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Student culture powerpoint  2nd period
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Student culture powerpoint 2nd period


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Published in: Self Improvement, Spiritual

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  • 1. One To World’s Global Classroom at School for Excellence Period 2
  • 2. International university scholars from Vietnam, China and Cyprus visited Mr. Zahir’s class through One To World’s Global Classroom program. In each class, they shared about their culture through pictures and stories. Students were then asked to choose a photo and write a narrative to do the same. The following pictures and stories will introduce you to the cultures of School for Excellence. Enjoy!
  • 3. Dominoes Dominoes games are a big part of my culture. I remember when I was younger and my family would get together and everyone especially the adults would gossip and talk over a game of dominoes. My grandfather was the ultimate champion and always won competitions and money. He became ill with Alzheimer’s disease which causes him to have a lot of memory lost and forget most of his love ones and daily routines, but till this day he can serve up a great game. When I visited Puerto Rico for a vacation I saw many Puerto Ricans playing instruments, cooking a pig on a huge stick outside over a fire, and of course, playing dominoes. It is a very strategized game and since I was younger I have been introduced to it and learned how to play by watching and getting guidance from my elders. It is very fun and addicting and a great way to bring a family into a little competitive fun.
  • 4. Coffee Every summer my family and I go to Dominican Republic for vacation to visit our house and family member. Every time my family and I go to a family member’s house or friend’s house, we always drink coffee as a greeting for visiting.
  • 5. Bento Bento is a Guamanian dish prepared by my mother on special occasions. After every football game, school dance, good report card, school play, or chorus date I’d look forward for my mother’s Bento. It’s one of the best meals I ever ate in my life. Once I enter college it will be my turn to learn how to make my own Bento.
  • 6. African American Culture The people in the picture above you see helped me to be in the position I’m in now. Martin Luther King, Jr. helped bring peace between black and white people. Without him there probably would be segregated schools still. Malcolm X was gangster who started to worship in jail and spread the beliefs of Islam. He thought that everyone was equal so he fought for rights of a black man. To me he thought that any color can be a leader. He was so powerful he had groups and groups of people following him and his commands became so powerful his own people turned on him and killed him. President Obama was the first president of color. I never thought it would happen. He made it possible and gave us hope. To this day we still face discrimination and we still overcome the odds for people of color. These three people helped us an kept our hopes strong. I love my culture because we are so powerful no one can stop us and hold us back. We always fight back.
  • 7. Guyanese Food In Guyana rice, beans and chicken is very popular. This is the food Guyanese people would cook for parties, when a guest is over their house or any event. On Sundays in my house my grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunts and cousins always get together and have dinner. This is one of the foods you will frequently find on the table. I really like this dish because every time I eat it, it reminds me of where I come from.
  • 8. McDonald’s I love McDonald’s. Well, everyone loves McDonald’s. I go there every weekend, mostly twice a week or three times a week . I go they with my mom and brother but mostly just me. I don’t really eat there. I take it home to eat. I can’t eat somewhere without watching tv or a movie. When I go to McDonald’s I order mad food compared to my mother I be ordering a big mac large fries mc chicken or the 10 pc nuggets with ma large drink. I’m a big eater I look skinny and may not look like I eat a lot but if you see how I eat you’ll think different. Ill mostly eat every hour from morning till midnight I cant stop eating and never will stop eating either.
  • 9. FRIED CHEESE, MASHED PLANTAINS, EGGS and SALAMI Dominicans love this dish and I do too. Who wouldn’t? This dish represents Dominicans because everywhere you go and see Dominicans most likely eating this. Dominicans eat this at any time of the day breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Sometimes Dominicans are even called plantains but in Spanish. It’s easy to make in under 20 minutes and its delicious it’s like an MRE for Dominicans. The only odd about this dish is that it’s not healthy. I love this dish and I wish I can eat it all of the time.
  • 10. Curry Chicken My mom used to always tell me stories about how special curry chicken is in St. Thomas. Everyone loves it. I remember when I was about 8 and in elementary school and my mom made curry chicken. It tasted so good. I always eat it with rice and beans. It’s special to me because I’ve never tasted it anywhere else and my mom only makes it on special occasions.
  • 11. Arabic This is the Arabic language, my first language to speak. All my family speaks it in home. This picture says my name. All my friends who see this be saying its cool, but it looks weird. Some say it’s like an art. A lot of people try to copy it but it ends up messy. Some people might never see this language, but this is my language and I’m proud to speak it.
  • 12. PUPUSAS DE QUESO This is one of my favorite dishes from El Salvador. My mom would use tell me stories about how she and her family back then when she was young would eat this. To them when they do celebrations this food will always be there. My mom would make me and my family most of time. First time I tried it I was very young, and I like it.
  • 13. Oxtails Oxtails are really my favorite. I love when my grandma makes it for me because she makes it the best. When I was about 2 years old grandma made it & ever since I just never stopped asking for that meal. Oxtails are so delicious but no one can make it better than her. Every two days I eat oxtails with white rice & cabbage. Oh gosh it is so good. Oxtails are a Jamaican meal; my father also makes it for me. He makes it similar to my grandmother. They both make it so good that when I eat it I want more like a fat person. I never get enough of oxtails! Oxtails are a tail of an Ox it sound nasty but it’s good.
  • 14. Fruits in Panama In Panama we eat fresh fruit. It is very enjoyable and many of our fruits are fresh and come off trees. My aunt for example plants many of these fruits in her backyard and we receive many fresh fruits. It is very good. We drink beverages out of the pineapples and coconuts and we use juicers to make fresh beverages.
  • 15. Castillo de San Cristóbal It was built by Spain to protect against land based attacks on the city of San Juan. Castillo de San Cristóbal is the largest fort built by the Spanish in the New World. When it was finished in 1783, it covered about 27 acres of land and basically came all around San Juan. it was built in 1783.
  • 16. Dominican Culture Every year in the Dominican Republic, during February, my country has a carnival (festival). My family participates in the carnival. In the carnival, people dress up and wear crazy customs. My mom likes to go and celebrate, because it’s her way to show pride in her culture. My mom also likes the music. The music are bachata, merengue, and tipico. My mom loves dancing to all the music. The thing I don’t like about that occasion is that many people get into fights and sometimes it’s dangerous.
  • 17. New York City The city has been a part of my life for a very long time. Public transportation has helped me get to many destinations and meet a lot of new people on the way. The train has a lot of nice views I enjoy on the way to where I need to go. Many times on the train there is entertainment like people singing or playing instruments.
  • 18. Obelisca Hembra This is a monument located in the Dominican Republic in the Malecon. The Malecon is long street where they have lots of restaurant’s and places you can go and enjoy your day. I remember when I went to the Dominican Republic this summer and at night my whole family went to eat and we stop to see this beautiful monument, it was really tall, so tall that when I try to take a picture I wasn’t able to get the whole entire thing. This monument is called, the “female”. I find this painting really beautiful because of the dress they drew on her, I honestly don’t know the story on how this monument came to be but I think they did a great job.