both locally andinternationally.4) Advisory Services on BusinessCompetitivenessTanTrade offers advisory services to theBusiness Community on the managementof their business with a view to assistingbusinesses to develop and expandprofitably. This also goes hand in handwith inculcating and promoting the exportculture into a large section of small,medium and large enterprises.TanTrade collaborates with SectorAssociations and other stakeholders inidentifying and advising the businesscommunity on ways of overcomingbottlenecks in the value chain andpromotes value addition. It also workswith technical institutions to developoptimal product portfolio, including newproduct development, product lifecyclemanagement; and creates the newproduct development roadmap. Emphasisis placed on producing quantities andqualities which will make Tanzanian goodsand services become competitive in thedomestic and foreign markets.26 | Best of Tanzania
  • 28. 6) Promotion of Tanzania’s Goods andServicesTanTrade endeavours to foster bettermarket penetration for Tanzania’s goodsand services at domestic, regionaland international markets, throughplanning, coordination, organisation andmanagement of international Trade Fairs,staging Dar es Salaam International TradeFair (DITF), specialised sector exhibitions,expositions and participating in servicingincoming and outgoing businessmissions.TanTrade is mandated to ensure qualityand standard of exhibition industry byregulating the trade fairs, exhibitions,expositions, solos etc. organised byvarious companies or Institutions in thecountry.8) Trade Policy and FacilitationTanTrade advises the Government onmatters relating to the formulation,development, supervision andimplementation of trade policies andstrategies. It also advises the Governmenton the integration of multilateral, regionaland bilateral trade rules. TanTrade workswith other Trade Support Institutions tostreamline trade procedures to minimisecosts.9) Trade Information ServiceTanTrade collects, processes, stores anddisseminates trade information such asworld market prices, product or serviceinquiries and other trade statistics tothe business community and otherstakeholders. TanTrade houses theWTO Reference Centre for the businesscommunity.TanTrade understands that it is part ofthe community and therefore values heractive participation and contribution tocommunity initiatives.TanTrade observes professional ethics andstandards in developing and deliveringservices to her clients.TanTrade cultivates teamwork spirit whereevery individual will share expertise andexperience.TanTrade upholds the principle of integrity,good governance and accountability;and does not encourage corruption anddiscrimination of any kind in her servicedelivery.Plot No. 436, Block A, Kilwa RoadMwl. J. K. Nyerere Trade Fair Groundwww.tantrade.or.tzBest of Tanzania | 27
  • 29. Future Visions Tanzania – Vision 2025The United Republic of Tanzania is locatedin Eastern Africa between longitude 29°and 41° east, latitude 1° and 12° south. TheUnited Republic of Tanzania was formed outof the union of two sovereign states, namelyTanganyika and Zanzibar. Tanganyikabecame a sovereign state on 9 December,1961 and became a Republic the followingyear. Zanzibar became independent on10 December, 1963 and the People’sRepublic of Zanzibar was established afterthe revolution of 12 January, 1964. Thetwo sovereign republics formed the UnitedRepublic of Tanzania on 26 April, 1964.However, the Government of the UnitedRepublic of Tanzania is a unitary republicconsisting of the Union Government and theZanzibar Revolutionary Government.Tanzania is the biggest (land area) amongthe East African countries (i.e. Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania). Tanzania has aspectacular landscape of mainly threephysiographic regions, namely: the Islandsand the coastal plains to the east; the inlandsaucer-shaped plateau; and the highlands.The Great Rift Valley that runs from north-east of Africa through central Tanzania isanother landmark that adds to the scenicview of the country. The country has thelargest concentration of wild animals. It alsohas pristine sandy beaches and Africa’shighest mountain, the snow-capped Mt.Kilimanjaro.The Tanzania Vision 2025A vision for development is an articulationof a desirable future condition or situationwhich a nation envisages to attain, aswell as the plausible course of action tobe taken for its achievement. A nationalvision therefore seeks to actively mobilisethe people and other resources towardsthe achievement of shared goals. A sharedvision arouses people’s aspirations andcreates the spark that lifts the nation outof the mundane. In the process, it instilsthe courage and determination to rise28 | Best of Tanzania
  • 30. to challenges at individual, communityand national levels. A vision is a vehicleof hope and an inspiration for motivatingthe people to search and work harder forthe betterment of their livelihood and forposterity.What is envisioned for Tanzania in 2025is that society then will be substantiallydeveloped with a high quality livelihood.Abject poverty will be a thing of thepast. In other words, it is envisioned thatTanzanians will have graduated from a littledeveloped country to a middle-incomecountry by the year 2025 with a high levelof human development. The economywill have been transformed from a lowproductivity agricultural economy to a semi-industrialised one led by modernised andhighly productive agricultural activities whichare effectively integrated and buttressed bysupportive industrial and service activities inthe rural and urban areas. A solid foundationfor a competitive and dynamic economywith high productivity will have been laid.Consistent with this vision, Tanzania of 2025should be a nation imbued with five mainattributes: high quality livelihood; peace,stability and unity; good governance; awell educated and learning society; and acompetitive economy capable of producingsustainable growth and shared benefits.“Tanzania is regarded as one of thecountries with the highest growth potentialin Africa with enormous potential as aninvestment destination. It is one of the mostpromising emerging markets in the region,offering a unique combination of developedeconomic infrastructure and a vibrantemerging market” (Tanzania InvestmentCentre).Best of Tanzania | 29
  • 31. Julius NyerereThe Father of the Nation, or Baba wa Taifa, ruled in office withpolitical party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) from 26 April 1964 untilhis retirement on 5 November 1985. Prior to that he was President ofTanganyika from 1961 when the country became independent.Born on 13 April 1922 in Butiama, Tanganyika to Chief Nyerere Buritoof the Zanaki (1860–1942), Nyerere was known by the Swahili nameMwalimu or ‘teacher’ – which was his profession prior to politics. Hispolitical career began in 1954 when he helped form the TanganyikaAfrican National Union (TANU).In 1961, Nyerere was elected Tanganyika’s first Prime Minister, andfollowing independence, in 1962, the country’s first President. In1964, Tanganyika became politically united with Zanzibar and wasrenamed Tanzania. In 1965, a one-party election returned Nyerere topower.Nyerere issued the Arusha Declaration, which outlined his socialistvision of ‘ujamaa’ that came to dominate his policies. Nyerere wasthe first African head of state to retire voluntarily when he steppeddown in 1985 after two decades in power. He relinquished powerto his hand-picked successor because he realised that his socialistpolicies of communal ownership of farms and state ownership ofservices were not working. He remained the chairman of CCM.Although much progress in services such as health and educationhad been achieved with Nyerere at the helm, he left Tanzania withvery little development. Nyerere remained untainted by scandal or bycharges of corruption and few question his sincerity. He had wantedto make Tanzania self-reliant, free from indebtedness to formercolonial powers or to the West. He saw colonialism and capitalism asresponsible for the subjugation of their people.Influenced by Gandhi, Nyerere was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prizein 1995. Nyerere was first and foremost an African, and secondly asocialist – an African socialist. Despite the failure of his economicpolicies, he remained a believer of socialism and he supported thisbelief by living a modest lifestyle. A devout Catholic, Nyerere oftenfasted and did not enrich himself at his nation’s expense. He wasknown for his preferred dress of a simple Mao tunic.EducationAfter school, Nyerere received a scholarship to attend MakerereUniversity (at that time it was the only tertiary education institutionin East Africa), where he obtained a teaching diploma. He returnedto Tanganyika to teach. In 1949, he won a scholarship to attendthe University of Edinburgh (he was the first Tanzanian to study ata British university and only the second to gain a university degreeoutside Africa) where he obtained his MA in economics and history in1952.Political careerWhile teaching near Dar es Salaam, Nyerere founded TANU. Hispolitical activities attracted the attention of the colonial authoritiesand he was forced to choose politics over teaching. He achievedhis goal to bring a number of different nationalist factions into onegrouping in 1954. Nyerere rallied throughout the country to garnersupport for the independence movement. He also spoke on behalf ofTANU to the Trusteeship Council and Fourth Committee of the UnitedNations, in New York.His oratory skills and integrity helped Nyerere achieve TANU’s goalfor an independent country without war or bloodshed. Nyerereentered the Colonial Legislative council in 1958, and was electedchief minister in 1960. In 1961, Tanganyika was granted self-governance and Nyerere became its first Prime Minister on 9December 1961. In 1962, Nyerere became President of the Republicof Tanganyika. Nyerere orchestrated the union between Zanzibar andmainland Tanganyika to form Tanzania in 1964.Nyerere was a committed Pan-Africanist during the continentalmovement of the 1960s. He was a founder of the Organisation ofAfrican Unity in 1963 (The African Union) and housed a number ofAfrican liberation movements including the African National Congress(ANC) and the Pan African Congress (PAC) of South Africa, FRELIMOof Mozambique, and ZANLA of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).In 1979, he led Tanzania into war against Uganda, then under thedictatorship of Idi Amin, resulting in the defeat of Uganda and exile ofAmin.During his retirement, Nyerere widely advocated for poor countries.One of his last high-profile actions was as the chief mediator in theBurundi conflict in 1996.Nyerere was an alma mater of Makerere University and the UniversityOf Edinburgh (MA). He married Maria Magige in 1953 and togetherthey had five sons and two daughters. In addition to political writings,he translated two Shakespearean plays into Swahili. He died on14 October 1999 at the age of 77 in London, the United Kingdom.His final resting place is Butiama, Tanzania. Nyerere’s example ofvoluntary retirement from power has set a standard that few Africanheads of state have met.www.juliusnyerere.infoJulius Kambarage Nyerere was the first President of Tanzania and one of the country’sgreatest political icons.TanzaniaIcon30 | Best of Tanzania
  • 32. Best of Tanzania | 31Reginald Abraham MengiOriginally from Machame in the Kilimanjaro Region and a qualifiedChartered Accountant (UK) / Certified Accountant (Tanzania) bytraining, Reginald Mengi created the IPP business conglomerate inthe mid-1980s after serving as Chairman and Managing Partner ofCoopers & Lybrand in Tanzania.A true rags to riches story, Mengi’s journey to IPP all began with therealisation that Tanzania had a lack of availability of pens, which hethen decided to start manufacturing himself.IPP GroupThe IPP Group started as a small-scale hand-operated ball pointassembly plant in Dar es Salaam. It is now one of the largestindustrial groups in East Africa. Its expansion and diversification hasled to the creation of IPP Consulting, Coca-Cola Kwanza, BoniteBottlers and Kilimanjaro Spring Water, IPP Bodycare Ltd (Tanzania’sleading soap, detergent, and toothpaste manufacturer), as well asIPP Media – made up of eleven newspapers, three radio stations,and two television channels operating in Tanzania, Kenya andUganda. These include The Guardian, The Sunday Observer, TheDaily Mail, The Financial Times, Nipashe, Nipashe Jumapili, Alasiri,Kasheshe, and Taifa Letu, Independent Television Ltd. (ITV), EastAfrica Television (EATV), Radio ONE, Sky-FM (in a joint venture withthe BBC) and East Africa Radio.Mengi’s various positions have included Chairman of the NationalBoard of Accountants and Auditors Tanzania, Chairman of theNational Environment Management Council Tanzania, BoardDirector of LEAD (Leadership for Environment and DevelopmentInternational), Commissioner, and Tanzania HIV/AIDS Commission(TACAIDS).He is currently Board Chairman/Board Member of a number ofInstitutions and Enterprises, including:National Business Council; andMengi believes strongly in social responsibility and funds numerousprojects for social development, youth employment and for peoplewith disabilities. He has funded the Kilimanjaro afforestationcampaign since 1988, which has planted over 20-million trees.Because of his belief in social responsibility, he has receivednumerous awards including:earning praise and distinction for the United Republic of Tanzania(1994);the United States of America;Officer in East Africa by PricewaterhouseCoopers (in 2001 and2002).Most recently, Reginald Mengi began building The Rodney MutieMengi Heart Institute in memory of his son who died on October6, 2005 from heart complications. In the meantime he has begunsponsoring children in Tanzania with heart problems to travel abroadfor treatment.Mengi was featured as one of 16 business people in a book called“Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs” by Moky Makura, published byPenguin Books South Africa in 2008. He has an entire chapterdedicated to his story of success.Mengi is an unwavering advocate of good governance in Africa andprivate sector skills development to attract investment. His leadingexample, achievements and contributions have inspired Tanzaniansand spurred national business growth.www.ippresources.comTanzanian industrialist and media tycoon, Reginald Abraham Mengi, is the founder andExecutive Chairman of IPP Limited – one of the largest privately owned companies in EastAfrica – based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.TanzaniaIcon
  • 33. Dr. Jane Goodall, DBEIn 1956 when Jane was 22, her friend invitedher to her family’s new farm in Kenya.After saving her waitressing money for herpassage to Africa, she set sail from Englandin 1957. The ‘Kenya Castle’ docked inMombasa on 2 April.Jane soon met famed archaeologist andpalaeontologist, Louis S. B. Leakey. Hewas impressed with Jane’s energy, generalknowledge and avid interest in animals. Hehired her as an assistant and eventuallyasked Jane to undertake a study of a groupof wild chimpanzees living on a lakeshorein Tanzania. Little was known about wildchimpanzees at the time.In July 1960, Jane stepped onto the beachat Gombe in the jungle of Tanzania, thencalled ‘Tanganyika’. Her observationsof the chimps were groundbreaking –she discovered that Chimps were notvegetarians as previously thought, butregularly hunted and ate small mammals.She then observed chimps using longflexible probes to fish termites out of amound, after stripping leaves off stems tocreate these tools – one of Jane’s mostimportant discoveries.Before that, anthropologists saw tool-making as definitive of mankind. LouisLeakey’s response to her discovery was“Now we must redefine ‘tool,’ redefine ‘man’or accept chimpanzees as humans.” Heobtained further funding for Jane’s studyand arranged for her to enrol in CambridgeUniversity as a doctoral student in 1962. Sheearned her Ph.D. in ethology (the study ofanimal behaviour) in 1966.She began to view chimps as individualswith distinct personalities, giving themnames in her research instead of theaccepted method of numbering. She beganDame Jane Morris Goodall, DBE is a Britishprimatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, UN Messengerof Peace – and an icon in Tanzania.TanzaniaIcon32 | Best of Tanzania
  • 34. to gain a clearer image of chimp societythrough her time at Gombe, such as themforaging alone or in small groups, unlike thelarge troops of other primates.Jane’s observations were published inNational Geographic, with captivatingphotos by filmmaker/photographer Hugovan Lawick, who became her first husbandin 1964. As the level of support for theGombe study increased, Jane and Hugowere able to build a permanent camp withchimp-proof buildings and to hire moreresearchers. The Gombe Stream ResearchCentre was born in 1965.The Gombe study also revealed the darkerside of chimpanzee nature, noted in a crueland strategic four-year war with a splintergroup in the chimp community after a newalpha aggressively took charge. Certainfemales also developed abnormal tastesfor other infant chimps. These flashes ofbrutality noted in Jane’s study, were alsointerspersed with moments of compassionand care for each other, such as malestaking on the care of orphans.The Centre still trains primatologists to thisday. Jane visits Gombe every year andis very involved in the research althoughfield work is done by a skilled team ofresearchers and assistants, many of themfrom Tanzania.Her book “The Chimpanzees of Gombe:Patterns of Behaviour” was published in1986, covering 25 years’ worth of Gomberesearch. Its publication was celebrated bya conference in Chicago, “UnderstandingChimpanzees”, which brought togethermany chimp biologists. They werefascinated by one another’s findings, butalarmed to realise how widespread andurgent the threats facing wild chimps were,specifically deforestation.Jane realised her work would be to savethe chimpanzees – she had gone into theconference as a scientist and left as anactivist. Today she travels over 300 daysper year talking to audiences about theirpower to help other people, animals and theenvironment. The Jane Goodall Institute,which she founded in 1977, has programsdesigned to benefit African communities andto spread the word about the importance ofconserving forests and animal populations.Roots & Shoots started with a group ofTanzania students in 1991, and is todaythe Institute’s global environmental andhumanitarian youth program with nearly150,000 members in more than 120countries.Her other books include “In the Shadow ofMan” and “Through a Window”.In April 2002, during a private ceremony atthe United Nations headquarters in NewYork, Secretary-General Kofi Annan namedDr. Goodall, a UN Messenger of Peace. Hecited her for her “dedication to what is bestin mankind” and presented her with a dovelapel pin.Jane and Hugo had one son, Hugo EricLouis van Lawick, born on March 4, 1967and nicknamed, “Grub.” When Grub wasseven years old, Jane and Hugo divorcedas the demands of their work hurt theirmarriage. Jane remarried the head of theTanzanian National Park, Derek Bryceson, in1975. Derek died from cancer in 1980 afterfive happy years together.Best of Tanzania | 33
  • 35. Freddie Mercury – from Zanzibar to music legendBomi was a High Court cashier for theBritish Government, as Zanzibar was aBritish protectorate at the time. Farrokh’sonly sibling, sister Kashmira, was bornin 1952. At the age of one, Farrokh’s firsttaste of fame came when his baby picturewon the Local Photo of the year contest inZanzibar.The tropical spice island off the east coastof Africa was the backdrop to Farrokh’supbringing. On their father’s civil servant’ssalary, the family had servants and enjoyed arelatively high standard of living. The youngFarrokh was initiated into the Parsee culture,which is culturally and linguistically Indian,and was told fables and legends.Although very few Parsis remain inZanzibar, the community was much largerduring Farrokh’s youth and they often heldgatherings. At these religious functions,Farrokh would also sing and entertainthe gathering. Farrokh was accepted intohis faith, the ancient Zoroastrianiam, at aceremony at the Fire Temple on Zanzibar.In 1954, at the age of eight, Farrokh wassent by ship to St Peter’s English boardingschool in Panchgani, India. His schoolfriends called him Freddie and his familyadopted the name. He began taking pianolessons and achieved Grade IV in practicaland theory. Freddie was a good sportsman,but his artistic skills were incomparable.He was a member of the school choirand regularly partook in school theatricalproductions. He was awarded the schooltrophy as Junior All-rounder at the age of12. He loved music and constantly playedrecords on the family’s record player. Heformed a school rock and roll band with fivefriends in 1958, called The Hectics, withFreddie on piano.When Freddie finished school in 1962,he returned home to Zanzibar where hespent time with friends in the markets, parksand beaches. Political unrest in Zanzibarforced the Bulsara’s to make the decisionto leave the island in 1964, along with manyBritish and Indian families. They immigratedto Middlesex, England. After joining ablues band called Wreckage as a graphicdesign student, Freddie was introducedto Roger Taylor and Brian May who werein a band called Smile. In April 1970 afterFreddie joined them as their lead vocalistand changed his surname to Mercury, theyformed the legendary band, Queen. Theband stayed together for the next 20 yearsand was completed by bassist John Deaconin 1971.Queen was signed to EMI Records andElektra Records in 1973 and they releasedtheir debut self-titled album – hailed tocritical acclaim as a catalytic moment for therock genre. With the release of the unusualBohemian Rhapsody in 1975, Freddie’sunique skills became widely noticed. Hisremarkable vocal range and projection,flamboyance, theatricality and colour areforever immortalised in the song, whichtopped the UK charts for nine weeks. Theirpopularity quickly spread around the world.Queen became the pioneers of stadiumrock when they began to fill 70,000 seatervenues. In 1981, they performed to 231,000fans in Sao Paulo which was a worldrecord. The highlight of the success of theQueen phenomenon in the 1980s was thememorable performance on the Live Aidstage. At this time, Freddie began exploringhis solo career, which saw him record an LPwith world renowned opera diva MontserratCaballé. The title song, Barcelona hasbecome an anthem for the city and was thetheme song for the 1992 Barcelona OlympicGames. Freddie returned to the studios torecord ‘Innuendo’ with Queen in 1990.On 24 November 1991, Freddie’s struggleagainst AIDS ended when he passed awaypeacefully from bronchial pneumonia athis London home – the day after he hadpublicly announced he had the disease.The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert washeld at Wembley Stadium on 20 April 1992where AIDS charity, the Mercury PhoenixTrust, was set up in his memory by Queen’sremaining members.The 2012 London Olympics closingceremony on 12 August included a musicalextravaganza led by the late FreddieMercury. The Symphony of British Musicsection opened with Queen’s BohemianRhapsody. The section ended with a videoof the late Freddie Mercury singing to thecrowd, followed by his Queen band matesBrian May and Roger Taylor performing WeWill Rock You.This little boy from Zanzibar became oneof the world’s greatest stars, and through histalents and stage presence, he personifiedthe word ‘showmanship’. Freddie Mercury’slegacy of songs have become immortalclassics, still loved by millions over 20years after his death. Freddie Mercury hasrightfully been named the Greatest RockLegend of All Time.www.freddiemercury.comInternational rock legend Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar to Parsee parents Bomiand Jer Bulsara, who named him Farrokh at birth on 5 September 1946.TanzaniaIcon34 | Best of Tanzania
  • 36. Best of Tanzania | 35Edward TingatingaBorn into a peasant family to parents SaidiTingatinga and Agnes Binti Ntembo, Edwardand his mother were Christian and Makua bytribe, while his father was a Muslim from theNgindo tribe. Edward was the first born in afamily of four children.In 1957, Edward Tingatinga left home insearch of work in the Tanga region. Heworked in the sisal plantations until 1959before leaving for Dar es Salaam. His cousinMzee Lumumba had been living in the citysince 1943 where he was a cook at OysterBay. Lumumba’s employer George Pollackwas so impressed with Tingatinga, that heemployed him as a gardener. When Pollackleft Tanzania, Tingatinga and Lumumba wentto live at Msasani Mikoroshoni.Tingatinga became a street-vendor sellingfruit and vegetables around Oyster Bay ona bicycle. He began to discover his creativetalents when he started embroidering pillowcases, table clothes and bed covers, whilealso learning to weave mats and baskets.Taking up one of the traditions practicedin his home region, Tingatinga begandecorating houses with wall paintings.In early 1968 he decided to experimentwith painting by brush and oil colours. Hepainted animals, scenes and motifs onsquare hardboards, usually 4ft2 in size. Thepaintings became in large demand withnumbers of tourists and expats.Also around this time, Tingatinga joined aMakonde traditional dance group. He wasgood at playing the xylophone. Through thisgroup, he joined the TANU Youth League, apolitical wing of the ruling political party.In 1970, Tingatinga officially married AgathaMataka. In 1972 the TANU Youth Leaguesecured a job for him at the MuhimbiliMedical Centre in Dar es Salaam. Tingatingawas accidentally killed by a traffic policemanshortly after, leaving behind two children– Martina and Daudi. After his death, itwas collectively decided by painters in themovement to call this painting style “TingaTinga”. Edward Saidi Tingatinga’s legacynow lives on through this popular Tanzanianart form.Possibly Tanzania’s most well-known artist, Edward Saidi Tingatinga was born in 1932in a village called Namochelia, now called Nakapanya, in Tanzania on the border withMozambique.TanzaniaIcon
  • 37. Filbert Bayi – Tanzania’s most accomplished sportsmanBayi was born on 23 June 1953 in Karutu,Arusha in Tanzania. Bayi grew up on a farmwith Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop.He left school at 17 and moved to Dar esSalaam. Bayi’s early running interval trainingin the capital consisted of him sprintingalongside a moving bus and resting whenthe bus stopped for passengers.In 1971, Bayi achieved an acceptablepersonal best in the 1,500m of 3:52. Inearly 1972 as a 19-year-old lightweight,Bayi’s national wins in the 1,500m (3:45)and steeplechase (8:55) qualified him torepresent Tanzania at the Olympic Gamesin Munich – where he got to competealongside his idol, Kenyan Kip Keino.Bayi came ninth in the steeplechase andset a new Tanzanian national record witha time of 8:41.4, but was however out ofthe competition. In the 1,500m, Bayi waseliminated when he finished sixth in heat two– commendably establishing another newnational record of 3:45.4.Bayi next competed in the annual Eastand Central African Championships, heldin Dar es Salaam. Only three months afterthe Olympics, Bayi became the regionalchampion in the 1,500m on 3 December1972 with an impressive win and newnational record of 3:38.9. Bayi was fastgaining confidence in the face of formidablecompetition.The second All-Africa Games in Lagos,Nigeria in January 1973 saw Bayi take thelead from the start of the 1,500m, winningagainst Keino with a new national record of3:37.18. This was a tactic which he beganto frequently adopt in his races and hebecame noted worldwide as a Tanzanianphenomenon.A string of wins in international competitionfollowed in 1973. In Paris, Bayi won the1,000m with an Africa record of 2:19.5,followed by three 1,500m wins in Sweden.He then decided to attempt the 800m inGermany and came second with a newTanzania record of 1:46.9. He set a new1,500m Tanzania record with a win of 3:35.6at the Aarhus Games in Denmark, which hebettered at the World Games in Helsinki with3:34.6. He went on to establish the Tanzaniamile record of 3:52.86 in Stockholm.At the 1974 Commonwealth Games inChristchurch, New Zealand, Bayi competedin the 800m followed by the 1,500m. Bayiwon the first 800m heat and advanced tothe finals after finishing fourth in the semis.He went on to finish fourth in the finalswith a new Tanzania record of 1:45.32.His specialisation was the 1,500m and hefinished second in his heat to qualify forthe finals. The finals, Bayi’s most iconiccareer race, lingered in the minds of trackenthusiasts for a very long time. Bayi tookthe lead from the start, and beating JohnWalker of New Zealand and a Kenyan BenJipcho in a thrilling 1,500m race, he finishedwith a new world record of 3:32.16 – just15 months after his mediocre debut at theMunich Olympics.This World Record is one of the two longestlasting in the Commonwealth Gamesand remains unbroken. Bayi’s elationwas palatable as he jogged in front of theappreciating jubilant crowd after his world-record win.On 17 May 1975, Bayi competed in themile against formidable competition inKingston, Jamaica, at the Martin LutherKing International Freedom Games. He tookthe lead from the moment the gun went offand completed this “Dream Mile” in a worldrecord breaking time of 3:51.Sadly Bayi could not compete in theMontreal 1976 Olympic Games due to aBoycott – right at the height of his career.Bayi’s success was epitomised in the3,000m steeplechase of the 1980 MoscowOlympic Games, where he won a silvermedal. He started the final round ahead ofthe world record pace and led for a furthertwo laps before the finish line – behindPolish Bronislaw Malinowski. Bayi came insecond to clinch the silver with a time of8.12,5 – becoming Tanzania’s first Olympicmedallist. Bayi and Suleiman Nyambuiare still the only Tanzanian Olympic medalwinners.Now a retired Major, Filbert Bayi and hiswife built schools and set up the Filbert BayiFoundation to develop youth athletics talent.He is also the Secretary-General of theTanzania Olympic Committee (TOC).www.tanzaniasports.comFilbert Bayi is Tanzania’s most famous former athlete. His career highlights include winningthe 1974 Commonwealth Championship 1,500m with an unbeaten world record (3:32.16),and winning an Olympic silver medal in the 3,000m steeplechase in 1980 (8:12.48).TanzaniaIcon36 | Best of Tanzania
  • 38. Best of Tanzania | 37Hasheem ThabeetAs the only National Basketball Association(NBA) basketball player to have ever comeout of Tanzania, Thabeet currently plays atcentre position with number 34 at OklahomaCity Thunder.Thabeet hadn’t considered playingbasketball until he watched a streetbasketball practice at the age of 15. Oneof the players was impressed by his heightand gave Thabeet sports shoes to playwith them the next day. He then playedbasketball for the team at his secondaryschool in Dar es Salaam, Makongo. He wasselected to compete in the East AfricanGames in Nairobi, Kenya. There an agentspotted him and offered him a basketballscholarship to the United States. Thabeettook his middle name for his surname on hisfather’s death, and left Dar es Salaam for theUnited States.He attended Cypress Christian High Schoolin Houston, Texas in 2005-06, helping histeam win the State 4A championship forthe sixth time in seven years. He then wenton to the University of Connecticut wherehe played for the Connecticut Huskies from2006 to 2009.As a freshman at Connecticut in 2006,Thabeet tied the University record of 10blocks. Thabeet was named to the 2007All-Big EastRookie Team. On 5 January 2008as a sophomore, he tied his career high of10 blocks. Thabeet was named Big EastDefensive Player of the Year.Thabeet emerged on the national scene asa junior. He earned his first career triple-double on 31 January 2009, with 15 points,11 rebounds and 10 blocks. He finishedwith 152 blocks in the season, and becameknown for the shots he prevented. Thabeetsurpassed the 1,000-point mark on March26, 2009 and helped lead Connecticut totheir first Final Four appearance since 2004.In April 2009, Thabeet decided to declarefor the 2009 NBA Draft instead of his seniorseason. His professional career was ignitedwhen he was the second pick overall bythe Memphis Grizzlies, becoming the firstTanzanian-born NBA player. He also playedD-League for the Dakota Wizards from 2009to 2010, the Houston Rockets from 2011 to2012, the Rio Grande Vipers D-League in2011, and the Portland Trail Blazers in 2012.On 11 July 2012, he signed as a free agentwith the Oklahoma City Thunder for the2012-13 season. Thabeet has played 135professional games in his career and hadhis best season from 2009 to 2010 withMemphis Grizzlies.At a height of over seven feet (2.21 metres)and weighing 119 kilograms, he is the tallestactive player in the NBA.His career highlights and awards includewinning the NABC Defensive Player of theyear twice in 2008 and 2009, Second TeamAll-America, and the Big East Player of theYear in basketball player Hasheem Thabeet was born Hashim Thabit Manka on16 February 1987 in Dar es Salaam – the son of Thabit Manka and Rukia Manka. Hismother lives in Dar es Salaam and he has a sister, Sham, and a brother, Akbar.TanzaniaIcon
  • 39. Sport in TanzaniaLike most other African nations, sport in Tanzania is a unifying force with multitudes offans – particularly in football. Football is widely played all over Tanzania, which has twomain clubs – Young African Sports Club (Yanga) and Simba Sports Club (Simba).The country’s Mainland League is closelyfollowed, creating spirited rivalries amongcities such as Dar es Salaam and Dodoma.This unwavering support of football isdespite seldom success from the nationalteam – showing a true passion for thebeautiful game.Prolific footballers include Eddie Anaclet andSaid Maulid. Well known football clubs areSimba SC, Prisons FC, Young Africans FC,Kahama United, and Moro United.Tanzania’s well-known football stadiumsinclude Jamhuri Stadium, KambarageStadium, Amaan Stadium, ManunguStadium, Umoja Stadium, CCM KirumbaStadium, and Lake Tanganyika Stadium.There are a number of sports clubsthroughout the country, such as The HeronRecreation Centre in Arusha, the RaskazneSwimming Club in Tanga, the UpangaSports Club in Dar es Salaam, and theSalander Bridge Cub in Dar es Salaam.The Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is theNational Stadium of Tanzania. This multi-purpose stadium in Dar es Salaam is namedafter the third president of Tanzania. It ismostly used for football matches and canseat 60,000 people. Constructed by theBeijing Construction Engineering CompanyLimited and costing a total of TZS 56.4-billion, Benjamin Mkapa Stadium opened in2007. It is built in accordance with FIFA andOlympic Standards and replaced the WilliamMkapa Stadium as the national stadium.Basketball is a popular sport in schoolsand within the Tanzanian army. HasheemThabeet is Tanzania’s first NBA player andcurrently plays for Oklahoma City Thunder.At 2.21 metres tall, Thabeet is the tallestactive NBA player.After Tanzania hosted the ICC CricketLeague division 4 in 2008 and achieved onewin in the tournament, cricket has receiveda major boost in the country and is growingrapidly. Tanzania also has its own nationalcricket team.Partly due to the British influence, Rugbyunion is a growing sport in Tanzaniaalthough still minor.Other sports in Tanzania include boxing,cycling, athletics, rugby, scouting, fishing,golf, hockey, hunting, tennis, and volleyball.Sport in Tanzania is evolving and is set toproduce eminent sportsmen and women inthe near future.Tanzania organised a national Olympiccommittee in 1968, becoming recognisedby the International Olympic Committee.38 | Best of Tanzania
  • 40. Athletes representing Tanganyikaparticipated in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics,and Tanzania made its debut at the 1968Mexico City Olympics. Since then, Tanzaniahas participated in every Olympics exceptfor 1976. Tanzania’s Olympic medalwinners are Filbert Bayi and SuleimanNyambui – both from the 1980 MoscowOlympics. Tanzania also competes in theCommonwealth Games and the AfricanChampionships in Athletics.Prominent names in Tanzanian athleticshave included Boay Akonay, MartinSulle, Lwiza John, Faustin Baha, FabianoJoseph, Damian Paul Chopa and FrancisNaali. Some of the well-known Olympiccompetitors from Tanzania are RestitutaJoseph, Agapius Masong, Ikaji Salam, JumaIkangaa, Zebedayo Bayo and John NadaSaya.The government of Tanzania is activelytaking steps to improve coachingfacilities to foster young talents. Sportscommittees exist to improve the standardsof sport, namely the National SportsCouncil of Tanzania and the NationalSports Association. It is hoped that theimprovement in Tanzanian sport will seemore of an impact on the world arena.At school level, sports education in Tanzaniais highly developed, with an emphasison physical fitness in the curriculum. Forrecreation, Tanzanian children competitivelyplay marbles, catchers, and soccer –nurturing a competitive love of sport fromearly on. The beautiful climate, outdoorculture, and strength in the heritage of theTanzanian people, all make for a sturdyplatform for sports development in Tanzania.The near future may well see Tanzaniansports stars lighting up the world stage.Best of Tanzania | 39
  • 41. Photo: Jonathan Knowles
  • 42. Best of Tanzania | 41Flaviana MatataHaving lost her mother in her childhood tothe tragic boat accident of the ferry boatMV Bukoba that capsised on Lake Victoria,Flaviana grew up with her siblings raisedby a single parent. She studied ElectricalEngineering in Arusha Technical College.Her star started shining when she shot tointernational fame in 2007 after she won theMiss Universe Tanzania title and became thefirst woman to represent her country in thepageant history.Flaviana also was the first bald woman tocompete in a beauty pageant, defying thenotion of beauty.Her natural African look and her charmingpersonality propelled her to 6th place in thefinals of Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City.But this was just a first step for this boldAfrican. She served her title with outstandingcharity activities, including being GoodwillAmbassador of SOS Children’s VillageTanzania and working with youth on drugaddiction.Flaviana also travelled the world asTanzania’s representative in various eventsincluding the glamorous esteemed BudapestOpera Ball in 2008.After finishing her reign as Miss UniverseTanzania, Flaviana continued with hermodelling career in South Africa with IceModels. She is currently signed with BossModels SA.In a visit to a charity event in NewYork, Flaviana was discovered by RussellSimmons who helped her secure interviewswith modelling agencies in the US. She wenton to sign with international agency – Next.She now works with Next Europe (UK, Parisand Milan), Wilhelmina Models US and BossModels South Africa.Flaviana is currently living and workingin New York and has been listed in the top10 Black Models in Essence Magazine andonline magazine, Models and Moguls.Flaviana has worked with some of themost respected professionals in the fashionindustry. She has strutted the catwalk forTommy Hilfiger, Jason Wu, Rachel Roy,Charlotte Ronson, Tony Burch and VivienneWestwood, among others. Her photoshave been taken by some of the mostprominent photographers in the industry likeRussell James, her mentor Fadil Berisha,Josh Ollin, Mario Torres, Jenni Hare,Patrick Demarchelier, Klas Strom, CarolineTempleton, Jason Kibler, Alasdair McClellan,Methew Kristal.Flaviana has also been part of photoshoots of major brands by outstandingphotographers like i-D denim campaignby Mark Kean, Hockley look book by HaifaWohlers Olsen, Hunger by Rankin, Graziamain beauty by Paul Scala, Arise Magazineby Claudette Prosper, Laha Magazine byAndrew Hobb, just to mention a few.Flaviana has graced the catwalks of NewYork, London and Paris.This African star won the Model of theYear 2011 award at the Arise MagazineFashion week in Lagos, Nigeria.Flaviana was also part of Top Shopcampaign in Europe and USA and the TiGihair campaign, Selfridges Beauty campaign,Sony worldwide campaign and Face Lacecampaign.Flaviana was featured in variousprestigious magazines including Essence,Nylon magazine, Glass magazine, AriseMagazine, FA Japan, the high fashionL’Officiel Paris magazine, the Hungereditorial, Vision magazine – China, GraziaItaly and UK, Elle magazine and Schonmagazine.This African model has also modelled forthe catalogues of Macy and Sheri Hill just tomention a few.Apart from her modelling career, Flavianais also turning her attention to charity.She is Angel Ambassador of DiamondEmpowerment Fund (DEF) along with KimKardashian, Nicola Breytenbach-Steiner andSelita Banks – all are working closely withRussell Simmons, on various charities inAfrica.Through her foundation – Flaviana MatataFoundation – she is reaching out andhelping women and children of her homecountry Tanzania, through various charityactivities.Flaviana is also the Goodwill Ambassadorof Mitindo House – a Tanzanian charity.Flaviana is also working with Life projectfor Africa, Malaika for Life, Usher New Look,Malaria No More. Hassan Maajar Trust andhas worked with various philanthropists indifferent projects including Carlton Mastersand Hope Sullivan, just to mention a few.Flaviana Matata is on her path to achieveher dreams and is available for variousengagements through her agency.Born and raised in Tanzania, Flaviana Matata’s stellar rise in themodelling industry sounds like a fairy tale; an inspiration to manyAfrican women.TanzaniaIconPhoto: Jonathan Knowles
  • 43. Hotels, Lodges and ResortsCHAPTER 142 | Best of Tanzania
  • 44. Best of Tanzania | 43
  • 45. Hotel Sea Cliff is the perfect Dar es Salaamstop-over base to explore this buzzingcity, as well as a luxury getaway for thoseseeking romance and pampering.All 93 rooms are beautifully furnishedand include seven executive rooms,five executive suites, and a magnificentpresidential/honeymoon suite withpanoramic views out to sea and looking overthe beautifully manicured tropical garden.The hotel is conveniently located just 5kmfrom the hustle and bustle of the city centreand nearby all the popular bars, restaurantsand shopping areas. It has a fitnesscentre, large outdoor swimming pool, tworestaurants, bar/lounge area, hair and beautysalon, gift shop, jewellers and casino onsite. Next door, the Village Shopping Centreprovides a wide range of eateries and shops.The two restaurants (Karambezi and Alcove)are two of the most popular venues in Dares Salaam, offering breathtaking views and amouth-watering menu of seafood specialitiesand a wide selection of international cuisine.The breakfast buffet served in the morning atKarambezi, coupled with the view is simplyan experience not to be missed!On entering the hotel, you are guaranteed awarm Tanzanian welcome and huge smilesfrom everyone you meet. The hotel pridesitself on trying harder and going further todeliver the very highest level of service andconstant attention to detail.It is also well set up for the businesstraveller, offering complimentary Internet,an Executive Floor, conference rooms, abusiness centre, secretarial services, audiovisual equipment, flight booking, car hireand airport transfer services…Whatever you’re looking for, Hotel SeaCliff is the ultimate choice and their teamwill look forward to greeting you with a big“karibu”!Tel: +255 764 700 600reservations@hotelseacliff.commarketing@hotelseacliff.comwww.hotelseacliff.comHotel Sea CliffHotel Sea Cliff is a stunning 5-star hotel located majestically ontop of a cliff jutting out over the turquoise waters of the IndianOcean.44 | Best of Tanzania
  • 46. The Hotel comprises of 68 Luxury ServiceSuites, consisting of studios, one bedroomsuites and two bedroom suites.Sea Cliff Court Hotel & Luxury Apartmentsoffers both serviced and fully equippedsuites for self-catering business trips as wellas holiday stays.Packages range from a Studio Apartmenton daily Bed and Breakfast rates to a twobedroom apartment on a monthly self-catering rate.All Suites are elegantly decorated ina modern afro-influenced design, withthe majority of the furniture and all ofthe artwork being locally handcrafted inTanzania.The Hotel & Luxury Apartments offer thefollowing:Accommodation:All suites are elegantly decorated in amodern afro-influenced design. Each suitehas a kitchen which can be equipped for selfcatering on request.The Hotel & Apartments are fully air-conditioned and offer:bedroom apartments)movies are available upon requestSTUDIOS – A bedroom with a double bed,bathroom, all room facilities and kitchen.ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT – Aseparate bedroom with a double bed,a spacious living room with sofa bed, abathroom, washing machine, kitchen and allroom facilities.TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT – Twoseparate bedrooms (one double and onetwin room), a spacious living room with sofabed, a bathroom, washing machine, kitchenand all room facilities.Contact DetailsSEA CLIFF COURT LTD.Haile Selassie Road, Msasani PenninsularP.O Box 3030, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: + 255 22 2601968/7+255 22 260 2528Fax: +255 22 260 1975info@seacliffcourt.comreservations@seacliffcourt.comwww.seacliffcourt.comSea Cliff Court Hotel & Luxury ApartmentsThe Hotel & Luxury Apartment Complex is conveniently andcentrally situated on the Msasani Peninsular.46 | Best of Tanzania
  • 47. Best of Tanzania | 47Sea Cliff Resort & Sparoad through a coconut plantation that leadsto the hotel is a reminder of the Zanzibar ofold. Peace and tranquillity, no other hotels orbusy roads; just open space and palm trees.With traditional makuti roofs and Arabictowers lit by brass lights, the hotel is builtwith the location in mind. It is a uniquecombination of modern facilities and theoriginal exotic architecture of historicalZanzibar.The hotel is situated on a cliff overlookingthe Indian ocean and offers panoramic viewsfrom the lounge, restaurant, bar and therecreation area, as well as both of the infinityswimming pools and most of the hotelrooms.There is a lovely jetty that offers the perfectplace from which to enjoy sundownerswhilst watching a beautiful sunset that thewest coast of Zanzibar is famous for.The hotel offers a number of activities for theenergetic, including a fully equipped gym, awater sports centre offering a wide range ofactivates including water skiing, sailing etc,two tennis courts, horse riding, light tacklefishing, volleyball court, as well as a squashcourt and bicycles for rides through thecoconut plantation.For guests wanting to relax and bepampered, there is the Shwari Spa. Withfive treatment rooms offering a range oftreatments including manicures, pedicures,facials and massages by Thai therapists.After your treatment you can take a swim inthe spa’s private pool or sit and enjoy a cupof herbal tea in the spa gardens.There is also a full-time children’s centresupervised by professional child minders.perfect hotel for romance, relaxation andrejuvenation in a luxurious environment ina unique destination filled with history andcharacter, beautiful beaches and wonderfulpeople.Sea Cliff Resort & SpaZanzibarTel: + 255 676702241-9Email: marketing@seacliffzanzibar.comwww.seacliffzanzibar.comon the West Coast of the exotic Island of Zanzibar, conveniently
  • 48. Serena Hotels has the perfect safari selection for any holiday, witha wide range of getaways to choose from at affordable rates. TheSerena properties in Tanzania are jewels in the crown.Serena offers the ultimate adventure getaways in the north. The safariexperience with Serena Hotels is not complete without exploring theoutdoor activities.Serena Mountain Village in Arushaand the lake through the shaded groves of coffee plantations; withcanoe along the shores of the lake or take on Mt. Meru – Africa’s fifthhighest mountain – for a rewarding climb, walk or hike.Lake Manyara Serena Safari LodgeThis lodge offers cycling and a breathtaking view of the landscapeVillage – Mto wa Mbu – on the lake’s shores, which is a livingdifferent tribes, it is possibly the only place in Africa where Bantu,Nilotic, Khoisan and Cushitic are all spoken.Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodgemankind’ and site of one of the most important and controversialPalaeolithic finds in recent history. Indulge in an open-air craterbarbecue lunch or just relax with our selected range of beauty andhealth services.Serengeti Serena Safari LodgeThis getaway is a true African experience. This offers either a hotair balloon safari with magnificent views of the plains below or asucculent bush barbecue dinner and breakfast, staged on the bluffoverlooking the Mbingwe valley.Mbuzi Mawe Tented CampThe ultimate in infinite calm, Mbuzi Mawe offers a timeless blendof classical safari and world-class sophistication. The sundowners,camp’s own kopjes are simply unforgettable.Kirawira Luxury Tented CampThe evocatively set camp is the epitome of a classic safariexperience and a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the WorldSelous Luxury Camp and Mivumo River LodgeWorld Heritage Site, it is the largest game reserve in Africa withspecies; Africa’s largest population of hartebeest, gnu, sable andbuffalo; half of Tanzania’s elephant population; and one third ofAfrica’s population of the endangered wild dog.Zanzibar Serena InnZanzibar and the ancient Stone Town are rich in history; noted in thearchitecture. The legendary Inn is a member of the prestigious SmallLuxury Hotels of the World. Mangapwani Beach Club culminates inadventure, calm and romance. The freshest seafood can be sampledDar es Salaam Serena HotelAt the heart of Dar es Salaam is this oasis of luxury. Whether forbusiness or a city getaway, the choice of restaurants and bars,the sundeck, live music, the health club and recreations, are onoffer for all.Victoria Nyamunga | Serena Hotels4th Floor, Williamson House,4th Ngong AvenueP.O. Box 48690 GPO, 00100Nairobi, Kenya, East AfricaTel: +254 20 284 2238Fax: +254 20 271 8103Mobile: +254 734 699 868Email: www.serenahotels.comSerena HotelsEnjoy East Africa’s Best Kept Secret…48 | Best of Tanzania
