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Social Media for Marketers 11/11

Social Media for Marketers 11/11






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Social Media for Marketers 11/11 Social Media for Marketers 11/11 Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media For MarketersNov 11, 2009Andy Boyer, Spring Creek Groupaboyer@springcreekgroup.com
  • Today’s Discussion
    9:00 – 9:15 Introductions: Who is Spring Creek Group
    9:15 – 10:00 Social Media Marketing: What‘s all the fuss about?
    10:00 – 10:30 Social Media Campaigns: The good, the bad, the ugly (Part 1)
    10:30 – 10:45 Email Break
    10:45 – 11:30 Social Media Campaigns: The good, the bad, the ugly
    (Part 2)
    11:30 – 12:15 Social Media Strategies - Getting started
    12:15 – 12:45 Lunch
    12:45 – 2:00 Detailed Channel Strategies
    (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube)
    2:00 – 2:30 Social Media Analytics
    2:30 – 2:45 Email Break
    2:45 – 3:15 Real World - Northwest Entrepreneur Network
    3:15 – 4:00 Real World - REI
  • A few places where you can find us
  • Social Media MarketingSo What’s All the Fuss About?
  • What is the Buzz about?
    Facebook grew from 100 million to 200 million users in less than 8 months.
    Social Networking is now more popular than email, according to Nielsen Online’s latest research. 66.8% of Internet users have social networks, while only 65.1% have used email.
    YouTube reached 100 million monthly viewers in the US in March 2009, 6.3 billion videos were viewed on the site.
    YouTube will serve 75 billion video streams to 375 million unique visitors in 2009.
    LinkedIn has more than doubled size in the past year, reaching more than 15.8 million people in the US, ranking third, behind Facebook & MySpace.
  • http://www.mediapost.com/publications/?fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=115513
    What is the Buzz about?
    Facebook — with active users now averaging about 15 hours on the site per week — contributes more than 3% of all traffic to the top retail sites online
    78% of “new media users” interact with companies or brands online
    As many as 25% of social network users post links to other companies, products or services, according to Oneupweb.  
    The Luxury Institute found that  high-net-worth individuals have an above-average social media participation rates.  Membership in social networking sites has increased from 60% in early 2008 to 72%, with 62% of those in the 55-plus age group participating
  • http://www.mediapost.com/publications/?fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=115479
    What is the Buzz about?
    LinkedIn has announced that it has reached 50 million users.
    Took almost a year and four months to notch its first million users after launching in 2003, but only 12 days to add its last million.
    1/2 of its users were international, with 11 million in Europe. India is the fastest-growing country with almost 3 million users. 
  • Top Trafficked US Sites (Sept 09)
  • Why Is Social Media Important to Businesses?
    The Blogosphere is a wealth of product and marketing information, both for consumers, and marketers.
    Page 9
  • Why Is Social Media Important to Businesses?
    Page 10
  • The Social Media Engagement Spectrum
    Social Media Engagement means more than just building sites. It means understanding where your customers are, and going to them.
