Building Great Relationships


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Ted Leonhardt is a consultant to design firms and one of the topics he often discusses with them is building stronger client relationships -- the exact same topic as his SVC workshop.

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Building Great Relationships

  1. 1. Making Your Clients Love You
  2. 2. Making Your Clients Love You A good, trusting relationship with your clients—whether in-house or external—can inspire higher quality work, defuse arguments about costs, and overcome problems when something goes awry. Together we’ll look at ways firm leaders, project managers, and creative staffers can strengthen their client relationships, including: Communicating the value of what your group brings to your client How to define success for a project Living the brand and getting to know the end customer Building a personal relationship with your clients How to listen.
  3. 3. Making Your Clients Love You
  4. 4. Learn the secrets of creating long-term, trusting client relationships. Whether you're a freelancer or running a design firm or ad agency, you'll pick up practical advice on how to defuse conflicts, communicate the value of your services, and pave the way for better work.
  5. 5. Client love
  6. 6. Assignment
  7. 7. Introduce your selves
  8. 8. Interview notes
  9. 9. Preparation
  10. 10. Best chapter
  11. 11. The professionals
  12. 12. Client panel
  13. 13. Disappointment
  14. 14. Clients
  15. 15. Clients Negotiation
  16. 16. Clients Negotiation Strategy
  17. 17. “Triple Check” and “No Check”
  18. 18. Subtle signals
  19. 19. Ad agency Design agency
  20. 20. Taking notes?
  21. 21. Those little nuggets
  22. 22. Research Strategy Design Production Printing
  23. 23. Research Strategy Design Production Printing
  24. 24. Trust
  25. 25. Rehearsals
  26. 26. Smoothing out the bumps
  27. 27. Client panel
  28. 28. “Don’t try to sell me anything”
  29. 29. “Give me an overview so I can get up to speed quickly”
  30. 30. “Manage the meeting”
  31. 31. “How about something positive?”
  32. 32. “We changed agencies because the new guys knew more about us than we knew our selves”
  33. 33. “I had an AE once that was a master organizer”
  34. 34. “He was at his best when problems happened”
  35. 35. Mr. Insider
  36. 36. Dangerous distraction
  37. 37. From project to sales
  38. 38. Agency circle of life
  39. 39. What am I selling?
  40. 40. What am I selling? Myself
  41. 41. The New Business Team The heartbeat of the agency is new business. Targeting, planning the chase, the win. The power of it can be intoxicating. The best, the brightest, the most experienced are on the team. They work as a group at the fastest pace in the agency addressing client marketing problems on the fly in a life and death competitive environment. They know how to translate the agencies past experience into relevant stories that captivate prospective clients. And the winners are very, very good indeed. Those who get ahead fastest in the agency do so by attaching themselves to the new business team. I recommend doing anything to get on the team and learning from the best.
  42. 42. Exercise 1 List your findings