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Gun Lock Box CB


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Here's a another creative brief for those of you wanting to develop some ad concepts on your own.

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Gun Lock Box CB

  1. 1. C R E A T I V E B R I E F CLIENT: Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center PROJECT: Gun Lock Box Poster ASSIGNMENT What, succinctly, are you asking us to do? Create a poster that encourages gun owners to purchase a gun locker for their weapon. OBJECTIVE What specific results are we after, when must they be achieved? We want to see sales of gun lockers increase by 200% in the Seattle area over the next 6 months. SITUATION What’s the current "market" environment, especially with competitors? Each year, more than 200 children under 15 die from unintentional shootings. In 1992, an estimated 18,600 children received medical treatment due to unintentional gun wounds. Nearly all childhood unintentional shooting deaths occur in or around the home. In one study, 51% of handguns were stored unlocked, another 30% were kept loaded. Oh yes, one in four homes in Seattle have a firearm, 14% have a handgun PROS & CONS List how our organization stands with respect to competitors. + Can keep your kids from getting shot + Can keep your gun from being used on you/spouse in a domestic dispute + Can keep your gun from being stolen - They cost about $80 - They slightly slow down your access to the gun. STRATEGY “You should (action) (product/service) because (reason with NO conjunctions).” You should buy and use a gun lockbox because it can prevent your kids from getting killed accidentally. EVIDENCE What makes the above strategy statement true? See above. Also one study showed that every unintentional shooting in which a child 5 and under was killed could have been prevented by a child-proof gun safety device. COPY POINTS Other things that should or could be mentioned. Available at most home centers and gun shops Easy-to-remember and use push-button combination for quick access http://depts.washington.edu/lokitup/index.html AUDIENCE Who is this communications aimed at? What do we know about them? Moms and dads who have a handgun in the home MANDATORIES/CAUTIONS/TONALITY Go for the gusto, this is a serious problem. Be careful not to be preachy about owning handguns CLIENT APPROVAL: _______________________ DATE: _________________