    • Let anyone write anything
    • Don’t track metrics
    • Allow comps to post nasty comments
    • Don’t identify influencers
    • Keep an eye on customers
    • Track changes in customer perception
    • Monitor comps in space
    • Use social media to understand landscape
    • Respond to negative attacks
    • Correct factual errors
    • Stop comps from gaining share of voice
    • Compare competitors and analyze partners
    • Utilize a blog to complement “traditional” PR & Comm efforts
    • Provide resources for bloggers to get data images and quotes
    • Identify influencers
    • Create active competitive analysis strategy
    • Reach out to key bloggers
    • Push stories to influencers and fans
    • Keep content current with news and info
    • Let community have first look at commercials and other creative
    • Run message and comment boards for customer groups
    • Maintain and grow thought-leadership presence where it matters most
    • Develop & drive industry blogs that put company in positive light
    Page 11
  • Social Networks: The Heavyweights
  • Twitter: Finally Flattening
  • Social Networks: The Next Tier
    Page 14
  • UGC Sites: YouTube and the 30 Dwarves
    Page 15
  • Photo Sharing and More
  • Bookmarking
    Page 17
  • Presentation Candy
    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Social Media
  • Social Media Wins
  • Setting Baselines
    Page 20
    Big Brand Name, Dedicated Team, Active Investment, Consumer Product, Senior Management Support
  • Social Media for Customer ServiceComcastCares on Twitter
  • Social Media for Customer ServiceComcastCares on Twitter
  • Integrated CampaignToysRUs and Shaq
    Page 23
  • Integrated CampaignToysRUs and Shaq
    Page 24
  • Integrated CampaignToysRUs and Shaq
    Page 25
  • Social Media Social Media for PR & Brand BaconSalt’s Integrated Campaign
    Page 26
  • Different Channels, Different Audiences Bing on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
    Page 27
  • Bing Jingle
    Page 28
  • Social Media for PromotionCommon Craft / Lee Lefever
    Page 29
  • Social Media for Customer SupportBlogs & Forum Outreach
    Page 30
  • Social Media to Drive EngagementDell’s Ideastorm
    Page 31
  • Social Media to Drive Engagement My Starbucks Idea
    Page 32
  • Social Media for PromotionTexts From Last Night
    Page 33
  • A Quick Note on Social Bookmarks
    Page 34
  • Social Media Fail
    Page 35
  • Motrin Mommy Blogger Backlash
    Page 36
  • Whole Foods
    November 23, 2009
    Page 37
  • Skittles: “Taking the Red Pill…”
    Skittles (or, more likely, their AOR) had a good idea: “Let’s completely give over our website to our community!”
    Key Questions:
    Were They “True Believers”?
    Or Were They Just Seeking the Truth?
    Or was it a Marketing Gimmick?
    Who Knows.
    Here’s How it Went….
    Page 38
  • Day 1: “Aren’t We Clever”
    Page 39
  • Day 2: “Retreat, Retreat!”
    Page 40
  • Day 3: “RT @Houston: Problem!”
    November 23, 2009
    Page 41
  • The People Have Spoken…
    Page 42
  • Getting Started on Your OwnSocial Media Strategies
    Page 43
  • Fallacies, Falsehoods and Fiction:
    Social media marketing is…
    A panacea (i.e. “magical solution to all problems”)
    A great performance marketing (i.e. direct response) channel
    A replacement for good PR
    Able to create nearly immediate 20% site traffic lift
    “…the next big thing…”
    Page 44
  • The reality…
    These Are The Same Thing…
    [Truism: Happy Customers Never “Engage”…]
    Page 45
  • Social Media Works With Your Existing Marketing Connecting Traditional Customer Touchpoints
    Leveraging PR coverage and extending details to customers and fans
    Maximizing an ad campaign by extending the content to channels not covered by paid media
    Searching for external opportunities to service customer related issues,
    Customer Support
    Outbound Advertising
    Page 46
  • A Wealth of Opportunities Past the Big Brand Names
    You are enabled to better understand your brand equity online – and empower consumers to drive brand awarenessand engagement online, across the entire Social Media Web
    Consumer Forums
    Social Networking
    Music / Podcasting
    Product Review Sites
    Digital Image Communities
    Industry Blogs
    Help & How-to Forums
    Professional and Brand Networks
    Aggregators / Crowd-sourced Content Sites
    Social Bookmarking & Site Sharing
    Viral Video Sites
    Brand Marketing and Engagement Campaigns
  • Here’s One That Looks Like an Alien…
    Courtesy Brian Solis
    Page 48
  • “The Flower”…
    Courtesy Brian Solis
    Page 49
  • “The 12-Legged Starfish” ? ! ?
    Courtesy Robert Scoble
    Page 50
  • Anyway, Here’s What We Use…
  • Social Media Campaign ManagementSome Basic Tactics
    Page 52
  • Key Questions: Social Networking
    How does information flow in my industry?
    Where do people get their information?
    Does information flow in a centralized way?
    How do consumers interact in my industry?
    Do they hangout in networks?
    How big are these networks?
    Is my industry conservative?
    What influences my customers?
    Who influences my customers?
    Is my product risky?
    Page 53
  • Developing a plan:
    Where do my customers and competitors spend their time online… For fun… and to find info?
