Tendensdagen 2012 Scott Bedbury


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Creating a Superhuman Brand – Unleashing human potential and meaningful brand storytelling in the New Brand World.
Bedbury ligger bakom både Nikes “Just-Do-It”-kampanj och Starbucks fantastiska varumärkesresa och vet hur man skapar engagemang. Att bygga ett framgångsrikt varumärke idag kräver förmåga att fullt ut utveckla organisationens potential tillsammans med en stark varumärkesposition och en kultur som inspirerar såväl anställda som kunder. Företag som Nike, Apple och Starbucks har varumärket som riktlinje för vad de gör, hur de gör det, varför de gör det och vem de gör det för. Lyssna och lär om den kraft som finns i storytelling både internt och externt, och hur man skapar ett varumärke som attraherar och behåller de allra bästa.

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Tendensdagen 2012 Scott Bedbury

  1. 1. Unleashinghuman and brandpotential
  2. 2. First, a word or twoabout “branding”
  3. 3. brandingisa pain in the ass
  4. 4. a brandcan be just aboutanything
  5. 5. What do Facebook, Nike,NASA, the Catholic Church,Starbucks, the US Navy, the Obama Administration, Microsoft, Google, Coke, Anna Kournikova, BogataColumbia, and your mother all have in common?
  6. 6. These are all brands
  7. 7. And all of them, (except yourmother) have asked me forhelp at one time or another
  8. 8. Corporations are brands Celebrities are brands Politicians are brands Religions are brands Nations are brands Cities are brandsMothers are brands too
  9. 9. Now, a word or twoabout “marketing”
  10. 10. “Marketing is what other companies do. We don’t do that here.” Phil Knight, CEO, Nike December 7, 1987
  11. 11. Now, a word or twoabout “advertising”
  12. 12. “We don’t do advertising here. That’swhat other agencies do. That’s butcherpaper in grocery store windows and the noise on television. We create great f#k*ng communication that builds relationships with brands.” Dan Wieden, Co-Founder, W+K December 2, 1987
  13. 13. That was 25 years ago
  14. 14. We had an opportunity to lookbeyond traditional marketing,advertising and brand researchand I was not goingto screw that up
  15. 15. So we took the brandfor a runeven when launching aflagship product
  16. 16. Nike commercial: “Revolution”
  17. 17. But “Revolution” wasn’tenough to open up theaccess pointand Dan Wieden had nointerest in creating another“God damn music video”
  18. 18. The Just Do It campaignwas nothing short of abattle cryfor Nike’s walking wounded
  19. 19. Nike commercial: “Walt Stack”
  20. 20. Sometimes it’s notwhat you say buthow you say it
  21. 21. Nike commercial: “Jo Anne”
  22. 22. After leaving Nike I took athree year coffee breakto build another great brandwithout advertising
  23. 23. Nike’s 1995 total Starbucks’ 1995marketing budget marketing budget
  24. 24. We built Starbucksfrom the inside outby focusing on thebest experiencepossible for customersand our employees
  25. 25. Our mission was tonurture and unleashthe human spirit
  26. 26. We were swimming intimeless human needs
  27. 27. Everyone here needs to……feel safe…feel welcomed…feel recognized…feel valued…feel part of something bigger…feel loved…feel love for someone else…feel empowered
  28. 28. How do you deliver,reflect, respect, orleveragethose human needs?
  29. 29. Some of the most importantstorytelling should occurinside your company
  30. 30. Starbucks “Third Place” video
  31. 31. Internal communication inmost companiessucks
  32. 32. But why should you care?
  33. 33. Two words: Socialmedia
  34. 34. Social media reveals dishonestbusiness leaders, corrupt dictators,shady politicians and bad employeesin a matter of hours
  35. 35. Every touch point, every message, everycustomer, employee and citizen hasmore influencethan ever before
  36. 36. Anyone and anythingthat touches the brandis either an assetor a liability
  37. 37. A brand like Starbuckshappens when you givepart-time minimumwage employeesa little respectand dignity
  38. 38. Starbucks “Hidden Camera” video
  39. 39. Some of the biggestbrands are blindto the need for greatbrand storytelling
  40. 40. Facebook gives newmeaning to missedopportunity
  41. 41. Facebook may becomeSergeant Zucker’slonely heartsclub brand
  42. 42. Consumers are becomingthe most trustedbrand storytellers
  43. 43. There are now two billioncitizen journalists, editors,taste makers and potentialbrand experts
  44. 44. With 12 million unique users,Pinterest is the fastest site inhistory to break through the 10million unique visitor mark
  45. 45. Pinterest represents nextgeneration “advertising”driven by consumers
  46. 46. Think about that
  47. 47. Facebook and both Pinterest leveragefundamental human needsto create and sharemeaningful experiences
  48. 48. Timeless human truths
  49. 49. No matter what the futureholds, here are a few brandbuilding tips that can greatlyimpact your success andhappiness
  50. 50. 1Remember that consumers are really not that into you
  51. 51. 2Respect the consumer’s intelligence and their precious time
  52. 52. 3Respect the spandex rule:Just because you can does Not mean that you should
  53. 53. 4 Avoid brand schizophrenia – have onevoice, one set of values, one mission and be consistent.
  54. 54. 5 You get what you pay for. Respect andreward those who help build your brand.
  55. 55. 6 Remember that 5% of humanity is crazyand that another 5% will never be satisfied with anything you do.
  56. 56. 7Demonstrate you have a clue about the world around you
  57. 57. Nike “Y2K Morning After” video
  58. 58. 8Show some empathy
  59. 59. Rule #9
  60. 60. 9Find the art in everything you do.
  61. 61. Rule #9Less is more.
  62. 62. 10Leverage teachable moments
  63. 63. Nike “Africa Hiking” video
  64. 64. 11Be fully present in the moments thatmatter most to those that matter most
  65. 65. Some moments are big,some are small, we mostlymiss them all
  66. 66. Like the last weekend your kidsare together before one of themgoes off to college
  67. 67. How “present” are we inthe moments that mattermost to our employees,customers, peers, andthe ones we love?
  68. 68. A meaningful moment canbe a surprise birthdayfor a 3-1/2 year old
  69. 69. Thank you