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Pro Bono Tips
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Pro Bono Tips


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If you do pro-bono work for non-profits, or if you're a non-profit looking for some design or ad help, you might want to read these rules of the road first.

If you do pro-bono work for non-profits, or if you're a non-profit looking for some design or ad help, you might want to read these rules of the road first.

Published in: Business, Technology, Sports

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  • 1. Larry Asher, Worker Bees, Inc.
  • 2. The good news You get free work from the best design and ad firms
  • 3. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • 4. American Red Cross
  • 5. Everett Symphony
  • 6. United Way of King County
  • 7. Greenpeace (Recycle paper. Save trees.)
  • 8. San Francisco Zoo
  • 9. United Way of Vancouver
  • 10. The good news You get free work from the best design and ad firms
  • 11. The bad news The work can be off strategy The work can be too late to help The parties can end up mad at each other
  • 12. What they’ll want Creative opportunities Your name on their client list Chance to meet some big dogs Out-of-pocket dollars Streamlined process (no committees)
  • 13. What you’ll want Great, compelling, effective work Adherence to budgets and schedules Some passion for your cause
  • 14. Finding volunteer firms Track down work you admire Consult PSBJ Book of Lists Prepare a convincing presentation
  • 15. Short list questions Can we see your work? Can we get some references? Can we meet the team?
  • 16. Phinney Bischoff Design House
  • 17. Ready to begin? Mandatory: Start with a creative brief
  • 18. CREATIVE BRIEF DATE: October 7, 2006 CLIENT: The Salvation Army JOB TITLE: Great Falls Post Card JOB NUMBER: 4600-008 ASSIGNMENT What, succinctly, are you asking us to do? Create a post card to generate traffic to the Bargains and Treasures store in Great Falls, Montana. The store has been refurbished and the traffic generated by the promotion is intended to raise awareness of the store’s new appearance. The card will use existing “poster” art and will have two coupons instead of one. Room for the second coupon will be made by eliminating the events calendar. Second side is still one- color. This will be only one drop, so need a recommendation as to which of the three pieces of art to use. Mail face will carry two coupons, in lieu of a single coupon and the calendar. Quantity will be 10,000 or 15,000. AUDIENCE Who is this effort aimed at? What are they like? Target audience is consumers in the Great Falls area, with household income of $50,000 or less. They are likely to have children and/or be on a fixed income. Prospects are cost-conscious thrift shoppers. They may not be aware of the store, despite its close proximity to WalMart. Even if prospects have shopped there before, they may not be aware that the store has been updated inside. OBJECTIVE What specific results are we after, when must they be achieved? What do we want the audience to do? Coupon redemptions and gross sales will be used to measure the impact of the mailing. The card should help drive the audience to visit the store and use the Free coupon, and either use the Discount coupon on a return visit, or give the second coupon to a friend. SITUATION What’s the current environment--especially with respect to competitors? With WalMart next door, and other low price competitors in the area (like Target), prospects need an incentive to shop the ‘even lower’ prices at The Salvation Army. Despite a good location, the store has low visibility. And shoppers who have visited in the past may have been discouraged by the condition of the store. November and December are typically slow months for thrift sales as people shift their expendable income to gift buying.
  • 19. What a brief covers What are you asking us to do? Who’s the audience? How will we know we succeeded? What’s the situation? What’s the right tonality? What’s the strategy or takeaway?
  • 20. Strategy how-to You should _______________________ _________________________ because ________________________________.
  • 21. Strategy how-to You should visit the Salvation Army Thrift Store because you’ll get a free gift just for coming in.
  • 22. While they’re working Give as much time as you can Help line-up production resources Be willing to sacrifice service for creative quality
  • 23. The moment of truth
  • 24. Presentation protocol Have everyone who can say “no” present Be clear and specific with concerns You don’t have to love it Consensus isn’t necessary If you get stuck, bring in a mediator If it’s a no-go, give a chance to start over
  • 25. The happy ending Be generous in giving credit Assist your volunteer firm with their self-promotion Repeat as necessary
  • 26. Want to know more?