    Where do I want my brand – and my name – to have “presence” and be personally managed?
    Where is it unsavory, irrelevant, or not valuable to maintain and invest in brand presence online?
    What are the least expensive and time-consuming ways I can “amplify” and extend the reach of my existing marketing campaigns and activities?
    Page 54
  • What should I expect?
    How large is your addressable target market?
    How often will you have news?
    Are you using Social Media for Awareness, Trial, Retention or Referral?
    Are you going to actively engage with the customers?
    Will you use the customers’ feedback?
    Benchmark your competitors’ efforts
    How much time do you think they are devoting?
    Can you compete with that level of involvement?
    Page 55
  • Key Social Performance Indicators
    Awareness & Education: Are we contributing to the overall awareness of the brand, the product, and its features?
    Trial: Are we driving new significant and high-quality experiences with the product?
    Loyalty: Are we driving repeat visits to/sessions with the product?
    Engagement: Are we driving engagement with our consumers through communities and connections?
    Evangelism: Are we creating evangelists that will share the brand’s and product’s virtues to others?
  • Leveraging Social Marketing
    The real value of marketing through social media is a three-fold process:
    Initial buzz about your brand, viral spread, major site traffic in the first 24 hours
    Mentions and links in major news media, influencers, leaders of your market segment
    Authority back links that will increase your search engine ranking
  • “Reactive” Strategies
    Set up Google Alerts for your + competitor brand names
    Pay attention daily to where in news and blogs your market is covered
    Where relevant and valuable, add a comment to a post or story in comment thread
    Do the Research / Benchmark and Improve Brand
    Investigate your and competitor brand presence across the Web
    Evaluate volume and quality of brand presence in social networks
    Evaluate volume and quality of valuable, authentic, passionate self-published content online relevant to your industry, market, customers
    Improve as above, where possible and high-probability of success
    Page 58
  • The Basics: Social Media for Discoverability
    Managing “discoverability” – making sure those looking for you or your business can find you where they are most frequently looking
    Personal / professional Profile sites
    Relevant social networks
    Google Directories (for Google search results)
    Live Search Directories (for Live Search results)
    “PR through Self Publishing”
    Power of your own Blog
    Power of commenting on other people’s blogs
    Maintaining shared / bookmarked content of relevance
    Page 59
  • How Does Social Media Affect SEO / Site Discoverability
    Page 60
  • Simple Tools for Finding Your Audience
    Google Alerts
    Google Trends
    Yahoo! Answers
    Twitter Grader
    Blog Grader
    Page 61
  • Additional SM Marketing Campaign and Program Development Resources
    Social Media Marketing Playbook (2009, 360i)
    Fluent Social Influence Marketing Report (2009, Razorfish)
    … + numerous useful presentations on Slideshare.net via WOMMA and related…
    Page 62
  • Channel Overviews
    Choosing Which Channels are Best for
    Executing Your Social Media Strategy
  • Blogs and Forums
    Going to the conversation
  • Channel Background
    133,000,000 – number of blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002
    346,000,000 – number of people globally who read blogs (comScore March 2008)
    900,000 – average number of blog posts in a 24 hour period
    77% - percentage of active Internet users who read blogs
    Whether it’s large or small, there’s a conversation venue out there talking about your brand or about your space
    Source: http://thefuturebuzz.com/2009/01/12/social-media-web-20-internet-numbers-stats/
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    Blog and Forum strengths
    Equally balanced between messaging and listening
    Measurability is enhanced through listening tools
    Ability to create and cultivate a brand culture
    Die-hard groups already dedicated to your brand or space
    Blog and Forum weaknesses
    Die-hard groups opposed to your brand or space
    The blogosphere grows exponentially (hard to contain)
    Once your message is out there, it’s out there
  • Not-so-best Practices – Walmart
    Interesting blog pops up with seemingly “normal” RVing couple.
