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Tendensdagen 2009 Anselmsson
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Tendensdagen 2009 Anselmsson


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Anselmsson har forskat på on-line communities tillsammans med företag rankade top-10 i världen

Anselmsson har forskat på on-line communities tillsammans med företag rankade top-10 i världen

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  • 1. Har ditt varumärke vad som krävs för att skapa ett framgångsrikt brand community? ED. JOHAN ANSELMSSON [email_address]
  • 2. Agenda
    • A Vad är brand communities?
    • B Varför brand communities?
    • C Vad driver konsumenter att engagera sig i dessa och hur engagerar de sig?
    • D Har ditt varumärke vad som krävs för att skapa ett community?
  • 3. Vad är brand communities
  • 4. Community som det definieras av sociologer
    • Consciousness of kind - I am a New Yorker
    • Shared rituals & traditions - Macy’s parade, NY Marathon
    • Moral responsibility - against LA:s, litter etc
  • 5. Ett brand community har några unika karaktäristika
    • First, an online brand community has no geographical constraints .
    • Second, it is built around commercialised products or services used by the community members.
    • Third, it is relatively stable and requires a strong commitment since it has common themes and goals.
    • Fourth, it acts as a place for social negotiation where the community reflects mainstream culture and encourages the members' voluntary interpretation of the brand .
    • Fifth, community members are equipped with a high level of identity as well as an understanding of the commercial landscape . ( Muniz & O'Guinn, 2001)
  • 6. Starbucks - ett varumärke byggt på community
  • 7. WD-40 - ett varumärke som försvarar sig genom ”Sense of belonging”
  • 8. Brand Community ...
    • A brand community starts based on its core asset, that is, the brand itself , and continues to build relationships among members interested in the brand .
    • Furthermore, an online brand community can be grouped largely into two major groups based on the criterion of the community initiators. One is a consumer-initiated community voluntarily built by community members, and the other is a company-initiated community built by the company with ownership in the brand in order to establish a relationship with consumers and to induce productive feedback from consumers ( Shim, 2004) .
  • 9. Några exempel - on-line brand communities
  • 10. Communities that outperform the companies
    • Vault Community at top in Google search vs Coca cola 25th (2008)
  • 11. Varför Brand community?
  • 12. Varumärkesstyrka och community
  • 13. Cash-flow tracker TM
  • 14. Kundprat och tillväxt © Johan Anselmsson, EHL
  • 15. Ett brand communitity’s tre roller
    • Utvecklare: Hjälper till att utveckla produkter och värden.
    • Story teller: Skapar själv köp/säljargument, mening - skapar mening av det kommersiella.
    • Authenticator: Borgar för erbjudandet, pålitlig och känner tredje part .
  • 16.
    • Produktutvecklare:
    • Story teller:
    • Authenticator:
  • 17. People Are by Far the Most Trusted Source – “word of mouth” Procent of global consumers 13+ who feel the following sources are very trustworthy for purchase ideas or information Source: Roper Gfk 2006
  • 18. Communty and Brand building Brand value Brand assets Customer generated marketing Sence of belonging, Social imagery Word.of-mouth, Loyalty, involvement, community Growth in revenue + Lower marketing costs Brand strengths © JOHAN ANSELMSSON
  • 19. Varför ska företag intressera sig för brand communities?
    • Communities are seen as the ultimate type of brand loyalty - achievement/brand strength.
    • Brand communities is a way to secure loyalty and revenue and relationships to the brand.
    • The essence of the brand could be identified in the community.
    • An effective communication tool .
  • 20. Vad driver konsumenter att engagera sig i dessa och hur engagerar de sig?
  • 21. Generella drivkrafter
    • 1) Sociala faktorer: Sociologist see a causal relationship between our desire for connectedness, knowledge and information and the evolution of Internet. Online communities can be seen as a substitute for (and preferred option to) more formal networks (e.g. number of members in church, parents' organisations etc. have declined by 50 % since the early 70s).
    • 2) Teknologiska faktorer: Others highlight the importance of web 2.0, which has made blogging, groups, forums and web site creation possible for anyone, no need to know html. Broadband, digital cameras and recorders, as well as more advanced cell telephones, are other technologies that drive this development.
    • 3) Ekonomiska faktorer : Often brand communities are described as non-profit in intention, but in many cases economic motives are also present. For example, many of the weblogs and communities are sponsored. Although the intent behind a online community or forum may seem to start with enthusiasm for a brand, the original motive is often to learn and show off skills in creativity or web 2.0 for economic ambitions (Jang, H. Y. 2007)
  • 22. Generation Y och senare
    • Vill vara aktiva: As these new customers, meaning the younger generation, are different in many aspects of their consumption and media behaviour, marketers who want to target this group face some challenges. Generation Y, meaning in the main customers born after 1985, want active participation and influence rather than being passive receivers. ( Kenneth W. Gronbach, 2008)
    • Teknologisk erfarenhet: Increasing numbers of people in the 13-to-30 age group (a consumer demographic for which marketers grapple) can be found on the internet. These self-made media producers ritually scroll through articles on their RSS readers; chat with friends on instant-messaging services; send and receive SMS messages; download tracks from iTunes; update blogs, MySpace pages and social-network profiles; monitor responses to updates; post notes on friends' Facebook profiles and 'walls'; and grab video clips from TV programs. ( Advertising age 2006)
  • 23. Företagen lyssnar inte
    • 7 av 10 svarar på klagomål, men endast 2 av 10 svara på beröm och försök att utveckla en relation utöver ekonomisk transaktion.
  • 24. Har ditt varumärke vad som krävs för att skapa ett community?
  • 25. Generna för ett brand community
    • 1) Varumärkets skapelseberättelse - I källare, i garaget ...
    • 2) Vision och gemensamma värden - just do it -
    • 3) Ikoner och symboler - flaggor, loggor, sånger, design, förpackning ...
    • 4) Ritualer — rutiner, återkommande event ...
    • 5) Lexikon och heliga ord - produkt namn, bubblan ...
    • 6) Icke-medlemmen – fienden - McDonald's vs Burger King, Japanska motorcyklar vs Harley Davidsons.
    • 7) Ledaren - hjälten som mot alla odds erövrar världen, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Ingvar Kamprad.
  • 26. Ikoner och symboler
  • 27. Några som har det
    • Adidas
    • Target
    • Ikea
    • Jeep
    • Victoria’s secret
    • Mini
    • Starbucks
    • Nike
    • Apple
    • Harley Davidson
    • Whole Foods
    • Lego
  • 28. [email_address]