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Sage Intelligence Reporting for Caribbean Customers with Debbie Hill
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Sage Intelligence Reporting for Caribbean Customers with Debbie Hill


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Published in: Business

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  • All of these concepts here should be rolled into your solution presentation. Remember you have the entire SC team here to help you with that. The main benefits of BI is that it saves you hours in reporting, preparation time, and enables you to better utilize current resources which in turn can provide an instant return on your investment. There are not a lot of products on the market that can say that, but we can prove that SMI solutions provide an instant return on the money for the purchase and deployment. Another point is that it greatly reduce the manual work flow and errors. Many people, regardless of the reporting abilities of their software, still like to do their own export of information. Most of the time they are exporting to excel, then they re-organise, manually adjust and manipulate the information to be able to view the information they need in their own preferred format. Someone else might take this same report and, in turn re-manipulate and re-organise the information which means that if a mistake was made in the first report, it transfers through all the different changes and through all the different users, and finally, we’re sitting with multiple versions of the same information, and non of it could be accurate. Because SMI is an automated process it removes the possibility of manual errors. Regardless of how good people are on a keyboard, no one is 100% perfect 100% of the time. We can all admit that  Even the smallest mistakes, after hours of typing, the 6’s starts to look like 9’s - a comma or decimal point could go into the wrong spot, these all can have disastrous effects. SMI leads to a single version of the truth. It provides fact based decision making because you are interrogating data correctly from one source, not multiple spreadsheets across the entire organisation. We don’t have various people holding different pieces of information all over the place. It is one process that looks at your data, automates it, removing the manual intervention or manipulation, saving your customers and prospects time…and thus saving money. All of these benefits should be used as you take SMI to your existing customers and as you position 100 against the competition.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Sage Intelligence Reporting
    • 2. Familiarity with Sage Intelligence1.This is my first time hearing about it2.I think I have it installed3.I’ve run some reports4.We auto-deliver customized reports every day
    • 3. Agenda• What is Business Intelligence?• What is Sage Intelligence?• Benefits of Sage Intelligence• Demonstration• Next Steps
    • 4. What is Business Intelligence? • What happened in the past? • What is happening now? • What will happen in the future? • Why did it happen? • What do I want to happen?
    • 5. Benefits of Sage Intelligence• Save hours in reporting & preparation time• Better utilization of resources• Provide instant return on investment• Reduce manual workflow• Reduce errors• Leads to single version of the truth – Fact-based decision making
    • 6. Sage Intelligence ReportingComponents
    • 7. Demonstration1. Free Report Manager!2. Standard Reports and Templates – Dashboard – Financial Reports – Operational Reports1. Customizing Existing Templates2. Configuring and Scheduling Delivery3. NEW Report Designer Add-In
    • 8. Next Steps1. Get Your Report Manager Installed – Register on the Community – Learn More –