    Turns out they’re being paid by Walmart and the husband is a WaPo writer
    Backlash came quickly as people learned who was really behind the blog
    The PR company of record ended up taking the blame for the debacle
  • What’s Next
    Blogs will continue to be the “knowledge dump” and community hub for extended information (beyond the Tweet)
    Further down the road, the lines between blogger and journalist will blur even more
    Becoming a trusted voice in these communities will become more and more important with people jockeying for preferred status and brands creating more-cohesive teams
  • Facebook
  • Channel Background
    Founded in February 2004, Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers. The company develops technologies that facilitate the sharing of information through the social graph, the digital mapping of people's real-world social connections. Anyone can sign up for Facebook and interact with the people they know in a trusted environment.
    More than 250 million active users
    More than 120 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day
    More than two-thirds of Facebook users are outside of college
    The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older
    The average Facebook user has 120 "friends" on the site.
    Primary use of channel
    Goals and objectives
    Screenshot: Traffic trend since Jan 2007
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Free to build: Facebook accounts are free to set up and there is no subscription fees to kept the page live.
    • Facebook Pages are indexed in search engines: increasing the likelihood of folks finding your organization through a Google search.
    • A Page can have multiple administrators: This means maintaining a page can be shared by many people both internal and external.
    • Analyze Traffic: Facebook Insights track data on visitors.
    • No Fan Limits: There areno limits to the number of fans you can have on a page.
    • Ability to send messages and updates to all your fans at once: Fans receiving those messages can easily forward the message OR post the message to their Facebook Wall.
    • Tabs have their own URL: You can set a tab as the default landing page for when users find your Facebook Page. You may also choose any tab to be the landing Page for off-site promotion.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Limitations to customizing: Facebook limits the changes to addition of modules and applications but does not allow modification to page structure.
    • Pages cannot post to fan Profiles: Although they can post updates or send email to fans the profile cannot directly post to a fans wall.
    • Membership has its privileges: User have to be a Member of Facebook to be able to interact with page.
  • What’s Next
    In facebook Payment gateways: allow commerce within the facebook platform.
    Greater search capabilities: ability to drill deeper into FB and find more engaging opportunities.
    Future expansion into More Music and Gaming related functionality
  • “Buying” Fans? - Outback
    Page 74
    • 25k fans Day 1
    • Total 100k fans
    • Levels off
  • “Buying” Fans? – Papa John’s
    Page 75
    • 150k fans Day 2
    • 100k fans Day 1
    • Levels off`
  • YouTube
    The Art of Video Syndication
  • Channel Background
    YouTube is the 4th largest website in the world.
    #2 largest search engine.
    YouTube is the largest of the video syndication channels, accounting for 40% of video views
    Broadcast, Engagement
    Page 77
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    Channel strengths
    Video content allows for you to tell a story about your brand that can’t be conveyed as easily with other mediums.
    Customer support is taken to a new level with proactive content that makes product ownership more valuable.
    Built in sharing tools and insight to track how customers are engaging.
    Channel weaknesses
    Lack of control of how your content is being used.
    Limited traffic statistics.
    Page 78
  • Keys to a Successful Campaign
    Create realistic expectations.
    Don’t think your campaign has failed if you don’t achieve a viral sensation.
    Work on reaching your target market.
    Create compelling content
    With UGC sites, content is king
    Production value doesn’t need to be high, but concentrate on good sound.
    Think ADDED VALUE to your viewer.
    Build out your network
    Friend and subscribe to relevant channels in your industry and market.
    Interact with users on your videos and on other channels and videos.
    Page 79
  • Keys to a Successful Campaign (Cont.)
    Make your content discoverable
    Work on relevant titles, tags, and descriptions.
    YouTube search relies heavily on titles, so make sure your keywords are included.
    Make sure your tags also include topically relevant terms. Think what your audience might search for to reach this content.
    Create playlists of your videos and videos from other channels.
    This increases search relevance and will capture users searching for other content.
    This helps build out your network in your channel.
    Share your video
    Reach out to your network and look for sharing opportunities.
    Syndicate out through your link sharing channels.
    Cross promote with other social media channels you manage.
    Page 80
  • The corporate Blendtec Site
    Google Page Rank 5
    Compete rank 105,000
    Alexa Rank 156,000
    Page 81
  • WillItBlend.com
    Google Page Rank 6
    Compete rank 58,000
    Alexa Rank 43,000
    Page 82
  • WillItBlend on YouTube
    8.7 MILLION Views
    Favorited 9,000 Times
    And they have 64 other videos!