  • 49. Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam City CentreInternational Airport in Dar es Salaam’smajor business district, Holiday Inn Dar esSalaam City Centre is a peaceful havenaway from the city streets. Your sleek guestroom is a stylish home away from home withair conditioning to keep you cool.the thatched canopy of rooftop Al DarHost your presentation in one of our fivemodern meeting rooms with wirelessInternet, and ask about our good-valuepackage to enjoy refreshments and a three-course lunch. Holiday Inn Dar es SalaamCity Centre’s business district location putsembassies, banks and government officeson your doorstep.Our helpful staff can help plan wildlifesafaris or trips to Zanzibar’s aromatic spiceplantations. The ferry terminal for exotichotel.with an indulgent facial in the spa. Themenu is as colourful as the decor inTanzanian dishes like pumpkin and sweetpotato curry are served.Featuresfor luxury extras like bathrobes and aspa bath. You’ll also enjoy access to thecomplimentary breakfast and snacks andrefreshments served throughout the day.www.holidayinn.comMake the Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam City Centre hotel your relaxingretreat in the heart of the bustling Tanzanian capital.50 | Best of Tanzania
  • 50. Best of Tanzania | 51
  • 51. Coral Beach Hotel isa business-minded beachfront resort inexotic Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. One ofthe only hotels with private beach accessin Dar es Salaam, spacious sea viewaccommodations and impeccable services,we make it easy to enjoy a relaxing businessor leisure vacation in the heart of the tropicalEast African splendour. This exclusive beachhotel offers breathtaking views of the IndianOcean in a tranquil setting shielded from thehustle and bustle of the city centre. We offera full line of services for executive travellersas well as resort facilities for your relaxationand enjoyment.LocationSituated on the shores of the Indian Oceanin the exclusive Msasani Peninsula areaamidst beautifully manicured gardens justAirport, puts our guests within easy reach ofthe city centre and some of Dar es Salaam’sfinest attractions. TheCoral Beach Hotel’s facilities coupled withits prime location, makes it the perfect basefor both business and leisure travellers. Inclose vicinity are the Dar es Salaam YachtClub, Bongoyo Island, Slipway, Sea CliffVillage, Oyster Bay Beach, Tinga Tinga ArtsCentre, Village Museum, National Museum,and Mlimani Convention Centre.Lodgingsenjoy luxurious Posturepedic beds andamenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen LCD televisions, plush bathrobes,and the finest Italian bathware.Amenitiesoceanfront swimming pool, onsite fitnesscentre, sauna, and jacuzzi spa tub. Oneday and there is a relaxed bar lounge. Theconcierge is available to make reservationsand schedule tours. With private beachaccess, a business centre, Wi-Fi, threeindoor event facilities, catering services, andaudio-visual support, CoralBeach Hotel is ideal for relaxation, meetingsand functions.Coral Lane, Masaki, Msasani Peninsula,Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam.Reservations: +255 22 260 1928Fax: +255 22 260 1547Email: info@coralbeach-tz.comWebsite: www.coralbeach-tz.comThe World’s Biggest Hotel Family©,each Best Western©branded hotel isindependently owned and operated.BEST WESTERN Coral Beach HotelA Boutique Hotel in paradise.52 | Best of Tanzania
  • 52. the mainland of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,along Mbezi Beach on clear white sands, aAfricana road, with all facilities and outletson the beach side and the accommodationon the opposite side. The rooms and thecourtyard pool are located in the quiet partof the complex and are exclusively for hotelresidents only.bars, a restaurant, a Sheesha Bar, a gym,a swimming pool, a kids pool, beach bedsunder makutibandas, kids play area, livemusic and featured DJs, dancing, Spa &Sauna, boating facilities, shops, sundecksand conference halls.Our restaurant serves à la carte daily fromvast buffet and a barbeque on the beach.The bars are open till late night, serving allkinds of drinks, cocktails and snacks.Food and drink service on the beach isavailable throughout the day. Our residentDJ plays the latest national and internationaltunes every Saturday and Sunday.Jangwani Sea Breeze ResortEmail: gmjangwani@eclipsehotelsafrica.comEmail: sales@eclipsegroupafrica.comwww.jangwaniseabreezeresort.comTel: +255 78 680 0870Jangwani SeaBreeze ResortBest of Tanzania | 53
  • 53. Ideally located in the heart of Dar es Salaamcity, a stone’s throw away from the Zanzibarferry, New Africa Hotel is the perfect placeto stay when visiting Tanzania’s largestcity. Stunning views of the harbour andvibrant energy from the surrounding CentralBusiness District makes New Africa Hotelthe quintessential place to stay for bothbusiness and leisure.With local landmarks such as the Botanicalproximity to the hotel, as well as beingsituated in the hub of the financial district ofDar es Salaam, New Africa Hotel definitelyoffers the best of both worlds.Catering to all of its guests needs, NewAfrica Hotel boasts excellent meetingand conference facilities, severalrestaurants, a swimming pool, bar andFor an unrivalled experience in the “Harbourof Peace”, New Africa Hotel is the perfectsetting for your stay in Tanzania. Escape thehustle and bustle of the city and enter theelegant and soothing sanctuary of the NewAfrica Hotel.ACCOMMODATIONWith four different types of rooms to choosefrom, feel refreshed with the signature styleand comfort, reflecting an energising yetrelaxed vibe.Standard Pool Facing Roomsize bed, or work out of the comfort of yourown room on the spacious work area withhigh-speed Internet access.Superior Sea Facing Roomroom, which includes a work area and highspeed Internet access.Club RoomContemporary rooms, incorporating allthe modern features you need. Withthe new snoozer mattress and in-houseentertainment system, you may never wantto venture outside.SuiteEnjoy the truly breathtaking views of Dar esSalaam Harbour and the historic LutheranChurch right outside your window. With aking-size bed and separate living room, thisis truly a magnificent place to ease yourmind and unwind.Whether you are travelling for business orleisure, ease your mind and allow the NewAfrica Hotel to take care of you.CasinoAfrican-based casino in New Africa Hotel.With eight gaming tables on the main floor,New Africa Hotel boasts one of the bestcasinos in Dar es Salaam.gaming machines, including the latest videoslots and video poker machines, which arelinked to various progressive jackpots toensure constant activity.New Africa Hotelall of its guests a truly fulfilling stay in Dar es Salaam.54 | Best of Tanzania
  • 54. The facility offers onlinebetting computers.Offering the highest maximums in the city,modern technology and focusing on clientsatisfaction, this is the place to be if you livelife in the fast lane.OUR SERVICESBANQUETBusiness CentreTake advantage of our Business Centrelocated within the main lobby. Fully equippedwith high-speed Internet access, copier,fax machine, binding machine, laminatingmachine and scanner. Secretarial serviceson offer.Outdoor CateringThe New Africa Hotel’s catering service isone of the best in Tanzania. With seasonedcatering professionals with years ofexperience under their belts, you cannot gowrong with having your event catered by theparties, banquets, barbeques and more,New Africa Hotel will ensure your guests arefully satisfied.Crystal RoomFrom intimate to impressive, New Africavenue for your special day.Board RoomMeeting RoomsThese rooms can accommodate from adepending on the setup required. New AfricaHotel is able to provide all the technicalequipment required, as well as any othernecessary items needed to conduct yourbusiness.LEISUREPoolIf you want to enjoy a relaxing day soakingup the sun and enjoying Dar es Salaam’stropical weather, New Africa Hotel providesnumerous gazebos for you to unwind in.Enjoy the refreshing swimming pool andextensive menu of delicious snacks whileyou get some well deserved relaxation.SpaNew Africa Hotel offers you all the pleasuresof an on-site spa. Indulge yourself with ourwide array of spa services.GymWe know that travelling can cramp yourstyle. Keep moving, while you’re travellingand enjoy New Africa Hotel’s fully equippedgym. You can catch up on the latest newswhile working out, so you won’t skip a beat.DININGSawasdeeexperience. With its elegant yet tranquilattention to detail, this alone would beenough to come and experience it. Coupledwith delicious Thai cuisine, excellentservice, fresh ingredients and a truly uniqueexperience, you do not want to misseating at one of Dar es Salaam’s best Thairestaurants.Bandari Grillwhere service is sincere and quality is neverof question. Sit back, relax and enjoy aall of its guests have different preferences,hence offering a range of Continental andIndian cuisine for your delight. Famous fordays a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Onyx LoungeThere’s nothing quite like having a drinkin New Africa Hotel’s Onyx Lounge.Your imagination will soar, wonderingwho has visited this bar in the past,what conversations were had and whatmovements were started. Of course severalmodifications have been made to this nowmodern watering hole; however it is stilla hot spot and favourite of both local andexpatriate clientele. Buzzing with peopleduring its famous happy hour, with anextensive food and cocktail menu, OnyxLounge is definitely a place to unwind andhave a drink or two.SPECIALSIndian NightTransport yourself to mystical and exoticIndia, listening to the memorable musicalsounds of Vardha every Saturday night fromSunday BrunchEnjoy the stunning views of Dar es SalaamHarbour during the Sunday Brunch atfor the children and a live band. There is nobetter way to prepare you for the week tocome.New Africa HotelP.O. Box 9314Azikiwe Street/Sokoine DriveDar es Salaam,TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2117050/51+255 22 2117131/32+255 658 222 220Fax: +255 22 2113558www.newafricahotel.comBest of Tanzania | 55
  • 55. The hotel is popular with both leisure andbusiness travellers and offers best-value-for-money accommodation in this upmarketneighbourhood.Integrated into the Slipway complex, thehotel provides a wide range of outlets andamenities, such as:popular seafront restaurantclasseshairdresser and beauty parlour, jewellers,a pharmacy, as well as a variety of arts,crafts and souvenir outlets.Hotel Slipwaycentre on the posh Msasani peninsula right on the Indian Oceanoverlooking Msasani Bay.56 | Best of Tanzania
  • 56. The Slipway is a lively and highly populardestination for residents and tourists alike.It invites for a stroll along the ocean frontand is a departure point for day trips to thenearby islands of Bongoyo and Mbudyawith their picturesque tropical beaches.Those interested can book sunset and partycruises on traditional dhows, diving andsnorkelling trips, transfers to Zanzibar bycatamaran and many more activities on andaround the sea.Within Slipway’s vicinity are a selectionof popular shopping, dining and night lifedestinations.Accommodationstudio apartments. All rooms are en-suiteand offer the following facilities:the lobby; free of charge)Many rooms offer spectacular sea views.ContactTel: +255 22 260 0893+255 713 888 301Email: reception@hotelslipway.comwww.hotelslipway.comSlipway Road, Msasani Peninsula,Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaBest of Tanzania | 57
  • 57. The hotel has stunning views overlookingthe Indian Ocean and offers exclusiveservices to its guests. The hotel’s interior isinspired and influenced by a blend of Arabicand Swahili cultures and provides a uniqueand comfortable experience, starting fromthe lobby through to the elegantly decoratedrooms.About Our Roomsincluding the largest Presidential Suite in Dares Salaam.sized rooms of 38m each, four executivesuites, two diplomatic suites and onepresidential suite. All rooms and suites havean ocean view with private balcony and offerall the comforts you would expect.All rooms are air-conditioned and areequipped with satellite television, a largewriting desk, in-room safe, direct dialinternational telephone and tea and coffeemaking facilities. The bathrooms are allLocated on the Msasani Peninsula, one of Dar es Salaam’s most affluent and elegantGolden Tulip Hotel Dar es Salaam58 | Best of Tanzania
  • 58. equipped with hairdryers and the hotel offersRoom AmenitiesRestaurants, Bars and CafesDining facilities include ‘Sanaa’, an all-daydining restaurant located on the first floorand offers a variety of international cuisinesand à la carte menu options. The lobbyviews over the Indian Ocean and offer agrilled menu and a variety of shisha flavours.Sanaa RestaurantThe Sanaa is an all-day dining restauranton the hotel’s first floor and offers buffetbreakfast and buffet lunch with a full menu,providing international dishes and à la cartemenu options.Best of Tanzania | 59
  • 59. 60 | Best of TanzaniaOcean View Grill and BarEnjoy a relaxing meal or drink in thecompany of friends and family at the ocean-offers a wide variety of Shisha flavours.Lobby Loungelounge offering a range of pastries, sweetsand coffee blended with beans fromTanzanian coffee fields. You can also ordercakes for celebrations and other specialoccasions.Golden Tulip Hotel Dar es SalaamFacilities:Leisure facilities at the hotel include aninfinity pool directly situated on the IndianOcean.Meetings and ConferencesThe hotel offers a comprehensive varietyof business and leisure facilities, includingspacious banquet and conference roomswhich provide a perfect setting for meetings,guests. These facilities can be tailored tosuit your requirements.All rooms are equipped with:
  • 60. The largest facility is the spectacularNgorongoro Hall, which can accommodateand Selous Halls are ideal for smallerconferences.Our dedicated and experienced staff arehappy to work with you on your programme,choice of food and drinks and any technicaldetails. Our Chef and his team can preparea wide variety of buffets, lunches anddinners, snacks and breaks for coffee andrefreshments. If you cannot make yourchoice from our readily available menuproposals, we will gladly work out a tailor-made solution for you.Oyster Bay MarqueeBeing located on the ocean front, thismarquee benefits from a cool natural seabreeze throughout the day. The Oyster Bayall-weather shade and is a spectacular yetcomfortable venue for any event includingproduct launches, concerts, theatreproductions, weddings, banquets andcocktail parties. You will not find a moresplendid venue so close to the Indian Ocean.Indian Ocean Marqueesquare metres of perfect all-weather shadein the middle of our tropical gardens,adjoining the spectacular infinity pool. Thisvenue provides the perfect location for acorporate lunch, dinner or cocktail party andcan be integrated with the gardens. Intimatewedding ceremonies, theme parties andother occasions become even more magicaland unique in this setting.Address: Golden Tulip, Dar es Salaam,Toure Drive, Msasani PeninsulaP.O. Box 6300, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 260 0288Fax: +255 22 260 1443Email: enquiries@goldentuliptanzania.comwww.goldentulipdaressalaam.comFacebook: GOLDEN TULIP TZBest of Tanzania | 61
  • 61. The Arusha HotelThe Arusha Hotel boasts 86 elegantlythe needs of every guest are carried out withEast African charm and be one of the oldest hotels in East Africa.The hotel signified a pleasant resting placefor those travelling from as far as the Capeor Cairo and all corners of Old East Africa.Its status soon became synonymouswith travellers, pioneers and adventurerslooking for welcoming accommodation orrefreshment during long gruelling journeysinto the African plains.It has undergone many transformations, toemerge today as one of the leading hotelsin the fast growing city of Arusha. It’s mostAmerican banker Kenyon Painter boughtit. Its grand opening in the same year sawthe Prince of Wales as the guest of honour.Famous returning guests included BaronVon Blixen (Out of Africa) and John Wayneprofile guests have included Bill Clinton, WillSmith, Jessica Biel, Shaggy, Emile Hirschand Miriam Makeba.The Arusha Hotel has maintained a statusand character that optimises continuityand values, with a touch of nostalgiabeautifully balanced with the needs of theand comfortable; the restaurant, food andgeneral facilities are of a very high standard;and staff are friendly, efficient, professionaland attentive.All rooms are fully-fitted with amenities aidedcomfortable Sealy Posturepedic mattressesbedding and a selection of feather and non-feather pillows. We operate on a Save Waterpolicy in line with our responsible tourismstatement.Our Deluxe rooms have wonderful viewseither out over nearby Mt Meru or acrossfive acres of gardens. All our rooms haveArusha’s supreme boutique hotel offers first-class accommodationand service, surrounded by the history of bygone eras. TheArusha Hotel boasts the finest location in the heart of Arusha,amongst the tranquil surroundings of its own tropical gardens.62 | Best of Tanzania
  • 62. air conditioning units, an electronic safe,iPod docks, flat-screen televisions with aselection of satellite TV channels, a minimumof two telephones with direct internationaldialling, energy saving electronic card doorlocks and electricity points. Mosquito netsare provided around the beds in all rooms.Our experienced chefs are connoisseursof cuisine from across the world. They arehappy to arrange picnic lunches for yoursafari or to enjoy in our beautiful gardens.The Parachichi RestaurantOverlooking the gardens, the Parachichiis the perfect place for breakfast, lunch ordinner and with the sublime climate, theoutdoor terrace offers a tranquil setting.Our extensive à la carte menu and winelist is available in the evenings, boastingEuropean, Asian and East African cuisine.Our Indian Specialty Chef can conjure upany Indian dish.The Hatari BarOpen from morning until late, the Hatari Barfilm epic ‘Hatari’. A relaxing bar, perfect forcocktails at sundown, coffee over lunch orafter dinner cognacs, it also offers an all-daymenu with light snacks and small meals.The Lounge“The most well-known meeting place inArusha”. With high-back chairs and leathersofas, the lounge is frequented by residentsof Arusha, as well as visitors enjoying coffeeand conversation throughout the day andevening. There is a small selection of shopsnext to the lounge.Bustani BarLocated next to the swimming pool, theBustani Bar serves drinks, light snacks andmeals throughout the day, ensuring ourguests do not have to interrupt their leisureAmenities and ServicesNext to the large swimming pool, is an open-air jacuzzi for relaxing in before enjoying amassage in the dedicated room alongside.Other amenities include a fully equippedgym, a business centre and wireless internetavailable throughout the hotel. Servicesinclude same-day laundry and dry-cleaningas well as airport transfers between TheArusha Hotel and Kilimanjaro InternationalAirport or Arusha Domestic Airport.The Arusha HotelP.O. Box 88, Arusha, TanzaniaTel: +255 27 250 7777Email: reservations@thearushahotel.comwww.thearushahotel.comBest of Tanzania | 63
  • 63. Mount Meru HotelThe treasure is the pride of Tanzania, Mountbreathtaking views boasting modern, chicdifferent categories to fit all budgets –providing guests with a royal feel during theirstay.With five various outlets offering differentwining, dining and coffee experiences,guests are always spoilt for choice.ArabicaAs you walk in you can smell the freshcoffee brewing from the Arabica coffeebean. Arabica offers an exploration into yourcoffee taste buds by trying out our range ofau Lait, or a traditional espresso. Tea is alsobrewed in different varieties, offering thetaste of Tanzania’s famous coastline brew,Tanga Macchiato, as well as fruit teas andherbal teas – all from Tanzania.The list of drinks is exhaustive withsmoothies, milkshakes, juices, and a rangeof liquored coffees for an uplifting kickafter a long day. All these can be coupledwith delicious cakes, cookies, and treats.If you are looking for an alternative foodexperience to the hotel buffet, you couldtry out Arabica’s club sandwich, Tanzanianburger, or rib eye steak, among others.MeruMeru offers a dining experience where youwill be spoilt for choice with the buffet whichhas a taste for everyone – and more. Thisis where you will get to taste some of yourfavourite dishes and also get to explore newdishes from all across the world.DulutiFor a more intimate, premium, fine diningexperience, Duluti restaurant boasts dishesthat have been prepared with finesse thattickle the taste buds from the moment foodis seen on the plate. The artful presentationscoupled with the bold flavours of the foodare sure to send diners straight to foodAt the foothills of Mount Meru in Northern Tanzania liesa polished treasure; its magnificent shine rising like themorning sun.64 | Best of Tanzania
  • 64. French meal or a Tanzanian meal, this iswhere you will get it.This is not just a restaurant but a diningexperience. A walk-in wine cellar with avariety of world-class wines is there forselecting wines that will seal the wonderfuldining experience.TanganyikaAfter a nice dip in our infinity pool while lyingon our deckchairs and taking in the Africansun, a refreshing cocktail is what you needand this is the place you will get it. Take asip of Margarita, Cosmopolitan or our tastyin-house cocktails such as Mount MeruDelight, Pink Mpenzi and for a non-alcoholiccocktail, try our Mbuyu, or Mamzelle. Youcan also try our various pizzas for a quickmeal.MawenziOur main bar has a wide range of bothalcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The bestplace to unwind after a long busy day in theoffice, or simply a relaxing drink to end theday.Spa and GymnasiumA variety of spa treatments that range fromAromatherapy massages, to manicuresand pedicures, are all available to ensurethat your stay at the hotel is filled with purespoilt by our greatly experienced masseuse,hairdressers and stylists.Apart from offering a relaxing experiencefor our guests, the hotel is also equippedwith the best conference facilities for thecorporate individual, whereby all our guestsget to enjoy free Wi-Fi service. Our facilitiesOur gardens, which are manicured toperfection and overlooking the greenery ofa golf course, are also popular for hostingwedding receptions and cocktail parties ofThe hotel is a great place for tourists,mountain climbers and hunting adventurerswho are on their way to/from a safari ormountain climbing the northern part ofTanzania.P.O.Box 2673, Arusha, TanzaniaTelephone: +255 27 2545111Fax: +255 27 2545911Email: info@mountmeruhotel.comAddress: Arusha, Tanzaniawww.mountmeruhotel.comBest of Tanzania | 65
  • 65. maru marumaru maru loves to make a difference,creating experiences guests treasure. Setin the heart of Stone Town, just a few stepsfrom the Old Fort, the House of Wondersand the best shopping on the island, maruto all the sites of Stone Town. All islandactivities can be easily done as day tripsfrom the hotel.maru maru is a boutique hotel withinternational standards. Love and care hasgone into every detail, providing friendlyservice, delicious food and refreshing drinksin a stylish, sophisticated environment – allat an affordable price.There is a classic wing from the days ofthe sultans, a new wing with a touch of themodern interior, a tranquil fountain courtyardwith an accompanying restaurant, and arestaurant and lounge.RoomsFresh, clean and pure, maru maru offersthe perfect mix between Zanzibar style andlight which complements the sophisticatedneutral palette – using local craftsman andnatural materials to bring traditional beautywithout sacrificing modern comfort anddecor. Design is inspired by the distinctiveAfro-Arabian style, unique to Zanzibar.air conditioning, personal safe, fridge,mosquito nets, writing desk, wardrobes,tea and coffee facilities, walk-in shower orbaths, and flat-screen TVs, among others.Guest ServicesDiningmaru maru is passionate about food anduncompromising about the quality of itsingredients. They support the communityand ensure freshness by sourcing locallywhenever possible by buying seafoodstraight from local fishermen and fruit andvegetables from the colourful local markets.inspire, excite, enlight66 | Best of Tanzania
  • 66. The hotel offers four unique environmentsfor relaxation: the terrace restaurant, theterrace lounge, the fountain restaurant andthe courtyard – all with spectacular viewsof Stone Town but each offering somethingdifferent for the guest to find the venue thatbest suits their mood.Conferencesmaru maru offers an elegantly designed andsuitable venue for seminars, workshopsand conferences which accommodates uparrangements.Local Attractionsheritage city, is steeped in the history ofcentury. Stone Town reflects the diverseinfluences underlying the Swahili culture,with a unique mixture of Arab, Persian,Indian and European elements. Attractionsclose to maru maru include House ofWonders, Old Fort, Palace Museum, andbeaches offer snorkelling, diving, watersports and dolphin viewing.Unique Elementsmaru maru is the only hotel in Stone Townwith an elevator and the only hotel with athe best place in town for sunsets andcocktails and also hosts the best Indianspeciality restaurant on the island. marufrom Karume International Airport.maru maru Hotel Ltd.P.O. Box 4053397- 400 Gizenga Street Shangani,Stone town,Zanzibar, TANZANIATel: +255 24 2238516|7|8Fax: +255 25 2238519reservations@marumaruzanzibar.comwww.marumaruzanzibar.comBest of Tanzania | 67
  • 67. 68 | Best of TanzaniaThe old wing has nine rooms which wereoriginally residential, but have since beenextensively refurbished to provide for allmodern necessities and conveniences. Theoriginal characteristics have been retainedwhich creates a homely feeling. The lobby,wall-to-wall wardrobes, the exotic Zanzibarbeds, and gardens, all give testimony to therooms has been added.spacious and adequately furnished with airconditioners, satellite TV, wireless internet,exotic Zanzibar beds – some of which arenets. After a very comfortable silent night, ahealthy inclusive breakfast greets guests inthe morning.Akana Lodge is environmentally friendly withsolar energy back-up. We offer African andTanzanian cuisine only, however there areseveral other restaurants around the hotel.Seasonal vegetables and some fruits areorganically grown on our own farm.Our services and facilities, with well-trainedand experienced staff, offer good valuefor your money. We welcome guests withcharm, treat them with warmth throughouttheir stay, and on departure, they alwayspromise to come back.Hotel FeaturesConference FacilitiesWe offer complete conference packagesincluding refreshments, set meals andaccommodation.Off Old Bagamoyo Road,Kiko Street – MikocheniP.O. Box 6541,Dar es Salaam TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2700122, +255 22 2701273,+255 754 368677Fax: +255 22 2775261Email: Lodgeupmarket residential area of Dar es Salaam, off Old Bagamoyo road. It hasa quiet surround and an evergreen tropical garden. A free beach on theIndian Ocean is just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.
  • 68. Offering the tourist an experience of alifetime and memories that will last forever,Whirlwind Aviation combines exhilaratinghelicopter scenic flights with comfort,convenience and flexibility. Helicoptercharter offers the wildlife enthusiastuninterrupted views of the great migrationon the Serengeti planes – never been seenwith such unsurpassed splendour.Whirlwind charters are customised to suitthe needs of tourists – from airport chartersto any lodge or resort in Tanzania, enablingplaces in Tanzania while on safari:3. Zanzibar and Pemba,5. Lake Manyara National Park,6. Mt. Kilimanjaro,9. Mafia Island,Whirlwind services to lodges and resortscomprise of:Tourism, VIP Point to Point Transfers, andHD Quality Video and Still Photos.Medical Evacuations in a Fully EquippedDedicated Air Ambulance.For exclusive tourist packages, huntingtrips and scenic excursions, contact:Whirlwind Aviation Toll free number:+255 (0) 767 900 877Sales and Marketing Managers:Mark Loretz: +255 (0) 767 900 431, Khalfan: +255 (0) 764 473 530, AviationLodges and ResortsBest of Tanzania | 69
  • 69. Travel, Tours and LeisureCHAPTER 270 | Best of Tanzania
  • 70. Best of Tanzania | 71
  • 71. FlightlinkValues and objectivesFlightlink is a scheduled and corporate Air Charter Operator withbases in Dar es Salaam and Arusha. The Company is made up ofexperienced and talented general aviation professionals providingstrong foundations to achieve its values and objectives.Holder of Air Service License (ASL) and Air Operators Certificate(AOC), our primary values and objectives are to operate safe andsecured air transport within Tanzania, provide quality service, becustomer oriented, have operational efficiency with team spirit,continuous improvement of our fleet and understanding customerrequirements, be conscientious and responsible with sincerity.The Company operates a fleet of Piston & Turbo Prop aircrafts.Cessna T206 G1000, Cessna Grand Caravans with a Cargo pod andDornier 228-202, that seats between five to 18 passengers.and national parks in Tanzania.driving on unsafe and unpaved roads.72 | Best of Tanzania
  • 72. enthusiastic, friendly, courteous andthoughtful of your from take-off to landing.courteous ground crew.the most favourable position to get you anaircraft exactly when and where you needit in Tanzania. Only Flightlink offers greaterflexibility and better value among othercharter operators in Tanzania.This is not a second-hand operation,guaranteeing the quality of the flight and thesafety of each passenger.For you, this means consistent service andOur network is unmatched, so our ability toget you a plane when you need it, is secondFlightscan delight a passenger by giving themjourney memorable and special.Customer serviceFrom carrying your bags on your arrival, towalking you to the plane, to refuelling yourplane and ready to fly on time, to trackingdown game that you see on the way whiledescending into the game park.Extra mileGiving a nervous flier extra reassurance,arranging for a forgotten item to be availableat your destination, capitalising on perfectweather conditions to offer you an aerialview of your destination landmarks as youcome in to land…Schedule and chartersmake a big difference.between you and your flight, what wouldthat leave?centrepiece of a new service that exploresthe Flightlink boarding experience. JustCentral Reservation ManyaraSeroneraMwanzaDestinationsBest of Tanzania | 73
  • 73. FlightlinkFlightlink is a scheduled and corporateAir Charter Operator with bases in Dar esSalaam and Arusha.The Company is made up of experiencedand talented general aviation professionalsand providing strong foundations to achieveits values and objectives.A holder of Air Service License (ASL)and Air Operators Certificate (AOC), ourprimary values and objectives are tooperate safe and secured air transportwithin Tanzania, provide quality service,be customer oriented, have operationalefficiency with team spirit, continuousimprovement of our feet and understandingcustomer requirements, and beconscientious and responsible with sincerity.The Company Operates a Fleet of Cessna208 Grand Caravans, and Cessna 206 allfitted with cargo pods for schedule flightsFlightlink will strive to be the mostcomprehensive aeromedical companyin Tanzania, using Cessna Citationfitted with a state of the art Life Port AirAmbulance Kit.who live, work and travel in Tanzania andneighbouring countries.and retrofit the jet with the most advancedS Transponders. The aircraft comes withfactory support for a first in Tanzania of itstype.teamed up to assist Flightlink to prepareand install electrical wiring on the Citation74 | Best of Tanzania
  • 74. FAA.engineered to meet requirements of anymedical mission (casualty to hospitaltransfers).patient loading utility system, advance lifesupport base unit, manual load system andAero Sled Stretcher for a smooth loadingand ride for the patient.The Citation will also be used forreliable private jet that can fly anywhere amid-sized jet can go at the cost of light-spacious and can accommodate up to eightand cold beverage area, a well-equippedmini bar, flushing toilet and a satellite phone(Aircel) and a baggage compartment largerthan other jets in its class. The jet hasFor further information,contact: of Tanzania | 75
  • 75. Green Car Rentals represents 20 years of it’ssuccessful business in TanzaniaTravelling to suburbs of Tanzania or being apart of a country filled with natural treasuresand opportunities that are unexploredtraffic, dusty roads, and muddy off roadsand experience of your next trip to Tanzaniais highly dependent on the car you will useduring your visit.of an organisation that is one of the mostrenowned Car rental companies in offering a wide variety of servicesto their clients globally.that every client is different and should betreated in a unique, personal way.The sufficient knowledge and experienceof employees has over the years proved tobe an asset to the company making them adesired organisation. This has allowed Greencars, to gradually expand to a maximum.The fleet includes a wide choice of vehiclesfrom 4x4s, Toyota Land Cruisers, Prados,and Toyota Pickups, giving every customer acar based on their use and comfort.and Chauffer driven packages, for short-term and long-term bases. The drivers arewell versed with most directions countryaddition drivers are trained with basics ofmechanics and handling of emergencysituations should that arise, to ensure thatthere is proper backup and customers wouldnot have any inconveniences.people and businesses of all sizes, be it forthey are known as one of the best serviceproviders in the country. They specialise inproject, field work, and providing pickuployal customers rental services in Kenya andand widen over the years to come. Someof their customers include oil companies,embassies, local companies, variousindustries, tourists and local private sector.One thing that distinguishes Green Car76 | Best of Tanzania
  • 76. run it is better to upgrade vehicles ratherthen spending a lot on maintenance. Thispolicy allows them to have good conditionedcars that are the latest and trouble free. Thisin return gives them happier customers andbuilds customer loyalty.The 20 years experience has allowed Greento customers for using the rental servicesbenefits. As a result, allowing the businessto build better strategies to build genuine,loyal customers.integration of services and making productsthey realise this and know that a lot of theircustomers inquire about safari and gamecustomers under one roof, making it a loteasier for the customer to deal with a singlecompany.The safari packages that are offered bythe trends and cycles in mind so that thecustomer can make the most out of whatthey are specifically looking for.The customer is a priority to Green Carprovide the best level of service and 20years of successful marketing experience.Green Car RentalsNkurumah Street,Along Nyerere RoadP.O. Box 20714Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2183718Mobile: +255 713 227788Email: greencars@raha.comwww.greencarstz.comCar RentalsBest of Tanzania | 77
  • 77. Serengoro Tours & Safaris Ltdfamous national parks in Tanzania, namelySerengoro Tours & Safaris Ltd is aTanzanian-based safari agency providingcar rental for tours and safaris, self driveis reliable and reputable local tour companygateway to the northern circuit parks.highest in Africa, and land of magnificentwildlife and cultural wonders are boundless.Travel back in time, return to an era ofgracious and leisurely living, a time foron safari in our unspoilt game parks andreserves, or just relaxing on the extensivesandy beaches of Dar es Salaam, mafia andsuit your need and budget.To get value for money, you can combinedestination in the world direct to Kilimanjaroor Dar es Salaam and realise your dreamholiday with us.SEEING IS BELIEVING is our motto.Message from the Managing Directorsuit your requirements and even give you anidea of what sights you will see.Africa safaris fast, reliable and affordable.Our products:Visionthe leading car rental and tourism serviceprovider in Tanzania.MissionOur mission is to provide high qualitycar rental and tourism services to targetcustomers at competitive rates.To all our clients of Serengoro Tours &Safaris Ltd, we wish to provide you simple,easy and fast services.high standard of services. As a travel partnerin our care, you will be at home away fromhome.Serengoro Tours & Safaris LimitedKaunda/Zambia Road – OysterbayP.O Box 8416, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel/Fax: +255 22 266 4431Mobile: +255 784 661715Email: info@serengorotours.comWeb: www.serengorotours.com78 | Best of Tanzania
  • 78. Best of Tanzania | 79needs, be it business or leisure, withinfleet of vehicles including saloon cars, smalland large 4x4s, and mini and macro busesavailable for hire on a daily, weeklyor monthly basis.Backed by a crew of friendly and efficientproviding reliable car hire services andauthentic African adventure. Choose fromour variety of cars, ready-made packagesor let us help you prepare a tailor-madeitinerary to suit your likes and needs.The package chosen, you can be assuredthat every journey will be comfortable andmemorable. The key to our business issomething we monitor very closely andensure that we consistently offer our clientsthe service they have come to expect.time, most popular tours range from guidedFor the individual that prefers the dazzleof lights, Xpress will make it their personalundertaking to make each experienceinteractive and insightful.pride in our drivers that are always punctual,courteous and well presented. Our fleet ofvehicles caters to every need of our clientson short-term or long-term. As part of ourcommitment to personal service, we offer a24/7-hours call service which allows clientsto book that last minute transfer, whenneeded.become a leading supplier of car hire inin a state of the art booking system thatallows appropriate, timeous communicationbetween the clients and us. From the veryfirst day the company has shown a steadygrowth, year on year.preferred transfers operator and car hire andenjoy to discovering the secret of Tanzania.982 Senegal Street, UpangaP.O. Box 5572, Dar es SalaamTel: +255 22 2152394Email: business@raha.comwww.xpresstours.orgXPRESS RENT A CARcompany comprises of two departments, Car rental and Tours,
  • 79. Dining and NightlifeCHAPTER 380 | Best of Tanzania
  • 80. Best of Tanzania | 81
  • 81. Right on the ocean cliff in the 5 star SeaCliff Hotel in Dar es Salaam, the restaurantKarambezi Café rests tranquilly. Surroundedby a panoramic 180 degree view of themajestic Indian Ocean, the Karambezi Caférestaurant has an exclusive setting for a trulyspecial dining experience. The grandeur ofthe endless sea combined with the warm,comfortable atmosphere and excellentcooking, makes for a no better way, andnowhere better, to enjoy a meal.In Karambezi Café, everyone from far awaytourists to Dar es Salaam residents findtheir home. Every day the team of staff atKarambezi Café welcomes hundreds ofguests for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Withpersonal service and high quality food asconstant components of their visit, guestsquickly become regulars. The grand outsidedeck and Cocktail Bar area combined withthe inside Lounge and Coffee Bar areas, hasroom for everything from romantic dinnersto informal business meetings, after workdrinks and big dinner parties. Every weekKarambezi Café caters for conferences andcorporate cocktails and assists their guestsin the planning of surprise birthday partiesand special anniversary celebrations.The seafood based menu offers a varietyof Eurasian and continental influenceddishes as well as local favourite delicacies,suitable for both daytime and evening. TheKarambezi Café team continuously strivestowards excellence in their kitchen, out ofrespect for the trade and because they thinkthat their guests deserve nothing less. Everymeal, small or large, is prepared solely withcarefully selected products, from both localand international suppliers that, like them,believe in the value of high quality and greattaste. The open kitchen allows guests tofollow the concentrated work of the chefs,and any guest who wants to enjoy a closerlook of the machinery at work is alwayswelcome.KC Coffee BarFreshly made cappuccinos, chocolateKarambezi CaféThe deep turquoise sea, delicious seafood, fresh air and great teamof staff, makes the Karambezi Café an unforgettable place to visit.82 | Best of Tanzania
  • 82. mousse cake, coconut macaroons, ice cream sundaes, freshly bakedcroissants and poppy seed bread rolls are only a small selection ofthe delicious coffee drinks, desserts, pastries and breads that theKC Coffee Bar offers their guests. As the owners of Karambezi Caféhad noticed a void in the market for high quality coffee productsand pastries, they decided to increase their restaurant by adding acoffee bar in 2011 and since the opening of their newest addition, thedemand for the coffee drinks and tasty condiments has increasedrapidly. In the KC Coffee Bar the Karambezi Café guests can enjoya freshly made cappuccino with warm peanut butter cookies, ora chocolate macaroon with a cooling frappuccino prepared toperfection by the well-trained baristas. Guests can select betweenthe wide variety of delicious desserts and tasty treats to enjoy on thespot, or bring home to the family. Karambezi Café also do customordered birthday cakes and wedding cakes to celebrate specialoccasions.Karambezi Café – Corporate Social ResponsibilitySince the re-opening of Karambezi Café, along with greatreconstruction and refurnishing, the launching of new menus andputting fresh systems in place, breaking old walls and habits andreplacing them with new ones, corporate social responsibility hasalways been a secure point on the agenda. Training programs forlocal staff members in language, writing and various other skills, aswell as promotions from within the team, is something the ownersof Karambezi Café put great emphasis on. They are continuouslyrunning different incentive and bonus programs, constructed soevery staff member can participate. Not only do these programscreate a great atmosphere and team spirit, but they also make spacefor personal growth and advancement and create new opportunitiesfor the staff. Karambezi Café also gives support for proper educationof the staff members’ children, as well as healthcare.Even though a lot of efforts are directed towards their ownstaff members, Karambezi Café also regularly participates incharity events and support different local as well as internationalorganisations. Anything from food sponsorships to cash donationscan make an essential difference.Please contact Karambezi Café Karambezi Café, Hotel Sea CliffP.O. Box 3030, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.www.karambezicafe.comBest of Tanzania | 83
  • 83. The concept was developed from thefoundation up, and it didn’t take long for thisrestaurant to become just the kind of eaterythis charming town has been desperatelycraving.Set on three floors, this contemporaryand rather quirky establishment is centredaround its status as a Classic Grill & WineBar, but don’t be fooled! The place bustlesfrom morning to night, serving breakfastsand fresh pastries, lunch, confectionary,small plates and, of course, dinner.Six Degrees boasts an intimate upstairs teahouse for private dining a drois as well as alarger private dining room, with the facilitiesand technology for special events, functionsand conferencing. The breezy deck on thethird floor is famed for its panoramic viewsof the shoreline, sunset cocktails, light fareand an ever changing array of premiumwines available by the glass.Combining typical features of Zanzibararchitecture with elements of classicalEurope, the overall look and feel is freshand funky. The abundant freshly cutflowers, hanging baskets and state of theart hydra-mist cooling system, combinedwith a glass dome and glass roofed terrace,are reminiscent of a Victorian greenhouse,while the bright interior creates a relaxed yetvibrant ambiance!Six Degrees SouthOn the popular Shangani strip between two of Stone Town’s mosthistoric buildings – the renowned Tiputip House and what used to be theold English Club – nestles Six Degrees South, Zanzibar’s newest icon.84 | Best of Tanzania
  • 84. Six Degrees is tranquil and inviting – the place to meet, socialiseand simply to enjoy. The easy atmosphere with free Wi-Fi is idealfor unwinding with a glass of your favourite tipple or indulging inthe array of nibbles on the menu. With effortless views of the IndianOcean, one is afforded a number of vantage points from which toenjoy the scenery, both inside and out.The menu caters for all appetites and budgets, and our distinguishedchef masterfully uses locally-grown organic produce along withimport quality lamb, beef, pork and fowl. Naturally too, there is adaily assortment of delights from the fishermen’s morning catch. Theselection of wine and spirits is unrivalled in Zanzibar, which is justanother reason why it has become the superstar of Stone Town’ssocial and foodie scene, for both travellers and expats alike.This is a restaurant of integrity. Six Degrees South prides itselfon delivering both culinary grace and gusto, in a highly creativeenvironment, and doing so with a level of service East Africa isn’tentirely familiar with. This, coupled with ultra modern features andamenities, like the automated climate control system and blindswhich adjust themselves as the afternoon sun plops into the ocean,makes for a spatial and gastronomic experience like no other.At Six Degrees South you are warmly welcomed to pop in for a quickbite, or linger on way into the night.WaterfrontShangani StreetStone TownZanzibarTel: +255 779 666055Best of Tanzania | 85
  • 85. Tanzanite and JewelleryCHAPTER 486 | Best of Tanzania
  • 86. Best of Tanzania | 87
  • 87. Tanzania is the only place in the world wherethe extraordinary precious Tanzanite gemis found. Taking its name from the countrywhose earth created it over many millennia,Tanzanite was given its name by Tiffany& Co. Varying in colour from deep blue topurple, Tanzanite was only first discoveredin 1967 in the Mererani Hills of NorthernTanzania, near the city of Arusha and thefoothills of Mount Kilimanjaro – the onlyknown place in the world where the rare gemis found.Tanzanite’s colour is dependent on thecrystal orientation and is therefore notedfor its remarkable light reflection whichseemingly changes colour. Once cut andpolished, Tanzanite becomes a kaleidoscopeof royal blue, violet, indigo, lilac andperiwinkle. It is this unique vibrant colour,which gives Tanzanite it’s immediatelyrecognisable identity and contributes to itsspecial positioning in both the gemstoneand the fine jewellery markets.HistoryTanzanite was only discovered in 1967 andwhen geologists realised it was a ‘neverseen before’ gemstone, it came to theattention of Tiffany & Co who named itTanzanite (after Tanzania – the country whereit comes from, and Zoisite – the gemstonefamily it belongs to).This identification by the GemologicalInstitute of America was corroborated bymineralogists at Harvard University, theBritish Museum, and Heidelberg University;however credit for first correct identificationis given to a Tanzanian governmentgeologist in Dodoma, Ian McCloud.Tanzania’s Blue Gem88 | Best of Tanzania
