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Here's a another creative brief for those of you wanting to develop some ad concepts on your own.

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Museum Of Glass CB

  1. 1. CREATIVE BRIEF CLIENT: Museum of Glass JOB TITLE: Alaska Airlines Inflight Magazine Ad ASSIGNMENT What, succinctly, are you asking us to do? Write body copy for a full-page color magazine ad to appear in Alaska Airlines inflight magazine. AUDIENCE Who is this effort aimed at? What are they like? Tourists visiting Seattle who have an interest in the visual arts. Based on data from other areas, we know that art museum attendance is split evenly between men and women, with the tendency to visit increasing as income levels increase. The age distribution of museum attendees is well balanced between those in their 20s, all the way up to those in their 60s. This is a good fit with the profile of the typical tourist visiting the Seattle area. Their average age is 41, with a median HH income of $64,800. What we don’t know (although we expect the number is low) is the percentage of Seattle area visitors who are willing to travel the 32 miles from Seattle to Tacoma. OBJECTIVE What specific results are we after, when must they be achieved? What do we want the audience to do? We aim to increase the number of Seattle-based tourists who visit the museum by 10% during the summer of 2006. SITUATION What’s the current environment--especially with respect to competitors? There’s lots of competition in the immediate Seattle area for tourists, and especially those with an interest in visual arts. Between the competition from other attractions and the obstacles involved in getting people to travel great distances (especially if they don’t have a rental car—more than half of Seattle visitors arrive by air), the Museum of Glass is typically left off most tourists’ itineraries. On the plus side, the main Seattle Art Museum will be closed during Summer 2006, and the increasing interest in glass art does give MOG some competitive strengths. ATTITUDES What does the audience think now? What do we want them to think? Now: When I go to Seattle I want to be sure to see the Market, the new library, and their museums. I’d like to see some of that Chihuly glass somewhere, too. Future: When I go to Seattle, I want to get down to Tacoma to see the Museum of Glass. The northwest is quite a center for glass art, with Chihuly and all that, and I understand this museum is really a “must-see” spectacular showplace for that art. STRATEGY/TAKE-AWAY “You should (action) (product) because (reason with NO conjunctions).” You should go to the Museum of Glass when you visit Seattle because it’s a first-rate art museum that’s one of only a few like it in the entire world. TONALITY/PERSONALITY What's the brand personality? Describe as if this product/service were a person. MOG comes across like a younger, fresher, more vibrant experience than what you expect when you hear the words "art museum." On the spectrum between The Metropolitan Museum in NYC and EMP, MOG is closer to EMP, in part because all the work is contemporary. We're serious without being stodgy. We're hip without being over the top cool. COPY POINTS/CAUTIONS/MANDATORIES Other things that should or could be mentioned. Will need to explain ease of getting to the MOG from downtown Seattle. Refer visitors to web site for more info: CLIENT APPROVAL ____________________________________ DATE _______________________