    Close to 100 million more views
    #24 - Most Subscribed (All Time)
    #14 - Most Subscribed (All Time) – Directors
    #38 - Most Viewed (All Time)
    Page 83
  • WillItBlend.com Traffic
    WillItBlend.com traffic spikes to 225,000 unique visitors in July 2007
    BlendTec traffic jumps 500% to nearly 60,000 unique visitors
    Revenue up 43% on $50 in marketing
    Notice the sustainability factor
    With 3 months traffic to WillItBlend and BlendTec has fallen more than 80%
    BUT – That traffic is still at least 2x pre-promotion traffic.
    Page 84
  • Will It Sustain?
    Sadly, peaked in last 12 months at 40k per month
    Page 85
  • Best Practices – REI
    Page 86
    What they do well…
    • Great content that balances product demos and useful lifestyle tips
    • Branded background and enhanced profile
    • Social buttons to connect other channels
    • Contests to get customers involved
    • Ties in content from their website
    • Favorite videos from other relevant channels
    Where they can improve…
    • Direct outreach and engagement with customers through comments and video responses
  • Nonprofit: YouTube Symphony
    Page 87
  • 3rd Party Tools
    Tube Mogul
    Allows one upload to launch to the majority of the video sharing sites simultaneously.
    Keeps stats on each of your channels that allows you to measure historically.
    Limited plans are free and then paid plans offer increased reporting and site upload options.
    Visible Measures
    Manages onsite hosting and analytics.
    For larger campaigns.
    Page 88
  • What’s Next
    YouTube is making a push to challenge services like Hulu by featuring professional content. Currently the sections are growing separately.
    Eventually browsing professional content will live side by side UGC content, giving big exposure to some video and SEO will become even more important.
    Integration with TVs and media centers will make the platform even more valuable.
    Page 89
  • Twitter
  • Channel Background
    From Feb ‘08 – Feb ‘09, Twitter grew 1,382% During the same time Facebook grew 228%
    4 categories of Twitter accounts:
    Personal - “I’m eating a sandwich”
    Celebrity - “I’m Shaq, I’m big”
    Companies / customer service – “Product is available here…”
    News – “I-90 bridge closed for repairs”
    Goals and objectives
    Define Twitter
    How to use Twitter (search, analytics…)
    How can you learn from Twitter
    Page 91
  • Twitter on the Rise
    Page 92
    • Up 1,382% from a year ago worldwide
    • 25-54 year old crowd that is actually driving this trend
    • In March Twitter jumped 131% to 9.3 million visitors
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    Channel strengths
    Real time news
    Customer loyalty and personal connection to brands
    Able to disseminate information easily
    Easy to use as a tool to find internet trends
    140 character limit
    Channel weaknesses
    140 character limit (do people want to say more)
    Tech-savvy channel
    Page 93
  • Strength: Companies and Brands
    Page 94
    Zappos (@zappos) Comcast (@comcastcares) Google(@google)
    Why do They Tweet?
    Monitor conversation around product
    Can directly engage with customers / resolve problems
    Gain and retain fans
  • Strength: Source for News
    Page 95
    CNN (@cnn) King5(@King5seattle) WSDOT (@wsdot)
    Why do they tweet?
    Social media presence
    Maintain reputation
    Every user
    Direct, instant, unfiltered news
    Hudson Plane Crash – First pictures were posted on twitter
    @scearley - Blocking signs are old tunnel warning signs. Will remove once we are sure the new ones work. learn more: http://bit.ly/RAtlt
  • Strength: Instant Access
    3:26 pm photo was posted to Janis Krum’s (@jkrums) twitter profile
    New York Times broke the news at 3:48 pm and didn’t post to the frontpage until 4:00 pm
    Page 96
  • Search and API
    All tweets (unless private) are searchable
    Search for a topic, brand, news...
    Dive into what people are saying right now.
    Top terms tweeted get categorized in a trending topic list. Easily access the most talked about tweets.
    Use tools to track information on twitter
    Want to create a tool for twitter? Make it! API is open.
    Page 97
  • Tools We Use
    What is the value of your twitter account?