  • 88. Since Tiffany & Co. first marketed the gemas Tanzanite, it has become one of the mostcoveted stones in the world. Tanzanite is ashard as garnet, emerald or amethyst and iscommonly used in necklaces and earrings.World’s largest TanzaniteThe largest faceted Tanzanite in the world is737.81 carats. The “Queen of Kilimanjaro” isone of the most renowned Tanzanites and is242 carats and set in a tiara with 803 brilliantcut tsavorite garnets and 913 brilliant cutdiamonds – which is owned by MichaelScott, the first CEO of Apple Computers. InAugust 2005, the biggest known Tanzanitecrystal was found in a mine controlled byTanzaniteOne, weighing 16,839 carats (3.4kg) and measuring 22 cm × 8 cm × 7 cm.MiningAfter discovery in 1967 through tonationalisation in 1972, it was estimatedthat two-million carats of Tanzanite weremined in Tanzania. Through the mining ofTanzanite, the Tanzanian government earnsapproximately USD20-million a year. The USmarket is the biggest consumer of Tanzanitegems and sales total approximatelyUSD500-million per year.Tanzanite was named the gemstone ofthe 20th century, but the journey of eachstone began millions of years before that. Ageological phenomenon, Tanzanite is foundin unusual elevations on a vast plain in theshadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanitecrystals grew here under the ground –hidden from the eye of man until 1967.Through strict regulation and membership of90 percent of merchants becoming officialmembers of the International ColouredGemstone Association (ICA), Tanzanitetrade has been protected against unethicalpractices and is passed on along reputabletrade routes to established cutting-centresand major jewellers worldwide.Tanzanite stones reflect the personwho wears them – often described asimmaculate, elegant, and rare. Large goodquality Tanzanites are highly sought after;not only because of their exquisite colour,but also the exclusivity that comes with theirorigin in Tanzania.RareTanzanite is a rare and precious gemstoneand is 1,000 times rarer than diamond.Tanzanite’s formation is so unusual thatit has been described as a ‘geographicalphenomenon’. The world’s only knownsource is a thin strip of land at the foothillsof Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania,East Africa. Experts maintain that thechance of Tanzanite occurring elsewhereis ‘one in a million’. Tanzanite is anunparalleled stone with such rarity, that ithas its own category in the triad made up ofdiamonds, gemstones, and Tanzanite.BirthstoneIn 2002, the American Gem TradeAssociation (AGTA) selected Tanzanite asthe December birthstone, adding it to alist of birthstones unchanged since 1912.However, Tanzanite is generally regarded asthe stone of new life and new beginnings;as blue has always been a sacred, spiritualcolour to the Maasai. Customarily, onlywomen who have been blessed with fertilityhave the honour of wearing blue beads andfabric.HeirloomWith a finite supply from a single source,Tanzanite is an heirloom to be passedon from generation to generation. Thisgeneration may be the last of its first timeowners – ‘the Tanzanite generation’.With thanks to The Tanzanite Experience andthe Tanzanite Foundation.Best of Tanzania | 89
  • 89. Tanzanite; 1,000 times rarer than diamondsOne small area at the foothills of MountKilimanjaro provides the scene for theworld’s only source of this alluring stone,and at The Tanzanite Experience, visitorsindulge in Tanzanite’s rich heritage andintriguing stories from its discovery by alocal Maasai tribesman and how it receivedits name, the fascinating geology andmining process, how the stones are cutand polished and finally to see first-handan incredible collection of these sparklinggemstones that have become so soughtafter the world over.Visitors are taken on a journey that started585 million years ago through a seriesof visual and interactive exhibitions andlearn all about its unique characteristicsand why this stone is 1,000 times rarerthan diamonds. Discovered recently in1967, Tanzanite is a ‘one generation’ stonemeaning that it is anticipated that withinthe next 12-15 years there will be no moreTanzanite left in the ground and the chanceto be a ‘first owner’ will be gone. Tanzanitewill become the quintessential heirloom ofour generation. Given its name by Tiffany& Co in 1968 it was declared ‘the mostbeautiful blue stone to be discovered in2,000 years’.Being a product of TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd,the largest and most sophisticated Tanzanitemine, ensures that the ‘experience’ providesthe most up to date information on thisprecious stone as well as exhibiting anincredible range of finely cut stones thatvisitors can purchase knowing they arebuying directly from the source.The flagship museum opened in the heart ofArusha in 2008 making it the first of its kindto offer visitors an educational experienceon Tanzanite in an informal and upbeatenvironment. The following year then sawthe collaboration with Shanga, a heart-warming community project producing giftsusing recycled materials, with an onsiteboutique shop where a donation fromevery sale goes directly back to the project.This was followed with a smaller museumThe Tanzanite Experience showcases the history of Tanzanitethrough its unique museums in Arusha and Dar es Salaam,creating a greater awareness of how rare and precious Tanzaniteis by revealing its mystery and rarity.Shahid Ansari/7th element90 | Best of Tanzania
  • 90. opening within the grounds of the luxuriousArusha Coffee Lodge. New for 2012 wasthe opening of a second museum located inthe Masaki area of Dar es Salaam, allowingresidents and tourists the chance to enjoyThe Tanzanite Experience.All the Tanzanite gemstones sold throughThe Tanzanite Experience are laboratorycertified by The Tanzanite Laboratory, andguaranteed to be conflict free and travelledan ethical route from mine to market.The Tanzanite Experience is endorsed bythe Tanzanite Foundation, a non-profit,industry supported organisation that isdedicated to protecting and promotingTanzanite on behalf of all ethically operatingand socially responsible partners.Alongside its educational and sustainabledevelopment initiatives, the Foundationalso has developed an international gradingsystem for Tanzanite along with a ‘Mark ofRarity’™ which is the icon of the TanzaniteFoundation and is synonymous withconsumer confidence and an ethical route tomarket.The Tanzanite ExperienceArusha: 3rd Floor, Blue Plaza, India StreetDar es Salaam: Plot 1087,Mererani St, MasakiTel: +255 767 600900Email: info@tanzaniteexperience.comwww.tanzaniteexperience.comFacebook/TanzaniteExperienceShahid Ansari/7th elementBest of Tanzania | 91
  • 91. RaSifiwa Creations at Benetton GemsSpecialising in Tanzanite, owner and creatorR.S. Nandha’s family has been in the tradesince the 1980s.The Benetton Gems shop exclusivelyhouses the RaSifiwa Creations branddesigned by R.S. Nandha, which intricatelymakes use of the exquisitely rare Tanzanitestone.As one of the finest jewellers in Tanzaniaconveniently located within Sea Cliff Hotel,the elegant collection is a showcase forexceptional gold, silver and gemstonejewellery – including the famous and rareTanzanite gemstone which is unique toTanzania.Designed locally by the very talented R.S.Nandha, each piece is designed and madewith immense passion.His Wrist Art exemplifies the quality andbrilliance of RaSifiwa. All timepieces aremasterpieces of opulent African design.The CreatorAnything and everything about RaSifiwawas created in the mind of R.S. Nandha, aproud African who was born and raised inDar es Salaam, Tanzania. After learning theart of jewellery-making in Florida, USA, hereturned home to recreate his family-ownedjewellery business, which had been in SeaCliff Hotel since 1998. This resulted in thebirth of Benetton Gems.Nandha doesn’t create jewellery, he createsart from visions that come to him and thedetails are visualised into what he calls “OutThere Class”. He is the exclusive designerfor RaSifiwa and the Wrist Art is the productof immense passion and creativity increating a masterpiece truly unique to Africa.RaSifiwa was a dream that he made cometrue.RaSifiwaRaSifiwa is an African dream created by anBenetton Gems are a highly reputable outlet of RaSifiwa Creations, which has been atSea Cliff Hotel in Dar es Salaam since its opening in 1998.92 | Best of Tanzania
  • 92. inspiring jewellery artist from Tanzania. Itall came from the dream of a single watch,which grew to an uncontrollable passion increating one of a kind jewellery timepiecesas well as other legendary jewels from theAfrican continent – to which the label isdedicated. RaSifiwa had been in creation forthree years and was finally launched in 2010– as a lasting brand.The Significance of the nameThe name RaSifiwa consists of thedesigners name along with his brothersand the word ‘sifiwa’, which means ‘to bepraised upon’ in the language of Kiswahili.Wrist ArtThe one of a kind RaSifiwa Wrist Art is a rareAfrican Design. Music, colours, and life-changing experiences all bring the exclusivedesign and vision to life. All the timepiecesare limited editions and have differentmaterial combinations, making each WristArt unique from one another. The entirepieces are made from 18-karat solid gold orplatinum and are wrapped around the wristwith a selection of fine leathers.Time is kept precise with quality Swissmovement. The beautiful features of thewatch include the three Carats of variousprecious and rare gems, as well as the sheerslimness of the design; all making it a truemasterpiece. These jewellery timepieces areavailable at Benetton Gems and online Fully customisable Wrist Artsare available upon request. The Wrist Art is apatented design.AvailabilityRaSifiwa creations are exclusively availableat Benetton Gems, inside Sea Cliff Hotel andonline upon inquiry.Tel: +255 777 770888Email: info@rasifiwa.combenettongems@rasifiwa.comWebsite: www.rasifiwa.comBest of Tanzania | 93
  • 93. Introducing URUThroughout African history gemstoneswere believed to bring the wearer wisdom,prosperity and strength. Tanzanian artisanscombine gold and silver with the samerough gemstones on bracelets; hand wovenfrom threads in an endless array of coloursand designs ensuring that each URU pieceis a unique creation.About URUURU is an ancient Swahili term describinga powerful essence, such as that whichcomes from a diamond worn and cherishedby African kings and queens. Today URUjewellery is handcrafted in our workshop inDar es Salaam, Tanzania. In 2009, the firstURU bracelet was created using locallysourced rough diamonds, gold and fishingline, identical to those used on the dhowssailing the East African coast.Since then, URU’s designs have evolvedinto a sophisticated and stylish range ofbracelets, pendants, rings, cufflinks andother accessories. The pieces are createdusing hand cast gold and silver combinedwith rough precious stones includingdiamonds, Tanzanite, rubies, spinel andtsavorite. The bracelet straps are made fromhand-knotted threads or natural leathers inan endless array of colours and designs.Creating URUEvery URU piece is unique. The URU stonesare exclusively sourced from Tanzaniansmall-scale miners throughout the country.In appreciation of the natural beauty inherentin the rough stones, the gems are used asthey are found, ensuring that no two piecesare the same.The precious metal used in each URUdesign is hand carved, cast and polishedby an URU artisan using age-old methods.Our unique threaded bracelet strap is handwoven by an URU craftsman in a timeInspired by ancient African traditions and designs, URU Diamondsoffers an exclusive range of meticulously handcrafted jewellery.94 | Best of Tanzania
  • 94. consuming process that takes up to sixhours. More than 50 metres of thread in asmany as six colours is used to create eachpiece.Your URU pieceThe URU bracelets are available in twosizes, each fully adjustable due to ourunique closing system. All URU jewelleryis unisex in design and available in a widevariety of colours.We welcome you to contact us by emailor visit our workshop in Dar es Salaam towork with us to customise your unique URUpiece. URU is available at a growing numberof outlets around the world. Find yournearest URU shop or retailer on our website.URU’s commitmentURU has created a skilled team of Tanzanianartisans and craftsmen in order to presentsome of the finest jewellery being madeon the African continent today. Years ofcontinuous training of our employees andrefinement of our designs is the reason forURU’s success. We are a proud Tanzanianbrand with a strong commitment to giveback to the country, which has given us somuch.URU is committed to creating opportunitiesfor young Tanzanians and through ourcooperation with SOS Children’s Villages,we are supporting education for childrenin the rural areas where our gemstones aresourced. All of our stones are Tanzanian and100% conflict of Tanzania | 95
  • 95. Close to threedecades ofdiscovering colourTanzania is situated in one of the mostgeologically diverse and interesting areas ofthe African continent. It is in this area of EastAfrica where the continents of Africa, Asiaand Australia were once joined together,leaving us with a print of the uniqueness ofall three continents. It is here in East Africathat the ancestor to modern man walked theplains of the Serengeti over a million yearsago.The geology of the Tanzanian plateaus andmountains range from the very old to thevery young. Compared to other parts of thecontinent, this land is in a state of activechange, as active volcanoes continue totremor and the shifting movement of ourgreat East African Rift pushes this land inchby inch each year, to eventually split fromthe rest of Africa.As a result of the dynamic geologic activityfound here, beginning with movements fromwithin the depths of the earth’s crust andculminating in the peaks and valleys thatcharacterise Tanzania’s diverse landscape,Tanzania is blessed with myriad occurrencesof most of the known types of geologicalformations of the earth. Under such uniquecircumstances, we see the continuingdiscovery of rare and exotic minerals, someunique only to Tanzania.From the abundance of mineral deposits,we are blessed with a collection of exoticcolours as rare as anything that has everbeen produced by mother earth. Some ofthese rare Gemstones have risen to thesurface from the depths of the Earth, somefrom as long ago as 400-600 million yearsago, when the Earth was unimaginablydifferent from what we see today.For 28 years, we at Lithos Africa have beenengaged extensively in the quest to study,discover and collect with the greatest careall that is unique, rare, and beautiful inTanzania. We are proud to treat each pieceof crystal collected as an individual rarity, sothat each one of our stones may complimentthe distinctive tastes of those who wish towear something rare and extraordinary fromEarth.With every rough gemstone that comes intoour collection, be it from one of our ownproductions or from a small mine in a remotecorner of this fascinating country, we useour dedicated second generation expertisecombined with almost three decades of fieldexperience to create the final form. Eachfinished piece aspires to perfection whilefully expressing its own unique beauty andrarity, an achievement that we pass to ourclients with pleasure and dedication.www.lithosafrica.com96 | Best of Tanzania
  • 96. Best of Tanzania | 97
  • 97. Décor, Design and InteriorsCHAPTER 598 | Best of Tanzania
  • 98. Best of Tanzania | 99
  • 99. Orca DecoOrca Deco is a large high-end furniture andaccessories store relatively new to Dar esSalaam. We carry a huge selection of high-quality imported furniture and accessoriesfor the home and garden.Opened in 2007, Orca Deco is Tanzania’snumber one furniture store. Orca Decobrings you high-quality and attractivedesigns of all kinds of furniture for yourhouse at the most affordable price. Nolonger should you have to compensateyour living style for the fear of price. OrcaDeco not only offers furniture, but alsodecorations, tools, house cosmetics,textiles, and indoor and outdoor householdand home products.Orca Deco is an ambassador of eleganceand luxury. The Orca Deco Outlet is ideal forfinding a fit to your taste of home furnishingwith soothing interior decoration. We have acomprehensive collection and arrangementof both classic quality as well as modernsimplicity for all cosy interior requirements.A platform of the warmest product offeringshas been introduced.Orca Deco is the name of exclusive qualityand durability; offering the smart, lean lookof the modern furnishing and decorationindustry. Consultation with Orca Deco’sexpertise can result in home patternadjustment, finding the most suitablefurniture and textiles, as well as creatinginteriors with catchy colour and texture.Interior decoration can not only create acomfortable and aesthetically pleasing livingenvironment, it can also enhance social andprofessional standing – being elegant andwell-tuned to highlight the sense of overallcontentment.Orca Deco is not only about furniture,carpets and curtains; but also about treatingevery nook of the interior with the right tone.It has a wide array to sustain the ornategrandeur of bathrooms as well.The Orca Deco outlets are becomingprominent all over Africa – Benin, BurkinaFaso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Mali,Mauritania, and Senegal. In most of theseareas, Orca Deco sustains a leading positionin quality in the established furniture market.With strong experience in African eleganceand quality support, Orca Deco has arrivedin Tanzania to introduce the real valueaddition in living standards, professionalism,and organisational image presentations.Orca Deco has a wide range of internationalstandard furniture with competitive pricepackages and services to fit demand andOrca Deco completes your household and interior.100 | Best of Tanzania
  • 100. best equip your daily living or workinginterior. Customers can choose singleitems of necessity to complete their livingsurroundings.Orca Deco treats any household withgreat attention to detail to ensure that thecustomer’s individual needs are met. Theseefforts meet the requirements and tastesof customers with expert guidance so thatfurnishing tunes directly into the uniqueenvironment of their interiors. It is all aboutpartnership with the customer, includingsincere devotion to building and sustaininglong-term client-relationships.Jamana House,1st Floor, Plot 9 Nyerere Rd, of Tanzania | 101
  • 101. We are one of the largest furniture and appliance retailers in Tanzania. We are dedicated to our mission of sellingquality furniture at affordable prices. We guarantee value, service, quality and above all product at competitiveprices, which is the key ingredient to our success. Since opening our doors 55 years ago, we have grown from onebranch to 17 nationwide.Furniture Centre DSM Ltd.Furniture Centre DSM Ltd. established in 1956, is part of a group ofcompanies belonging to the Hasham Jamal Group of Companies.Furniture Centre is also engaged in manufacturing of home and office furniture. Our office furniture carry fine quality melamine to producepanel based office furniture and solid wood which is used for home furnishings. Our factory and retail outlets employ 400 workers from salespeople, office personnel, trade workers to carpenters.102 | Best of Tanzania
  • 102. Best of Tanzania | 103
  • 103. Vita FoamIn this inaugural edition of ‘Best of Tanzania’, we humbly take thisgrand opportunity to introduce Vita Foam (T) Ltd as Tanzania’sleading mattress manufacturer and bedding solutions provider.We salute our loyal customers who have supported us through adecade of innovation, persistence and excellence. In establishinga resolute and trusted name in the industry, whilst pioneering therevolutionisation of the foaming industry in Tanzania, we stand talland above the rest in providing highly professional and customisedproducts in the mattress industry.Over the years, since its inception in 2001, Vita Foam has grownstronger, become smarter and learnt to listen to our customers’needs in providing consistent healthy sleeping solutions for homes,hotels, hospitals, school and university hostels, defence forces,prisons, various institutions, high-end residential apartments andevery individual.With a rich product mix that consists of a variety of foam, spring andorthopaedic mattresses, pillows, cushions, complete bedsets andvarious ancillary items such as protectors and bedding linen, we areproud to position our brands as affordable, available and durable fora one-stop premium bedding solution for all. We further specialiseourselves in providing complete bedding solutions to hotels.With our strong customer service and quality motto, we prideourselves with many firsts in the market that have contributed to thesuccess and professionalism of our firm:Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS);manufactured international quality spring mattresses of pocket andbonnell technology;104 | Best of Tanzania
  • 104. mattresses;warranty against defects with zero claims;of the prestigious Business Initiative Award, Geneva.Our brandsVita Raha: Our flagship andmost popular brand of 23density foam mattress. A tried,tested and approved product.Vita Supreme: A 28 densityfoam mattress with highresilience for comfort anddurability.Vita Raha Plus: An orthopaedic(medical) mattress with an innercore of 100 Density re-bondedfoam, with optional top layersof high density/high resilience/visco elastic foam. Mostsuitable for those who preferfirm support.Vita Spring: Our Everflex (pocket springs) and Duraflex(bonnell springs) luxurious spring mattresses are available in allstandard and customised sizes.Vita Bed Set: An elegant andsturdy complete bed set (Diwan)available with a mattress ofyour choice, headboards andoptional side cabinets. A perfectsolution for hotels.Other bedding ancillary: Variety of pillows, mattress protectors,wide range of bath and bedding linen and customised foam.Our reachWith rising market needs, Vita Foam has its manufacturing plantslocated in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza. With an enviable distributionnetwork, the company’s reach further extends to branches anddepots at Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Mbeya, Arusha and Tanga.Through this widespread distribution network, Vita Foam willalways be your most professional, reliable and high quality beddingsolutions provider and we will continue to guarantee the bestsleeping solutions in line with our motto – ‘For the REST of your Life’, as wecontinually invest in the latest technology and human resources.Head Office111B, Mwakalinga Road,Chan’gombe, behind Konyagi,P.O Box 5686, Dar es Salaam,TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2865957, 2860955Mob: +255 784 800 610Fax: +255 22 2865231Email: info@vitafoamtz.comWebsite: www.vitafoamtz.comMwanza FactoryPlot No. 45/46, Nyakato, MwanzaMob: +255 784 800 920Email: Suraj Chandalia – CEOBest of Tanzania | 105
  • 105. Training and EducationCHAPTER 6106 | Best of Tanzania
  • 106. Best of Tanzania | 107
  • 107. The University of Dar es Salaam held a two-day workshop on enhancing the quality andaccessibility of higher education in Tanzaniain June 2011. Endorsed by UNESCO, theworkshop hosted policy makers, leaders,and both local and foreign experts.Discussions surrounded the growing needfor open content inside common e-learningmodels and what the impact would be onhigher education.The definition of an ‘open learning centre’,as given by UNESCO, is “an infrastructureproviding a range of e-learning facilitiesand e-content to students, either onsite, through remote access, or in mixedmode. The term ‘open’ refers to: thephysical access to and use of the centre(for extracurricular student research andpossible support for e-learning of otheruniversities or informal courses in thecommunity at large); the learning content(Open Educational Resources – OER); andthe use of open technologies and standardsfor the deployment of services (Free andOpen Source Software – FOSS).”The open door to accessible education in TanzaniaUNESCO’s Open Learning Centres are to change the face of higher education in Tanzaniathrough open source technology infrastructure.108 | Best of Tanzania
  • 108. Creating knowledge cultureThe outcomes of this workshop entitled“Open Technologies and Contents inImproving the Quality of Education inHigher Learning Institutions” were to startthe e-infrastructure upgrade necessary togenerate and maintain a knowledge culturein Tanzanian society. The workshop laid thefoundation for the initiative by providing thecontext.The main points of discussion of theworkshop were:OER in teaching and learning in the highereducation system in Tanzania;in establishing an open learning centre inTanzania;e-learning models in Tanzania.The open content technologies of FOSSand OER proved to be major points ofinterest with representatives of the localcommunities who are excited to discovertheir possible effects on their highereducation systems. The major effectwould be improved access to good qualityinformation and education, not only for asmall privileged number, but for the widerpopulation. This is as a result of sharedcontent, software and hardware.Challenges to overcomeThese concepts can only fully beappreciated once a number of obstaclesare overcome. These include the negativeattitudes and stigma towards e-learningcontent from institutions and also thehigh cost and availability of bandwidth.Experts developed a pre-feasibility studywhich suggests a possible workplan forthe University of Dar es Salaam to beginbuilding the infrastructure for an openlearning centre.UNESCO’s involvementThe organisation stands firm on the beliefthat access to higher education is vital forbuilding knowledge-based societies versedin human rights, peace, and interculturaldialogue universally. Their endorsement ofthe open learning centre initiative by theUniversity of Dar es Salaam is based onthe opportunities this will provide not onlyfor access to quality education, but also infacilitating dialogue, knowledge sharing, andcapacity building. of Tanzania | 109
  • 109. The Open University of TanzaniaIntroductionThe Open University of Tanzania (OUT)celebrated its 20th Anniversary in October,2012 since its establishment in 1992.It is an autonomous fully-fledged andaccredited public institution of higherlearning being mandated to conductacademic programs leading to certificate,diploma, undergraduate and postgraduatequalifications. The mission is to continuouslyprovide quality open and distanceeducation, research and public service forsustainable and equitable social economics,in the development of Tanzania in particular,along the rest of Africa.Regional / Coordination CentresOperating from the commercial city of Dares salaam as its temporary headquarters,OUT provides higher education throughOpen and Distance Learning (ODL) – closerto people as the day-to-day activities aremainly made through Regional Centresavailable in all regions both in TanzaniaMainland and Zanzibar. OUT also operatesthrough Coordination Centres in a numberof neighbouring countries, such as Kenya,Rwanda and Namibia.Enrolment and GraduatesReflecting on its 20 years of operations,OUT has provided access to highereducation to over 60,000 students, makingit a number one University in Tanzaniain admitting a larger number of studentsfrom within and outside the country in fiveFaculties and two Institutes. This reflectsthe Anniversary theme of “20 years ofBridging the Educational Gap in Tanzaniaand Beyond.” Already over 14,000 studentshave graduated from OUT between 1999and 2012, of which 6,056 graduated inCertificates, Diploma and FoundationCourse, 6,602 graduated in Undergraduatedegrees and 1,367 in Masters andDoctorates.20 years of bridging the educational gap in Tanzania and beyond.110 | Best of Tanzania
  • 110. Faculties:Technology-Enhanced LearningEnvironmentThe ODL mode at OUT is enhancedby the use of well maintained Internetconnections, application of MOODLELearning Management System, StudentsAdmission System, ExaminationsRegistration System, On-DemandExamination System and several otherelectronic systems. Coupled with theestablishment of the Directorate of QualityAssurance and Control, the use andapplication of electronic systems hascontributed towards making OUT one ofthe leading higher education institutionsin issues related to Quality Assurance andControl in Tanzania.Vision StatementTo be a leading world-class University inthe delivery of affordable quality educationthrough Open Distance Learning, dynamicknowledge generation and application.Guiding Plan ThemeCommitment to quality outputs, integrity andpursuit for the provision of quality educationfor all.Core functionsAs provided in the Universities Act No.7of 2005 and the OUT charter 2007, thefunctions of the Open University of Tanzaniaare:The Open University of Tanzania offersaffordable, innovative, relevant and qualitydegrees and non-degree programmes.In addition, the University provides anBest of Tanzania | 111
  • 111. 112 | Best of Tanzaniaenabling environment for integratedcontinuous learning for students and itsstaff.OUT has created and will maintain anenvironment conducive to undertakerelevant quality research and publications.It also publishes scholarly findings as partof its mandate to generate, preserve anddisseminate knowledge in its own, localand international media and journals aswell as electronic repositories.The consultancy and community servicesare integrated within the OUT corefunctions. In addition, the Universityparticipates in various communityprogrammes, activities and services aspart of its corporate social responsibility.Organisation structureBefore adoption of the Universities ActNo. 7 of 2005, OUT was guided by the ActNo.17 of 1992 and its Regulations. Thecurrent organisational structure of OUT wasapproved by the OUT 54th Council Meetingof December, 2006. Since then, OUT hasinstituted a new organisational structurethat conforms to the Universities Act No.7of 2005 and the OUT Charter and Rules of2007.ChancellorThe Chancellor is the titular head of theUniversity who confers degrees and otheracademic awards of the university.Vice-ChancellorThe Vice Chancellor is the Chief ExecutiveOfficer and the Chief Spokesperson of theUniversity and shall be responsible to theCouncil for implementation of the decisionsof the Council as guided by the OUT RollingThe current corporate organisationalstructure provides up to three Deputy ViceChancellors (DVCs) who assist the ViceChancellor as follows:Responsible for admission, teachingand learning, regulations, examinations,postgraduate studies, research,publication and academic staffdevelopment, consultancy and communityservices. Also coordinates curriculadevelopment and academic audits.Responsible for effective managementof all types of resources at the UniversityResources).Coordination of all Regional andCoordination Centres and to overseeapplication of learning technologies in theoperations of OUT.The Open University of Tanzania is the firstuniversity in the whole of the East Africa
  • 112. region to offer educational programmesthrough Open and Distance Learning mode.This makes OUT different from conventionalresidential universities. Through Open andDistance Learning (ODL), OUT allows aflexible learning environment leading toprotracted periods of course completion.Being an ODL institution, OUT operatesthrough a network of 30 Regional Centresand more than 70 Study Centres inTanzania and abroad. To address theemerging national, regional and globalchallenges which emanate from the fastchanging perceptions and world cultural,social and economic outlooks, OUT hasestablished several collaborations andlinks with local, regional and internationalorganisations, associations, and institutionsof higher learning such as the InternationalTelecommunication Union, United KingdomTelecommunication Academy, NamibiaCollege of Open Learning, TriumphantCollege in Namibia, University of Zimbabwe,Egerton University in Kenya, GlobalJustice Solutions (a subsidiary of CoffeyInternational), Cape Coast University inGhana, and the National University ofRwanda.Educational delivery is attained throughvarious means of communication suchas broadcasting, telecasting, Informationand Communication Technologies (ICTs),correspondence, enhanced face to face,seminars, and contact programmes.OUT is increasingly using e-Learning asa mode of delivery through the LearningManagement System Moodle. It hasestablishment of Tanzania’s first E-LearningCentre, which will be located at thetemporary headquarters of OUT in Dar esSalaam.The E-learning Centre will focus initially onbuilding the capacity of the staff and thenstudents from OUT and other universitiesand colleges. SIDA will also support thecapacity-building work of the E-learningCentre.The University has offered and continuesto offer both degree and non-degreeprogrammes in diverse fields of study. Thereare also several non-degree programmes,which include foundation courses providedto enable individuals to qualify and enrolinto different degree programmes as well asseveral demand driven short courses.The Open University of TanzaniaKawawa Road, Kinondoni MunicipalityP.O. Box 23409Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaFax: +255 22 266 8759Tel: +255 22 266 8992/835/445/960Email: of Tanzania | 113
  • 113. BackgroundNIT was established in 1975 as a trainingwing of the then National TransportCorporation (NTC). NIT was chargedwith the responsibility of strengtheninghuman resource capabilities of transportoperatives and middle level managersof subsidiary companies of NTC. Thesesubsidiary companies were: National BusServices Limited (KAMATA), Usafiri Dar esSalaam Limited (UDA), Regional TransportCompanies (RETCOs) etc.In 1982, it was realised that there wasa need to have an institute that trainsexperts in all modes of transport, thus theInstitute expanded its area of activities andresponsibilities. As a result, NIT was re–established through NIT Act No. 24 of 1982as an autonomous higher learning institutionunder the then Ministry of Communicationsand Works. It came into operation on 1 July,1983 through the Government Notice No 91.Currently, the Institute is under the Ministryof Transport.The Institute obtained a full registrationstatus with the National Council forTechnical Education (NACTE).The National Institute of Transport is theonly such training institute in sub-Saharaexcluding South Africa, mandated by theGovernment of the United Republic ofTanzania to offer training in transport andcommunications and related disciplines.Our MissionTo conduct flexible and sustainable high-quality Education and Training, Researchand Consultancy in Logistics and TransportTechnology.Our VisionTo be a Regional Centre of Excellence inLogistics and Transport Technology.Our valuesIn pursuit of its mission, NIT is guided bythe following values; Team work, CustomerExcellence and Good Governance.The courses that are being offered at NITare:Logistics and Transport Management(MBA-LTM), in collaboration with OpenUniversity of Tanzania.Transport Management (BLTM)Engineering (BAE)Logistics ManagementManagement (DLTM)Forwarding (DFCF)Technology (DCIT)The National Institute of Transport (NIT)The National Institute of Transport (NIT) is a public higher learning institutionlocated west of Dar es Salaam City, along Mabibo Road in Ubungo LightIndustrial area; just about one kilometre off Morogoro Road.114 | Best of Tanzania
  • 114. (DHRM)Management (BCLTM)Forwarding BCFCF)(BCAE)Communication Technology (BCICT)(BCME)Management (BCHRM)(BCBA)NIT in collaboration with the CharteredInstitute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)of United Kingdom, offers internationalprofessional programmes:Logistics and TransportTransportTransportLogistics and TransportThe Institute also organises and co-ordinates short courses on professionaldriving, Industrial driving and DriverInstructors.Other short courses are: Vehicle Inspectionand Driver Examination, TransportManagement and Vehicle Repairs andMaintenance.Under Research and Consultancy services,NIT has qualified staff who are involvedin conducting research projects andconsultancy services mainly within thecommunications, logistics and transportsector.Institute will soon start offering thefollowing courses:EconomicsTransport ManagementSafety and ManagementEngineeringLogisticsContact InformationThe RectorNational Institute of TransportP. O. Box 705Dar es SalaamTel: +255 22 2400148Fax: +255 22 2443149Email: of Tanzania | 115
  • 115. Medical HealthcareCHAPTER 7116 | Best of Tanzania
  • 116. Best of Tanzania | 117
  • 117. Whirlwind AviationMedical HealthcareWhirlwind Aviation is a registeredTanzanian company, incorporated underthe Companies Act 2002 on 19 November2010.The pilots and paramedic crew arehighly qualified and experienced inhelicopter related services (28 yearsaviation, 18 years Aero Medical andSearch and Rescue).Whirlwind has a flawless safety and qualityrecord – as do their well-qualified personnel– and is fully TCAA compliant and up tostandard.Whirlwind is licensed to render non-scheduled Air Services, Aero Medical andSearch and Rescue Services, and is the onlyregistered and licensed Medivac HelicopterCompany in East Africa.Whirlwind is in the process of placingDedicated Intensive Care Air Ambulances– fully equipped and crewed – strategicallyover Tanzania in Arusha, Dar es Salaam,Mbeya, Mwanza, and Mtwara.Helicopter ServicesWhirlwind Aviation offers the only helicopterservice in Tanzania, available for utilisationin many diverse fields according to clientspecifics:and Offshore and Onshore.Approved for External Camera Mounts,Medical Evacuations in a fully equippeddedicated Air Ambulance.Mountain and Aquatic Rescue.Line Inspection.Anti-poaching, Wildlife Monitoring,Transport Security Monitoring, and FireFighting.Helicopter equipped with External CargoHook.118 | Best of Tanzania
  • 118. Seamless Secure Transit directly fromcollection to drop-off at airport ordestination non-stop.client exclusivity on contract.Medical Evacuation (HEMS)Whirlwind Medical Rescue is a pre-eminentprovider of air medical services in thecountry dedicated to providing rapid andsafe aero-medical transportation to injuredand critically ill adults, children and infants.Whirlwind utilises helicopters adapted tobe air ambulances and are equipped tointensive care unit levels comparable to thatfound in hospitals. This service is dedicatedto the members and is the best and fastestpossible solution for emergency evacuationfrom the accident scene to an appropriatemedical facility, especially in the rural areasin Tanzania.The roll-out plan involves placing dedicatedAir Ambulances with state of the artequipment and advanced life-supportparamedics on board throughout Tanzania inthe near future.With a response time of 20 minutes,Whirlwind will be able to reach and stabilisepatients within the Golden Hour (critical first60 minutes after an incident) anywhere andanytime within Tanzania.The Whirlwind Medical Rescue Membershipchallenges of pre-authorisation, paymenthassles and critical medical assessments fortheir members – at a time they need it mostwhen their lives are hanging in the balance.Whirlwind evacuates patients to the AMITrauma Centre in Dar es Salaam or toNairobi in Kenya if necessary, and can alsofacilitate further international evacuation toSouth Africa or Europe if required.The unique Whirlwind Medical Rescueevacuations for:families,Where a typical emergency evacuation cancost a person between $12,000.00 and$20,000.00, the membership option is byfar the best and cheapest. Rates range from$38.00 – $200.00 per month for tourists to$38.00 – $150.00 per month for individualand corporate members, payable annually.Client Customised PackageWhirlwind Aviation values the business andinterests of its clients and will therefore takea business package with best price optioninto consideration based on the followingconditions:ContactsFor any enquiries, service relatedquotations, or general information, youare welcome to contact:Neels van Eijk (CEO and Chief Pilot)Mobile: +255 (0) 753 822 Wilcox (Medical Director)Mobile: +255 (0) 766 956 Loretz (Sales & Marketing Manager)Mobile: +255 (0) 767 900 Aviation Contact DetailsToll free Emergency Number:+255 (0) 767 900 877Website: of Tanzania | 119
  • 119. The Aga Khan HealthService, TanzaniaThe Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania (AKHST) is comprised of a leadinglocated in various regions across the country. The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar esSalaam (AKH-Dar) is currently a multi-specialty, secondary healthcare facilityproviding general medical services, specialist clinics, and diagnostic services.Since 1964, the hospital has continued to invest in strategies aimed at growth,positioning it as the premier hospital within the health sector. In June 2000, thehousing two inpatient floors, consulting rooms, dental facility, laboratory,accident and emergency, and pharmacy.AKH-Dar is also part of the Aga Khan Health Services international referralsystem, with links to the Aga Khan University Hospitals in Nairobi and Karachi.Morogoro, and Mwanza have been in existence for almost fifty years. Today, thecentres provide a range of services including outpatient care and free maternaland child health services, which are delivered in collaboration with internationaldonors and the Government of Tanzania.VisionTo be recognised as the premier, teaching, and tertiary health system in Tanzania.MissionTo provide accessible, high quality, cost-effective healthcare services to thepeople that we serve.QualityCertification for their high quality standards in healthcare provision; the firsthealthcare system in Tanzania to attain this prestigious certification. This is onlythe beginning of our continued commitment to providing quality healthcare to thepeople of Tanzania.CapacityAKHST presently employs over 600 staff, including over 40 full-time, highlyqualified consultants from around the world as well as over 100 registeredCaring for you.120 | Best of Tanzania
  • 120. nurses, who attend to 300,000+ outpatientsand 6,000+ inpatients annually. Througha long-standing partnership with the AgaKhan University Advanced Nursing Schoolas well as other public and private institutesof higher learning, AKHST invests innursing skills enhancement and educationaldevelopment. AKH-Dar is also a training siteand Surgery. Each year AKHST also acceptsplacement of between 10-15 interns fromthe Ministry of Health.TechnologyThe first institution in Tanzania to install anMRI, AKH-Dar has a strong complementof imaging and laboratory diagnosticequipment, and continues to be on thecutting edge of technological advancesin the field of medicine. The hospital alsohas a fully integrated health managementsystem (HMIS) and laboratory informationmanagement system (LIMS), allowing foraccurate and timely information storageand retrieval, which is also being integratedbetween the main hospital and theExpansionCurrently a significant clinical service andfacility expansion is underway for theAga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam. Thisclinical areas including a comprehensivecardiology programme, oncology services,and selected aspects of neurosciences, aswell as the expansion of orthopaedics andtrauma, diagnostic imaging, critical care,and women and child health programmes.In line with the Aga Khan DevelopmentNetwork’s (AKDN) East African outreachstrategy, AKHST has initiated plans toestablish 30 outreach health centres acrossTanzania over the next few years in order toincrease geographical accessibility to qualityhealthcare.For more than 50 years, AKHST has beeninvesting in excellence and innovation so wecan continue caring for you.Ocean Road, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 211 5151-53Email: info@akhst.orgwww.agakhanhospitals.orgBest of Tanzania | 121
  • 121. SANITAS Medics & DiagnosticsOne visit to SANITAS Mikocheni willconvince you and your team that we area one-stop, state of the art medical anddiagnostic facility, staffed with qualified,experienced and talented staff andequipped with the latest technology toolsand diagnostic machinery. Occupying 9,500square feet of working area and increasing,we are like no other Hospital in Tanzania.People at SANITASSANITAS has highly qualified andexperienced doctors and specialists inevery field – internal medicine, cardiology,obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics,ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology,nephrology, urology, endocrinology,orthopaedic, physiotherapy, dentistry,nutrition therapy, counselling and more.Our nurses, pharmacy and lab techniciansare all well qualified, experienced and smart.Our prices are competitive and we followstrict International protocols.SANITAS is the brainchild of entrepreneurKrishnamurthy Venkateswaran, (aka Murthy)a citizen of New Zealand, Australia andIndia; and his wife Mary, an IT and CustomerServices wizard. They founded SANITASwith the help of local and overseas investorsand Murthy heads SANITAS as its CEO.Murthy is an engineer with an MBA fromOtago University in Dunedin, New Zealand.He has led organisations of all sizes andcomplexity in a variety of industries all overthe world to excellence in their fields.DiagnosticsSANITAS’ diagnostic centre is decidedlyamong the best in Tanzania with severalpioneering machines that can undertake allinvestigations in hematology, immunology,serology, biochemistry, urinalysis andmicrobiology. X-ray and mammogram aresupported by Carestream CR System.CardiacSANITAS cardiac centre has aSiemens Ultrasound with Doppler andEchocardiogram, a Schiller ECG machineand a Schiller Treadmill connected forstress testing. Three renowned cardiologistspractice at SANITAS.SurgeriesSANITAS’ operation theatre is of cuttingedge technology and also perhaps thebiggest in Tanzania, allowing flexibility toa team of surgeons. There is a two-bedICU, and twelve private beds. Our three-bed labour room is probably the biggestin Tanzania. Several top surgeons andgynaecologists from Tanzania and overseasperform procedures at SANITAS.We also have tie-ups with the best hospitalsin India such that their super specialistsurgeons visit SANITAS regularly andperform procedures right here at SANITAS.We have a tele-conferencing facility as well.Complex cases for which the facility doesnot exist here are sent overseas.PharmacySANITAS pharmacies are spacious and verywell stocked with all the reputed brandedand generic drugs. If you need any specificdrug presently not in stock at Sanitas, wewill get it within 24 hours and ensure that itis always available from then on.DialysisAt SANITAS we have Fresenius and Gambrodialysis machines with a team of wellqualified and experienced support staff andnephrologist.Women’s HealthAt SANITAS we do Cervical Screening.Cryotherapy treatment is part ofthis department. We employ threeSANITAS Medics & Diagnostics is a socially responsible enterprise whose sole occupationis to provide quality healthcare to people in Africa. Our philosophy is to make world classhealthcare affordable for the people in Africa.122 | Best of Tanzania
  • 122. gynaecologists and offer comprehensivematernity packages – ante-natal, normaland C-section deliveries and other complexdeliveries.DentistryTwo modern dental clinics with dental X-rayand a team of skilled dentists equipped withthe latest tools provide dental services atSANITAS.HIV and TB ClinicsSANITAS is approved by the ministry ofhealth to run HIV and TB treatment clinics.Our team is fully trained in all aspectsof diagnosis, testing, infection control,counselling, treatments and long-term carefor these conditions.Emergency ServicesSANITAS has arrangements with providersto offer 24/7 emergency rescue andevacuation services.SANITAS Online ServicesSANITAS has full online information andservices on our website. Online we offer fullinformation on our departments, specialistroster timings, online appointment bookings,information on some conditions and testingprocedures and information on how tocontact us and reach us.SANITAS is also on a variety of social mediato allow our patients and clients to interactwith us externally to our medical centres.SANITAS Medics & Diagnostics LtdLevel 2, Baraka Plaza, Plot 168 MsasaniDar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 222 701 410Mobile: +255 653/688/756 – 863035www.sanitasmedics.comBest of Tanzania | 123
  • 123. Anudha LimitedDistributor for GE Healthcare in Tanzania.Anudha Ltd is committed to help improvethe healthcare industry in Tanzania andhas carved its niche in the healthcareindustry in Tanzania. We are among thetop suppliers for healthcare products,be it hospital equipment, laboratoryequipment, diagnostic reagents and surgicalaccessories. We import quality productsfrom all over the world and are continuouslysourcing out and adding new products toour already vast itinerary.We are constantly on the lookout for waysto better ourselves for the advantage of ourclients.We at Anudha Ltd back what we sell andprovide after-sales service through our well-trained and qualified resident engineers andtechnicians; as well as organising training forthe equipment once installed.124 | Best of Tanzania
  • 124. P.O. Box 5982, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaPlot 2169/82 & 8170/82Morogoro RoadOpp. International Commercial BankTel: +255 22 212 5746+255 22 212 1188+255 22 212 2745+255 22 212 2746Mob: +255 76 368 6363+255 78 352 3777Fax: +255 22 212 6490Email: anudha@anudha.comanudha@ctvsatcom.netBest of Tanzania | 125
  • 125. African Medical Group PlcOur MissionHealthcareAlthough widespread poverty and politicalinstability are still factors in many Africancountries, the latter part of the twentiethcentury and the beginning of the twenty-firsthave been a time of consistent growth forthe African continent. From 1995 to 2005,Africa’s rate of economic growth increased,upward curve, there are still many crucialareas of African society which are sorelylacking, and require further urgent attention.Healthcare is a notable area that requiresimprovement, including the nascent demandfor quality international standard healthcare,particularly for the whole community ofTanzania.With wider availability of world-classhealthcare in Africa, multinational companiesare more willing to expand and invest in thecontinent; therefore ensuring that AfricanMedical Group (AMG) is seen as a pioneerin attracting direct foreign investment to thecontinent.Since being founded three years ago, AMGhas offered a convenient and much-neededrefuge for those seeking medical care whileeither travelling or living in Africa, and hasfilled a noticeable gap in the healthcaremarket. AMG has the expertise in theplanning, commissioning, implementingand managing of boutique hospitals in theunique markets it operates and seeks toexpand into.The UK-listed entity aims to becomea leading supplier of dedicated privateYour Health, Your Hospital.126 | Best of Tanzania
