Using Colors In Photoshop

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Looking For Minisite Graphics? …

Looking For Minisite Graphics?
2.3GB Of Unflattened PSDs To Download

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  • 1. ==== ====Looking For Minisite Graphics? 2.3GB Of Unflattened PSDs To Download... ====Using Colors In PhotoshopUsing different colors in Photoshop is part of the creation process. When using colors you areconsidered to be in color mode. Photoshop does have a default where there are certain colors thatmost if not all people use. The color scheme is called RGB or Red, Green, Blue. In fact, this is themain legend that is used in Photoshop.The color modes are used to use the colors that are included in each color image pixel. If youneed to adjust the color modes, then click Image and Mode.Each set of modes consists of channels with a grayscale image. These images can have as manyas 256 shades that include white and black colors. You can look at the channels by clickingWindow and then Channels. The channels can be edited and adjusted if need be. Doing this canhelp to improve the way some of the images look.There are some color modes that are used more than others. Here are some of the ones that areused the most:RGB Mode Red, Green and Blue; used to edit and adjust images in color.Grayscale Mode A gray color setting that has 256 shades and only uses one channel.Indexed Mode Only uses one channel for color and can hold up to 256 color values; it is alsoused for photos that have the .gif extension.Bitmap Mode Used for black and white colors only.CMYK Mode Four colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black; this method is used for professionalpublications. They should be kept and saved in this mode.==== ====Looking For Minisite Graphics? 2.3GB Of Unflattened PSDs To Download... ====