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E-Invoicing Increases Transparency, Productivity, Compliance and Business Partner Satisfaction

E-Invoicing Increases Transparency, Productivity, Compliance and Business Partner Satisfaction

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  • 1. Businesses Are More Reliant on Their Network of Partners than Ever BeforeTrend #1: Increasing Complexity of Network Interfaces 25.000  New markets, mergers and acquisitions, global supply chain 20.000  Increasing number of business partners and subsidiaries 15.000Trend #2: Accelerated Speed of Business 10.000  New product and services introductions; new suppliers and partners 5.000 250 500 750 1,000 +  Rapid partner on-/off-boarding due to changing market conditions 0 Partners Forrester Consulting, Joint Industry EDI/B2B Survey, March 2010“”…thanks to an ever-more-globalized business environment, more large companies now see attractive marketopportunities beyond their borders, further highlighting the need to establish an efficient B2B infrastructure with localsubsidiaries and suppliers.Gartner, 12 October 2010, Market Trends: Application Infrastructure and Middleware Software, Worldwide, 2009-2014
  • 2. E-Invoicing Increases Transparency, Productivity, Compliance and Business Partner Satisfaction Customers1. Customers 3. Purchasing Comply with electronic  Increased productivity billing goals  Greater percentage of Automate processes cash discounts to improve supplier captured e-Invoicing Accounting/  Lower cost of goods Purchasing purchased Finance2. Accounting & Finance 4. Suppliers Consistent payments CFO  Improved vendor across countries and relationships organizations  Reduced DSO Lower cost of capital  Improved cash flow 5. CIO/CFO Suppliers  Global visibility  Stronger controls, audits and improved compliance  Integrated systems and processes
  • 3. What Does This Mean for Your Business?Top Executive Issues Financial Operations Ensure compliance in all relevant countries Meet sustainability goals by driving paperless business networks Increase productivity so staff are focused on activities that add the most value Payables Receivables Achieve invoice processing cost reduction, Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) maintain accuracy and capture more with automated e-billing processes discounts Reduce cost of receivables processing Pay vendors on time and accurately, while ensuring timely invoice delivery to improving vendor relations customers