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Suzanne Reese eResume

  1. 1. Hi, I’m SuzanneReese and this ismy new worldresume.For a copy of my traditionalresume, send me an email
  2. 2. I’m an experiencedpassionate marketing,communications andbrand professional.
  3. 3. Developing and executingforward-thinking strategies thatbuild brands, shape perceptionand drive revenue growth iswhat I do best.
  4. 4. I’m fanatical aboutconceptualizing andimplementing programs thatdeliver results.
  5. 5. I want to make a significantcontribution to the organizationby which I’m employed.
  6. 6. I want to work in a place whereI learn, grow and thrive all whilehaving some fun!
  7. 7. Towne Park (14+ years)• Nation’s largest valet parking and hospitality services company• Played an integral role in shaping the company’s business development, marketing, communications and brand strategies• Roles of increasing responsibility: marketing manager, director of marketing, and director of communicationsMarley Station (3+ years)• Regional shopping destination just south of Baltimore, MD• Managed by The Taubman company at the time• Coordinated events and promotions
  8. 8. Corporate Social ResponsibilityBrand Reinvention•New corporate identity to unite the •Established charitable foundation company after three acquisitions and hand-picked as president by•Refresh image and position in Towne Park’s CEO marketplace •Founded company’s green council and successfully launched national account level recycling programSocial Media Launch •Coordinated corporate community•Branded presence on Facebook, service projects Twitter and LinkedIn to reach constituentsEmployee Intranet•Bridged employee communications gap with branded SharePoint site
  9. 9. The decision to leave Towne Park wasn’t reachedlightly. After 14 years’ of service, havingstockholder status and being president of theirfoundation made the decision very difficult. It boilsdown to this. 14 years is a longtime at oneorganization and it was time for me to seek a newadventure with another dynamic company.
  10. 10. I have a Master of Science in Marketingfrom The Johns Hopkins University CareyBusiness School. I completed the programin 2.5 years at the Baltimore campus andgraduated in May 2011.
  11. 11. In 2003, I completed Leadership AnneArundel’s Flagship program – a nine monthintense curriculum of civic information andleadership skills development.
  12. 12. To further my education and keep abreastof trends and technology, I read, network,take online courses and webinars, andmore.
  13. 13. Case Study 1:Reinventing Towne Park’sBrand Situation Tasks Towne Park  Identified creative needed to unite partner acquired  Collaborated with companies and refresh its brand in cross-functional the marketplace team Limited budget, lack of resources, and quick turnaround
  14. 14. Case Study 1:Reinventing Towne Park’sBrand (con’t) Actions Results Created and  New logo, color published RFI and pallete and slogan RFP launched on-time Short-listed and on-budget contenders and  New slogan selected firm successfully Unveiled new created a brand in impactful company of one way A full copy of this case can be provided upon request.
  15. 15. More case studies will beadded soon… Case Study 2: Implementing Towne Park’s New Brand Case Study 3: Forming The Foundation and Finding Its Purpose Case Study 4: Bridging a Communications Gap Case Study 5: Foray Into Social Media
  16. 16. suzreese28@gmail.comhttp://reesemarketing.me