Mouth And Food Painting


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Mouth And Food Painting

  1. 1. NEVER GIVE UP !
  2. 2. There came a grim day that marked the destiny of these people………..
  3. 3. Then slowly the sun began to rise MOUTH AND FOOT PAINTING
  5. 5. Eros Bonamini had a quiet childhood. He was studying at a technical college when he had a sporting accident which completely changed his life. While performing a racing dive he suffered an injury to his spine and became confined to the wheelchair. During a long therapy in which he learned to live with his new physical condition he developed a passion for literature and classical music. This was when he discovered painting and completely immersed in it. Painting became his main occupation. He learned different techniques and the basics of painting from various artists. It was already in 1966 that he became a full member of the Association. In 1984 he was elected member of the Board of the Association. On the occasion of the general assembly in October 2002, Eros Bonamini was elected president of the Association of Mouth and Footpainting Artists Worldwide. Eros Bonamini, who signs his paintings with his pseudonym "Veronese" was able to develop his great talent as mouth painter in an incredibly short period of time, studying with two professors. The tradition of cubism forms the basis of his creative work, which is reflected in his still lives and landscape sceneries. The compositions of the mouth painter clearly reveal his artistic intellect. Since 1965 he has regularly shown his paintings at group and solo exhibitions all over the world. Art critics have time and again praised his excellent work.
  6. 6. "Week-end a Venezia" collage, 50 x 70 cm Weekend a Venezia Nr.6" collage, 50 x 70 cm "Week-End a Venezia" collage, 70 x 50 cm
  7. 7. Abstract 1
  8. 8. Cubism
  9. 9. S I M O N R I G G
  10. 14. J E F F R E Y L A D O W
  11. 19. H E I N Z H A L W A C H S
  12. 24. P r o f. M A N U E L O P A E R O
  13. 30. In memoriam PROF. A. E. STEGMANN
  14. 31.    The founder: Prof. A. E. Stegmann Founder and first president of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World. Born on March 4, 1912 in Darmstadt, Germany. Died on September 5, 1984 in Deisenhofen near Munich. At the age of two A(rnulf) E(rich) Stegmann lost the use of both arms and hands from polio. At that young age his artistic talents were already recognized and supported by his teachers. He was able to paint and spatula in oil at the same degree as he mastered water colors. He could draw on stone with a feather or an engraving tool as well as make linoleum cuts, wood cuts and sculptures -- all of which he did with the tool in his mouth. Stegmann always rearched out to other mouth and foot painters and in 1953/54 he organized the group "Lodge of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists" as a type of artists community. From there, the international "Association of Mouth- and Foot Painting Artists" was formed and A. E. Stegmann was voted its president for life.
  15. 32. MOTIVATION TO BURANO Tempera 62x88 cm
  17. 34. ARRIVAL AT AUSCHWITZ Oil 105x 125 cm
  18. 35. HARBOR IN ENGLAND Tempera 62x87 cm
  19. 36. MOSQUE Watercolor 35x47 cm
  20. 37. CRYING ROSES Acrylic 40x46 cm
  21. 38. In memoriam MARLYSE TOVAE
  22. 39. Marlyse Tovae, 2nd President Born: 27.7.1933 Died: 28.7.2001 President 1985-2001 Marlyse Tovae was born on 27th July 1933 in Strasbourg, with no arms. Already as a small child, she learned to carry out daily tasks with her feet. Ms Tovae attended primary school and, later, a secondary school for girls. From an early age, the gifted young girl devoted herself to the art of painting and drawing. The artist painted with her right foot. Her feet had long been transformed into highly sensitive organs and tools for conducting all the necessary tasks of life. Later, the foot painter studied with the well-known painter Marthe Kiehl in Strasbourg, and attended the Strasbourg College of Applied Arts. Already during her training, the artist began winning awards. The still lives, landscapes and compositions of this dainty person were initially characterised by a pronounced expressivity. Marlyse Tovae regarded her depictions of animals as central to her artistic interests. In time, the foot painter turned more to abstract painting. She also produced ceramics, metalwork and large-scale mosaics, whose handcrafted treatment and expression display perfection. Marlyse Tovae was one of the founding members of the Association. At the General Assembly in Edinburgh in 1959, she was elected a member of the Managing Board of the AMFPA. After the passing away of the Founder and first President of the AMFPA, Arnulf Erich Stegmann, the members elected Tovae President of the AMFPA at the General Assembly in Madrid in 1985
