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  • 1. All About Me By: Samantha Vasquez
  • 2. My Childhood My name is Samantha Vasquez I am 11 years old My birthday is January 1, 1999 I was born in the beautiful city of Brownsville, Texas
  • 3. My Personality Smart Creative Funny Sometimes Serious =)
  • 4. My Favorite Sports Volleyball Kickball Softball Basketball
  • 5. Favorite Books Diary of a Wimpy Kid Mortal Instruments The Mysterious Letter The Giving Tree
  • 6. My Favorite Movies Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Dear John Karate Kid Toy Story 3
  • 7. Favorite Colors Neon Green Yellow Hot Pink Dark Blue
  • 8. My Favorite Places to Eat Whataburger Pizza Hut Chick-fil-a Not the cafeteria
  • 9. Favorite Quotes Peace, Love, Happiness Live, Love, Laugh Lol!!! Happy Birthday
  • 10. My Favorite Actors Taylor Launtner Tina Fey ZacEfron Anna Hathaway
  • 11. My Favorite Holidays Christmas Thanksgiving Easter New Year’s
  • 12. My Favorite Songs “Mine” By Taylor Swift “ Dj’s got us falling in love again” By Usher “ Dynamite” By Taio Cruz If I die young” By The Band Perry
  • 13. Favorite Subjects English Social Studies Science Math
  • 14. Things I don’t like Waking up early for school Running Eating the cafeteria food My brother and sister getting annoying
  • 15. Things I like Flowers Rainbows Movies Sports
  • 16. My Role Models Parents Teachers Actors Authors
  • 17. The End