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Social networking 101
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Social networking 101


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2009 Presentation on the basics of using Social Networking tools such as LinkedIn, Facenbook, Biznik and more for your business

2009 Presentation on the basics of using Social Networking tools such as LinkedIn, Facenbook, Biznik and more for your business

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Social networking 101
    The Basics of Marketing on the Internet
  • 2. What We WON’T Cover
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Pay-per-click advertising
    Blogging strategies
    Back linking, link following, etc.
    The social side of social networking
  • 3. What We WILL Cover
    What is a Social Networking site?
    What’s the difference between Social Networking sites and a “regular” Web site?
    Do I need to have a Web site, a blog and a Social Networking site?
    How do I create an effective yet safe profile?
    How many sites should I join?
    How do I make the time to keep up with all of this?
  • 4. Old vs. New Web
    Old Web (Web 1.0) predominantly one-way communication
    Forums and later Blogs allowed limited two-way communication
    Web 2.0, or Social Networking, allows users to interact with each other
  • 5. Social Networking Sites
  • 6. What IS Social Networking?
    Traditional Web Content
    The Ability to Find People
    Access to Information
    Online “Community”
    Multi-directional Communication
    A virtual Chamber of Commerce
  • 7. What These Sites Have In Common
    Personal Profile
    Discussions and Groups
    News Feeds
  • 8. Why Should I Care?
    You can make your business more visible
    You can connect with like-minded people
    You can connect with customers and prospects
    Allows you to demonstrate your expertise
  • 9. What Are the Pitfalls?
    Potentially overwhelming amounts of information
    Possibility of making undesirable contacts
    Can make enormous demands on your time
    Anything you post may never disappear
  • 10. What About Blogs and Web 1.0?
    Blogs still have an important role in connecting you with your customers and your prospects
    Regular Web sites allow you to maintain a virtual storefront or office
    Social networking sites can drive traffic to your blogs and your “traditional” Web sites.
  • 11. Diving into social networking
    Creating Your Place in Cyber Space
  • 12. What you need to know to create a profile the will help the right people find you.
    Creating Your Profile
  • 13. Your Profile Photograph
    Bad Photos
    Good Photos
  • 14. Profile Data
    Be discreet with personal information
    Focus on business information
    In general, keep it professional
    Avoid controversial statements
    Be descriptive when writing about your business
    If possible, insert links to your Web site(s) and blog(s)
    Create one profile per site
    Use key words
  • 15. How to build a network that will help you build your business
    Making Friends
  • 16. Invite People You Know
    Networking buddies
    Quality over quantity – be discriminating
  • 17. Meet New People
    Join Groups
    Post articles
    Write blog posts
    Participate in forums
    Attend events
    Seek out other experts
  • 18. About Friend Requests…
    You don’t have to accept all friend requests
    If you don’t know the person, investigate
    You can always “un-friend” someone later
    Look at your friends’ friends
    Quality vs. quantity
  • 19. How to attract attention and avoid trouble
    Posting Content
  • 20. Respect Terms Of Service
    Be sure you understand the Terms Of Service (TOS)
    Violating TOS can alienate you from community members
    Violating TOS can get you banned for life
    Report TOS violations
  • 21. What Happens on the ‘Net STAYS on the ‘Net
    Your “friends” can share your content
    Your friends’ friends can usually see your posts
    Deleting your profile doesn’t mean your posted information is deleted
    “Flaming” someone can come back to haunt you
  • 22. Use Your Common Sense
    Think before you post
    Avoid negative posts
    If you feel the need to criticize, make it constructive
    Understand the definition of “libel” and “slander”
  • 23. Make It Informative
    Post “how to” articles and videos
    Look for opportunities to comment on other people’s postings
    Add value if you comments on someone else’s posting
    It’s OK to make references to other postings (preferably yours) or even seminars or products as long as it makes sense
    Too much selling will backfire on you
  • 24. How to decide what Social Networking sites to join and how much time to spend on each
    Understanding the Differences
  • 25. Linkedin
    The “must be on” site
    Outstanding search features
    Ideal for job seekers
    Excellent resource for sales people
    Embodies the Six Degrees of Separation
    Lets members ask questions in open forums
    Has a variety of groups to join
  • 26. Facebook
    Arguably one of the most popular and effective sites for business networking
    Lets you group your friends by category
    Allows you to send messages to multiple friends or groups of friends
    Lets you create multiple groups and fan pages for your business
  • 27. Biznik
    Localized communities
    Allows members to set up events, promote them on the site, and even collects the admission for you
    Encourages members to post articles and host events
    Encourages members to rate articles and events
    Encourages members to refer other members
    Free and paid membership levels
  • 28. Plaxo
    Helps you remember birthdays
    Offers a decent job search engine
    You can join a variety of groups or create your own
  • 29. One of many ways to bring your business to the world of Social Networking
    Create Your Own Site!
  • 30. Pick your niche
    Public or private?
    Gather a group of connected people
    Invite trusted members
    Publicize it on your other social networking sites
    Be prepared to post content frequently