    Twitter Grader
    A Corporate way to Tweet
    Manage multiple accounts with one tool
    Click Tracking – bit.ly
    Desktop Applications
    Page 98
  • Best Practices – Extremely Personal
    People relate to this brand because they can be fun and personal with it
    Tony, the CEO of Zappos, tweets personal tweets as well as business tweets.
    The TwitPic of their tweet stream here is off…
    This picture got 79 retweets!
    Page 99
  • What’s Next
    Short Term changes – Search function will become more robust.
    Long Term changes – Will be acquired by a search engine (Google, Microsoft Bing)
    Page 100
  • LinkedIn
  • Spring Creek Group
    Page 102
  • LinkedIn
    Page 103
  • Channel Background
    LinkedIn is a professional network; individuals, organizations, companies and groups can use LinkedIn as an effective engagement tool.
    This a great tool for boards and volunteers to organize, members to have discussion groups and a way for your organization to participate in a community of similar organizations by asking and answering questions about your programs or for industry-related issues. LinkedIn has very high Search Engine Optimization, so company and professional profiles show high results in Google or Bing search results.
    Page 104
  • Channel Background
    The channel is primarily used by professional individuals: creating profiles for career development, engaging in groups and discussions, posting question and answers and developing relationships through career advice.
    LinkedIn works on a network- those who you know and are connected with are 1st degree, the people they know are 2nd degree and the people those people know are 3rd degree. The goal is to be connected, share and receive information
    Page 105
  • Trends
    LinkedIn is a global network of over 42 million professionals from every country around the world, with approximately half of the our member base outside the United States (http://blog.linkedin.com/page/2/)
    Linkedin’s audience has shifted younger, with the 18-24, and 25-35 year old segments both growing by nearly 15%. This was also during a period of massive overall site growth driven at least partially by an influx of younger visitors.
    Nearly 90% of all LinkedIn’s Traffic is 55 or younger. (Compete)
    As of May 2009 LinkedIn has
    more than 40 million members
    and more than 300,000 user
    groups. (http://blog.linkedin.com)
    Page 106
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    Channel strengths
    Connect with professionals
    Have a sense of authority
    Highly transparent- engagement is linked to professional profiles
    High search visibility
    Strong research tool
    Good for message promotion and listening and monitoring
    Vanity URL’s available
    Channel weaknesses
    Standard page set up not open to branding
    Company profiles have limited applications (compared to individual profiles)
    Group profiles have limited applications (compared to individual profiles)
    No built in measurement tools
    Page 107
  • Tips
    Use professional communication etiquette
    Use individual profiles to broadcast blogs, reflect brand, conduct outreach
    Post questions, answer questions and update your discussion regularly- by being active you will be considered knowledgeable
    Be authentic – this site requires more transparency than most due to the professional relationship of the connections, be authentic
    Build your profile to the fullest capacity- it will rank high in Search
    Page 108
  • Best Practices – NWEN
    Page 109
  • What’s Next
    LinkedIn is continuing expansion of group applications, most recently allowing subgroups in discussion groups. The news features on company pages and the ability to share a RSS feed to your group also enables you to share straight from your blog.
    Since discussion groups and Q&A are growing improvements should continue- including more integration of applications.
    Page 110
  • Other Channels
    Page 111
  • Page 112
  • Wikipedia – REI Edits
    Page 113
  • Slideshare.netPromote Your Services Business
    Page 114
  • Other Places For Promotion
    Google Maps
    Bing Maps
    Page 115
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Tools for Insight and Leverage
    New technology tools allow for tracking sentiment, referrers, pass alongs, re-tweets, brand monitoring, blog posts, comment threads and more.
  • Analytics & Measurement Solutions
    Social Media Brand Audit
    Ad hoc report designed with clear and easy to read charts and graphs that detail who and where people are talking about your products or services as well as what they are saying about your brand or industry.
    Includes the development of an “Analytics Brief” and “keyword list(s)” used to Identify key metrics and “narrow in” on specific areas to focus on, and compare across, media types.