  • 126. boutique hospitals across Africa, offeringhigh-quality in and out patient services witha clear focus on promoting health in hostcountries.The AMG boutique healthcare modeloffers patients an experience that cannotbe matched in a stock hospital setting. Itshigh-class rooms are equipped with thelatest in medical technology and five-starhealthcare, while still maintaining a personaltouch.AMI HOSPITAL – DAR ES SALAAMWith a primary focus on Africa’s mid-market healthcare sector, AMI Hospital Dares Salaam has been designed to offer anunrivalled hospital experience, with localsbenefiting from a superior level of comfortand medical service. Tanzanians are ableto access a level of service and healthcarethat is unavailable anywhere else in thecountry. Both the hospital and the specialityclinics were designed with the well-beingand health of the locals specifically in mind.Our top priority is to nurture patients backto health in the utmost comfort withoutthe inflated overhead costs associatedwith private healthcare, as you deserve.AMI Hospital Dar es Salaam is designedto offer patients a unique experience,one that cannot be matched in a stockhospital setting. Its boutique healthcaremodel ensures attention to each one of the30 high-class beds and medical wards.There are two ICU beds, a neonatal ICUIncubator, full trauma centre and emergencydepartments, major and minor operatingtheatres, and a delivery rooms facilities.Further, state-of-the-art technologyis available, with digital X-ray and 3Dultrasound services, and a department withCT scanner.Besides offering our patients top-qualityhealthcare, AMI believes in making sure thatour hospitals and clinics remain the bestin the field by constantly investing into ourhospital infrastructure to ensure that patientsreceive only the very best on offer. AMI isable to offer patients a hospital and wellnessexperience that they would be pressed toreplicate anywhere else.OUR OTHER FACILITIESAMI Hospital – Maputo and AMI Hospital –Harare.The company also boasts hospitalsin Maputo, Mozambique and Harare,Zimbabwe. As with AMI Hospital Dar esSalaam, patients have access to the latestleading-edge equipment, including clinicallaboratories and state-of-the-art OperatingTheatres.Our SpecialitiesOther ServicesPlot 589 Msasani PeninsulaYacht Club RoadMasaki , Dar es SalaamTel: +255 2602 50/ 260 251Email: admin.tzn@amiplc.comBest of Tanzania | 127
  • 127. BankingCHAPTER 8128 | Best of Tanzania
  • 128. Best of Tanzania | 129
  • 129. 130 | Best of Tanzania
  • 130. Best of Tanzania | 131
  • 131. 132 | Best of Tanzania
  • 132. Best of Tanzania | 133
  • 133. Exim Bank (Tanzania) Ltd, launched inAugust 1997, is in the forefront of providinghigh quality banking services in the country.The Bank is ranked as the sixth largest bankin the country in terms of total assets (nowapproaching one trillion Tanzanian Shillings).The Bank has a presence across the entirecountry and was the first Tanzanian bank tospread its wings and venture overseas. EximBank is a proud contributor to economicdevelopment in Tanzania, and the countriesin which it operates.MissionThe Bank is committed to remain aninnovative financial institution, offering afull range of services to internationalstandards.The Bank has a strong brand equity.Since inception, Exim Bank has played animportant role in Tanzania’s financial sector,providing needs-based banking servicesto all strata in the economy. The Bank’s134 | Best of Tanzania
  • 134. relationship with its customers and theservice quality it offers has helped to createand retain a robust and loyal customer base.The Kiswahili proverb “Penye nia, pana njia”(where there is a will, there is a way) is thebelief that forms the foundation of EximBank’s success.Renowned for its strong professionalism andhigh business ethics, Exim Bank providesone-stop financial services to corporateand retail customers. There are a rangeof products, customised to the specificneeds of clients. For example the Bank’sbasic savings account, the Faida SavingsAccount, comes with an international debitMasterCard, online banking statement, andmobile banking.Exim Bank’s performance is “an edge abovethe rest”. Exim Bank defined the “edge”by positioning itself as one of the mostinnovative banks in Tanzania. “Innovationis Life” at Exim Bank is exhibited througha commitment to provide customisedsolutions for customer needs along withfaster turnaround in service.Success at Exim is because of its peopleand the spirit of teamwork. A commitmentto programs in Training and Development forthe Exim family is manifested by the state-of-the-art training facility in Dar es Salaam,designated “The Exim Academy”. Thisfacility is designed with a holistic approachto learning and growth. The mind-body-soulconcept extends opportunities for staff tointeract and unwind while learning through amultimedia environment.Mentoring, coaching and counsellingservices are available on a personallevel also. The in-house “Empower –Management, Development and LeadershipProgram” has offered staff the opportunity toacquire and hone their skills. The Academyalso helps to percolate the Bank’s vision andvalues to the team.President of Djibouti, His Excellency IsmailOmar Guelleh inaugurating Exim Bank inDjibouti. On the right is the Chairman of EximBank, Mr Yogesh Manek.The Inspector General of Police (IGP) SaidMwema (right) stresses a point during an eventorganised by Exim Bank in Dar es Salaam toreward five outstanding police officers. Lookingon is the Exim Bank Board Chairman YogeshManek (centre) and the Exim Bank ManagingDirector Anthony Grant (left).Directors of the Exim Bank, Mr. Hanif Jaffer(second right) and Mr. Shaffin Jamal cuttingthe ribbon at the Bugurini Branch. Thismarks the 10th Branch of Exim in Dar esSalaam. Looking on is Mr. Dinesh Arora, ChiefExecutive Officer.Exim Bank in Africa. Tanzania (left), Djibouti(top right) and Comores (bottom right).Best of Tanzania | 135
  • 135. 136 | Best of TanzaniaVisionTo be the bank of choice.Values“Mkono mmoja, haupigi makofi” theAfrcian proverb which literally means “onehand alone cannot clap” is reflected inthe Exim Philosophy that encourages thebank to give back to the society at boththe organisational and individual levelas an ongoing partnership. Through itsshareholding in NMB Bank, Tanzania’slargest bank, Exim Bank demonstrates itscommitment to creating greater wealth inthe country.Partnership and relationships are enjoyedwith international financial agencies ofrepute, such as the IFC, PROPARCO andNORFUND who provide Exim Bank withfinancial and technical assistance – forcapacity building, training of local staffand by transferring best practice in SMEbanking. Exim Bank is also a member of theGlobal Banking Alliance for Women (GBA).Exim Bank participated in the GBA 10thAnniversary summit hosted by IFC in NewYork.The support of its partners allows EximBank to be even more active in participationin Tanzania’s important agricultural sector,through financing, purchasing, processingand packing of various export crops (suchas coffee, cashews and cotton as wellas non-traditional crops such as sesameand pulses) and also in financing theprocurement and distribution of agriculturalinputs.Exim Bank has twice won prestigiousawards from the National Board ofAccountant and Auditors (NBAA) for BestPresented Financials statement in thebanking sector category – and was theoverall winner of the category in 2009.TechnologyExim Bank operates with an advancedtechnological platform, which ensures fast,convenient transactions for its esteemedclients. The fully automated environment interms of information and communicationensure instant fund transfer facilities toclients. The bank is also on the SWIFTmap to ensure fast and safe transfer offunds internationally. Exim Bank offersperson-to-person money transfers, suchas MoneyGram, allowing a reliable andconvenient way to send or receive moneyin minutes around the world. The bestforeign exchange rates are available to itscustomers in keeping with the internationalmarkets for their export and importrequirements.Branch, ATM and Cards networkThe Bank’s growing physical presence anduse of technology provides its customersinstant access to their money in any part ofthe world for their personal and businessneeds.The Bank’s extensive banking network offerspresence across Tanzania. This meanscustomers can find the Bank wherever theyneed it. The Bank is in Mwanza, on LakeVictoria, the key to Tanzania’s trade withKenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The Bank haspresence in Kigoma, on Lake Tanganyika,a key to Tanzania’s trade with Burundi, DRCongo and Zambia. The Bank’s presencein Arusha supports that city as a centre
  • 136. of global tourism, and its industries suchas coffee and tea. The Bank’s presence inZanzibar allows connection to the worldspice markets, tourism and to linkage withthe Gulf States.Exim Bank (T) Ltd.1404/45 Ghana AvenueP.O. Box 1431Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 93401Email: customercare@eximbank-tz.comWebsite: www.eximbank-tz.comSeated from Left, Chairman Exim Bank,Mr. Yogesh Manek; His Excellency AhmedAbdallah Mohamed Sambi, former Presidentof Comoros; His Excellency Jakaya MrishoKikwete along with Salma Kikwete, the FirstLady of Tanzania at Exim Bank inaugurationceremony in Comoros.Best of Tanzania | 137
  • 137. FNB TanzaniaFirst National Bank Tanzania openedfor business on 27 July 2011 and wasofficially launched on 2 February 2012 byHis Excellency Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,President of the Republic of Tanzania. Ithas been a challenging, but rewarding yearfor the bank as it has celebrated manysuccesses in Tanzania.First National Bank Tanzania initially focusedon establishing it’s footprint in Dar esSalaam but has the long-term intention ofexpanding its representation nationally.The bank currently has three branches andeight ATMs and a fourth branch is nearingcompletion. To increase its reach, the bankis also expanding it’s ATM footprint acrossDar es Salaam.In addition to branches and ATMs, the bankproduct offerings cover the Retail, SME,Commercial and Corporate segments.First National Bank Tanzania offers avariety of savings, cheque, investment andtransmission accounts.With an FNB account you can enjoyvarious value-add services. For example,Online Banking enables you to bank fromthe safety and comfort of your office orhome.This fantastic tool means that you don’thave to fight the traffic to do your banking.Not only does Online Banking enable you totransfer funds between your own accountsat FNB, real time, but it also enables you toview account balances and make third partypayments to any other bank in Tanzania orglobally.The bank’s VISA Electron Debit Cardenables customers to withdraw cashat any VISA ATM worldwide and makeover the counter purchases at any shop,which displays the VISA logo. On openingan account at an FNB branch you willimmediately receive your VISA ElectronDebit card. In addition, certain ATMs alignedto FNB branches accept deposits.A common concern raised by bankingcustomers has been that statementsare not always consistently received. AtFNB a customer has the ability to receivestatements online and in real time. Not onlyis this more reliable, but it means customerscan store them electronically and print whenneeded.The bank has brought to Tanzania some ofits most tried and tested technology whichincludes the InContact messaging service.This is a system which monitors activity onYour bank account and advises you via smswhen your account has been accessed.For example, if you draw cash from an ATMyou will receive an sms advising you of theactivity on the account. The real value of thisis that, it acts as an effective fraud detectionand prevention tool.FNB prides itself on its ability to processforeign exchange payments to third partiesin and outside of Tanzania via SWIFT. This isfacilitated through a fully-fledged Treasurydealing room which offers very competitiverates for foreign exchange transactionsand investments. The International BankingDivision facilitates the various tradeinstruments such as guarantees, letters ofcredit and forward exchange contracts.The bank initially spent time understandingthe market, fine tuning its products andprocesses and is now well poised forgrowth.Many exciting additional products andservices are planned to be launched in themonths ahead. FNB is looking to becomethe bank of choice through offering world-class products and service. This is clearly abank to watch.FNB is helping millions of people acrossAfrica with their banking needs.“How can we help you?”Contact Details:Web: +255 768 989 000FNB Tanzania recently celebrated its first anniversary and is makingexcellent inroads into Tanzania’s highly competitive banking industry. Thebank has already opened three branches and is about to open a fourth inDar es Salaam.138 | Best of Tanzania
  • 138. Covenant Bank for Women Tanzania Ltd (CBW)Who We AreCovenant Bank for Women Tanzania Ltd(CBW) is a commercial bank addressingand focusing on SME’s, Women and Juniorentrepreneurs with a view to promotechange in the financial sector, to ensurethat our country economy benefits fromuntapped resources represented by smalland medium entrepreneurs.Our MissionTo advocate for innovative financial productsand services that will suit Women, juniorentrepreneurs and SME’s needs, which willfacilitate wealth creation for this sector andtake centre stage in economic developmentof the country.Our VisionCreating wealth at the bottom of thepyramid through SME’s, women and juniorentrepreneurs in a sustainable and viableway.Our ValuesOur Products1.Savings Accounts2.Current Accounts3.Fixed deposits4.Mobile financial servicesOur Services1.Covenant Bank is a money transfer agentfor the following:2.Covenant Bank is an agent ofe-commerce for the following:3.Covenant Bank is an insurance agent toour customers through:Our MarketsIn order to achieve her mission, CBW isfocusing on these markets:Medium)Visit our Head Office atLAPF Millenium Towers Ground Floor,Kijitonyama AreaVisit our Main Branch atInter House Building, Ground Floor,Kijitonyama AreaP.O. Box 105712, Dar es Salaam. TanzaniaTel (Head Office): +255 222 773982/3Tel (Main Branch): +255 222 773985 or+255 222 775079Fax: +255 222 774033Email: | Best of Tanzania
  • 139. Sabetha M J Mwambenja, Managing Director.Best of Tanzania | 141
  • 140. Insurance and InvestmentCHAPTER 9142 | Best of Tanzania
  • 141. Best of Tanzania | 143
  • 142. its presence in different industries withremarkable achievements. Our businessportfolio has expanded over the yearsfrom Telecommunication, Logistics,Transportation, Hospitality, Agriculture,Import and Export, and Real Estatebusiness.“Together as a group, we deliver thequality you care about”Recently the group has paved the way intoimportation and export of building materialsfrom different continents, as the way toinspire and build our African territory. Allwe do is to support local citizens in theirbuilding projects by delivering qualityproducts at affordable prices.Makgroup LtdCEO StatementAs a response to the high demand forcost-effective, good quality products fromTanzanians and the community at large,Makgroup have once again come up withproducts and services to help Tanzaniansmeet their desired requirements.In the course of the past years, Makgrouphas succeeded in offering service orientedsolutions within its other companies suchas: Escarpment Luxury Lodge & Safari,which offers first-class service hospitalityin Northern Tanzania Circuit; MaktechTel. Ltd and Qscom Ltd, leading Telecomsubcontractors who provide cutting edgetelecommunication solutions to Telecomoperators in the East and Southern part ofAfrica; and Makholdings Ltd, a transport andlogistics service provider in the region.In addition to this, Makgroup have launchedHerrySon products which include all ceramictiles, home appliances, sanitary productsand tissue paper. This is response to theneeds of the Tanzanian consumer in theirday to day living.I am confident that all our activities andstrategies that have been put in placewill lay the foundation for Makgroup Ltdand HerrySon products to excel in years2012/2013, making a difference in the regionin terms of how we do the business, qualityof the products, customer handling andmeeting customer satisfaction.I would like to extend my sincereappreciation for your support to all serviceswithin the group and we are committed toprovide the best to you always.Sincerely,Godwin MakyaoWe are a group of companies under oneumbrella operating within East, Centraland Southern Africa, committed to deliversuperior services in all business areaswe operate in. The group has markedHerrySon TilesQuality & Beyond“A Trusted Partner For Your Building Project“…..If you value the beauty and elegance ofnatural stones, we provide a one stop shop,for ceramic tiles that replicate the look,texture and pattern of the real thing. Wecare for and respect the African environmentand that’s why we are here to provide thebest quality you can imagine. While othersare trying, we are doing. While others aretargeting certain classes, we are serving allclasses; and while others are still aiming forshort-term lasting products we are focusingon future generation products, with greatattention to upcoming technology as theway to improve our products continuously.We have all together a wide range ofproducts for different personalities... we arehere to serve you.Maktech TelecommunicationMaktech was established in February 2000and duly registered as a private company.It has since then distinguished itself as apremier telecommunications contractingcompany offering a wide range of value-added and specialised telecommunicationsservices.Maktech was founded to fill in the gap inthe telecommunications industry locally,with the sole intent of providing specialised,quality services to operators in Tanzaniaand Africa as a whole. Maktech’s vision isaimed at providing portable communicationto the people of Africa while also offeringa platform for talented citizens to obtaintraining and improve their lives.We derive our competitive strength fromskilled and quality-conscious management,expertise and committed human resource.Our Vision: To be the best, most reliabletelecommunications contractor in Africa.Our Mission: To be the besttelecommunications contractor in Africadelivering the highest quality services ontime, efficiently and in a cost effectivemanner. We guarantee professionalism,commitment to customer satisfaction,quality of services, and timely delivery ofwork that is flexible to the customers’ needs.Makgroup is aiming to strengthen local capacity in African territorythrough investment, supplying and changing the standard of living, whileaccelerating technology as the way to transform people’s lives in COMPANY LTDKunduchi Rd, Salasala, Plot 2045Box 642, Dar es SalaamEmail: +255 22 2650657Fax: +255 22 | Best of Tanzania
  • 143. QSCom TelecommunicationCompanyFormed to take advantage of the increasingneed for telecommunication operatorsto expand their network coverage whilesimultaneously lowering capital andoperational costs, QSCom offers servicesthat will benefit customers from initialnetwork establishment through networkexpansion and ongoing operation.Incorporating the international experienceof the founders of QSCom Internationalwith the knowledge of local conditions andrequirements of the Makgroup companies,QSCom Tanzania Ltd is your provider ofchoice for:QSCom Tanzania Ltd brings to thetelecommunications market a mixture ofinternational experience in microwave,satellite, and radio transmission, arrayingvoice, data, as well as multimedia services,coupled with knowledge of local conditionsand strategies.With access to and a focus on utilisinglocal technicians and labour, QSComcan assemble the human resources forimplementing any project, large or small.As a competitive advantage, QSCom,through Makgroup companies, has accessto elaborate storage facilities and a transportfleet that can accommodate the logisticalneeds of any telecommunications project inTanzania.Nestling into the edge of the escarpmentwhich towers over Lake Manyara in Northernkey to escaping the world.20 minutes from the Serena Airstrip fromwhich you can connect to Arusha Airport,various airstrips within the Serengeti andultimately, to KIA, our International Airport.A beautiful balcony surrounding the mainlodge affords you breathtaking views of thelake and the gorge upon which the lodgeperches.Watch pelicans sweep the skies as you takesundowners, see the sun slip like a segmentof orange into the hills and listen to thesounds of Africa nestle up to you as nightslides in.We cater for special occasions:honeymooner bush dinners, birthdays tocelebrate or merely the sheer, unadulteratedbeauty of being present in the unparalleledwilds of Africa. It’s all available atof your dream come true.MakholdingsMakholdings Transportation Company isamongst the most reliable transportationcompanies in Tanzania.Having established a solid reputation andefficient logistics operation, Makholdingsput its pulse on the clients’ needs and hasbeen listed among the Top 100 Middle SizedCompanies in Tanzania by KPMG.The company was established with a visionto fill in the wide gap in the transportationindustry in the country and also to contributeto the current fast growing transport sector.Our transportation extends throughoutlarge.The main services that we provide are:Makholdings maintains all the vehiclesin its premises, keeping transport androad haulage reliable and efficient. Weaim at partnering with various co-operatecompanies, helping them to achieve theirlogistical needs in this of Tanzania | 145
  • 144. Metropolitan Tanzania is a trusted insurance company focusing on meeting the Healthcareand General insurance needs of individuals and corporate houses in Tanzania by offeringa broad spectrum of insurance products to choose from.Metropolitan Tanzania – Born To LeadMetropolitan Tanzania is a part ofMetropolitan International, which is theAfrican footprint for the Group. MetropolitanInternational is a fully-owned subsidiary ofMMI Holdings, which was formed from themerger of Metropolitan and Momentum in2010, both being sizable insurance-basedfinancial services players in South Africa.With a combined market capitalisation ofR26.7-billion and an embedded value ofsome R31.1-billion, MMI was already thethird largest Insurer in South Africa when itgot listed on the JSE Stock Exchange on1 December 2010. The core businessesof MMI are long and short-term insurance,asset management, savings, investment,and healthcare administration and employeebenefits. Product solutions are provided toall market segments.The Group’s African footprint comprisesBotswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi,Mocambique, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria,South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania andZambia.Metropolitan’s growth and performance areunderpinned by its constant movement andenergy, and the organisation prides itself onthe fast, fluid and innovative nature of itsresponse to changing market conditions.The company has a proud and rich heritagewhich bears testimony to a culture ofinnovation, flexibility, tenacity and growth.The company aims at enhancing the qualityof life and well-being of its customers,employees and communities in which weoperate, through:and servicesour employees in which they can realisetheir full potentialMetropolitan Tanzania is uniquely positionedto provide affordable healthcare solutions(Off-the-shelf product bouquet andCustomised covers) and a wide range ofGeneral Insurance products that include:Domestic Package for individuals, AssetAll Risk for Corporates, Fire Insurance,Business All Risk, Money Insurance,Burglary, Fidelity Guarantee, Group PersonalAccident, Workmen Compensation,Contractors All Risk, Erection All Risk,Machinery Breakdown, Bonds, PublicLiability, Product Liability, ProfessionalIndemnity, Marine Hull, Marine Cargo andAviation. We also hope to get our Lifelicense in the near future and roll out ourbundle of innovative Life cover offerings.The competitive advantages of the company(based on its current operations in variousAfrican countries) are:lot of internal synergies and cross-sellingopportunitiesresulting in client/ broker trust146 | Best of Tanzania
  • 145. experienced)household name across Africa)centredwith best Reinsurers)reduced turnover time for processesand parental support)for all stakeholders)a caring and concerned Insurerencourage/empower local talentWe continue to delight all our clients inTanzania with our innovative productbouquet and exemplary service levels. Thevery fact that within just over three years ofits operations the company has grown toTSH18-billion plus in 2012, in terms of GrossWritten Premiums, is ample testimony tothe faith and trust reposed in the companyby all its clients. We are now among thetop five Short Term Insurance companies inTanzania. We shall endeavour to continueadding more value both to our Product suiteand Service levels.The company remains committed toproviding comprehensive and cost-effectiveproducts to all segments of insuringthe public in Tanzania. Innovation andImprovisation are an integral part of ourinternal culture and we keep finding newFor more details about the company andits products, you are welcome to contactus on admin@tz.momentumafrica.comBest of Tanzania | 147
  • 146. It operates via two segments: Risk andInsurance Brokerage Services, whichacts as an advisor and insurance broker,helping clients manage their risks, as wellas negotiating and placing insurance riskcovers with insurance carriers through itslocal and global distribution network; andConsulting, which provides advice andservices to our clients.The company is a joint venture betweenBrothers.Aon globally, has sustained a reputation ofexcellence by providing risk managementand insurance expertise to corporateclients, governments and industrial players.We continue to lead the way in today’sclimate of change, providing innovativesolutions and putting our full resources andintellectual capital at the disposal of ourclients. The magnitude and diversity of ourAfrican network makes us a key player in thecontinent’s risk and reward arena.Conducting business across geographic,cultural and legal lines compounds theexisting pressures companies must face.Our Strategic Account Managers and GlobalPractice Groups have specialised industryknowledge and experience in Africa and canidentify, analyse and respond to a varietyof related business risks, such as solvencyissues, trade reputation and political risk.Our risk management process gives us theholistic view of your organisation necessaryto balance off and relate risks to one another.Aon has a particularly strong presence inAfrica mainly through the acquisition of theBain Hogg and Minet companies and hasZambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland,Mozambique, South Africa, Angola andTanzania. We also have correspondents inNamibia, Mauritius, Ghana and Ethiopia.Client ProfileAon Tanzania is the appointed providerto leading multinational and Tanzaniancorporations in diverse industries.Our clients span most industriesincluding power, energy and utilities,telecommunications, industry, small andmedium enterprises, personal lines coveringthe full spectrum of insurance broking andrisk management.Aon in TanzaniaAon is the leading global provider of riskmanagement, insurance and reinsurancebrokerage, and human resources solutionsand outsourcing services. Through its morethan 62,000 colleagues worldwide, Aonunites to empower results for clients in overAon Tanzania Limited was granted their Certificate ofRegistration on 15 December 1998 by the Commissionerof Insurance.148 | Best of Tanzania
  • 147. 120 countries via innovative and effectiverisk and people solutions and throughindustry-leading global resources andtechnical expertise. Aon has been namedrepeatedly as the world’s best broker,best insurance intermediary, reinsuranceintermediary, captives manager and bestemployee benefits consulting firm bymultiple industry sources.Aon Tanzania provides an array ofservices focusing on solutions matchedto clients’ needs. Aon understands thechanging local and global economic market.With access to both the local and globalinsurance markets, and wide-rangingindustry expertise, Aon Tanzania providesservice differentiation by process, ratherthan by product alone.Aon Tanzania LimitedAon House488, Haile Selassie RoadMsasani PeninsulaP.O.Box 9232Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 260 2441 or +255 22 219 4600Email: of Tanzania | 149
  • 148. AAR Insurance Tanzania LimitedYears of Service in TanzaniaAAR is a household name in Tanzania. Itwas the first private health maintenanceorganisation (HMO) to operate in Tanzaniafollowing the liberalisation of the economy inthe 1990s. Its beginnings, although humbleand marked by the selling of rescue andevacuation cover to tourists only, were theearly expression of confidence in Tanzaniaas an investment destination and thefootprints of the formidable business thatAAR Tanzania has now become.The greatest investment one can ever makeis in ones own health. It is the basis of allAAR Tanzania’s accomplishments, bothat the family, corporate and social level.Their strategic commitment is to advancethe provision of healthcare to a majority ofpeople within the East African region in aprofessional and cost-effective manner.This commitment underlies AAR’s vision tobe the provider of choice for innovative andquality healthcare solutions in Africa.AAR Tanzania covers more than 80,000lives. AAR in Tanzania has two maincompanies: AAR Insurance (T) Limitedwhich is responsible for recruitment of newmembers and providing health-relatedinsurance services; and AAR Health Care(T) Limited which is responsible for healthdelivery.AAR Insurance (T) Limited:Development;Health Plan;Wellness Programs;Regulatory Authority (TIRA) through theInsurance Act.AAR Insurance offers a wide range of local,regional and international health insuranceproducts meticulously designed to cater forthe needs of each market segment.AAR Health Care (T) Limited:through the Health Act.There are synergies that flow from AARoperating as an insurance company andalso delivering health services through theoperations of AAR Health Care (T) Limitedleveraging AAR’s capacity to deliver quality,cost effective and sustainable healthservices to the market. These synergies flowfrom:offered in one go;understand its risks;and clinical staff;a powerful platform for managing itsbusiness efficiently;for critical decision-making;More than health insurance... more like your personal doctor.150 | Best of Tanzania
  • 149. the capacity to efficiently manage andrespond to clients’ needs.Services offered by AAR ClinicsConsultations;examinations;to carry out 96% of required tests in-house;below six years against polio, tetanus,diphtheria, measles, tuberculosis andpertusis;Emergency Services ResponsesAAR Action is a medical emergency armthat provides professional rescue servicesthroughout East Africa, including Kenya,emergency evacuation providers.DAR ES SALAAMAAR (Insurance (T) LimitedBOX 9600 , Plot No 74, Serengeti RoadWarioba Street MikocheniTel: +255 22 2780020Fax: +255 22 2781472Emergency call 24Hrs: +255754760790Email: www.aarhealth.comMWANZAAshif Ladhan Building, Nyerere RoadBOX 2808 Mwanza, TanzaniaTel: +255 28 2500543Fax: +255 28 250544Emergency call 24Hrs: +255784594729Email: Plaza Sokoine RdBOX 3112 Arusha, TanzaniaTel: +255 27 2501594Fax: +255 27 2501593Emergency call 24Hrs: +255754313170Email: Health is Our PriorityBest of Tanzania | 151
  • 150. MaxInsure Tanzania LimitedAs from 1986, the Government of Tanzaniaembarked on an adjustment programeconomic controls and encourage moreactive participation of the private sectorin the economy. The program included acomprehensive package of policies whichreduced the budget deficit and improvedmonetary control; substantially depreciatedthe overvalued exchange rate liberalised thetrade regime; removed most price controls;eased restrictions on the marketing of foodcrops; freed interest rates; and initiated arestructuring program of the financial sector.Tanzania also embarked on a majorrestructuring of state-owned enterprises.The program has so far divested 335 out ofThis great economic revival and reformin Tanzania did not leave the insuranceindustry to continue languishing under thesole government-owned insurer. As partof the restructuring of the financial sectorinitiative, the industry was opened up toprivate sector in 1998.Today there are 25 private sector insurancecompanies in Tanzania, apart from twostate-owned companies and a state-sponsored re-insurance company.The Tanzanian insurance industry hasposted an average annual growth of aroundprivate sector participation. In 2010 alonegrowth was higher than the growth of thenational nominal GDP and the growth ofthe nominal financial intermediation sectorGDP. The per capita premium rose by 19.5%during the same year.However, the industry is still grappling withnumerous challenges, including inadequatepaid up capital due to low minimum capitalrequirement and weakening TanzaniaShillings against stronger currencies.Another major challenge is the delayin implementing a legal framework forintroducing distribution channels such asbancassurance (Bank Insurance Model), dueto issues yet to be addressed by cross-sectoral financial institution regulators.The lack of facilities in the country forprofessional training in actuarial science andother related risk management studies is yetanother challenge.The Tanzanian Insurance RegulatoryAuthority (TIRA) continues to carry outbroad regulatory measures to create astrong and sustainable insurance industryby implementing an internationallyrecommended approach to supervisionnamely, Risk Based Supervision (RBS)monitoring framework in the place of acompliance-based supervision system. Italso undertakes campaigns of insuranceawareness among general public.MaxInsure – The TrendsetterIn the last quarter of 2010, MaxInsure cameDifferent’. Max, as the company is widelyknown, has lived up to this philosophy.On the market operation front, the Tanzanianmarket has adopted a “Best PracticeCode” on rates being charged undercertain classes of risks with the approvalof the Commissioner; a move whichcomes in an effort to stabilise the rates andlimit undercutting practices and supportunderwriting surpluses.The market players have looked at this as apositive signal from the Regulator and othersuch key influences are expected in theThe Rising State of the Insurance Industry in Tanzania.coming years, to ensure that Tanzania has aprofitable Insurance industry.For starters, Max was established with thehighest initial paid up capital among all thecompanies in the market. A one of a kindon the entire continent, Max introducedenables clients to purchase their policy onthe spot from their Brokers or Agents in themarket. The company thus eliminated theentire process of the issuance of covernotesfor the private motor vehicle owner.With the success of the above, three similarproducts were launched within the two yearsthat the company had been in operation:with MAXHOMESAFE, MAXSHOPSAFE andthe same concept of getting the policy onthe spot from the Broker or Agent.Innovation brings success and having issuedtheir first policy on 15 October 2010, by theend of their official first year, in December2011, MaxInsure had issued over 25,000policies, opened four offices in the country,152 | Best of Tanzania
  • 151. settled over 1,000 claims and ranked 12thout of the 19 private non-life insurancecompanies.and in 2012, Max opened another office andhad already crossed the 25,000 policy markby far and was poised to rank themselves asone of the top 10 insurers in the country, asthe fastest growing insurer.The company plans to open another twooffices in 2013, launch products under theMicro Insurance sector and Takaful (IslamicShariah Insurance) and over the next threeto five years,will look at branching out intoneighbouring markets.Like every service sector player, they doconfess that employee retention is a majorissue. In a growing market such as Tanzania,job-hopping is a common phenomenon.However, Max faces this challenge byrunning a continuous training program.Tel: +255 22 2600235Best of Tanzania | 153
  • 152. Atlas Financial GroupSince 1995, the Atlas Group has built a reputation for excellence providing inexcess of 10,000 private and professional intermediary clients with a variety ofcorporate and administration services including specialist offshore structures,professional directorships and trustee solutions.Their superior service levels has allowedthem to generate a strong track recordJO UIF PGGTIPSF ÙOBODJBM TFSWJDFT JOEVTUSZand their latest product solutions are setto further enhance their reputation in themarket place.Atlas Financial Group, part of theAtlas Group, has been established toQSPWJEF PVUTUBOEJOH ÙOBODJBM QSPEVDUTand exceptional levels of customerTFSWJDF UP UIF QSPGFTTJPOBM JOUFSNFEJBSZin Africa, Asia, Europe and the MiddleEast."( JT GVMMZ MJDFOTFE BOE SFHVMBUFECZ UIF JOBODJBM 4FSWJDFT $PNNJTTJPOJO .BVSJUJVT UP QSPWJEF ÙOBODJBM BEWJTPSZTFSWJDFT BOE EJTUSJCVUF ÙOBODJBM TFSWJDFTproducts and offers a comprehensiverange of private client wealthNBOBHFNFOU TFSWJDFT UBJMPSFE QSJODJQBMMZfor overseas residents, expatriates andJOUFSOBUJPOBMMZ NPCJMF DMJFOUTTheir product solutions have beenDBSFGVMMZ TFMFDUFE UP NFFU UIF OFFET PGUIF QSPGFTTJPOBM JOUFSNFEJBSZ BOE NBOZBSF FYDMVTJWF JO OBUVSF "( XPSL DMPTFMZwith their suppliers to provide innovativesolutions that offer clients some of theCFTU PGGTIPSF ÙOBODJBM QSPEVDUT BWBJMBCMFHMPCBMMZAtlas Life – offering ‘Institutional rates tothe retail Market’In addition to AFG, the Group have alsoestablished Atlas Life, an offshore lifeJOTVSBODF DPNQBOZ UIBU PGGFST JOUFSOBUJPOBMDMJFOUT UIF BCJMJUZ UP JOTVSF UIFNTFMWFTand their business assets with life coverJO UIF UISFF NBKPS DVSSFODJFT q 64 |ØUnlike local life insurance products, Atlas-JGF DPWFST DMJFOUT XIFSFWFS UIFZ NBZ CFXIFUIFS ZPV BSF SFMPDBUJOH JOUFSOBUJPOBMMZUSBWFMMJOH PO CVTJOFTT PS TJNQMZ HPJOH POIPMJEBZAtlas Life works with some of theworld’s strongest reinsurers so clients canFOKPZ JOTUJUVUJPOBM SBUFT BOE QFBDF PG NJOELOPXJOH UIBU BOZ QPUFOUJBM GVUVSF DMBJN XJMMCF EFBMU XJUI QSPNQUMZ BOE QSPGFTTJPOBMMZ"UMBT -JGF BMMPXT DMJFOUT UP FOKPZ MJWJOHXJUIPVU XPSSZJOH BCPVU XIBU DPVME CFaround the corner.The Atlas Life product can be establishedto provide protection for mortgages, schoolfees and inheritance planning as well asQSPUFDUJOH ZPVS CVTJOFTT JOUFSFTUT UISPVHI,FZNBO BOE 1BSUOFSTIJQ QSPUFDUJPOJesse D. Hester, Chairman154 | Best of Tanzania
  • 153. AFG and IDAD in AfricaAFG has also secured an exclusive Africaagreement with innovative structuredproduct supplier, IDAD of London.Investment Design and Distribution(IDAD) was established in 2002 anddevelops structured investment productsin conjunction with leading investmentinstitutions. IDAD works with reputable andwell-established providers to ensure accessto institutional pricing and funding and haslaunched over 300 successful investmentQSPEVDUT PWFS UIF MBTU  ZFBST 5IFBHSFFNFOU XJUI *%"% BMMPXT 1SPGFTTJPOBMJOUFSNFEJBSJFT JO "GSJDB UIF PQQPSUVOJUZ UPCFOFÙU GSPN UIF l*%"% %JGGFSFODFmWith global interest rates at an all- timeMPX NBOZ JOWFTUPST BSF OP MPOHFS BCMF UPsecure the returns in the bank or buildingTPDJFUZ UIBU UIFZ XPVME MJLF 4PNF IBWFBUUFNQUFE UP TFFL UIF QPUFOUJBMMZ IJHIFSreturns on offer from the stock market, butUIF DPOUJOVJOH NBSLFU UVSNPJM IBT MFGU NBOZdisappointed, receiving low returns or evenMPTJOH NPOFZ4USVDUVSFE 1SPEVDUT BSF BCMF UP PGGFSB SFBM BMUFSOBUJWF UP lDBTIm EFMJWFSFE JO BOFGÙDJFOU XBZ XJUI OP POHPJOH DIBSHFT!FRICAŸ(EADŸ/FÚCEMauritiusTel: +230 263 0040Email: info@afg.muwww.atlas-corp.comwww.afg.muPS GFFT 5IFZ DBO CF EFTJHOFE UP EFMJWFSattractive returns in both rising and fallingNBSLFUT BOE JNQPSUBOUMZ EFUBJMT PG IPXthe performance of the investment will beEFUFSNJOFE SFQBZNFOU EBUFT BOE BOZ DBQJUBMat risk are all set out prior to investment.8IFO ZPV JOWFTU JO B 4USVDUVSFE 1SPEVDUUIF SFUVSOT BSF DMFBSMZ EFÙOFE BOE ZPV LOPXFYBDUMZ XIBU ZPV BSF CVZJOH TP FYQFDUBUJPOPG SFUVSOT DBO CF NBOBHFE FGGFDUJWFMZ 8JUIno ongoing fees, the investments beat mosttraditional investments in terms of chargesThe initial sales charge is an implicit part ofthe structure’s design so 100% of the client’scapital is invested.AFG – How we help the professionalintermediary"T B QSPGFTTJPOBM JOUFSNFEJBSZ XF LOPX UIBUthe needs of their clients are of paramountimportance to them. Our relationship teamDPOTJTUT PG IJHIMZ FYQFSJFODFE TQFDJBMJTUTXIP XPSL XJUI UIFN UP ÙOE POMZ UIF WFSZbest solutions available in the market place.Working with AFG gives the professional*OUFSNFEJBSZ BDDFTT UP NBOZ OFX BOEexclusive product opportunities and offersUIFN XBZT UP HSPX UIFJS CVTJOFTT CZproviding unique, innovative solutions thatcan be presented to their clients.In addition, AFG understand theimportance of service and are aware of theissues intermediaries are faced with on aEBZUPEBZ CBTJTAfrica – The new ‘Emerging Market’We see Africa as one of the most excitingopportunities in our future business plansBOE PVS OFX IFBE PGÙDF JO .BVSJUJVT JTUFTUJNPOZ UP PVS DPNNJUNFOU UP UIFcontinent. We aim to be part of the AfricaTVDDFTT TUPSZ BOE XF TFF UIF EFNBOE GPSJOUFSOBUJPOBM ÙOBODJBM QSPEVDUT JODSFBTJOHTJHOJÙDBOUMZ PWFS UIF DPNJOH ZFBSTAFG has strong distribution relationshipsthroughout Africa and we will continue topartner with professional intermediariesUISPVHIPVU UIF DPOUJOFOU BT UIFZ FOKPZ Bgrowing, but more demanding, client base incountries such as Angola, Ghana, Botswana,%3$ ,FOZB /BNJCJB /JHFSJB .P[BNCJRVF5BO[BOJB ;BNCJB BOE ;JNCBCXFWith the continent home to the largestQPUFOUJBM XPSLGPSDF PG VOEFS  ZFBS PMETand the largest accumulated reserves ofcommodities such as gold, coal, copper,JSPO PSF MFBE BOE [JOD JU JT JOFWJUBCMF UIBUthe economic spotlight will fall even moreon Africa and AFG is well positioned to helpXJUI BOE CFOFÙU GSPN UIF DPNJOH "GSJDBTVDDFTT TUPSZLucan Toh, CEOBest of Tanzania | 155
  • 154. Energy, Oil and GasCHAPTER 10156 | Best of Tanzania
  • 155. Best of Tanzania | 157
  • 156. NSK OIL & GAS LIMITEDNSK is one of the largest business housesin Northern Tanzania with two othercompanies, NSK TANZANIA LIMITED, acommodity trading company and sunflowercooking oil manufacturing company, andNSK CARGO LIMITED, a professionallymanaged logistics company. NSK is proudto showcase its excellent reputation builtover the last 30 years of operations onthe basis of its ultimate motto, “Believe inQuality, Quantity & Service”.NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED has evolvedto become a major player in thepetroleum industry of Tanzania, and isa significant facilitator of the country’spetroleum requirements both in privateand governmental institutions. With itsvast experience in the field, its qualifiedemployees and strongly built resources,NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED has become notonly a major trader in petroleum products,but a facilitator of customised productsand services to its clients with continuousadvisory regardless of scale.NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED is a subsidiary company of NSK Group basedout of Arusha, Tanzania; trading in petroleum products, lubricants, andliquified petroleum gas (LPG).158 | Best of Tanzania
  • 157. NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED is a customeroriented company and is committed toprovide petroleum products at competitiveprices, along with prompt delivery throughits integrated logistics arm, NSK CargoLimited. NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED providesthe competitive prices with no compromisein quality and agreed quantity. Further,with our experience, infrastructure andunderstanding of the industry trends, wework together with our clients to adviseon best possible solutions tailoring to theirrequirements. This is why our motto is“Believe in Quality, Quantity & Service”Our ProductsNSK OIL & GAS LIMITED deals with whitepetroleum products (PMS, AGO, IK), a widerange of Lubricants and Liquefied PetroleumGas (LPG).NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED has launched itsown new brand of Lubricants, with a bigvariety of Lubricant products: various gradesof Petrol Engine Oils, Diesel Engine Oils,Greases, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils and more.With well-trained and professional lubricantexperts, NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED not onlysells lubricants, but suggests and trains itsclients on the correct usage of lubricants.Our ServicesProducts are sold and distributed usingvarious business activities such as throughretail outlets, bulk deliveries, door to doorsupply of lubricants, fuel transportation,supply of petroleum equipment, and fuelhospitality services.Project Based ServicesNSK OIL & GAS LIMITED specialises intailoring project based customised solutionsfor its clients. Depending on the nature ofthe industry and customer specific needsand requirements, NSK OIL & GAS LIMITEDcan provide the following solutions:ReportingTerm BasisHead OfficeNSK Complex,3 Themi Industrial AreaP.O. Box 3114, Arusha, TanzaniaPhone: +255 27 250 6622Fax: +255 27 250 6600Email: nskoil@nskoil.comDar es Salaam Office110C Mwakalinga Road,Changombe Industrial AreaP.O. Box 42915Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaPhone: +255 22 286 5267Fax: +255 22 286 5268Email: dar.depot@nskoil.comBest of Tanzania | 159
  • 158. Total Tanzania LtdIts business spreads through distributionand marketing in the aviation sector, ingeneral trade, on the lubricants market, andin its network of 23 service stations, as wellas with the Total fuel card system.We offer a wide range of productsdeveloped with the latest technologyto provide the best performance withenvironmental sensitivity. Our companyendeavors to retain its position in a highlycompetitive and changing environment. Ourmission is to provide quality products andservices to our customers.We retail high quality petroleum products,heavy fuel oils (HFO), lubricants as wellas a range of everyday essentials throughour Bonjour shops. Through Eco servicecommunications, we also help advise thecustomers on how to consume less fuel.We are also the major player in the aviationindustry: Total is one of the biggest suppliersof Jet A-1 at the Dar es Salaam andKilimanjaro airports.Over the years, customers have come to relyon our Total fuel card, a safe and convenientfleet management tool which can be usedto purchase fuel, lubricants, services andrelative products in any of our networkof service stations nationwide. The fuelcard system offers a secured, reliable andconvenient way for a Total card holder topurchase petroleum products and servicesoffered by Total Tanzania Ltd. They canmonitor the use of their fuel card through asecured website.Total Tanzania Ltd has a team trainedto develop communications and tradeincentives towards our reseller channels, tomake sure only the best is offered. We alsoinvest in our stations and depots to ensuresafety standards are maintained. In orderto extend our shop, food and services offer,we have recently partnered with differentbanks for implementation of ATMs in ourservice stations, and developed the Bonjourshop concept and Subway food services.We have also commenced processes toimplement “T-air”, the Group’s programdesigned to improve our service stations’network image. This new brand image offersa more modern look and is better integratedto the landscapes where the network ispresent.Total Tanzania Ltd strives to expressits commitment to corporate socialresponsibility and sustainable development.We operate on a yearly axis to conductand implement sustainable corporatesocial responsibility activities ranging fromeducation, road safety, sponsorshipactivities and donations to orphanages.To name a few, we recently launched aroad safety programme for children thatcentred on giving a road safety awarenessprogramme to over 200 primary schools inDar es Salaam through the use of the TOTALCube – which includes a set of educationaltools – as a participation to the Group callfor action on road safety. As for education,we have recently commenced partnershipand we are in the final stages to implementthat will involve offering graduate traineeprograms, internship opportunities andof Dar es Salaam – however, currently,internship and graduate trainee programsare already being offered.TOTAL, you know where to turnNkrumah StreetDar es SalaamTel: +255 22 2111672/3/4Fax: +255 22 2113307Total Tanzania Ltd is a subsidiary of the Total Group and has been operating in Tanzaniasince 1969, among over 30 oil marketing companies.160 | Best of Tanzania
  • 159. You know where to turn.Make your enginean athlete of the QUARTZ lubricantsMore protection and more kilometersWith TOTAL QUARTZ and its friction reductiontechnology, protect your engine and go further.
