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innovation within the social media space- why the masculine model of traditional marketing is dead and the world of social media allows companies to have intimate and authentic conversations with women.  There are now more women than men on most social networks. Women now represent a larger financial opportunity than India and China combined according to the HBR, companies must look outside of marketing and create innovative solutions built upon credible advocacy.

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Tendensdagen 2010 belinda parmar

  1. 1. Belinda@ladygeek.com
  2. 2. Female Immersion Day • Objectives: To understand the financial opportunity of a new group of women who are non core gamers To explore different segments of women & bring real insight into what these women think about their lives, gaming & fitness • Methodology Financial Opportunity & segmentation (Forrester) 5 Myths of Targeting Women A panel of 'real' women Breakout session Summary/conclusions • Inputs to the session The Lady Geeks expertise in understanding women Existing research (Forrester 2009, The Times/Lady Geek survey 2010) Female gaming experts and non core gamers Female experts in fitness
  3. 3. Which brands speak the female language? The Times/Lady Geek survey consisted of 450 women. Questions were asked on familiarity, likelihood to recommend and feeling towards the brand to determine which brands are speaking the female language.
  4. 4. 5 Key Insights Around Fitness  Women feel intimidated by gyms, fitness programs, fitness DVD's  Women look to other women for recommendation rather than traditional advertising  Fitness works better when it is done in a social and fun way  Weight is a very private thing in the UK (“I won't even discuss my weight with my sister”)  Amongst women, fitness works when it is about achievements with clear goals (i.e getting slimmer for my wedding, needing to look good in a bikini...)
  5. 5. 5 Key Insights Around Gaming  Women who casually game do not see themselves as gamers (I'm not a gamer but...)  Women want games that are 'fit for purpose' (“They have to enhance my life in some way”)  There is a lot of guilt around playing games amongst female casual gaming (“Entertainment isn't enough of an attraction”)  Social & social aspect is key  A lot of women are intimidated by gaming and games per se
  6. 6. Amy-Stay at Home mum -Feels taken for granted at home -Wants her identity back -Looking for brands that can make her feel like herself again
  7. 7. Ruby-Professional mum with small children - Life juggler - Feels guilty about not having enough time for work/husband/children - Wants practical help from brands
  8. 8. Final Thoughts for Your Shape
  9. 9. What Ubisoft said about the day... Interactive & Very thought-provoking Loved the panel day. Fun, insightful Brilliant! Liked the variety of ways we explored 3 audiences
  10. 10. belinda@ladygeek.com