  23. 40. ADIOS TAGGERS Mosaic 45x105 cm
  24. 41. Watercolour 60X44 cm
  25. 42. THE TRAIN Oil 65x54 cm
  26. 43. BOATS ON SHORE Oil 50x61 cm
  27. 44. TRAILER OF PORT Oil 49x61 cm
  28. 45. In memoriam BRUCE G. PEARDON
  29. 46. Born: 28.2.1945 Died: 13.5.2001 Member of the Managing Board: 9 years Bruce G. Peardon was born on 28th February 1945 in Brisbane, Australia. After attending school, he trained as a radio mechanic. After that, Bruce G. Peardon completed his time of military service in the Navy. In 1962, he severely injured his cervical vertebra in a car accident, as a result of which his arms and legs remained paralysed. During his long stay in hospital, he got to know the mouth painters Bill Mooney and James K. Meath. This developed into a friendship and, thanks to these two artists, Bruce G. Peardon learned to write and paint by mouth . He thereby got to hear of the Association, which granted him a scholarship from July 1965 onwards. He subsequently developed into a recognized artist, which led to his becoming a full member of the AMFPA as of 1st March 1972. The mouth painter’s favourite motifs were his Australian homeland, motifs from the mythology of his country and jocund animal and child motifs. The mouth painter was able to present his works at exhibitions throughout the world. In addition, Bruce G. Peardon wrote three illustrated children’s books, which met with great success. These bore the titles: “Charlie the Chimneysweep and Sooty”, “Teddy’s Night Lost in the Bush” and “Old Billy‘s Enchanted Valley”. The books, which were published in five languages, became bestsellers.
  30. 47. THE ARTIST'S TABLE Oil 30x47 cm
  31. 48. THE COPPER WINE JUG Oil 30x40 cm
  32. 49. LOYAL OLD FRIEND Oil 38x31 cm
  33. 50. THE BULLOCK TEAM Oil 60x54 cm
  34. 51. MUSIC STILL LIFE Oil 40x60 cm
  36. 53. Born on November 6, 1923 in London. She went to the Sadlers Wells Ballet School. Took dancing lessons in the Arts Educational Trust (Picadilly). Passed all of her Ballet exams at the Trust and then taught there. She was one of the dancers in "Song of Norway" and in "King's Rhapsody" both at the London Palace Theater. Had engagements on various other stages. She taught at different dance schools and privately. Organized the dancing rolls of the Penny Concerts for Children in the Coram Fields of Bloomsbury in London. In 1953 she fell ill with Polio and had to spend two years in an iron lung. Elisabeth Twistington-Higgins was paralyzed since then and could only move her head. In 1957 she mustered up her energy and diligence and began drawing and painting. Her paintings were exhibited in the Dover/Kent city library and in London's Festival Hall. She took part in exhibits at the Canterbury Art Festival several times, at Folkertone Art Society and in many others around the world. She was interviewed in the BBC television program "Town and Around" and for the BBC program "This is Your Life" (1961). In 1962 she was interviewed in the English program "Day by Day" as well as many other TV shows. The talented mouth painter created scenes from her past profession on canvas: dancers, folk dance groups, ballets scenes and children's dances. Autobiographies of hers that were published: "Still Life" (1969) and "The Dance goes on" (1979). In 1978 I.M. Queen Elisabeth of England presented her with M.B.E. From November 1, 1962 onwards Elizabeth Twistington-Higgins was a member of the VDMFK. Mrs. Elizabeth Twistington-Higgins died on September 12, 1990.
  37. 54. DANCE SCENE Oil/Paper 47x57 cm
  38. 55. BLUE ANGELS Tempera
  39. 56. BALLETSCENE II Tempera 35x40 cm
  40. 57. BALLETSCENE Tempera 35x40 cm
  41. 58. BALLETSCENE Tempera 30x48 cm
  42. 59. “Be content with your fate you can never be first in everything “ BUT NEVER GIVE UP ! Aesop