  • 160. Built in Africa for Africa – facilitating powerdistribution in the region.TANELECTANELEC limited manufactures powerdistribution equipment backed by localknowledge and international standards.TANELEC limited commenced its operationsin Arusha, Tanzania in 1981 and is thelargest manufacturer of electrical distributiontransformers and switchgears in East andCentral Africa.We are well equipped to provide fullcustomer support for all our products and atthe same time, offer comprehensive repairand service capabilities.Our missionTo be a responsive and dynamic companythat exceeds customer expectations; andincreasing our market footprint and sharein Africa through provision of high-qualityproducts and services.Our visionTo be the leading and preferred providerof distribution transformers andswitchgears.Our core valuesunquestionableenvironmental responsibilitiesexpectationWe combine high quality with practicality.To this end, we have worked with Tanescoin Tanzania to develop products aimed atreducing energy theft, among many othersolutions.We aim for the highest standards of qualityin all our products and services. We areproud to have been awarded ISO and TBScertification.TRANSFORMERSWe manufacture pole mounted and groundmounted distribution transformers fromWe have in-house engineering and designcapabilities and manufacture transformersusing well-proven technology under atechnical license with ABB. Our engineersensure that the best solutions are providedto suit our customers’ needs.Transformers can be supplied from ourstandard products range, customised to suitcustomer needs or designed specifically forspecial applications. TANELEC transformerscomply with IEC standards.BenefitsTANELEC transformers ensure:short circuitsOptional Extras162 | Best of Tanzania
  • 161. SWITCHGEARSTANELEC has a proven record for producinghigh-quality switchgears which meet IECstandards. This we have done by combiningboth basic local know-how and the latestglobal technology products to offer definedexcellence.We engineer and manufacture a wideincluding custom switchgears specific tocustomer needs.We also manufacture a range of Mediumpanels.Other Switchgear products include:controlsWe put all our products through themost stringent tests to ensure optimumperformance in accordance with IECStandards. Only the best quality materials areused to ensure the highest possible quality.AutomationTANELEC supplies and supports drivesand motors that help to solve the energychallenge.Our dedicated engineering team backedby world-class drives and motorsmanufacturers provide solutions andtechnologies that help lower energy use,either by reducing power consumption andlosses, improving productivity, or throughbetter management of equipment.Service and RepairsWe provide full service and repair supportfor all our products. In addition to regularrepairs, our transformers service includesupgrades, retrofits, relocation and siteerection. Responding to an increasingdemand for this service, TANELEC foundedan independent transformer service shop toprovide the required expertise and facilitiesfor repairing distribution and small powertransformers.We aim to engage our clients by providingan effective after-sales service manned bya team of trained expert engineers. WithinTapchanger service engineers available tocomplete site work and maintenance tasks.Other services:comprehensive report on TapchangersunitsBenefitsbuying newnewOur FutureOur target is to increase production capacityand efficiency aimed at improving ourcompetitiveness in an international market.Main Factory: Themi Industrial AreaP.O. Box 7156, Arusha, TanzaniaTel: +255 27 2507892-4+255 27 2508027+255 27 2503950Email: Uganda, Kibira Road, KampalaZambia, Ndola and KitweKenya, Addis Ababa Road, NairobiBest of Tanzania | 163
  • 162. At a time when Africa is undergoing aneconomic transformation, coupled withTanzania’s economic growth of 6.5% withinthe last year, which is way above the sub-Sahara GDP average of 5.5%, indicators arethat Africa is the next frontier for business.With emerging markets, a rising middle classand new investments in infrastructure inTanzania, the Energy, Oil and Gas Industryis an attractive platform for growth potentialand opportunities expected to boost theeconomic growth of Tanzania. The recentdiscoveries of natural gas on the mainlandWhirlwind AviationEnergy, Oil and Gas164 | Best of Tanzania
  • 163. and around the Tanzanian coastline, whichis almost double the estimates given a fewmonths ago, has sparked an energy boomcurrently taking place in East Africa.Whirlwind Aviation, as a single serviceprovider, is an important partner and role-player in a seamless resource extractionprocess, through a variety of cost-effectiveand time-saving helicopter related servicesin many diverse fields, such as:Executives to and from Drill and RigShips.Medical Evacuations in a Fully-EquippedDedicated Air Ambulance with RescueHover Capabilities.Crew Management and Crew Changes.Whirlwind Aviation’s professional approachand offshore support (in accordance withOGP standards within the Energy, Oil andGas industry), makes them a valuablepartner through their experience, fleet ofaircraft, flawless safety record, affordableand reasonable rates, and customer servicesatisfaction.For exclusive tailor-made packages,quotations or general enquiries, contact:Whirlwind AviationToll free no: +255 (0) 767 900 877Sales and Marketing Managers:Mark Loretz: +255 (0) 767 900 Khalfan: +255 (0) 764 473 of Tanzania | 165
  • 164. Mining and MineralsCHAPTER 11166 | Best of Tanzania
  • 165. Best of Tanzania | 167
  • 166. BackgroundAtlas Copco established its legal entityin Tanzania during 2007 as the localsubsidiary of Atlas Copco Group, whichis a world-leading provider of industrialproductivity solutions in the areas of mining,construction, compressed air and gasequipment, industrial tools, aftermarketservices and specialist rental. In closecooperation with customers and businesspartners, Atlas Copco delivers sustainablesolutions for increased productivity throughinnovative products and services. The Groupis headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden witha global organisation spanning more than170 markets. At year-end 2011, the AtlasCopco Group had 37,500 employees.OperationsAtlas Copco Tanzania is a strong playerwithin the mining and exploration sectors,as a supplier of blast hole drilling rigs,rock drills, exploration drilling rigsand consumables, rock drilling tools,underground drilling rigs and vehicles,ground engineering equipment, Robbinsraise boring machinery and cutters, rockreinforcement and bolting equipment, waterAtlas Copco Tanzania LtdThe XD-series Pedestal Boom Systems fromAtlas Copco are rugged rock breakers thattackle extreme-duty applications. Secondaryrock breaking can be a tough and hazardousjob, but the strong, sturdy Pedestal BoomSystems from Atlas Copco breaks down hugeproblems into smaller, more manageablechunks to make the job easier, safer and moreefficient.168 | Best of Tanzania
  • 167. well drills as well as road constructionequipment. The equipment is manufacturedand assembled through Atlas Copco’s globalnetwork of manufacturing centres located in20 countries. Within Tanzania, Atlas Copcois present through branches and dedicatedcontract organisations in Dar es Salaam,Mwanza, Kahama, Geita, Tulawaka, Tangaand Mbeya. Most of the company resourcesare employed in after sales technicalsupport, equipment and consumable toolssales, with a backbone comprising of stronglogistics, human resources, finance and ITsupport functions.MiningThe large part of Atlas Copco’s activitiesin Tanzania fall under the Mining andRock Excavation business area which isheadquartered in Sweden, and developsand manufactures rock drilling tools,underground and surface drilling rigs,loading equipment and exploration drillingequipment. The key customer segment forthe business area is the gold mining sector.Exploration and Ground EngineeringDiamond core drilling and reversecirculation rigs are used in explorationdrilling. The Diamec U series core drillingrigs are used to recover core samples fromdifferent rock formations in undergroundapplications while the Christensen CS rigsare used for surface exploration drilling.The most advanced rigs are equipped withcomputerised control panels that make thedrilling quicker and safer for the operator.By presetting the drilling parameters, therig automatically monitors and adjusts thecriteria to the prevailing rock conditions.Atlas Copco also provides a range ofproducts within the field of geotechnicalengineering.Minimising Environmental ImpactLife cycle assessments show energyconsumption, oil leakage, noise and dustemissions to be the most significantenvironmental impacts during the usefullife of the products manufactured by AtlasCopco. The ambition is to minimise thenegative environmental effects from theBest of Tanzania | 169
  • 168. 170 | Best of Tanzaniadesign of Atlas Copco’s products, andduring their manufacture and use.SWHAPIn the beginning of 2012 Atlas CopcoTanzania started implementing the SwedishWorkplace HIV/AIDS Programme (SWHAP).SWHAP supports over 100 workplaceprogrammes on HIV in ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The programme contributesto the response to HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. The main aim of SWHAP issupporting companies and employees toprevent further spread of HIV and reduce theeffects of the pandemic at Swedish relatedworkplaces.Atlas Copco Tanzania LtdP.O.Box 39966, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaPlot 75B, Julius Nyerere Rd,Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2861570/1Plot 35, Nyakato Industrial Area,Mwanza, TanzaniaTel: +255 28
  • 169. www.dynapac.comUnmatched performance<HW DQRWKHU H[DPSOH RI QDSDF¶V LQQRYDWLYH WKLQNLQJ WKH ¿IWKgeneration of Dynapac CA single drum rollers, the CA5000, CA6000and CA6500, feature revolutionary cross-mounted engines and optimizedcompaction parameters.<RX FDQ FRPSDFW URFN¿OO LQ DOPRVW WZR PHWHU WKLFN ODHUV ZLWK D URFN VL]H RI XS WR RQH PHWHULQ GLDPHWHU DQG JHW ¿UVWUDWH UHVXOWV ZLWK EHVW SRVVLEOH HFRQRP QDSDF¶V XQLTXH $XWRPDWLFBouncing Control eliminates over-compaction, prolonging machine lifetime.$GG ³0LVVLRQ &RQWURO´ E QDSDF¶V DGYDQFHG SURFHVV VVWHPV DQG RX¶UH JHDUHG XS IRU RXUmost successful compaction mission ever.Dynapac Mission Compaction ± 6LPSO PRUH SUR¿WDEOH
  • 170. MTL Consulting Company LtdMTL Consulting Company Ltd (MTL or MTLConsulting) was incorporated in Tanzaniain June 1998 and is wholly owned andmanaged by Tanzanians. The company’sprincipal objective is to provide consultingservices in the areas of Mining, Oil and Gas,Environmental and Social Management,Natural Resources Management, Geologyand Mineral exploration, Mining Cadastreand Mineral Rights Management, GIS,Training and Promotional Services.The company draws its strength from theknowledge and experience accumulatedfrom over a decade of practical consultingexperience in Tanzania and Africa in general,and knowledge and experience from its keypersonnel who have many years experiencein the public and private sectors, both locallyand internationally.MTL Consulting is a registered Tanzanianconsulting firm with the EngineersRegistration Board of Tanzania (ERB) andthe National Environmental ManagementCouncil of Tanzania (NEMC), for conductingEIA and Environmental Audits. Our keymembers of staff are registered with severalnational and international professionalbodies.We have good track records of workingfor Governments, Corporate, Internationalorganisations and NGOs. We have offices inDar es Salaam (Tanzania), Kampala (Uganda)and representation in Nairobi (Kenya).MTL Consulting Company Ltd.Manara Street , Plot # 09Ada Estate – KinondoniP.O. Box 77894, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel/Fax: +255 22 2120882Email: info@mtlconsulting-tz.comwww.mtlconsulting-tz.comMining, Oil and Gas, Environmental management andNatural Resources Management.Water sampling172 | Best of Tanzania
  • 172. Effco Plant and Crane HireHeavy haulageWe are a reputable heavy haulage firm. We offer a complete servicefor the movement of abnormal loads, long, high, wide and heavythroughout East Africa.We have a large heavy haulage truck with a towing capacity of130 tonnes coupled to a Famonville 3 Axel Hydraulic Suspension &Steering Low Loader, with a payload 60 tonnes capacity. Additionally,we also operate a Plant Body Truck, equipped with a 24-foot flatbed, container locks capable of carrying 20-foot containers and3 tonne Hiab Crane.Our short-term goal is to expand our heavy haulage capacity to meetour clients’ needs.LogisticsWe provide Full Operational hire or Lease of Forklifts ranging from3 to 16 tonnes and Cranes ranging from 25 to 35 tons.Our Cranes are certified by OSHA – Occupational, Safety and HealthAuthority of UK, USA and Tanzania. Our Operators are well trainedand certified by Cranes UK and OSHA.Effco is adequately insured through Alexander Forbes Tanzania.The insurance policy covers lifts, cargo on transit and workmencompensation.MiningWe offer Mining Contract Services, cost effectively using qualityequipment; well-trained personnel who value high safety andenvironmental standards.Effco’s Reliable Plant for Heavy Lifting, Mining and Civil Works Solutions.174 | Best of Tanzania
  • 173. Effco will continue to make investments inboth equipment and manpower training toable it provide tailored solutions to meetspecific requirements of customers in themining and other sectors.Civil worksOur aim is to add value at all stages of thedevelopment process. We manage projectsinvolving construction and maintenance ofthe physical and naturally built environment.We manage the entire project process frominception, site selection, feasibility anddesign, to construction and post.With our highly-experienced staff, backedby our earth-moving equipment, we are wellplaced to adequately serve our customers.Mbezi Beach Industrial AreaPlot 108, Bagamoyo RoadP. O. Box 66627, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 265 0418Fax: +255 22 265 0418Cell: +255 767 200 925+255 767 200 746+255 767 200 521+255 754 562 498+255 764 700 of Tanzania | 175
  • 174. Final stages of permitting for thedevelopment of Mkuju River Project.Mantra Tanzania Ltd176 | Best of Tanzania
  • 175. Mantra Tanzania’s planned UraniumMine at the Mkuju River Project, RuvumaRegion is set to position Tanzania as the3rd largest Uranium producer in Africa.Tanzania emerged successful in theapplication for the minor boundarymodification of the World Heritage statusof the Selous Game Reserve at UNESCO’sWorld Heritage Committee meeting. In orderto allow for the development of the MkujuRiver Project, Mantra Tanzania Ltd is nowpursuing the necessary permits and licensesin-country for commencing the developmentof Mkuju River Project.Environmental Impact AssessmentCertificate, Special Mining License, MiningDevelopment Agreement and Consentto Operate in the Game Reserve are thenecessary licenses for a full permitting ofthe project. These are at different stages invarious Ministries.Once these are obtained, Mantra TanzaniaLtd and its investors will embark on thedevelopment of a mine which will takeapproximately two years before startingproduction of Uranium Oxide (U3O8), knownas Yellow Cake.While continuous improvement is the rightway forward, Mantra sees that the existingregulators and regulations in place forextraction of radioactive materials are to besimilar to other countries where extraction ofUranium Oxide has been ongoing for years.Mantra therefore is confident that Uraniumextraction at Mkuju River will be doneto the International standards and bestworld practice, while fully compliant to theTanzanian regulations.Mantra has two project areas in Tanzania:Both areas contain secondary Uraniummineralisation. Exploration work is moreadvanced at Mkuju River Project, which isthe main focus for Mantra.Nyota Prospect has been the focus to-date:shallow depths;license holding areas.Best of Tanzania | 177
  • 176. Increasing mining activities and increasedexploration in the country is proving to bea development catalyst for many sectorsincluding the introduction of an aero medicalservice.Whirlwind Aviation has taken the lead as theonly licensed Helicopter Medivac Companyin East Africa to provide a seamlessemergency evacuation solution to miningand exploration companies.Whirlwind Aviation offers a health andsafety aero medivac solution for themining industry, covering Exco teams,management and the entire workforce ofa mining company on remote sites all overTanzania. Taking into consideration thehazardous travelling conditions in Tanzaniaand emergency response timing issues,Whirlwind Aviation is the medivac partner torely on for rapid emergency response in acritical time when it is most needed.Whirlwind Aviation has extensive experiencein the secure transit of valuable assets ina seamless operation from within a secureperimeter to a secure collection point.Whirlwind AviationMining and Exploration178 | Best of Tanzania
  • 177. Best of Tanzania | 179Tanzania offers a favourable investmentclimate for the exploration industry asmany commodities are still under explored,and there are significant potential for newdiscoveries. Much of the current explorationin Tanzania is concentrated in gold, basemetals, platinum group metals, uranium,diamonds and gemstones. Whirlwind Aviationis an important role-player in the explorationprocess by acquiring valuable data throughsurvey (any type depending on equipment) innew areas, as well as further exploration byexisting mines.Valuable time-saving and cost-effectiveservices offered to the mining sector includes:Transfer executives to and from mine sites.HD quality video and still photos.Medical evacuations in a fully equippedand dedicated Air Ambulance.Different types of survey, pipelineinspection, power line inspection, mine siteinspection.Seamless, secure, non-stop transit directlyfrom collection point to drop-off at airportor destination within range.Exclusive helicopter and crew placement.For exclusive tailor-made packages,quotations or general enquiries, contact:Whirlwind Aviation Toll free number:+255 (0) 767 900 877Sales and Marketing Managers:Mark Loretz: +255 (0) 767 900 Khalfan: +255 (0) 764 473
  • 178. Industry and ManufacturingCHAPTER 12180 | Best of Tanzania
  • 179. Best of Tanzania | 181
  • 180. Cello IndustriesCello Industries was registered andestablished on 31 January 2001. The projectwas started in August, 2003 with a factoryarea of 36,200 sq. feet.Cello Industries started business activitiesin June, 2004 with five machines and40 moulds which used to consume 50tonnes of raw materials per month. Theyare now one of the leading manufacturersof household plastic, thermo-ware andfurniture-ware articles in Tanzania.Despite being a new company and havingstrong competition in the market, CelloIndustries managed to defeat competitorsand enter into the local market without anymarketing. This was due to the quality oftheir products and prompt service to theircustomers. They then slowly captured theforeign market as well.The product range includes industrialproducts such as: pails for edible oilindustries; containers for pharmaceuticals,cosmetics and other industries; householdproducts such as basins, bowls, baskets,food containers, drums, chairs, tables, jugs,flasks, air tight containers, glasses, cups,and plates; as well as various promotionalproducts.The company was designed on experience,expertise and commitment towardsproviding an efficient service to achievecustomer satisfaction, which resultedin rapid growth in the local and exportenvironment. Within one year, theyexpanded their business from the initialinvestment of USD2.5-million toUSD6-million. Cello Industries have nowfurther increased their investment byUSD3.5-million, for which they have alreadyreceived approval from the TanzaniaInvestment Centre (TIC).Cello Industries’ vision is to achieve customerdelight by providing goods and services ofthe highest international standard and quality,at an affordable price, to customers in theindustrial and domestic sectors.Current viewsAt present, Cello Industries have 34machines, over 1,000 moulds (altogetherworth around USD25-million), 400 localemployees, and consume around 800tonnes of raw material per month with a totalfactory area of 80,000 sq. feet.Apart from the factory area, Cello Industrieshas go downs with storage capacity of7,500 sq. metres. They use 100%production capacity in the plant with twoshifts. The production process is 24-hours aday, 365 days a year. They have 30 deliveryvehicles.Cello Industries are also one of the largestsuppliers of pails for edible oil to Bidco Oilsand Soap Limited. Other major customersare Bakhresa Food Products, GoldstarPaints Tanzania Ltd, and Berger Paints Ltd,among others.Overseas suppliers are Reliance IndustriesLimited (India), African Polymers (SouthAfrica), NCT Kenya (Kenya) and DynamicIntertrade (Dubai). Cello Industries also buypacking materials and raw materials fromlocal suppliers like Simba Plastics Co. Ltd,Said Salim Bakhresa Co. Ltd, Raffia Bags,Centaza Plastics, and Jumbo Packaging,among others. In addition, they export theirgoods to Dubai (U.A.E), U.S.A, Uganda,Kenya, Nampula (Mozambique), Zambia,Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi andothers.Awards and appreciations:Fair in 2006;category for PMAYA Awards in 2007;Category for PMAYA Awards in 2008;Category for PMAYA Awards in 2009;machine from Ferromatik Milacron IndiaPvt. Ltd in 2011;categoryfor PMAYA Awards in 2011.P.O. Box 19689Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: + 255 22 2862625/2866477Fax: +255 22 2866016Email: of plastic household articles.182 | Best of Tanzania
  • 181. Best of Tanzania | 183
  • 182. ALAF LimitedALAF Limited, a part of the SAFAL groupof companies, established in 1960, is aleading manufacturer and supplier of roofingsheets and long products. In more than 50years of its existence, ALAF has crossedmany milestones in production of Aluminiumand Zinc Coated Corrugated Iron Sheets,Aluminium and Zinc Coated Steel Coils,Steel Pipes and Sections, and AnnealedSteel Coils/Sheets.Various brands of ALAF include SIMBADUMU (Zinc and Aluminium Based RoofingSheets for enhanced durability), RESINCOT(Pre-Painted Roofing Sheets with Zincalbase), ZINCAL (Aluminium – Zinc CoatedCoils) and SIMBA CHUMA (Steel Pipesand Hollow Sections). In addition to thetraditional Corrugated Roofing Profile, italso offers various other Coloured RoofingProfiles namely MAXCOVER, COVERMAX,IT-5, IT-4, VERSATILE and SAFLOK-700.STEEL BEND is its latest venture, whichoffers re-bars bent in various shapes asper the bending schedule provided by thecustomer.ALAF Limited became the first companyto introduce Zincal in Tanzania, byacquiring this unique technology from BIECInternational Inc (USA) and setting up aZincal metal coating Line with an annualcapacity of 70,000 MT. It is also the third ofits kind in Africa joining the SAFAL Group’sfacility in Kenya and South Africa.ALAF has been winning the President’sbest Manufacturer of the Year Award (in theLarge Industries category) instituted by theConfederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI),for the last six years in succession.Alaf Limited is the first and only companyin its category in Tanzania to be accreditedwith ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2005based on its quality standards andcommitment towards the environment. Tofurther the cause, ALAF has switched toNatural Gas for Furnace Heating, instead ofHFO (very polluting fuel), used earlier. ALAFhas also answered the government’s call byplanting hundreds of trees in their businesscompound.ALAF takes Corporate Social Responsibilityjust beyond words, running andsupporting various programs under thecorporate philosophy. In collaborationwith International Finance Corporation(IFC), USA, ALAF has launched a healtheducation program not only for its staffbut also for communities around itsmanufacturing facilities. This programmecalls for prevention and cure for Malaria,Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.ALAF believes and practices the philosophyof – “It makes moral sense in giving backsomething to the community becausewithout them, we would not have been sosuccessful.”The company has even built a dispensaryin its compound for its staff and theirfamilies. ALAF has also made a substantialdonation directly to the schools, as itrecognises the importance of educationand sports in the path to groom the lives ofchildren, especially in the rural areas. ALAFencourages bright Engineering Studentseach year, by giving awards and support tomeritorious students.Tel: +255 22 2860010/14, 2860369Fax: +255 22 2862126, 2863077www.aluminiumafrica.com184 | Best of Tanzania
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  • 184. Electrical, Engineering and ConstructionCHAPTER 13186 | Best of Tanzania
  • 185. Best of Tanzania | 187
  • 186. CROWN TECH-CONSULT LTDCROWN TECH-CONSULT LTD (CTC) is aprivate company registered in Tanzania andis owned and managed by its directors. Itsoffice is located on the third floor of CentralTechnologies House located in MikocheniLight Industrial Area, along Bagamoyo Roadin Dar es Salaam, next to TBC.The company was formed in 1991 by agroup of experienced engineers (MessrsF.J Shirima, J.M Kavishe, and A.A Nkya) toserve in engineering, surveying, planningand project management by providing a verypractical approach to project design andmanagement.CTC was founded to provide technicaland management service to governmentauthorities, non-government institutions andprivate sector companies. Their objectiveis to provide support at the policy and localproject levels in planning, managementand financial control. Project design andmanagement strategies are practical,realistic and based upon complete accurateassessment of the natural resources as wellas the physical and human environments.Scope of ServiceThe company provides assistance andsupport throughout the project developmentcycle, covering:Consulting Engineers, Surveyors, Project Managers, ProcurementManagement Consultants.188 | Best of Tanzania
  • 187. and training.CTC are engaged in operating commercialbusiness and agricultural managementand so its principals are keenly aware ofopportunities, constraints, policy, andlegislation environments relevant to theregion. The advantage of being located inTanzania is in allowing the company to beintimately acquainted with traditional needs,highlighting roads and the environment inrelation to human and production sectors.A complete understanding of the social andeconomical system is essential for any landuse, interpretation and planning at national,regional and local levels.ExpertiseSpecific areas of the company’s expertiseare:long-term management involvement toprovide continued support to businessand projects, ensuring cost-effectiveand profitable operation in a changingbusiness environment.the technicaland engineering design of roadspreparation of specifications, biddingdocuments, bill of quantities and projectestimates.of support programmes coveringconstruction and rehabilitation ofrelation to project implementation.using the tools of benefit/cost analysis, enterprise analysis, andcomputer models for projectevaluation, and linear programmingapplied for economic evaluation of landuse options and sensitivity analysis forproject parameters.packages to meet local needs in designand management.commodity supply,demand and price projections.technical assistance, capacity building.P.O. Box 72877CTCCROWN TECH-CONSULT LTDBest of Tanzania | 189
  • 188. Mollel Electrical ContractorsWith a national electrical contracting and electrician network,and multiple locations in Tanzania, we can provide cost-effectivesolutions for all electrical needs.ServicesConditioning systems.Location: Plot No. 2398/202, Sokoine Drive – DSMConsultant: Electriplan (Tanzania) LtdMain Contractor: China Civil Engineering Cooperation LtdClient: National Social Security FundValue of ElectricalWorks:TZS 1,719,178,185.95Type of Premises: Office PremisesCompleted on: February 2004Location: Ocean Road, Dar es SalaamConsultant: Cowi (Tanzania) LtdMain Contractor: Masasi Construction Company ltdClient: National Institute for Medical Research (NMIR)Value of ElectricalWorks:USD 63,689.02Type of Premises: Training CentreTotal Work ForceInvolved:12 Technical PersonnelCompleted on: 20 March 2004Consultant: Ingplan Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd PretoriaTel. +27 (0) 18 462 7403/4Main Contractor: A/S Noremco Construction Ltd.Client: Mlimani Holdings Ltd.Value of ElectricalWorks:USD 2,867,879.88Started: January 2006Completed on: November 2006Mollel Electrical Contractors is Tanzania’s largest residential and commercial electricalcontractors company. The company was established and incorporated in 1981 with aCertificate of Incorporation No. 8552 by shareholders and directors Adam Lebayo Molleland Lotto Lebayo Mollel.190 | Best of Tanzania
  • 189. Location: Upanga Road, Dar es SalaamConsultant: Howard Humphrey (Tanzania) LtdMain Contractor: Murray and Roberts Cont. (T) LtdClient: Capital Properties LtdValue of ElectricalWorks:USD 810,611.62Type of Premises: Office ComplexTotal Work ForceInvolved:24 Technical PersonnelCompleted on: November 2002Consultant: Cowi Tanzania Ltd.Main Contractor: Varsani Dewji and Ramji Co. LtdClient: Oysterbay HotelValue of ElectricalWorks:USD 572,505.37Started: 18 June 2007Completed on: 30 May 2008Location: Ubungo – Dar es SalaamConsultant: M-Konsult LtdMain Contractor: China Jiangsu InternationalClient: Tanzania Electric Supply Company LtdValue of ElectricalWorks:TZS 236,271,260.52Type of Premises: Office BlockTotal Work ForceInvolved:18 Technical PersonnelCompleted on: June 2002Project name: Arusha Lutheran Medical CentreConsultant: Howard Humphreys (T) Ltd Ria Tel. +27 (0) 18462 7403/4Main Contractor: China Railway Jiangchang Eng. Co. LtdClient: E.L.C.T. Diocese Of Arusha RegionValue of ElectricalWorks:USD 833,611.5Started: 30 April 2007Completed on: 30 September 2007Projects also include: Renovation of NSSF Head Office, offices forHealthy Secretariat Reform, new Out Patient Department, MarkingCentre for National Examination Council, extensions to BOTHeadquarters Building, Bank of Tanzania – Zanzibar Branch Office,and Tanzania Forestry Headquarters Building. Proposed futureprojects include the Vice President Residence in Zanzibar, HotelProjects in progress include: Electrical Installation Works at NationalRecords Office – Dodoma, Treasury Square – Dodoma, LadyQueen of Peace Complex – Ihumwa Dodoma, Mvuvi House – Dares Salaam, Vice President’s Office – Dar es Salaam, University ofDar es Salaam Business Facility – Dar es Salaam, ELCT MsasaniMultipurpose Business Complex – Dar es Salaam, Oysterbay HotelRedevelopment Project Phase III – Dar es Salaam, MEC House –Arusha, Palace Hotel Project – Arusha and Zanzibar Revenue BoardHeadquarters – Zanzibar.Registered with the Tanzania ContractorsRegistration Board as ELECTRICAL WORKS CONTRACTOR ClassVENTILATION AND AIR CONDITION (HVAC) CONTRACTOR ClassOne with Registration No SPM 1/0236/11/08.Best of Tanzania | 191
  • 190. Derm Electrics (T) LimitedA fully registered Class One TanzanianElectrical Contracting company, DermElectrics was founded in 1998 by CEO andManaging Director Eng. Ridhuan Mringo.The company provides full-service andspecialised construction work relating tothe design, installation and maintenance ofelectrical wiring and electrical systems.The company undertakes work throughoutTanzania for residential, commercial,retail, industrial and government sectororganisations. Typical projects rangefrom new infrastructure installations toexisting electrical installation modificationsand upgrades. Their project teamsprovide a complete design, installation,commissioning, and handover service.On-site electrical installation teams workclosely with clients, completing projectson time and in budget. Their experience,qualifications and certifications ensure thatthey deliver the best possible work, offeringassistance and advice when required interms of the overall design, fault-finding andinstallation.TOWERSDSM, Vice President’s office Dodoma,Prime Minister’s Office DSM, Universityof Dodoma, Nelson Mandela institute,Benjamin Mkapa Economic ZoneSalaam, The UAE Embassy Dar es SalaamSalaamServicesThe diverse range of quality services offeredby Derm Electrics demonstrates theircontinuously expanding portfolio of skillsand experience. From the initial businessmodel focusing on general electrical work,they have broadened the scope of servicesinto more technically advanced areas:Derm Electrics is a fully registered Class OneElectrical Contractor providing full-serviceand specialised construction work relating tothe design, installation and maintenance ofelectrical wiring and electrical systems.The company undertakes work throughoutTanzania for residential, commercial,retail, industrial and government sectororganisations. Typical projects rangefrom new infrastructure installations toexisting electrical installation modificationsand upgrades. Our project teamsprovide a complete design, installation,commissioning, and handover service.Derm Electrics specialises in advanced,energy-efficient HVAC systems that providereliable, comfort-controlled environments– whilst ensuring maximum operatingefficiency. They operate throughout Tanzania,installing and maintaining the most suitableHVAC systems for residential, commercial,industrial and government buildings. Fromretail stores to restaurants, offices to hotels,universities to healthcare facilities, their HVACsystems improve comfort levels, reduce totalcost and protect indoor air quality.Derm Electrics has engineers who specialisein security and fire alarm systems.They provide expert design, installationand maintenance services of high-endintegrated systems that are ideal for bothlarge and small premises. Through closeclient consultation they install intelligent,comprehensive and highly cost-effectiveDerm Electrics is the country’s largest and fastest-growing Tanzanian-owned electrical contracting company, with a solid reputationsolutions that are economically viable and technically superior.Dodoma University192 | Best of Tanzania
  • 191. systems to continually protect staff,property and businesses. They offer ongoingmaintenance and consultation on alldesigns, set-ups, or installations:suppression systems and emergencyRegardless of how basic or complexbusiness technology requirements are, DermElectrics is able to plan, design, install andmaintain ICT infrastructure to encompass allaspects of business’ needs – now and forthe future.Derm Electrics takes pride in deliveringtechnically precise, cost-effective andcreative solutions to best suit clients’ needs.Their core values guide them in all businessand future.Client satisfaction is of paramountdelivering complete client satisfaction, theyensure their own success and further buildtheir reputation.Derm Electrics has total confidence in thecredibility and reliability of their team andmanagement structure. Through carefulscheduling and planning, they create anintegrated installation, saving time andcaused by using multiple suppliers.They believe that excellence is achievedthrough professionalism. By consistentlyfocusing on good practice, ethical businessrelationships, and high-quality standards,Derm Electrics’ business will stand out asthe leader in the industry.They believe that their key resource is theirpeople and that by nurturing and guidingthem in a stimulating environment, theywill develop and retain loyalty and respectfor both the business and clients. DermElectrics has over 110 permanent Tanzaniastaff – men and women, engaged in allaspects of operations.In all dealings, Derm Electrics ensures theyprovide the most environmentally friendlyproducts and solutions which meet thedemands of the developing nation.As a dynamic organisation, Derm Electricscontinuously keeps abreast of industry andmarket developments, delivering the verylatest in technology solutions that not onlyfully meet client specifications, but alsoexceed expectations.Eng. Ridhuan Mringo is a Registered Memberof the Institution of Engineers Tanzania anda Registered Engineer with the EngineersRegistration Board.The Founder and CEO of Derm Electrics (T) LtdEng. Ridhuan MringoDodoma UniversityCRDB disaster recovery centrePPF Mwanza Derm ComplexNote from Ridhuan Mringo, CEO andManaging Director“For over 10 years Derm Electrics hasbeen involved in many major constructionand engineering projects – gaininginvaluable experience and expertise,and acquiring a reputation as one of theleading electrical contractors in Tanzania.We have successfully completedmany high-profile contracts, in both theprivate and the public sectors, whereour on-time, in-budget performance andour stringent technical standards havedemonstrated our total commitment toevery aspect of our operations.I am proud to be at the head of askilled and dedicated team of engineers,managers and support staff. My aim isto ensure the ongoing success of thecompany by developing their talents andabilities, and by expanding our activitiesinto ever-more technically challengingfields.I relish the prospect of taking thecompany forward in this increasinglydemanding and competitive world bybuilding on our special core values andskills.Above all, I am determined that DermElectrics will maintain its reputation forquality and reliability.”SBC Pepsi factory in Dar es SalaamBest of Tanzania | 193
