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Ict Comenius Trysil
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  • 1. Connectedlearners
    ICT‐integration in our school.
    1. Positive attitudes towards ICT.
    2. Willing to use ICT to support the learning process.
    3. Create ICT learning environment.
    6. ICT to search for, process and store digital information.
    7. ICT to present information to others.
    8. ICT to communicate
    9. ICT applications, depending on thespecific goal to be achieved.
  • 2. Connectedlearners
    Curriculum features
    1. The development is based on a clearvision on the role of ICT in education
    2. Provide equal opportunities for alllearners.
    ICT as a catalystfor educational change.
  • 3. Relations to plans, documents and laws.
    How do wegetthere?
    Wherearewepedagogically and methodologically?(Thursday 08.15)
  • 4. Local plans and national relations.
  • 5. Basic plans for ICT.
  • 6. Internal development of competence
  • 7. Books?
  • 8. Teknologiskutvikling
  • 9. ”Useof ICT makes theteachersearch for newmethods to organise students waysoflearning and present them for more learningresources.” Stortingsmelding 31: Kvalitetiskolen
  • 10. Netvibes
  • 11. Sharing. Cooperation.
  • 12. Web2.0 versus LMS.
    Do weneed a LMS whenwe have got Web2.0?
    ”Whattheylearn is not importantany longer, buthowtheylearn. And not theleast, howtheylearn to learn." (Prensky, Mark, 2001)
  • 13. Nye utfordringer med Latinskolen.
  • 14. Cooperation.
    You arrive at your hotell. In the reception a man gives you this message: Please help me. I search for a town in the Nordic countries, and I must reach it before 10 o`clock this morning. I must find the solution to this enigma before I can find the place: 48°51'29.70"2°17'40.29". Here one of our greatest authors died 100 years ago. When you find the name of the place you must put it in the end of this address: http://vgs.hedmark.no/tryvis/ You will now see a place where you can listen to a song. The song and the name of the place where the man died 100 years ago should make it possible for you to find the name of a famous norwegian author. Who is the author? But you are not at the right place yet. You must go to the town where he received a very famous price for his works. Where must I go?