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Rodan + Fields: The Products and Business Opportunity for Today...
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Rodan + Fields: The Products and Business Opportunity for Today...


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Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields revolutionized the treatment of acne and transformed the infomercial business model with the creation of Proactiv® Solution. These dermatologists and successful …

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields revolutionized the treatment of acne and transformed the infomercial business model with the creation of Proactiv® Solution. These dermatologists and successful entrepreneurs have changed the lives of millions.

Rodan + Fields’ mission is to bring dermatology-based skin treatment to everyone. To support this mission, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have partnered with Independent Consultants around the country like me. Imagine if you had been asked to partner with the doctors when they created Proactiv Solution.

Rodan + Fields is positioned to transform the direct selling channel. We boast a brand report card unlike any other. Inherent in the Rodan + Fields Business System is the reputation of two of the most highly regarded leaders in the world of skincare. We market clinically-proven products to address the broad spectrum of skin concerns facing people today. We have a generous matrix compensation plan that is unique in the value it places on customers. We also have an impressive Information Technology backbone to support our Consultants’ growing businesses online. These are all assets that support you as you build your individual enterprises.

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  • Thanks for meeting with me today. I’m TONI, and I’ve been working with Rodan + Fields® as an independent business owner for 6 months. Rodan + Fields’ innovation is redefining opportunities for personal enterprise, which is why I decided to get involved.
  • This slide is NOT blank – there’s a video embedded. Hoover on the slide and you will see the “play” button.Today, Rodan + Fields is joining forces with entrepreneurs like you and me to deliver breakthrough skincare solutions AND the opportunity to participate in an independent business ownership program with a very low cost of entry and the potential for meaningful income creation. Rodan + Fields was founded by two of the most successful names in skincare, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. The Doctors trained at the Stanford University School of Medicine and are well recognized as the creators of Proactiv® Solution. After redefining the market for acne skincare, they started their new venture, Rodan + Fields, and with it they are redefining anti-aging skincare. They truly are, as Women’s Health noted, “a dermatological dream team.” As successful entrepreneurs themselves, Doctors Rodan and Fields have taken a unique approach that is a win-win for entrepreneurs: the chance to be part of a movement to bring transformational products to market, and in the process, the opportunity to take a share of the marketplace value and help to create a new source of income.
  • Rodan + Fields understands these trends, and the Company has created the right model, at the right time, in the right market. **The Company offers four strong factors that combine to make entrepreneurs successful: **Transformational skincare products and tools that are clinically proven to deliver visible results. **A well established brand presence that revolves around two of the most well-known names in dermatology.**A personal enterprise model that offers the potential for substantial income with low start-up costs. **Effective tools and training to support you as you build your business. 
  • This slide is NOT blank – there’s a video embedded. Hoover on the slide and you will see the “play” button. This is the AGING REDEFINED Video.Here’s a quick video showing how Rodan + Fields has REDEFINED aging.
  • We are all aging, all the time, and that makes anti-aging skincare big business. The $2.9 billionanti-aging skincare market is the fastest-growing skincare category in the United States. People, whether they are 18 or 81, really care about how they look; healthy, youthful-looking skin is a status symbol and an advertisement of health. People of all ages and ethnicities will pay for great skin and the numbers prove it.
  • For the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness
  • *Non-invasive micro-exfoliating roller used in conjunction with our Redefine Night Renewing Serum minimizes the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores. It safely and effectively conditions the uppermost layers of skin. Think -- Firmer Firmer Firmer!!*The key is in the secret sauce – the combination of the mechanical stimulation and chemical stimulation from the retinol and peptides
  • Here are four-week results using the REDEFINE Regimen and AMP MD