  • 192. Our company was established in 1995 as aconsulting firm. We focus on our experienceof 17 years in the provision of professionalservices to enhance quality of life throughthe development of sustainable projects.The company is constituted in accordancewith the requirements of the companyordinance, Engineers Registration Boardof Tanzania and Association of ConsultingEngineers in Tanzania.The firm is registered with the InternationalAssociation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)through the Association of ConsultingEngineers Tanzania (ACET).The firm’s vision is to become a big andleading company of high-calibre in theprovision of engineering consultancyservices in Africa and the rest of the World.The mission of the company is to satisfyits clients through provision of high-qualityservices and building good relationshipswith all stakeholders.The day to day activities are managed bythe Managing Director Eng. Laurent MzeeSechu. In addition the company has a boardof six directors and ten shareholders. Theday to day activities are carried out in threekey departments namely:The company has attained huge potentialin providing its services to DistrictCouncils, Ministries and DepartmentsMunicipalities, Water Boards, Multilateral andBilateral aid programmes, and the PrivateSector. Such services range through projectproject management (including contractadministration, supervision, monitoringand specific studies in areas of specialisationof the company per customer requirements.Our strong professional background inthe water sector industry was built formore than 17 years, and has made us theleading local firm in Tanzania, with over 100projects implemented. This outstandingperformance has provided us withthorough understanding of objectives andrequirements of various interrelated projects.Don Consult LtdEngineering consultants.194 | Best of Tanzania
  • 193. The company has a team of 53 professionalstaff consisting of Hydrologists, WaterSupply and Sanitation Engineers,Hydro geologists, Highway Engineers,Electromechanical Engineers, Economists,Sociologists, Financial Experts, Civiland Structural Engineers, Environmentalistsand experts in: – Rural Development,issues. It also enrols short-term inputs fromprofessionals in specialised fields on a case-to-case basis.In addition, our managerial team’s strengthis coupled by the fact that we have, at ourdisposal, stable and efficient organisationstructure which provides experiencedbackstopping personnel through the project.Best of Tanzania | 195
  • 194. Energy Services LimitedWe are Electrical Engineers and Contractorsregistered in CLASS 1 with the ContractorsRegistration Board. We have been in thebusiness of electrical engineering forover 22 years and have been involved inmany major construction and engineeringprojects gaining wide experience in thefield of electrical installation and powerline construction works in Tanzania. Wehave a team of qualified and registeredengineers, technicians, linesmen,electricians and support staff. We havesuccessfully completed many high profilecontracts in both the private and publicsectors where we have demonstrated ourtotal commitment to every aspect of ouroperations.We are specialised in:InstallationsCommissioning400 Volts up to 132,000 VoltsSwitchgearsFor industrial and commercial customers,we are able to design your mainsdistribution, power supply or lightinginstallations, together with statutoryrequirements such as emergency lightingand fire alarm systems. We can alsoadvise on energy conservation, “gettingthe best” out of your electrical services.We work alongside your builders and othercontractors, and ensure any work is carriedout with the minimum of disruption.For domestic customers, we can designyour total needs in terms of power outletsand lighting requirements. BuildingRegulations require all domestic alterationsto be completed to industry standards.We understand that loss of electricalservices or faulty equipment or plant can beinconvenient, result in loss of productivityor performance and create hardship. Thisis true for all our clientele. We make ourbusiness customers a high priority and aimto respond within the hour to emergencybreakdowns.We have a dedicated team of qualifiedtest engineers able to thoroughly inspectelectrical work and provide a full reporton the condition of any existing electricalinstallation.This can be particularly useful for domesticcustomers who are considering buying olderpremises, or where the previous ownersthose who need a full survey report for theirmortgage lenders. We can also provide a noobligation quote for any work that needs tobe carried out.For industrial and commercial clients, wecan inspect premises before you investin the property, or we can carry out a fullinspection on an existing property for yourinsurance company.Power Line Construction is a vital part toenergise your residence. We build yourPower Line to accommodate the propertyarea and to consider the traffic flow. Weset up a Pre Job Site Visit, to meet with ourCustomer to review their plans.We advise our Customer on Clearances,Rules, and Standards and provide them witha cost estimate. If we see a way in which wecan build Cost-Effectively, we will show youthe way on how to save time and money.A typical team would develop, engineer andinstall the required building services to yourinitial design, specifications drawings andtotal requirements, including:administration – including liaison meetingswith the main contractor and other keypersonnel to establish timings196 | Best of Tanzania
  • 195. site management and supervision, totalplanning and co-ordination, workmanship,financial and quality controlco-ordinationand statutory requirementsdocumentationagreementsThe project team’s primary objective is toprovide a comprehensive installation serviceon time and within budget, to the completesatisfaction of the client, his professionaladvisers and main contractor.ESL’s objective is to create and developopportunities to work closely with suppliersand sub-contractors to mutual advantage,so that together the team can deliver thebest value solutions to the benefit of ourclients.The cornerstone of our strategy is thecareful selection of suppliers and sub-contractors from our existing approved listswith whom the company has developedlong-standing relationships over many yearsinto even more effective partnerships.These suppliers and sub-contractors joinwith ESL to produce team solutions thatimprove productivity and service to ourclients and ensure that there is a greaterdegree of mutual trust and confidencethat promotes a positive and pro-activeapproach to problem solving.ESL’s commitment to quality ensures aclear communication of the objectivesand benefits to all parties involved in theprocurement process.In creating these partnerships all partiescan have a working environment in whichthe exchange of technical knowledge andexpertise can be brought together to deliverthe best added value solutions to ourclients.Building long-lasting relationships is anessential part of our business practice.Through commitment to building effectiverelationships with our clients, ESL havea proven track record for successfullydelivering Mechanical and Electrical servicesto the industrial, commercial, leisure,healthcare, education and retail sectors.We provide our clients with consistentstandards of products and services.We have developed close long-termrelationships with both clients and suppliers.Our services are regularly reviewed toensure that our services always meet thehighest standards.When proceeding to the design,development and cost analysis of a projectESL consider and recognise the necessityto establish trust and credibility between thecompany and the client’s team.We would establish this by developing avalue engineering process in line with thefollowing principles:suppliers and sub-contractors whoare critical to the works, they havethe capabilities, resources to ensureprogramme and cost certainty togetherwith value engineering inputthe specification and clients’ requirementsutilise ESL’s many years of designengineering experience combined withpractical installation expertise and projectmanagementvalue engineering and to achieving therequired project functions at minimumcost, without any detriment to quality,performance and reliabilitycost and value, due consideration willbe given to the whole life-cycle costs ofthe design solution including the capitalcosts for installation and replacement,the energy costs, and the operating andmaintenance costs during the life of thefacilityBest of Tanzania | 197
  • 196. Radi Service Ltd is an Electrical Engineering legal entity company,established in July 2002. Radi Services Ltd started with a visionof carrying out repair and services of nearly all kinds of electricalmotors, generators and transformers, after the former multinationalcompany, ABB Pemaco Ltd, closed down its service industry topursue other business ventures. Radi Services inherited the coreactivities as well as the most prominent staff of ABB Pemacco.The company started with a single repair workshop and has grownto include contracting and servicing. Other Services include airconditional service and repairs, mechanical repairs, vibrationanalysis, and dynamic balancing.They are registered electrical contractors and carry out proactivemaintenance and contract services. In early 2008, they won an(USA) for their trajectory and business excellence prestige.The giant Electrical Engineering company – ABB acquired athen in 2002 ABB Tanzania winded up workshop activities namedwas dealing with repair/rewinding and services of electromechanicalmachines, field services, installation and commissioning ofgenerators etc. Radi Services Ltd acquired all the fixed assets andinventories of ABB Pemacco Ltd, and also took on the premises ofthe old Pemacco Bevi workshop building along Bagamoyo Road,Mbezi Beach Industrial Area. This later shifted to new premises onPlot 895 Mbezi Beach, Tangi Bovu, on New Bagamoyo Road.Radi Service Ltd reemployed most of the competitive, committed,dedicated and hardworking staff of ABB Pemacco Ltd. Currentlyit has more than 30 employees on its payroll. The employees arespread in all the departments i.e. Production, Marketing, FieldServices, Quality Control, Finance and Administration, Sales andProjects.With a very strong and dedicated team, Radi Services Ltd is hopingto develop and hence improve quality of service offered to differentcustomers spread all over East Africa. Clients of Radi Service Ltdhave included Bank of Tanzania, Tanga Cement, Barclays BankTanzania, ABB Tanzania, Tanesco, Tanzania Revenue Authority,TPCC-Twiga cement, Aggreko intern. ALAF, Dawasco, KilomberoSugar-Illovo, Kagera Sugar, TPA, Puma Energy etc.Radi Service Ltd’s focus is putting more emphasis on offeringsolution-based services. They aim to have online service and onlinequotation available on the website.Radi Service Ltd’s mission is “Exceeding Customers’ expectations inproviding Quality, Speed, Efficiency and Cost-effective service/repairof Electromechanical Machineries.Radi Service Ltd’s vision is “To become the best indigenousRadi Service LtdRadi Service Ltd is an Electrical Engineeringcompany, established in July 2002.Service of 2000kVA, 11kV Generator for Bank of TanzaniaService of 450kW DC motor for ALAFOffloading fault slipring Motor 3930kW, 6300V for Tanga Cement198 | Best of Tanzania
  • 197. Electrical Engineering Company and thebest employer in Eastern Africa.Radi Service Ltd is licensed to deal with thefollowing areas of Electrical Engineering:and Transformers.diesel generators, all types of machineriesMachines, etc.Buildings.Monitoring).Motor Starters and all kinds of ElectricalEngineering materials.Radi service Ltd staff/personnel are allqualified and highly trained with very vastexperience in handling projects of any size,Radi service Ltd is capable of repairing andservicing power transformers, distributiontransformers, AC and DC motors andgenerators of various types and sizes.Radi Service Ltd are committed to deliverBetter, Prompt, Quality and Efficient servicesto their customers, at reasonable andaffordable prices.Complete service of 2000kVA/11kV Generator for Bank of TanzaniaComplete refurbishiment of 15MVA, 33kV/11kV Transfomer for TanescoEng. Abdallah, A.H , MD of Radi service ltd, presentpaper after the award in New York, USAEng. Abdallah, A.H , MD of Radi service ltd, presentpaper after the award in Madrid, SpainRewinding rotor of slipring Motor 3930kW, 6300V forTanga cementService of generator 70kVA for Barclays Bank TanzaniaAssembling of slipring Motor 3930kW, 6300V at RadiworkshopBest of Tanzania | 199
  • 198. JFM Construction Limited was incorporated in October 1998. JFM is a medium-sizedconstruction firm registered with the Contractors Registration Board (CRB) in Tanzania asCivil and Building Engineering Contractors.JFM Construction LimitedJFM Construction has its headquarters inArusha on Old Boma Road, a constructionyard in Njiro, Arusha and branch/liaisonoffices in Dar es Salaam and Tanga.The Company is managed by competentTanzania Registered Engineers, backedby reliable technicians and labour force.The company’s most valuable resourceis its human resource. From here we cantap into expertise gained from as far afieldas the UK, US, Kenya and in Tanzania onroad maintenance, infrastructure, utility andhousing projects.The Company also aims to exploitrevolutionary construction techniques, forsustainable development in the country.JFM Construction Ltd’s civil works outfitis undertaking the largest of six pilotPerformance Based Management andMaintenance of Roads (PMMR) contracts,awarded by Tanzania’s road agencyTANROADS.The PMMR – Tanga West contract kickedoff in July 2009 and runs for five years.Major works include rehabilitation andmaintenance on a 228km road network. Themajor challenge on the PMMR project isin collecting and processing road data foreffective decision-making.200 | Best of Tanzania
  • 199. To achieve the major project objectives, JFMselected a Hawkeye System – developed inAustralia that has resulted in achieving highroad maintenance efficiency.From its Headquarters, JFM offersconstruction services in Tanzania in thefields of:……JFMPutting infrastructure where there is noneBest of Tanzania | 201
  • 200. Security SystemsCHAPTER 14202 | Best of Tanzania
  • 201. Best of Tanzania | 203
  • 202. G4SG4S Secure Solutions (TZ) Ltd is aTanzanian-registered subsidiary of G4S Plcspecialising in the protection of assets inthe mining, financial, industrial, diplomatic,hospitality, retail and commercial sectors.With over 10 years experience in theTanzania market, G4S Tanzania has grownto become the brand of choice for securitysolutions. We offer a complete approachto risk management, drawing on ourworldwide experience and global footprint,our proven capabilities in end-to-end projectmanagement, personnel management,logistics, security technologies and as theonly company with a cash managementsolution in Tanzania.For our clients, the benefits of this approachare tangible. Businesses that rise to thechallenge of securing their environmentsin a more integrated way are better placedto protect critical assets and reputations,reduce costs and deliver a better experiencefor the people they employ and serve.G4S Security Services (Tanzania) Ltd hasbranches in the following six regions inTanzania: Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Mwanza,Zanzibar, Mtwara, Arusha and Moshi.Physical security and security systemsare becoming increasingly linked. G4Smeets customers’ expectations for acomprehensive security solution witha flexible combination of products andservices from the following departments:Manned SecurityG4S manned security solutions arecustomised to each client’s individual needs,using the most appropriate combination ofmanned guarding and security technology.Site-specific and tailor-made proceduresare agreed with the client at the onset ofeach contract. Regular consultation betweenG4S security managers and the client,especially with regard to risk assessmentand customer care, ensures continualadaptation and improvement of performancemanagement and consequent customersatisfaction.This concept of integrated security solutionsis based on two simple objectives: thecompany aims to offer the client the mostcost-effective option available in the marketand sets clear quantifiable goals in terms ofbenefits generated.Additional manned guarding servicesinclude:The world’s leading security solutions group.204 | Best of Tanzania
  • 203. Control Room ServicesThrough its national control room in Dar esSalaam, G4S is able to monitor a wide rangeof individually identifiable signals, including,but not limited to:ServicesAll response crews are highly trained andexperienced, and are under constant directare fitted with vehicle tracking devices, andall events and communications are loggedfor most effective control and performancestandards management.SystemsThrough its extensive internationalconnections, G4S Tanzania has access tospecialised expertise from around theworld and is able to design the most cost-effective options for technical for residential and businessapplications, G4S designs and supplies thefollowing:maintenancemonitoring of client’s control roomsScheduled as well as unscheduled technicalsupport for the above product range is alsooffered.Cash Solutionsof integrated cash management solutionsin Tanzania. The division specialises inthe secure transportation and storage ofcash and valuables; cash counting, cashprocessing as well as ATM replenishment;and maintenance for financial institutions inthe country. .For more information onG4S services, please contactJacqui Bothma on +255 767 222 070www.g4s.comBest of Tanzania | 205
  • 204. Solutions is committed in acceleratinggrowth through continued value creation forour customers and stakeholders by offering:solutions to all stakeholders;different industries;relationships with key partners;benefit both our clientele and up to our responsibilities, to serve andenhance the communities in which wework and live and the society on which wedepend.commitment to the marketplace and weare confident of our ability to maintain anddevelop a highly differentiated company. Thecompany’s “ethos” is geared towards findingonly the best solutions for our clients.expertise and partnerships, relating to:and applications;Systems for monitoring individuals in thelaw enforcement and correctional servicesmarkets;Systems;support;management for transportationcompanies.About ESSspecialises in Security Systems, RiskTechnology; to offer complete solutions tothe commercial, government and industrialare created by using our broad knowledgeof different industries and market segmentsto develop tailor-made and cost-effectivemeet our clients’ needs.has the drive to ensure dependable andsustainable growth and development tobecome the service provider of choice,whilst being committed to the enhancementindustry.With branches in South Africa, Ghana,list of successful projects completed forleading South African and internationalorganisations.Products and Servicesintegrators and solution providers bysurpassing the role of traditional suppliersof only equipment. We recommend thebest brands of equipment to satisfy ourcustomer’s specific needs and offer valueadding services to ensure the effective,customised completion and maintenance ofa project.Our productsEngineered Systems Solutions (ESS)206 | Best of Tanzania
  • 205. Attendance Systems;whole resource planning and managementSoftware optimisation for theElectronic Monitoring and TrackingSolutionsA fully functional Base Station, monitoringoffender operations, where administrationseeks accurate and reliable real-timetracking along with effective enforcementof curfews; enabling operators to efficientlytrack offenders anywhere, anytime andat varying levels of intensity. A viable andaffordable method of reducing existingalternate sentencing to individuals whomhave been assessed as suitable recipients,detainees, individuals whom cannot affordbail or fines, Parolees and Probationers.Monitor offenders in mobile situations, suchas, transports or off-site work crews, inmateschedule and zone authorisation control.Tracking Systems, performing real-timemonitoring and managing of people andobjects within correctional facilities and thecampuses around them.Our Servicesproviding a single source supply for all turn-key project scopes, include the followingareas of expertise:methodology;business solutions, electronic monitoringand tracking solutions, resource planningand management for the transportationsector and green technology solutions.National OperationsAfrica and abroad, with regional officesBay; Saldanha; Durban; Richards Bay; PortTanzania, Namibia and Ghana.International Operationswith the Private Security Regulatoryin various market segments. We havedeveloped and installed various systemsand applications in the following sectors:Pulp and Paper; Food and Beverage;Facilities and StadiumsBEEbusinesses through procurementwith the ultimate purpose of fosteringentrepreneurship in black communities andindustry.Policy, encompasses projects thatare external to the business; projectsundertaken for the purpose of upliftingcommunities in general and those whichhave strong development approaches,with a focus on Social, Developmental orimmense emphasis on job creation.TrainingTraining provider in order to present skillsskills programs. The elective componentof this qualification will allow a qualifyinglearner to demonstrate knowledge andunderstanding of specialised electronicsecurity systems.Contact DetailsTanzaniaTel: +255 22 260 2034Fax: +255 22 260 0772Email: AfricaTel: +27 12 460 3448Fax: +27 12 346 5529Email: of Tanzania | 207
  • 206. TechnotionTechnotion, a Tanzanian based companyestablished in 2004, provides sales,support and services in the electronicservice industry with high professionalism.of protecting your property against theft,criminal trespass and to generally contributetowards crime prevention in our society.Missionand wants, to provide ways and means ofprotecting their properties against theft,criminal trespass and generally to contributetowards crime prevention in society byproviding and managing electronic securitysystems. We also provide a solution forother forms of protection, such as barriersto enhance protection of customers’properties.VisionWe provide a comprehensive range ofproducts for electronic security systems bydesigning, supplying, installing and servicingthe same to comply with the internationallysuccess is the commitment to embrace theshort, we will make it our paramount dutyto meet our customers’ needs as promptlyas possible, providing high-quality productsand offer after-sale service to complete thebe knowledgeable, competent and fully-trained to provide customers service of thehighest quality.Professional supportThe company has well-trained andexperienced personnel with all the technicalknow-how required in this field; providingbest support to customers at technical levelwith the highest quality.Digital Electronic EquipmentTechnotion provides installation andvarious hotels, apartments and offices.We also sell and provide services for bothprofessional and customer electronic itemssystems, audio systems, micro ovens, faxpower supplies. We offer all our customersunbeatable technical support with our teamof experts to assist in ensuring the highesttechnical support and best level of service.We provide warranty in all our products andservices.Our products:So if you’re in need of voice and data,to safeguard your home, office, apartment,ideal company for the project.In the heart of theDar es Salaam City CentreJamhuri / Mosque Street / IlalaBuilt For Technology.208 | Best of Tanzania
  • 207. Best of Tanzania | 209
  • 208. Building, Architecture and Real EstateCHAPTER 15210 | Best of Tanzania
  • 209. Best of Tanzania | 211
  • 210. PRACTICE PROFILECovell Matthews Partnership Limited hasbeen practising in the region since 1968.The practice incorporated Jackson andHill (established 1923) and Bransgroveand Partners in 1970. The practice hascompleted a wide variety of projectsthroughout mainland Tanzania andZanzibar offering a high quality design andprofessional service on a wide range ofbuilding types.APPROACHWe have a client-inclusive approachto design in order to achieve a clearunderstanding of all aspects of a projectthrough working closely with the client. Wemaintain a coordinated effort between theclient, contractors and consultants. Welead an integrated multi-disciplined teamof professionals designing all facets of aproject.We have an ongoing commitment tocontinued professional development tomaintain the awareness of new techniquesand technologies and their applicationsin a constantly evolving marketplace. Wevalue integrity in all that we do. Thereforewe are open, honest and candid in all of ourbusiness practices and are committed to ahigh ethical standard.SUSTAINABLE INNOVATORSAt CMPL, maximum sustainability isour goal. We use cost-effective designand completion techniques, to achieveproject success. CMPL has demonstratedthat sustainable design is achievable atcompetitive costs and that, it can addsavings and value to any project type.DESIGN EXCELLENCECMPL is commitment to design excellenceas illustrated by the number of buildings wehave completed and repeat commissionsfrom clients.CLIENT BASEOur client base includes: World Bank;African Development Bank; various AidAgencies; as well as public and privatesector organisations. Education projectscompleted: Schools and Colleges forSecond IDA Education Project; World BankVocational and Training residential schools,funded by African Development Bank;International Schools, private funding GirlsSecondary Boarding School, multi-donorfunding, Nyerere Cultural Centre.Recent projects in Zanzibar: AfricanDevelopment Bank (ADB) TechnicalConsultant for the RehabilitationConstruction of Community builtclassrooms in Zanzibar and Pemba;Covell Matthews Partnership LtdCovell Matthews Partnership Limited is a privately-owned Tanzanianpractice and is a prominent architectural consulting firm in Tanzania.212 | Best of Tanzania
  • 211. Schools for Alternative Learning and SkillsDevelopment Zanzibar and Pemba; Designand Supervision of model primary school inZanzibar; Rehabilitation of school within thehistoric Stone Town, Zanzibar.SERVICESContactLuther House, Sokoine DriveP.O. Box 20867Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTelephones:+255 22 2116 623+255 22 2121 024+255 22 2130 359Mobile: 0748 452 422Fax: +255 22 2112 Noronha: joenoronha013@gmail.comG. McClymont: IgnatiusNoronhaPartner – ManagingDirectorB. Arch. Dip. Arch. J.J.College of Architecture.Registered ArchitectArchitects Associationof TanzaniaCommonwealthAssociation ofArchitects AfricaAfrica Union ofArchitects EasternRegionof the ArchitecturalAssociation of Tanzaniasince 1991and India since 1971.GordonMcClymontPartner – DirectorDip. Arch. LiverpoolCollege Of BuildingRegistered Architect –TanzaniaArchitects Associationof TanzaniaRoyal Institute of BritishArchitectsQueensland, AustraliaKenya, Zambia, UK andAustralia since 1964.COVELL MATTHEWS PARTNERSHIP LTDBest of Tanzania | 213
  • 212. qD Consult (T) Ltd is a Tanzanian privately managed consultingfirm, established in 2006 as an Architectural consulting firm. The firmis legally registered with the board of Architects and QuantitySurveyors Registration Board (AQRB), with the aim of providingmultidisciplinary consultancy services to the public and privateclients internationally.The firm is fully owned by Tanzanian professionals and currentlyis working through the office located at the Lindi street 2nd floor,Wafanyakaziwa Posta naSimu (SACCOS) building in Dar es Salaam.The entire professional staff of qD Consult (T) Ltd are involved inundertaking a broad range of consulting services in the field rangingfrom preliminary planning, detailed design, and supervision of newconstructions, refurbishment and rehabilitation of various buildings toproject management.The firm is fully owned by Tanzanian professionals, and currentlyis working through the office located at the Lindi street 2nd floor,Wafanyakaziwa Posta naSimu (SACCOS) building in Dar es Salaam.Our servicesqD Consult (T) Limited offers consulting services in the followingareas:The firm through its experienced staff has experience of projectscarried out in and outside Tanzania, including:Pre-Contract stagesPost-Contract stagesqD Consult (T) Ltd214 | Best of Tanzania
  • 213. MANAGMENTStaffing generalqD Consult (T) Ltd has a team ofexperienced and competent consultants thatwill ensure that the assignments are carriedout efficiently and effectively. The team ofconsultants consists of experts, who arecompetent and experienced in such cuttingissues as:P.O. Box 12184,Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaLindi Str. Wafanyakaziwa Posta na Simu Bld. (SACCOS)1st FloorTel: +255 732 921 639+255 754 373 717+255 222 185 091Fax: +255 222 185 of Tanzania | 215
  • 214. East African Elevator Company LimitedQuick facts:Elevators, Escalators and MovingWalkwaysEast African Elevator Company LimitedPlot 2319/9, Indira Gandhi StreetP.O. Box 2153, Dar es SalaamTel: +255 22 2112288 / 2113362 / 2115725Fax: +255 22 2113361Email: info@otistz.comwww.otis.com216 | Best of Tanzania
  • 215. Best of Tanzania | 217
  • 216. The Royale Orchard Inn LimitedThe Royale Orchard Inn Limited assists clients andvisitors in need of houses, apartments, stand alonehouses, and commercial units.Royale Orchard Inn Ltd offers the finest apartmentsand bungalows to let in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania –situated in the city’s most sought after locations.These offer breathtaking sea-views, with peaceful andidyllic landscapes away from the hustle and bustleof the city centre yet within reach of local amenities.All homes ooze comfort and luxury with a choice ofthree, four or even five furnished bedrooms; fully-fittedkitchens and dining rooms; cosy living rooms andmodern bathrooms.Enclosed complexes comprise of community gymsand swimming facilities available for use by residentsonly. Professionally managed in-house services includesecurity, electrical repairs, standby generator and storedwater supply in case of power failure and 24-hoursupport and maintenance.Our facilities include:Welcome to Tanzania: the land of glory and natureready to explore. We make you feel at home.218 | Best of Tanzania
  • 217. Dar VillasSize: 400 – 500 square metres per villa.Type of residence: Bungalows.Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5.Inclusive services: Security, electricalrepairs, standby generator and stored watersupply, 24-hour support and maintenance.Local amenities: International schools,shopping centre.parking.Additional facilities: Private garden andswimming pool.Distance from town: 20 minutes.Royale OrchardSize: 400 square metres per villa.Type of residence: Bungalows.Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5.Inclusive services: Security, electricalrepairs, standby generator and stored watersupply, 24-hour support and maintenance.sauna, gym and parking.The PalmSize: 260 square metres per apartment.Type of residence: Apartments.Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5.Inclusive services: Security, electricalrepairs, standby generator and stored watersupply, 24-hour support and maintenance.parking.Seaview ComplexSize: 250 square metres per apartment.Type of residence: Apartments.Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5.Inclusive services: Security, electricalrepairs, standby generator and stored watersupply, 24-hour support and maintenance.parking.Twin TowersSize: 260 square metres per apartment.Type of residence: Apartments.Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5.Inclusive services: Security, electricalrepairs, standby generator and stored watersupply, 24-hour support and maintenance.parking.Slipway ComplexSize: 400 square metres per villa.Type of residence: Bungalows.Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5.Inclusive services: Security, electricalrepairs, standby generator and stored watersupply, 24-hour support and maintenance.parking.P.O. Box 6100, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2860300/1/2Cell: +255 784 786 624 / +255 716 308 142Fax: +255 22 2862940Email: enquiry@darapartment.comPlease explore our websitewww.darapartment.comBest of Tanzania | 219
  • 218. Transport and LogisticsCHAPTER 16220 | Best of Tanzania
  • 219. Best of Tanzania | 221
  • 220. Ocean Freight Forwarding Air Freight ForwardingDamco222 | Best of Tanzania
  • 221. Project Cargo Supply Chain SolutionsBest of Tanzania | 223
  • 222. Landside Services Accessing East Africa with the TBLKenya and Tanzania are the gateways to neighbouring Uganda,Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, DRC, etc224 | Best of Tanzania
  • 223. The TBL is as flexible as your businessFor further information contact us:Sales Team: Tanzania Limited115-1 Nelson Mandela RoadDar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2851257/8Fax: +255 22 2850154Email: www.damco.comBest of Tanzania | 225
  • 224. Shipping Management Services Co. LTDOur historyOur values226 | Best of Tanzania
  • 225. Our commitmentShipping Management ServicesSokoine DRV/Ohio StreetNIC Life Hse, 3rd Floor, Room 21P.O. Box 5480, Dar es SalaamTel: +255 22 2123796Mobile: +255 741 233993Fax: +255 22 2123352www.shmase.comBest of Tanzania | 227
  • 226. Effco Plant and Crane HireHeavy haulageLogisticsMining228 | Best of Tanzania
  • 227. Civil worksMbezi Beach Industrial AreaPlot 108, Bagamoyo RoadP. O. Box 66627, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 265 0418Fax: +255 22 265 0418Cell: +255 767 200 925+255 767 200 746+255 767 200 521+255 754 562 498+255 764 700 of Tanzania | 229
  • 228. Courier ServicesCHAPTER 17Images Courtesy of DHL South Africa.230 | Best of Tanzania
  • 229. Best of Tanzania | 231
  • 230. Simple. Secure. Affordable.Introducing DHL express easyDHL is Part of the World’s LeadingLogistics Group, Deutsche Post DHLDHL offers integrated services and tailored,customer-focused solutions for managingand transporting letters, goods andinformation. DHL is part of Deutsche PostDHL. The Group generated revenue of morethan 51-billion Euros in 2010 and more than53-billion Euros in 2011.From Humble Beginnings to GlobalMarket LeaderFounded in San Francisco more than 40years ago by three budding entrepreneurs –Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and RobertLynn – DHL has continued to expand at aphenomenal rate. Today, it stands tall asthe global market leader of the internationalexpress and logistics industry.Today, DHL’s international networklinks more than 220 countries andterritories worldwide – includingTanzania as part of the large Africanfootprint. DHL also offers unparalleledexpertise in express, air and ocean freight,overland transport, contract logisticssolutions as well as international mailservices.232 | Best of Tanzania
  • 231. DHL’s success has always been basedaround delivering excellent service forcustomers. Never complacent, DHL hasbecome a brand acknowledged for personalcommitment, proactive solutions and localstrength. At the heart of its success are itsemployees who focus on the customer’sneeds and provide individually customisedsolutions.DHL: Four Divisions – One Brand – OneProvider – All Your SolutionsDHL comprises four divisions. Thesesegments operate under the control of theirown divisional headquarters. The Groupmanagement functions are performed by theCorporate Centre.We have centralised the internal serviceswhich support the entire Group, includingFinance Operations, IT and Procurement.This consolidation enables us to increasethe flexibility of our business, improveservice quality and leverage economies ofscale and cost benefits.DHL Express Easy gives you the followingbenefits:Industry Sector SolutionsDHL’s focus on selected industry sectorsmeans customers benefit from workingwith specialists – not just in logistics, butalso in their particular marketplace. Withour industry-leading sector solutions, weprovide our customers with real competitiveadvantage.Express ServicesFor anyone who needs next-day delivery orwants to track shipments or find drop-offlocations, DHL Express offers Internationalparcel and document delivery and muchmore.Logistics ServicesThe world’s largest logistics specialist:Our Business DivisionsDHL commits its expertise in internationalexpress, air and ocean freight, road andrail transportation, contract logisticsand international mail services to itscustomers. A global network composedof more than 220 countries and territoriesand about 275,000 employees worldwide,offers customers superior service qualityand local knowledge to satisfy their supplychain requirements. DHL accepts itssocial responsibility by supporting climateprotection, disaster management andeducation.To cover all of your extensive service needswith the right level of focus and expertise,DHL operates under four specialiseddivisions:Best of Tanzania | 233
  • 232. 234 | Best of TanzaniaTransit Times and Tracking: Transit timesare only guides and are not guaranteed. Alland public holidays are not transit days.Tracking information for any parcel will notbe available until the Shipment is collectedfrom the Service Point by a DHL courier.Data Protection: Your personal details areimportant to us and will be used fairly, inconfidence and kept secure for no longerthan necessary. By signing the DHL ServicePoint order, you acknowledge and acceptthe terms of the personal data statementthat can be found on the reverse of theShipping Information Form located at theDHL Service Point.DHL EXPRESS EASY is an easy-to-useservice for the quick delivery of yourdocuments and parcels around the world.Follow these four easy steps:PICKPACKrules on the prohibited items.PAYSENDeasily track and trace the progress ofyour package online as it travels to itsdestination.
