Tendensdagen 2012 Tim Wragg


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Tim Wragg, CEO Millward Brown Europe.
Ideals – the ultimate growth driver.
Idag är det viktigare än någonsin att skapa äkta och meningsfulla relationer till sina kunder. Forskning visar att företag som bygger djupare relationer till sina kunder och associeras med högre ideal och mänskliga värderingar också har den största finansiella tillväxten. Om vikten av att skapa mervärde och gå från produkt till syfte, från vad till varför.

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Tendensdagen 2012 Tim Wragg

  1. 1. Ideals: The ultimate driver of growth TIM WRAGG, CEO EUROPE2
  2. 2. “Marketing must rethink its purpose. We must apply lifes lessons — generosity, love, humor, and empathy— so that marketing inspires life, and life inspires marketing” Jim Stengel3
  3. 3. The Starting Point What brands have grown their bond with consumers and their financial value the most over the past decade? What can we learn from them?4
  4. 4. Millward Brown’s Role A multidisciplinary team led by Millward Brown Optimor, MB Global Solutions & the Neuroscience Practice served as chief research partner and strategic advisor to Jim Stengel We identified the top 50 High-Growth Brands that created the strongest bond with their customers AND delivered the highest financial growth over the past decade Using company deep dives and implicit and explicit research techniques, we uncovered and validated the common recipe that drives growth and profit at the world’s best brands5
  5. 5. Our Approach to Identifying the Best Brands 1 2 3 MB Equity Brand Growth 50 High-Growth Database Brands Leveraged the most Measured growth in Identified best brands comprehensive consumer bonding and known as equity database in the brand financial value “Stengel 50” world over the past 10 years6 Source: Millward Brown Optimor & Jim Stengel Study of Business Growth
  6. 6. Top 50 High-Growth Brands7 Source: Millward Brown Optimor & Jim Stengel Study of Business Growth
  7. 7. The Stengel 50 Outperform the Market 382.3% -7.9%The High-Growth Brands, as represented by the 42 public companieswithin the top 50, collectively outperformed the S&P 500 by almost 400%over the past 10 years8
  8. 8. THE BEST BRANDS are built on Not what people buy, but what they buy into9
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10. Live in harmony—with oneself,with others, and with nature.
  11. 11. Democratizefashion.
  12. 12. Be Fabulous.
  13. 13. Create human connection.
  14. 14. Where does an ideal come from?15
  15. 15. The Source of a Brand Ideal Brand’s Employees Beliefs Heritage & Values16
  16. 16. How do Ideals transform businesses and organizations?17
  17. 17. Ideals Inspire and Guide All Activities18
  18. 18. Ideals Inspire and Guide All Activities PRODUCT & EXPERIENCE EXCELLENCE19
  19. 19. To build aSmarter Planet
  20. 20. Product and Experience Excellence inspired by the Ideal Smarter Power New Intelligence Smarter Resources 21
  21. 21. Inspire a happy,healthy home.
  22. 22. Live through Design We treat design as our media –Eric Ryan, Co-founder23
  23. 23. “The Starbucks experience must provide human connection in cherishedmoments, around the world, one cup at a time” - Howard Schultz
  24. 24. Product excellence & Multi sensory experiences Starbucks is more than coffee, but without coffee, we have no reason to exist” – Howard Schultz25
  25. 25. Deliver Product and Experience Excellence Product Performance Innovation inspired as table stakes by the Ideal Built through Deliver multi-sensory Design experience26
  26. 26. Ideals Inspire and Guide All Activities BRAND ALIGNED ORGANIZATION & CULTURE27
  27. 27. 28
  28. 28. Brand Aligned Organization and Culture Led by Brand Artists Ideal as compass for and Guardians all decisions One Brand, One Employees are the organization brand29
  29. 29. Ideals Inspire and Guide All Activities CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT30
  30. 30. To care for babies’ happy,healthy development.31
  31. 31. Co-create and dialogue Connect moms to services Launched the Pampers.com and information that help online parents resource & her as a parent. ‘Hello Baby’ iPhone app.
  32. 32. Take a point of view, Act Big and Build Buzz Improve the lives of all babies, Partner with UNICEF toincluding those in greatest need. eradicate Tetanus.
  33. 33. Customer Engagement Act Big & One Voice Build Buzz Co-create and Create Collections Dialogue34
  34. 34. Road map to accelerate brand growth
  35. 35. More stakeholders, customers, employees, and communities want their business to have a purpose bigger than their product. — M AT S L E D E R H A U S E N , F O R M E R P R E S I D E N T, M C D O N A L D ’ S36
  36. 36. are you ready to37
  37. 37. Thank you! T I M W R A G G , E U R O P E A N C E O , M I L LW A R D B R O W N38