  • And, while the AMP MD is only recommended for use with our REDEFINE & REVERSE Regimens, you can use the MACRO Exfoliator withour UNBLEMISH Regimen for Acne and Post-Acne Marks as well.We are so confident our Customers will see results that all of our products are backed by a 60 day money- back guarantee. So, what’s to lose besides a few wrinkles, sun spots or blemishes?
  • For the appearance of brown spots, dullness, and discoloration
  • Team Member AMBER QUAMM
  • For acne and post acne marks
  • 6 week results
  • For Sensitive, Irritated Skin, and Facial Redness
  • For Sensitive, Irritated Skin, and Facial Redness
  • Let me now tell you about the established brand presence and the power of its reach ...
  • The brand and the Company are well known throughout print media, television and the Web. In fact, Rodan + Fields has had more media coverage than any other U.S. direct sales company—over a quarter BILLION impressions in 2012 alone. And this was achieved with no paid advertising. This is undeniable third-party validation about the value of our products and the clout of our brand.
  • Our brand-based personal enterprise model is another component of the power of this business opportunity.
  • Direct selling is a business model where you can build your own business and reap the benefits. Unlike opening your own brick and mortar store or investing in a franchise like Starbucks’ Seattle’s Best Coffee, the entry cost is very low. Instead of a large monetary investment, you invest your time in leveraging your existing network of connections, sharing the products and then scaling by helping others do the same with the help of innovative “business-in-a-box” programs and tools Rodan + Fields provides. The start-up cost is low because you don’t have to buy product inventory; the Company will take care of filling orders for you. The entry cost is low, and the profit potential is high. Not only do you have the opportunity to recoup your nominal start-up costs within the first few months, the business model provides an opportunity to generate long-term residual income that flows from the transactions made within your network. As you help other people in your network grow their businesses, your income grows. There is no cap on what you can earn; the more time you invest in honing your skills and building your network, the greater the potential for generating income.
  • As a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, you’re in business for yourself but you’re certainly not alone. As I mentioned, Rodan + Fields gives each entrepreneur a “business in a box.” It’s everything you need to successfully build your business and make the most of this opportunity. From the tools to run your business anytime, anywhere ... To the Customer care line your Customers can call to have their questions answered ... To assessment tools you can use during the sales process ...To ongoing skincare and business training …  The Company stands by each entrepreneur and helps manage both business and Customer needs. You don’t need to be a skincare expert; you don’t need to build your own Web storefront or create online support tools. The Company provides all these capabilities so you can focus on building your business.
  • Rodan + Fields was born digital so we offer an array of Web-based tools and mobile applications to help you build your business. Whether online through your Personal Websites, or on the go with your iPad or smartphone, you can take your business with you no matter where you are.
  • Rodan + Fields rapidly hit the radar as a major player in both skincare and direct selling, but has only scratched the surface in U.S. market penetration and is planning to launch into Canada in 2014. The Company is poised to replicate the founders’ track record of success in redefining an industry and a marketing channel. I hope you’ll consider becoming a part of it. 
  • When you join, you have the ability to immediately recoup your start-up costs with our Fast Start program, designed to reward you on three levels as you build your business and help others to do the same. With our Fast Start Program, you are able to recover the cost of even our biggest kit in your first 30 days. You can even earn a new iPad in your first three months through our iStart Program.
  • As you continue on the Road to RFX, our highest recognition title, there’s even more you can earn. From a trip to California wine country, to your very own Lexus car, to indulgent international vacations ... the opportunities can be endless.
  • Getting started is easy and takes only minutes. Once you’ve signed up, your personalized online storefront will be set up, you’ll have immediate access to the online business programs and tools, and you will have a one-time opportunity to buy products at deeply discounted prices. There are many ways to get started. You can enroll as an Independent Consultant for only $45. Also available is the Personal Results Kit for $395, but most of the successful Consultants on my team join with a $695 Big Business Launch Kit or the $995 RFX Express Business Kit. As I mentioned the AMP MD will not be available to the general public until January but as you can see, Consultants who join the business today with our $695 or $995 kits receive an AMP MD now.