  • 233. Corporate Responsibility at DHLCorporate Responsibility is a core elementof our corporate strategy. Acting responsiblyas a company means we treat ouremployees, the environment, the interestsof society and the capital that has beenentrusted to us in a manner that is respectfuland sustainable. Only in this way can we besuccessful in the long term.Our Corporate Responsibility ApproachMaking a positive impact – globally andlocallyDeutsche Post DHL is committed tomaking a lasting and positive change inthe world by using its knowledge andglobal presence in ways that benefit peopleand the environment. We focus on threestrategic areas of involvement – GoGreen,GoHelp and GoTeach – to live up to ourresponsibility. We always encourage ouremployees to volunteer in corporate andlocal projects.Create the Future of LogisticsWhat does it take to come up with newideas? It takes vision, strategy anddedicated people. With the new unit DHLSolutions & Innovations (DSI), the company’sinnovative activities find their focal point.The mission of DHL Solutions & Innovationsis to develop marketable, highly innovativelogistics solutions that are both flexible andecologically sound to meet the challengesof the future. These solutions are basedupon a cooperative exchange of knowledge,technologies, services and resourceswith the customers and within the partnernetwork.DHL Tanzania is the proud carrier ofBEST OF TANZANIA.Dar es Salaam: +255 22 2194900+255 754781156/4 or +255 777704043Mwanza +255282500890Arusha +255 of Tanzania | 235
  • 234. Automotive and MotoringCHAPTER 18236 | Best of Tanzania
  • 235. Best of Tanzania | 237
  • 236. Volvo Group supplies the entire world withcomplete transport solutions for professionaland business customers. It offers a hugerange of trucks and building equipment andhas a global network of over 3,000 helppoints in more than 140 countries.It is, today, one of the world’s leadingmanufacturers of trucks, buses, constructionequipment, transmission systems formaritime and industrial applications,aerospace components and services. Volvogroup also provides financial solutions andaftersale assistance.Portugal was the starting point for thegrowth of a group which, step by step, hassuccessfully managed to grow and expandabroad with strong footholds in countriesTurkey, Kenya, Namibia and Botswana whereAuto Sueco operates today.Tanzania is one of the countries where AutoSueco and Volvo share the same passionfor progress and innovation with brandslike Volvo Trucks and Volvo ConstructionEquipment. Offering our customers excellentquality and complete solutions in termsof products and services, has been at thevery foundation of Auto Sueco Tanzaniaever since it first opened its doors in 2001when Auto Sueco Group took up Volvogroup’s challenge to actively contribute tothe development of that country and itseconomy.Auto Sueco Tanzania now has a teamof professionals who are determined tooffer complete transport and constructionsolutions combining local entrepreneurshipwith almost 80 years’ know-how andspecialisation in this industry, brought in byAuto Sueco GroupAfter almost 80 years, the history of Auto Sueco Group hasbecome part and parcel of Volvo itself.238 | Best of Tanzania
  • 237. more mature professionals from Auto SuecoGroup.Having conquered the trust of aninteresting group of customers like BakhresaGroup, Kascco, African Barrick Gold,DelinaGroup and Exceptional, Auto Sueco hascontinued to invest so as to improve thequality of its services, ensuring it is alwaysclose at hand, not just when it sells a pieceof equipment.In the future, Auto Sueco and Volvo willcontinue with their joint efforts to helpTanzanian carriers and constructors as anon-going effort to improve just as we haveseen from day one.Plot 114, Nyerere RdKipawa Industrial AreaDar es Salaam, TanzaniaFax: +255 22 286 6334Tel: +255 22 286 6333Email: of Tanzania | 239
  • 238. Ford, Land Rover and Range Rover in Tanzania.CMC AutomobilesOur range of vehicles cover all angles ofindividual tastes and requirements.with the local finance and insuranceinstitutions make it possible for vehicleleasing and insurance packages to bearranged to suit all modern corporate andprivate customer requirements. We providespecialised servicing and genuine parts tocover all your motoring needs.making your sales experience a pleasantexpertise is legendary for being the bestin the region.As the official importers of Ford, Land Roverand Range Rover products, we have a largeamount of available stock assuring you ofimmediate delivery of popular models withthe best deals.Our Customer Service Centres provide youwith outstanding service system features.The key to our success is that we offerfixed-price servicing at your request andcontinuously keep our customers abreast ofall progress. We do everything possible tomake having your car serviced a pleasure,rather than a need.Our spacious workshops are equippedwith the latest technology including themost recent electronic diagnosis systemsfrom Ford, Land Rover and Range Rover,reducing both time and costs involved whenservicing a vehicle or detecting a fault.Our service divisions have technicians,measured by the Ford, Land Rover andwarehouse facilities in Dar es Salaam withgenuine imported parts from both newFord, Land Rover and Range Rover models,only for the latest vehicle models but also formany of the now classic models that haveserved Tanzanians so well in years gone by.This vast stockholding ensures that genuineAutomobiles head office workshop and retailplus our network of four branches and 13sub-dealers countrywide.A sophisticated computer system and welltrained staff ensure that stocks of frequentlyused and fast moving parts are regularlyreplenished. The less common parts that arerequired from time to time are imported fromThailand as fast as possible.Pricing policies are competitive and alignedwith regional and global standards forgenuine new parts.240 | Best of Tanzania
  • 239. CMC Automobiles,TanzaniaCMC Automobiles Ltd, PO Box 1852, Maktaba Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Tel: +255 222 113017Cell: +255 783 228800 Fax: +255 222 us on /
  • 240. In a decade and a half, since it made a modest beginning,Associated Supplies Ltd. has come a long way.Associated Supplies Ltd.Incorporated in 1997 as an unassumingcaterer to the transport sector’s tyrerequirement, the company has come, overthe years, in the forefront as one of theleading suppliers of tyres and batteriesto the automotive segment. Guided by aclear management vision, a sound financialbacking and the commitment and convictionof an energetic and experienced workforce,Associated Supplies is today recognisedas a major force in the automotive after-market of Tanzania. The key has beenits unflinching and total commitment toproviding the best quality of products andservices – a philosophy the company andall its employees have lived with, making it away of life.The strength of the company lies in itslong-term association with the suppliers,customers in the general transport sector,as well as the big names in corporateand multinationals. With the backing andsupport of leading international brands like:KumhoTyres – Korea’s leading manufacturerand among the top 10 tyre manufacturers inthe World producing full range of tyres with a242 | Best of Tanzania
  • 241. dynamic tyre manufacturers since 1972currently on a buying spree acquiring plantsin Europe (Vredstein), South Africa (Dunlop)maker and Exide – with more than 120 yearsexperience in meeting the world’s storedenergy needs and holding its No 1 positionworldwide for more than 20 years. AssociatedSupplies has been able to develop anenviable network of dealers and consumersall over Tanzania, most of whom have beenassociated with it right from the company’sinception. The faith and the trust that thecustomers have in the company is reflectedin its ever-increasing customer base.The company invests heavily in training itsworkforce, ensuring they remain abreastwith the latest developments in the industry.Today, its workforce is acknowledged as oneof the most knowledgeable. These skills andexpertise are used to educate the customerson proper ‘Tyre & Battery Care’ methods andtechniques, thereby helping them get betterservice from the products. This has paid richdividends as the company has been able tobuild and retain a loyal clientele.The year 2004 was a landmark year inthe history of Associated Supplies. Thecompany was instrumental in launchinga sister company – Supreme Tyres Ltd.– a retreading outfit, giving the transportsegment in Tanzania the much neededsolution to reduce the overall expenses ontyres. Driven by the quality of its retreads,Supreme Tyres attained the marketleadership status within months of itslaunch. Simultaneously some more products(Paper, Inverters and Bitumen) were addedto the product range, making the activitiesand reach of the group more diverse.The march continued and in 2011 thecompany decided to expand its operationsby venturing into neighbouring countrieswith the addition of Agro Chemicals to itsbouquet.The growth story continued in 2012 as wellwith the acquisition of a running Fuel station,in downtown Dar es Salaam along with thedistributorship of Relstar Lubricants. Anotherfeather in the cap was the venturing into theretail business through its first retail salesand service outlet in the upcoming area ofNamanga in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Thisstate-of-the-art service centre is the firstin the series of service centres which areplanned for 2013.When the laurels obtained by the companythe Company’s dependable dedicated teamof professionals, to its unswerving backingfrom steadfast suppliers and most of all tothe continuous interest and support of itscustomers.For a company which started off as a ‘SelfEmployed’ outfit to providing employmentto many, from a single product to multipleproducts, from a single location to multiplelocations including overseas, AssociatedSupplies has come a long way. Yet, withinthe company, the belief is that this is just thebeginning, and there is no finishing line.P O Box 71308, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaPlot no. 252, Ali Hassan Mwinyi RoadOpp Oysterbay Police StationNamanga, Dar es SalaamTel: + 255 22 2664782/3Email: sales@associatedtz.comWebsite: www.associatedtz.comBest of Tanzania | 243
  • 242. Africarriers LimitedAfricarriers Limited buys and sells new,used and reconditioned vehicles. They alsohandle all accident repairs, panel beatingand spray painting. Africarriers Limited islocated in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It isa dedicated company working in vehicleservices and related business activities.Africarriers Limited is the largest stockist ofall kinds of vehicles in Dar es Salaam. Theyspecialise in brand-new or reconditionedvehicles in the following vehicle categories:All Africarriers’ vehicles carry full guaranteeand warranty. They also carry large stock ofspares and accessories.Africarriers Limited has a dedicated in-houseworkshop to service and repair vehiclessupplied by clients as well as for insurancejobs.Contact F. Noorali17 Pugu Rd,P.O. Box 5998,Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2860 300/1/2Fax: +255 22 2862940Email: afrifinance@raha.commohameda464@gmail.comAutomobile Dealers, Autoparts and Garages.244 | Best of Tanzania
  • 243. Best of Tanzania | 245
  • 244. Food and BeveragesCHAPTER 19246 | Best of Tanzania
  • 245. Best of Tanzania | 247
  • 246. 248 | Best of Tanzania
  • 247. Best of Tanzania | 249
  • 249. HISTORYIncorporated in June, 1995, Upper Zonal TradingLimited (“UZT”) opened its doors for business at itsHeadquarters Office in the Northern Town of Arusha –the gateway to the tourism attractions of Tanzania.A family-owned business since 1995 to date, thefounder Mr David. E. Bulengo and his father DrAnthony. P. Bulengo, developed the business withthe vision of modelling a Purely Beverage FocusedCompany! Since its inception in 1995, the companyhas grown from strength to strength and has a BranchOffice in Dar es Salaam and representative distributionpartners countrywide.OUR VALUES AND VISIONOur aim has been to ensure that our consumers havea diversified portfolio of alcoholic and non-alcoholicbeverages of high quality and great value. Furthermore,our primary goal is to strive to meet the demandsand requirements of our clientele. After 17 years ofoperating in Tanzania in the Beverage Industry, ourfoundation has been built and our vision is now todevelop and expand our business to greater heights.MISSION STATEMENTWe take pride in being a customer care orientedorganisation and delivering quality products andservices to our clients. We made our customer’schoice easy in selecting our product portfolio andmade it more accessible with an elegant touch ofdelivery service.ON-TRADEWith 17 years of experience in the Tanzanian Market,UZT’s strength lies in the On-Trade. With officeslocated in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania, the hubof the tourism industry (Ngorongoro Crater, Serengetiand Kilimanjaro), UZT takes pride in its strongmarket share of the hotels, lodges, camping outfitsand hunting safaris, as well as restaurant trade. Ourcustomers include the likes of: Serena Lodges &Hotels, Sopa Lodges, &Beyond, Four Seasons BililaLodges and city hotels such as Kilimanjaro Hyatt,Southern Sun and specialised restaurants such asMchewo. With a dedicated Sales Team that catersonly to the On-Trade, we truly offer a unique personalservice to this market allowing us to shape the client’sneeds with our diversified product portfolio.OFF-TRADEThe Off-Trade is also another strong market segmentfor us. With Offices in Arusha and Dar es Salaamand up-country distributors nationwide, our marketreach in the off-trade is substantial. With a specialisedRetail/Wholesale sales team, we have managed todevelop a strong network of supermarkets, retailshops/outlets and wholesalers countrywide. Ourcustomers include the likes of Shoprite, Nakumatt,and Game Supermarket. With dedicated Staff inthis segment monitoring sales and shelf space andconstantly promoting our diverse portfolio of products,UZT has gained strength in this market segment.Our portfolio includes the following Brands:BACKSBERG ESTATE CELLARS, BOVLEI WINERY,BOEKENHOUTSKLOOF WINERY, CASA VINICOLAZONIN, CONCHA Y TORO, GRAHAM BECK WINES,MAN VINTNERS, PARMALAT SA PTY LIMITED,ROBERTSON WINERY, STARK CONDE WINES, VANLOVEREN PRIVATE CELLAR.OUR SOCIAL INVESTMENTOver the years our commitment has not just been tothe growth of our business and profitability, but also toour community. Upper Zonal Trading Limited is activelyinvolved in community service; we believe a healthysociety breeds great settings for future generations toevolve, create, lead and contribute to society.Our activities in social investment have beenacknowledged over the years through awards andacknowledgements presented to us as listed below:“Paul Harris Award” for Upper Zonal’s continuouscontributions to the Rotary Club of Arusha andSponsorship on Fighting Polio;in the “Believe, Begin, Become Program”.Mentorship program for Young Entrepreneurssponsored by Google.Org;“Junior Youth Tennis Development & Tournament”Gymkhana Club Arusha.UZT will continue to be a part of the socialcontributors to the development of our society.Should you wish to get in touch with us ourwebsite is of Tanzania | 251
  • 250. The MMI TANZANIA team combines localexpertise with international drinks tradeexperience and are always on hand to assistwith your retail and trade enquiries. Ourtemperature and humidity controlled shophouses a portfolio of products for all tastesand pockets.Our store offers an impressive range ofover 500 different wines, Champagnes,spirits, liqueurs and beers to enjoy browsingthrough. Customers are guaranteed to findsomething special.MMI TANZANIA enjoys working with venuesaround town to bring a diverse range ofexperiences from exclusive tastings, launchevents and well-tuned club nights.The Largest Wine Portfolio in the RegionThe portfolio includes wine, Champagne andsparkling wine from every key producingregion in the world.From South Africa we represent greatestates such as Ken Forrester, Vergelegen,De Wetshof, Bouchard Finlayson, Steenberg,Winery of Good Hope, Leopards Leap, GlenCarlou and Boland Cellar.From around the World, MMI TANZANIArepresents some of the leading wineries– Torres from Spain; Antinori and Ruffinofrom Italy; Pascal Jolivet, Joseph Drouhin,and Dourthe from France; De Bortoli andPeter Lehmann from Australia; Errazuriz andValdivieso from Chile; Craggy Range andOyster Bay from New Zealand and manymore.The Most Comprehensive Selection ofPremium Spirits in the RegionA fine and varied range of premium andsuper-premium spirits, including anexclusive portfolio of world-class brandssuch as: Russian Standard Vodka; AppletonRums from Jamaica; an impressive selectionof Whiskies; Patron Tequila; and many more.We also have an impressive range of housespirits covering all the major categories:Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, and Whisky.Premium Beer PortfolioWith an experienced team focused oncreating a one-stop-shop experience, wehave an extensive portfolio of premium beerbrands.MMI TANZANIA is part of the MMI Groupheadquartered in Dubai and Le Clos, Dubai’spremier Fine Wine and Luxury Spirits retailoffering, situated in the new Emiratesterminal.MMI TANZANIAMMI TANZANIA is Tanzania’s premier wine merchant and spirits specialist, serving boththe Tanzania on-trade and general public alike.252 | Best of Tanzania
  • 251. MMI TANZANIA would like to thank youfor enjoying our brands and we urge youto drink responsibly.MMI TANZANIA ShopMonday to Saturday 9.00am – 8.30pmSunday 10.00am – 4.00pmPlot 150 Haile Selassie RoadDar es Salaam, Tanzania+255 777 999 of Tanzania | 253
  • 252. Technology and CommunicationsCHAPTER 20254 | Best of Tanzania
  • 253. Best of Tanzania | 255
  • 254. UhuruOne, “Freedom for All”, wasconceptualised through UmojaOne’sacquisition of Selcom Broadband limitedin 2009 – with the aim of transforming thetelecommunications industry by tackling oneof the key stumbling blocks to developmentaccess.UhuruOne started by focusing on providingaffordable internet access to Tanzaniansand currently boasts the largest seamlessPay-as-you-go Wi-Fi Mesh network insub-Saharan Africa. Our position in themarket has allowed us to work closely withgovernment, donors, international partnersand educational institutions to developlocalised access models that will addressthe digital divide. It is with this resolve thatUhuruOne proudly stands by its motto –“The Difference”.UhuruOne’s strength is derived fromour diverse partnership and synergisticmélange of professionals, who share anentrepreneurial spirit and are driven bybusiness and intellectual challenges. Ourpassion has allowed us to create, build,and transform telecommunication centredbusinesses in unprecedented ways. Ourdedication to distinction has excelled thecompany through the corporate ranks notonly in Tanzania and Africa, but worldwide.UhuruOne provides a holistic approach toconnecting the underserved by strategicallypartnering with: Fusion Universal (a leadingaward-winning e-learning company basedin the UK); various other partners to addressthe knowledge gap; and Intel, whom we areexploring innovative solutions that wouldenable the masses with an affordable devicein order to be able to access the e-services.In order to further reach the masses,UhuruOne looks to expand through a roll-outof a 4G national virtual wireless broadbandnetwork, the first of its kind in Tanzania.UhuruOne aims to be a catalyst in reducingthe digital divide by ensuring affordability,accessibility, and availability of end-to-endbroadband service in Tanzania.UhuruOne is the only ISP in Tanzania thatoffers unlimited downloading, withoutusage limits. UhuruOne is the first ISP withelectronic prepaid vouchers available in over900 locations in Tanzania and a connect-and-go model.21st Century Basic EducationProgramme (TZ21)USAID/Tanzania, in collaboration withCreative Associates International, Inc. (CAII),are implementing the 21st Century BasicEducation Programme (TZ21) in supportof USAID’s public-private partnership withthe Ministries of Education and VocationalTraining (MOEVTs) on mainland Tanzaniaand Zanzibar. The partners – Cisco, Intel,Microsoft, UhuruOne and Zantel – aim toimprove lower primary education for higherachievement in reading, mathematics, andscience. Under the guidance of SteeringCommittees chaired by the MOEVTs onmainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, CreativeAssociates is introducing Informationand Communications Technology (ICT) tostrengthen professional development atteacher training colleges, teacher resourcecentres, and teacher centres in the MtwaraRegion and Zanzibar. This partnershipis aimed at strengthening the EducationManagement Information System (EMIS) forinformation.Contact InformationSuite 503, 5th Floor Harbour View TowersSamora AvenueP.O. Box 20656, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaEmail: sales@uhuruone.comUhuruOne256 | Best of Tanzania
  • 255. Established in 2011, Telesis Tanzaniahas experience in operations, sales andmarketing management, telecomm-unications and technology-relatedindustries. The extensive leadership skillsare supported by field experience in datanetwork roll-out, marketing, billing andoperational management both withinTanzania and internationally. It is the firstlocally-owned network operator of its kindin Tanzania – owned wholly by a Tanzanianunder 40 years of age wanting to make adifference in the homeland.Not shying away from a challenge, thecompany’s motto is “Connecting theUnconnected”. Telesis Tanzania brings tothe masses affordable, widely available,accessible internet services, through the roll-out of a 4G LTE network. Affordable nation-wide access will act as a catalyst toward thedevelopment of a digital-based economyand e-government services, by supportingnational education initiatives while catalysinglocal and international enterprises in theirbusiness and entrepreneurial pursuits, bothwithin Tanzania and internationally. Thenetwork will act as a backbone to theseinitiatives by providing service resilienceand continuity to those most affected by thedigital divide. Telesis Tanzania, through itsobjective, will roll out an extensive servicethroughout the country, addressing thepressing issue of the digital divide whilstsimultaneously generating jobs, creatingwealth and insuring access to knowledge.The mobile broadband network will belaunched on Digital Dividend Spectrumavailable for Long-Term Evolution (LTE)services. Our diverse partnership comesfrom a mix of professional and personalbackgrounds who share an entrepreneurialspirit driven by business and intellectualchallenges. We have created, nurturedand transformed telecommunicationcentred businesses – excelling throughthe corporate ranks in organisationsoverseas and in Africa. Our team hasparticipated in the deployment of leadingtelecommunication companies resulting indouble-digit growth within mobile networkoperators in Africa.Our goal is to become a core catalyst inthe communication industry and relatedbusinesses by bringing quality and reliablesupporting communication services tonational education and state administrationwithin Tanzania. This initiative willsimultaneously contribute to the attainmentof Millennium Development Goals for Africathrough attractive but sustainable consumersolutions. Our vision will be realised throughhigh-quality, cost-effective and reliablemobile network based broadband access.Telesis Tanzania will support Tanzania’sInternet service customers, Mobile NetworkOperators (MNO), other InformationCommunication Technology (ICT)companies, and the local and regionalgovernments in taking full advantage ofthe Internet by leap-frogging current gapsin service by delivering affordable Internetaccess to the masses; connecting theunconnected.Our drive is inspired by our call to empowerthose at the bottom of the digital pyramidby using emerging technology strategies toaddress key issues of the digital divide. TheTelesis initiative is to reduce socio-economicinequalities derived from access levels toICT, Internet, and the knowledge and skillsrequired to effectively utilise the informationgained. Our inspiration, simply, is connectingthe unconnected.ContactFarasi Road , Plot 128E, Mbezi BeachP.O. Box 105625, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaEmail: Tanzania LimitedBest of Tanzania | 257
  • 256. National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB)Located in the East African region, Tanzaniaborders with the Indian Ocean in the Eastand Kenya and Uganda in the North. Itborders with Mozambique in the southernpart while the landlocked countries ofRwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia and theDemocratic Republic of Congo are on theWest. The country boasts of its many naturalresources including Mount Kilimanjaro (thehighest in Africa) which have been the mainattraction to tourism.Telecommunication industry in Tanzaniahas experienced enormous changes in thepast decade. According to the TanzaniaCommunications Regulatory Authority(TCRA) statistics, mobile subscribers haverisen drastically to 28-million by June2012 from merely 110,500 in year 2000.Unfortunately internet penetration has grownto only 14% as at the end of 2011, which isequivalent to 6.4-million internet users.Lack of ICT infrastructure in both theurban and the rural area attributinglimitation of access to ICT services, hashence necessitated intervention of theTanzania government to build the NationalICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB)infrastructure. This enabling approach wantsto ensure that ICT is diffused into masses atall levels, enabling maximisation of benefitsand welfare to Tanzanian citizens.The Government considers NICTBBas an important strategic vehicle intendedto provide the entire Tanzanian populationwith reliable, efficient and cost-effectiveaccessibility and connectivity to ICT-infrastructures, facilities and servicesfor enhanced socio-economic developmentas well as creating a knowledge-basedsociety.With 7400kms of Optic Fibre Cable alreadyconstructed, the backbone has beenextended to nine border points of Sirari,Namanga and Horohoro (Kenya); Mtukula(Uganda); Rusumo (Rwanda); Kabanga andManyovu (Burundi); Kasumulu (Malawi);and Tunduma (Zambia); with a view tofulfil the Government’s commitment toconnect the landlocked countries to theInternational submarine cables landing inDar es Salaam (currently SEACOM ANDEASSY) and thereby making Tanzania ahub of ICT infrastructure and ICT solutionswithin the region. Service providers inRwanda, Burundi, Malawi and Zambiahave already connected to NICTBB, whileoperators in Kenya and Uganda will soonconnect to the backbone. NICTBB ismanaged and operated by the TanzaniaTelecommunications Company Limited(TTCL) whose main shareholder is thegovernment. The appointment of TTCL tookinto consideration its facilities, resourcesand the skilled workforce availablecountrywide.The NICTBB is operated as a wholesalebusiness that is engaged in lease of capacityto Tanzania’s licensed operators, network operators, Internet ServiceBuilding the Knowledge Based Society through the NICTBB.The Minister for Communications, Scienceand Technology, Prof. Makame Mbarawa(Right) shaking hands with the TTCL BoardChairman Dr. Enos Bukuku. Looking on is theTTCL CEO Mr Said Amir Said.258 | Best of Tanzania
  • 257. Providers (ISPs), local television and radiostations, Fixed Network, Fixed Wireless, andVoice and Data Service Providers.In addressing its customer needs, theNICTBB network infrastructure consists ofthree protected self-healing rings knownas Northern, Southern and Western ringscovering the entire United Republic ofTanzania (URT). Services offered (onwholesale) include STM-1 (155 Mbps),STM-4 (620 Mbps), STM-16 (2.5 Gbps),STM-64 (10 Gbps), FE (100 Mbps) and GE(1000 Mbps).The government of Tanzania believes thatICTs can be used to directly influenceproductivity, cost-effectiveness andcompetitiveness in industries, which is theadvantage developing countries can buildtheir economies upon.NICTBB helps to fulfill the increasingdemands of information services, strengthencompetitive abilities of domestic data andvoice operators as well as bridging thedigital divide. It is necessary in developinghigh-speed broadband and helps toefficiently exploit the benefits from underseasubmarine cables landing in Dar es Salaam,by providing high quality capacity fiberoptic connectivity from Tanzania to withinAfrica and the rest of the world. NICTBBis redefining everything that we knowin e-government, e-learning, e-health,e-commerce, etc.The government under the Ministry ofcommunications, Science and Technologynow moves to the next stage of buildingbackhaul links, regional IP and datacentres which will mark significant nationalcoverage, cross-border connectivity toborders, reliable and resilient rings, easyaccess and affordability. Surely, NICTBB isfor continual socio-economic developmenttransformation in Tanzania and beyond.Extelecomms House, Samora AvenueP.O. Box 9070 Dar es Salaam TanzaniaTel: +255 22 212 3838Fax: +255 22 212 3879Email: of Tanzania | 259
  • 258. About UsElite Computers (T) Limited is the largestAuthorised Reseller in Tanzania. Ourshowrooms are at SeaCliff Village andHarbour View Towers and in Mwanza onNyerere Road, Ladhani Building Adjacent toFurniture Centre and our Corporate Sales/Support Centre is at Mogore Street OppOlympio Primary School East Upanga. Wehave been in the business of providing andsupporting Apple Products since 1990. Wehave expanded our operations to Kenya,Uganda and Rwanda, all our productscome with a minimum of one year warrantybacked by a team of qualified engineers invarious fields.In particular we specialise in:Apple Stores:If you are looking for an Apple product forthe home, school or business, we have theright one just for you. At Elite, we have thebest choice, widest regional presence andoffer quality support such that you can beassured of elite support at any one of ouroutlets listed below.Print:Elite is one of the pioneers of the DigitalPrepress industry in East Africa. Weare the Sole Authorised Distributor andbusiness partner of major Prepressequipment, peripheral, storage and softwaremanufacturers / designers like HP IndigoDigital Presses, WoodWing Workflowsystems, LaCie, Quark and Adobe. We alsorepresent Digital Photo Albums from Taopixand Digital finishing solutions from CP Bourgand Duplo.Audio and Video:We offer Professional Video Editing andAudio Production solutions such as FinalCut Studio and Logic Studio from Apple fora single user all the way to offering turn-keysolutions to implement tapeless workflowsand digital workflows for TV and RadioStations with the assistance of industrygurus like the ex-VP of CNN Ken Tiven, (whois our consultant partner) for Radio and TVstations.CAD:We represent a variety of Architectural,Mechanical and Structural CAD designsoftware to Facilities Management softwaredevelopers. Among them include Graphisoftdevelopers of ArchiCAD and ArchiFM to 3Drendering software such as Artlantis Render,Piranesi, and 3D Max Studio.At Elite we take pride in being DIGITALSOLUTION EXPERTS. Come and visit us toget the Digital Lifestyle experience.Elite Computers (T) LimitediPad MiniiPad260 | Best of Tanzania
  • 259. Elite Computers (T) LimitedDar es Salaam LocationsSeaCliff Village, Masasani Peninsula, Dar es SalaamTel: +255 22 260 1342Mobile: +255 784 760600Email: sales@elitetz.netHabour View Towers, Ground Floor,Samora Avenue, Dar es SalaamMobile: +255 685 396 239Email: sales@elitetz.netMwanza LocationMwanza Location, Nyerere Road, Ladhani BuildingMobile: +255 763 277001Email: shashi@elitetz.netCorporate Sales/Support CentreMagore Street, East Upanga, Dar es SalaamTel: +255 22 215 3085 /215 0663Email: sales@elitetz.netMacBook Pro withRetina displayiPod FamilyiMaciPhone 5Best of Tanzania | 261
  • 260. IntroductionBM Telecomms and Networks CO. Ltdis a team that is professionally solid andtherefore ready to take up on any challengesof an engineering nature.We, at BM Telecomms and Networks CO.Ltd, have among our ranks, registeredengineers by the relevant registrationauthorities of the land. We also haveengineers specifically certified andauthorised by reputable companiesto carryout designs, installation andmaintenance of their systems. This hasbeen achieved through training on productspecifics in the manufacturer’s own trainingcentres on the globe.Specifically we have proficiency and aproven track record in the following areas.BM Telecomms and Networks Company Ltd, is incorporated as a limited company underthe company ordinance cap. 212 on 23 Feb 2004.262 | Best of Tanzania
  • 261. Import, supply, installation and maintenanceof:Centres, All voice solutions);Projectors, Screens, Touch screens, SmartBoards);Fibre Optics infrastructures);systems, IP based BMS/EMS, Racks);Routers, Servers);CCTV, Analogue CCTV, Access Controlsystems, library Security systems);We believe the above sheds some light onour strength and capabilities. Should you atany time require service which falls underthe scope of our activities, we requestthat you contact the undersigned with anyqueries. We shall be obliged to offer anyservice and, most importantly, at rates thatare affordable to our esteemed clients.ProductsWe are working with world-renownedproducts around the globe; this includes thefolowing:- Avaya, TOA Electronics, Cisco,SprintSc, NEC, Panasonic, Siemens, Arnet,Molex, Excel, Qihan, Polycom, Dell, HP, andso many more.ClientsWe have various clients from all sorts ofindustries: Government, Banking, Colleges,NGOs, Private and many more. To namea few of our corporate customers asfollows:- Vodacom, Stanbic Bank, StandardChartered Bank, CRDB Bank, TanzaniaRevenue Authority, DUCE, IRDP, SUA, TAA,BOT, to mention a few.Vision statementTo improve society development throughbetter ICT and Security Solutions.Mission statementTo focus on our clients’ market needs so asto deliver better Networking, Communicationand Security services.Sinza Block B 503Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaP.O. Box 34711Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2460227Fax: +255 22 2460230Email: PEOPLEBenjamin SafeCell: +255 7547 87585Email: MohamedCell: +255 754 280735Email: of Tanzania | 263
  • 262. Astrium ServicesOur dedicated Dar es Salaam facilitywas opened in 2007 to meet the growingdemand for reliable connectivity for ISPs,businesses and organisations in the city,regions and internationally.Local presenceWith a fully-owned gateway and iDirecthub, C-band and Ku-band VSATs, cablethrough Seacom and EASSy, and hybridsolutions with fibre, WiMAX and P2Pradio links across Dar es Salaam andother cities, Astrium Services provideshigh-quality Internet connectivity, dataand voice services to meet thecommunication demands of customersof all sizes and types, even in the mostremote parts of Africa.With Astrium Services, secure, always-on,high-speed data, voice, Internet and otherconnectivity solutions are available.Local expertiseWith in-house expertise in satellite anddata networking on your doorstep, AstriumServices in Tanzania enables customersto utilise high-quality, fully managed ornon-managed network services and tocommunicate reliably or offer reliablecommunications to anywhere in the world.Core networkThe core network is formed from anInternational Gateway in Dar es Salaamand a countrywide network of local Pointsof Presence (PoPs) securing direct accessto Domestic and International networks.The network itself and its components areprotected in a secure manner.Astrium Services network topology isdivided into three communications layers:A-Z connectivityAstrium Services offers complete turnkeysolutions, including design, projectmanagement, installation, maintenanceand support – for professional and rapiddeployment anywhere, worldwide. At ourNetwork Operations Centre, experiencedengineers monitor customer networks 24hours a day, seven days a week, 365 daysa year. Should any issue require an engineerto visit on-site, with our Global Field SupportProgramme, all issues are resolved quicklyand efficiently.Our customersWe supply connectivity to many differentcustomers across Tanzania, but our corecustomers can be broken down into severalspecific groups:Closer to you, Astrium Services has been connecting customers in Tanzania since 1999.“QUICK WAY TO GETCONNECTED withFibre, Leased lines,WLL, and Satellite fromASTRIUM SERVICES,all under one roof”264 | Best of Tanzania
  • 263. Service Providers – Astrium Services enables ISPs to offerfast, stable, reliable and redundant connectivity and voicecommunications through our distinct services. Customers includeZanzibar Connections Co Ltd, Africa Online, Dovetel (Sasatel)Tanzania Limited, Bell Communications Ltd and CATS Net Limited.Enterprise – Using hybrid network solutions, Astrium Servicesserves businesses communicating between sites in Tanzania andinternationally with internet access, private networks with accessto critical applications, and voice. Customers include Noremco AB,ABB, Ericsson AB, Double Tree Hotel and Mediterranean ShippingCompany Ltd.Government – Many government organisations rely on AstriumServices to deliver maximum reliability, security and flexibility for theirapplications. Customers include Muhimbili University of Health andAllied Science, Ministry of Agriculture and Social Security RegulatoryAuthority.Humanitarian – Astrium Services provides quick deploy, costeffective VSAT and mobile satellite communication for people on theground and fixed satcom, fibre and wireless connectivity for offices.Customers include CARE Tanzania, EGPAF Tanzania, WFP, EngenderHealth, Plan International, UNHCR, Technoserve, SNV, NorwegianChurch Aids and The International Organisation for Migration.Support across bordersAstrium Service’s customers enjoy local support managed from ourDar es Salaam premises and using highly-skilled and experiencedengineers, and remote support from our 24/7, 365 days a yearEuropean Network Operations Centre, also staffed by high-calibretechnical staff. Our customers get high level access to service datawith:Astrium Services – Business CommunicationsPlot No. 25, Alpha House, New Bagamoyo Rd.Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255–22–2761341Fax: +255–22–2761345Mobile: +255-782-1089988am – 5pm Monday – FridayInternational outlookAstrium Services is the number one innovative leader in satellitebusiness. Business Communications, the new division ofAstrium Services, combines the power of communicationsleaders Vizada and its affiliate Marlink, following their acquisitionby Astrium in December 2011. Astrium Services is responsiblefor comprehensive fixed and mobile end-to-end solutionscovering secure and commercial satcoms and networks, highsecurity and broadcast satellite communications equipment andsystems, and bespoke geo-information services, worldwide.These services are packaged with value-added solutionsdesigned to enhance satellite connectivity, and delivered throughAstrium’s global teleport network – including many state-of-the-art satellite facilities strategically positioned around the world.Astrium Services works with the broadest range of networkproviders in the industry, including: Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya,Eutelsat, Intelsat, Loral, and SES World Skies.Unrivalled infrastructureKey offeringsInternet Access: Multiple options – Cable, satellite, wireless andhybrid.Private Networks: Fast and secure – Access to all critical dataand applications.Voice: Cost-effective – Premium quality routing and presence inall African countries.Astrium Services’ unique set-up allows for communications in bothVertical and Horizontal dimensions.Best of Tanzania | 265
  • 264. Zanzibar ConnectionsCompany LimitedZanzibar Connections Company Limited is a telecommunicationenterprise providing Broadband Internet Services, DataSecurity, Surveillance Systems and other value-added services.Incorporated in 2009, the company adopted ComNet as abusiness name. ComNet has undergone rapid transformation andexpanded its network in the coastal region of Tanzania. ComNetis currently expanding its operations countrywide as installationof data communication, security and networking infrastructuresin strategic areas in Tanzania is in progress; this is to ensurethat ComNet offer the widest coverage in terms of service andsupport at all times.Being among the major Internet Service Providers in Zanzibar;ComNet has played a major role in building Zanzibar telecommunicationinfrastructure and providing innovative internet solutions to the community.Currently ComNet offers its services in thecoastal region covering the isles of Ungujaand Pemba in Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam,Bagamoyo in Coastal Region, Tanga, Lindiand Mtwara. “Our future plan is to utiliseTanzania National ICT Fibre Backbone toexpand connectivity and use KU Vsat on alocal hub to internet gateway as backup tospread our network across Tanzania”, statesthe Technical Director of ComNet.MISSIONTo champion for the advancementof internet connectivity and datacommunication as a leading Internet ServiceProvider in Tanzania by offering high-qualityinformation and communication technologyservices affordable to all Tanzanians.ComNet believe in looking towards thefuture with great visions and endlessinventions in developing technologies,products and services to suit our customers’needs both today and in the future, to liveup to the company’s motto – “Reliability,Secured and Affordable: AmazingExperience”.VISIONBecome the preferred choice for the deliveryof innovative and integrative ICT solutionsin Tanzania. ComNet strongly believes thatInformation and Communication Technology(ICT) is crucial in today’s operatingenvironment. Innovation is an importantenabler of new business opportunities andimproved customer relationships.By constantly searching for technologicalinnovations that will provide performance-enhancing solutions to our customers andstriving for the highest standards of service;ComNet will continue to champion for theadvancement of ICT in terms of technologyand services in Tanzania.Dedicated internet services at affordable prices.266 | Best of Tanzania
  • 265. INCOMPARABLE VALUEAt ComNet we define value as the sum ofproven reliability, unchallenged securityand unbeatable speed, keeping in mind ourclients’ specific needs and capabilities.CARE AND SUPPORTAt ComNet we are passionate aboutcommunication and making sure yourcommunication and security infrastructuresupports your organisation’s mission. Weprovide multiple level of flexible supportusing qualified technicians to answeryour most detailed technical questions atour customer care department and fieldengineers ready to travel to remote sitesto support ensuring provision of the bestservice.We pride ourselves with the quality ofproducts and services we offer and the waywe support our customers and their businessto ensure a reliable connectivity to the world.We have developed and installed customisedsoftware that monitors our network, identifyfaulty devices and provide feedback to oursupport team, to ensure efficiency in dataconnectivity and service delivery.OUR MARKETComNet serves various markets, from homeusers, non-governmental organisations,hotels, hospitals, colleges and universities;vocational training centres, the military,government parastatals and companiesof all sizes – from enterprises to smalland medium-sized businesses. We havemanaged to penetrate and capture thatmarket because our solutions are flexible,reliable and cost-effective. ComNet givepeople the confidence to communicate nomatter where they are within our network.MANAGEMENTAt ComNet we believe thatit is the people and notthe machines that createvalue to the service thatwe provide our customers.We have a team ofprofessionals that are trainedand qualified to overseeoperations and provide first-classservice.ComNet SERVICES:SSL)and LAN including Wi-Fi)Cameras)CONTACT US:Zanzibar Connections Company Limited1st floor Zakaria building,P.O. Box 3819, VugaZanzibarTanzaniaTel: +255 (24) 223 3568;+255 775 043 568;+255 774 236 173;+255 737 006 036Fax: +255 (24) 223 3416Email:;;;Skype: ZComNetTwitter: @ZComNetFacebook: initially targeted to provideconnectivity to the Isles of Zanzibar; dueto business and clients’ requirement,ComNet expanded its services to coverZanzibar together with the coastal area ofTanzania Mainland.TECHNOLOGYComNet offers redundancy technologyand security with main backbone to fiberoptics using Cisco switch layer 3.ComNet utilises Satellite Solution (Vsat)capacity, backbone and voice gateway –all augmented by global partnerships.ComNet uses Wavion WirelessNetworks for Wi-Fi connectivity to ensurenetwork stability.AirFibre offering 24GHz Point to Pointdelivers revolutionary performance of1.4+ Gbps, aggregate throughput. Withthis technology ComNet offers a carrier-class backhaul technology.FUTURE TECHNOLOGY4G Networks using Alvarion Technology.ComNet 4G wireless broadband solutionsare founded on our ability to deliver field-proven technological superiority, coupledwith deployment expertise aimed atmeeting your needs from today forward.ComNet will help maximise theefficiency of your 4G network andleverage its stability to roll-out new andexciting services that our customers areexpecting. ComNets’ ability to deliverpowerful and diversified solutions totelecom operators on any scale, is furtherenhanced by a mature 4G ecosystemenabling pervasive access through a fast-growing portfolio of end user devices.Best of Tanzania | 267
  • 266. African IT Company creatinga difference beyondgeographical barriersOver the past decade, many sub-SaharanAfrica countries have started adopting aproactive rather than a reactive approachwith respect to the development ofInformation Technology (IT) in Africa.This has helped governments of thesecountries to anticipate problems and designstrategies to resolve them before theyoccur. And to further ensure IT’s growth,African governments have identified prioritydevelopment sectors namely education,health, and e-governance, which open upnew vistas of application.Fifteen years back, Techno Brain, Africa’sleading IT solutions provider, understoodthe importance of IT in Africa and startedoffering IT Training in Tanzania to meet thecountry’s basic learning needs. Gradually,Techno Brain expanded its reach. This isa first step towards a long-term solutionto prepare the continent for its future in aglobal society.Partnered with New Horizons, the world’slargest training provider, Techno Brain nowoffers IT training and various other soft-skills training to Educational Institutes,Government Organisations, NGOs and otherprivate organisations across Africa.However, Techno Brain realised thatimparting IT training and preparing theworkforce for companies to compete inthe global market alone, will not be ableto get the desired IT growth of Africa. Toensure a steady overall growth in IT, thereshould be solutions, developed within Africa,to address the challenges that Africancountries are facing. To address this gap,Techno Brain made a strategic move andstarted offering innovative IT solutions andBPO / ITES services to African countries.Additionally, with an aim to deliver world-class solutions from Africa, Techno Brain islaunching a high-end development centrein Kenya. This R&D centre is equipped withthe latest ICT infrastructure and will host themost talented pool of software consultantsfrom across Africa.Over a period of time, Techno Brain hasbeen able to make its mark by offeringunique IT Solutions across Africa, includingIndia, UAE, UK and USA. Now, in true sense,every day and at every stage, Techno Brain’ssolutions are contributing to the endeavoursof government or semi-government bodiesin several countries to earn more revenue,ensure national security, enhance financialtransparency, monitor drug trafficking,provide better citizen centric services andensure an environment free of child abuse orviolence.Over the years, Techno Brain’s exceptionalcontribution towards providing effectiveand high-quality ICT Solutions has not goneunnoticed. The Company has won severalinternational awards such as the CountryPartner and ISV Partner of the Year fromMicrosoft and number one IT Companyamong KPMG’s survey of top 100 mid-sizedfirms in Tanzania.Since inception, Techno Brain also hasbeen engaged in various philanthropicendeavours. As a part of corporate socialresponsibility, Techno Brain contributes tosociety in various forms – by organisinga blood donation camp with Red CrossSociety, donating considerable amounts incash and in kind for various social causes,providing IT training to the under privileged,joining hands with NGOs to developsolutions to provide a safe environment forchildren and women while creating jobs.The Journey of Techno Brain, Africa’s veryown IT Solutions provider, has not beeneasy. However, armed with determinationand a soaring vision, there seemed no aimtoo lofty that could not be achieved. Today,Techno Brain stands as a true example ofenduring success as it continues to takegiant strides into a promising future!www.technobraingroup.comInspired by challenges… Techno Brain empoweringorganisations with the right solutions.State-of-the-Art Research and Development Centre in AfricaManoj Shanker, CEO, Techno Brain Group, inconversation with H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,President of the United Republic of Tanzania268 | Best of Tanzania
  • 267. Tigo strives to be Tanzania’s most innovativemobile phone operator, offering servicesranging from affordable mobile voicecommunications to high speed Internetaccess and mobile financial services throughTigo Pesa.We strive to be available everywhere. That iswhy we continue to expand our network andin 2012 invested USD100-million across the26 regions of Tanzania.Tigo Tanzania is a fully-owned subsidiaryof Millicom International Cellular which is aUSD4.5-billion revenues company foundedin 1979. Millicom operates mobile, fixed andpay TV services across 15 markets in LatinAmerica and Africa.Offering a whole suit of products andservicesAt Tigo, we value all customers’ profilesand work hard to provide the rightcommunications products and services forthem.We offer 3.5G data services and continueto provide customers with great value andgood fun with offers, such as ‘Tigo Beatz’,where for every new song downloaded,prizes can be won.Another innovation is our SmartCardSIM and monthly package wherecustomers purchase a monthlySmartPack for their Blackberry,iPhone or Android handsets.The SmartPack includesunlimited internet for 30days, plus a credit topup of Tsh30,000 forvoice calls for themonthSmallholder farmers benefit from a solutioncalled ‘Tigo Kilimo’ which provides themwith information and advice through theirmobile phones.Tigo Pesa, our money transfer serviceis available nationwide and subscriberscurrently are able to transact for free whensending from Dar es Salaam.To enable SMEs (Small and MediumEnterprises) to communicate easily, ‘TigoTelco Solutions” provides savings andinnovative communication solutions togroups across data, voice and internet.Corporate ResponsibilityRecently, together with Hassan Maajar Trust,we have donated 680 desks to schoolsin Njombe District through money raisedwith our subscribers as part of our ‘TigoTuchange’ programme.For social entrepreneurs, we have launcheda program with the charity ‘Reach forChange’. Nine social entrepreneurs whoseprojects will benefit children will receivesalary funding of USD25,000 a year for upto three years, as well as benefiting from anincubation process.Contact Details:Derm Complex, KijitonyamaP.O. Box 2929Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaCell: +255 713 started operations in 1994 as the first cellular network inTanzania. It now covers 26 regions in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.MIC Tanzania Limited270 | Best of Tanzania
  • 268. Kamili Technologies LtdFounded in 2008, Kamili Technologiesprovides fit for purpose ICT solutions forGovernment Ministries, Departments andAgencies (MDAs), and Small to LargeEnterprises. The ever-growing gap inthe digital divide demands technologicalinnovation to empower local businesses tocompete on a global scale. It is fundamentalthat these innovations fit into the waybusiness works and not vice-versa. KamiliTechnologies focuses on innovating,developing and implementing appropriatetechnologies for business.Our client-oriented approach differentiatesus from typical ICT companies as we focusmore on client needs and provide solutionsthat take advantage of current technologicaladvances available from open-source,custom-made to propriety solutions. KamiliTechnologies is committed to ICT projectsthat move businesses. As an integratedtechnology company, we serve a diverse listof clients and industries.Committed to your success, qualityand supportAt Kamili we are committed to meeting yourneeds. It does not matter which industryyou are from, the right technology willimprove your business processes, efficiency,customer satisfaction and most importantly,your bottom line.Kamili Technologies Ltd excels at workingclosely with you to understand yourrequirements; from design and developmentto deployment and quality control, toaccount management and fast, reliableturnaround.Members of our team possess a broadrange of experience and expertise, so everyphase of your project is monitored andimplemented to ensure the highest-qualityresult.We are immediately involved in yourbrainstorming sessions, enabling us tounderstand your goals and strategies to giveyou the best possible solution.We work according to industry bestpractices and use the best tools andprocedures in implementing projects.We use a project management processthat actively involves our clients during theduration of the project and employ cost-effective approaches that are sensitive tobudget concerns.272 | Best of Tanzania
  • 269. Mission statementProviding fit for purpose ICT solutions tomeet Africa’s growing need for technology-driven business processes.What we doWe make technology work for you. Asan integrated technology company, wesolve business problems using advanced,innovative and intelligent techniquesguided by the industry best practices. Ourexpertise ranges from high-level ICT policyreviews and consultancies; to infrastructuredesign and deployment; to programmingand system integration; to web and mobileapplications.Tel: +255 78 782 3058Email: of Tanzania | 273
  • 270. 274 | Best of TanzaniaOur business model is innovative,sustainable and customer centric.Constantly endeavouring to create valuefor our customers in the EnterpriseInfrastructure space, we have becomea trusted SOI (Services OrientedInfrastructure) and Managed Servicespartner for many customers across selectindustries, which also include Virtualisationsolutions, Application Management Servicesand Bandwidth Management solutions.During this period of accelerated cycle,BMTL has established itself as a preferredpartner for IT services to fast growingcompanies to fortune customers,spanning Telecom, Banking and FinancialServices, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail andGovernment organisations. We offer world-class services propelled by industry expertsand a vast pool of professionally qualifiedworkforce operating across East AfricaRegion.Business Machines Tanzania LimitedAlliances– Platinum Partner.Partners.(OEM, Clustering Solutions).Management).Balancers).Partners.Infrastructure Computing SolutionsExplore our state of the art technologiesand achieve immediate cost reductionon Virtualisation, Backup and Archival,Over 50 years, our service-led approach allowed us for along-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers;and we at BMTL believe service makes the difference.Business Machines Tanzania Limited
  • 271. outsourcing Technology, enhancedservice levels, and quality of serviceensuring smooth business operations.Our professional services are about one ormore components of the stack and theyare delivered through lifecycle. At BMTL weunderstand the importance of informationthat is critical to the success of business asour team provides a full range of Life Cycleof services that include planning, designing,deploying, optimising and managing yourDC, storage, N/w which will ensure quick,efficient, reliable access and managementof your business data. Our poised serviceson ICT offerings can help you implementon the scalable storage networks based onyour day to day business needs vis-à-visbreed of technologies like SAN, NAS, IPSAN technology; or consolidate and migrateyour data to increase operational efficiencyand performance, besides offering youdata integrity and business continuity. It’simperative with security risks and incidentsmultiplying daily, customers need a partnerthat offers a holistic approach to securitythat combines through leadership, helpingyou develop the culture and the operationalcapabilities to act with vital knowledge inthis domain.A partner that leverages extensive securitymanagement and process expertise, in-depth knowledge of the vertical marketsin which you operate, and infrastructuresupport capabilities to help continuouslyprotect your organisation.Our TargetTo be the top-most company in the ICTsolutions providers across this region.Our primary focus is to provide businesscentric IT management using the latestmethodologies adopted by the world-classleaders. We have niche models offeringsbased on the business suitability; theymay be onsite or offsite or a mixed model.Our delivery models assure lower cost ofoperations because we introduce flexibilityand bring in highest level of leverage usingour state of the art technologies in all theICT Solutions and Data centre offerings – thebest way to build Adaptive Enterprise.Our Vision and Mission. “WorkingTogether to Realise the Aspirations of OurCustomers”To provide Business Centric IT Managementservices that enable customers in selectVertical Industries, take full advantageof IT as a service that is well aligned totheir Business Goals with ease across theregion/s.QualityBMTL Quality and timely service is the onlyyardstick for our customer satisfactionacross our region and increase customerROI reducing TCO.Cloud computingWe use Cloud computing resources(hardware and software) that are deliveredas a service over a network (typically theInternet). Cloud computing entrusts remoteservices with a user’s data, software andcomputation; we offer wide solutions tovarious classes of customers across allverticals, enhancing the ROI optimising theiravailable infrastructure.Enterprise Data NetworksExpert Resources of Network professionalassists customers in LAN, WAN, Structuredcabling, WAN optimisation, Network Audit,Security Auditing, Certified Structurecabling, are the other offerings to thecustomer.39A New Bagamoyo RoadP.O. Box 1599Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2199727Fax: +255 22 2761640Email: of Tanzania | 275
  • 272. The group now focuses on two key business areas – firstly,support and maintenance services provided by a team ofskilled engineers at PC Solutions and secondly, the salesand support of the whole range of products manufacturedby Apple Inc. including the amazing Macbook Pro range oflaptops and the iconic iPad, which are sold through the iStore.The iStore opened in 2008 as the first and only Apple PremiumReseller in Tanzania. The store is located at the ShoppersPlaza Shopping Centre in Mikocheni in Dar es Salaam and inthe four years since it has opened there has been tremendousprogress. During 2013, a new store is planned to be openedat Mlimani City that will reflect and further enhance the Appleimage and provide customers with the total Apple experience.The vision for iStore is to be the most successful ApplePremium Reseller in the sub-Saharan region by growing theuser base of Apple products, making the products widelyavailable throughout Tanzania and providing exemplarycustomer support by well-trained, knowledgeable andmotivated team members.Our core values are:Value – to sell our products at a price that represents goodvalue for our customers whilst being profitable for us.Integrity – to serve our customers with honesty, providinggood advise and helping them to make the right choices.Service – putting in place people and processes that willdeliver a superior service experience to our customers.Timely – to respond to our customer requests andto fulfill their orders in a timely manner ensuring clearcommunication at all times.Accessible – providing products and service at a timeand at a place that is convenient and accessible for ourcustomers.iStore is run by an experienced management team that isfocused on long-term sustainable growth whilst maintaininga close eye on the quarterly numbers. Ensuring that the widerstakeholder community is informed and supportive of thedevelopment plans, is key to the continued success of theorganisation.The support team at PC Solutions are the only locally-basedteam of cross platform experts who are certified in bothWindows and Mac OS. They can support either one or theother platform but are increasingly called upon to integrate theApple MAC OS and Microsoft Windows environments. Thisunique set of skills makes them one of the most called upongroups of engineers with support calls from as far afield asZambia.The greater business focus allows the companies to deliverimproved customer service and better value.For companies that are investing in Tanzania and need areliable and committed ICT partner, then PC Solutions andiStore are the only company they need to talk to. From smartphones, to tablets to laptops, servers, through to Internetaccess, we can design, develop, deploy and support the rightsolution for each customer.iStore is the trading name of XtraMicro limited, a member of the PC Solutions Group ofcompanies. Established in 1995, PC Solutions is renowned for its reliability and quality ofservice within the rapidly developing ICT market in Tanzania.276 | Best of Tanzania
  • 273. Our customersCompany InformationPC Solutions Headquarters194 Chato Street, MikocheniDar es SalaamTel: +255 22 277 5225Mobile: 0777 784786Email: OperationsiStore Shopper’s Plaza1st Floor, Shoppers Plaza, MikocheniTel: 0773 478 673Email: Q1 2013 – iStore Mlimani CityBest of Tanzania | 277
  • 274. Print, Media and MarketingCHAPTER 21278 | Best of Tanzania
  • 275. Best of Tanzania | 279
  • 276. Company HistoryColour Print (Tanzania) Limited wasfounded in 1994 as a basic commercial andstationary printer to cater to small-scaleclientele and simple printing works. Aftera corporate restructuring process in 2004the company has evolved from small-scale/basic printer to an industrial-scale printercatering to clientele from all sectors in theTanzanian market with particular focus oncorporate clients. In 2006 the companybranched out into industrial-scale packagingproviding inner cartons for various industriessuch as tea producers, pharmaceuticals,biscuit producers and alcoholic beverageproducers. In the first quarter of 2010 thecompany once again expanded further byentering the promotional printing industryand providing large-format and screenprinting services.Today we have become synonymouswith high quality printing work andsimultaneously giving value for money toour customers. We are proud to say that ourcustomer service is second to none in theTanzanian printing industry. We continue toidentify areas of growth and improvementto ensure our place as one of the leadingproviders of quality printing work in theTanzanian Market.Our Core Values and Services– we have market leadingskills in all our fields of operation honedthrough experience.– we possess the technicalsavvy and capability to carry out printingwork to the full satisfaction of our clientson a timely basis.– our clients have highdemands and we relish this and rise to thechallenge.– our working philosophyis to place ourselves in the client’s shoes.We are responsible, dependable anddedicated.Our FacilitiesOur state-of-the-art facilities consist of anin-house graphic designing and pre-pressdepartment, a commercial printing facilityconsisting of Heidelberg presses, a fully-fledged bindery facility from saddle stitchingto perfect binding, a finishing facility fromdie-cutting and gold-foiling to UV coating,and a promotional printing facility consistingof large-format printers and screen printers.This allows us to cater to all forms of jobssuch as brochures, booklets, folders,magazines/newsletters, calendars, innercartons, roll-up banners, t-shirts and muchmore.Corporate Social ResponsibilityWe at Colour Print (Tanzania) Limited) arecommitted to the philosophy of CorporateSocial Responsibility (CSR) thereby ensuringour most important raw material (paper)is procured from mills/paper merchantsthat consider sustainable management offorests and plantations and who respectbiodiversity. Our strong community ethoscomes from being a family-owned printingbusiness.Colour Print (Tanzania) Limited“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” – Aristotle.280 | Best of Tanzania
  • 277. Head Office50 Nelson Mandela ExpresswayTel: +255 22 2450331 / 2450845 / 2450802Fax: +255 22 2450332City Centre OfficeMezzanine Floor, Zahra TowerTel: +255 22 2133694 / 2133695Fax: +255 22 2133696P.O. Box 76006Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaEmail: info@colourprint-tz.comWebsite: www.colourprint-tz.comBest of Tanzania | 281
  • 278. 282 | Best of TanzaniaMasumin Printways & Stationers LtdMasumin Printways & Stationers Ltd, is afamily company which was founded in 1985.With the intention to better the availabilityof all sorts of stationeries throughout Dares Salaam, we are now the leaders and thelargest stationery providers in Tanzania.We have built our success by selling greatproducts at fantastic prices, whilst offeringcustomer service that is regarded as thebest in our industry. No one in Tanzania sellsmore office products to more customers thanMasumin Printways & Stationers Ltd.Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd, hassupplied products to over 150,000 customersfrom small to medium size businesses,government and educational establishments,along with home users. Whether you are alarge corporation or a home user, we believethat our customers always come first and wetake pride in being able to offer low prices andthe best service every time.In October 2011, we launched the first andlargest Stationery Supermarket in all of Eastand Central Africa at Quality Centre, NyerereRoad, Dar es Salaam; where real choices existStationers in TanzaniaMasumin Printways & Stationers Ltd.
