Malaysia & Careers in Math


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Malaysia & Careers in Math

  1. 1. Do Now 1) You should have 2 notecards 2) On one notecard, write Malaysian Culture as the title, and write Math Culture on the other 3) On the Malaysian culture notecard, list 3 things you know about Malaysia or Asia
  2. 2. My Beloved Country Malaysia
  3. 3. Location: South East Asia
  4. 4. Malaysia East Malaysia West Malaysia Malaysian Flag
  5. 5. History Previously colonized by: - the Portuguese (1511) - the Dutch (1641) - the British (19th Century) - the Japanese (1942) - the British (1945)
  6. 6. Independence Malaysia obtained Independence (Merdeka) from the British on 31st August 1957 through the leadership of Tunku Abdul Rahman who became our first Prime Minister. MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!
  7. 7. Culture Malaysia is a Multi-ethnic country. Malay (67%) Chinese (25%) Indian (7%) Other (0.7%)
  8. 8. Traditional Costumes Baju Kurung (Malay) Cheongsam (Chinese) Sari (Indian) Baju Melayu (Malay)
  9. 9. Religion and Festivals Islam – Hari Raya Puasa National Mosque (Kuala Lumpur) Buka Puasa Balik Kampung Ketupat (rice that has been wrapped in a woven palm leaf pouch )
  10. 10. Religion and Festivals Buddhism – Chinese New Year Lion Dance Kek Lok Si Chinese Temple Angpau (Red Packet)
  11. 11. Religion and Festivals Hindu – Deepavali and Thaipusam Deepavali (Festival of Lights) Thaipusam Sri Mahamariamman Hindu Temple
  12. 12. Religion and Festivals Christianity - Christmas Christmas Decorations in a shopping mall Santa and his helpers Christ Church (Malacca)
  13. 13. Traditional Games Gasing (Spinning Top) Congkak with marbles Wau (Giant Kite)
  14. 14. Other Traditional Items Sepak Takraw (Traditional Sport) Kompang (Traditional Music) Wayang Kulit (Traditional Theater)
  15. 15. Food (Malay) Laksa (White noodles in spicy soup) Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice with chilli, cucumber, anchovies and peanuts) Rendang (Meat in Curry) Lemang (Rice cooked in Bamboo) Satay (Barbequed meat)
  16. 16. Food (Chinese) Bak Kut Teh (noodles in soup with pork) Char Kuay Teow (fried noodles with prawn and egg) Chee Cheong Fun (rolled up noodles with sauce) Hokkien Noodles (thick noodles fried in black sauce)
  17. 17. Prawn Noodles (yellow noodles with prawns) Wantan Noodles (thin noodles with pork slices in black souce) Char Siew Pao (dumplings with assorted fillings)
  18. 18. Food (Indian) Banana Leaf Rice (white rice with assorted food served on a Banana Leaf) Chapati (toasted dough eaten with food as a substitute for rice) Roti Canai (fried dough eaten plain or with filling ) Nan (baked dough eaten plain or with fillings)
  19. 19. Food (Dessert) Ais Kacang (Shredded ice with syrup, nuts and beans) Cendol (Shredded ice with Coconut milk and brown sugar) Goreng Pisang (Banana slices fried with batter) Durian (King of all Fruits)
  20. 20. School System Age School Type 4-6 Kindergarden 7-12 Primary School 13-17 High School 18-20 High School or College
  21. 21. Tourist Attractions Batu Caves National Sports Stadium Kuala Lumpur Tower Sultan Abdul Samad Building Petronas Twin Towers National Monument
  22. 22. Tourist Attractions Mount Kinabalu Taman Negara (National Park) (highest peak in South East Asia) Taman Negara (National Park) Sipadan Island Redang Island Langkawi Island
  23. 23. Specially Malaysian Malaysian Airlines Air Asia (budget airlines in Asia) F1 Circuit (Sepang) F1 Circuit Route
  24. 24. Specially Malaysian Trishaw (old mode of transport) Sampan (village fisherman’s boat) Rafflesia (World’s biggest flower)
  25. 25. My Family
  26. 26. Math Culture How do you think math is relevant to your lives?
  27. 27. My Career Choice
  28. 28. Math Careers 1) Each of you will be assigned a career 2) Read the handout and take notes on one side of your “Math Culture” notecard 3) Prepare to give a brief introduction about your “Math Career”
  29. 29. Round-a-roo(m) 1) Pretend this is your real job! 2) Find a partner and introduce yourselves to each other (each will be given 2 minutes). 3) Listener should take notes on the notecard or a piece of paper. 4) We will do several rounds.
  30. 30. Question 1 A flag has symbols that show something about a country. Name a symbol in the Malaysian flag and what the symbol means.
  31. 31. Question 2 What are the 3 main ethnic groups in Malaysia?
  32. 32. Question 3 Name 2 countries that are neighbors of Malaysia.
  33. 33. Closing (on the other side of Malaysian culture notecard) List 2 or 3 things that you learned from today’s lesson