  • If you are interested in statistical information on average Consultant earnings, you can find that information on the Rodan + Fields website where the Compensation Plan is described, or let me know if you would like me to send the link to you via e-mail.  You’re standing at an intersection. The Doctors chose to go into direct selling and I made the choice to follow in their footsteps and start my own business, building on their legacy. Imagine if you had the opportunity to join forces with the Doctors when they created Proactiv® ... they are now doing for agingskin what they did for acne, and offering you a chance to be part of the journey into the $2.9 billion anti- aging skincare market. What road will you choose to follow?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Redefining Business Ownership Partnering with Entrepreneurs to Deliver Breakthrough Skincare Solutions and Substantial Income Potential [1
    • 2. Redefining Business Ownership
    • 3. The Right Business Model, at the Right Time, in the Right Market Products Brand Presence Clinically Proven Solutions That Deliver Results Established Brand That Works for You Direct Sales Model with Low Cost of Entry, High Profit Potential Support to Monetize the Value of Your Network Channel Profit [5]
    • 4. Products [6]
    • 5. Aging REDEFINED
    • 6. An Opportunity to Participate in a Multi-Billion Dollar, Growing Market Skincare Is the #1 Defense Against the Appearance of Aging 84% of Women Feel Pressure to LookY ounger ManyConsumersAre Dissatisfied with TheirCurrent Products 84% of Women in Their20s AreConcernedAboutAging 100% of WomenWantto Look Y ounger than their Y ears Source: Rodan + Fields Beauty: The Impact of Aging Study, 2010 [7
    • 7. REDEFINE Regimen
    • 9. Real Results: R D FN Regimen and A PM ™ E EI E M D System in Four Weeks* BF R EO E BF R EO E AT R FE *Unretouched photos. Results may vary. AT R FE [ 10
    • 12. REVERSE Regimen
    • 14. UNBLEMISH Regimen
    • 16. SOOTHE Regimen
    • 18. Brand Presence [ 12
    • 19. Established Brand with Significant Media Coverage PRINT T L VSO E E II N WB E MR O EMEDIAC V R G H NA YO H RDIRECTSELLINGC M A Y O E A ET A N T E O PN Source: Meltwater News, US Coverage Only; Excludes Avon due to Extensive Paid Advertising [ 13
    • 20. People Are Taking Notice TheDirect SellingAssociation Awarded R+F four Ethos Awards in 2013, including the Vision for Tomorrow Award. The American Business A wards Awarded Gold for Consumer Product Company of the Year. Ernst &Y oung Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields were finalists for Northern California Entrepreneurs of the Year. TheSan Francisco Business Times Recognized R+F as the 24th fastest growing company in the Bay Area in 2013. Media Impressions Over 70 million media impressions in 2013 alone. [ 15
    • 21. Channel [ 16
    • 22. A Unique Model LOW Cost of Entry         Leverage Your Network Share the Product Scale Efficiently and Quickly No Product Inventory HIGH Profit Potential       Recoup Your Start-Up Costs in the First Month Long-Term Residual Income Unlimited Earning Potential [ 18
    • 23. Proven, Turnkey Business Support Customer Care Email and Phone Access to Registered Nurses with Dermatology Experience Assessment Tools Training Sophisticated “Prescription” Tools and Guidelines for Determining Skincare Needs Ongoing Skincare and Award-Winning Business Education From Leaders in the Field [ 20 ]
    • 24. Building Your Business Anytime, Anywhere Pulse Mobile R+F Catalog Mentors Magazine Solution Tool MACRO E App R+F Biz Op [ 21
    • 25. Profit [ 23
    • 26. Compensation Plan At A Glance Plus, achieve the iStart Program for the opportunity to earn a new iPad. [ 25
    • 27. Compensation Plan At A Glance Plus, achieve the iStart Program for the opportunity to earn a new iPad. [ 25
    • 28. Immediate Rewards Fast Start Program Offers you the opportunity to earn an immediate return and more on your initial start-up cost. Plus, achieve the iStart Program for the opportunity to earn a new iPad. [ 25
    • 29. R D D A N +FIE LD S . [ 26
    • 30. Start Your Own Business Today It Takes Just Minutes to Get Started BIG BUSINESS LAUNCH KIT $695 RFX EXPRESS BUSINESS KIT $995 Also available: $ 3 9 5 Personal Results Kit and the $ 4 5 Business Portfolio. Kit contents subject to change. [ 24
    • 31. Redefining Business Ownership Disclaimer: The information on this presentation has been provided by a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant. Rodan & Fields, LLC makes no guarantee as to the amount of income, if any, that Consultants participating in the business opportunity will generate. Each Consultant’s business results may vary. For statistical information regarding Consultant earnings, please see the Rodan + Fields Income Disclosure Statement on our website: [ 27