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  • Chapbook Press is a company within Schuler Bookstore that provides self-publishing services using Schuler’s Espresso Book Machine. Some of you may have heard of this printing machine from Michigan State’s library. Chapbook, however, uses this machine to help you self-publish any kind of piece. From fiction or non-fiction, to your collection of poetry, a family cookbook, or a family history, local histories, or even corporate reports, Chapbook will guide you through the process of printing your own work of art. The Target Audience includes: 1. Aspiring writers without a literary agent who wish to enter the publishing industry on their own by printing and publishing their own book 2. Already published authors who wish to retain all rights to their printed work and to sell it through any avenue of their choosing and for any price of their desire3. Those who do not wish to publish, but want to print their own pieces of writing. For example: -Studentswho want to have a finalized copy of a project -Educators wishing to have a polished version of text for teaching purposes -People who want a printed copy of any kind of piece they have written
  • The main idea of this campaign is to successfully turn the target audience into a regular audience of Chapbook Press. Schuler Book’s is a company that is very well known for selling books, music, and DVDs. Chapbook Press, however, is overlooked, mentioned sparingly on Schuler’s website. With that, the ultimate goal of this campaign is to increase the brand awareness of Chapbook’s services, and to do so, by using digital marketing strategies to ensure the happiness of past customers and gain more customers as well. Key performance indicatorswill measure the current success of Chapbook’s services and in turn, measure the growth after implementing the campaign.
  • The digital tools and tactics of Internet marketing and social mediawill be used to spread the word about Chapbook and will be the primary strategy in order to create a regular audience.
  • Step 1: Create Chapbook Press’ Own WebsiteSchuler’s has a page on their website for Chapbook Press and the services they provide. In order to obtain a more regular audience,Chapbook should develop their online presence by having their own website outside of Schuler Books. In order to do so, Chapbook must increase their presence through Search Engine Optimization by using Google Analytics.
            Google Analytics: Chapbook Press must put emphasis on keywords that are relevant to their service and website. In order to gain more traffic to their website, the keywords should be linked back to their website by creating a Squidoo page using the keywords within the post title and tags. Also, within Chapbook’s website, the keywords should be utilized within title pages, headings, sub title, body, title tags, mega tags, etc. 
            Possible Keywords: Chapbook publishers, espresso book machine, chapbook self-publishing
  • Step 2: Create a blog for Chapbook PressSince Chapbook Press has had some successful self-published books in the past, this blog would help promote their services by showcasing authors who have been successful using their service. Within the blog, Chapbook could ask the past successful authors if they would write a post for the blog about their book. This would not only advertise the author’s book, but also show that Chapbook has helped the authors, allowing aspiring authors to be interested in their service. In order to obtain more traffic, the blog link should be posted on Schuler’s website, Chapbook’s website, and also on any Facebook page or twitter. 
Short Story Contest:In order to gain a more general audience, Chapbook could create a Short Story Contest within their blog. Users could submit their short story pieces on Chapbook’s website, and after the piece would be posted on the blog. The user who obtained the most comments on their short story blog post would win a free printing of that piece along with a free cover design, and also to be published on Chapbook’s website under the “New Book Titles” section.
  • Step 3: Create a Facebook Page/GroupFacebook Group:Schuler’s should create a company Facebook group entitled Chapbook Press Self-Publishing. On Schuler’s company group, there should be posts about the new Chapbook group so that the current members of the group can join Chapbooks to learn more about their services. Facebook Page: Create a Facebook page with the same title will increase followers by allowing them to like the page. Schuler is able to invite their current followers to “like” Chapbook’s page, which would automatically increase viewers. Status Updates: All posts should involve keywords to promote the SEO for their website and services. Upon both the page and the group, there should be posts that include: new blog posts from Chapbook’s blog site, new reviews of books that are successful from Chapbook’s self-publishing, and also information about all the services they provide such as printing, editing, and cover designing. Facebook Contest: Chapbook could incorporate a Facebook contest by asking the followers to post their favorite homemade recipes to the group. The users with the most “likes” on a recipe would be submitted into Chapbook’s own published recipe cookbook. The winners would be rewarded with their very own edition of the published cookbook and a gift card to Schulers’ Bookstore.
  • Step 4: Create a twitter accountTweets: A Twitter account will allow Chapbook to tweet updates about their services, Facebook and Blog contest information, new blog posts, posting links to their blog, Facebook page/group, and website. In order to gain more followers, Schuler’s should promote Chapbook’s twitter on their own Twitter account, their website, and Facebook page/group. Chapbook should use appropriate hashtags when tweeting, even tweeting their keywords would help gain more audience. Follow Past Authors: Also, Chapbook should go through the authors that self-published their book with Chapbook’s services and follow them in order for the author to learn about the new account and follow them back.
  • -If Schuler’s and Chapbook were to hire a digital marketing agency such as WebpageFX to implement these strategies, the following costs would add up to one yearly budget of 72,800.Since WebpageFX does not require hourly pay, the budget would stay at $72,800. If Chapbook were to go through an agency that pays by the hour and wanted to spend 40 hours a month working on the digital marketing strategy, then the total budget would result in almost $100,000 if using the average rate of a digital marketing agency.
  • In order to determine the success of the campaign, Chapbook should use Google Analytics to measure how many users are clicking on the site and blog, which parts of the site has the highest traffic, and how well the Google AdWords/keywords are doing in gaining more traffic to the site and blog. Also, there must be social media management in order to see what the customers are saying in order to acknowledge their concerns, or their positive feedback. If all of the goals are followed within the digital marketing plan, the expected results should involve turning the target audience into a regular audience.

  • Implementing all of these tools and tactics to Chapbook Press’s Self-Publishing Services will allow the company to expand and grow more customers. Since there are not many well known bookstores that offer this service, I feel that Chapbook will be extremely successful once they take the right direction in creating a substantial digital marketing strategy and plan. With that, Chapbook welcomes authors, freelancers, students, and other aspired writers to help promote the service and use it to create a product that will last forever. 
  • Chapbook press self publishing

    1. 1. A Digital Marketing PlanBy: Sarah Valicevic
    2. 2. The Objectives: Increase Awareness Ensure Customer Happiness Build Internet Marketing
    3. 3. Internet Marketing Social Media Networks Chapbook Press  Blog Website  Facebook Google Analytics  Twitter Keywords
    4. 4. • Chapbook’s Website • Google Analytics• Keywords: Chapbook publishers, espresso book machine, Chapbook self-publishing
    5. 5. • Book Synopsis Blog Posts *Posts by past authors who self-published using Chapbook Press• Short Story Contest *Winner: Free printing of own piece
    6. 6. Facebook: Facebook Group Facebook Page Status Updates: -Blog Contest and Posts -New Books/Book Reviews -Information about Self- Publishing Services Facebook Cookbook Contest
    7. 7. Twitter @ChapbookPress Tweets: -Service updates -New blog posts -Contest Information -Hashtags + keywords Follow past authors
    8. 8. According to WebPageFX digital marketingagency:1. Social Media: $16,000
2. Link Building: $4,800
3. SEO: $8,600
4. Pay-per-click management: $7,400 
5. (Optional) Content Marketing Strategybuilding: $36,000
=Total Budget: $72,800 OR $36,800
    9. 9. • Keywords• Followers: Customer Reviews• Blog Traffic• Contest Submissions
    10. 10.  Target Audience = Becomes General Audience Contests = More followers and users New users = More printing from the espresso book machine More printing = More Chapbook Press self-published titles!