    Can be used to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of social media marketing and PR campaigns and to identify trends, issues, opportunities & threats
    Can be used to build a key influencers list and prepare blogger outreach campaigns
    Actionable key learning’s
  • Analytics & Measurement Solutions
    Custom Built Dashboards
    Ongoing reporting designed to provide data-driven actionable insights into the conversations happening around your brand with simple at-a-glance-key-metrics and a variety of report and delivery options to meet the needs of each specific client.
    Custom social media measurement dashboards based on a detailed understanding of your brands, products and services.
    Custom social media measurement and monitoring strategy, including the development of key metrics and KPI’s
    Measures volume, velocity, engagement and influence of social media discussions around your brand(s), products and topics of interest, and shows how these compare to competitors
    Dashboards are delivered on a frequency that best meets the clients needs and capabilities.
  • Analyzing Presence: Tools
    *Notable exceptions: Facebook, LinkedIn pages and content behind “authentication wall”
    Page 120
  • Technology Partner: Radian 6
    Radian6 helps companies understand what the influencers are saying and sharing about their brand.
    Radian6 provides a self-serve and real-time platform for monitoring, measuring and engaging in conversations online.
    Workflow module enables companies to engage directly with influencers, route assignments internally, and tag conversations.
    Radian6 only requires a web browser and your data is displayed in an easily configurable dashboard that is updated in real-time.
    Page 121
  • Technology PartnerVisible Technologies
    The platform is being
    used by PR firms, media,
    interactive, and creative
    agencies, to help manage
    their clients’ online
    marketing needs, including:
    • Social media monitoring
    • & engagement
    • Media planning
    • Word of mouth marketing
    • Research
    • Campaign evaluation
    • Brand assessment
    • New product/feature identification
    • Customer service
    • Audience & influencer identification
    Benchmark buzz around their brands & associated topics
    Identify key influencers and groups and interact directly with them
    TruCast® is a technology platform and service that helps brands monitor, measure, and participate in social media conversations about their company, product and services
    Brands can join the conversations online
    Uncover insights relevant to NPD, strategy, and creative
    Page 122
  • Technology Partner:Meteor Technologies
    Page 123
    Technology to Measure and Drive Pass-Along and Earned Media
    Analytics - Quantify and Track In
    Real-Time the Visits and Actions
    Generated by Your Word of Mouth
    Actions – Target, Reward, and Increase Pass-Along on
    High Energy Sites and Among Influential Users
    Companies and Brands Using Meteor Include
  • Brand Presence Analytics Reports Create Actionable Measurement and Management Tools
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  • Share of Voice –Media Types
    Total Mentions – 14,954
    Page 125
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  • At REI…
    • Social Networks
    Corporate & Local Strategy
    • Mobile
    Applications, SMS, WAP
    • Banner
    • Video Strategy
    • Digital Integration
    • Rich Media/Interactive Gadgets
    • Seasonal Campaign Strategy
    • Contingency Planning
    • SEM/SEO
    • Blog/Forum Strategy
    • Podcasting
  • REI Goes Social
  • Facebook
  • Facebook
    • Biggest sales driver out of all our social networks
    • Created applications & created content for applications
    • Let’s go - http://www.facebook.com/REICoOp
  • Twitter
  • Twitter
    • What do we post?
    • To RSS or not?
    • Let’s go - http://twitter.com/REI_CoOp
  • MySpace
  • MySpace
    • Ventured into this space during our Active Family Campaign
    • Hoped to target the ever yearned after “mommy blogger”
    • Let’s go - http://www.myspace.com/reifindout
  • YouTube
  • YouTube
    • Repurpose REI.com’s expert advice
    • Vendor content strategy
    • CGC
    • Video Contest
    • Gadget
    • Let’s go - http://www.youtube.com/reifindout
  • REI Community
    • What does community mean to REI?
    • Can community = platform to push out content?
    • Gadgets
    • Let’s check out some of the technology - http://www.rei.com/promotions/arborcontest
  • Let’s Integrate!
    • Banner Ads
    • SEM
    • In-Store
    • E-mail
    • REI.com
    • Mobile
    • Advertising
    Print, TV, radio, online
    • Local Level
    Community, Twitter, FB
  • Questions?
    • Emay@rei.com
    • Find me on LinkedIn: Erica May
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