  • 279. in hand as we stock all the leading brandsand can supply everything from paperclipsto machineries.Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd. areestablished Manufacturing Representativesof Five Star Ltd products and Canon. Weare also partners of HP, PaperMonster,Martin Yale, Epson, Mondi, Sharp, Kyocera,Samsung, Rexel and many, many more.Why buy from us?We are the number one for school and officesupplies: why burn yourself in the heat whenour promise to you is “everything underone roof” and “great value with unbeatableservice”? You can count on us as yournumber one provider of school and officesupplies.Vast range: with thousands of products,Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd canaccommodate your every stationery need...from pens, paper, office machines andink cartridges, through to office furnituresupplies.Extensive experience: we have over 27years’ experience of supporting businessesat any level all over Tanzania. You’ll alwaysbe able to buy your office supplies withsmooth and assured efficiency.Fast delivery: with our super-reliable andfast delivery on orders, you’ll receive yourproducts quickly – without the time andeffort of visiting a shop.Where can you find us?Msimbazi/Sikuku Street(Nyerere) RoadMasumin Printways & Stationers Ltd.Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 22 2117090, 2117358, 2136344Mobile: 0787 333 007, 0754 325 488Fax: +255 22 2117357Website: of Tanzania | 283
  • 280. Printing solutions in TanzaniaFive Star Printers Ltd. is a family-ownedes Salaam, Tanzania. Five Star Printers Ltd.was initiated by the directors who have 37years of experience in offset printing, digitalprinting, and stationery trading for scholasticand office items; which assure reliance andefficiency.Five Star manufactures and supplies allscholastic ruled writing material, such as:exercise books, hard bound registers,writing pads, spiral note books, and ruledpaper. They also produce all types of printedmaterial by both digital and litho printfrom business cards, letterheads, leaflets,and magazines to posters, banners, andshowcards. This enables a flexible, efficientand complete offering of printing services atextremely competitive prices.Five Star Printers Ltd also offers stationeryproducts for schools, offices, hospitals andother such institutions. They are known formaking customised stationery for clients aswell; such as invoice books, receipt books,petty cash vouchers, gate pass books andall documentation that is needed by anycompany.Five Star Distribution is a subseriesof Five Star Printers Ltd. Five StarPrinters Ltd are established and reputabledistributors of:Paper Monster Products (shredders,laminating machines, binding machinesetc.).Martin Yale Products (punch machine,paperlift, coil crimpers, ream cutters,Five Star.284 | Best of Tanzania
  • 281. folding machines, booklet makers etc.).Intimus Products (shredders, datagrinder, disintegrator, suction system etc.).Avira Software Products (internetsecurity, total security, anti-virus for server,admin console etc.).VisionOur vision is to support and promote localvendors in all of East Africa to be able tosell scholastic items for cheaper rates incomparison to imported goods. With ayoung and dynamic team, we are alwayscoming up with new concepts to ensurethe people of Tanzania and the East AfricanCommunity get the best, always.How we shine ahead of the competitionModern technology and the internet havenot prevented us from giving our customerswhat we pride as a personal, friendly andreliable relationship.Let us help youDon’t hesitate to email, fax or telephoneus. We would be delighted to assist you insorting out a design and recommending toyou the most economical way to produceyour printing requirements.Contact Five Star Printers Ltd.58 Nyerere (Pugu) RoadP.O. Box 662,Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaMobile: +255 713 333 000Tel: +255 2865 681/2Fax: +255 2865 669Email: of Tanzania | 285
  • 282. 286 | Best of Tanzania
  • 283. Best of Tanzania | 287
  • 284. BEST OF THE WORLDWelcome to the world’s premier platform for showcasing and networking governments, leading companies and entrepreneursin business, tourism and lifestyle. Through our Best of publishing series and we showcase an ever expandingAtlas of Success and Sustainability across multiple continents and industries.Brand ImageBranding a Nation, a City and its PeopleGVP brands and builds the image of the world’s most excitingeconomic regions to affect a change in the perception of a nation,a city and its people by the rest of the world. This then promotesthe region in terms of its investment opportunities, key industries,innovations, people, culture, tourism potential and internationalobjectives.Product - The BooksCelebrate your successThe ‘Best of…’ publishing series produces annual maxi format bookpublications in over 40 territories, from Bangalore to Belgium. Thesedetail success stories of people and companies making positiveJOSPBET JOUP UIF DPNNFSDJBM ÙCSF PG CPUI NBUVSF BOEemerging markets.The books showcase entrepreneurial spirit; establishing powerfulglobal networks and the creation of individual brand awareness bybridging cultures. The result is the ultimate interactive corporate giftand P.R. marketing tool for governments, companies, hotels andbusiness people providing leading products and services for theirregion.Growth and OpportunityExchanging knowledge, skills and economies of scale in media8JUI SFHJPOBM IFBE PGÙDFT JO  DPOUJOFOUT UIF PSHBOJTBUJPO JTcurrently involved in more than 40 territories where the ‘Best of’TFSJFT JT QVCMJTIFE (71 IBT B ZFBS HSPXUI QMBO UP EFWFMPQB GVSUIFS  FDPOPNJD UFSSJUPSJFT PSHBOJDBMMZ UISPVHI FBDIDPOUJOFOUmT SFHJPOBM IFBE PGÙDF BOE UISPVHI QBSUOFSTIJQT XJUImultiple World Trade Centers as well as companies and individualsthat have the expertise to showcase their city, state or country.More than 1000 000 unique readers from 165 countries“An encyclopedia of success stories from the world’s mostinteresting places, people and organizations.”The site was launched in 2008 so thesuccess stories from the Best of the World print publicationscould all feature on an online platform. We have more than20 000 pages live and growing fast. In July 2009 welaunched an online directory engine and an eBook library tocomplement our website which has opened up the scopefor new publishing partnerships beyond the ‘Best of Series’with new exciting books and magazines that focus ongovernment, business and travel from around the world.REGIONAL HEAD OFFICESBangalore p Brussels p Cairo p Copenhagen p Dubai p GaboroneAll books now available fordownload on your iPad withthe new VIPedia app.
  • 285. GVPedia.comGlobal Village EncyclopediaJohannesburg p London p Santiago p Singapore p Sydney p Washington DC
  • 286. Corporate Profiles and EntrepreneurshipCHAPTER 22290 | Best of Tanzania
  • 287. Best of Tanzania | 291
  • 288. Proin GroupProin LtdProin Ltd is a well-established progressivefirm of professional Real Estateconsultants. They provide an effectiveand comprehensive service in all aspectsof Property Management, InvestmentConsultancy and Estate Agency matters.Proin Ltd is a member of Proin Groupdealing in Real Estate, Residential andCommercial Property Development andManagement.The team consists of young Tanzanianprofessionals in the fields of Land andProperty Management, Real EstateInvestment, Development Appraisal, EstateAgency, Land Development Consultancy,Building maintenance, Architecture andLandscaping, to mention a few.The formation and incorporation of ProinLtd comes in response to the increasingdemand for quality housing in the country,which is brought by many factors, includingrapid population growth and urbanisation.MissionProin Ltd intends to acquire a stake in theTanzanian Real Estate industry by providingexcellent and professional consultanciesin a wide range of areas surroundingthe Real Estate industry. The aim is tobecome a leading Real Estate consultingcompany, putting more emphasis on newdevelopments around the Central BusinessDistrict (CBD), and by creating opportunitiesfor Tanzanians to own property.Strategies:ensure they receive maximum return facilitating the availability of land toinvestors.measurement against set targets andadvise on the appropriate measures forinvestors to adopt or implement.potential investors in all aspects of in ensuring that propertiesspend less time unoccupied; regulatingthe housing market by timely delivery ofquality institutions in achieving betterhousing for all. This will also facilitateproperty ownership in Tanzania.Proin LtdTel. + 255 22 2700 345Email LtdInfinity Communication Ltd is a group ofbusiness units which develop innovativemass-market ICT products and services inTanzania.Infinity Communication Ltd is an idea-enterprise, thriving on innovation andcreativity. Services are provided at thehighest end of the value chain, creatingproducts and services that fulfil consumerneeds. Several companies on Infinity’sportfolio rank amongst the fastestgrowing businesses in Tanzania in theircorresponding industry segments.The various Infinity Businesses includeCall Centre Solutions, Prepaid AirtimeDistribution Systems, Prepaid ElectricityDistribution Systems and Premium SMSServices Platform.ServicesInfinity provides highly skilled and trainedpersonnel and skill assessment services forexisting call centre setups:Personnel for Call Centres;Infinity Communications LtdTel. +255 22 277 5567Email: info@infinitycomms.netProin Group is a Tanzanian group of companies.292 | Best of Tanzania
  • 289. Best of Tanzania | 293Catranic LtdCatranic Ltd provides a total supportpackage and comprehensive and reliablefire protection service and safety gears toprotect lives and properties. The companyis formed by a team of young Tanzanianprofessionals in the field of engineering,finance and administration, and marketing,to name a few.To maintain their edge, they providethe most competent and integratednetwork of engineers, provisional skillsand resources, products and servicesneeded to lead the fight against fire in anyenvironment.VisionTo be a leader in providing comprehensiveand reliable fire protection solutions, as wellas safety gears in east and central Africa.MissionCatranic Ltd intends to provide high-qualityfire protection products and services tocustomers, using environmentally-friendlypractice.Company StructuresThe company has been divided into fourdepartments, under supervision of theGeneral Manager. The departments arefinance and administration, sales andmarketing, fire fighting maintenance andtraining, and stores and procurement. All thedepartments are manned by qualified staffmembers that are result oriented.Our major duties and line of businessinclude:Catranic Ltd is registered with a number ofauthorities in the country, namely: NationalCatranic LtdTel. +255 22 277 4635Email: info@catranic.comWebsite: www.catranic.comProin Promotions Ltdlocal artists, movies, music and sports.Proin Promotions LtdTel. +255 22 277 5567Email:
  • 290. Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT) is a leadingcatalyst for Small and Medium sizedEnterprise (SME) development throughinnovations that make markets work for thepoor. TGT was registered as a charitabletrust in Tanzania in 1992 under the Trustees’Incorporation Ordinance, Cap 375 forpoverty alleviation by enabling hundreds ofSMEs to carry out productive and profitableenterprises.With its Vision of “working in partnershipwith others striving towards an enterprisingTanzania in which prosperity is widelydistributed”, TGT is one of the stakeholdersof SMEs Development in Tanzania. TGTconsequently relentlessly pursues itsMission “to harness, channel and unleashPhysical Capital through EntrepreneurshipDevelopment.”In two decades, TGT has fulfilled its Visionand Mission through numerous activities –some of which are ongoing. One suchactivity is empowering vulnerable groupsand SMEs with entrepreneurial skills andopportunities within various value chainsand sectors, creating a vibrant and dynamicSME sector that ensures effective utilisationof available resources. Accelerated andsustainable growth is attained through:programmes (Mpango wa KukuzaUjasiriamali na Biashara kwa WanawakeTanzania – MKUBWA) with World Bankfinancing from the Italian Government;Technology at the University of Dar esSalaam;Cluster/incubators, workspaces and lowcost housing.Tourism value chains: market-basedsolutions to SMEs and farmersGatsby Trust has managed two tourismlinkage projects in Zanzibar with theintention of both becoming self-sustaining:The Mboga Mboga project providedtraining and extension services to over1000 farmers in groups across Zanzibar,and assisted them with direct linkagesto the hotel industry. The project nowfocuses on the provision of microfinancefor irrigation and seed, with additionalextension advice to those farmers withaccess to a water supply.Tanzania Gatsby TrustCreating the foundation for a thriving and robustprivate sector in Tanzania.TGTTanzania Gatsby TrustTanzania Textiles Strategy Workshop chaired by Lord David Sainsbury294 | Best of Tanzania
  • 291. training local women to produce qualityhandicrafts for the tourist market fromlocally sourced materials, successfullytraining women across Zanzibar. Thequality handbags and jewellery operatingas a social enterprise workshop with aretail outlet in the centre of Stone Town,Zanzibar.Rural Financial DeepeningCompany Ltd devolved from the TGTMicrofinance operations:building of Community Banks;CBA (Community Banks Association);The Cotton and Textile DevelopmentProgrammeLord David Sainsbury of Turville, the Settlorand former UK Minister of Science, hasbeen funding a number of programmes inTanzania through TGT. Of these the largestis the Cotton and Textile DevelopmentProgramme (CTDP), in partnership with theTanzania Cotton Board (TCB), for whichhe has already committed approximately£8-million over five years and intends toprovide additional funding where needed forextra funding of £7-million to support thesector.The Programme aims to double the yields ofTanzania’s 400,000 plus cotton farmers. Theinterventions are focused on establishingcontract farming marketing structurefor Tanzania’s cotton sector, to enableaccess to inputs. This includes providingtechnical assistance to the TCB, offeringfarmers training and introducing weatherinsurance. The Programme is also helpingTCB introduce improved cotton seed andis promoting conservation agriculture toimprove farmers’ yields.Gatsby has been working closely with theMinister of Industries and Trade to developa five-year strategy for the textile sector. Anexpert international team has presented itsproposals, including the recommendation toestablish a dedicated Textile DevelopmentUnit with the Ministry of Industries andTrade. Gatsby has also been improving theavailability of skilled resources through workwith VETA and the College of Engineeringand Technology. Lord Sainsbury formallylaunched two new UDSM courses in textileengineering and design, during his visit inMay 2012.Please contactMrs. Olive Luena (CEO)Tanzania Gatsby TrustPPF HouseSamora & Morogoro Road Corner7th FloorP.O. Box 8695, Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaMob: +255 75 478 1129Tel: +255 22 211 2900Fax: +255 22 211 2899Email: tgt@tanzania-gatsby.comWeb: www.tanzania-gatsby.comThe President of the United Republic ofTanzania with Lord David SainsburyLaunching the Degree Programme at the University of Dar es SalaamGroup picture (TGT; GCF; Cotton & Stakeholders)Meeting with the President of the United Republic of Tanzania TGT Supported SME displaying some of her productsBest of Tanzania | 295
  • 292. Hanspaul GroupHanspaul’s group-wide success in manufacturing has been achievedthrough company diversification. Now consisting of three thrivingcompanies, the Tanzanian manufacturing business has many facetsallowing customer satisfaction across a wide range.Hanspaul Group is continuously innovating whilst maintainingconsistency across its range of quality products. The company wasstarted in 1965 as a small repairs workshop in rented premises. Itthrived through mechanical aptitude and has prominently risen inTanzania in recent years as a result of adaptation.Satbir Singh Hanspaul, now Managing Director after growing upwith his grandfather’s and father’s business, has supervised thisrise of the three companies over the last five years since graduatingBirmingham in the UK in 2008.The company is based on an ethos of producing quality, innovativeproducts at competitive prices, backed up by open customercommunication and after sales service. As engineers who arecontinually improving their product, Hanspaul Group is well versed inits designs after over 30 years of customer service.branched out as a result of the ever-increasing competitive marketdue to an influx of imports. In the 1980s, Dharam Singh Hanspaul &At Hanspaul Group of Companies, qualityis not an option, it’s in the package.MD Satbir Hanspaul welcoming the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Tanzania Hon. Lazaro Nyarandu at 2012 Karibu Tourism FairThe CEO, Mr. Kamaljit Singh Hanspaul at NBCL, Mwanza296 | Best of Tanzania
  • 293. Sons Ltd started manufacturing agriculturalmachines a month, production expanded to450 machines a month by the late 1980s.The focus now is mainly on agriculturetrailers, conveyors and bag stackers,pressed panel tanks, and fuel storagetanks, most notably with steel structurebuildings and warehouses. The company’sdevelopment has sophisticated engineeringwith a ‘from-design-to-build’ strategy at itscore.Hanspaul Industries LimitedHanspaul Industries Limited was establishedin 2003 by K.S. Hanspaul as a sistercompany of Dharam Singh Hanspaul &Sons Limited fully diversified company. Theboard of directors consists of K.S. Hanspauland Satbir Hanspaul. Their expertise is inexport quality corrugated carton boxesmanufactured to customer specificationsand sizes. This grew from converting 30 to40 tonnes of paper into corrugated boxesevery month in the early 2000s, whichcontinued to grow until in 2009/10 whenthey purchased a fully automatic plant with500 tonnes a month capacity. They havetwo semi-automatic corrugation lines andone fully automatic board-making plant. Thismodern machinery includes a fully automaticfour colour printer, slotter and slittingmachine.Hanspaul Industries Limited has a teamof technically qualified and experiencedpersonnel guiding production andmanagement. The quality controldepartment checks and tests productsduring production and before dispatch.These tests include Busting Strength, BoxCompression Strength (BCT), Edge CrustTest (ECT) and GSM. The company nowenjoys its products approved by TanzaniaBureau of Standards – TBS.Hanspaul Automechs LimitedThe group decided to further diversityinto the automotive industry in 2007 byintroducing Hanspaul Automechs Limitedspecialising in safari vehicle conversionsand 4x4 accessories. Now between 18 to25 vehicles come through the Hanspaulworkshop for modification every month –each to specific customer specifications.While still attentive to the steel structurebuildings avenue of Hanspaul, theever-growing company plans toexpand further into new countries andindustries. There is also currently a newvehicle conversion venture underwaythrough numerous innovations andimprovements in designs which meetthe Tanzanian 4x4 and tourism marketspecifications.founded by the late Mr. Dharam SinghHanspaul, the current MD’s grandfatherand CEO Kamaljit Singh Hanspaul’s father,the company began to win numerousagricultural machinery awards in Tanzania –including a gold medal and platinum awardin Geneva Switzerland.New Products and ExpansionThe Group has now invested into fullyautomated CNC machines and PowderCoated Plant to ease manufacturingnumerous new products such as Heavy DutyVertical Automotive jacks, Propeller Shafts,Electrical Distribution Boxes, Switch Boardsand all other panel boxes. The Group hasalso launched a new company “Rajson Ltd”in 2011 which specialises in real estate andproperty management.Registered Corporate Office:Plot No. 44 Njiro Industrial AreaTel: +255 763 000 555Tel: +255 754 307 838Tel: +255 756 888 864Email: Box 149 & 613Arusha CEO, Mr. Kamaljit Singh Hanspaul at NBCL, MwanzaMD, Satbir S. HanspaulBest of Tanzania | 297
  • 294. Export Trading Group (ETG)current directors in 1986, Export TradingGroup owns and manages the mostvertically integrated agriculture supplychain on the African subcontinent withoperations spanning in procurement,processing, warehousing, distributionand merchandising. In addition to ETG’spresence in more than 30 African countries,it is actively present in North America, India,China and South East Asia.By owning and managing the supplychain from start to finish, ETG is able tomove agricultural commodities betweenregions, strategically matching one area’smarket origination capabilities with marketconsumption patterns in another. Combinedwith the capacity to store commodities closeto their point of origin for extended periodsof time, the Group maximises synergies andefficiencies at every stage of the value chaincontinuum.of 25 different commodities – includingmaize, pulses, wheat, rice, sugar, oilseeds,edible nuts, coffee, tea, fertiliser and farmimplements – moved along the ETG supplychain.ETG increases local employment and addsvalue to local economies by investing in midand downstream agriculture processing,cleaning and packaging businesses. ETGcurrently has 26 such plants operating inAfrica and Asia; transforming maize, rice,cashew nuts, wheat, pulses, soybeans,sesame seeds, coffee and fertiliser intomarketable products for regional andinternational distribution.Over the last decade, ETG has investedover USD150-million along the supply chainto enhance and develop the commercialcapabilities of the continent. So far, ETG hasassembled a prominent infrastructure whichincludes the following:Africadistribution warehouseses Salaam portIndia, China and South East Asiaconstruction298 | Best of Tanzania
  • 295. ETG and SmallholdersSmall-scale farmers often lack the technicalskills for crop cultivation and knowledgeof farm management which contributegreatly to low yields and poor crop quality.Under such conditions they often tendto take a short-term, opportunistic view,rather than developing long-term supplychain relationships and practicing farmingseriously as a profitable business.The ETG business model aims to educate,motivate and enable each farmer to becomean entrepreneur by the provision of inputfinance, transport and setting up ruraldepots and Agri-shops to purchase a rangeof crops at farm gate level (paid cash ontransaction). The farmers are trained, paidfor taking on a number of responsibilitiesand offered substantial incentives to achieveoutstanding group governance.In order to achieve maximum impact, abeen developed which encourages eachmember to set goals for the season and areassisted with planning his/her own farmingseason during the discussion sessions.ETG works closely with village heads, localgovernment officials, ministry of agricultureand farmer unions in remote areas to createmarket access and job opportunities forthose living in rural communities. Thecompany has also invested heavily in inputfinance for cash crops as well as foodsecurity crops.Through these practices, ETG continues todeepen its direct purchasing relationshipwith small-scale farmers, bypassingtraditional intermediary transaction costsand ensuring the appropriate post-harvesthandling (cleaning, drying, sorting andgrading) of produce.Future FocusWith the benefit of thirty years’ experiencein Africa, ETG is expanding its provenknowledge and supply chain model intoother fast growing regions. Our focus isto continue growing synergies, entrenchpresence and deepen the value chainthrough increasing processing initiatives.With a supply chain linking the world’sfastest growing emerging markets and asound understanding of how to succeedin those markets, Export Trading Group iswell positioned to meet a future that seesdramatic changes in the nature of globalagribusiness.For more information, please visit ourwebsite: www.etgworld.comBest of Tanzania | 299
  • 296. We produce aeroponic feedlot productionsystems for cattle, sheep, pigs andother animals, to ensure the highestquality meat at a fraction of the costand water requirements compared withconventional farming methods.Conventional farming methods feed cattlewith pellets in a feedlot system or let themgraze in the open field.Aeroponics is the science of growingplants in an air/mist environment instead ofusing soil. It has proven to be more efficientboth financially and environmentally.Aeroponic growing systems provide clean,efficient, and rapid food production withoutcontamination from soil, pesticides, andresidue.Since the growing environment is cleanand sterile, it greatly reduces the chancesof spreading plant disease and infectioncommonly found in soil and other growingmedia.Aeroponic fodder is essentially, thegermination of seed which then sprouts intoa high-quality, highly nutritious, disease-freeanimal food. This process takes place in anFarm Solutions For AfricaBoth governments and entrepreneurial farmers are benefiting from partnering with us inthe rollout of aeroponic farming in their community.300 | Best of Tanzania
  • 297. intensive aeroponic growing unit where onlywater and nutrients are used to produce agrass-root combination that is lush and highin nutrients.Advantages for the farmer, the economyand the environment:1. Reduced Water UsageIt takes between one to two litres of water toproduce one kilo of fodder – compared to 80to 90 litres of water to grow one kilo of greengrass.2. Marginal Land Usecan feed 220 cattle which can be heldon 0.44HA. Depending on the naturalenvironment, in the conventional way cattleneed between 440HA and 1320HA.3. Constant Food SupplyA consistent supply of quality fodder isguaranteed 365 days of the year irrespectiveof rain, drought, sunshine or snow. Everyday, fresh organic food is producedregardless of the seasonal conditions. Soeven in severe drought conditions farmersare now able to produce fresh daily fodderfor cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals.4. Reduced Growth Timeas little as six days from seed germination tofodder ready for harvest. To grow the sameamount of fodder in a paddock situation,would take up to 12 weeks.5. Minimal Labour, Transport and FuelCostsThis process of growing cattle fodderrequires minimal man-hours per day.Depending on the size of the growingroom in use, as little as one hour per day isneeded to maintain and produce aeroponicfodder. The fodder is produced next to thefeedlot eliminating the cost of any transportand fuel. The production of aeroponic fodderis extremely cost-effective and financiallyviable. With 2012 prices, the feeding costsof fodder, hay and supplements per head ofcattle is minimal a third of the price of pelletfood.6. High Nutritional ValueAeroponic fodder is a highly effective,particularly nutritious food, which producesmaximum protein and is very rich in vitaminssuch as B-carotene, trace elements, andenzymes. It is 90 – 95 percent digestible,unlike un-sprouted grains which are at best30 percent digestible. Using aeroponicfodder, a weight gain of up to 2.5kgs per dayper head of cattle can be reached, comparedto 1.2kg per day per beast in the open field.7. Completely Natural (Organic)The fodder is completely natural andproduced without the use of any hormones,synthetic growth stimulant or chemicalfertilisers producing the finest A-Grademeats.agribusiness technology company whichmanufactures the largest and most cost-effective aeroponic growing rooms for theAfrican market. The Botswana Centre forDevelopment and Growth has partnered withGlobally, turnkey aeroponic solutionsare being set up for governments andagribusinesses, educating farmers in theoperation to maximise production andprofitability.This unlike conventional farming methodswhich leave most farmers broke.Both governments and entreprenuerialfarmers are benefiting from partneringwith us in the rollout of aeroponic farmingsolutions for their community.Centre for Development and GrowthVisit or contactus on info@BuildingAfrica.infoBest of Tanzania | 301
  • 298. The registration of a business in Tanzaniainvolves various entities and is a processthat takes between seven and 14 workingit is recommended to use professionalservices of a Lawyer or a Consultant toregister a business since they can adviseon the correct description of the scope ofa business which can give the businessenormous benefits.The Business Registration and LicensingAgency (BRELA) is the organisation thatdeals with all the Company incorporationsin Tanzania. The office is located at theUshirika Building, Lumumba Street, Dar esSalaam, Tanzania. Any person wishing toincorporate a Company can to find out all thenecessary details required, but it is not assimple as it looks as this can be a tediousand lengthy process if one doesn’t knowtheir way around it.For the purpose of Incorporating aCompany one must do the following:availability of the company name that willbe used;reserve the name, if company is to beincorporated at a later stage or fill inform 14a, form 14b and prepare theMemorandum & Articles of Association forfiling at BRELA; andthe certified copies of the Memorandum& Articles of Association of the parentcompany, Notice of the location of theregistered office in the country of domicile,List of directors and Names of therepresentatives in the country.There are four types of Companies inTanzania:The process of Incorporating a Companyfrom the time of a Name Search to theissuance of a Certificate of Incorporation isfive working days.After the issuance of a Certificate ofIncorporation you must obtain thefollowing in order to do business inTanzania:(VAT);A TIN Certificate is obtained from theTanzania Revenue Authority and for thepurpose of obtaining a TIN one must fulfilthe following requirements:Articles of Association;Incorporation;(stamp duty and withholding tax paid) forthe office; andPhotos;maximum of three working days.Business LicenseA Business License is obtained from theMinistry of Trade & Industry and for thepurpose of obtaining a Business Licenseone must fulfil the following requirements:Articles of Association;Incorporation;(stamp duty and withholding tax paid) forthe office;License takes a maximum of threeworking days.VATVAT is obtained from the TanzaniaRevenue Authority and for the purpose ofobtaining a VAT one must fulfil the followingrequirements:Articles of Association;Incorporation;(stamp duty and withholding tax paid) forthe office;maximum of three working days.At the completion of the registration of abusiness, it is very important to look intothe other licenses and permits that arerequired to be obtained as per the industryin which the business falls, hence the needto engage a Lawyer or a Consultant. It ishighly recommended to visit to explore variousincentives provided in Tanzania.Prepared by: Bob Jones(Senior Associate at Exor Attorneys)Contact: bjones@exorattorneys.comwww.exorattorneys.comExor AttorneysRegistration of a Business in Tanzania.302 | Best of Tanzania
  • 299. Best of Tanzania | 303Proudly African is an initiative of GlobalVillage Africa which is a marketingand business platform geared towardsshowcasing and harmonising Africa’sdevelopment, trade and cultural diversity toa global business, government and non-profitorganisations unite, promoting their visionand best practice in order to find the rightcustomers, partnerships and joint ventures –in order to grow alongside the continent’sindisputable economic potential.The initiative has an unstoppable magneticpresence with its ever growing country andsectoral window already in over 20 Africanstates. We invite all leaders in business andgovernment across Africa to showcase andintegrate their visions and activities so as topromote inter-Africa trade, investment andtechnology transfer from around the globe.We also invite all Africa’s media,trade exhibitions, conferences and businesschambers to use the platform to gainmutually beneficial exposure.greater continent-wide economic integrationand inter-trade; such as in Europe, whereintegration has enabled the continent tobecome the world’s single biggest market.Integration and inter-trade is not only urgent,but also indispensable to unlock economiesof scale and propel Africa’s competitivenessin the global economy, thus aligning thecontinent with the global flows of trade andfinance as an equal partner.Africa’s massive economic potential still lieslargely untapped – but not for much longer.The world is coming and so is the dream ofa more united Africa. We need to make surewe maximise on the growth for the benefit ofall of Africa and its people.www.ProudlyAfrican.infoProudly AfricanBoosting Trade, Development andCultural Relations across Africa.Thapelo Letsholo, Proudly AfricanProudly AfricanBoosting inter-trade & culturalrelations across the
  • 300. ParticipatorsAAR Insurance Tanzania Limited 150African Medical Group (AMG) - AMI Hospital 126Africarriers Limited 244Akana Lodge 68Aluminium Africa Limited (ALAF) 184American Garden 246Anudha Limited 124Aon Tanzania Limited 148Associated Supplies Ltd 242Astrium Services 264Atlas Copco Tanzania Ltd 166Atlas Financial Group 154Auto Sueco Group 238Bank M (Tanzania) Limited 128, OBCBenetton Gems 92Best Western Coral Beach Hotel 52BM Telecomms and Networks Company Ltd 262Business Machines Tanzania Limited (BMTL) 274Cello Industries 180Centre for Development & Growth (CDG) 300CMC Automobiles Ltd 240Colour Print (Tanzania) Limited 280Covell Matthews Partnership Ltd 212Covenant Bank for Women Tanzania Ltd (CBW) 140CROWN TECH-CONSULT LTD (CTC) 188Damco 220Derm Electrics (T) Ltd 192DHL Tanzania 230Diplomat Africa Magazine 286Don Consult Ltd 194East African Elevator Company Ltd - Otis 216Effco Plant and Crane Hire 174, 228Elite Computers (T) Limited 260Energy Services Ltd 196Engineered Systems Solutions (ESS) 206Exim Bank (T) Ltd 134Exor Attorneys 302Export Trading Group (ETG) 298First National Bank Tanzania 138Five Star Printers Ltd 284Flightlink 70Furniture Centre DSM Ltd. 102G4S Secure Solutions (TZ) Ltd 204Global Village Partnerships (GVPedia) 288, IBCGolden Tulip Hotel Dar es Salaam 58Green Car Rentals 76Hanspaul Group of Companies 296Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam City Centre 50Hotel Sea Cliff 44Hotel Slipway 56iStore - XtraMicro Limited 276Jangwani Sea Breeze Resort 53JFM Construction Ltd 200Kamili Technologies Ltd 272Karambezi Café 82Lithos Africa 96Makgroup Company Ltd 144Mantra Tanzania Ltd 176maru maru Hotel 66Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd 282MaxInsure Tanzania Limited 152Metropolitan Tanzania 146MMI TANZANIA 252Mollel Electrical Contractors 190Mount Meru Hotel 64MTL Consulting Company Ltd (MTL) 172National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB) 258New Africa Hotel 54NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED 156Orca Deco 98Proin Group of Companies 292Proudly African 303qD Consult (T) Ltd 214Radi Service Ltd 198RaSifiwa Creations 92SANITAS Medics & Diagnostics 122Sea Cliff Court Hotel & Luxury Apartments 46Sea Cliff Resort & Spa 47Serena Hotels 48Serengoro Tours & Safaris Ltd 78Shipping Management Services Co. LTD 226Six Degrees South 84TANELEC Limited 162Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT) 294Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) 26Techno Brain 268Technotion 208Telesis Tanzania Limited 257The Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania (AKHST) 120The Arusha Hotel 62The National Institute of Transport (NIT) 114The Open University of Tanzania 110The Royale Orchard Inn Ltd 218The Tanzanite Experience 90Tigo, MIC Tanzania Ltd 270Total Tanzania Ltd 160UhuruOne 256Upper Zonal Trading Ltd (UZT) 250URU Diamonds 94Vita Foam (T) Ltd 104Whirlwind Aviation 69, 116, 164, 178Xpress Rent A Car 79Zanzibar Connections Company Limited 266304 | Best of Tanzania
  • 301. THE BEST OFAFRICABRANDING A CONTINENT,A NATION, A CITY AND ITS PEOPLEWe brand and build the image of the world’s most excitingeconomic regions to affect a change in the perception of acontinent, a nation, a city and its people by the rest of theworld.Global Village Africa is Africa’s premier platform forshowcasing and networking governments, leadingcompanies and entrepreneurs in business, tourism andlifestyle. The ‘Best of seriesm CPPLT DSJTQMZ QSPÙMF MFBEJOHcompanies and innovators, as leaders within their genre.We celebrate the success of countries, individuals andcompanies with ‘the good news’ editorial and pictorialimagery in the highest quality print format available.All books now availablefor download on youriPad with the newVIPedia app.
  • 302. GVPedia.comSuccess, Sustainability and Culture